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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 316

My peace be with you!

1. Disciple: Here I am again among you as Master. My Spirit receives your call, and immediately he hears your request and sends you his Universal Ray to shroud you in his light.

2. I turn to the prepared minds to give you my teaching. But it is not only the voice-bearers who receive my presence ─ no, I am with all my children, from child disciples to disciples. They all feel the presence of the HolySpirit at this moment.

3. In truth, not only you feel me. From all points of your world, the soul of my children rises in desire for the best of all doctors to receive from Him caress, healing balm and strengthening.

Since now is the time of the manifestation of my Spirit among mankind, I make myself felt by all my children. I limit myself and let myself be seen according to the development of each one, in order to stir up the faith and love of my disciples.

4. The Third Age has fully dawned for mankind. About 2000 years have passed since I gave you my word; but that teaching, despite the time that has passed, has not yet been recognized by all mankind because I am not loved by all my children. Yet all worship me, all seek one Divine Spirit, who is mine. But I see no unity among men; I do not see among them the same faith, the same elevation and knowledge, and therefore I come as HolySpirit to unite them in me, to perfect them with my teaching of truth, with my immutable word, with my law of love and justice.

5. The greater part of this humanity calls itself Christian; but the Master tells you If he were truly Christian, with his love, humility and peace, he would have already overcome the rest of men. But my teaching, left as a testament already in the Second Age, is not in the heart of mankind; it does not live and flourish in the works of men. It is kept in dusty books, and I have not come to speak to man about books. Instead of a book, I brought you my life, my word and my works, my suffering and my death as man. The reason why the greater part of mankind who call themselves Christian does not have the peace nor the grace of Christ is this: because men do not take Him as their model, because they do not live according to His teaching.

6. The kingdom of injustice has taken over rule among mankind because men have disregarded my revelations. But now I am coming in the Third Age to remind them of my lessons of times past.

7. Why does the kingdom of injustice rule in this day and age? Because I see as rulers those who should be servants, and those who should be masters in love and humility, I see as "slaves.

8. He who steals and dupes the good faith of others I discover as rich, and the tyrant is praised and is surrounded by flatterers He who defiles himself with human blood is lifted up to a high throne, and those who are victims of human cruelty are humiliated.

9. This is how I see your life, mankind. I see many institutions with beautiful names, but there is no truthfulness, love or charity coming from them. I see that in the bosom of sects and churches, clergymen rise up and say to their communities, "Do good. But truly, I say to you: The only one who may say, "Do good," is I. For I alone do good to you. People should always say, "Let us do good.

10. I see neither truthfulness nor sincerity, because men have let themselves be infected by the evil that rules. Yet there are those who have remained faithful to my law and have suffered without deviating from the path that my love shows them.

11. Through those who have remained faithful to my law despite the environment that surrounds them, I say to those who suffer Remain persevering in the good, remembering and living my examples of the past times, then you will overcome human weaknesses.

12. Many lessons I revealed to you in the Second Time and that teaching was the preparation I gave you for this Third Time when your soul could not rise to Me I came to you in Jesus, was born, suffered and died as a man. Through my sacrificial death I opened the doors to the high beyond for you, so that your soul, awakening from its slumber, would swing itself up to Me. I opened before you the Book of the Seven Seals, the great book of life, and verily, I tell you, through my sacrificial death out of love for mankind, I released the Fifth Seal in that time.

13. Today I do not come to you as a man, I come as the HolySpirit to teach you so that you may obtain the rallies from Spirit to Spirit But so that this rallies may attain its perfection, I have begun to make myself known through the human mind. But this rallies will end in 1950, and then these disciples will become disciples and will commune with their Master from Spirit to Spirit. Although in my eyes they are my disciples, in the eyes of men they will be the good teachers.

14 Today I am preparing you as in the second time. You and they are the same, you are disciples and witnesses of my teachings.

15. The trials have besieged you in your way. But even if you should encounter obstacles on it, you will not turn your back on Me, you will not deny Me, because you have been witnesses of My promise to return, and you have seen it fulfilled in this time.

16. You can find in My rallies the same teachings as those of the Second Age; but in this era I have revealed to you by the light of My HolySpirit the unfathomable, and in Spirit to Spirit dialogue I will continue to reveal to you new and very great teachings All the contents of the Sixth Seal I will make known to you in this epoch of revelation, which will prepare you for the time when I will break the Seventh Seal. Thus you will recognize the "unfathomable" more and more; thus you will discover that the spiritual world is the home of all souls, the infinite and wonderful Father's house, which awaits you in the high beyond, where you will receive the reward for the works which you have done with love and mercy on your fellow man.

