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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 348

1. Beloved people: The Master gives you the book of His teachings page by page, so that you may carry it with you imprinted in your heart. These lessons will be a treasure of inestimable value for you tomorrow, which will help you to carry out your mission on earth and to earn a reward for your soul. Through your struggle, this teaching will remain imprinted in the hearts of men, and you will sing a song of triumph when you reach the Promised Land.

2. I grant you that during your preparation time you will take from my treasury what you lack to give to your fellow men. For in various ways my chosen ones will come here to become my disciples, to become workers, to become soldiers who defend my work.

3. All creation is subject to my law, and all worship me in its harmony. Lift up your eyes to the firmament, and you will see the shining stars that my wisdom has created. See in them an example of obedience and harmony, be inspired by this glory, this perfection, so that you may reflect and allow my Father's voice to speak to you through your conscience. The trees give their fruits, which are always tasty. In everything the Father reveals Himself and speaks to you so that you may reflect and obey the law that I have given you.

4. I have created tribes, peoples and nations, and to all I have given what they need for their spiritual development. You have worshiped Me in the stars and in the man-made objects. Now seek Me in yourselves. Blessed is he who enters into inner silence, for he will feel my presence and attain the peace of his soul.

5. You have received my word through untrained brains, which have not been trained by the science of men. But I have prepared them to be the footstool on which my Universal Ray rests.

6. When you hear my word, you also want the Father to make himself visible before your physical eyes. But I tell you: Prepare your heart and you will feel Me. For I come not only to comfort you in this time of pain, but to bring you the teaching which I had already promised you when I was with you in the Second Time in Jesus.

7. My examples, My Passion are written in your soul. There is the book that I wrote down in the three ages, are the word of my messengers, the testimonies, the deeds. You can discover all of this when you learn to enter into your soul.

8. In this age the Master speaks to you from the top of the mountain where I am waiting for you. I give life to your soul to rise to Me. Feel my love and have my peace in you. Seek those who are lost, both in this world and in the spiritual valley. Bless those of you who have said to Me, "Lord, we will follow your trail, make us brave soldiers to defend this cause.

9. I show you again the way where you will find the truth. I am teaching you that you may bear witness of Me to mankind, that you may prepare the coming generations by your example, and that they may carry my love within them and feel my peace. Then you will have transformed yourselves into the disciples who take my apostles of the Second Age as their example.

I will send some of you to different provinces and nations to show the way to those who have gone astray. But you are to set out on the way with humility and be a pure example for the multitudes whom I will entrust to you. You are to be like torches in which the light of the HolySpirit shines.

10. I train my chosen ones with my word, without considering their transgressions. I heal their souls because I am the very best physician. I raise them up and tell them Follow this way of truth which I offer you, and you will soon come to Me.

11. You are Israel, of whom I have chosen 144,000 who bear my Divine Seal, so that mankind may obtain salvation through your mediation.

12. Men, women and children of different nations will seek Me, and you, Chosen People, are the mediator, are the one given by Me, so that the parched fields and deserts may turn into fertile fields on your way


13. On a large area of land there was a small number of inhabitants. They knew that the time would come when travelers from the four directions of the planet, of different races and skin colors, would come to live in those lands. A humble youth taught them with words of truth, peace, light and love. An old man sought out the crowds of people and called out to them that they must come to that land. He led them, prepared them and spoke to them of those preferred lands.

The time came in which the crowds of people gradually arrived, and then the young man said to the old man, "What do you bring me? And the old man replied, "Here you have these multitudes of men whom I have prepared and brought so far that they may become your disciples. Then the young man said to him, "Blessed be you, continue your search for the lost sheep in various ways and strays. Brighten up the four ends of the earth as a shining beacon, carry the stray sheep on your shoulders.

14. That old man continued his way full of devotion and obedience to unite and gather the great multitudes. Then the young man turned to the inhabitants of those lands and told them, "I have prepared you with my love, I have given you my teaching, because you will be the mediators through whom the light of the HolySpirit will illuminate the great crowds of people who will soon arrive. Behold, I have set the table with the bread of eternal life, and with this same bread you shall nourish mankind.

End of the parable

15. Thus I speak to you, my children. Study the meaning of my teachings and understand who is the young and who is the old. It is I who teach you and prepare you for the battle of world views which is drawing near. The old man is Elijah, the good shepherd, who unites and gathers the sheep of my fold.

