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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 247:

1. Be welcome, O people, who approach Me in daily increasing numbers. Here is the Master of all times, who gives his love instruction to those who expect Him of good will.

2. I receive you all as I did in the Second Time, and speak to you in the same sense, because I am the same Master. Among you are many of those who heard my word - of those who were witnesses of my steps on earth and looked at my works with indifference. But among them many listened to Me respectfully, eagerly absorbed my words and were enthralled by the light of my teachings, which offered them a paradise and an unknown world of eternal bliss for the soul.

Thus, those who hungered and thirsted for love, the sick, the afflicted and oppressed received me. How many sought me and after long journeys came to me because they knew that they would soon find healing, that I could heal them, because I am life and resurrection for the soul.

3. Also in this time I found hearts full of faith, which rushed at once and understood to take up my divine word into their soul and were healed.

4. I still have many things to teach you, that you may become my disciples. When you are then prepared, I will send you to men. I will open the ways so that you may sow my seed and be in harmony with all who love me and seek me spiritually. But lead by the hand those who have not yet taken the path to spiritualization until you are all walking together on the same path.

5. Always go forward, my children, strive for wisdom so that you may find the essence of life. Love, and you will be able to enter my secret treasury, there will be no more secrets, everything will be revealed to you once you climb the summit of true love.

6. The children of today will be the apostles of tomorrow, and you can become them already now. Do not, out of vanity, seek to leave in the fraternity the memory of your name. Take the good apostles as your example, even surpass them if you wish, but do so only out of love for men. Strive for the good, work for peace, always point the way to perfection.

7. I inspire you in your meditations so that you may comfort the sick in My name and teach your fellow men to return to Me, striving for harmony, health and peace. Bring to this so beloved humanity the mystery of health, tell it to return to simplicity, sincerity, prayer and merciful works. In them she will find everything she could ever desire. I will stand by you in the hour of your fulfillment. I encourage you to follow that path where you are all to recognize each other, embrace each other and form one family. Whenever you stretch out your hand to do good, my radiation will flood down, and you will perceive that the surroundings will be filled with delicious fragrance that will flow from your good works.

8. Blessed are all those who prepare the way for mankind, who prepare its future. Mark this time of grace in which you live, with works that will remain imprinted in the consciousness of your fellow men. These works will be your pioneering steps, the most effective call you can make to them, and the heritage that will surely endure.

9. Spare them pain, warn and teach by good examples, so that humanity may soon get on the right track. I do not want to see them weeping nor stumbling further. She is my beloved daughter whom I want to save.

10. Pilgrim on earth: You are in the shade of the mighty tree and rejoice in its fruit. There is a spring of pure and crystal-clear water right here, where you can quench your thirst. For everything you need you will find here.

11. You have left behind you the multitudes of men and women who still seek the tree and the spring.

12. I have seen you strong. When hunger, weariness, and thirst were gone from you, I told you: turn your eyes to those who perish for want.

13. The star that guides you, which is your guide, is shining above all. But not all were able to see it, and these have gone astray.

14. So I see the soul of men in this time: hungry because the bread was hidden from them, shipwrecked because they have become weak in the face of the passions of the world, and have not found a saving hand to reach out to them.

15. I am already preparing you now as fishermen of souls, so that you may lovingly save your fellow men.

16. Be support for the sick and the exhausted, for now you are strong. Heal the wounds, be they of the soul or of the body, by pouring my healing balm on them. When the thirsty man has no more strength to come to me, you bring the water to his lips.

17. This is my eternal law of love, which I prescribe to you. Your heart shall be the new ark in which it shall be kept. Then this inner light will be the one that guides your steps and marks out the way for those who follow you.

18. My word in this time is the manna that nourishes your soul in its journey of life full of miseries, sufferings and struggles, as in the crossing of the desert. But this manna is one of eternal life - not like that which nourished the people of Israel only as long as the desert journey lasted, and of which the children of that people keep the memory by taking a handful of it as a relic.

19. Men and women, be faithful to my teachings, that among your fellow men you may be like suns which drive out darkness, give a good example to the children, that in the bosom of the family they may be like a candlestick of indelible light.

