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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 363

1. Beloved disciples, hear the word that will make you strong. Have conviction of the truth of my work, that you may carry it out and show it to your fellow men by your example.

2. When man renews himself, when my truth reigns in him and his spiritual faculties overcome his worldly passions, then he will have understood my work.

3. Great is the toil of my workers, and the road to be covered is very long. His work has begun, and the seeds have been sown. But other workers will come to reap the fruit, to sow the seed again in time. It is your task, my people, to make sure that my work is recognized in this time, and that humanity receives the grace of my infinite wisdom as it has never felt it before.

4. My light, in its spreading throughout the world, has caused people to seek my truth in every teaching. This is the reason for the behavior of men in their different beliefs.

5. It is the fulfillment of what has been prophesied. Which of them represents the truth? Who hides the hungry wolf in sheep's clothing? Who assures with pure garment his absolute inner purity?

6. You must apply spiritualism to discover my truth, for mankind has been divided into as many creeds and worldviews as the development of human thought.

7. So more and more sects and denominations have formed, and it will be very difficult for you to judge the truth contained in each of them.

8. My teaching enlightens the thoughts and ideas of men, and little by little everyone will understand the foundations to perfect his works and direct them to a more perfect and higher course

9. Spiritualism is not a new teaching that seeks to achieve the development of the faith teachings of past times ─ no, it is the same revelation as that of the First and Second Times It is the basis of all religions, of which I want to remind mankind in these times of separation, so that it does not forget its origins.

The works of man, his customs and the way of impressing the senses to flatter and be proud of his different religions are in contradiction with what my work wants to show to the world.

10. I left through Jesus the perfect teaching so that there would be an understanding of love among men. Its effects have been a blessing to the world. Now one thinks again of Christian principles. But the world is so far away from them that only the trials that mankind is currently going through will remind them of the love that the Master taught by his example.

11. My teaching is the light that you must seek so that there may always be peace among mankind.

12. In every action which contains resolutions for good, my work is revealed. It is an essential part of all that man can build up through charitable goals, through sincere intentions to help humanity, to bring peoples closer together, to lead people on the path to higher development and ennoblement.

13. The spiritualization which I am teaching you anew is the divine work which, although it is so great, can limit itself to reveal itself in an act of love But make no mistake and do not remain subject to the ritual acts of any religious community, nor do you follow the ideas which other men have introduced as immutable.

14. I have told you that my work should not divide you, that you should unite your thoughts and do good by sharing my teachings with your fellow men. If they obey them, it does not matter what their teaching is. They will feel the spiritualization when they radiate their love among their fellow men.

15. There are many who understand the spiritual essence of my work and practice it because of the satisfaction of the giving of love and mercy.

16. When the time comes in which my word can no longer be heard by the human mind, there will be some who will try to speak by abusing my name. But I have already told you: they will be deceivers!

17. I will not leave you alone. Your organ of mind will continually receive my inspiration. I will be in your words, in your deeds. You will continue to gather together to remember my word. That is why I have allowed you to keep it in writing so that it will be a subject of constant study with you. But it is not my will that you should have sensual rituals at your meetings. For then what I have taught you would degenerate into rites and traditions.

18. I have entrusted my work to you; each of you must follow a way, fulfill a duty. Adapt your needs to the teachings of my teaching. In all your actions you will discover an opportunity to love and forgive your neighbor, to forgive your fellow men ─ not from a mystical point of view, but as a natural act in accordance with the moment of development you are going through. In this way, the world will gradually understand my work.

19. If mankind had heard, understood and fathomed my teaching, a path of truth and love would have opened before them on the horizon, and they would not be going through the trials of pain and fear in which they find themselves.

20. Understand that no one is just and perfect. Your transgressions are great; you struggle with yourselves. For this very reason I have given you my mercy.

21. As those disciples whom I chose wept for the parting of Jesus, but who subsequently had the Divine inspiration and whose minds were enlightened and who gave their lives to defend My work, so will you also lament the parting of the Master in regard to His rallies But your brain will open, your heart will be inflamed to love and mercy towards your fellow men, and you will continue to love me by loving and forgiving your neighbor.