17. In this time your soul is saturated with my revelations ─ whether it has received them through the voice bearer or because of their spiritual gifts.

18. It is the time in which you ─ since you do not find a brother among men who gives you orientation, advises you and serves you as a support ─ comes to me because I am the Divine Crossbearer who raises you up in your strokes of fate and comforts you.

19. Through spiritualism you have come to know what spiritual reparation means in your destiny, and in following my teachings you are penetrating into the future according to my will and consider the trials that befall you on your way as a wake-up call if you do not watch and pray.

20. Your conscience is the judge who does not sleep, always advising you to intercede for your fellow men and for yourselves.

21. Why do men bring misery and destruction to the nations? Why do they not respect their lives and those of their neighbors? For lack of spiritual higher development, because they have distanced themselves from the fulfillment of my law.

22. Could you, in a moment of violence, seize a murderous weapon to kill one of your fellow men? No, disciples, none of you feels capable of this, even if I would test him severely. Why? Because you know that to every creature in his fate his fulfillment and his hour to return to me is determined. You remember the reparation that awaits you when you stain yourselves with human blood, and this fear of my judgment makes you respect the life of your neighbor, and you wish that all would feel the same respect. The Father tells you: Today the reign of injustice is at its highest level. But spiritualism, which is the revelation of the HolySpirit, will not leave a single corner of the world without his presence, and once my teaching has taken root in the hearts of men, my kingdom of justice will reign with all men of good will.

23. Once this divine revelation has been correctly understood by all, there will be no more suicides and murders, no one will take his own life, much less that of his neighbor. Man will have a comprehensive knowledge of all his actions. But first I will continue to test him, and as I have made known to you my teaching through the human mind, I, "the Word," will know how to make myself audible and understandable to all my children.

24. Since I told you in the Second Time that every eye would see Me, I will fulfill my promise to you by letting all men see and feel Me in all my truth.

25. This is the reason why the Master is constantly telling you that your mission to spread my teaching will not be difficult and even less impossible. For the earth has become fertile, and you, as the good workers, will learn more daily to till it better. Know, however, that you will not be the only messengers or voice bearers of my teaching. Also the spiritual world is currently fulfilling its mission among mankind. Together you will make your brothers and sisters the pioneers of my teaching for the coming generations.

26. Through nature you had signs of my coming at this time. I am currently giving signs to mankind and am attracting the attention of scientists. For in this year 1950 I will shake the heart of all my children. Many will go astray in these trials, but others will awaken, and after these events I will come as the HolySpirit and tell them to seek out my disciples who possess my revelations of this Third Age.

27. If they make mistakes as beginners, I, as a perfect Master, will forgive them and give them, through your mediation, my teaching of the preparation which I am currently entrusting to you through the human mind When I then see you all penetrating with love into the spiritual sense of my teachings, I will surprise you by giving you great revelations, and full of joy you will then say to Me, "Master, your wisdom has indeed no end.

28. Persevere in goodness, disciples, which will not disappoint you. Verily, I tell you, when you then come into the hereafter, you will find with Me the harvest of your good works. Then you will experience how beautiful your reward is. For the time being you do not know what it will be like, nor do you try to imagine it. I only tell you: Watch and pray. Sow my seed of love with words, with looks, with prayers. Since mercy is communicated in many forms, act in this way with your neighbor. Verily, I tell you, your salvation-wishing thought will be enough for me to make your wish mine and give it to the needy according to my will.

29. So I will see you, O disciples of the HolySpirit ─ as messengers of peace, as doctors of body and soul, as sowers of the divine qualities. Never shall you cease to sow comfort, balm and peace. In this way you will fulfill your mission until the end of the day's work. Your work will be crowned with my divine caress, and I will make your soul strong with the eternal garments of my blessing.

30. You are now receiving my last lessons through the human mind, and in them I ask for your union after 1950; if you no longer have this rallies ─ who will take my place? Who will make his voice heard and remind you of the teaching of the Divine Master? Awe and fear will seize you, even the voice-bearers through whom I gave you my teaching will feel fear, even the church leaders familiar with their churches will dare to give you my word. What then will you do, O disciples?

31. People: I will now speak of those who were once left in the world to bear witness to my word: my disciples of the Second Age.

