BTL - Volume 12 - Teaching 366

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 366

My peace be with you!

1. From the top of the mountain of the New Zion I send you my word, O beloved people. In essence, presence and power, I make myself known for the last time through the human mind ─ a means chosen by my Divine Will in this Third Age to make myself known, to pour out my Word among men, to prepare them for the perfect rallies from Spirit to Spirit and through this preparation to receive from man the perfect worship of my Divinity.

2. This has been a time of preparation in which the Father, surrounded by his Spirit hosts, has given you the teaching by which he has opened before you the Great Book of Life, the Book of Divine Wisdom, the Book of Seven Seals, so that this people, reading page after page, may hear the Divine explanation of all his teachings, could transform himself into the disciple of the HolySpirit, into the strong apostle, who with his example, his way of thinking and his word brings my work close to the heart of this humanity, to this world, which at this moment when I give you my last message, is tossing and turning in its tribulations, in its pain and in its own blood.

3. I have come to you and have seen you prepared. In the prayer you offer to the Father, O beloved people, I see the establishment of a sanctuary inviting Me to be in it. It is your own heart, O my children. In him I receive the offering, your fragrance, and at the feet of the spiritual altar I see your harvest ─ what you have worked and reaped over the years and which you have brought to the peak now that you are my workers. My gaze as judge, as father and as master judges the seed of you all. In it are contained your struggle, your desires for spiritual progress, your sufferings, the ideals you saw come true and those you have not yet seen blossom. But the humility of your Spirit has offered its sacrifice, which I really receive. My Father's hand stretches out to receive the fruit you offer me.

4. The consciousness of my people clears and they judge themselves. The memory becomes clearer and you remember those moments, those morning devotions happy for your soul, when you first walked the path you are on today, when you heard the voice that resounded in the desert, and also the moment when it was addressed to you. And from that day on, despite misfortunes, obstacles and thorns, you have followed my trail step by step.

5. How much have you experienced, how much have you seen and felt, and finally you have come to that date feared by my people! To that day of judgment, conscience and armament!

6. No one knew whether the Father had granted him to witness the last of my rallies in the present earthly life and in his present body shell. But you are here! You have gradually formed a single heart, a single worker, a single flower that exudes a fragrance that reaches the height of my throne. And it is because of this soul preparation that I come to you once again full of strength, light, peace and grace to tell you, O beloved people: you are not orphaned. Do not allow sadness to penetrate your hearts ─ Do not allow despondency to take hold of you when you no longer hear my word through these transmitters. Do not look back, always go forward, seek in the core of my work the encouragement that will lead you step by step to the goal.

7. The people have prepared themselves, and beyond, above you, heaven is also in readiness. It is dressed like a bride to await the arrival of her husband, and this universal preparation has the purity of a virgin, has the fragrance of flowers, and has the light of a new dawn. Beyond you, but there, up to where your Spirit has risen in this moment of glory and judgment, are the great spirits surrounding the Father ─ the spirit beings still unknown to you, whom you will see and love tomorrow like your own brothers and sisters, as your messengers, who from the Infinite, like shining stars, have illuminated the path of your existence, and among them are also those whom you know by name. It is Moses with the Law in his Spirit, with the imperishable, unchanging Law. These are the patriarchs, the apostles, the prophets, the martyrs, the saints, the righteous, the innocent and the great penitents. Everyone has prepared himself.

8. The Spiritual Valley shines upon you, and even the forces of nature raise their voices like heralds to shake the soul, the heart of man, and say to him, "This hour is like that in which Jesus breathed out his last breath on the cross. Indeed, in this moment I could repeat my seven words from the Second Time, which I exclaimed hanging on the cross. But verily, I tell you, they are already written with divine blood in the consciousness of mankind.

9. I have come with new words, but they contain the same light, essence and wisdom, so that man does not say that the HolySpirit only repeats the teachings that have been revealed in the past times.

10. If you prepare yourselves and penetrate more and more into what is radiating down upon you at this moment, you will be able to see the Almighty on his throne, as John did in his vision. It is He who speaks to you ─ The One whose face you cannot see ─ The One who only let you guess that He is the King of kings and the Almighty. It is He who at this moment speaks to you from the highest height of the mountain of the New Zion and lets himself be seen by every spiritual eye that gets up and prepares itself. He is also surrounded by the elders = twelve on his right and twelve on his left, by the patriarchs of the tribes of the Chosen People of God, by the apostles of the Second Age, the followers of Jesus. They are the ones who surround the Father for all eternity, so that from there they may continue to shine down on you for all eternity.

The one give you life on this globe, the blood, the power and the beginning of the way. The others will give you spiritual life by witnessing my work, my passion, my word. And in these moments, together with the Father, they judge their people, judge their seed, test their own fruit, and likewise bow down before the Divine Judge.

11. But my judgment at this moment concerns not only the disciple of the Third Age, nor only the twelve spiritual tribes, of whose members some are incarnate and others in the spiritual state. My judgment is all-embracing. Every creature, every soul, is weighed at this moment on my Divine Balance. And after they have been judged, they will once more be put on the safe path by me.

12. Since the beginning of my rallies through the human organ of the mind, from voice bearer to voice bearer, from generation to generation, from laborer to laborer, the day, the hour set by my justice for the end of my rallies has been announced to you.

