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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 313

1. I give power to your mind so that it can absorb everything what I pour out on you in these moments.

2. This is the time of great proofs and great teachings. Your soul knows this, and therefore it approaches in view of my rallies, eager for my revelations and my words. It understands that only with a great preparation will it really be able to use these proofs.

3. Never before has the soul of men seen such a wide field for its unfolding, and now it is hurrying to enter into it in the desire for the truth which it has lost and cannot find again.

4. If I left men alone in their search, they would get lost. But verily, I tell you: If I did not leave them when they were on the way to their ruin ─ how can you assume then that I would abandon them when they search for the truth? That is why I have come to you in this time and have brought you a message full of revelations, which will soon be the lighthouse and the way for the soul of man.

5. First I have come to this people, who are gradually gathering around my divine rallies, and tomorrow, when they are strong and able to teach, I will reach in them the other nations.

6. Understand the responsibility that these words mean for you and let your whole being feel the sweet weight of his cross.

7. You, people, are the missionary who in this Third Age will pave ways for the soul of your fellow men ─ ways of truth that will lead the soul to light and peace You are the one who must form spiritual bonds between people, so that the nations may come into harmony with one another and unite.

8. Although you are today under the influence of my word, you are sleeping a gentle sleep because you have not become aware of the importance of this time, nor of the sublime nature of the commissions you are currently receiving. But you will not always sleep, soon the storms will come to shake the foliage of those "trees" in whose shadows you have so often heard the Divine Nightingale warble. But once you see the branches being shaken and the trunk creaking ─ when you see the leaves, the fruits and the nests falling down, you will realize that you were sleeping because you did not want to hear the voice that warned you from infinity, spoke to you tirelessly so that you would live awake and never let pain overtake you.

9. Would it not be better that you should awake now to the sound of my voice than tomorrow to the roar of the storm?

10. Soon ye shall hear my word no more, and if ye do not heed it as a true disciple of my teaching should, ye shall have to shed tears tomorrow. But you will not then be able to say that I have not spoken to you of dangers or persecutions. For then you will remember with the greatest clarity how during the time of my rallies I used the minds of all my voice-bearers to tell you constantly: Watch and pray, for the battle will be great and you must then be strong.

11. I will leave a prepared way, a path full of light for the soul. I will fulfill my task as master towards you. But later, each one of those who have sat down at my table spiritually during this time to eat the bread of my word will have to give me an account of each of the tasks that have been entrusted to him for his spiritual day's work.

12. What would be the answer you would like to give me at the moment when I demand from you the fruit of your struggle? Later on, in these moments, you would wish that your answer in that hour would be good. Therefore, I tell you that you already now do something for your soul to reap a precious fruit on its way, which lets it confidently await that moment.

13. verily, I tell you, your soul will irrevocably live through this decisive moment Why then repress it with the thought that your soul must finally hand over its harvest to the Father only after this life?

14. I give you time to reflect and do justice to the mission which your soul is to accomplish in this time on earth.

15. Recognize that I, as Master, treat you justly and lovingly, that I put at your disposal all the means for you to obtain the peace you are to obtain

16. Just as there are those who never want to part from this earth, so there are those who dream of leaving it forever. To the one as to the other I say that it depends largely on them that their wish comes true.

17. When the one who longs to return to the spiritual valley leaves his task on earth completed, he will swing up to those homes, and there will be no more reason to continue to return to this world. On the other hand, to the one who feels a great inclination for the material world, ─, if he knows how to use life for the good of his soul by doing good for the others ─ will be granted to return as often with bliss in his soul as is necessary.

But when the one who longs to leave human life and who longs for spiritual life has not fulfilled his task, and when the one who wants to dwell on earth forever does not know how to use the opportunity that life offers him, both will not see their wishes fulfilled: The former will have to return to the world and leave the spiritual valley to return again to earth ─ unceasingly ─ until he fulfills his task and reaps the fruit which he rejected many times. The second one will have to be held back in the spiritual world until he, in accordance with his Spirit, grasps in himself the firm resolution to fulfill on earth the assignment which he always left behind without realizing it.

18. Do not believe that I rebuke you when you show me love for your life in the world. If your desire is noble, and you desire earthly existence to honor my name, I will have nothing to reproach you for. But if your rooting in the world should obey nonsensical goals or base passions, then I will be the first to tell you that you are not worthy to inhabit this world, which I have showered with blessings for the progress of your soul.

