BTL - Volume 12 - Teaching 345

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 345

My peace be with you!

1. Welcome all to the Master!

2. Beloved people: Only a few morning devotions have passed since I have been among you as Judge, since I judged my people Israel to the innermost part and found some praying and intercessory, others indifferent to spiritual revelations and only open to the temptations of the world. Some I met with true spiritual preparation and open-mindedness, others in regression ─ a part of my children lost in routine, and some without spiritual preparation.

3. I assessed the love of the people and discovered that they did not yet love each other fraternally, that spiritual harmony is not yet felt and lived by my chosen people.

4. I heard the prayer of the congregation, and in some of them there was repentance for their transgressions, in others a timid plea for world peace and for the unification of the people of Israel. But how few, in truth, were those who knew how to humbly exalt themselves before the Master, conscious of their responsibility before God and before the world, with true spiritual vision, in the desire for teaching ─, who knew how to bow their necks before the judge, nestled themselves in the arms of the Father as children who know that God is love above all.

On this blessed occasion, in this moment of grace, the Father poured out his spiritual benefits. He transmitted his inspirations, his justice and his instructions partly through human mediation, and to a great extent also from Spirit to Spirit, especially to his people, but also to the world and the whole world.

5. This has already been my last teaching address, in which I came to you as judge, in which my ray, transmitted by the human mind, was with you, surrounded by the "workers" of all provinces, by the representatives of all communities, by the Trinitarian Marian spiritualist ministers, through whose rallies I announced my work and encouraged the faith of the crowds.

6. I will see you again so united in the times to come, but no longer in this kind of rallies. So the people in their Spirit felt ahead and sobbed. The "flesh" was weak and resisted the near departure and the ending of these rallies.

7. Elijah had prepared you, had pointed out this moment to you in advance with his spiritual index finger, so that all the people would be awake, awakened and alert, so that they would not be indifferent to this time of judgment and grace. For Elijah always shows himself as a forerunner in the way of souls, and prepares the paths, removes thorns and stones, so that the feet of my children do not hurt themselves on the way. He rings the spiritual bell that speaks through conscience to the very depths of the soul, to make you awake, filled with light, to hear the voice of Him who is coming ─ of Him who always says, "Here am I." For the Father is present at every moment and in every place.

8. I searched the heart of men in every moment of judgment and met it full of pain, uncertainty, dark forebodings. I approached to hear his throbbing, to hear his plea, who are less and less spiritual, who are moving further and further away from their origins because they long for material things, only for the knowledge and inclinations of the earth. Thus I met mankind, man, occupied only with the goods of the world, but with a fearful soul, which kept only a ray, a spark of hope. But I did not extinguish this spark ─. On the contrary, I enlivened it with my truth, my consolation, my encouragement and my essence. These I radiated spiritually all over the world in that moment of grace, so that my presence would be felt and my essence would be in all without any exception, because Elijah had also made himself known before. When I came, the souls and hearts had already been prepared by the Spirit of Elijah, the precursor of God at all times and in all ages. For Elijah is the one who has always been with you and whom you have seldom felt.

9. Elijah is the great Spirit, who is at the right hand of God, who in his humility calls himself servant of God; through his mediation, as well as through other great spirits, I move the spiritual universe and carry out great and high counseling. Yes, my disciples, I have hosts of great spirits at my service, who rule creation.

10. Then you ask yourselves, "Is not the Father the One who does everything? But I answer you: I am the One who does everything, because I am in all spirits. I am in all creatures, and without me nothing moves. But just as I have given life to many spirits, I have given them all a share in my work, in my labor, a place in my creation ─ a worthy place at my right hand. After I had prepared you all from the first to the last for that morning of grace that passed by, Elijah showed his Lord the fields rich in weeds. But the father told him: "Let it be allowed! Nor will the weeds multiply a little, nor will the tares continue to grow, deepening their roots and spreading even more over the earth. But soon the harvest time will come, soon the sickle will set in, and then among the evil seed there will also be the wheat, though truly sparse. But it will be kept in my barns to be sown again when the hour for it has come and the earth is suitable and fertile, while the tares will be tied in sheaves and thrown into the fire.

11. Evil is increased among men, my people. Goodness, virtue, and love have been weak against the invasion of evil, diseases, plagues, epidemics, and calamities. All that is the seed of the corrupt has infected the heart of the good, has made some stumble, has decimated the number of the faithful, because evil has exercised great power over mankind.

12. I have allowed such things to happen for the sake of the freedom of will granted to you. For behind all the corruption, all the darkness and blindness of men, there is a divine light, the Spirit, which does not pass away and never will pass away. There is an original being, which is the soul of light, which keeps immaculately the kiss which the Father gave it, and which is the divine seal, with which I sent all my children on the way of battle. Through this characteristic none of these souls will be lost.

