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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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nstruction 183
Preparing the disciples for the confusion 1
The divine word was corrupted 7
There is justice in fate 22
The Great Mission of Mexico 33
The reincarnation of Israel in spirit 34
Declaration on the Resurrection 35
The "lost son" (E1: 61) xxx 40
The era of the Holy Spirit 42
Chaos will come through the guilt of man 48

Teaching 183
1. Safeguard my word, disciples, because men with different
beliefs will ask you for evidence that you truly have received my
2. I will allow your life to be free of burdens and illnesses so
that you will learn to offer the same comfort and charity to your
brethren that I have offered you.
3. The one who prepares himself to receive my teaching will be
filled with joy. It is like pure water for those who are spiritually
thirsty, bread for those who are spiritually hungry, serenity and
peace for those who are spiritually weary, and strength and
enlightenment for all beings.
4. I am offering spiritual enlightenment to all beings of this
nation, including its rulers and its peasants, so that its inhabitants
will open their arms to welcome those who will come in search of
the Divine Master.
5. Some will arrive in a state of repentance and others in fear
because they have endured so much suffering. Their conscience will
inform them that judgement day has arrived for all spirits. However,
I will offer each spirit a new opportunity for salvation. The spirit
will become aware of all the gifts that it possesses. Once it develops
true faith, it will discover why I have come once again among
humanity and how much I love each child.
6. I have not come during this era to contradict my past
teachings. On the contrary, I have come to remind you about those
teachings because you have forgotten them. During this Third Era I
am revealing things that I had not previously revealed because your
spirit is now more evolved.
7. Those who wrote my word with their love, blood, and tears
used divine inspiration to faithfully carry out my will. However,
later others changed my word. The essence of my word became lost
among the different beliefs and practices developed by mankind.
Those changes are not a part of my doctrine. During this era I have
come to enlighten mankind, removing all veils so that man may
perceive the purity of my truth.
8. I come to teach you not to reject one another because of my
doctrine nor to argue with one another. I also warn you in these
teachings that false teachers and prophets will appear, even among
the people of Israel.
9. Many who today are witnessing my manifestation and
listening to my teachings will later become materialistic, seeking
praise and material well-being. Be careful not to become confused.
10. My faithful disciples, who will watch over my work, will
experience a great struggle. I am going to prepare 144,000 beings
who will be given that responsibility. Among them are those who
will choose not to fulfill their mission and will mislead and confuse
their brethren. They will confuse those who are spiritually thirsty,
but chose not to listen to me during this period.
11. Practice humility, and do not flatter your brethren nor allow
them to flatter you. Separate yourself from those who want to help
you but arouse your vanity and cause you to wander in the wrong
path.12. Do not yield to temptation. The power I have given you is to
be used for spiritual deeds of love and charity.
13. Do not utilize my doctrine for monetary gain.
14. My people, I am protecting you from your brethren so that
you may listen to my word peacefully until the year 1950. If others
criticize and ridicule you because you believed in my coming during
this era, I will defend you. If you are locked up in prison, I will open
the doors and rescue you. I only ask you to fulfill my law. Do not
allow yourself to become confused or to participate in the occult or
in mysticism. Also, you should not seek to make monetary profit
with my doctrine. When you are summoned to heal the sick, practice
charity and let your deeds be spiritual.
15. After my departure in the Second Era your Celestial Mother
remained on earth to strengthen and to accompany the disciples.
After their ordeals and suffering, they found warmth in her
gentleness and nourishment in her words. They continued to follow
the divine path inspired by Mary, who represented the Divine
Master and continued teaching them. Once she departed from earth,
their struggle began, and each disciple took the path that was
designated for him. The love of Mary will be very close to you
during this Third Era. It will strengthen you and encourage you
during your ordeals.
16. You are opening your heart to feel my presence and to offer
me your love, and I say to you: Do what I ask you to do. You should
not only love me, but also love your brethren. Do not judge one
another. Leave all just and unjust causes to my justice, because I am
the only one who knows the reason behind each cause and I am the
only one who has the right to judge. I invite those who have not
fulfilled my law to enter into this path. They will soon arrive before
my presence and I will say to them: I have not brought a new law in
this era. It is the same law that I placed in the conscience of the first
human being and that I gave to mankind through Moses.
17. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the word of your
brethren if it is not based on my law, because you would be
following a path of darkness believing that you are in a path of light.
Eloquent language is not what pleases me. I have always spoken to
you using simple language. However, if you discover some truth in
the eloquent words spoken by someone, extract their essence and
the love, charity, and peace contained in those words and interpret
them appropriately. I have given you a judge that dwells within you
and that will never deceive you. That judge is your conscience. To
listen to its voice one needs to penetrate deeply within himself, to
pray and to meditate. Then, it will speak with true wisdom and
18. The world has disillusioned you. Today, as you listen to my
word being manifested through humble spokesmen, in simple
homes, you realize that one does not need to build magnificent
temples for spiritual worship. Also, you now realize that man should
not limit my doctrine nor represent it with material images.