20. Blessed are my beloved creatures in whom I see eager effort and at the same time pain, a deep pain, because you know that this time is coming to an end soon and it is very little that you have taken advantage of my teaching. But truly, I tell you, the time of grace does not end. I will be around you and watch over your steps. The eyes of the prophets will see me as I walk before the chosen people.

21. I am infinite love, sublime mercy, and never leave my children defenceless. My Spirit is always with you and awaits the invocation to give you my caress. You have never been orphans, and if you feel left alone for a short time, it is only because you have left me. But now I see that you want to feel the effect of my grace.

22. Blessed is he who calls me, for I come down into his heart and abide in him. He who longs for the light of my Spirit will be enlightened. Whoever calls Me as Father will meet Me as Father. When you need me as a physician, I will be with you, and you will feel my healing balm. To him who should call Me as brother, I will stretch out My merciful hand to guide and console him, and he who asks Me as master will receive in his heart the instruction.

23. Nothing is impossible for me. I am the Almighty, and the infinite love I feel for my creatures causes me to bestow on men my mercy and my forgiveness. Let them not look upon your weaknesses, but only lift up their soul; for it is a part of my Spirit and belongs to Me. Above it stands the Spirit, which is the divine spark that I have put into every human creature. I want to make you a pillar, because I am now building a new world, a world of peace and light.

24. And you who, like the disciples of the Second Age, hear my word, ask Me to be a useful instrument for my work, and I give you the power and the light for this. On all your ways you will feel me.

25. I want you to understand my word of this time, which is to be imprinted in your heart, and likewise that you understand the meaning of my coming in the Second Time. For what happened in that time was the work of the redemption of the soul.

26. I came down from perfection as Savior by becoming man on earth. I fulfilled the mission to save all creatures who had fallen into sin through their disobedience since Adam. Their weakness caused their soul to fall deeper and deeper. But at the appropriate time, in fulfillment of the announcements of the coming of the Messiah, I became man to give my teaching and to remove the chains of the soul and give it the resurrection.

27. You all know what happened at the Lord's Supper. The bread and wine which I gave to my disciples was food for the whole universe. They symbolized my essence and my love that reigns over all my children, believers and unbelievers. The light of my Spirit was given to all.

28. I washed the feet of my apostles to show my humility and to call them to set out for the ways of the earth to prepare every heart with my love - with that immeasurable love I feel for all, so that no one would be lost and all would come to Me. But this act teaches you to cleanse yourselves from every sin if you want to start the fulfillment of your mission.

29. Nothing had I kept for Me. What could men do against me that I had not known in advance? Everything was prepared as it was my will, and as it happened, it was the course I had predestined to take to convince the hearts. I was dragged to the cross, stripped of my body and my hands and feet were pinned to the wood. - This is the symbolism of the cross:

30. The horizontal beam is the sin of the world, which opposes the vertical beam. It rises to the heights and marks them. But sin is always the barrier for the elevation to the divine.

31. I was nailed to that wood, and when my Spirit saw the coldness of the hearts, the wickedness, and then the joy when they saw that body martyred, the face distorted with pain. My lips then spoke these words: "Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do. Now in the present time I forgive you again because you still have not understood Me. How many of my creatures claim to love Me and do not love Me - how many who believe to serve Me serve temptation!

32. Again my eyes rest on the crowds of people and recognize one or the other of those who surrounded me then - of those who shortly before had received miracles and yet were not able to recognize me.

33. I saw neither mercy nor love in those faces. Therefore I said to men, "I thirst. It was not the thirst of the body, it was the thirst of the soul that caused those words to be spoken. I thirsted for the love of men. But far from loving, I saw in them the satisfaction, the pleasure, that they had made me suffer to death. Then the earth shook, the sun darkened, and my Spirit separated from the body of Jesus.

34. My children saw the body upon which all the burden of sin and the shame of the world fell, and the martyred body cried out, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?

35. Then I turned my gaze to Mary's painful face, to my apostle John and to those women who accompanied Mary, and since I wanted to leave another proof of my love, I entrusted to Mary the care and protection of all my children, telling her: "Woman, there is your child" and to John: "Child, there is your mother". It was the inheritance that I bequeathed to humanity at that moment. John embodied the child, humanity. You were entrusted to Mary so that she might intercede, console and protect for all creatures forever.

