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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 251:

1. At this time you are amazed when you see the miracles that you can perform through your gifts. Then you no longer feel poor or disinherited, because at every turn you have proof that I love you and have directed my gaze toward you.

2. The gifts were already placed in your soul at the moment of your creation But it was necessary that I would come to teach you, and that you would go long distances and develop yourselves further and further, so that these gifts would begin to manifest.

3. Especially in the present time the soul of man has felt that it is living in a new age, that it is illuminating the light of a new day. It has experienced an earthquake, a restlessness that has torn it from the deep lethargy in which its gifts and abilities had fallen asleep.

4. At present, man still asks himself questions, he only suspects. But soon the hour comes when he cries out with certainty, "There is the way," and follows it faithfully.

5. Who could stop the progress of the souls of this humanity, once they have set out on the way, and who would be able to change the route marked out by my light? Nothing and no one will be able to stop the spiritual awakening of men when they rise in longing for the heritage and the message that the Third Age has brought them.

6. I could have awakened you long ago. But I wanted to come to you at the right time, when you would be weary of the deep sleep into which you have sunk, and when the terror of your sins and your continual wars would free you from the passions of your material nature.

7. Today one people today, tomorrow another, and after that others will awaken enlightened by an inner light, which will speak to all of them of spiritualization

8. At the time of the awakening of those peoples, I will be ready to reveal myself to them It will be the voice of the Father that answers the call of the children. But truly, I tell you, I will not reveal Myself to all in the same way. For example, this rallies which I have had with you by means of the human mind have been granted only to you, and you may consider yourselves the people who first awoke at the dawn of this age.

9. The time in which I am manifesting myself to you in this form is already indicated, and there is no spiritualist who does not know the year and the day for the ending of this period of time

10. When I finish my teaching among you, you will have to prepare yourselves to sow this seed in the peoples of the world, with which you will greatly help your fellow men in the critical moments of their awakening They will prepare themselves, in the face of the certainty of their forebodings and the reality of my message, to receive me in spiritual form. Just as I revealed Myself to you according to the preparation of each assembly and each voter, so will I manifest Myself to those according to the spiritualization of each community and the devotion that reigns in their assemblies.

11. Write down my word and keep it, that when the time comes you may make it known. For it will be the foundation and the starting point for the new communities that will arise in the world for spiritual life.

12. Do not allow my message to be mixed up with the materialized ideas and errors of those who have served me as instruments, because then you will not have passed on the fruit I have entrusted to you unadulterated. I have been teaching you for a long period of time to get to know my divine essence so that you may free yourselves from every human preference.

13. The light of My Spirit will follow the steps of those who understand Me and will set out tomorrow to interpret My commandments with the greatest conscientiousness of which they are capable For they will experience on their way that their struggle, their sacrifices and efforts have not been in vain. I will surprise them in their work and announce to them that they will soon expect other communities to be able to start sowing soon, because the seed is ripe.

14. There will be a surge of emotion and tears of joy among my disciples when they witness the fulfillment of my word.

15. You will not have to go about knocking at the doors to seek him who listens to you. For you will find that it will be your fellow men who seek you and call you. It is enough for me if you prepare yourselves. Then I will show you the ways, instruct you what you have to do and guide you to those who will turn to my people in their desire for a testimony of love, spiritualization and mercy.

16. If by your harmony you form the community I expect from you, you will not have to make an effort to make yourselves known, for then it will be others who will carry out this task, spreading from heart to heart the message that there is a community in whose womb shines the light of a divine message, which is bread of spiritual life for all men

17. I say to you: trust in Me, people. For if you are driven out of the womb of your society, if you are driven out of the cities where you live, I will take you far away from your persecutors, I will take you into the desert, into the mountains, into distant valleys or to the shores of the sea, and there I will feed you as I fed the people of Israel in the desert by sending them manna.

18. Now I am bringing a new manna for my people, which will soon come down as soon as the trials overpower my chosen ones.

19. The trials will come, because my word is always fulfilled. They will serve to unite my people, just as Israel united in Egypt under the bondage of Pharaoh.

20. When the trials come, only those who love Me, the brave and the faithful, will remain on this way. The false, the hypocrites, those who fear the world, those who do not follow Me out of love, will go away. It will be enough for me to see united those who love me in truth, and then to say to the world: this is my people, this is my seed.

21. I assure you that those of you who follow Me with all the faith of their soul will lack neither water nor bread, for no one has ever been deceived in his faith.

22. I hear already that some ask Me in their heart, "Master, when will all this be? This is because you feel fear, because you tremble when I announce these trials to you. But I tell you: He who is afraid does not go into the desert, he stays in the city where he can bear oppression more easily because he has become accustomed to bondage and humiliation. But if he opens his eyes to the truth, let his heart be filled with courage and faith, let him go into the desert, let him set out in desire for the freedom of his soul and the peace of his heart.