For the Father this time has been but a moment in eternity, but for this people it has been a long and sufficient time for their preparation, their transformation of soul, their resurrection among mankind, and the end of this period of time has been set by my will at 1950.

13. This year I have not only dedicated to you. It has been a grace that the Father gave to mankind by making the light of the Master shine in every conscience, by making the institutions themselves tremble in their foundations, and by shaking the people who display the tasks of clergymen in sects and churches, so that mankind might come to their senses in this time, this year, awake and praying, that they might attain peace, concord and brotherhood, that they might remove the cup of suffering from their lips and transform their murderous weapons into working tools.

14. Everything was given to this world at the beginning of 1950. Spiritually I sent to all my children my message of peace, encouragement and light. I blessed all roads and gave fertility to all seeds. But now at the end of the year, when I come to receive the harvest from the hand of man, as I question his own conscience ─ what does he offer Me? What is that which this world offers Me? Its disobedience, its materialism, its distrust of my Divine Justice, its lack of reverence in the face of my power.

But truly, I tell you, this people whom I have taught is like a mirror of all mankind, a reflection of the discord that reigns in the world. For when you see that this world is divided into power blocks, you have likewise divided yourselves into spiritual power blocks. When the great peoples, the great nations of the earth, have the intention of absorbing the rest within themselves, of incorporating them and enslaving them, I see many among this people, too, who want to be first and draw the others to their side. And when you see among mankind, in those great peoples and nations the murderous war ─, when you see that men are approaching death under the new weapons which they have created, I see also among this people those who equip themselves with new weapons to destroy the faith of men, to raise some above others, to cause the "first" to humiliate the "last" and to reject one another. But if this world has mistrusted me, I accept its mistrust, I let myself be put to the test, and I am really subjected to a test. But you ─ how do you want to pass my judgment, O people?

15. After I have received your fruit, after I have showered you with blessings, I tell you The spiritual cannot die. Only sin will disappear. The passions will pass away, the proud powers of this mankind will likewise fall, and from them not one stone will remain upon another. That human science which is to serve evil and destruction will be destroyed by My righteousness, and also among you I will remove your deceit, your worldly attitude and discord, and I will preserve only your soul, in which I have laid the light of the sixth seal ─ of that chapter which has opened in this time and in which it is written that you will experience in it the great day of the Divine justice of the Lord.

16. This is a great day; it does not consist of twenty-four hours. For you do not know how long the day of judgment lasts, you do not know when it is over. But in any case you are already at the height of times and you live under the judgment of the Lord.

17. "Watch and pray in this time" I have taught you. You are my seed, you are my disciples, you are my people whom I will send among the other peoples of this earth, whom I will lead into darkness because it is the light ─ that I will make enter the ranks of the sick, the lepers, the desperate, so that you may bring light and comfort, balm and peace there. I will bring before your eyes orphans and widows, misery in all its forms, sin at its lowest level, so that your soul may rise in the face of these images of tribulation, abandonment and death, your feelings may awaken, your heart may open as a spring of love and you may finally fulfill among men the divine destiny that I have planned for you from the beginning.

18. When will you see again the sun of justice on your world? When will you again see peace in the heart of men? When will you, O beloved people, hear a song, a song of praise of peace which rises from the soul of man to the heart of the Father?

19. Indeed, you will still have to see great events in this world pass away for this time to come. The Sixth Seal is still open, and I will still have to turn many pages so that the Seventh Seal may be broken among you.

20. What signs will I give you so that you can recognize worldwide that the Seventh Seal is opening for man? when a great silence has come in the whole world This will be my sign. But what will this great silence be, O people, through which you can testify to astonished mankind that it is the end of one period and the beginning of another?

21. Once the wars have ceased for a short time, once the forces of nature have calmed down, once the persecution of my laws and my teaching has ceased, then a great silence will arise in mankind, and this silence will be the announcement that the Seventh Seal will be opened to reveal its secrets to mankind. It is the last part of the book that you must know, that your Spirit must possess so that he may know the Father and know himself.

22. Spiritualization will appear in all mankind. Very near is the time of battle, the omens are already approaching. Men will give them themselves. I will haunt the rulers of the churches, the priests, all clergy and pastors with my righteousness. At this moment they feel my judgment deep in their Spirit. There is not one who is quiet in this hour. Some bend their necks, others sob, others try to silence the voice of their conscience. But all feel me, all feel me, because I am with all at this moment.

23. I want to discover in mankind the Church which Peter founded, but I see that no sanctuary has been built on that foundation stone. How few sacrificed themselves by following his steps.

I see the great churches, the great religious organizations, the splendor and riches, the glory and power, but I see no spiritual splendor, I see no vestments of virtue, I discover no power that is part of my universal power. And truly, I tell you, I see those "followers of Peter" sobbing in the Spiritual Valley as they contemplate those who have followed them and led humanity into misfortune and death ─ that the lips of those who call themselves apostles and followers of Peter at this time, while speaking of love, speaking of Christ, speaking of worldwide peace, are stirring up murderous wars behind their words. Peter did not sow death. I took the sword from his hand. I taught him to give life in order to give life to others. I taught him to shed his blood so that it would be like a seed of love, like a testimony of truth, like a true seal of his own works, and he fulfilled this to the end of his life.

