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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 359

1. Beloved disciples: Rejoice in the last rallies of your Master and after this time come on the way of prayer to speak with me. Always pray ─ in the days of peace, in the days of trial, so that you may feel strong and courageous to face the trials.

2. This time has been one of spiritual expansion of horizons and happiness for those who have understood how to interpret my rallies. The child has come to meet his father and, through the teachings he has received, has felt so secure at his breast, so strong in his convictions, and also so loved, that he will live only to guard his treasure and to remember the privilege with which he has been distinguished. But know that I love all my children with the same love. You all form my family, and though only a small number of you have directly witnessed my rallies through man, you have all received light and inspiration from Me.

3. Every man has a rendezvous with Me, and you all will come to Me. The ways are prepared. The simplest minds have been called first, and then the others will come. They will come humbly, with bowed souls, free from rebellion and false greatness. And in that hour I will forgive them because of their humility and self-knowledge and give them great commissions for the fulfillment of the great mission that awaits them.

4. In that hour in which I will call all, the stubborn will surrender, the hard-hearted will become tenderhearted, and the proud will know how to bow with true obedience. For my Spirit will teach all, will enlighten and bless my beloved children, and out of their soul will arise a prayer, a single love song for their Father and Creator. In those days souls will enter this planet with great virtue, and those who have already been converted here will go to other ─ spiritual homes with great desire for perfection.

5. Verily I tell you, you who have followed their teaching, if these voices are silent and no longer transmit My Word, you will not feel that I am staying away from you. You will feel Me near, will have Me in your inner temple, and in it you will continue to hear my voice and with it my guidance and comfort.

6. You know little of what will come over this world after 1950 But I warn you and tell you that in that bitter cup which mankind drinks at present, the yeasts are still left at its bottom, and that the pain will become even greater. But afterwards it will be removed from her when her atonement is over, and a new cup of joy will be offered to her.

7. The spiritual world will continue to guard and protect men as attentive guardian of their life and their perfection, and with it follow the assignment, which it has received from me.

8. After my last lesson you will continue to study my words so that you know what you are to do, and when this happens you will form with me one Spirit of help and protection for mankind.

9. The Divine Mother radiates her most tender love into all her children. She is a protective mantle for the poor and orphans, and careful care for the sick and helpless. Her Spirit, who stands up for all, helps this world in the hour of trial.

10. Go through your world in thought and bring a message of comfort and brotherhood to your fellow men. On the last day of my rallies I will speak to all nations, and my words will be written indelibly in my disciples. I leave you as apostles to go to those who need you.

11. Feel yourselves calm at my breast and forget your tribulations. For on the last day of my rallies I will solve for you the great problems which you bring before me.

12. Prepare yourselves, for the hour of testing is already drawing near! Blessed are the voice-bearers who have devotedly transmitted my inspiration and their commission consciously until the last moment.

13. The seers will have the impression as if a new sacrificial death is taking place in me because my Spirit out of love for men repeats his passion endlessly. Remember all these proofs of love so that you may find salvation.

14. Mary will take care of you on your long journey, will stand by you, as she did with my disciples in the Second Age. She was the loving and tender mother who gave courage to those souls with her tenderness, filled their hearts with joy and shared her hours of pain with them. And when she prayed, the thoughts of the mother also rose up and awaited the will of the Father.

15. In this day and age Mary will cover you with her spiritual mantle so that you will not be surprised by the trials that are approaching.

16. With your souls and hearts you will form the temple where the HolySpirit will make rallies, so that you may leave a trace of obedience and spiritualization to the world.

17. My word, like the light of a new dawn, will gradually illuminate and awaken the inhabitants of all nations.

18. I am the star that leads you to the Promised Land. Here is the concert of my Word, pervaded with love, which encourages your soul on its way.

19. If pain has brought you closer to Me, I receive you with love ─ trust in Me. I want to be with you and you shall be with Me so that you and I may be one in this harmony. I want to be your companion who shows you the way to your development ─ the light that always passes before you.