22. Then my truth will be revealed spiritually, and everything will become greater, more just and more truthful.

23. Since mankind is not in harmony with the Universal Law, which governs all creation, an uncontrollable state will arise, which will be expressed in the power of the forces of nature.

24. Man has split the atoms, his developed brain uses this discovery to gain the greatest powers and bring death.

25. If man had developed spiritually to the same extent as his science and intellect, he would use the discovery of new natural forces only for the good of mankind. But his spiritual backwardness is great; therefore his selfish mind has used his creative power to the detriment of mankind, using forces of destruction, turning away from the principles of Jesus' love and mercy. Therefore, if you see a flood of fire coming down from heaven, it will not happen because heaven itself opens or the fire of the sun tortures you ─ no, it is the work of man who will sow death and destruction.

26. I have come at this time to remind you of my love teaching, and tomorrow your grandchildren will be able to hear the sound of my voice calling them to remember, to become aware that there are greater powers that can destroy them.

27. I tell you the same thing that I said to my disciples at that time: "watch and pray, so that you will not fall into temptation," for you will experience bitter times But when your faith is great, you will see that everything is for the good of mankind. And in the future, when men understand that they have worked only for enmity and destruction, the forces of nature will be unleashed for the good of mankind, and will bring about love and remain in peace. Then the soul will find a more favorable field for its development, because I, O beloved disciples, have come to give you peace and comfort. I have spoken to you of a better life, and have revealed to you the great miracles which your soul will be able to show to the world. For you will give sight to the blind and heal the mentally ill through my word of love. You will cause the lame to leave their bed to follow me.

28. The time will come when you will better understand me as a result of your fulfillment of commission and spiritualization. Then you will feel united, and there will be rejoicing in your soul. Then you will all know how to watch and pray so that the world may see my blessed work with the purity with which I have entrusted it to you.

29. The time will come when every sect and church will search itself to seek what belongs to my work. But to find that treasure, it will be necessary that they lift up their souls and listen to the voice of the Spirit.

30. Today the Master continues teaching you and transforming people into true Christians.

31. My disciples, you do not know when you will experience the end of your mission, when you will achieve victory in your struggle. For you will continue to work from generation to generation to achieve spiritualization in mankind. You will cross borders and seas, you will go to provinces, countries and nations to make my truth known.

32. As in the Second Age, when my disciples, overflowing with the light of the HolySpirit, without fear of the world and without measuring distances, set out to pass on my teaching, so you too shall prepare yourselves and, when the time comes, set out to fulfill your mission.

33. In this era I have been the best Teacher, never have I lied to you, always I have spoken to you in simple and plain words so that your souls and hearts could feel Me and be nourished by the essence that strengthens and enlivens

34. I know you, and in all the times I have sent you to reincarnate I have manifested Myself to you. But your brain cannot remember your past reincarnations.

35. I have never turned you from the way of doing your duty, never have I given you another law, nor have I led you astray in the ways that man has created. At all times men have followed their own will and have shown the crowds deities which they have created in their brains. From their lips came false words, lying prophecies, and there have been weak hearts, bound souls, who were not able to free themselves and recognize that eternal life awaits them.

36. Yes, Israel, the human heart has always sought to worship material things, the ear has been refreshed by the soothing word. Therefore, man has changed what I brought as Christian teaching in the Second Age, when he transformed it into "religion.

Egoism, greed, and vanity have always awakened in the human heart, and they have made themselves kings and masters, so that the people may bow down before them, and make them vassals, slaves, chained to sin, and lead them into darkness, disorientation, and confusion.

37. The world rejected Me as Jesus, nailed Me to the wooden cross, and later made the cross an object of idolatry and bowed down before it to beg forgiveness. Today you are feeding materialism, hostility and ill will. Humanity today lives in the greatest depravity.

38. On the path of life, the adult, the youth, the virgin and the child have lost their way, and they do not find the perfect way, which I have marked out with my examples of love and mercy

39. The great masses of people have forgotten how to seek their Creator. The souls have let themselves be determined by matter, and today they weep because they have lost the grace and authority which my mercy gave them at the moment when you sent them to earth.