24. Therefore, in this Third Age, when I judge the seeds of those whom I left as an example, as ambassadors among men, I can only tell men that they have built like fools on sand, and that they have not known how to build on the unshakable rock of Peter, on which man should have built the true Church for his Father and Lord. I also say to you: Of all that glory, of all that power, no stone will remain upon another. But what will the popular masses do after that? What will the flocks do without a shepherd and without a hurdle? Where will the sheep direct their steps when they no longer call the bells to the sheep pen?

25. Then, people, when the sheep turn their bleating to the other side, when they seek their shepherd on the top of the mountain, then shall my kingdom come to all. I will come "in clouds" according to my promise, according to the words of my prophets, and every eye ─ of sinners and of non-siners ─ will see me. Then men, shaken by the spiritual, frightened by the truth, will look up and forget everything that is under their feet. And they will no longer look at sanctuaries of granite, nor will their ears continue to hear the bells. Then mankind ─ will awaken from heart to heart, from nation to nation, and from nation to nation ─ will rise up in longing for the HolySpirit, who has opened his treasure chest to reveal the treasure and put it into all people of good will.

26. But in that time ─ which shall be the expounders of my revelations? Who will explain the mysteries of the HolySpirit to mankind, which then has already awakened to the Father?

27. You know well that you will be these, that you will be distributed by Me to the different points of the globe, so that your mouths will be like trumpets in the middle of the night ─ so that your testimonies will be powerful works that move the hearts of men. Then you will be able to tell the world: "Here is the Sixth Seal in its splendor! Here is the Sixth Seal at the height of its time! Here is the HolySpirit who communicates himself to the Spirit of man ─ the Shepherd who seeks the sheep and without the mediation of anything material lets it hear his voice, his word, his concert!". And many will listen to you, because you will be the ones who take firm steps. With you there will be no hesitation, there will be no stammering on your lips. You will bring your clear, profound and comprehensive testimony to all those who wish to receive it. And you will be considered as apostles, will be heard as prophets, and will be received in the bosom of churches, homes and institutions as pioneers and ambassadors of my divinity!

28. Become strong, O people! Be prepared and allow my work to penetrate deep within you. Keep it, keep it there, for you will now study it. Verily I say to you, though you already understand much of my work, you do not yet understand everything. In the time of reflection which I grant you, you will be able to understand many lessons which will surprise you. You are now living in the Third Age, but you have not yet correctly interpreted the prophets of the First Age. You have not delved deeply into the Word that Jesus told you in that Second Time, and the work that the HolySpirit has revealed to you, you have not yet absorbed into your understanding. But you will have to merge these three Testaments, these three revelations into one in your Spirit, because they are all one law, one book, one way, one truth.

29. The time is drawing near, when the books of the First and Second Times will return into your hands, before your eyes, into your Spirit, and then you will be able to understand the past through the present, and confirm the present through the revealed teachings of the past times.

30. I have allowed the human hands of my messengers to write down the history that is your past. I have manifested Myself in this Third Age through these voice-bearers, chosen and prepared by Me, to communicate new revelations to you. This is your present. I have also spoken to you in prophetic tones and have trained prophets in this Third Age to speak to you of the events to come, and this prophecy is your future.

The past, the present and the future are like you, they contain everything. It is eternity, which I grant you, in which you live, and which you are to possess according to my will, so that you do not only possess the earthly time, and are also not only masters of this time.

31. Spread out your spiritual arms! Spread your wings! Open your eyes and embrace eternity, for you are spiritualists who are aware of life, of the destiny of events, and understand all that has been, that is, and that will be. My light has made you understand many things, and you will understand even more when you prepare yourselves. You will stand before theologians and theosophists, and they will be amazed. Then let there be no cowardice in you, let there be no lack of faith in you, O Israel, for then you would tremble before those who are truly, truly not great in my eyes. Other spiritual eyes, too, will regard you as equal, as "laborers" of this time ─ as souls, who today form a part of my spiritual choirs, who have long since been among you as laborers of these corridors, as pioneers, ambassadors and voice bearers.

32. Look, O seers! Feel, O beloved people, these great legions which are here, which are full of love, full of respect, full of rejoicing in their souls above and with you.

Roque Rojas, Damiana Oviedo, all the voices are here, who have departed to the Spiritual Valley ─ the "workers", the "pillars", the community leaders and many of those who carry the spiritual sign of my mark and form a people, a legion of spiritual workers who are mingled among you at this moment to form the people of the Third Age, the spiritual worker of this Third Age who is preparing to receive the HolySpirit who is revealing himself among mankind. They, too, offer Me their fulfillment of commission, show Me their seed and help you in your armament so that you may be worthy to show it to the Father.

33. You are all united in this blessed hour, in these moments of judgment and love, forming one family, one people before the Father In what region does your soul vibrate at this moment? In the spiritual realm. That is why you feel this peace and bliss. You have forgotten the misfortunes of the world. You no longer feel the weight of your burden, and the bitterness in your mouth is only sweetness at this moment. Why, people? Because you have risen above men, religious beliefs and all sects. You rise secretly, humbly, because your cry of joy finds no echo in the vastness of this world. But there in the spiritual realm you see the elevation, the dematerialization of all beings, to pay homage to the Creator.

34. You feel that you are surrounded and surrounded by infinitely many beings, which make themselves felt because they have awakened at the voice of justice. But when you hear these resounding through the human voice bearer, the whole world hears them in the innermost part of the Spirit, and you ask me, "Father, will the kingdom of heaven, your kingdom, now be completely with us? But the Father tells you: "I wanted, I wanted that you would already carry the kingdom of heaven in your heart. But until today you have not yet achieved this, O soldiers of my cause!"

