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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 351

1. I am the light, the love, the mercy and the forgiveness. Come here to receive from me what you need for your good and that of mankind.

2. Beloved disciples, you who are gathered around the Master: You come to receive My wisdom, to give direction to your life and to fulfill the mission I have assigned you.

3. If your Master would tell you all that is in My wisdom, you would never understand. And besides ─ what merits would you have to discover what I have kept for you in my treasury? It is the spiritual elevation that makes you worthy to receive my divine inspiration.

4. You have developed, and in this time I have revealed to you what you can already understand But it is not I who sets a limit to your understanding ─ It is you yourselves who have to rise up more to be able to receive more from me.

5. What I have taught you is sufficient to understand what your mission is and how you are to build up in yourselves the Church of him who spoke to you, so that you may unite the worldviews of mankind and know how to unite this teaching with the teaching of Jesus in the Second Age and with what was said by the prophets and enlightened ones in the First Age

6. My coming in this day and age has not been in physical form as many expected Me, but you shall be those who shall bring mankind to the understanding of my teachings of the Second and Third Times.

7. My people: The time to finish my rallies in this form is near, but you must prepare yourselves even more.

8. There are many temptations in the world. But as you better understand my work, as you exercise dominion over the body, you will come closer and closer to perfection.

9. Spiritualize so that your soul may reach the degree of elevation necessary to continue its ascent to eternal perfection, which is the goal to which it shall attain.

10. Remember my words of the Second Time: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. But now I say to you: "Give your body what is due to it and your soul the exaltation and progress that is due to it.

11. Now my "Word" has not become man. It comes to you "spiritually" on the cloud to reveal to you what you could not understand.

12. In the course of the years temptation has made itself felt on your way. It has been eager to dissuade you from the true path, to confuse and disorient you, leaving uncertainty in your heart.

13. Through revelation and intuition I have given messages to this world and I have sent prepared men, chosen souls, to speak to mankind through their mediation And whenever your heart prepared, you gave shelter to my Spirit. I have revealed Myself in your lives as teaching, as mercy and peace. But I did not pay attention whether you believed my rallies or not. For it is my desire as master and as Father that you may recognize the voice of him who speaks to you through conscience, through your peace and exaltation.

14. I have not come to save your body, but your soul. Therefore, I have spoken to you lovingly so that you may rise and be like the patriarchs of the first time, like the apostles of the second time, and that you may be my disciples of the third time.

15. At every stage of development your soul has remained materialized, and for this reason you have also departed from my love, fallen into error, and have given a different interpretation to my word

16. You are now nearing the end of the time in which you will hear my word transmitted by the human mind, that is, for the last time. But I feel pain in my Father's heart because your lack of understanding and habituation to my word shows only slight mental elevation. But will I continue to make myself known through the human brain because of your lack of preparation? No, beloved people. For you have heard that I am perfection and my will is one.

Could the Father in his will be like the human being? Then I would not be perfect if I could not be your Creator nor your God. Rather would the royal heavenly body cease to shine, than my word and my will not be fulfilled.

17. Already in the First Time the prophets announced this period of grace, and in this time I prepare your soul by the light of my HolySpirit, so that you may rise more daily.

18. You will experience that those who have never heard my word through a voice bearer, nor have been present at the manifestation of my Universal Ray, will rise so that I prepare their hearts, and they will receive my divine message and my instructions by intuition. They will love Me as the apostles of the Second Age. With them my word, "The last shall be first," will come true.

19. Fulfill your mission, you tribes of Israel, recognize your responsibility to mankind, recognize that you are the bringer of my law, that you are the messenger of the spiritualist teaching that I have entrusted to you.

20. Israel, be united and strive in the way as one heart, one will, and obey my law and my divine will. You know that I am your salvation.