20. I am the Master who transforms and spiritualizes you, who fills your heart with tenderness so that it may be expressed in your words, in your looks and works.

21. Be in harmony with love, which is the power that moves the worlds in universal concert. Approach Me so that you may receive the essence of my Word, so that you may feel the immensity of my love, so that you too may encourage the afflicted and dry the tears of him who cries.

22. I give you comfort in your sufferings, I will heal your wounds and leave only the light of experience in you, so that you may reflect and make your soul come closer to Me

23. When you spiritualize, your works will be like fragrant roses before Me When you pray, I will answer you without voice, without sentences, with a loving consoling vibration. How uplifting will be the moment when you feel my caress as your answer.

24. Mankind, hear Me, I do not want any of you to perish. Come to the call with which the shepherd calls his sheep. Many have been left scattered along the path of pain. But all of you shall reach the hurdle where my love is waiting for you to redeem you.

25. Beloved people: Unite with your brothers so that when you are in dialogue with Me, through the love I have inspired you, you may forgive even the most grievous insults. Why should you not forgive him who does not know what he is doing? He does not know because he does not realize that he is doing this evil to himself.

26. In the Second Age, the Messiah lived among men, to guide them lovingly, to ease their sufferings, and to give them his teaching, that they might love one another.

27. In that time I met men in a deep sleep, only made great by the riches and fortunes of the world. So when they learned that the promised Messiah had been born in an inconspicuous birthplace, their bewilderment was very great.

28. I met my people, having become a subject of the emperor. But I gave them the light, peace and comfort. It was written that the word of the Father would come to speak to men and teach them to obey the law, and to save them from destruction. It was necessary that it would drink a cup of suffering to show you the way to salvation.

29. From my tender childhood I spoke to the teachers of the law and was I like a saving star that leads the straying ones to the port of their salvation.

30. Beloved people: Hard was the struggle of my apostles to prepare mankind with my teaching. After my departure, they set out to fight without hesitation, without shrinking from the wickedness of their fellow men. They trusted in Me and spread my teachings of love and mercy day after day. But what did mankind do with them? Reject them and drag them to the scaffold of blood. They were persecuted and mocked, but they fulfilled my mission until the last moment of their lives.

31. In this day I say to you, people, you will no longer be martyrs; today I require of you only preparation, that you may bring bread and water to mankind. But also in this time men will stand in your way.

32. You are Israel, the strong man of mankind, whom I have appointed as a support for your fellow men. Through you they will obtain the mercy, forgiveness, love and mercy of your God.

33. In the Second Age the wise men, whom you have called "the Magi," offered Me gold, frankincense, and myrrh as proof of their knowledge. Even the simple shepherds laid their offerings at My feet. Today, however, I receive from your souls as a sacrifice of love your elevation, your prayer.

34. Beloved people: In all ages I have spoken to you, and in this third age I have taught you many things. Some of you have heard Me only a little. But my great teachings have been written down by my "gold feathers," and once you no longer hear Me through a voice bearer, they will continue to guide and encourage you. For the food that I give you at my table will taste delicious and will cause your soul to feel strengthened.

35. Forget your pain in the moment you receive my word. Move away from the temptations of this world, be devout at this spiritual table. Bless those who hear my word with this preparation, for it is life for your soul.

36. Temptation robs you of the pure garment. But when I see sorrow and deep pain with you, I cover you again with my spiritual mantle.

37. Be strong in the trials of this life, solve your problems through the light I have entrusted to you Remove all obstacles from your path that might hinder you in your development. Remove fanaticism and hypocrisy from your heart, be the strong in this world and forge a chain of love and brotherhood.

38. You are spiritualists, you do not build material churches with bronze bells, you build a church in your soul, in your heart, and the Father will come to this church and be with you forever I myself will be the light of this church.

39. understand that I have come at this time to awaken you from the sleep of death, to show you a new day, that you may hear My Voice and see Me

40. You are the children of light, who are charged to enlighten the mysteries which men have discovered in my work, so that all may understand me.

