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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 357

1. On this day a young man and a virgin stand before Me to ask Me that their union be blessed and confirmed by My love.

2. And I receive you, my children ─ not only in this hour, because you have always been with me, and I with you.

3. You come to celebrate your union, but I tell you You have long since been united by fate. But it is still necessary that people celebrate an act which testifies to the communion, the marriage of the two people, so that it may be recognized and respected spiritually and humanly.

4. You do not attend a ceremony, you come to receive a caress, an advice from the Father and a teaching from the Master.

5. You are two souls, two hearts, which unite to form one being and one will You have been far from each other in different worlds and have come to earth ─ first one and then the other, and in this transition you have been tested in your love, in your patience and have remained faithful to Me. You have kept your promises by overcoming all obstacles with love and faith.

6. You are in the presence of your Lord who adorns your soul and encourages it so that with this difficult task I am showing you, you may fulfil the most sublime thing I have given to men within the human.

7. You now enter in fulfillment of an ideal into this institution of love, sacrifice and life ─ of renunciation and obedience to destiny. And so that your step on the new way is safe, you come in the desire for light, and this I abundantly pour out on you.

8. You man: The abilities which I granted to the first man on earth, I have also given to you: Talent, will and energy ─ also power, life and seed. You symbolically hold a sword in your right hand and a shield in your left. For earthly life challenges you to a fight in which you men are soldiers, keepers of peace, justice and virtue, defenders of humanity. I will make you soldiers in this fight and will place a virgin on your left side, close to your heart. She is spiritually, morally and physically a flower cultivated by Me in a lovely garden ─, a garden of pleasure desired by human passions, which Mary, the Divine Mother, constantly guards and protects and waters with the crystal clear and pure water of her virginity and chastity.

9. You have humbly asked Me for this flower and I have given it to you lovingly This is the greatest thing a man can possess in this life.

You are not bound to your parents. For in order to fulfill this destiny, you distance yourselves from them and remain on the path of the struggle for life. Your children will also move away from you, and when the time has come to set out on the path to their destiny, they will leave the parental home, and then only his companion will remain close to the man's heart ─ the woman he has chosen, who has shared his joys and sufferings, and whose union with him only death can sever.

10. It is my word of love that unites you and gives strength to your plan.

11. Lift up your faces, walk with a firm step, be like a staff to one another. be a loving cloak that dries the tears, I tell you both For spiritually you are both equal, in the Spirit there is no gender or difference. Neither of you is above the other. But once incarnated, I have put the man before the woman.

12. To be a man is a trial for the soul, to which I subject it. To be a woman is also a reparation for the soul.

13. In man is power, and he shall always use it with understanding. In the woman, created with delicacy and sensitivity, dwell love and sacrifice, and both complement each other. From this union, from this communion of souls and bodies, life springs forth as an inexhaustible stream. From this seed and from this fertile soil sprouts the seed that has no end.

14. I bless you and unite you with my master arm, with my divine kiss. I leave you as an example among this people, because you came here with spiritual preparation and with reverence.

15. The people shall serve as a witness to you, and I will hold them responsible for you. I want them with their exaltation at this moment to sprinkle your path with happiness, always rejoice when they see your smiles and peace, and bless you in your multiplication as I bless you. This is my will.

16. It has not been the hand of a priest that confirmed your covenant, but my eternal law, my love. I lead you on the way of fulfillment, and when your life's journey is over, you will give account to your Lord. And at that moment you will hear again the sound of this word ─ but no longer the sound of the human voice, but the sound that you hear in the depths of your conscience, and you will say: "The Father, who marked the way for our soul, tells us today that we have reached the goal and that we should present our work.

There I await you in my home, on the top of the mountain, so that you may see your Lord. I will receive you in this moment, give you my blessings and bless you.

17. Today I give you the seed, a single one, but tomorrow you will give it back to Me multiplied But if you want to know whether your work is pleasing to Me, you will be able to know when your heart pleases you and gives you satisfaction.

Mary likewise blesses you, gives you warmth and bliss, invites you to walk step by step on the path of virtue, always with that virtue and patience for which she has given you an example.

18. I bless you and unite you.

19. People, these are my last rallies through human mediation. "How will we celebrate this act of marriage in the future?" you ask Me, beloved disciples, and I answer you: do it in the bosom of your community. Unite yourselves before those who have prepared themselves as apostles of this teaching. But they will not unite you because I have not assigned this task to any man. I am the Lord of your destiny. Prepare yourselves physically and spiritually to come into communion with me, then your covenant of life will remain indelibly written down in the eternal book.

20. If you want to read out my teachings in this solemn moment in which two beings unite to form one and walk this path of love, self-denial and sacrifice, ─ those who speak of these things, you can do so. Then your hearts will be encouraged in their purpose by my words, and your steps will become secure.

21. I want you to live with this simplicity, and call happy those who celebrate their marriage with satisfaction and joy. For they will receive grace and blessings on their journey through life.