13. Great is the number of those who go astray. But on the face of the earth, in the bosom of the various nations that make up the population of the earth, in the insignificant villages and in the lowlands, there is no lack of some hearts that know how to rise up, that keep the covenant made with their Lord and are an example and spiritual support for the multitudes. When they pray, ask Me: "Why is there so much evil? Why is there no repentance in the hearts of men? Why doesn't humanity awaken for good, for peace? Why are people not able to understand each other, to love one another, to recognize one another as brothers and sisters in God?

14. But the Father gives peace of mind and hope to those who are awake and praying, and tells them Wait until those who have sinned the most ─ those who have caused this humanity the most pain will later be its greatest benefactors, because they will not really "die". The sin will die, their body will disappear, the dark powers will disappear as the cause of man's sin. But the soul, guided by its Spirit, will never disappear, even if it has to go through great melting pots, great reparations and soul purification, even if it has to go through bodily death, even if it feels that the darkness surrounding it at atonement is eternal ─ even if it feels that the fire of its repentance is hellfire. All this will pass, out of all this she will emerge safe and sound ─ purer than gold when it passes through the crucible.

15. You cannot imagine nor evaluate life by the appearance of man. You do not know what happened before your existence on earth in other worlds, in the beyond, which is unfathomable for you. But remember my teachings, they are your way.

16. There are forces invisible to the human eye and imperceptible to the science of man, which constantly influence your life. There are good and there are bad, those of light and also dark ones.

17. Where do these influences come from? From the Spirit, from the mind, from the feelings.

18. All these vibrations permeate space, fighting among themselves and influencing your life. These influences emanate both from souls incarnated and from beings without earthly bodies. For both on earth and in the hereafter there are souls of light as well as confused souls.

19. When you ask me how the beginning, the origin of those powers was, the Father answers you:

20. Before there were worlds, before all creatures and matter came to life, my Divine Spirit already existed. But as All-unity I felt in myself an immeasurable emptiness, for I was like a king without subjects, like a master without disciples. For this reason, I made the plan to create similar beings to me, to whom I would dedicate my whole life, whom I would love so deeply and intimately that I would not hesitate to sacrifice my blood on the cross to ─ when the time came.

21. Do not take offence when I tell you that I loved you already before you existed. Yes, beloved children!

22. So that God could call Himself Father, He made Spirits emerge from His bosom ─ creatures that were similar to Him in their divine qualities. This was your origin, so you rose to spiritual life.

23. But since the Father is infinite, and, having created your soul, longed to be understood by His children, He created the material life, He created one of your temporary homes ─ the world.

24. The Father formed and prepared everything with perfect, infinite patience, so that the child would not find any imperfection, but would find the trace of His Father at every step and in every work. For from the beginning everything was planned like a book, on the pages of which you would find in the course of time the longed-for answer to the question you would ask me: "Who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going?

25. When everything was prepared, I gave the soul an earthly body that would serve it as a rod, as a garment, to inhabit a wonderful world that had been created for it with wisdom and perfection ─ a book that presented itself to the children of the Lord with all its lessons and beauties as a stepladder that began in this world and reached up to infinity

26. And when everything was prepared, I told the incarnated soul, the human being: Here is your temporary home. Go your ways, drink from the springs, taste and enjoy the fruits, recognize Me in all this.

27. This has been your beginning in material life, but what the Father is telling you here is far behind, has been buried in the course of time.

28. Your calculations, your highest sciences, to measure and calculate times, would not be enough to determine the beginning of a work that God alone can accomplish, because He is the only One who will always be beyond times

29. Since the scientist cannot exactly determine the age of this world ─ how could he then fathom the beginning of Universal Life if I do not reveal it to him? Nevertheless ─ so that you do not rack your brains because you want to know what is beyond your reach, you should be content with the knowledge that the Father, the Omnipresent, in whom that which has been, that which is, and that which will be, is present, has told you on this day: The beginning of your life lies very far back; the knowledge of it has been lost in the course of time.

30. When man began to live in the world, he led a spiritual life full of purity and innocence. But the Father asks you: Do you think that I was satisfied with the purity of these creatures ─ a purity that came from their ignorance, their lack of knowledge? No, disciples, because of this ignorance the Father could not be recognized, understood, nor loved, because of this lack of spiritual merits none of his divine qualities could be appreciated, and I did not want you to be lower creatures subject to my higher will; or something like those machines you construct ─ without your own will, without your own life.