23. You ask me, when will this trial come? I tell you that it has already come for some, and that it will later present itself to others until you are all prepared and become strong.

24. The trials come in such a subtle way that often you do not even realize when they came and when they ended. What would happen to you if I were to announce to you the date, day and hour that you are expecting them?

25. How many of you are already living in the desert of which I spoke to you this day, feeding on the new manna They are those who, having been cast out of the womb of society, have been misunderstood by their relatives and friends. They are those who have been denied salutation and the doors to work have been closed. They are also those who have been condemned as heretics, traitors and apostates and who have been cast out of the bosom of their churches.

26. They have endured slander, evil looks, humiliation, mockery and contempt. But all this they endured with patience, knowing that they had lost nothing and had received the grace to hear Me.

27. They had to withdraw into the "desert," but not into a material desert, but into a spiritual place of refuge, even though physically they continued to live where they had always lived.

28. There, in that spiritual place of refuge, they found a peace which they did not know before, they had satisfactions which no one gave them before, and when they felt loneliness in the beginning, because they were not able to perceive my presence, they thank me today, because nothing was missing from them, and because no one conquered them.

29. The life of pleasures, which they led before, remained behind them; everything wrong, everything superficial, disappeared. For the time came for them to find the truth and to cling to it with all the strength of their being.

30. Blessed are men of good will and faith, for they will not become the victims of their enemies. My power holds back the hand that wants to assassinate them treacherously; my light surprises him who lies in wait for their passage, so that they may advance without being stopped because the Promised Land awaits them. In it a feast is prepared for the time when you all enter into the same.

31. My word has touched the strings of many hearts that have said to Me, "Lord, no one speaks the truth like You, for since we followed You in this time we have had to endure the judgments of our fellow men, which were like the bitter herbs that Your people ate in Egypt on the night of deliverance".

32. Think of your faith, O beloved people, and you will see how even those who rejected you will come to enlarge your ranks. For they too will be called, they too will be given the opportunity to free themselves from their materialized and false lives, to fill the emptiness of their souls with the divine essence that this work gives abundantly.

33. The call can be made to all at the same time, but not all can respond at the same time. Some will be ready to come forward, others will not be able to do so because their souls are not yet sufficiently developed to set about fulfilling their mission.

34. I tell you this so that when I speak to you of the called and the chosen, you know that in every age there are many called and few chosen, because I choose only those who are prepared, and all those who are called and are not chosen will have to wait a while to be called again.

35. Do you not remember that I have told you many times that I knocked at the doors of your hearts for the first, second and third time and that only when you were awake and prepared did you rush towards My call? Do not therefore despair in the face of those to whom my message reaches and who show no interest.

36. Fulfill your mission to make my word known, and be satisfied with the immediate or later result of your work.

37. You seek in my word the strength which you felt you lacked to separate yourselves from the evil that exists in your lives because you have allowed the customs, habits, traditions and vices of your ancestors to take root in your hearts

38. Now a battle has been fought within you because the voice of conscience is becoming ever more clearly audible. But your heart is still resisting it, because in its attachment to the senses it is more inclined to the body than to the soul.

39. I bless your inner struggle because it is a sign that you feel love for me, that you concede truth and justice to my word.

40. There are moments when you fear that the "flesh" is triumphant in you because your faith and love are still weak against temptations. Then you rush to hear me, hoping to find in my word the necessary weapons to fight sin and darkness. You come contrite, sorrowful, with the desire that it might be possible that my gaze might not discover you, even though you know that you do not escape my gaze for a moment. Later, when you have received in your heart the tenderness of my Word, you let the tears flow, in an uninhibitedness that relieves the burden of the soul more and more. Then you finally think that since I have received you with such great love, this has happened because I have not penetrated into your heart, nor discovered in it all that makes you ashamed before Me.

41. Oh you little and weak children, you who do not yet know your Master! What would happen to you, who seek strength with me so that you no longer sin, if instead of words of forgiveness, of encouragement, of love and wisdom I received you with condemnations and judgments, with reproaches, threats and punishments? It would one day end with you doubting these words, only to throw yourselves unrestrainedly into the arms of materialism. Do not say, then, that my gaze does not discover you in the moments when I give you my word through the voice bearer.

42. See this multitude of "laborers," servants in this work: they too, like you, came with a heart full of suffering and unleashed passions; they too were shaken by my word and learned to know the inner struggle of the soul with the flesh, and they too thought that my gaze did not discover them among the multitudes of men, because in my word I did not reproach them for their sins.

Now they are here, on my farmland, and are carrying out in peace a task which I have entrusted to them. Because, after all, faith entered their hearts, because after the fight there was peace in their souls and because they understood that they can never escape my divine gaze, which follows you wherever you go.

43. She still tempts the world and the flesh, and this serves to test their love, their faith and their loyalty, and that they may not fall asleep. Some are in the habit of challenging the world while their spiritual power is not yet great enough to save them from all falls. These are those who fall and rise up again - those who leave today and return tomorrow, until the day comes when they are no longer weak and they are able to remain in the truth until the end.