35. You will still have to fight, you will still have to work and suffer to achieve your union. But it will be the attainment of your own union that will make you feel that the Father's kingdom is in the innermost part of your heart. This kingdom is the Second Jerusalem, the white city, where you shall dwell according to my will. Its gates are open and its inhabitants are prepared, and within its walls reign peace, salvation, eternal life.

You will have to walk in the path a little longer, then you will have reached this city. Today I can say to you as in the First Time, as to Moses, "Behold on the horizon the Promised Land!

36. Moses in his last hour did not see your entrance into the Promised Land. Even the Master, on the eve of his death as a man, could not see the turning of the people to his law. When the Lord had climbed a mountain, as Moses had climbed it in the First Days, and he saw the earthly Jerusalem sin as at all times, lost in his centuries-long sleep, the eyes and heart of the Master shed tears over that beloved city, and he cried out, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you have not known the good that has been with you! I wanted to unite you as the lark gathers its chicks. But you have fallen asleep and have not felt my footsteps, nor heard my words." In this present time, in this hour, I say the same to you, O people: "Israel, Israel, you have had Me with you for so long, but you were not able to love one another with the love with which I have loved you. You have not united yourselves, although the Father has inspired you so many times with this love and this brotherhood, and he had transformed himself into the lark under whose wings all the chicks would have found room and could have recognized one another. But as in the past times, the strength remains within you to continue the journey of life.

37. Will you arrive to take the Promised Land?

38. Yes, beloved people. Already from here you can see the lights of the Great City. Already here you perceive the fragrance of its gardens. Also already from here you hear the voices of its inhabitants, its inhabitants, and this impression of reality encourages you on the way, so that you may not stray from it. This beautiful celestial panorama invites you incessantly to go forward to be able to reach its gates and finally to say: "I have taken the Promised Land by my efforts".

39. The faith and courage of Moses led you in the First Time to the Promised Land ─ a land that has been a reflection of the heavenly Fatherland, the eternal homeland. The blood of the Lamb, the blood of the Master saved you in the Second Time. This is your prize. No one will be able to snatch from me what is mine. And in this time, my word, which has been handed over to you through the human organ of the mind, raises you up on the way ─ a means through which I have revealed to you the great teachings of the Third Time ─ one more time. It is the light of your conscience that does not allow you to stray from the path; it is the same open breach for the truth.

Never depart from it, for the times of the war of words and worldviews are approaching, the war of points of view, of interpretations in my work. Never ignore my law, my revelations, my teaching, but beware of the interpretations that your fellow men give them. Submit the interpretation, the interpretation, which others give to my law, to your judgment, to your spiritual sensitivity, and if you consider that interpretation to be correct, then accept it. If others should be ahead of you in understanding, be impartial and just and give first place to those who have awakened before you and have known how to discover in the core of my work its truth, its eternal value, its light.

40. I leave you once more like sheep among wolves. But these sheep are prepared, they will not go without a shepherd. They know the safe way and know where the hurdle is. As long as you walk the path, you have nothing to fear. For it is easier for a wolf to become a sheep than a sheep to become a wolf. But if you should stray from the path and slip into the skin of pride, disobedience, self-importance, or materialism, you would become predatory wolves, ravenous wolves. But then woe unto you! For there will be stronger wolves and stronger justice, traps and abysses.

41. My way is written in your conscience. Soon you will have no more shepherds of souls on earth, nor clergymen who celebrate rites before your eyes, nor meeting places which symbolize the universal temple of God. You will have the whole world as a temple, before your Spirit the Lord, the Master, your loving Jesus full of wisdom and love, always ready to hear you. You will have no other altar than your heart, nor any other guide than your own conscience.

42. These lessons have been revealed to you and have taken shape in your Spirit. You will no longer be able to stray from the path, for you have known it well. When the world sees you living without earthly gods, without rites and without pastors, it will be indignant, condemning you and that which might give them witness to my truth and that it will be your works, your virtue, your life, that will make you not remain alone. For you will not only spread my work through your lips, you must live it, because one deed of your life is worth more than thousands of your words, however convincing they should be. Love, meekness, sacrifice ─ in this way the world will recognize me in you.

43. I leave you in my place as teachers, and even if you always feel like little children with me, you will be like masters, like older brothers and sisters with men, who put into the stragglers everything I gave you. And if these should become greater than you because of their love, their devotion to my work, grant it to them and smile ─ but with a smile of love, of spiritual satisfaction. Because a new time will really come for you, in which you will catch up with them on the way, so that all are equal, because you all came out in the same way from the very beginning and must also reach me as equals.

You all will be great to understand me. You will all be spirit beings with power, with wisdom and with love to feel and understand the father and to rule the universe together with him as it is my will. For at present you are higher human beings than lower; but as I have entrusted this world to you so that you would rule over it, so you will all afterward, when I bring you to my kingdom, be princes over the Father and rule all creation. You will then be rulers of true greatness. No one will feel superior to the other. Love will rule all your works, and you will always have perfect spiritual bliss by loving the Father and loving yourselves. You will feel neither the Father nor your neighbor absent or distant. One world will be next to the other world, just as at present one home is next to another home.