Therefore I granted the soul the gift of freedom of will, and I allowed the body to reveal to the soul the secrets of human life. But I made known to the soul by means of intuition the existence of the Creator-Father. Considering the weakness of the body, it was the strength of the soul, guided by the Light of the Spirit, in which are my righteousness, my wisdom and my voice.

31. In the moment when the soul awoke to human life through the "voice" of its physical senses, it renounced its spiritual life, and the melting pot, the struggle, the hardships, the pain, the consequences of all thoughts, words and works began, and the unfolding of the soul and human abilities began.

32. Yes, my children, the consequences of all thoughts, words, and works, which man experienced from the beginning because of the freedom of will, caused the invisible forces, those vibrations of good and evil.

33. Those who began to live in a healthy way in the use of freedom of will and tried to obtain their own and their neighbor's well-being produced healing, benevolent vibrations. But those who, in the same use of freedom of will, did not listen to the voice of conscience and followed the selfish inclinations inherent in their bodies, produced ominous, seductive forces.

34. Both vibrations remained in the room ─ ready to increase or decrease their intensity, according to the thoughts of people, according to their previous works. But these invisible forces would not remain separate from the development of souls ─ no, disciples. These vibrations would remain latently above all souls and obey them according to their thoughts and works.

35. Those who were inspired by the light of conscience were able to ward off the bad influences and turned to the benevolent, healing vibrations. But those who, in using the freedom of will, did works that were contrary to the Divine Commandment, attracted corrupting, ominous vibrations, thus increasing their confusion, and from this imbalance come the diseases and the base passions that torture man to your days.

36. I, who know your beginnings and your future in eternity, gave weapons to the first men with which they were to fight against the forces of evil. But they spurned them, preferring the fight of evil against evil, in which no one really wins, because both come out defeated.

37. If you ask Me what were the weapons I gave to mankind to fight against evil, I tell you that they were prayer, perseverance in the law, and love for one another.

38. I have spoken to you about the origin of the forces of good and evil, and now I tell you: These vibrations had to reach all the worlds I would create to test the children of the Lord. But with this I did not want your ruin, but your perfection. The proof of this is that I have always revealed myself to my children ─, whether it be that I spoke to you through conscience, whether it be that I taught you through my messengers, or whether it be that I became man among my children through Jesus as in that Second Time.

39. There are no races or tribes, however uncultivated they may appear to you ─ even those whom you do not know, because they live in inaccessible forests ─ who would not have experienced manifestations of my love. In moments of danger they have heard heavenly voices that protect, guard and advise them.

40. You have never lived abandoned. From the beginning, when you came to life, you have been under the shield of my love.

41. You human parents who tenderly love your children: would you be able to abandon them to their fate when they have hardly been born into this life, when they need your care, your devotion, your love most? I have seen you worried about your children, even when they have reached adulthood; even those who have passed away, those who have hurt you, you worry with the greatest love.

But if you respond to the needs of your children in this way ─ how will be the love of your Heavenly Father, who loved you even before you existed?

42. Always I have come to your aid; and in this time when I meet you with greater spiritual development, I have been teaching you how to fight to destroy the evil forces and the way to increase the vibrations of good

For the old beliefs, images, figures and symbolic names with which the people of past times represented evil, gave it a human form, granted it a spiritual existence ─ beliefs that have reached up to the present generations ─ must disappear. Because without being aware of it, you have created superstitious myths and cults with them, which are unworthy of the spiritual development that man has reached in this time.

43. You tell me: "Father, if by making bad use of the gift of freedom of will, by not listening to the voice of conscience and by our violations of your law, we have given greater power to the vibrations of evil ─, what must we do to be spiritually free to attain the peace of the Kingdom of Heaven? The Father answers you: The freedom that your Spirit and Mine long for will be obtained through the merits of your reparation.

44. When will you attain your spiritual liberation? The Father does not reveal this to you at this moment; he only invites you to persevere in my law, to be strong in the great trials, with the weapons which my love inspires you to fight against the forces of evil. Then you will see coming the establishment of my kingdom in the heart of humanity, which today is divided into races, languages and skin colors, divided by different ideologies into doctrines, power aspirations and enmities. You will see them remain in Spirit and in truth in the virtues, clinging to my teachings and speaking my name with reverence. But ah! how many sorrowful moments and how many temptations will you have to live through!

45. Watch and pray, overcome in my name, then you will truly have achieved your spiritual transfiguration. Heaven will set in with you, and a smile of peace and true rejoicing will appear. The Prodigal Son of the parable will return to the Father's home, and you will experience that after so many struggles and falls, mankind will finally attain the peace promised to men of good will.

46. Strengthen yourselves in my teachings and share this light with mankind. Tell them what is the origin of evil and how they can fight it by resorting to the weapons of love and virtue.