19. As spirits, endowed with enlightenment and power, you
were ordered to incarnate on earth to fulfill your mission. Your
brethren have rejected you because of the graces that you possess.
They have been unable to comprehend the faith and trust that you
have in God, and they do not realize that I protect and take care of
all of my children in the same manner. I am very close to those who
have come before me having repented for their sins. Through your
repentance you become worthy of taking my presents of love and
charity to those who are ill and in spiritual poverty. Your faith will
manifest itself and offer strength to those who have become weak,
helping them to arise to a new life. Many of my "prodigal children"
will come to my sanctuary7 during this era, and I will prepare a feast
to celebrate their return. The Israelite family will continue to pray so
that my other lost children will return back to their Father.
20. When you observe that one of my disciples is acquiring
more wisdom because of his devotion to God, do not envy him.
Instead you should help him to continue to progress, because
through him I will perform miracles that will benefit all of you.
21. Jealousy stains the heart and makes the spirit ill. It is my
will that everyone become spiritually elevated, live in harmony, and
communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.
22. You should realize that there is great justice in the destiny of
each being.
23. Do not live an unproductive life. Even those ordeals, that
appear to be insignificant and unusual, have a purpose determined
by me.
24. Carefully study my law. Allow your spirit to come to me
through prayer, thus it will be anointed as it listens to my word and
will receive healing balsam to heal its sick physical body.
25. If you prepare yourself, the world will learn to follow the
true path. Wars will disappear and there will be peace. If you
practice evil, that evil will return to you. Once again I say to you:
You will be measured with the same rod with which you measure
26. Come nourish yourself with my word. Once you are
nourished, do not forget to nourish those who are hungry. Learn to
extract the essence from my word so that you may truly become
nourished. Strengthen yourself, and share this nourishment with
your brethren.
27. On earth you have an idea of the mansion of peace that I
have promised to you. You constantly ask me to let you perceive the
lights of that "holy land". I say to you that you are not distant from
that land. You are following the path that leads to it, and in the near
future you will be knocking at the doors of that mansion.
28. That path is my law. If you follow it, I assure you that you
will arrive at the "promised land". When you are there, you will find
all those things that I have promised. Be strong and virtuous, and do
not let your faith weaken so that your journey will not be difficult.
29. You have experienced difficult ordeals. At times, you shiver
from the coldness, selfishness, and lack of love of humanity. You
present your naked spirit before me, but you do not despair, because
you have faith that I watch over you and that Mary, your Divine
Mother, illuminates your path as you travel through life. Thus, you
feel strengthened.
30. During this moment of communion, you are informing me
that your children are suffering and lack peace. I want to give you
my gifts and benefits so that you may share them with your brethren.
I want you to learn to give to others, to become my messengers, and
to guide your brethren.
31. Bless-your brethren if they welcome you and accept your
gift. Also bless them if they reject your gift, and allow me with my
infinite patience to continue to refine and to awaken their spirits
until they convert into my devoted and faithful followers. That is my
32. I welcome those who believe in my new manifestation as
well as those who do not believe in it. Those who do not believe are
being guided by their own spirit and will one day accept it.
33. Woe to those who make no effort to become spiritually
enlightened during this period, because they will become lost!
Although this is an era of light, behold the darkness that exists
throughout the world. Through my teachings you know that I chose
this nation to manifest myself during this period, but you do not
know why I chose it. The Divine Master has been a mystery for all
of you, but He does not want to keep any secrets from his disciples.
He has come to reveal all that you need to know so that you will be
able to correctly respond to those who question you. I observe that
those who live in this part of the world have always sought and
loved me. Although they worship me in an imperfect manner, I have
accepted their worship and their love as a flower filled with the
fragrance of innocence, sacrifice, and suffering. That flower, with its
fragrance, has always been on my divine altar. Each of you was
prepared to fulfill a great mission during this era. Today, you are
aware because of my teachings that I made the people of Israel
reincarnate among this multitude. Also, you know that the seed that
inspires your being and the inner light that guides you is the same
spiritual enlightenment that I poured upon the house of Jacob during
the First Era.
34. Spiritually, you are Israelites, because you possess the seed
of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You represent the branches from that
holy tree that will offer shade and fruit to humanity.
35. That is why I refer to you as first-born and have sought you
during this era to give you my new revelation. It is my will that the
people of Israel resurrect spiritually among humanity so that men
may perceive the true resurrection of the flesh.
36. Yes, my disciples, the spirit does not die. It only departs to
the spiritual valley once its material body no longer functions.