19. Love Me, live in My law, be in harmony with everything and everyone, then the place where you dwell will be indifferent. For that which alone counts will be your spiritual upward development.

20. You do not know how meritorious it is for the soul to develop itself upward in the midst of its human circumstances by overcoming all temptations of the world. To acquire these merits, I allowed your soul to become man and let it dwell on material worlds, wisely prepared by me.

21. Every world, every plane of existence was created so that the soul could develop on it and take a step toward its Creator and thus, advancing ever further along the path of perfection, would have the opportunity to reach the goal of its journey, the summit of soul perfection, without spotting, pure and well-formed, which is precisely the dwelling in the Kingdom of God.

22. To whom does it seem impossible to finally dwell "in the bosom of God"? Alas, you poor men of understanding, who do not really know how to think! Have you already forgotten that you came into existence from my bosom, that is, that you have already existed in it before? Surely there is nothing strange about the fact that everything that sprang from the Source of Life returns to it in its time. Every soul was virginally pure when it came out of Me into being; but afterwards many tainted themselves in their way. Nevertheless ─ since everything was foreseen by Me in a wise, loving and just way, I immediately set about providing all the necessary means for their salvation and renewal along the path my children had to go through.

23. Even though that soul virginity was defiled by many beings, the day will come when they will purify themselves from all their transgressions and thereby regain their original purity. The purification will be very meritorious in my eyes, because the soul will have won it through great and continuous trials of its faith, love, faithfulness and patience.

24. All of you will return to the kingdom of light on the way of work, struggle and pain, where you no longer need to incarnate in a human body, nor to live in a world of matter, because then your spiritual power of action will already enable you to send your influence and your light from one plane of existence to another and make it tangible.

25. Why do you hinder your soul by preventing its progress and thus delaying its entry into the kingdom of light, where all glorious things exist that a soul can desire?

26. Work unceasingly, even if it is only a little daily, always with the thought of reaching the home that really corresponds to the soul ─ to that home which I sometimes call "the Promised Land", where no tears are shed, nor suffer, nor die.

27. To this state of elevation and light this teaching leads the spirit soul ─ the teaching which is way, lighthouse, food and walking stick.

28. Blessed is every one who, in hearing this word, soars on wings of thought. For when he returns from his rapture to the daily struggle of life, he will carry a burning light in his inner being, which will make him advance step by step and bring him closer to that eternal homeland from which you all came forth, and to which you all must return.

29. In these moments I speak to all the disciples who would rather lay down their lives than disobey my commandments. Let my word reach the most sensitive strings of your hearts, for in the times to come you will often rely on this word.

30. If you truly keep the meaning of my word, you will not be among those who lament the cessation of my spiritual rallies, because you have been able to keep my revelations and teachings. There will be neither gloom, nor sadness, nor rebellion, nor distraction among you, for you will see all things fulfilled according to my promises, and not for a moment will you desire to rebel or resist the fulfillment of my will.

31. Have already today the full realization that everyone who takes this step towards spiritualization with steadfastness will soon experience the reward, will feel my presence around and within him, will enjoy my inspiration, and the progress of all his spiritual gifts will be evident. There will be not only the belief that I am around you, but the reality of my presence in your Spirit.

32. Those who think that they will come to a standstill or lose spiritualization after 1950 are wrong. For it is precisely after the absence of my Word that some of you will take real steps towards progress and understanding in my teaching.

33. If you believe that during the time of my rallies you have reached great heights of spiritualization, and that this is the reason why my word has blossomed in the organs of understanding and on the lips of the voice bearer, you are in a great error. For I tell you in full truth that you have not yet taken a firm step towards spiritualization, which is the goal that has been pointed out to all my children through my loving word.

34. It is necessary that the voice bearer disappears, that you no longer hear my thoughts humanized on the lips of these creatures, that you give up every rite and symbolism so that you may find the essence of spiritualism.

35. I say this to some and to others ─ to those who long for the progress of their soul and the flourishing of my teaching in this time, and also to the keepers of traditions, habits and customs who think that when they practice their meaningful cults they are fulfilling the law.