47. Tell her that the vibrations of good and evil already existed when man appeared on the face of this world, and that from the beginning my wise and loving justice has allowed souls faithful to the light of conscience as well as beings determined by freedom of will to incarnate ─ in this world, some to atone for humanity, others to bless it. Therefore, in all epochs of human life, you have seen how great Spirits have appeared ─ some for good, others for evil ─ souls full of power, full of strength, and when you saw the appearance of these souls incarnated in people doing charitable works, you did not understand why not all people are like this. Mankind has been mistaken in considering them to be extraordinary human beings, because in the same time when other human beings are so little evolving, they are able to reveal themselves with so much power, with so much light, with so much love, wisdom or virtue. The reason for this is that these souls were not born to begin their development on earth, but because they are souls who have purified themselves on other worlds, in other places, which are also unknown to you, ─ because they did not come to you to sow sparsely, but to bring with them the harvest, the cultivated fruit, which was brought to maturity by them at other times and in other places. They have brought their taste, their life force, their essence to your lips and have flooded your existence with well-being. They have given an example to your soul and encouragement and support to your human heart. Some of them have been prophets, others have been patriarchs or scholars or kings, some have been judges or teachers. Others have communicated the beauty of nature, heart and soul to make your heart feel the beauty of creation.

48. You were also amazed at the violence that men and women have revealed in their wickedness throughout all the ages of your human existence. The book of your historiography has collected their names. In the book of remembrance of your existence, in the book in which God writes down and records all your deeds, all your works, their names are also included, and you have wondered that one soul, one human heart, can hold so much power for evil, can maintain so much courage, so as not to tremble at its own works; that it can silence the voice of its conscience, so as not to hear God's accountability, which He demands through it from all its children. And how often has the life journey of those souls on this planet been long and lasting. I have used these people who, because of the freedom of will, have opposed my love and my justice, and have just used their disobedience to make them my servants. In the opinion to act freely, all their thoughts, words and deeds were a tool of my justice ─ both in relation to themselves and to others.

49. But when will that rule end? ─ The Father tells you: The dominion of evil has never (completely) ruled mankind, for even in the times of greatest corruption there were faithful men who were obedient to my teaching and apostles of my law. But the struggle has always existed from the beginning.

Which of those two forces has been superior in the struggle so far? That of evil! Therefore, I had to make myself audible physically among you to stand by you, to revive your hope and your faith in Me, to give warmth to your hearts and to tell you: You are not alone on the path, I have never lied to you. You must never change the principles that I have put in you. This is the way of good and love.

50. For God there is no name of religions, nor organizations of religions. For the Father, only the actions that the souls have done in His law of justice and love are important.

I have truly always been with you and am in all beings of creation. But when it has been necessary to limit myself, to approach me and to make myself sensually perceptible because of my love, I have always done so ─ be it by making my voice humanly audible as at Sinai, be it by speaking through the mouth of the prophets, be it when I became human, by incarnating my own "Word" in that Second Time, to become a living word and miracle, to have human blood, to be visible and perceptible even to the most material eye of every human being. Just as it is now in this Third Age, choosing from among you men and women of different ages, nationalities and social classes to give, through some, others and all, the same word, the same meaning, the same revelation and the same witness.

51. But verily I say to you Elijah has always been there before. Before man would inhabit the planet, Elijah came to give it a spiritual atmosphere, to flood all the regions of your homes with spiritual essence, to transform this planet not only into an earthly paradise, but into a sanctuary for the soul, so that man would not only bow down to nature to worship it, but that he would discover through nature the presence of his God. Even before you would arrive, Elijah was there. Why? Because the Father had to come to make his voice known from the first inhabitants to the last. And indeed, the first ones heard Me, and though they did not see Me in all My glory, nor saw My Divine Spirit in any allegory, they knew that I am Spirit, and felt My presence. They knew that I existed, that I spoke, that I was their father, that I looked upon them and judged them, that I offered all good things and afflicted and rebuked them for all evil.

52. But that you might bear witness of the existence of Elijah, I sent him in the First Time to incarnate, that he might bear witness of himself and of his father And indeed, he was one of those extraordinary Spirits who surprised mankind, who amazed people through their manifestations, through their works, through their words ─ a man who ─ without being a scientist ─ had the forces of nature in his hands ─ a man who, although he was human to overcome death and to outlive it ─ a man who summoned the forces of nature with his invocation to astound the disbelief and materialism of mankind ─ a man who ─ without being a magician ─ really had power over the disembodied souls, and of all this he gave great proofs to those who surrounded him.