However, the material body also does not die. It will disintegrate
and combine with the elements of nature from where I will make it
resurrect, in human form, to endow it with a spirit.
37. The flesh resurrects in that manner and spirits return to earth
to incarnate as humans. In that manner I will make the spirits of
Israel resurrect throughout the world, but I will not offer them any
land from this world nor will I divide them into tribes. Instead, I will
establish one family among them to eliminate their traditional
disagreements. I will form matrimonies and families between the
children of Reuben and those of Judah, between those of Asher and
Zebulun and those of Naphtali and Benjamin. Thus, I will eliminate
all disagreements and division among them, because conflict is not a
part of God.
38. Who would be able to do this, if not I? Who could carry out
the mission of convincing the chosen people of God that Canaan
was only a symbol of the eternal homeland? During this era I was
the one who allowed your spirit to incarnate in another race and in
another land, and told you: You are the people from Israel. I have
made you incarnate on earth once again to conclude the great and
delicate mission entrusted to you since the beginning of time. That
is your cross.
39. Also, you have returned to cleanse your stains and to amend
and atone for your mistakes. You will no longer become weak nor
fall into idolatry, as you did in the past, even though you knew about
the true God and had received his Law. The suffering that you have
experienced has made you seek spiritual enlightenment and peace.
During the First Era, when the wheat and bread became scarce in
your land, you journeyed toward the powerful land of Egypt. Later,
as slaves of the pharaoh, you arose defying the harshness of the
desert to seek the "promised land", because you yearned to have
freedom. During this period you ignored the ridicule and wrath of
your brethren and chose to acknowledge my new manifestation,
because your spirit was thirsty for elevation and spirituality.
40. You are the "prodigal son" who always returns to the
Father's home. You find that he welcomes you with a loving
embrace and prepares a table to celebrate your return.
41. From the long journey, you arrived weary and spiritually and
physically weak. However, you were surprised as you perceived
from a distance that the gates of your Father's home were still open,
and that the Father was awaiting your arrival to offer you his love,
his charity, and his teachings.
42. It was not my will to manifest myself in the land of Canaan,
your previous homeland, during this era. This is the era of the Holy
Spirit. It is no longer the era of Moses nor of Christ. You are
listening to my divine word, and truly I tell you: Today, I am
offering you the same nourishment that I offered you in the first and
second eras. The manna helped you develop faith in me, and the
teachings that Jesus gave you nourished your spirit and showed you
the path of salvation. Today, I am nourishing you with this word so
that your spirit will attain peace and eternal enlightenment and
never be hungry again.
43. As in the past, I have come to select my spokesmen,
disciples, and new prophets from among you, now that you are
spiritually enlightened. Today, I am explaining my law through this
doctrine. I am also teaching you how to pray, how to serve me, and
how you should live to become true brethren of humanity and
children of God.
44. After my new disciples become strong, the second
Jerusalem will descend from my kingdom to earth. All evil, idolatry,
deceit, and darkness that have emanated from the human mind and
heart will become destroyed.
45. Remember that your Father, through a dream, promised
Jacob that He would bless all the nations on earth through his
children. Be aware that, if you are a descendent of Jacob, your
destiny is to attain my peace and to take it to the hearts of your
46. My people: During this era there are those who still practice
the law of Moses and others who live in the Christian era. Not
everyone senses, nor wants, the arrival of a new era. This is because
not everyone advances nor evolves in the same manner. That is why
I tell you to become familiar with these teachings so that you will
become good workers imitating the good shepherd and the good
sower. Behold those who are preparing mankind by sowing my
doctrine of love in their hearts. If the climate was good and the
harvest was abundant, they elevate their prayers to thank the Lord.
But if the climate was bad and the harvest was poor, then they
eagerly await for the following year, hoping to have a abundant
harvest. I will prepare the fields for you, if you take advantage of
this period and arise with faith and hope to sow my seed in the
hearts of your brethren. The seeds that you sow with good will and
love will germinate. I will protect what you sow, and my Spirit, like
the radiant sun, will make your crops flourish. Thus, as you gather
your harvest you will be singing hymns of glory and praise to God.
47. Be aware that I am the One who watches over this nation
protecting it from any major disaster and disturbance. I keep it in
peace, because this nation is destined to fulfill a great mission both
spiritually and materially.
48. Chaos and disorder will occur on earth, because as long as
there are .different powers and kingdoms on this planet, there will
also be wars, hatred,and ambition, and thus no peace.
49. Charity does not exist among men and my law is not
practiced. True brothers, parents, and children do not exist, and that
is why humanity is threatened by chaos.