44. So, people, so, disciples, if I want to bring you to perfection, you shall, according to my will, come to this great "city," which is prepared from eternity, so that you may be the inhabitants, the eternal inhabitants, in this peace and in this perfection.

45. All that I have revealed to you from 1866 to 1950 through the previous form of transmission, you can find in the Book of the Seven Seals, and all the events of this mankind confirm what is written in it. I have always manifested Myself to my children. At present you still have this form of manifestation, which will now end with you.

46. A new way of manifesting Me will come: The perfect form from Spirit to Spirit. The spiritual rallies will reach a high degree of perfection among men, but its highest degree will be when you have left the world and the body shell. Through this gift I will continue to unravel many mysteries, will make new and great revelations to you. People will enter the path of spiritualization, and in this way they will find the light for their undertakings, for their missions, for their assignments and for their science.

47. By means of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit I will continue to be questioned and sought by all. Through this means I will speak to my children and inspire them. To that ─ I tell you on this day ─ who seeks Me by this grace with humility, gentleness and reverence, for he will find in Me a rich and inexhaustible source of light, revelation and benefits. But woe to him who seeks me in a bad way because I will haunt him to let him understand his error. If he then still should be foolish, he will only get in touch with the apparent light, which is darkness and temptation!

48. Little by little you have come from the beginning of my teaching. You have come to my feet tired of the way, sick ─ and many without anything good ─. My word and my proofs of love overcame all unbelief. My spiritual essence defeated materialism. I transformed the hard hearts that resembled rocks into sensitive ones and made sinners my servants. The men and women who indulged in vice I let go through the renewal to transform them into my workers. Many who were not able to direct their own steps, I transformed into church leaders to sharpen the conscience of men. Many profane lips later had to pronounce the Divine Word. Many uneducated and clumsy organs of the mind, closed to the light of science and human knowledge, willingly opened up to allow access to the light of the spiritual world. But verily, I tell you: I have not divided my called into classes, castes, or family genders. I have not rejected the scientist, I have not rejected the scribe. I did not close the doors to the educated man, for often the educated man understood me earlier and better than the uneducated. In other cases the uneducated and the ignorant have formerly known that in them the enlightenment of the soul has taken place.

49. I have called all. I have set an emissary, a herald, in the way of my children, and if many have been obedient and obedient to the voice of my call, others have been deaf and never come to me. But out of those who have persevered ─ there are some in their conviction, in their faith, others to overcome their unbelief until they are victorious, others in their sickness until they have regained health, and still others who have said to me, "Father, if Thou wilt not heal me, I will follow Thee even so.

50. From all these who loved Me I formed my body of "workers", my new apostles' body, and I allowed the existence of numerous humble and miserable assembly places, so that the people would gather in their shadow and there receive my Divine rallies through my voice-bearers, the gift-bearers, the church leaders, the "pillars", the seers, the "gold feathers" and the "foundation stones". For I have spoken to this people through the seven gifts, which embody the seven Spirits (before the throne of God), have led them and prepared them. In spite of the imperfections of my chosen ones, in spite of their mistakes and their incomprehension, I have always revealed my work ─, be it in a word, in a face, in a test, so that this would be an incentive and stimulus for this people, and so that those who had already believed in the truth of this revelation could never doubt again.

51. Although many have turned their backs on Me, many have remained on the path and have followed Me until the end of this period. These steadfast ones, these workers, these leaders of multitudes are you. For you have all drawn hordes of souls, of hearts, behind you and have witnessed the transformation of these same hordes in their health, morals and religious practice. Though you saw them at their first steps wretched, sick, needy and ignorant, you now keep the light on the lips of the multitudes of Israel, truthfulness in their actions, renewal in their lives, and longing, desire and perfection in their worship of God.

52. To no one have I denied my word. I have always been in readiness for this people, and through all these mediators I have exuded essence, truth, and life. Not all have been able to prepare themselves, not in all have I discovered spiritualization. In those who have achieved the most, this has happened because of their preparation, their upliftment and devotion to my work. But now the last day has come, which I have announced to all. For there is not one who does not know that on this date the Father must finish his word forever in the form in which you have had it.

53. Is the people ready for this event?

54. Is the disciple strong enough for this trial?

55. Some I see strong and some weak, and the Master tells the strong: Pray for the weak! And to the awakened: Watch for those who sleep! And to those who have progressed the most: Feel the responsibility towards those who are left behind! And to those who have received the most: Be aware of this and share these teachings with others when the time comes!

56. But the Father asks all his people, 'Why do you want to hold back the Master even longer? Why do you demand that the Father go beyond his own word, thereby setting an example of imperfection to you? Have you not understood that I am immutable, that I am implacable, that I am perfect? Do you lack my word, which I have patiently given you for so many years?

57. My word has been a perfect work which has now come to an end with you You have the gifts, have the teaching, have my revelations. I have prepared you: What more can you ask for? What more do you want from the Father, O people?

58. Yet those who sleep ─ the disobedient rise, who are accustomed to profane, to go beyond my commandments, to say, "We can disobey the word of the Lord. He can grant his people everything. Our will can be done."

59. Verily, these know not what they say, neither do they know that to which they are exposed, because the judgment of the Father may be unleashed!

60. The great day of the Lord's justice is already with you, and also human justice ─ vigilant, threatening, enlightened by my divine justice ─ can set itself to judge the works of men!

