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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 335

My peace be with you!

1. Today my Spirit descends upon the spiritual Israel once more. I manifest Myself to you, beloved people, by means of the Universal Ray, and speak to you as Father and Master, as friend and also as judge. I am present in all and listen to your prayer until the most intimate request you make to Me.

2. I am pleased to see that the souls incarnated are discovering more and more the true dialogue with their Father and Lord, leaving behind the ancient rites, the various cult forms they used to seek Me, to worship Me, and to proceed firmly on the spiritual path. It is you humble churches who receive these rallies at this time and with them my great lessons.

3. I have united a great number of souls who belong to the chosen people ─ not according to race. Know that I do not turn to races to which you belong or have belonged in the past times. I turn to the spiritual Israel, to whom I have entrusted a mission, because among the other peoples of the earth it is the firstborn, to whom I bequeathed my earlier testaments.

4. You, who have been trustee of grace and revelations, have been given the mission to bring the light to all men, to be a beacon to those who wander the world ignorantly or indifferently. You, who have been my prophet, my witness, my messenger and my confidant, I have called you once more to make you continue your mission, and that in this fulfillment of the commission you may attain to perfect your soul.

5. in spite of your fidelity and your love, I tell you without reproach: you have not yet followed my previous teachings You have possessed the light, peace and blessing I gave you for your brother nations, but you have not shared these gifts with them.

Remember: To become worthy to receive this commission, you have gone through the great battles of soul and body, the struggles of the mind and the battles of this world to acquire the necessary steel, determination and experience. But if I have told you that you have not fulfilled my commissions, I will not deny the merit to your works of the past times. It is these merits that make you worthy of the grace to have Me among you in this spiritual rallies.

6. In the meaning of my teaching you will find the presence of your God. This Word is the same as that which the prophets heard, it is the same light as that which inspired Moses that he would unite the chosen people and prepare them for the union with their Lord.

I discover among you the former Israelites who advanced in the First Days on the desert journey: the brave and valiant children of Judah; ─ the faithful Levites who watched over the worship of Jehovah; the tireless children of Zebulon who were charged to provide the livelihood for the caravan of men; and also all those who gave Me great proofs of loyalty, love and trust.

7. My gaze dwells with love also on those who expected the Messiah in the Second Time ─ on the martyrs, whom the executioner's sword could not rob of the faith that I had become man to redeem the human race. In this people here are my disciples and my witnesses of all ages, and after this time of perfect fellowship with their Lord, when my teachings are completed by this means I have chosen, my Spirit will descend in fullness upon all my children, and each of you will feel that your gifts and abilities unfold ─ to the amazement of your fellow men and yourselves.

8. From your Spirit your gifts will spring forth ─ not as ornamentation, which would be reason for vanity, but as virtues and examples, which you will show to men in your thoughts, words and works of love, and they shall all reveal the greatest humility and gentleness. The gift of prophecy will unfold to a great extent among you. The scientists will question you about the future, they will rush to your meetings to hear your testimonies and to face the severe trials and resolve their conflicts that will present themselves to them.

9. At present your unfolding is still small, nor do you doubt your gifts, and if you directly witness any miracle that I grant you to reflect upon, you attribute it to another cause. But the time will come when you will become one with me, and then your trust will be complete. You will understand your gifts and qualities and through them bear witness to me.

10. Verily I say to you, it is I who gives you prophecy. This has never gone out from man, this has only been a channel. Prophecy comes from Me, and I grant you, up to a certain limit, the possibility to interpret it. But those who contain greater wisdom, only I explain to you. Whenever you have tried to fathom them without being prepared, you have succumbed to a wrong interpretation.

11. I have announced to you the events which you see occurring today. Now is a time of great fulfillment. They are the events that have given the interpretation of all the announcements that I gave you in the first and second time through my prophets. But people had already spoken there, some right and some wrong. The prophecies which I granted according to the comprehension of human investigation have been correctly understood. But those which were mine alone to interpret, interpret and fulfill, I have enlightened through events and trials.

12. Now is a decisive time for mankind ─ a time when man will awaken through the various trials that speak to you of My love I will find your soul pure and your mouth worthy to make known my teaching. For this I clothe you with humility so that you may be simple, although you possess gifts that awaken the admiration of those who know you.