40. What has happened to Israel? What has mankind felt until today? What have they all encountered on their way? Only thistles and thorns, the war of world views. All mankind is caught in error. But who must put right what man has put into disorder, what he has erred in? Who must give that which mankind lacks, so that it may be guided by this law, by this teaching, and by this light? I, the Comforter, who comes down "in the cloud" in the Third Time, to speak to the people and teach them, to make them conscious once more that they have lost everything on the way, and that I, as Creator, have taken them by the hand to lead them on my path, to make the spiritual life known to them.

41. Tomorrow great events will testify to what I have given you as prophecy, and through the pain that the forces of nature cause in the countries and nations, men will set out and seek the people of Israel.

42. The mood of war and plagues, diseases, famine, are increasing, and as a result of it man has no rest in his heart nor in his home. But have I wished it so, and does my HolySpirit come down to feed on your pain and suffering? No, beloved people, an infinite sadness exists in my Divine Spirit.

43. Mankind has forgotten the blessed highest commandment which I gave it in the Second Time: "Love one another".

44. I have prepared an age in which mankind will rise in obedience. Your grandchildren will see the glory that I will pour out on this earth. For my will must be fulfilled on this world, which I handed over to you as an earthly paradise, and the time will come when those souls will come to this planet, which reach a high stage of development, which have fought. My Divine Light will outshine the earth, and the fulfillment of my law will reign on it.

45. Remember my word until the last moments of your life in matter, then your Spirit will remind you of all that you heard in my word and that the mind had forgotten

46. At that last moment your soul will desire another moment of life to fulfill its task, but your purpose must be fulfilled.

47. I have said that the time of confusion, of disobedience, will come, in which that "worker" will rise and assert that my rallies will not come to an end by the human mind. But the time will come when my word will be fulfilled, even if man wants to oppose my will.

48. How many errors on the way have been made by many of those to whom I have entrusted a commission and a grace. How much incomprehension I see that is spreading among my children after the year 1950.

49. Through incomprehension and folly man holds back my helping love and authority and grace and stands aside from the true way of the law, harmony and truth.

50. I do not deny what I have given you years before. Since 1866 I have been speaking to the people through the first voice bearer and prophesied to them that a time will come in which my word will no longer be rallies among the people. But when I saw that despondency was taking hold of the hearts, I let them know in simple words that the year 1950 would be the last for the rallies of my teaching through the minds of the voice-bearers, a word that was given in that very house of prayer called "Damiana Oviedo".

51. Once more Israel will divide from tribe to tribe, and will again want to divide and trample underfoot the pure and pure law which I delivered into their hands; once more Israel will seek the former ways and fall into idolatry and fanaticism. It will turn to the sects and fall into confusion, into darkness, and will take delight in the soothing and false words that man will offer it.

52. How much pain have my heart been caused by the servants who have not understood my law, and how much pain are presently caused by those who, although I have trained and appointed them ─, have today given shelter to doubt, uncertainty, and as a result of their incomprehension and selfishness have said that I will remain among the people for a further period of time, that I will send down my Universal Ray once more according to their human will and continue to make myself known for a long time.

This is why I have told you: When have I shown indecision, uncertainty, or discord of will in my words? Never, indeed, for I would then no longer be perfect, would no longer be your God and your Creator.

53. In me is determination, a single will, and therefore I speak as clearly as the bright daylight, so that all may feel me in my presence, my essence and my power, so that the Spirit may recognize the (underlying) reason and the word, which I have given through the human mind.

54. The Master tells you: Man has erected buildings and called them churches, and in these places the people who enter make obeisances, nourish fanaticism and idolatry, and worship what man himself has created. This is detestable in my eyes, and therefore I have removed from you, people of Israel, everything you knew and heard at the beginning, so that you give up your fanaticism.

55. The houses of prayer of the people of Israel shall be known to mankind, they shall not be closed, for they shall give shelter to the weak and the erring, the weary and the sick. By your preparation, by obedience to my supreme will and observance of my law, I will bear witness to my divinity in the works of the true disciples.

56. Let it not grieve you that even false voice-bearers, false church leaders, false "workers" should appear, that their blasphemous lips should speak to the people, asserting that my Word and my Universal Ray would continue as teaching among the people. I will make known who is a deceiver, who does not obey the law according to my will, who is he who only expresses his own will, and I will make known the work he has done and the law he has created, and they will be rejected and banished. For I will withhold divine grace and power, and temptation will catch them in their nets, and therefore everyone who seeks them will not feel in his soul the grace of my HolySpirit.