32. Jesus was no longer there, the apostles of his truth were on missionary journeys, entering the cities, visiting the homes, writing to their distant brothers and sisters.

33. The divine word, like a new dawn, began to illuminate the life of mankind and dispelled the darkness in which men had lived.

34. My teaching, on the lips and in the works of my disciples, was a sword of love and light that fought against ignorance, idolatry and materialism. A cry of indignation rose in those who saw the imminent demise of their myths and traditions, while at the same time a hymn of rejoicing came from other hearts in the face of the light-filled path that opened up for the hope and faith of those who thirst for truth and those burdened by sin.

35. Those who denied the spiritual life were enraged when they heard the revelations of the kingdom of heaven, while those who foreknew that existence and hoped for righteousness and salvation from it thanked the Father that He had sent His only begotten Son to the world.

36. The people who had kept in their hearts the blessed longing to serve their God with sincerity and love Him saw their way become light and their minds clear as they immersed themselves in my Word, and they felt a revival in their Spirit and in their hearts. Christ's teaching as true spiritual bread filled the immeasurable emptiness that was in them, and with its perfection and meaning fulfilled all the longings of their Spirit overabundantly.

37. A new age began, a more luminous way opened, leading to eternity.

38. What beautiful feelings of spiritual upliftment, of love and tenderness were awakened in those who were enlightened by faith to receive my word! What courage and what steadfastness accompanied those hearts that knew how to suffer and overcome everything without a moment's despair!

39. Perhaps because the blood of the Master was still fresh? No, people: the spiritual essence of that blood, which was the material embodiment of Divine Love, does not dry up, nor does it ever go out; it is present today as then, alive and full of life.

40. The reason for this is that in those hearts there was likewise love of truth, to which they consecrated their lives and for which they even gave their blood to prove that they had learned the lesson of their Master.

41. That generous giving of blood overcame the obstacles and the afflictions.

42. What a contrast was shown between the spirituality of the disciples of my word and the idolatry, materialism, selfishness, and ignorance of the fanatics in old traditions or of the pagans who lived only to pay homage to the pleasure of the body!

43. Never was the law of God so clear as it was on the lips of Jesus. Therefore the world felt shaken to its deepest roots, and many peoples removed old traditions from their hearts and devoted themselves to the word that made itself understood to the people in Christ.

44. Never had the world sheltered a man who had revealed greater teachings and accomplished greater works.

45. How many mysteries did man unravel then? How much light flooded his soul, his heart, and his mind! Those words of the Master full of tenderness, his wise, profound and at the same time clear parables; those comparisons for which He used the child, the flowers, to make Himself understood; those powerful works which were possible only for one God and which the world called "miracles" ─ all this was like a new morning dew which would make fertile the fields dry as deserts, which existed in the hearts of men.

46. Until then men had not yet discovered the spiritual meaning that is present in everything created by the Lord, even in the smallest of beings. When they took a child in their arms and looked deep into his eyes and heard his questions full of innocence and intuitive thirst for knowledge, they felt the presence of a soul, a being that was something more than that child.

47. When they observed a delicate plant growing hidden under undergrowth, they immediately discovered in it the urge to grow and to be able to offer the blossom of its beauty and thus fulfill the destiny that the creator had assigned to it.

48. So those people awoke, having the impression that they were living in a world never seen before. This was so because they were "blind" and could not see with the seeing eye, because they were "deaf" and could not hear with the hearing ear. But I came to men to give them sight, hearing, voice, mobility, will, mind, and sensitivity, so that their soul, caught in the prison of flesh, would free itself from its dark dungeon and learn to read and interpret the Book of Eternal Life.

49. Now ask yourselves, new hearers of my word, are there still in the world those simple and clear interpreters of divine revelations? "No", you answer Me from the bottom of your hearts, because you know very well that every step the world takes in its science is another step that removes it from spiritualization. For instead of seeking the meaning or spiritual essence that all beings contain, what has interested them has been the discovery of substance and of purely material power.

50. Recognize why I have returned to men and allow my word to penetrate your hearts. For in this time a new conversion miracle of spiritualization and upward development shall become a reality among mankind. Learn from me so that you may be the good disciples of this time.

51. Here is the book of my teachings, which I am currently bequeathing to you. In it are the writings that will continue my work among you. Once you no longer hear Me in this form, you will repeat my lessons, and in them you will discover ever new revelations.