22. Your fellow men from different religious communities will come, and while some will understand the truth of this spiritual act, others will be outraged at it. But you will prove with your virtuous works that you have been blessed by me, and your union is indissoluble.

23. I have told you this day that the moment when this act is celebrated is only the confirmation of your covenant. For you were already destined to meet each other before, and attraction and love already existed between you. I permit and charge you to perform this act in the presence of your relatives and friends and parents so that your marriage may be recognized and respected.

24. Nor are man's elevation and intuition great enough to recognize that two people are united in my name in a holy covenant, even without having been united by a registrar or a clergyman. But this time will come, and then there will be no doubt in either man or woman when they meet. They will recognize the hour appointed by me and will prepare themselves to celebrate their conjugal union with confidence and security, and society will not condemn them because they have not been confirmed by a clergyman before an altar. This time will come, but for the time being, while the world is developing spiritually upwards, act as I have taught you on this day.

25. In the second time I entered the home of many married couples who had been married according to the law of Moses, and do you know how I met many of them? Struggling, destroying the seeds of peace, love and trust. I saw enmities and discord in their hearts, at their table and in their camp. I also entered the home of many who ─ without their married life having been confirmed by the law ─ loved and lived as the larks do in their nest, caring and protecting their little darling.

26. How many are there who live under one and the same roof and yet do not love one another, and since they do not love one another, they are not united either, but are separated spiritually! But they do not let their division be known, for fear of divine punishment or human laws or the judgment of society, but this is not marriage; with these people there is neither communion nor truthfulness.

Yet they demonstrate their false community, visit families and churches, go for walks, and the world does not condemn them because they know how to hide their lack of love. On the other hand, how many who love each other have to hide, hide their real unity, and endure incomprehension and injustice?

27. Man has not evolved highly enough to see through and correctly judge the life of his neighbor. Those who hold the spiritual and worldly laws in their hands do not apply true justice to punish such cases. But those times of understanding and discernment which I announce to you, in which mankind will perfect itself, will come, and then you will experience, as in the times of the patriarchs before Moses, that the union of lovers happens as I have done on this day with my children: in a spiritual way. So shall you also do in those future times: in the presence of the parents of those who will unite, friends and relatives, in the greatest spirituality, brotherhood and joy.

28. When men of peace and good will are once abundant on earth, you will see my divine institutions flourish, and my laws will make your lives more beautiful. The times of peace, concord and well-being will return, without diminishing your civilization or your science. Rather, I tell you that if man, in spite of his lack of work on himself, has discovered many things for lack of elevation, love and mercy, and has snatched from nature many of its secrets ─ how much more will he achieve when he rises to Me to ask Me to reveal the secrets to him and enlighten his being to do great works of charity! I will grant men to make of this world a field of light, redemption and welfare for all my children, because I want you to possess my wisdom and peace.

29. I will shroud you in the light of my Universal Ray, which will come down and penetrate your heart and there establish its home, its temple. In it I receive your sacrifice, the tribute from you who love Me, and I hear your voice, which is at the same time request and obedience to my will.

30. In spite of the misfortunes you are going through, you show yourselves strong because of your elevation and you feel happy to be my disciples. You are involved in a great spiritual and earthly struggle, use the time I have granted you and expect to reap the fruit of this struggle in due time.

Your work on earth will yield its fruit day by day when you go to rest, and your spiritual works will blossom fully once you have reached the end of your mission in fulfillment of my laws.

31. A constant prayer for peace and relief for other peoples, who suffer infinitely more than you, escapes your soul. Reports of destruction, despair and death reach your nation, filling you with pain and fear ─ not for your life or that of your family, but for that of others, you distant people who are suffering and who are your neighbors. I feel compassion when I hear your petitions and when I bring your messages of peace and mercy to these nations.

32. Beloved disciples, you live in the heart of this continent. It has pleased Me to send your Israelite souls to this rich and fertile land with its radiant sun, with a bright sky, with green-covered valleys and mountains, beautiful and water-rich rivers and wonderful flowers ─ all that can refresh and beautify your earthly life. But in the midst of this splendor and grace, the merciless war threatens the environment. Cries of pain, lamentations, blasphemy and insults reach you. But I do not see a warlike mood with you; you have not taken up arms to defend yourselves or to attack. I see in this nation only surrender to justice and aversion to human evil. But I demand of you something more than that. I want to see your trust in Me, your preparation of the soul, to help your neighbor in her ordeal.

33. Today, as in the past times, mankind lives entangled in wars. It has not wanted to cultivate the seeds of peace, but these seeds will always fall, like the manna in the desert, into the heart of every person hungry for peace.

34. I have sent into the bosom of families beings of great elevation to incarnate ─ angels who, from childhood on, have the task of bending and lovingly making the hearts of people of different races and creeds But what has mankind done with these messengers?: It has doubted their message, persecuted and killed them.