61. All who have accepted a Divine Work, Spiritual Word ─ all who have used my teaching and my laws to rule men, to teach them, to restrain them in their vices and in their sins, to lead them on the way of eternity, are standing in judgment. Among them you, Israel, are in the first place, and after you all religions come after you.

62. Here is my balance! Here is my righteousness, and also my merciless sword! No longer distrust me, my people! Do not be like this mankind, who in the year of reflection, in the year of forgiveness and reconciliation, rose up, seized their murderous weapons, stained the white side of peace with brother's blood, and put ─ verily, I tell you ─ over my peace proposal!

63. Woe to the world! It stands at the edge of its abyss! She is close to emptying the great cup of suffering down to the yeasts, and she will have to utter a great cry of pain so that she may awaken.

64. This is the way man has willed it. I have offered him my peace, have offered him my love, have approached him more, and yet ─ he wants nothing of my kingdom, he wants his. Also nothing of my power ─ he has preferred his own power. Also nothing of my festive robes ─ he wants to continue to wrap himself in pride. He does not want life in eternity, he wants only temporal power and death, which will account for all deeds of men.

65. I have predestined a place for all those who seek my peace and who find death in the unjust wars of men. For there are many who are on the battlefields with the weapon in their right hand, but conscience speaks to them. The sobbing conscience, the despair in the heart, tells the Father: "Forgive me, because I am sowing death. For I wound you with it."

66. These are the ones who have felt Me. I will save them. Pray for them, people. Many will return to peace, many will return to their homes. Those who fall, those who leave their bodies under rubble, will rise gloriously in the Spirit because my voice calls them to this kingdom of peace and justice to tell them, "On earth you have not found justice, but my justice endures and calls you, surrounds you and brings you to life.

67. You will still experience many painful trials. The year 1951, with only a few hours to go before it begins, will bring with it a "gift" of trials in humanity, and when the year 1950, prepared with the light of the Father, overshadowed by the tragedy of men, drenched with the blood of men themselves, is shaken by the great events ─ Truly, I tell you, the year 1951 will shake humanity even more.

68. You who are a part of Me and have been prepared to survive all these trials, do not stop "waking", do not stop praying Remember that you are like a mantle of peace. Remember that you are the owners of the balm. Remember that you are consolation in this world, and that I therefore do not take you with Me in this hour in which you want to remain united with my Universal Ray and with my spiritual world and not leave this world to experience the Highest Kingdom. This time has not yet come for you. Stay still with men and be a blessing and forgiveness for them.

69. Your weapons are ready. Your power will let you advance to the end. But truly, I tell you: Do not think that these misfortunes are felt only by you. Think that I grant you a grace in every trial. Every suffering and misfortune will be accompanied by a benefit and a proof of love for you.

70. I have spoken to you as a judge. I have been with you as a judge, but my judgment is universal. As Master you have had Me during all these years of teaching, which culminated in the last three years, which I dedicated to the memory of those three years I preached in the Second Time, and also as a reminder of the three times.

My teaching as a master is my whole word. My revelation as HolySpirit is all that I have told you during all these times of teaching. This book is written with the fire of the HolySpirit in your conscience, in the flesh of your heart itself, where my Word will remain indelible. It strikes out towards the whole world. And everything that has been placed in you as something that was an impenetrable mystery in the past times is now being enlightened in this Third Age by rays of light that are wonderful for your Spirit.

71. I leave you as interpreters of my work, my word, my commandments. See how men have only become confused in their desire to penetrate the word of the Lord, his law, his prophecies, and all that John, in response to my divine commandment, handed over to mankind! How will men, the theologians, the interpreters, be able to reach the truth? By the testimony you bear of what the HolySpirit spoke to you.

The HolySpirit has brought light in all his teachings. He has hidden nothing. All veils were pulled away, and the treasury was opened to the people. You are the trustees of this light, for you have been called disciples and children of the HolySpirit. So go to the people and let them understand. You will see how much joy will be in them when they can finally read the writings and understand what they could not understand before ─ the prophecies they saw fulfilled and those that are yet to come true.

72. In this way, O prophets and apostles of the HolySpirit, O blessed people of Israel, you will fulfill this high destiny! So you have been my disciples in this time, so you have had Me as your Master, but I want you to finally recognize Me as Father.

73. You are once more seated at my love table. You are all my disciples. I have always divided the bread dough into twelve parts, and the twelve tribes of my people have eaten the same amount. At Holy Communion, the last time I ate surrounded by my apostles in that Second Time, I told them when I took the bread: "Take and eat, this is my body. I blessed the wine and gave it to them to drink with the words: "Drink, this is my blood. But afterwards I added: "Do this in memory of me.

74. Throughout the Second Age, mankind has nourished itself from this symbol. But when the Father appeared again among you ─ no longer in the body through Jesus, but spiritually between "clouds", and He manifested Himself through the light of His Divine Spirit by means of humble human creatures, I told you: The times have changed, the times have passed, and today my word is the body, and its meaning is the blood. Your fellowship with the Master is spiritual. But in this moment, when I give you My Word for the last time in this form, I tell you: do not forget that this Word, which was food for you and was essence and life, redemption and renewal, health and hope for this people, contains eternal essence, and that even when you no longer hear it through the voice bearers, it will always be in you as source of life, as bread, as choice food, as balm and hope.

