BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 184

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 184:
1. Humanity: You have fallen into a state of darkness, but the
moment has arrived for you to enter into the light.
2. I have sent Elijah to awaken you from your sleep. How can
you feel my presence if you are asleep?
3. Do not wait for me to return to earth in human form. Since
you are now more spiritually evolved, I have come in spirit during
this era, a more elevated way of manifesting myself than in the
previous two eras.
4. I do not need a physical body to dwell among you nor are
human words necessary to communicate with you. I am with you as
your Divine Teacher, Judge, and Doctor.
5. Your spirit has many senses and attributes to receive my
messages. In the past you have ignored those attributes, believing
that you can only perceive and hear me with your physical eyes and
ears. I will prove to you that that is not true because during moments
of silence and prayer you will feel my presence and become
6. Although you still lack spiritual enlightenment, your
inspirations, elevated ideas, noble feelings, and loving deeds will
enlighten you and others.
7. You are similar to Lazarus in the tomb because you lack
spiritual enlightenment. But in the presence of my voice you will
arise to follow me and to offer testimony of my truth.
8. The events that make the nations throughout the world
tremble are the voices of justice that are asking you to repent, to
pray, to amend, and to cleanse your stains. This period of ordeals
will continue until men cease to be stubborn and foolish and
abandon their pride and wickedness. When humanity becomes
purified, the period of ordeals will cease and humanity will become
inspired by divine inspirations, spiritual manifestations, and
revelations from nature. They will enlighten you spiritually and
guide you to a better life.
9. What can man do to achieve the most grace? He can achieve
it by practicing charity. Charity will not only help him become
virtuous but also offer the spirit an opportunity to share with others.
When you practice charity, it will help those you are helping
develop great faith although they are experiencing misery, suffering,
poverty, and sickness. Mankind hungers for love and only awaits the
seed and the water to make it blossom.
10. Those who preach my word on earth may believe that it is
impossible to prevent evilness, hatred, and bad passions from
spreading. For me that is not impossible. I do not consider
humanity's return to righteousness and justice a difficult thing to
11. Have you seen those leaders who govern great nations? Are
you familiar with the strength of their laws and doctrines? Have you
not seen how the scientists attempt to penetrate, irrationally and
foolishly, into the secrets of nature? Truly I tell you that those
individuals, along with their pride, power, and science, will come to
kneel humbly before my presence, because all human deeds are now
reaching the limits set by God. Through their own free will men will
open their eyes to reality, acknowledging the severity of their deeds,
the seriousness of their faults, and the magnitude of their errors.
12. I am not implying that all of their deeds are imperfect. No,
they are not, but man's effort to help his brethren is so limited, and
his good deeds are so few that it is best that I judge the sins of man.
13.1 have given humanity a brief period to conclude its work
and to respond to the divine judge, when I summon it to judge its
14. In the meantime, my light is spreading everywhere and
penetrating into every spirit.
15. It was my will that those whom I chose to witness my
manifestation during this era be prepared, alert, and continue to
pray. Thus, while awaiting the hour of my arrival, there would be
complete harmony among them as they prepared to listen to my new
revelations. However, I have not discovered true brotherhood among
this multitude.
16. Those who have received my new revelations will need to
prepare their brethren and become their teachers.
17. Truly I tell you that I have come to enlighten not only those
who dwell on earth, but also those spirits who dwell in other
mansions and who have lost their path.
18. I observe that the spiritual beings who want to fulfill my
mandates are highly obedient and humble! It is much easier for
those beings that lack a material body to become prepared to fulfill
their mission during this era!
19. Many of them awaited me after a long restitution, becoming
free of their sins and faults. They have elevated spiritually now that I
have opened the sixth seal from the "Book of Seven Seals", They
inspire you to become worthy disciples of the Lord, helping you on
your journey.
20. To be able to comprehend the divine teachings, it is
necessary for you to analyze my law and to change your sinful
behavior. Through that analysis you will be able to comprehend my
word and receive great revelations that you cannot attain through
human science. One day man will respect and love the Father with
the respect and love that I am requesting. My manifestation can be
understood by all beings. I have spoken to you according to your
mental capacity, otherwise you would not be able to comprehend all
of my wisdom. Do not add anything to my teachings. When you
translate them to other languages do not change their divine essence.
21. Prepare yourself so that your mind will be similar to a clean
mirror, reflecting my enlightenment, as you carry out your delicate
mission on earth.
22. Always be with me. I am the life, the beginning and the end
of all things throughout creation. If I have given you a mission that
is similar to mine, it is because I love you and I want you to imitate
23. Save your brethren, perform miracles, and love one another.
24. When you feel that you have enough strength and faith to
carry your cross, go to the homes of your brethren to take my word.
Also, journey across the oceans and travel to different lands for I
will be ahead of you preparing the path.