53. Elijah rose up as a prophet, making prophecies which soon came true, and which the same witnesses who had heard them saw come true, and also prophecies given for long periods of time, which the new generations have witnessed. And he also defended the servants of the Lord by afflicting the Gentiles with the hand of righteousness. He also strengthened the good faith of those who believed and worshipped their invisible God, who punished the materialism, superstition and paganism of the Gentile nations. I manifested myself through his mediation, I spoke through his mouth to men. I placed my power in his right arm, and so that you would be witnesses that Elijah himself survived death and was in real life, I made him return.

54. He had to come before the Messiah to prepare the ways to shake men out of their deep lethargy, to revive the hopes of those who day by day and from generation to generation, from parents to children, have awaited with so much love the coming of the Master, the Messiah I caused Elijah to be in truth and in Spirit in the Baptist, the forerunner, ─ in him who told you: "Prepare yourselves, repent and pray, for the kingdom of heaven is near. And the people of Israel, who believed in the prophecies of the Baptist, who feared, fasted, and prayed at his words, purified their souls and hearts, and felt in them the imminent coming of the Good News, the Master's kingdom.

55. I caused the Baptist's life to be extraordinary, even before he became man, even before he was born in his mother's womb and thus in his childhood and youth and even in his last moment, so that his presence would wake you up, as the bell would wake you up, who sleeps, wakes you up so that he would unite you, as the shepherd unites his flock, would lead you to the bank of the river to purify you, to wash your bodies as a symbol of the purification of the soul, which only in this way can receive communion with its Lord.

56. After Elijah had fulfilled his mission to prepare everything like an obedient and humble servant, he placed the matter in the hands of the Lord and told Him: "Father, here is the multitude, here is the spiritual flock, which I leave in your hands, for there it is safe, for the surest obstacle is Your own Father's Heart".

57. I made Elijah return in the Third Time, and I as Master had announced him in that Second Time, saying, "Verily, Elijah has been among you, and you have not recognized him. I will return to the world, but verily I say to you: Elijah will be there before me.

Since every word of the Master is fulfilled, Elijah came before Me in the Third Age to awaken the souls, to let them suspect that the Hour of the HolySpirit was opening its gate, to tell each soul to open its eyes, to prepare to cross the threshold of the Second Age toward the Third. So that Elijah's rallies would be more comprehensible in this Third Age, I had him manifested through a just man: Roque Rojas.

58. Elijah enlightened this man spiritually from the beyond, inspired him, strengthened him and guided him in all his ways from the beginning to the end. But truly, I tell you, he did not choose Roque Rojas among men. I chose him, sent his soul prepared by my mercy. I gave him a body likewise prepared by Me, and you know that he was humbled, that the Father through his humility and virtue did great works. He was a prophet, voice bearer, seer and leader. Of all this he left a shining example to the people.

He was ridiculed and mocked by his own people, as Moses was in the desert, was persecuted like the prophet Elijah, and had to retreat to the top of the mountains to pray and stand up for his people. He was mocked and condemned like his master by priests and scribes. As his master believed, only a few followed and surrounded him. His hands exuded healing powers, performing miracles that awakened faith in some and caused confusion in others. For some, prophetic words came from his lips that were fulfilled to the letter. His mouth gave advice full of consolation for the sick hearts.

His mind was able to receive great inspirations and could fall into rapture like that of the righteous, the apostles and the prophets. His Spirit could leave this world and his body to enter the spiritual realm and humbly reach the doors of the Lord's Secret Treasury. By means of this elevation, the Spirit of Elijah manifested itself to the first witness before the ray of the Master came.

59. It was the light of Elijah that prepared him, that enlightened him and made him certain to those present, that testified and said, "I am the prophet Elijah, that of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

He spoke of judgment, of commissions and of death, and those present were truly shaken, and that shaking came from faith, from trust and devotion to the Lord. But after Elijah had prepared this way of new rallies, so that the presence of the Father would come in the Third Age, after he had prepared this way so that the Lord would come to this world through human mediation, he prepared the hearing, the heart and the whole being of man to listen attentively to the Word of the HolySpirit.

Elijah remained spiritually present among mankind to awaken all sleeping, to purify all defiled, to shroud all freezing in the fire of his Spirit, to lay out ways, paths and roads that would lead all souls to the way of truth. For Elijah does not only work among this people, his Spirit embraces all mankind in his struggle. When he made himself known through Roque Rojas, the gates of the Third Age opened to the world. For this is the time in which the 144,000 Spirits gradually come to incarnate.