36. Yes, people, you well know that within a pure, simple and essentially spiritual teaching, such as the one I have revealed, you have once again created an outward cult which you have believed over time to be my work But the time has come when I speak to you with absolute clarity. For now you are strong enough to get to know this truth.

37. Together with the wheat of my word also grew the nettle and the tares of your errors. But here one of my parables given in the Second Time will be fulfilled ─ that one who taught to let the weeds grow together with the wheat without trying to weed out the weeds before the wheat is ripe, because there would be the danger of uprooting the good seed.

38. So it shall be done in this time, blessed people. The hour has been set in which the sickle of my righteousness will come down to cut the fields where my seed has been sown, so that at last, after the truth and essence of my work has been separated from all human influence, you may rejoice in the contemplation of my light and make your own the knowledge of this divine revelation.

39. Also the hour is fixed in which the same sickle shall come down to every religious community to mow their fields ─ with the purpose of separating the truth from all that is false and unclean in them.

40. The whole human existence has developed ─ its science, its way of thinking and living, its knowledge, its conquests and its aims. Man has neglected only his spiritual side, his spirit soul, without wanting to realize that the soul is subject to constant rape, without caring about all the rights that the soul has within life. And that is why mankind has been living in spiritual stagnation for many centuries.

41. How little people give to their souls with their religious cults! How much thirst, how much hunger, and what great desire for light has the soul of man!

42. There is very little wheat which she has made grow, and there are many weeds. But I come to the aid of all by mowing the fields with the irreconcilable and justice-creating sickle of truth, which you will finally see shining on your world.

43. You people who hear the teachings of the last year of my rallies among you: Allow them to imprint themselves in the most subtle, in the most sensitive part of your mind and heart, so that the light of the Spirit, which shines in the highest part of your being, may become effective in each of you.

44. The trace I will leave you will be of peace, so that when you no longer hear this word and have to bear witness to it, you may say: "the Master went away and left us the way prepared with His divine Light".

45. My trace will remain imprinted in the most hidden part of your heart ─ where the inner sanctuary is.

46. It is necessary that my word be imprinted on your mind, so that you may study it thoroughly. Only in this way will your faith and soul strength be genuine.

47. You will soon experience that many will not believe in the stopping of my word. But truly, I tell you, by this you will recognize that they also did not believe in my presence while I made myself known in this form. Those who have wavered between doubt and faith, even though they appeared to have absolute faith in my rallies, will be just those who deny that my word has ceased. For those who have really believed in everything I have revealed and commanded you will not be able to disregard one of my words.

48. Those who have doubted and have not had complete faith, as the faith of a disciple to the Master should be, will stop on their way, feeding on the monotonous and routine rite which they themselves have created.

Those, on the other hand, who have believed me at present will inevitably continue to believe in me even after the rallies of my word have ended. They will be obedient to my instructions and do what they can to interpret my teachings correctly. They will have an ideal: that of spiritualization, and will have a light that will always accompany them: faith.

49. My gaze will rest on the work of this people, once the period of my rallies is over, to reward every obedient disciple, granting him my mercy, encouraging him to continue in his daily work, encouraging him to ever new steps of spiritual progress. I know that among this people there are those who not only believe in my word, but also consider it right and perfect that the Father should put an end to his rallies in this form, so that the struggle for spiritualization can begin. These hearts have the certainty that there will then be no abandonment nor emptiness, and that my presence will be even more palpable, because in this way a new way of communicating with my divinity will be approached, a purer and more perfect stage, because it will be the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

50. The time is no longer far off when your fellow men will approach you to question you about my revelation, to demand your testimony from the proofs I have given you of my truth But how different will be the way in which the one and the other will testify to my work. While some will strictly keep to the truth which they have heard, others will have to seek arguments to justify their errors.

51. It is necessary that I speak to you in this way, beloved people, so that you may reflect in time and make a most careful examination of your works, thoughts, feelings, words, and plans, allowing that it is your conscience that determines this self-examination and this examination.

52. This moment is necessary for you to open your eyes full of truth, because then you can still correct if you have erred and make up for lost time.

53. Great will be the satisfaction of those who lead my teaching to victory and make it known in all its purity and truthfulness. But I, as a Master who loves you very much, want all my disciples to experience this joy.

54. Hear Me, people: I keep many wonders for you in my treasury to reward your spiritualization. But I will wait until you all unite as brothers and sisters ─ until you all show obedience to my instructions, and then pour out on your soul and body the stream of light, mercy, consolation and revelation that I keep for the days of your spiritualization.