16. People who prayed so that peace might be restored and pain might be alleviated ─ you will now soon hear with rejoicing the testimony of the living voice of your fellow men, and will determine the value of prayer.

17. Today I let you hear my advice and warnings, for tomorrow you will need them. I require of you that you be united so that you may be strong and that there may not be a single vulnerable point in you. Just as a Father who feels his end near calls his children to be with him in the last moments to give them his last advice, so I speak to you and ask you to promise Me to love and understand one another, to become strong in virtue, to form one Spirit who watches and prays for the world.

18. I am leaving you a great commission, but I am giving you peace and strength You yourselves will not be able to judge your deeds. But I, the Judge, will weigh your works, receive your fruits, and finally show you the result of all your efforts and efforts.

19. Bless you humble ones who acknowledge that a higher will directs your destiny. You attribute it to my divinity and grant me the right to dispose of your life because you know that I always give you proofs of my love for you.

20. You are the spiritualist people on whom the Father has turned his gaze so that you may awaken the world to receive the light of the HolySpirit.

21. Mankind seeks Me through religions, among which there are also those that show spiritualization in their actions

22. I have entrusted My work to you and have enlightened you so that you may tirelessly cultivate My word in the hearts of men ─ so that you may set out with the banner of the law and, as good soldiers, defend with love the cause I have entrusted to you.

23. My Spirit rejoices in the harvest of the good workers, but he also suffers when I see that the worker has slept, that he has not known how to cultivate the seed I have entrusted to him.

24. When you are just emptying the cup of suffering, the Father silently hears you and comforts you spiritually.

25. Great is the number of those who have been born at this time within my work for the life of grace. You, however, who were the first, must prepare yourselves so that tomorrow, when you no longer hear my word through a voice bearer, your fellow men will not feel orphaned or disoriented.

26. Mankind knows only the law of the first time, and what is written in the First and Second Testaments; but the third will now unite and rectify what men have falsified for lack of preparation and understanding. Humanity will have to study my message so that, penetrating into the core of every word, it may discover one ideal, one truth, one and the same light that will lead it to spiritualization.

27. Prepare yourself, beloved people, so that you may understand how to watch over this treasure which I have entrusted to you

28. Bless those who understand Me in every rallies through the human mind Blessed are the families in which from the first to the last of their members all are in the bosom of my Spiritual Work. They will be the obedient families, the blessed seed that I will present to mankind as an example.

29. I have spoken to you of the life of the soul ─ of what you call the hereafter and of my divine majesty. But I tell you that there is no mystery in these teachings. For he who is pure will have the privilege of seeing and understanding the life of the High Hereafter ─ that spiritual world, which is illuminated by the light of the HolySpirit, and its inhabitants, who together form a bond of love. He will behold the summit of that mountain from which the seers speak to you. It is there where the Father awaits all mankind.

30. My spiritual world works tirelessly and inspires and nourishes you so that you may reach spiritualization. It stands by you so that you may have more progress in the fulfillment of your mission.

31. You have long heard in my rallies that the day will come when you must be like your Master to teach your fellow men who do not know spiritualization. The time will come when the light of the HolySpirit will fully shine and enlighten you, so that you may make known to the world my work, my word given at this time ─ the light that will lead every soul to the divine home.

32. Live in harmony with what I have entrusted to you for your human life Nourish yourselves from the fruit of the tree of life, recognizing that you will find rest and protection under its branches. Cultivate it yourselves, that you may see that its branches and fruits multiply.

33. The spring will shed its crystal clear water in torrents to quench the thirst of the wanderers ─ of those who cross the desert ─ so that they may feel strengthened

34. The wolf in sheep's clothing will lie in wait for you along the way. But you must watch and pray and be careful not to fall into the abyss. At times you will feel that the rays of the sun are mercilessly felt in your being. But I will cause my spiritual world to be like a protective cloak on your path. You will help me to create a new world within this humanity.

35. You are the disciples who are ready to fight tomorrow. You will be brave and will pass on the many that I have entrusted to your hands for mankind.

36. I do not want you to violate the law. Some of you have been overcome by darkness, and this has happened to you because you would not listen to the voice of your shepherd who calls you with so much love.