13. Allow prophecy to permeate your soul and matter, even if you do not understand it Your duty is to make them known. It will be others who will better understand what you witness. But if neither one nor the other is able to penetrate into the true meaning of my prophecies, I will come to your aid and tell you: "If the prophecy I have given you has been very great and wise, it is because the revelation I wish to give mankind is very great, so that it may continue to climb higher levels and inhabit them until it reaches its goal. I have granted this face to my chosen one, and I give you his interpretation.

14. Do you believe that Joel, one of the great prophets of the First Days, understood what he announced to the multitudes? Remember what he said: "And it shall come to pass that times shall come when your children shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall have revealing dreams. There will be wonders in the sky and great signs on the earth. The sun will become black and the moon like blood. From the earth there will be smoke and steam rising, and then the great day of the Lord will be very near.

15. The prophet did not understand the scope of what he was saying, but he did it with truthfulness. He was the channel and voice bearer of Me, his soul was pure and his mouth worthy, and prophecy was like crystal clear water that gushes out of the spring and is not polluted in its stream bed. Thus that message reached the heart of men and remained pure. Some interpreted it in one way, others in another. But I tell you in truth that the coming of this prophesied great day is very near, and the events now confirm the words of the prophet.

16. Open your eyes and prepare your soul so that you may fathom the events, and you will see that the signs already announced in those times are clearly visible, and the facts themselves show you the explanation and the coming of those words. It is the interpretation that I have given to my prophecies.

17. Thus I prepare you, beloved disciples, for the fulfillment of your difficult mission, so that your lips may speak only truth, so that you may see your way open But when you speak and bear witness to the truth, and you are not believed, nor understood and loved, overburden the matter to Me and do not weep. Always go ahead and never keep silent. Let your mouth speak confidently and courageously and always do its job. Let your whole being be ready to radiate peace ─ not only with your words, but also through your thoughts and spiritual messages.

18. Cultivate peace, love it and spread it everywhere, for how much mankind needs it! Do not let yourselves be disturbed by the changing destinies of life, so that you may always remain strong and ready to give what you possess. That peace, which is the heritage of every soul, has escaped in this time and has given way to war and martyred nations, destroyed institutions and destroyed souls. The reason for this is that evil has taken hold of the human heart. The hatred, the excessive ambition, the unrestrained greed are spreading and causing damage. But how short their reign will be. For your joy and reassurance, I announce to you that your liberation is already near, that many people are working for this goal, who long to breathe in an atmosphere of brotherhood, purity and health.

19. What will you, my disciples, do in this great struggle that has already begun? What are your plans? I see in the depths of your being an immense desire to fight, to make my teaching known, because you know that it is the best guide for humanity. Fight for your peace and your moral and spiritual aspirations. If you then feel strongly in good, carry it everywhere, for it will sink like fertile dew into the hearts of your fellow men.

20. Pray, and your prayer shall be balm to those who surround you and to those who are absent ─ to those who inhabit your world and also to those who live beyond it in need of consolation

21. I now give my people an incentive, and this consists in this: all those souls who lose their bodies in the sorrowful battles of war will be drawn to the "Spiritual Valley", and there they will remain in expectation of your prayer to attain light and knowledge. In this hour, when the people unite in a fervent and heartfelt prayer, those beings will be surprised by a spiritual song of praise. They will hear your voice inviting them to go forward, and they will not be disturbed for a moment. The light will be clear, and from this hour on they will set out to fight for their ascension.

22. The trials that await mankind after the year 1950 will be very great. It will have to empty very bitter chalices and suffer very hard blows. But all this will happen so that she will awaken from her sleep ─ now that her soul is asleep for her perfection and true mission. All these trials that men may receive at this time will be summoned by them to come to their senses and reflect on their missions. For already for a long time the souls have been moving from earth to the "spiritual valley" and from this again to earth without making use of their reincarnations.

But this grace, this proof of love and of justice, which I grant them by giving them new life in this world, is not there to be wasted. I do not allow you to return to earth only to feed on its fruits, but to fight for your ascent and take the kingdom I have promised you.

23. I will call with gentleness the first time to help you, to prepare you for the fight. But if you do not understand this voice, I will call with severity and touch you again. But if you do not follow, righteousness will come in full force to shake you awake so that you may open your eyes and see the light of a new day.