25. Remain alert because many wolves, disguised as sheep,
want to deceive you and separate you from the true path. You will be
able to discover their true intention, if you remain alert.
26. If your brethren are suffering and ask you to dry their tears,
help them as much as you can. Once you are in the spiritual valley,
you will receive greater charity than what you gave on earth.
27> My beloved people: I hear your prayers just as I heard your
psalms in the temple during the First Era. However, time has passed
and your spirit has evolved. The great temple of Jerusalem no longer
exists, because my word has been fulfilled; therefore, no stone
remains from that temple.
28. The ark and the tablets of the law are no longer on the altar.
Today your spirit seeks the truth beyond those material forms and
symbols that in the past helped it to believe, to comprehend, and to
worship God. The spirit now realizes that those symbols are no
longer needed, because it now understands their true meaning. The
symbols were only material objects used by God to explain the
divine teachings to mankind.
29. Thus when the student comprehends the divine teaching, he
should disregard old practices and rituals and seek to worship God
in a spiritual manner.
30. Keep in mind that as long as you need a material symbol to
represent me, you will not be able to communicate directly with the
Divine Spirit. Be aware that everyone has been summoned to
communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.
31. Everything that surrounds you during this material life is an
image of the eternal life. It is a profound teaching explained with
material objects and forms so that you will comprehend it.
32. Man has not yet completely understood that beautiful
teaching. Once again he has become confused, because he lives his
material life as if it were eternal. He is satisfied with accepting the
material forms and objects in life, renouncing all the divine
revelations, essence, and truth found throughout creation.
33. If man becomes enlightened by this book and truly
understands it, his spirit will be able to enter a new mansion when
he departs from this earth. There he will be able to practice
everything that he learned on earth. He will then be able to
comprehend many teachings that were revealed to him materially
while he was on earth.
34. Study these teachings that the Divine Master has given you
so that you will be able to judge your deeds. If you come to the
conclusion that you are not progressing spiritually, analyze the
reason. Seek to always progress spiritually along your path of
35. The mission that I have entrusted to the spiritual nation of
Israel is great and very delicate. That is why I have sought those
people in each era, to inspire them with my word and to reveal more
things about my law.
36. The law of love, virtue, and justice is the spiritual heritage
that I have brought to my people during all three eras. I have guided
humanity through all my teachings making it realize that the Law is
summarized in only one commandment: Love one another. Love the
Father, who is the Creator of life, love your brethren, who are a part
of the Father, and love all things created by the Father.
37. Love is the origin of everything. It is a seed of wisdom,
greatness, strength, elevation, and life. Love is the true path outlined
by the Creator for the spirit, so that as it evolves step by step and
journeys to more elevated mansions, it will feel closer to the Divine
38. If man had practiced spiritual love from the beginning of
time, instead of falling into idolatrous rituals and religious
fanaticism, earth would have become a valley of peace. However,
this world is now a valley of tears due to the misery and anguish of
man. If earth would have become a valley of peace, spirits would
have achieved merits, departing to other spiritual mansions as they
journey along the path of spiritual evolution.
39. Truly I tell you that throughout history man has never lacked
knowledge of my law. Not only has he had a conscience to guide his
spirit, but also he has had his intuition and premonitions to guide
him. However, after departing from earth, his spirit returns to the
spiritual valley in a state of darkness. I say to you that whoever does
not learn the teachings that he needs to learn on earth will need to
return to this planet to finish his restitution and to learn those
40. Your beliefs regarding the meaning of life, the spirit, and the
spiritual valley are incorrect. Many believe that if a person has
developed certain virtues, or if he repents for his sins before he dies,
he will have earned a place in heaven. That false belief prevents
man from fulfilling my law during the time that he is on earth. Thus,
when he departs from earth and enters into the spiritual valley, his
spirit enters a place that is unlike the heaven that he had imagined.
Also, the spirit fails to feel the supreme joy that it thought it would
41. Do you know what happens to those beings who were
certain that they were going to heaven, and instead find themselves
confused? Because they lack a material body, they are unable to
dwell on earth and because they can not elevate to mansions of
spiritual light, they create a world, without realizing it, that is
neither human nor spiritual. It is then that those spirits ask: Is this
heaven? After our long journey on earth, is this the mansion for
spirits as destined by God?
42. No, others say, this cannot be the Kingdom of the Lord,
where only light, love, and purity should exist.
43. Slowly, through meditation and pain, the spirit begins to
comprehend several things. It develops a true comprehension of
God's divine justice and, illuminated by its conscience, it judges its
deeds from the past and discovers that they are small and imperfect.
Thus, contrary to what it previously believed, the spirit now realizes
that it is not worthy of entering into the kingdom of heaven. Having
developed that comprehension, the spirit becomes humble and
yearns to return to earth to erase its blemishes, to amend its
mistakes, and to achieve true merits before the Divine Father.