37. You have become accustomed to my word and doubt that the Master will cease to speak to you through the human mind. But I tell you: Why do you interfere with my high counsel? I have marked the time for you, and it is not my will that you tell me, "Master, remember that blows of fate and wars put the world in fear. It is a time of trial for mankind ─ and you want to part from us?" Then your conscience will answer you and bring you to consciousness the long time in which I have entrusted you with my word. But as Father and as Master, I will hear all your petitions after 1950 just as I do today through your prayer. After I take leave of you, you shall all equally devote yourselves to the fulfillment of my commissions, you shall unfold your gifts, and I will speak to you through your conscience so that you may renew yourselves, and I will make you know the true way through the light of my HolySpirit so that you do not fall into perdition.

38. When once the great multitudes come to you in desire of consolation and of my mercy for their souls, I will enlighten you and inspire you so that through your mediation they may receive my word I have entrusted my grace to you so that you may be recognized as the children of light.

39. I have purified you, beloved people, because I have entrusted great commissions to your Spirit in these times, so that you may obtain merits, so that you may bear witness to the truth of my teaching by doing good to mankind ─ so that you may have my peace in the hereafter and no longer perish in darkness. I want your soul, when it arrives at Me, to tell Me: "Master, I have done Your will in my way, and here I am again, so that You entrust my Spirit with instructions and commissions in accordance with Your divine mercy.

40. When you spiritualize, your children will obey you, and the multitudes will respect you because they will see that you are evolved souls, carrying the light of the HolySpirit within you. Then those who are left behind, seeing your example, will return to the way, will take your right hand and follow your steps. When those who hunger for truth approach you, you shall give them my words so that they may become gentle lambs.

41. In that time evil shall be bound in bundles and cast into the fire. I will do all these works, and you, Israel, shall speak to the world about the time in which it is living and the reason for all events. I have entrusted my truth to you because my love for you is great. You are the custodians of the great revelations and prophecies.

42. Through you the law shall be made known anew to the new generations. This is why I have told you that you must be prepared. For you have come to prepare the way for the future, so that the new generations will no longer be idolaters in the future, nor false prophets arise among them who deceive mankind.

43. All these things you must reveal to the world, O Israel. In this time, in which different worldviews have come into being, sect against sect will rise, the denominations will fight among themselves and will also reject you.

But since you are children of light and peace, you should tell them: "The truth is contained in the meaning of the Third Testament, there is the testimony of the presence and coming of the Lord in this time. You shall point this book out to mankind and bear witness to its truth by your fulfillment of my law.

44. But if you sleep, Israel ─ how much pain will there be then, because the nations will be afflicted with my righteousness. They will not know how to seek the true God and will only get lost in their world-views and will want you to acknowledge their false gods, so as to confuse you.

45. Live vigilantly my people, for I have entrusted my word to you in abundance, so that you are not ignorant. For you know how to feel my presence, and I have taught you to recognize the meaning of my word.

46. After my departure many will strive to make you believe that I continue to make myself known through their minds. But I will not make myself known in those brains, and also my spiritual world will not do it, because after 1950 also it will no longer use the human brain to make itself known to you. Only spiritually you will be able to exchange yourselves with my spiritual world of light.

47. Be obedient children so that you do not succumb to deception, because great events will take place after my departure. But you are to shake up those who sleep and not again fall into idolatry. Then, the moment you rise in prayer, you will feel my encouragement and receive the stream of my grace. Thus will I give you proofs that you have not fallen into error.

48. My gaze will always be attentive to you, never will I abandon you. My Spirit will be with you, watching you in your struggle and defending you against intrigues and dangers. Fulfill my law so that man with his laws will not stand in your way. If you are pleasing to Me, you will stand your ground against the world and will feel the brotherhood of all your neighbors. Now is the time for the world to recognize my light and not reject my messengers.

49. You have the power to drive out from your fellow men the beings of darkness, so that your neighbors do not snatch the thread of life from one another by force.

50. For a short time I will allow the world to do its will, but after that mine will take place in the whole world. Watch and pray in the face of the cup of suffering that humanity is emptying. For the years have passed, and time has passed surprisingly quickly for you. I have shown you the way on which you are to walk, and have given you everything you need, because I have watched over your soul. I have nourished it with the bread of eternal life and have awakened it from its sleep so that it may recognize its mission and feel its responsibility within my work.