50. I am only announcing these,things, because evil and
disorder do not originate from God. Chaos occurs due to man's lack
of spiritual preparation. He has failed to listen to his conscience,
allowing himself to be guided by evil inspirations. I ask those who
are listening to my teaching: Are you waiting for these ordeals to
take place so that your hardened heart may be touched? No, my
children, begin praying today, work with devotion, achieve merits,
and amend your behavior. That is your mission. Pray for world
peace and bring forth my blessings with your prayers. Remain
faithful to my law and set an example for your brethren to follow.
51. Everyone who is willing to follow me will receive my
teachings and become my disciple.
52. Those who are gathered here today form a portion of the
people of Israel. The reappearance of virtues among mankind
depends on Israel's obedience. Today, I have utilized these people as
interpreters of my doctrine to humanity, and I have received the first
fruits of their fulfillment.
53. You are the first individuals whom I have prepared to
become soldiers of my work. Thus, you will need to work
enthusiastically to set the foundation for the great city that will be
constructed. You will need to have faith and confidence in me. I will
continue to manifest myself through human spokesmen until 1950.
After that time, you will remain among humanity to offer evidence
of your power and spiritual enlightenment.
54. I will send scientists among you who have tried
unsuccessfully to penetrate into the mysteries of spiritual life. They
will seek you knowing that I have anointed you, and that you
possess my revelations. They will be eager to receive my teachings
from you. You will welcome them with humility, a characteristic my
disciples possess. If you prepare yourself, you will speak and behave
as did my apostles John and Peter. If you pray seeking my help, I
will speak through you and will touch their hearts. They will seek
you because they will be eager to meet the people who serve me and
to visit the sites where I manifested myself in this period. When you
reveal the essence of my doctrine to them, some will convert and
become a part of this multitude.
55. It has been a long journey for this nation of people. I have
always sent strong and devoted spirits among this nation to make
mankind aware of its true spiritual mission and defend the divine
law. This nation was spiritually prepared and united during three
eras. During that time it experienced many different ordeals and
struggles. Sometimes it has been strong, other times weak,
sometimes free, other times a prisoner, sometimes misunderstood
and other times loved and acknowledged. However, it has always
possessed my blessings.
56. I am the only one who has offered you truth and purity. I not
only offered you evidence of my divine love at Calvary, but also
harsh justice if you deserved it. You were predestined to receive me
spiritually in all three eras. Today, as in the Second Era, I have
sought those who are denounced, humble, and who hunger for
justice. I have elevated their spirits allowing them to become my
disciple or apostle.
57. You are living during a period of material evolution and
progress. Humanity has become vain with its knowledge, thus it
does not acknowledge me. Man has forgotten his spiritual mission,
and he rejects nature. Nature was destined to serve man on earth not
only for his physical needs and his enjoyment, but also to help him
evolve spiritually. Man ignores his spirit which is the most valuable
thing that he possesses. The spirit belongs to me and I have always
come to seek it. But just as the earth undergoes changes, man will
also change and will one day acknowledge me. His ideals, which are
now materialistic, will become spiritual. All beings are submitted to
ordeals which help the spirit to become purified and obedient to
God.58. Humanity entered a new era in 1866. During this era I have
been preparing those whom I chose. They have been assigned
responsibilities and have spiritual gifts. I have revealed to each
individual his specific mission and the tribe to which he belongs. I
have reunited my spiritual forces, some materially and others
spiritually, as was previously written.
59. I have appointed guides so that each congregation will have
a representative to lead it. I have informed them that it is my will
that there be unity among all of the congregations so that they will
be strong.
60. Some beings were given the mission of serving as human
spokesmen so that I could manifest myself to humanity. I increased
the number of spokesmen so that my teaching would spread. Those
spokesmen also enabled the spiritual world to manifest itself to
humanity, offering evidence of its charity and offering advise and
healing balsam to mankind.
61. It was my will to designate some to serve as fundamental
stones. These would offer support to the guide in each house of
prayer, mediating between the guide and those who have been
assigned responsibilities. These individuals also would serve as
mediators for the entire multitude.
62. I designated those who would have the gift of spiritual
vision. I prepared them to receive visions that would be analyzed by
this multitude, thus helping this multitude to remain alert.
63. Those whom I designated to write down my teachings are
referred to as golden pens. I prepared them and sent spiritual beings
to be their guardians so that my word would become printed and
remain throughout the eras. These are the same spiritual beings who,
in past eras, have guarded my scriptures.
64. I prepared guardians to maintain peace and order among this
multitude, and I named them columns.
65. I have enlightened and inspired all of these individuals. I
now ask those who have been assigned responsibilities: Are you
aware of what those responsibilities require?
66. I will grant you three more years to become prepared.
Afterward, you will have only one responsibility, and everyone will
become a worker in the divine fields. You will need to teach those
who are unfamiliar with my new teachings. You will cease to be
disciples and become teachers.
My Peace be with you!