24. I warn you so that you will not be affected when you see new wars breaking out, that day after day a lot of people die before your eyes in various accidents. If you cannot comprehend the reason for these trials that shake your heart, remember that every soul has come to earth to give back to itself what it had previously refused to do, and that there are such blunted people that only such a trial can shake them awake.

25. How much I love you, and I want no pain for you! Those creatures who found no comfort and balm on earth will receive it from Me the moment they come to the spiritual valley, to be led into the high beyond. I give it to them because I am the shepherd inseparable from my children. All their pain echoes in me, all the blood shed in their senseless wars flows into my hollow hands, all the tears of mankind moisten my face. Even the most hidden and secret being for you is very close to me. I look at you all equally with love. Those creatures which you look at with aversion, I will snatch from their misery and work on them, so that crystal-clear water of renewal, repentance and love will flow out of them.

26. I speak to you in many ways because you must be prepared to speak as you have not yet done. You rejoice when you hear my teachings and feel closer to Me daily. You realize that it is a happiness to be there to be loved by your Father ─ that it is a satisfaction for you to have gone through the great trials that I have appointed for you because each of these trials is a stage that brings you closer to Me.

27. I have called many of my children to give them different assignments, different tasks within this Work and I have given them to you according to your progress and your talents From all together I have formed my people, my new apostle body. To some I have entrusted the office of leaders, and so that their task is not difficult and arduous, I have divided the people into churches.

To others I have entrusted the gift of a voice bearer, so that they may transmit my inspiration, which has become a human word, to these multitudes who come together to receive this miracle. To some, I have given the privilege of clairvoyance to make them prophets and through their mediation to announce what is to come. The task of "pillars" has been given to those who are to support the people on their pilgrimage and to be a help to the church leaders, helping to carry the burden of the cross with the crowds of listeners.

28. Others have been gifted with the gift of mediation, and these have been trained as instruments of the spiritual world to convey its messages, the explanation of my work, and also as owners of the healing balm, the consolation for the sick, so that through their healing spiritual radiations they may jointly grant mercy to the needy.

"Golden Feather" I have called the one who writes in the book I will leave you my revelations, teachings and prophecies of this time. I have given the office of a "foundation stone" to those who are to be examples of firmness, stability and strength among the people. Their word, advice and example among the people shall be unchanging as the rock is. But now that this period of my rallies is drawing to a close, I am addressing all offices, and to all those who are chosen to receive such great tasks, I am issuing a call so that they may examine themselves thoroughly and recognize the result of their works. In this hour of reflection I stand by all.

29. Do not worry, I was not mistaken when I chose you. I know you and know what you are able to do. I knew which ones would gladly devote themselves to the fulfillment of the law, and which would become weak on the way. I am your Father, and to all I have given opportunity to work in my work, to all I have offered the same food, so that you may all feel loved in the same way, with the same right to be my disciples and to have the same inheritance.

30. I knew that some would fulfill my instructions and very soon follow my words. Others would take time to discover their mistakes and correct their errors. But my gifts remained latent in their souls in anticipation of their awakening. For you all must reach me; in all will be understanding. You will become perfect and will be with me at my right hand. But for you to reach me, it is necessary that you are ready to fulfill my law, and to walk the path with humility and submission.

Watch and pray in these few days in which you still have me in this form, and let your heart be moved by my words, so that a desire for obedience, unity and love may spring from your being.

31. Soon the messengers will set out and take with them letters of introduction. Their standard will be my word and my messages that you have received. I prepare you to set out on missions of peace and good will. For I will meet you prepared on this solemn day when I have to give you my last words.

32. Already now I announce to you that my very last teaching will last no longer than the one I am giving you now. It will be as short as all I have given you. For my great last lesson consists of those of the last three years; it is the book which I have written into your soul with the love fire of my Spirit, in which I have summarized all that I have revealed to you since 1866. In it I have spoken to you from the beginning and even from what was before the beginning of creation, ─ from the development of man from the earliest times to the present. In this book I have spoken to you of all My lessons given to you during the great ages past, and of your trials. In this book I have united the revelations of all past times and those of the future without interpretation and without fulfillment. In it you will also find the preparation for your soul on its path of development now on earth and afterwards in the spiritual valley.

