What Marc is saying: keep the faith. It's all good.
And I think, what if it degenerates into a full-fledged war?
And I hear in me:
(Means: In a fighter plane fit 2 bombs).
"The ascended masters (Scholz &Co) are masters of stupidity."
I see myself greedily devouring a morsel ....
"Why don't you practice renunciation? Once again .....!"
The puff pastry ... I baked sausages wrapped in puff pastry. I repent...
Please forgive me, Father.
Kaufland now carries cereal and pasta made from beetle flour (with toxic quinine from the beetle shells in the flour).
That night I saw Putin - I met Putin. He was very kind and gentle and humble from the heart, but he was in deepest sorrow. So I met him and I felt that he loves us, as his own people.
He wants to negotiate. Shyly I said, "America. They are forcing us.
But Putin wants peace. They are forcing him too.
Father wants us to pray unceasingly now and to fast and make sacrifices of renunciation.
I appeal to all of us to urgently comply with this wish of Father. After all, that is what will lead to peace and not weapons.

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