36. Then I turned to the one who cried out in fear and was also nailed to a cross: Dimas. I penetrated his heart and saw his great repentance. He said to Me, "They crucify you who are perfect. Have mercy on me, poor sinner." I comforted him by saying: "Verily, verily, in a few moments you will be with Me in Paradise."

37. Physical death approached Jesus, and there I spoke these words: "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit. I taught you to return to the Father after the fulfillment of His commandments. My Spirit returned into the presence of Him to unite with His Spirit.

38. My last words were: "All things are accomplished. Blessed is the heart that can reach the final goal of its path of development, for I will receive it, and it will be full of grace and perfection.

39. These are the seven words which the world hears year after year without understanding their spiritual meaning.

40. My disciples and friends, after the death of Jesus, they laid hold of the body, embalmed it, as was the custom, and brought it into a tomb. During the following three days my Spirit went down to the worlds where souls awaited me to give them freedom and show them the way. Salvation reached also those creatures that were in the dark spheres and awaited their savior.

41. After that I appeared, making myself visible, and visited my mother, Mary Magdalene, and also my disciples. Before my ascension to heaven I gave them my last teaching, in showing them how she had to behave among men, if they would bring my infinite wisdom, the perfect teaching, to bring all souls to new life.

42. And today, when the time is near to take leave of you, I tell you: be unconcerned after this limited time of teaching. The souls have evolved, and you have no need to see me with the material eyes. It is also no longer necessary for you to hear my word from the material mouth. The soul has developed, it has risen, and it will receive spiritual. I will also in the future show the way to all my disciples.

43. I give my instructions to all my children. The Master tells you: Once you have transformed the souls entrusted to you into fertile fields where love bears fruit, unity and brotherhood will reign among you. Then you will be able to regard yourselves as my disciples.

44. Sometimes I speak to you in images so that you may penetrate into the profound teachings by impressing my word in your imagination and I speak to you at length so that there is nothing to offend or confuse you If it were not so, you would already have created insignia of rank, degrees, and classifications among the disciples and disciples, among the "first" and the "last" in your assemblies, and in the midst of celebrations you would crown yourselves with fictitious laurel wreaths. For men have a tendency to vanity and showiness.

45. Sow among you the seed of brotherhood, which my apostles cultivated in those days. That seed was the model by which they founded churches, villages, and cities.

46. What must ye know to teach my teaching? To love. It is impossible for you to be missionaries of Christ if you have no love in your hearts. You will all come to Me, and it will be through love. Some will arrive earlier, and some will arrive later. Those who are most late through their own fault will have to shed the most tears. You are all like flowers that do not open at the same time to receive the light of the new day. If your heart has remained closed to Divine Love, I tell you now: your past has passed, now eternity is claiming you back. I hold in my hands the book of your past life, in which there are certainly many blemishes. But in it are also the empty pages of your future life and your transformation. I see and know everything.

47. I tell you once again that you will all unite yourselves with Me. But everyone will have to "conquer" heaven himself. You can make this "conquest" easy through love or painful through pain. I help you, comfort you and guide you, but the rest you must do yourselves. I strengthen you, and this power is that of love, the true energy that moves the universe, everything created, and without which you would not exist. I hide the book of your past from you, for if you saw its pages, you would cry with sorrow and become sick with sadness. For many, their horror and suffering would be so great that they would consider themselves unworthy of forgiveness and redemption. Even in these dark matters my love shines out, sparing you a terrible and endless agony and creating new ways in which you can renew your soul little by little through pure works. However, if you would get to know the future pages of your book of life - how would you smile with happiness!

48. When you have once exalted yourselves, you will remember with joy your past sufferings and will thank the Father. For these sufferings were less than what you deserved.

49. Here is my word given by the mind of man. In order that it may be as perfect as you desire, you must spiritualize and let your brethren, through whom I speak to you, share in it. Give them idealism, peace of mind, and incentive for it. Their work is difficult to fulfill for the soul and very stressful for the body. My work needs strong voice bearers, only in this way will it be able to perform the miracles that the unbelieving world demands, that is, those who are like Thomas in their doubt - who must see and touch in order to be convinced, not knowing that they too could do miracles if they took less Thomas and more the Master who speaks to you as their model.