60. Roque Rojas was the first marked one. I spoke to him spirit to spirit and told him, "Truly, great multitudes will gather around my word to be refreshed. But since they are still immature, I will have to reveal my word and my works through voice bearers. I will have to mark their bodily foreheads with a triangle to let them recognize that they belong to the 144,000, that they belong to those whom I announced already in the Second Time through another prophet, to fulfill in this time a difficult and great mission among mankind ─ a mission of redemption, spiritualization and elevation.

61. Through Roque Rojas I made you understand that you were in the time of the Sixth Seal, that the book opened for you in its sixth chapter, in its sixth part. That book with seven seals is the anticipated history of the existence of mankind, for God alone could write down the history of men before they would experience it. And since that book was closed in mystery, it could only open one hand, a holy and pure hand, a perfect hand, so that its contents would be revealed to mankind, and this was that of the Lamb, who was the one to be revealed by God Himself, Whom you have come to know through His teaching and sacrificial death in the Second Time ─ a sublime sacrifice of love ─ He was the only one worthy to open that book. For there was neither on earth, nor in heaven, nor in the creation area, nor on any world a Spirit who would have been worthy to open the book and reveal its contents to souls.

62. I have told you by this revelation that you belong to the sixth seal. But you have also belonged to the five preceding ones and must pass through the seventh until you enter into eternity.

The Seven Seals are your life, are your history, your struggles, your victories and defeats, your sufferings, battles, and finally your salvation full of glory, full of songs of praise, full of spiritual feasts at the right hand of your Lord, very close to Him. But there were confusions among my people, and after these confusions I did not find the true preparation with my voice bearers so that I as master as HolySpirit free you from them.

64. Elijah did not break the Seven Seals, nor did he plant them in your nation. Roque Rojas did not redeem the Seven Seals. The Book of the Seven Seals I Myself solved. God alone could reveal to His children the confidential things, the secrets of Himself. The HolySpirit, through my prophets and my apostles, revealed great lessons to you. But only your Lord is he who can open his heart so that you may contemplate his inner being. The prophets have spoken to you figuratively, but the Father has brought the realization and fulfillment of the prophecies for you.

65. You already recognize that I have been with you at all times and have given brilliance to your primitive weapons, to your original weapons, so that you may conquer evil that already existed before you were there, so that you always allow good inspirations to enter, so that you always attract the good radiations of the spiritual world of light ─ with your prayer and your virtue, so that you may be able to dream in your dreams, in your work, in your trials or critical moments, never fall into the nets of temptation, which has always been lying in wait for you, which has always promised you the way of evil full of pleasures and perishable riches, false lights, scholarship and honors, which are today and will no longer exist tomorrow, but leave great bitterness behind.

66. You already know that you have always had a shepherd who has prepared the way for you and has always followed you: Elijah. And when you say to Me, "Master, in these last times we have lacked great examples to follow Your path," the Master answers you: Take Roque Rojas as a good example! He is an image of Elijah, he watched over you as a shepherd, he consecrated his life to my service, and in him was purity, exaltation and love because he remained faithful to the mission I gave him as a good ambassador from the High Hereafter.

67. Not Roque Rojas made the law, nor did he give it to mankind. He was only the mouthpiece of the Father, so that through his mind and lips the law of the Father would reach the heart of men in words. As a voice bearer, he was able to surrender himself into my arms, he was able to inspire himself in me and to rapture, Elijah speaking through his mediation to give the first loaves of bread, the first drops of wine, the first food to those first participants who sat down at the table of the Lord in the Third Age. As a guide, he guided you on the path of truth so that you would not stumble, and he took care that you would not fall into fanaticism nor into idolatry ─ he took care that you would not confuse spiritualism with the materialistic sciences, which speak of the "Spirit", but not all my children ─ not in sects or churches ─ teach the practice of mercy and give you a pure word. As a seer he was able to see Me and to give a faithful testimony to those who heard him, so that they would strengthen in their faith, and his testimony has always been true.

68. But according to Roque Rojas you have had other examples ─ if not perfect ones, at least those that leave a seed in your hearts. Let yourselves be inspired by the good example of your brothers who are leading the way. But do not judge them with the strict judgment of a perfect judge, for then you would not be able to find the perfection you seek in them. But if you seek faithfulness with any of your brethren, you will find it ─. You will also discover courage, as well as zeal, self-denial and sacrifice.

69. Of all the virtues, you will discover with your brothers and sisters only one atom, one particle. But it is something after all, for it is the seed that I sow in the hearts of my disciples, since you are all such. But if you want to find perfection, seek it in my words. For in my word the Master is the Master, and He tells you without pride: He is truly perfect!

70. My rallies, which I have been giving you since 1866, will now soon come to an end. But if the Master no longer speaks through the mind of man, if this rallies for Me and for you ends ─, what will Elijah do?