41. All the former customs which you have added to my work you will have to give up, then you will spiritualize with one purpose and one will.

42. You were oppressed by wickedness and chained to materialism, and awaited Me under the roof of the churches of stone, which man has created You did not understand that I came in Spirit at this time to give you my teaching. But here I am, making myself known among the humble, that they may bring to the world the message that will liberate mankind spiritually.

43. As a loving Father I come to you to show you my love For even before the judge I am your Father who forgives you and covers your spiritual nakedness with his cloak. But as a perfect judge I give you my word and give you the opportunity to give your soul back its original purity.

44. Now is the time for you to fulfill my law. Do you want me to call you to account again because you have not understood me? You must be the good and faithful disciples of the Third Age ─ sleep no longer! Remember that my wounds still shed divine blood.

45. Do not wait until my justice is felt among you. Arise, people, and show Me the multiplication of the seed I have entrusted to you. But if you have not yet experienced a conversion of the world, it is because you have not prepared and spiritualized.

46. Israel, prepare yourselves, for you must set out and spread my teaching so that mankind may understand it and then, when you no longer hear my word, there will be no pain in you.

47. Chosen people: spiritualize, go forward, so that the passing of time may not catch you unprepared. Make yourselves worthy of the reward that awaits you in the high beyond.

48. The time is come when the Master will no longer give you his word through the voice-bearers. But is it not my will that you return to the ways where you may lose the armor you have gained by the practice of my teachings. Use my power, and there shall be light in your minds.

49. I have illuminated your path, because I am the guide of your soul. I work you to save you. I am your father, and as father I have given you my word so that you no longer fall on your way.

50. Seek Me, my children, in your heart, for I dwell there. Feel repentance so that you may live in the Promised Land.

51. I am the light that is continually radiating.

52. I am "the Eternal Word" who asks you: When will you return to Me?

53. Blessed are you, blessed people; my peace, my light and my love are with you.

54. My people: Today is a day of remembrance, on which all mankind is preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. People have united spiritually to present their petitions and ask for the peace of the world. But while for some this prayer springs from the bottom of their hearts, for others it consists only of words. True prayer, which is born of spiritualization, is practiced only by a very small number. But the arming of all the peoples of the earth, united with the preparation of the spiritualist people, forms one prayer, one petition that comes to Me.

55. The love which I preached to the world as Master has not been understood, and therefore man, with his enmities, stirs up murderous wars. It is your works which bring the fruit, which you then reap. If you want to be just, you have every opportunity to do good. I pour out my grace in you so that you may fulfill your mission with all perfection. But if you want to impose your will and your selfishness and do not obey my law, then you will be responsible for the evil you have caused.

56. Spiritualist people: It is your task to unite with the spiritual forces that are active in space to help the world. Unite also with those who think of a world of peace and tranquility, love and well-being.

57. Beloved people: My word nourishes not only you. My word is an inspiration to all those who feel human pain ─ to those who desire goodness and mercy for humanity. Blessed are those who forgive and repent of their debts, who are ready to purify themselves and overcome themselves in order to rise spiritually and serve humanity. To them I give my grace, my inspiration, my forgiveness.

58. The only way that the nations can live in peace is obedience to the Christian principles which Jesus taught the world in the Second Age and which I am reminding you of today.

59. It is the principles of love, understanding and mercy that humanity must exercise in order to live in peace. But also to those who lack spiritual development, I give my love and my grace without paying attention to their debts. I consider you all as my flock and love you all equally. Therefore I say to you: No one is far from Me; my forgiveness includes the whole world. Even if you rebel against my law and nourish your enmities, I forgive you once and a thousand times so that you may have the same opportunities to renew yourselves and reach eternal perfection.

60.- Spiritualism is not a religion; it is the same teaching as that which I spread in the person of Jesus for the guidance of all men of all times in the world. It is my teaching of love, justice, understanding and forgiveness.

61. In this Third Age I have spoken to you only with greater clarity because of your spiritual, physical, and intellectual development.