52. In reading my teachings, you will receive my wisdom, great messages and inspirations. The counsel of the spiritual world you will remember with the same fragrance with which you received it. This time will be devoted to study, interpretation, preparation, and when you think least of them, those who eloquently reproduce my teachings received by inspiration will appear among you. But how great will their preparation have to be for them to be believed by the multitudes. Today you look at these voice-bearers who speak to you in rapture, and however great the disbelief of some is, you think that my rallies are possible through these transmitters. But when men once see my disciples proclaiming divine revelations in their normal state, they will doubt them.

53. In your own church will arise those who doubt when they hear you speak under my inspiration, and you will have to have great preparation and purity of soul to find faith. So I will continue to make myself known whether it is one who hears you or a crowd, whether your audience consists of selected people, of the uneducated or of the so-called scholars ─ before the one as before all I will make myself known through your minds. If you know how to prepare yourselves, I will give the proofs which those who hear you ask for.

Thus I will continue to sow my Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Work, my revelation as the HolySpirit in the hearts of men. Then you will understand that my union with you will not be broken off at the end of 1950. For the bonds between God and His children are eternal.

54. In the Third Age, with the clarity of my rallies, I realized what was impossible for men: to communicate myself through the human mind. Understand me, disciple, because in the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit that awaits you, you will feel my presence eternally. When you know how to prepare yourselves, you will no longer say to me, "Lord, why do you not come? Why do you not see my pain?" You will no longer speak to Me in this way. Verily, disciples, I tell you, he who speaks to Me in this way will give a tangible proof of his ignorance and unpreparedness. I do not want to see my disciples separated from Me, I want you to tell Me in your spirit: "Master, you are among us, our Spirit feels you, your wisdom is the source of my inspiration. This is the true confession that I want to hear from you.

55. I do not want to see Thomas in my new apostle body, I want to see with you the devotion of John that you all feel Me always in your soul. But I do not want you to feel yourselves slaves to me because you could then fall into a new fanaticism.

56. In the moments of the fulfillment of your commission, in my teaching, be completely spiritual, and in the moments of your earthly duties, devote yourselves to them with all care. I tell you once more that you should not feel yourselves slaves to me. Have true spiritualization, which my teaching imparts, that you may give to God what is God, and to the "Emperor" what is "Caesar. In this way you will have peace and you will be happy in your fulfillment of your commission without standing still. You will not trumpet that you are my witnesses, but prove with your works that you sow my truth.

57. If I no longer give you my word in this form after 1950, I will not rest, for my Universal Spirit never rests. I am eternal activity; always I fight for the perfection of all my creatures. I am the traveling companion in the development of my children, I am their counselor; and at the end of each stage of development, it is I who receives the fruit of their fulfillment in my law.

58. I am the perfect gardener and will not tear off the fruits while they are green. I will know how to turn myself into a storm to shake the trees, and will let their bad fruits fall down, but the good ones will keep my love, and forever my Spirit will rejoice in their progress and development.

59. Climb up the path that leads you to the top of the mountain, and with every step you take, you will better understand my teachings and become more and more perfect in the interpretation of the divine message

60. What is the language of the Spirit? It is love. Love is the universal language of all spirits. Do you not see that human love also speaks? Often it needs no words, it speaks better by deeds, by thoughts. If human love already expresses itself in this way ─ how will its language be only when you perfect yourselves in my laws?

61. Take firm steps, disciples, do not become cowardly in the face of trials, of misfortunes. Remember that I have walked this path before you and have left it blessed by my trace. Pray for mankind, this is your task. Come to Me, who am an inexhaustible source of consolation and balm, and bring this gift to your fellow men.

62. In these moments I enter into the heart of my children and distribute my seed of love. But which heart will be like fertile soil that will let the seed sprout? Today you do not know yet. But if you become good workers, you will know how to sow my teaching in the sick, in the possessed, in the wicked, in those who thirst for love and peace.

63. In all of them you shall lay the immeasurable treasure of my word, which shall grow ever greater in your soul.

64. If you are all the workers of the Divine Gardener, if you are all the workers in my love planting, it is because you shall all enjoy the culmination of my work.

65. All of you will sit at my table, because there is a feast in heaven. You will all be the wise virgins of my parable. There will be no prodigal son there; you will all have taken over my kingdom and hear the most beautiful and uplifting concert. Your soul will experience the greatest happiness because it will finally understand the great love of your Father and Lord.

My peace be with you!

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