71. I have already told you that after you have had Me through the mediation of man, you will have Me from Spirit to Spirit. Will your conversation be complete already on the day following my departure? Will the people of Israel begin to have the great inspirations and perfect communion with my Divine Spirit from the very first day after my departure? Already now I tell you: No. I have already announced and commanded you a time of meditation and preparation in these statements. For I certainly warn you in advance that in that time of reflection and preparation Elijah will be with you; but it will be spiritual. The spiritual gaze of the seers will bear witness to this, and your hearts will feel his presence, his warmth, and his prophecy and encouragement.

72. Once my people are prepared, the Master will come on his "cloud", that spiritual and universal cloud, to have dialogue with everyone who is truly prepared, to help those who are not, to help equip them and to awaken those who may be far from these teachings. Then I will have access not only to you, not only to this enlightened people will I find open doors for my spiritual dialogue. Verily, all over the globe men already expect me. Not all will be prepared as I have told you, but there will be the faithful, the steadfast, who have suffered much and have converted, and also those who have kept their preparation ─ there I am expected. I see them and will not disappoint them. I will be with them in Spirit and in truth.

73. Seers, prophets will appear all over the world, who will make rallies from Spirit to Spirit. Men and women of different ages and nationalities will speak of great inspirations. This time is already near, O people. Therefore I keep you awake, I train and teach you, so that you may not be tempted or confused. For great perversions will arise among this mankind in the times to come.

74. The spiritualization, which is my own kingdom, is approaching with great strides, just as those winds that come from the north, tearing down everything, bending all trees, making all forests tremble, knocking at doors and whipping the faces of all beings. In the same way, spiritualism will come as a storm of light and love ─ a storm that sweeps and tears down everything. But it will take place in the heart of men, in the heart of all institutions, in the bosom of all nations and all races. It is my kingdom, the dominion of the HolySpirit, the dominion of spiritual upliftment, peace and love.

75. Verily, you will then experience how mankind, from man to man, from heart to heart, will awaken, enter the temple, the sanctuary, the true Church of the HolySpirit, which is the Universal Work, which is the law of God, a law of justice and love. But you will experience that through spiritualism, people will be confused ─ whether they are striving for it, whether they are persecuting it, or whether they rejoice in having found it.

You will see people get into spiritual confusion, into great fanaticism. For for a teaching to really gain a foothold in the heart of man, it must first be like a pasture of fanaticism and idolatry of mankind. The spiritual fanaticism of men will be very great in the Third Age. They will want to devote themselves to it with such power that they will disregard public life itself, will disregard their bodies, will disregard many earthly laws, in order to devote themselves entirely to the spiritual ─ to think, dream, live and forget the earthly only for the existence of the soul. But then just those laws that are inherent in the material, that have a principle of justice in the spiritual, will dedicate themselves to the task to shake them up, to haunt them, to rebuke and correct them.

76. You too, as disciples of this work, as the 144,000 designated, as the Spiritual Israel, taught at all times by the Father, will have the great obligation to open yourselves up in my words, with your great spiritual book of wisdom, with your standards of peace, unity and good will, with your weapons of justice, with your gifts of revelation, prophecy, intuition, interpretation, study, to say to mankind, "This is the Father's work! This is true spiritualism, and this is the right way to practice it! This is the worship, the service, which the Father has taught as the HolySpirit!

77. There your fields will be without end, there your work will be that awaits you. There will be day without night, work without fatigue and battle without death. There will be the feast for your soul, a feast of love and redemption, a feast of battle!

The greater your work is, the greater your joy will be, and you will pass from this life to another, carrying in your soul the harvest of your mission fulfillment as the best proof that you have belonged to the faithful of the Lord ─ to the souls that have come to this world only to sow peace and love.

From the High Beyond you will see the struggles of this world. From there, you will see the seeds of light and love penetrate everywhere, you will see everything transformed, you will see all the principles of humanity shaken to their foundations, and you will await the Father's orders to come, to return to the world, as it is the Father's will.

Those of you who have not completed their work, who have not finished their work, will have to come again, and others will have to go to other worlds, into the bosom of other associations of souls. But this shall not make you sad ─ Do not think of eternal rest in the bosom of God.

78. Your "flesh" thinks of rest because it is weak. But for the soul, resting would be its worst punishment, since the best reward for the soul is activity, work, struggle, because with it it glorifies its Father, taking its God as an example, who never rests, who never sleeps and never tires. Tiredness does not exist in the soul, which is in full development, not even night, not hunger nor thirst.