75. Keep what I leave to you and always carry it in your soul. But if you want to enter into perfect communion with your Master, if you want to receive Him completely in your heart, the preparation, the purity of thought and heart will be enough for you to let the soul escape, which will know how to find Me very quickly. It will find me transformed into food, into a food full of life and good taste.

76. Prepare yourself in this way, O people, so that you may always come into this perfect communion. You will never lack my encouragement and my peace. You are seated around Me, eat this bread of life, and the Master tells you too, as He did in another time: among the humble, among those who have loved Me very much ─ among those who have followed Me patiently and perseveringly despite the trials, there are those who will deliver My work into the hands of human justice. Some will continue to falsify my work, my own word, my will for shabby money, and you ask yourselves once more: "Will I turn tomorrow from a hard-working and obedient worker into a traitor?

"Who is that Master," your Spirit asks Me, and I tell you: You do not know. But in this moment I prepare you, I give you strength, so that you leave it to me alone to judge you.

77. When you see in your way that the traitor, the insincere, the hard-hearted, the weak or unbelieving, the blasphemer, the worldly-minded man, rise up, ─ yes, forgive him. Speak to him with love, with this word of judgment, with which I have spoken to you. But it shall be my judgment, not yours, people, because yours is not yet perfect. While you work within my work and fulfill it, think that there are no traitors ─ forget that there are worldly minded, and think that there are only obedient ones. Condemn no one and love, forgive and work only. For behind your fulfillment of your commission my justice will stand and determine everything, give back to all their light, their perfection, correct and make worthy within my work and my laws those who are perfect in their beginning of life and likewise at their end.

78. My last words ─ do you believe that I can guide you from the height of a cross? Humanity is not renewed. Lamentations reach me, blasphemies of men reach me, the stunning roar of men's wars, the weeping of children, desolation of men and women. I see grief and poverty, I see empires in decline and powers that are near collapse, breath of death in all mankind. And in the midst of all these voices of curse and invocation, a voice that resounds among men and reaches Me, moves my Divine Spirit. It is a word that says, "Come! It is what this world says to Me: "Come! Because the Spirit has my promise, because men know that I announced my return, because men have awakened one another by saying, "The Lord announced that he would come again. For in the face of the lack of human justice, they turn to me in their desire for my peace and justice, to say to me, "Lord, why do you not come? Why do you not see my pain? Why do you not contemplate my tragedy?"

79. I am contemplating you, O humanity. My gaze as Father sees you, but my eyes are also those of a judge. You have never wanted Me as a father. You have not given Me sovereignty over you. You have not wanted Me as Master, only as Judge, and as Judge you have Me now in this moment.

So as not to make the burden in your conscience even heavier, I do not tell you that I am hanging on a cross. Invisibly I am on a mountain, on the top of a mountain, but ─ as on that cross ─ with open, immeasurably open arms to embrace you. And just as my site opened then to pour out water and blood of love on you, so today my Spirit opens to pour out divine water and blood of forgiveness, mercy and peace on all.

80. My arms are spread out! My whole Spirit feels your pain. But not that physical pain, not that human pain, not that pain of tormented souls. It is divine pain ─ incomprehensible to limited creatures, it is a pain you cannot know. For truly, I say to you: I am thirsty, people, I am thirsty, mankind, for your peace, for your salvation and your love!

81. Those who are listening by means of a human voice bearer would not dare at this moment to raise their hand to hurt their own brother in faith They could not open their lips to utter any insult before their Lord. But those who are not present at this rallies hurt each other, kill each other, rob each other of the precious treasure of life, well-being and love. This happens because they do not know what they are doing. But on this sublime day, a day of worldwide love and justice, all those who leave their bodies to cross the spiritual spaces hear once more the powerful voice of Jesus, which tells them from the top of this mountain: "Truly, today still you will be with Me in Paradise.

82. All those who are prepared under this divine influence have awakened and say to Me: "Lord, on the last day of this year called 'holy' I leave my body to rise to the unknown. Receive me!" Verily I tell you, they will find Me in my kingdom. But for those who blaspheme when they close the eyes of the body forever, the eyes in the spiritual will be closed to my light, and they will open them only after their own judgment.

83. When Christ as man felt all the pain and in this pain was for a short time abandoned by the Spirit, He as man, as a human being, said, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?

84. Today I say to all who live, walk, suffer and sin with Me When you feel the weakness of the "flesh," call your Spirit, as the Master did. The Spirit is stronger than the "flesh". The "flesh" is and always will be weak. But if the trials should be very great for the Spirit, and stronger than he, call on Me. This will be the only case in which I will allow your body shell to say, when it feels the absence of the Spirit as a result of this very power of testing, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Then there will immediately be a ray of light in your eyes, in your soul, and lift her up onto the path of light and give her proof that she is not alone, that God never forsakes, that the Father cannot abandon his children, least of all at the moment of the great trials, when those fully testify to their Lord.

85. I leave you united, and lay upon you the mantle of tenderness which has always enveloped you, whose warmth you have already known.

86. Mary was at the feet of Christ, without a single complaint nor reproach to that humanity. Therefore, in the eyes of the Father, she was great as Woman and as Spirit. For she is the Spirit of universal maternity which exists in God. And in this blessed hour I leave this love imprinted in my people, because you are the Marian people of the Third Age, who will make present and future humanity realize the presence of this love, this fragrance, this infinite tenderness, this intercession and this virginity not understood by men. And you, who are in Me and in everything, hear that voice that says: "Remain always as a mother in the universe! And to this people, which represents all humanity of this and other times, I say: "People, son, here is your mother!