50. You who bearers of my word: as long as your work is not understood and you see that you do not receive the attention and esteem you deserve because of the work you do - accept it, forgive, do not lose your kindness. But when you feel the spiritual touch of my light, which is directed at your mind, to then come from your lips - think of me, joyfully surrender yourselves to my love, serve me with infinite bliss, because you know that you serve your brothers and sisters with it. I will reward your preparation by filling you with grace in those moments. To earn all this, you must become loving and have in your heart the feeling of true charity.

51. In the moment of preparation for my rallies, do not think of earthly "wisdoms" or philosophies, for all this will be useless in the face of my wisdom. It is I who inspire you in your rapture and give you strength for the fulfillment of your difficult task. When you surrender yourselves to Me - what have you to fear then?

52. Pray, but your prayer should be determined by your daily plans and works; this will be your best prayer. But if you want to address a thought to Me to express a request with him, just tell Me, "Father, Your will be done on Me. With this you will ask even more than you could understand and hope for, and this simple sentence, this thought, will simplify even more that "Our Father," which you asked me for in another time.

53. With this you have the prayer that asks for everything and that will speak best for you. But let not your lips speak it, but let your heart feel it; for to speak is not to feel, and if you feel it, you need not tell Me. I know to hear the voice of the Spirit and understand its language.

54. Is there any greater joy for you than to know this? Or do you think that I depend on you telling me what I have to do? Do not encourage yourselves in the opinion that for my rallies appropriate places, special garments, and even certain modes of behavior are necessary for me to make myself known. There will come days when my inspiration will be with you in every place and at every hour, in front of different crowds of people, where you will express my thoughts with words and in languages that all will understand.

55. The only church in which this word shall resound shall be the heart of your brother. Are you learning languages so that you may be able to communicate my word in languages other than your own? I tell you that you shall express my thoughts which are light, and each one shall receive them in his own language, as it happened when my apostles spoke of my kingdom to men of different tongues or languages. Those who consider these miraculous events true call them miracles, while others deny them because they consider them impossible. But I tell you that they are little things that you will be able to do without effort if you are truly disciples of my love. Follow the impulses of your heart, O my voice bearers, without imitating anyone. Remember that everyone has a task to accomplish.

56. People, multiply, stand with your thoughts by those who are my instruments. In their rapture they give you the spiritual light, the nourishment that strengthens and delights you. They serve so that you learn. Tomorrow others will do for you what you do for them today. You might say that the outer form of the language in which I spoke in the "Second Time" and the one I use now are different, and in part you would be right. For Jesus spoke to you then with the expressions and idioms of the nations in which he lived, as I do today in regard to the spirit of those who hear my word. But the spiritual content conveyed by that word which was given then and now is the same, is one, is unchanging. Yet this has gone unnoticed by many whose hearts are hardened and whose minds are closed.

57. There are always those who move away from the root and keep to the outward, where they err and stray without realizing it. The language that is revealed in each of my children through whom I speak to you is of great simplicity and purity, reveals love and has spiritual content. But do not be beguiled by soothing expressions that sound very good in your ears and say nothing to your heart.

58. Let your heart be moved more than your brain, for that is its master. The more superior a man is, the more he loves, the more humble he is, and the healthier he is.

59. Seek my work in the purest and highest of your faith, your love, and your ideas. Do not complicate it by superfluous knowledge, and do not darken the splendor of this teaching by outward cult forms. Do not forget that through these things and others, which I will tell you later, you have strayed from the true path.

60. What do you prefer: to seek Me through the objects you create to represent Me, or to receive directly in your heart the touch of my love or the call of my voice? Spiritualize yourself. Verily, I tell you, he who achieves this will possess something worth more than all earthly titles and appointments.

61. You will experience miracles when this happens, and already before that, incredible events will occur. Forward, disciples! Do not be intimidated by souls without light, whether they incarnate or no longer incarnate. But love them and help them, because they too are my much beloved children, who will still seek me as you have sought me. I will then receive them, and I will embrace them like the "Prodigal Son".

My peace be with you! 

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