79. It will be enough that death awakens your soul in the High Hereafter, and from that very moment on it will understand everything instead of being confused, telling Me: "My Father, today My wings are opening to conquer Infinity, and today I can understand everything through the Light You have given Me at all times Show Me my task, my mission." Do you know, for example, whether you, who feel insignificant today, will not go to other worlds to appear there as great souls, as prophets, as masters, inspired by the beautiful works of the universe?

80. You do not know, but the Father tells you very well that your day's work will not end with death, that your journey will not be over when you spiritually arrive with Me, that you still have much ahead of you to see and experience, to learn and also to do.

81. You hear this my word on earth through the human mind, and on higher levels of life than yours the Inhabitants of the same, other souls, likewise hear it; just as the spirit beings of other, still higher levels of life hear it, who are at home there. For this "concert," which the Father performs with the spirits of light in the Third Age, is universal. I have said it: my ray is universal; my word and my spirit essence (contained in it) are likewise universal, and even on the highest level, which spirits have reached, they hear me. You are currently hearing Me in this rallies in the most imperfect way, which is through man.

82. That is why I am now preparing you for higher rallies, so that when you enter the spiritual and leave this earth altogether, you may then unite with a new stage of life to hear the "concert" that the Father is performing together with your Spirit.

Today you are still in matter, refresh your heart and your Spirit by this word, and those beings who belonged to you on earth, who you still call father, husband, wife, brother, child, relative, or friend, are on other stages of life and hear the same word; but for them its meaning, its essence, is another, even if they enjoy the same happiness, the same refreshment, the same encouragement, and the same bread.

83. Is this concert ─, the Master ─ asks you, is it not wonderful? Doesn't your soul rejoice, doesn't your soul rejoice at the thought that what you receive here as spiritual food is also the reason for joy and spiritual life on other world bodies ─ on other worlds where beings live that you love ─ beings that you have known and who are so close and at the same time so far away from you through spiritualism?

84. So I prepare you full of light, O my disciples, so I comfort you and allow you to see the infinite horizons that my Work shows you, so that you may bring this message of hope and light to all mankind, so that you may make them see the true meaning of human life and spiritual life

But bring my teachings not only in word, but through the Work. For I want you to devote yourselves fully to the practice of my teaching and thereby be good spiritualists who "know how to give to the world what is to the world, and to God what is to God". That which is due to your body shall be given to it with justice, with mercy and love, and that which is due to your soul shall likewise be given to it with love and mercy. You are to have a time for your earthly duties and also a time for your spiritual exercises, for the spiritual ways of acting and for the unfolding of these.

In this way, every sign, every trace of fanaticism, idolatry, materialism, and even superstition will fall away from your soul and be removed from your heart, and by practicing spiritualism with this purity, with this sincerity, with this simplicity and exaltation, you will give mankind the true example of what the worship which the Father expects of you in the Third Age should be like.

86. Be strong ─ not only that you may be the disciples, but the masters of this work, full of healing power, showered with gifts Discover all these powers in your own chest, in that invisible ark which I have placed in the heart of each of you.

87. Enter into your inner being, and there you will find the sanctuary, the ark of the covenant You will discover a spring, a fountain of graces and blessings. There is no helpless soul, nobody is disinherited. In view of my divine mercy, there is not a single person in the whole universe who can call himself poor, rejected by his Father; not one who can call himself banished from the lands of the Lord.

Those who feel disinherited do so because they have not discovered the gifts of grace in themselves, or because they have just lost their way in sin, because they are blinded, or because they feel unworthy. You shall always discover these gifts of grace in yourselves; then you will experience that you will never miss my presence, that "bread", "healing balm", "weapons", "keys" and everything you need will always be present in yourselves, because you are the heirs of my kingdom and my glory.

88. This is my word, which I write in your conscience on this day of grace.

89. Watch and pray, O people. For just as the seed of restoration, the seed of salvation, is very near among you and mankind, so also the seed that the tares spread germinates in great measure in the heart of my beloved children!

90. Watch and pray, for the sickle is drawing near. The sickle is not in the hand of man ─ it is in mine.

91. I will allow the hand of man to bring destruction, death and war, but only up to a certain limit. The injustice, the corruption, the blindness and the striving for power of men will not be able to go beyond this limit. Then my sickle will come, and it will cut off with wisdom that which my will determines. For life, love, and true justice are inherent in my sickle. But you, people, watch and pray!

92. So I will see you, and in the power of your prayer I have also found a reason for forgiveness. Through your intercession I will feel moved in my heart to withhold my justice. In your petitions I will find balm to bring it to the weeping. In your upliftment of the soul I will also find a reason to stop the destruction that men do.

93. Therefore I want you to pray, that you may pray, that you may forgive and love, O Israel!

My peace be with you! 

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