51. Great have been the materialism and incomprehension, and therefore, beloved disciples, you have remained in the usual rut without letting your soul develop.

52. At every moment I have made you realize through my word of love what you have failed to do, to make known to mankind the Work I have entrusted to you. But if you have not prepared yourselves ─, how then shall mankind obtain my peace, my light and my love through your mediation? It is you to whom I have entrusted the mission that you spread my teachings everywhere. I have revealed to you the majesty of which your Spirit is the bearer. I have told you that I have chosen and anointed you out of love and by my grace without merit. I have chosen you to be the apostles who show the world my teaching imprinted in your hearts.

53. Time has passed, but you have not yet acquired merits. You must stretch out your arm to lift up him who has fallen. You must show the light of the bright day to your fellow men who are in darkness so that they may recognize that I have revealed Myself at all times with you and in mankind.

54. In the first time I delivered you out of the bondage of Pharaoh through Moses, whom I placed at the head of my people, that he might lead them to the Promised Land, the land of Canaan.

55. In the second time Jesus the Divine Master gave you proofs of my mind, presence and power. But man in his egoism and in his materialism rejected Me.

56. In the present time you are again slaves ─ now no longer of Pharaoh, but of temptation. For it has given you riches, pleasures and power to subjugate you, and many of you have fallen and gone astray from the way of light because they were weak. I have not withdrawn grace from you; you yourselves have withheld it through your lack of fulfillment of my law. But the world in its incomprehension has not become aware of this, and men hand over to their fellow men a work which they themselves have created.

57. How great is the error to which the "first" succumbed, and how great the error to which you too have fallen victim, because you have not considered that it was one and the same God who spoke to you, and that you therefore received no other teaching, nor another law.

58.  One God has always made himself known to you, never have I left you, always have I been close to your heart. Jesus in the Second Time revealed my Divine Love, and as Master he gave you the example of obedience to the Law. I taught you to pray and showed you the way.

59. In this Third Time, the Divine Will is fulfilled because you have received my teaching, the bread of eternal life for your soul. But I have announced to you that after the year 1950 you will no longer hear my word through the human mind and will be in touch with me from Spirit to Spirit only through the development of your soul.

60. I have entrusted you with these last three years of my rallies through the voice bearers so that you would consider and understand your responsibility, so that you would leave your accustomed rut and allow your soul to progress. But many of you have continued to sleep and have remained without understanding and elevation. Why, Israel, have you not devoted yourself to the study and interpretation of the detailed teaching I have given you? The blind still have not seen the light, the lame you have not been able to heal to follow Me, and the multitudes are confused and wondering if they have found the true way?

61. Many of you have believed to fulfil my law and are in grave error, because you are only setting a bad example to your fellow men. You are the reason why people are confused and continue to feed idolatry and seek the true God by means of the various human ideas.

62. Beloved people, at the end of my rallies you will remain as orphaned. But as in the second time, you will understand me after my departure. After you no longer hear my word, you will recognize what I have often taught you, but your awakening will be late.

Therefore, people, I reproach you with great pain in my Father's heart for your lack of lawfulness and obedience. I do not want mankind to see you tomorrow as the people unworthy of my divine grace. But many will ─ without having heard Me as you have heard ─ believe in my message and love Me.

63. I have pointed out your errors so that you may understand that you do not show my work according to the light of truth ─ so that you may renew yourselves and reveal to the world what you have received from Me.

64. You have meant Israel the I, because I am a loving Father, would not reproach you for your errors, and I would have to cover you with my cloak to make you known to the world as true disciples, soldiers and teachers of tomorrow If I would act like this, Israel, I Myself would deny you my love. For when the time came, you would not be able to bear witness to my truth with your words and works, and then the mankind of tomorrow would deny my rallies. For perfection has never mingled with your imperfections.

65. I have told you that in the time of the battle of love against hate, of my light against darkness, of humility against pride. But tomorrow, when your awakening is, you will feel in your hearts an infinite and deep sadness, when you will understand the time you have wasted, and then you will appreciate the task of the voice-bearers who knew how to prepare themselves to hand over to you my truth.

My peace be with you! 

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