55. Greater clarity cannot have this word, which is transmitted through all my voices Once it has been understood by all, my justice will be ready to consider those who seek greater spiritualization and likewise to judge the works of those who still seek their kingdom in this world.

56. Who caused man to seek guidance for his ways from the beginning? Who made him seek his immortal essence at the core of his being? The Spirit. It was he who gradually revealed to him that a higher nature animated him and enlightened him.

57. Man has dedicated ─, albeit only gradually ─, by means of the gift of intuition and revelation and by means of his intelligence, from the earliest times of his existence, to the task of seeking his origin, his essence, the reason for his existence, his stay in the world, and the purpose for which he was created.

58. Since he became aware that there were abilities in him which distinguished him from the other creatures, the idea arose in him that among all the beings of creation a higher destiny was reserved for him, and gradually, in the secrecy of his being, the intuitive knowledge of a God, of the existence of the soul, was born, and therefore the need to offer a worship or a spiritual sacrifice to Him of whom he felt he had come forth from Him.

59. This was the origin of the soul development of mankind ─ a development that was not the same for all people. For of these ─ divided into races and separated by nationalities, habits and languages ─ some have progressed faster than others, some have had a way of offering their worship to God, and others have taken different forms.

60. I have outshined all men with my light, revealing to them the only truth that exists; but you see how every man and every people feels, thinks, believes and interprets in different ways.

61. Those different ways of thinking of men have caused their divisions, since every people and race follows different ways and holds up different ideals.

62. The majority have departed from the light-filled and true path, believing that the fulfillment of the Divine Law means superhuman sacrifices, renunciations, and efforts, and have preferred to found for themselves religious communities and sects, whose fulfillment of the Law and ritual acts are easier for them to follow In this way, people believe they can appease the desire for light and upliftment that they feel in their souls.

63. Many centuries and many ages have passed without people realizing that the fulfillment of my law is not a human sacrifice, and that, on the other hand, they may well sacrifice body and soul to the world if they disobey my commandments. They have not made themselves clear, they have not wanted to understand that whoever lives according to my words will find the true happiness, peace, wisdom and glory, which the materialized people imagine in such a different way.

64. The moral and scientific world that surrounds you is the work of people with materialistic ideals ─ of people who have only striven for the material improvement of humanity, and I have allowed them to do their work, to carry it to its limit, to know its consequences and to reap its fruits so that they may draw from it the light of experience In that light my justice will be revealed, and in that justice my law, which is love, will be present.

65. When men once recognize their errors and set out in search of the true way, it will be because they have awakened, because they have repented, because they have been enlightened, and then their works will have not only a human purpose, but also a spiritual one.

66. Every people, every religious community, sect, science, and every person carries within himself his part of falsehood and error, as well as his part of truth. But the time will come when the need to unite will approach them as a powerful and irresistible force, each one contributing his seed in his desire to be in harmony with all. There will have to be fights, arguments and confusion. But these will be necessary so that all may reach the only result, which is the unchanging truth of my existence and my law.

67. At the end of the struggle, people ─ will now understand, in peace with themselves and with their neighbors ─, that in order to reach the goal of knowledge and to experience true peace, it is essential to live in harmony with the Divine Law that comes precisely from the love of the Creator. At the same time, they will understand that, in order to maintain good and morality, it is not necessary to profess so many and so different religions, but that, in order to attain true harmony among all and to have a morality that is beyond the merely human, it is enough to carry in the heart the word which you call "Christ's teaching", and which, in order to grasp it fully, you must live and love simply and humbly.

68. The light of revelation which I have sent you in this time, I have transformed into plain and simple word through my transmitters or voice bearers, so that all mankind may know it and help you in its awakening ─ today, when all seek earthly means and solutions to save themselves from the chaos into which the world is plunging more and more ─ today, when no one tries to find spiritual inspiration to find with Me the answers to their questions and the solution to their problems

69. My word will reach the palaces and the simple huts, knocking on the doors of the hearts, making the souls tremble, healing and comforting the sick in body or soul, illuminating the darkened brains

70. Blessed are those who receive it joyfully, who hear it and reflect on its meaning, for it will be fruitful seed in their hearts.

My peace be with you.

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