87. I do not want to leave pain or sadness in you. For although my Divine Spirit is sad, deathly sad, I want to leave you the memory of having been at the last banquet, so that this last hour may be the one, O beloved people, which leaves an indelible memory in your heart ─ the sweet hour, the hour of communion, of happiness, because you hear the "Word" as you have heard it for so long.

In this hour, in which you have eaten the abundant spiritual food until you have satisfied your spiritual hunger and thirst, do not think of the suffering of the world. I am with all. In this moment, do not think of the present. Live for a short time in the future, in that time of peace which I am preparing for you, and see all of you surround the Father at this very table, ─ the table of love, teaching, revelations and forgiveness.

88. Take and eat! My word is my body. Take and drink! My blood is the essence I have put in my word, where you have truly discovered Me in this third time. Not in the voice carrier, not in the tone of his voice, not in the outer form of the human word, but in the deepest of its meaning. There is the essence, which is the blood of my Word itself. Drink it, for tomorrow you will be bread and wine, body and blood among mankind!

89. I leave you united at this table, which shall never be a tribunal, but a school bench for disciples and disciples who are immersed in the Master's teaching, who make themselves worthy by their preparation that He makes Himself known to them at every hour. Tomorrow I will surprise you as I did the wayfarers of Emmaus, as I did those apostles who needed my presence and my proofs to be encouraged and uplifted, and likewise will I surprise you. Never shall there be falsehood among you, your testimony shall always be true. Then your prophetic lips will safely guide the footsteps of the crowd which is this beloved people here, and they will never stumble. You are to protect it from the great dangers and bring it victoriously to the gates of the New Jerusalem ─ of that city which I have given you in this Third Age, so that you may offer it as guardian of it to mankind ─ with its gates which are open to the whole world, through which the people longing for truth, who hunger for spiritualization, must enter. And you, as the good leaders and rulers of the nations, will bring them with firm step to the heart of the white-shining city.

90. My judgment has been given, my teaching and my revelations likewise. My fatherly peace, my caress is with all. Feel, feel that I press you in truth and in Spirit to my divine heart!

91. Hear, hear the voice of the Father which begins to resound in the depths of your hearts, which at this moment begins to echo in the deepest of you. For I leave you from these moments on in the time of grace, in the time of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

92. O beloved people, set out, enter the homes and make peace everywhere. Bring my Testament and defend until the end my Trinitarian-Marian spiritual work, which I have revealed to you, which I have entrusted to you in this Third Age in fulfilment of my Word given in past times.

93. I came "on the cloud". From it I let my Universal Ray descend, and through it you have had Me in word, essence, presence and power from 1866, from Roque Rojas on, until 1950, through the last voice bearers through whom I echoed my Universal Word. But if today you have known a few who are my people, the members of the people of Israel, the components of the twelve tribes, tomorrow my Word will be known all over the world through these witnesses and emissaries whom I leave among mankind. It will be proclaimed as truth and will be an anchor of salvation, a protective harbor, a guiding star for the pilgrims on earth and a kingdom of peace for the whole world, because this is my will.

94. I leave you my peace. Goodbye, beloved people! soon you will have Me in fullness in the HolySpirit... Why are you weeping, people? see how I am proving my word to you at this moment I continue to speak to you, and do not violate my commission.

95. Come to Me, people! weep only, weep, for I receive your tears Weak is the "flesh" but strong is the Spirit. He knows what he has received and is obedient and in agreement with my will. But your body shell is the child that feels weak at times on its life journey, and which you yourselves are to make strong.

96. Come, people, and leave your pain at my feet Open your heart and leave to Me even the last of your sorrows to turn them into peace. For a long time you have silenced your pain caused by the knowledge of the absence of my word. But in the last moments "the flesh" betrayed you, the body shell has become weak because it is immature. I take her in my arms, cradle her in them, and say to her: Fear not. For truly ─ if life is a bitter cup for your mouth, I will know how to sweeten it through your Spirit.

97. Eyes that you shed tears and so let the woe of your pain overflow weep, for in this way you purify yourselves to clearly recognize the New Era!

98. Come to Me, men, women, young people, adults and children who have become workers, and in My divine Presence relieve the pain of your heart when you have shed the last tear in it, when you have laid down the last breath of sadness and the last sigh in the Father Let only joy, peace, cheerfulness remain. For I want you to be the people who possess the peace of soul, which the conscience gives for the fulfilled duty, and the hope for the prepared New Era.

99. You are the owners of my healing balm. Give it strength and heal your body and carry this health everywhere.

100. Everything that you have recommended to the Father is in Him. I have truly heard it and I care for you.

101. For the sake of this request ─ accept, receive

102. The whole world receives my peace, my blessing, if it knows how to prepare ─ if it knows how to shed tears in view of the parting of this time ─ be blessed! Bless her when she rises to spiritualization, renewal and peace!

103. Accept, O world, my peace, my blessing ─ my weapon, so that you may win My hosts stand by you, also my balm, and soon you will hear the Universal Voice of the Father, the voice of the HolySpirit, and the impressive voice of the spiritual world, which just this night will make itself known to people in the churches, in the homes and on the road, because this is my will.

My peace be with you! 

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