44. Out of you who today come to me in sorrow because you cannot control your weaknesses, I will make new "workers," even if it seems impossible to you at present to be of any use to anyone. Then you will see a miracle come true in your being, because you will witness your soul transformation. Then the weak will feel strong, and the unbeliever ardently.

45. Blessed are those who, when they have sinned, repent and weep because they have offended Me. Blessed are the spiritually poor, for I have come to encourage them and let them triumph over the world, sin, materialism and vice.

46. Tomorrow you will have to witness the miracle of your conversion and renewal. Tomorrow you will be an open book for your fellow men, and from its pages, that is, from your past, you will draw all the light of the experience and wisdom you have acquired in my work, so that you may present it to your fellow men as the ripe fruit of your struggle, your preparation and your victory.

47. In the nations, in the provinces and villages where people long for my coming, where the presence of my word is suspected, the testimony of my "workers" will descend like a true heavenly stasis on the thirsty souls of men.

48. I have already told you that my witnesses and followers will be rejected, mocked and persecuted; but others will also believe them and bless them. It will be another battle, which I will also bless. For where there is fighting, there will also be victories.

49. So that all men of the earth can believe the truth of this message, I have brought about that those signs prophesied in old times were perceptible in the whole world prophecies that spoke of my return. Therefore, when this Good News reaches the nations, men will study and investigate all that was spoken to them in these times, and they will discover, surprised and joyful, that all that was announced and promised concerning my return has been faithfully fulfilled, according to Him who has only one will, one word and one law.

50. I have told you in my teachings that life is the Via Dolorosa of the soul, and that this is the end of its existence on earth. It is her Calvary, on which you are to strive to take Me as your example by putting my examples into practice.

51. Happy are the souls who reach the summit with faith and virtue. For in the moment when they detach themselves from their body shell, they will experience the caress of the Father as a reward for their courage and love. These are those who will enter eternity without stumbling.

52. My word at this time will help men to understand the full meaning of my law and teaching, and the fulfillment that man gives them will bring them bliss - a bliss of the heart and peace of the soul. For the soul will find perfect bliss only in the home to which it belongs.

53. How many opportunities do you have continually to be good and useful to your neighbor? Every home is a suitable field to sow my seed. Every city and every people is like land thirsting for mercy and love, and I make you sowers so that you may give your comfort to men and sow peace.

54. Works, words, and prayers are the means you are to use and can use to fulfil the task of serving and loving your fellow men in the world.

55. I have taught you perfect prayer, which is the true language of the soul, which brings man into direct contact with Me

56. I have given you the gift of the Word which is the expression of the light that is in the soul and of the love that is in the heart.

57. People who hear my word: do not say that I ask too much of you, because I know better than you yourselves what you are capable of

58. Today you feel weak, awkward, incapable and unworthy because you are examining your inner being and discover many weaknesses, many shortcomings that do not let you feel the pain of others. But I will first heal you, make you feel my peace, encourage your heart and cleanse your way. Then you will have no more fears, nor will you have doubts, nor will you feel unable.

59. This is why I let you listen to Me for a while to encourage you little by little in My word, without already sending you to the provinces But when your souls are imbued with my essence, they will no longer wait for trials or signs to set out, for they will receive by inspiration what to do.

60. Pray, people, and while you pray, I will pour out My Peace on all the peoples of the earth, I will bless your homes and light up your ways.

61. I will give you a proof that all that I have promised you is true What proof will this be? That you will see in your lives something come true that you have long hoped for, something that is impossible for some to attain. To some the things offered by me will soon come, to others I will make wait. But truly, I tell you, there will not be one who does not receive my proof of love. When this grace comes to each one of you, you will remember my word, and your faith will then become greater.

62. Do not despair, do not shed tears, know how to await this hour by following my teaching, praying and keeping watch

63. See how, in these moments when you lift up your soul, you forget your sufferings and are filled with my peace? Make an effort to be always with Me through a complete practice of my teaching, and you will see my peace and light prevail over your misfortunes and plagues.

64. Understand that your sufferings are not useless, but that your task is to become resistant, both mentally and physically, so that you may be a part of the number of my sowers

65. Those who want to bring comfort to men, who want to lift up those who have fallen, who want to give strength to the weak, must be enlightened by the light of experience, must be hardened in struggle and trials. No image of pain must make them despondent, they must fear no unwillingness of a neighbor, they must run away from no pain when hands stretch out to them in the desire for mercy.

66. There, among those who are hardened in vice and pain, you will see many rise up to the light, seeking renewal and spiritualization. But for this inspiration to reach them, you must place in their hearts a true proof of brotherhood, an act which is the ray of light that removes the darkness from him who suffers.

67. Understand, then, that the pain that has accompanied you in many ways has been the chisel that has shaped your soul inwardly to carry out a difficult mission.

My peace be with you!

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