44. It is necessary to clarify these mysteries to your brethren.
Thus, man will realize that his life on earth offers him an
opportunity to achieve merits and that these will help his spirit to
elevate and to dwell in mansions that are spiritually superior. The
spirit must continue to achieve merits so that it may continue to
evolve and not become stagnant. Thus, it will ascend step by step
because in the Father's house there are many mansions.
45. You will achieve those merits by practicing deeds of love, as
taught by the eternal law of the Father. As you ascend step by step
through the ladder of perfection, your spirit will become familiar
with the path that leads to heaven. Once your spirit achieves
spiritual perfection it will enter into the kingdom of heaven.
46. Those who approach me wanting to discover the paths of
peace and love are welcomed. I welcome those individuals and
make them aware of their spiritual mission.
47. Disciples: You will work with the Divine Master, and we
will work together, traveling through the path that will guide you to
the top of the mountain. You will arrive humbly before me, without
asking for any specific gift. You will humbly accept whatever I have
destined for each of my children.
48. Your spirit has become enlightened, and you have
encountered many ordeals along your journey which have served as
important lessons. Therefore, you will no longer allow yourself to be
dominated by vanity, desiring greatness in order to be admired and
served by others.
49. Who, other than I, is able to govern all spirits and to guide
their destiny? No one is able to do that. Thus, when someone else
attempts to reign in place of the Lord he establishes a kingdom
according to his desires, ambitions, and vanity. It is a kingdom that
is filled with materialism and low passions, lacking love, kindness,
and charity.
50. One cannot disregard the voice of the conscience, because it
is perfectly just. Only pureness and goodness have power over the
emotions of a spirit. In other words, a spirit can only be nourished
with truth and righteousness.
51. My disciples, even though you observe that you have been
gifted with abilities that not everyone possesses, do not consider
yourself superior to others. Use your gifts to carry out the Lord's
work because your mission is to practice deeds of love and to
dedicate your life to helping your brethren.
52. Destroy the kingdom of vanity that you have created, and
learn to dominate your human passions. Allow your spirit to
manifest its essence, its love, its enlightenment and its wisdom.
Imitate Jesus in every deed that you perform. He was not sent to
earth to amend a fault or to be judged by his Father. Christ, who
comes to speak to you once again, descended to the hearts of men to
establish a kingdom of love, justice, and truth. He did not bring
material doctrines or unjust laws to mankind. He did not come to
tempt human greed nor to nourish human passions. He brought a
doctrine of love to man, which is the law that governs all spirits.
That is why Jesus told the multitudes, My kingdom is not of this
53. You ask me in the most intimate part of your heart, how is it
possible for great spirits to become rebellious and to disobey God? I
say to you that whoever rebels against me has not yet become great.
They are still imperfect spirits who have succeeded in developing
only some of their spiritual gifts but who have ignored developing
the others. They have evolved intellectually, but have failed to
progress in their ability to practice love, forgiveness, and kindness.
54. That is why I said to you in the past that man does not live
by bread alone. In addition to the knowledge that the world offers
you, man needs Spiritual enlightenment to achieve true perfection.
He can obtain that enlightenment only through my teachings.
55. Humanity: You have wandered many centuries through earth
becoming a slave to your passions. However, that slavery has now
ended. This is the era of your spiritual freedom. Today, the spirit will
reign over the flesh and will no longer be a slave. The new mansion
of the spirit will be the infinite heavens.
56. Soon you will know where you came from and where you
are going. Thus, you will learn to give to the world and to the spirit
what each needs.
57. I have given you this prophecy to inspire you and to give
you faith along your journey of spiritual growth.
58. Those who journey through earth weeping and suffering
should not believe that I have abandoned them. They are learning
patience and becoming purified so that they may join those who
follow me.
59. Man will achieve spirituality, eliminating any doubts he
previously had. It will help him to return to the right path and to
perceive the truth. Men will then agree that the Lord's prophecy has
been fulfilled, because he had prophesied that everyone would
perceive him.
60. It is necessary for you to know that there is great suffering
during this period because the spirit of man has come to amend his
past mistakes, which he still ignores. It has come to cleanse the
blemishes he has carried for a long time. You continue to ignore
who you are and are not able to recognize the harmful deeds you
have done throughout your long journey. Those of you who are now
familiar with this revelation should practice patience and
submissiveness, because it will help you to elevate and to become
61. I assure you that for now it is not necessary for you to know
your past. It is sufficient for your intuition to inform you that in the
past you have committed errors which you must now corrects
However, I do want you to become familiar with your future through
my teachings. That knowledge will allow you to have hope in the
future, because the time is coming when man will achieve peace and
spiritual enlightenment. In the future, there will be harmony
between material and spiritual things.
62. My light will illuminate all paths, and the different religions
and sects will perceive only one path; God's law of love. Love will
be the universal doctrine that will unify all spirits.
My Peace be with you!