62. Spiritualism is to be in all and every man. I speak to the soul so that it may rise up together with its body and that it may receive from its own soul revelation and inspiration which can be applied to itself and for the common good, thus fulfilling the universal law to work for the good of mankind.

63. My spiritual work has been understood at all times by all those people who have awakened and developed towards eternal perfection. They have received from the inexhaustible source of my grace and my divine wisdom and, inspired by the spiritual world, have prepared a better future for men. All scientific and charitable development for mankind has been inspired by the high spirit beings who, as teachers, unceasingly direct the brains that prepare to work for the common good.

64. In this way the brain receives the meaning of my teaching, the inspiration of my wisdom. But according to man's spiritual preparation, with his inclinations and freedom of thought, he can absorb these ideas for his own good or for his own ruin.

65. When the scientist works with his intellectual capacity for the ruin and destruction of mankind, he should not attribute this to the inspiration of the high spirit beings.

66. These spirits have inspired his brain to understand nature, to study it, to discover its great secrets and to comprehend all its manifestations. But man has the freedom to apply this inspiration, this grace, in the form he wishes. It comes to him as a benefit; but if his feelings are without nobility, or if he wants to use this inspiration to cause evil because of his corrupt instincts or lack of spiritualization, he can do so too.

67. This is the freedom of will that I have granted man, so that he may be responsible for his actions and through them acquire merits or undergo the purification that his imperfect works bring about.

68. Man has been created in regard to his spiritual part of being to the "image and likeness" of his God, since he is endowed with the same abilities as the Divine Spirit. Your body belongs to the earth, but your spirit soul has come forth from me and must return to me pure and perfect. Therefore, the path of the soul is one of long development.

69. In its eternal existence, not a single body is sufficient for your soul, any more than a single garment is sufficient for your body during its life on this world. Therefore the reincarnation of the soul is necessary for its development. At each stage you will learn about wealth and poverty, health and all the diseases that afflict people. You learn about selfishness, pride, sorrow and lack of mercy, but also about forgiveness and love, nobility and generosity.

70. You have reached this time, incarnated in different bodies. Your soul has gradually cleansed itself of its stains. For from the beginning it allowed itself to be defeated by the inclinations of the body and thus distanced itself from the purity and perfection which it possessed when it came forth from me.

71. You have reached the Third Time, and your soul has developed, but not sufficiently enough to be able to completely control its physical instincts and to be able to live in a completely spiritual stage

72. In this Third Time I have explained my teaching through the human organ of the mind to give you a new opportunity on the path of development of your soul.

73. Blessed people: Just as my disciples in the Second Time did not understand the greatness of my teachings as long as they heard me and were witnesses of my great works, until I was no longer with them, and only then made the resolution to adapt their actions as far as possible to my teaching, so will the same happen with you, people. I leave you spiritual wisdom so that your actions may be worthy and worthy of my work, and that it may serve you as foundation and inspiration, and that you may tell the world with each of your works that Christ has revealed himself spiritually and that he exudes his inspiration as an inexhaustible source of grace and wisdom by means of the mind prepared by his infinite mercy.

74. I have taught you to see God as the All-One, as the miracle without limits for your spiritual imagination, as the force that causes movement and action throughout the universe ─ as the life that is revealed both in the simplest plant and in those worlds that orbit to millions in the universe without any of them disobeying the law that governs them.

75. That law, I am I, your God, is the law of incessant development, which amazes man and opens wide fields of research that allow him to penetrate more and more into the mysteries of nature.

76. In this way the communion between man and God will also be confirmed by the knowledge of this nature, in which the greatness and power of God is revealed.

77. God is then no figure, no symbol, nor a phenomenon.

78. All that has been created has been formed by a continuous development ─ I have already told you ─ from the beginning of life, that is, from the moment when I manifested life in an atom, and this unfolded into molecules and the molecules into elements, and from these the worlds arose, which were populated according to the same law of logical and natural development.