57. When the church and sect people see that Israel is divided, that Israel is in denial and weak, they will look for reasons to seize the jewel of inestimable value, to take the ark of the New Covenant and say tomorrow that they are the true messengers of God among mankind and the representatives of my divinity.

58. You all know the meaning of the first commandment of the law: "You shall love God more than your parents and your children ─ more than yourself and also everything you possess on earth". If you would act in this way, you would feel peace of mind, your sufferings will then be mild, and the forces of nature will then be merciful with you. You will then live through the trials that are destined to perfect your soul, without feeling failure.

59. Once you understand this commandment and obey it, you will be satisfied with your fate, you will love men and respect their lives. There will be righteousness in your works, and you will then use your gifts for your own good and that of your neighbor.

60. Admittedly the way I have marked out for you is not a pleasurable way, but a life of renunciation and strict observance of my commandments, but it is not a way of sacrifice. Love and mercy do not mean pain, rather they are joy and life for the soul, and I offer you this bliss so that you may get to know true spiritual happiness.

61.Yyou have created your pains yourselves when you departed from the fulfillment of the law Do you want to stop the spread of the war and its consequences? Then love and forgive, share your bread, and you will feel more satisfied. Trust in the efficacy of the divine laws in their wisdom and justice, then you will be protected by them.

62. Be souls who take care of their works, and live in prayer and constant armament, so that you may be steadfast in the face of temptations and overcome the prevailing materialism In the beginning your steps will be wavering like those of a little child who is beginning to walk. But afterwards you will become more powerful, will acquire knowledge, until you reach the unfolding of your spiritual gifts, the value of which is inestimable on earth.

63. When you set out on the way, you will become men of great virtues and will be able to control your body and live spiritually. You will have conscience as a beacon on your path of life. It will be your friend and your judge. It will always speak to you truthfully, and its instructions will be right and at the exact moment when you need them. This voice is my always tender and loving voice that shows you the good.

64. Who can fear anything from Me, I who am the Father and Lord of your life? I have created for your bliss and your lasting happiness everything you know and also that which is unknown to you. Do not doubt him who loves you infinitely more than that which you can comprehend and grasp with your intellect. Remember the meaning of my Passion, and once you have understood who you are, you will turn your gaze devoutly to me to give me your love and obediently bow to my laws.

65. I give you My Word which gives you life like a heavenly concert Some of you I meet, lost in a deep sleep. But as I gave life to Lazarus, so today I awaken your soul to life of grace. Use my power and rise up so that you may take the path that will bring you to the life of the Spirit, which is eternal life.

66. There is little time left before the Divine Master withdraws his word. But before that, I want you to be prepared so that you fulfill the mission I have appointed for you. I will teach you the works that are pleasing to my Divine Vision.

67. I am currently handing over to your mind the book which you must read and interpret tomorrow. In it you will find the fire of my love after my parting, and you shall let your fellow men share in his Divine teachings, which bear witness to intelligence, knowledge and power ─ of all that my Divinity holds in it.

68. In this Third Age I have taught you that you are all children of one Father, that you are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of My infinite Mercy, and that I have given the same gifts to all souls

69. Blessed people, a new stage of fulfilment is beginning for you, in which you shall make known my teachings. For you are my disciples, my chosen ones, and you are to be prepared to sow the seeds of love in the ways of men, as I have done. But do not think that all your fellow men will believe you, because from many of them you will receive only mockery and contempt. But the seed will still rise, and they will come to me.

70. When once all the kingdoms of nature and all creation give proofs and manifestations of my righteousness, do not take it as punishment. It will only be a test that will cause mankind, which has not listened to my word, to recognize its error after it has gone through confusion and suffering, attributing the unleashing of the forces of nature to various causes. But you should not be confused, you should be prepared to pass this test victoriously with true faith, love and mercy for your fellow men, which will serve to save the masses of people.

71. Prepare yourself, O people of Israel. I leave you my grace so that you may continue to be the strong. Let the call go out to mankind. I want to manifest myself in every heart, want to make myself felt in every soul and give it the water and the bread that nourishes and strengthens it. Understand that humanity is thirsty and that you must not abandon it, which suffers in the desert.

My peace be with you! 

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