33. This my last teaching will be finished on the last day of the present year 1950, but it will not be my last communication with you. For I have taught you at all times to pray and to have spiritual fellowship with me. You human beings and all beings who inhabit the various life worlds have access to my Spirit, and I dwell in that of yours. Do not feel distant from me, do not feel emptiness or silence when this word ends. Continue to listen to your Father's harmonious and constant concert, rejoice in my presence so that you may reflect on and study my work.

34. It is necessary that you unite all your strength and spiritual knowledge before you set out to spread this teaching. Then, when you are gathered together in prayer and meditation around my word, you will feel my presence. The children will be moved, the seers will likewise perceive the signs preceding my presence, and I will manifest myself in subtle ways. All who come together will feel Me, and these gatherings will have solemnity. There will be a spiritual atmosphere that will give you peace and confidence in the future. Also the "spiritual world" will come to you without using your brain, and will come to you wherever you call upon it to assist you in your trials and continue to pour out its mercy and protection on this world. She will watch over you so that there will be no confusion in your minds, nor bad interpretations or wrong decisions. When this preparation time is over, do not forget your meetings. For although you know that I manifest myself to each of you individually, I want to meet you united, praying and immersed in your spiritual practice.

35. Remember that feast of Pentecost which was celebrated by my apostles after my departure. Their souls awaited my rallies attentively, and when they were united in a single thought, my Spirit came down and put the word in their mouths, and their whole being was enlightened so that they might communicate with men of different languages and creeds.

36. Therefore I want these meetings among you ─ always, O disciples. Whenever you can gather together, do it in my name, and I will be present and reveal to you the contents of my secret treasury. I entrust to you all the moments and days of your life so that you may dedicate a moment of your devotion to them. But once more I sanctify the seventh day so that you may enter into communion with Me in it, and the remaining days shall be for loving one another and for carrying out all that you have well understood of my teaching. But no special meeting rooms will be necessary for your gatherings, the same will be for Me your home, your simple bedroom, a floodplain or a mountain, the bank of a river or the desert.

37. I advise you not to speak out among men that you are my disciples, that this should not be said by your mouth, but that your works speak. Do not say that you are Israelites according to the Spirit. The world will acknowledge the Spiritual Israel when it is united in its mission to kindle light in souls, to bring peace to hearts, to be as I told Jacob in his dreams, in his revelations: "I will give you a descendant as great, as numerous, as the dust of the earth, as the stars of heaven, as the sand of the sea, and in your descendants the peoples of the earth will be blessed.

38. The nations of the earth have not yet been blessed in Israel, because this presents their division to Me, as it happened in the Second Age. The one lives for matter, the other for Spirit ─. The one creates a kingdom and the other creates another. I see that some live for the world and its gold, and others seek Me and are happy in their poverty. But once I have united this people, this great legion of souls, who are responsible for peace and divine revelations, then this globe and even heaven will be shaken. For their union will exert such power, such influence on the world, that there will be no one who does not feel it. Your mission will be known, and your message, which I am already entrusting to you, will unite the testament that I have bequeathed to mankind in three times.

39. Make sure that your soul is like a container that preserves all that I have entrusted to you For the way which you will now cover has stony sections, has thistles and thorns. But there are also stretches on which trees and flowers will make your walk lovely. Thus wandering along, the day of your reunion, the day of your redemption and eternal peace will surprise you when you have reached the end of your mission.

40. Pray now for those who are far away, and in those who are around you, let your heart overflow. Heal the sick, counsel those who need it, become every kind of comfort and balm for suffering humanity. If you pass by a stranger to whom you cannot address a word, but you feel your heart moved and your soul pray for him and put the suffering of that of your brother before Me, I will give him what he needs because you have laid down his pain with Me.

41. Recognize yourselves, discover the gifts I have granted you and realize that your spiritual knowledge has relieved many hearts and raised them in their moral and spiritual level

42. Have all the intuition and love you need for your mission

43. Some of you tell Me in your prayers, "Master, to what end do I tell you my worries, show you my life, or let you participate in my projects, since you know everything? Why confess my transgressions to you, since you see them, since I am in you? Give me what is your will, and I will be content with it.

44. After this prayer you remained in rapture and gave thanks only for what I have granted you by giving you my word In it is the spiritual food and the blessing for your human life.

My peace be with you! 

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