79. My teaching is the basis of every knowledge, of every activity ─ it is the light to be able to recognize all wonders, which man is not yet able to comprehend because of his lack of spiritualization.

80. It is man who erects barriers for his spiritual progress. God does not punish, nor is He an executioner. God is omnipotent, He is power, light, life, and love. He incarnated His "Word" in order to live on earth like you, exposed to the same temptations, and through this He loved you even more. Since God is wisdom, understanding, universal peace ─ how can you believe that although I love you as I love you ─ that although I bestow so many graces and gifts on man ─ that although I prepare him for an eternal spiritual life, I could punish him?

No, humanity, it is you yourselves who are subject to all these tests of pain that affect you. You throw the spear that wounds your fellow man, you raise the murderous hand to remove the one who disturbs you. This is why I tell you that it is you who undergo purification according to my divine justice. If your works are directed toward all-embracing perfection, then you have earned a reward through your merits. But if your works are bad, a purification, whether in the body or in the spiritual.

81. The powers that represent evil gradually form a mighty core to plunge the world into its wars, so that men may reject one another and destruction may be everywhere.

82. This will be the last year in which I will remind you of the Christian principles of love and forgiveness through the human intellect.

83. Love your neighbor, live in peace with yourselves, forgive those who offend you For Christ forgives you, and your Master, revealed in this Third Age as the light of the HolySpirit, likewise forgives mankind.

84. My people: Open your lips to give comfort, encouragement and counsel. Let each of your actions be an example of love, so that my teaching may be understood more through your works than through your words.

85. In this way the world will understand that Christ walked again on earth ─ not in bodily form, with the body that Jesus possessed during 33 years, but through the light and spiritual wisdom poured out on each of His disciples.

86. Beloved people: For the sake of the noble and generous one who is in your souls, I tell you Put my teaching into practice, do good, condemn no one. Take care that your body is not a tool that causes you to degenerate and become unclean, but that it helps you to uplift your soul, and that you, even when you are tempted, may emerge victorious from them.

87. Consider your body as something fragile that has been given to the soul for its development.

88. Do not condemn the other teachings as imperfect, confine yourselves to working good

89. I place my pure and pure work in your hands, and you will be responsible for the way in which spiritualism unfolds.

90. I leave you no fixed ritual acts, nor the obligation to perform certain rites. For it is not my will that you should again fall into fanaticism. You are to gather together to study my word and to make sure that others share in this knowledge.

91. Spiritualization will become tangible once all peoples have the same worldview. Then will be the kingdom of Christ.

92. The Christian principle will prevail, and spirituality will serve as a guide for men to establish the just laws that are to govern humanity. Only then will there be peace in the world.

93a. How often do you come together to study my word, to share your problems, to do something for the common good, to ask for spiritual help, to pray spiritually. Concentrate on yourselves, then everyone prepared in this way will speak of you and give advice. In him the words of the Master will be repeated, which He has given through the voice bearers. But it will not be necessary for him to be in rapture; only by inspiration will he have the opportunity to exercise mercy and cause my work to be recognized and felt.

94. People, go to the people, speak to them as Christ has spoken to you, with the same mercy, purpose and hope

95. Let them know that there are ways of exaltation which give greater satisfactions than those which give earthly goods Let them know that there is a faith that makes people believe and hope for more than the tangible. Tell them that their soul will live eternally, and that they must therefore prepare themselves to enjoy this eternal bliss.

96. Fulfill your task in this way, set out with the truth and generosity of your works, and once you come to Me, I will tell you: be blessed, form a part of Myself, enjoy the ineffable happiness of my divinity Forget matter, forget that you have had sufferings in the world, and you will have no reason to feel pain again and be exposed to innumerable temptations.

97. You will only be spirit beings who, through your merits, have climbed the ladder to perfection ─ those Jacobs Ladder of Heaven, a ladder of development that starts from the earth and loses itself in the infinite. You will have ascended step by step, and finally it will lead you to eternal life, to the kingdom of light.

My peace be with you! 

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