35. I saw men fight murderous wars in the early days: In ancient Phoenicia and Syria and with the Romans and the Greeks. There was no respect, love and justice ─ neither among themselves, nor from one people to another people. Never did the strong lift up the weak, nor did the mighty stretch out his hand to the needy. He who displayed the light of civilization did not bring it with love, with true idealism to the peoples who were in darkness. His conquests were always by force, by enmity, power or injustice.

When I, the Father, saw that ignorance prevailed in the one as well as in the other, I sent into the bosom of the peoples, different by their worldviews and customs, my prophets and pioneers, so that they would speak about the only truth and lead them to one and the same goal. They spoke and prepared the Spirit of men for my coming in that era which you now call the Second Age. And when the time of my coming had come, I confirmed the words of those faithful prophets, and everything came true just as they had said.

36. My teaching was not only meant for the Jewish people, even though they prepared them spiritually, having been purified by great trials in the earliest times, to receive the Messiah in their womb. But the testament which I entrusted to him was meant for all men of all races. Among that people appeared apostles, martyrs, and a great number of men and women who lived an exemplary life, who knew how to sow the seed of love. But also in other homelands and in countries far away from Judea my word, which had been brought by my first disciples, began to blossom.

37. But it was necessary that in this "New World", inhabited by men who fervently loved Me and sought Me to offer Me their gift and sacrifice, the light would rise, my message of love, my teaching would arrive, which requires only of you to love one another in Me.

38. I accepted the imperfect worship of those creatures who loved Me because it was offered ignorantly. Later on, when the distance between the two continents was overcome and the seed was brought here to be scattered in this New World and placed in the loving heart of its inhabitants ─ how much injustice and violence did those who called themselves disciples of Me exert on these people with a simple heart and uplifted soul!

39. Their pure and sincere rites and customs received only the censorship and harshness of those who considered themselves superior and yet showed signs of the greatest retardation. Only slowly did this people receive my inheritance through the faithful disciples and understand its divine purity and origin.

40. Today I see you again threatened, surrounded by powerful peoples who desire your inheritance and disturb your soul. You have not yet reached the summit of your splendor, but you will still shine spiritually and earthly. I warn you, lest you fall into lethargy, that you should pray and guard your inheritance.

41. In this time I have come to you and give you again my legacy of love. My seed does not perish. It can be whipped by strong storms. But when its ears are torn off by the elements, the grains fall into the ground and germinate again to multiply unceasingly.

42. You will be light in this world, your nation a torch before the other nations, as long as you love peace and goodness in all its forms. Already among you are those who will be apostles of peace. I have prepared their soul so that this light may blossom in their words and in their instructions. Then you who work spiritually, together with your rulers who strive for the welfare of this people, will be able to extend your benefactions to those who thirst for peace, truth, and justice.

43. The light came symbolically from East to West, but now this message I have brought you will go from West to East and both will merge into one, as will the knowledge of truth, civilizations and races When you then unite, you will realize that the Light has not come from men to men, but from the Divine Spirit to His children.

44. Today many reject me, deny me and try to create new ways. But the straight and narrow way of the law is everywhere where there are men. For this law is in the heart, in the endowment, in the Spirit of every man ─ a single way, on which you will reach me, which always calls for goodness, mercy and prudence. You will be able to be depressed by great trials and collapse under their weight. But if you love righteousness you will rebuild yourselves stronger than before and triumph, because only the good remains through the times.

45. If ye desire peace for a people, it is not necessary that ye go to them. Make peace in your heart or in your home. This will be enough to bring harmony and unity to the Spirit of that people.

46. Good and evil can be transmitted at a distance. This is why I have taught you to come with prepared soul to the aid of those who need your help, whether they are near or far. But beware of sending thoughts that stir up war. Do not desire the defeat of one nation and the victory of the others, for this influence will arrive and cause upheavals. Love above all and be lenient with all your fellow men.

47. When the pain of the wounded who have suffered the mercilessness of war shakes you, and you want to send them a little peace and comfort, seek out the nearest sick person, take him as a substitute for those who are absent and put your mercy in him in my name, then I will caress and heal a multitude of sick people in those painful nations.

48. Make sure that your home is a temple from which light shines to envelop those who surround you, and beyond these boundaries others will feel well and share in your preparation

49. Soon you will commemorate the birth of the Messiah. The days are drawing near in which mankind will remember this event. The peoples who still live in peace will celebrate it with joy. But there are many people in distant nations for whom a time of tribulation has come and who will try to forget for a moment the fear, the anxiety, to invoke my Spirit and recall the memory of this event. Others are already suffering the consequences of a war that has plunged them into orphanhood, into misery, forcing them to know pain in all its forms.

50. I will shroud everyone in my love, will answer their prayer, and a stream of light will shine down on this humanity.

51. It is necessary that you prepare yourselves, that you keep in your hearts all the love which I have revealed to you in my twofold arrivals, so that you may love one another with perfect love and always be intercessors and mediators of true justice For I have chosen you to make a covenant with all men through your mediation.

My peace be with you!

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