21. I have imprinted my teaching in your heart, and my divine radiance has been in your soul like the lifeblood that strengthens you and enlivens you, so that you may set out on the fulfillment of your mission, so that you may be like elder brothers and sisters to mankind, so that you may know how to lead them in my way with obedience and gentleness. You shall be the teachers of tomorrow.

22. You "last": Do not think of my people as unknown, for in this time I have sent these souls to reincarnate, so that mankind may obtain my mercy through them.

23. How much confusion there is in the world, how much deceit, because the human brain, instead of following my laws, has fallen into materialism, paganism and idolatry, and inadequate men have dared to call themselves "representatives of my divinity," mouthpieces of my divine voice, my love and my light. But I see them feeding egoism, darkness, fanaticism, falsehood, and discord. But I am the perfection who shows you the way of spiritualization and love so that you may obtain forgiveness.

24. Materialism and idolatry rule in the world; therefore mankind has fallen in temptation.

25. Whom will the Master use to speak to mankind of my truth? My chosen people Israel.

26. Gather yourselves spiritually around the Master. You are my disciples, to whom I have given my teaching like an open book, and with it the clarity of the light of the HolySpirit, so that you may understand my word, obey it, and imprint it in your heart with indelible letters. You are the children of the light, who should set a good example to mankind by showing them spiritualization, love and faith in your works.

27. The Master has come to you spiritually in this Third Age to give you His Word through the human mind, and this teaching is like a ray of light which has come to awaken your soul and make it understand that this is the voice of its God and Lord, the voice of the Father calling His child ─ the voice of the Master who speaks as Word in teachings, in examples, in sublime principles, so that your soul may see itself clothed with the attributes of my divine Spirit.

28. Beloved people: I want you to take me as an example ─ I want you to be "my image and likeness Therefore I have come to you to make myself known through the minds of my voices. These are the ones I have chosen, prepared and purified so that you would receive my word through their spiritual gifts. They were hard rocks from which I let the crystal-clear and pure water for your souls spring forth.

29. In this time I have come to let the "blind" see my light and to show them the light of a new day. I have come to you to give you testimony of my presence, to bring you my love and my truth, so that there may be no doubt among you. I want you, when you hear my word, to recognize its meaning and to lift yourselves up to your Father with faith and love.

30. I want you to show the deepest repentance for having defiled yourselves and having departed from your Father ─ that you are sensitive to the spiritual and that your heart is the sanctuary that you prepare for your Father so that you may carry his love, his peace, his light, eternal life within you.

31. Prepare, my children, that your soul may be free from every materialization ─ so that you may remove the dark bandage before your eyes and see me in all my glory The sensuality of the world has prevented you from fully feeling my presence and appreciating my wisdom poured into your own heart.

32. How perfect and pure is the teaching I have given to your soul so that you may become worthy of my spiritual benefits and be the heirs of this treasure with which you are to set out tomorrow, inspired by my Divine Spirit to show mercy to suffering and needy humanity In this way, the prophecies will be fulfilled in you.

I will show mankind through your mediation the port of salvation, the lifeboat. For verily, I say to you, the peoples and nations, the great masses of people who live on the earth have gone astray, have killed the life of grace.

33. Recognize that you no longer belong to the "dead" because I have given you life ─ because everyone who comes to Me will rise. Allow that this life and this power let you be in communion with me. Do not close your eyes to this light, to this glory. Know, my children, how great the mercy of your Father is.

34. You are the people in whom I have put my trust because you will give hope and comfort to mankind and will be the shining torch that drives away their darkness Men seek me in their desperation ─ some through science, and others in their idolatry. Once you see that the women, the children, the youth and the adults lament and call Me because they do not feel the presence of the Father ─ of that Holy Land which promised to return to bring them peace, comfort and mercy ─ once you see, that this humanity purifies and purifies itself in its own pain, then you must be prepared, in harmony with Me, watching and praying for this humanity, that it may hear Me through your mediation and be enlightened by the light of my HolySpirit.

35. I will cause even the most hardened hearts to feel the impulse of my love, so that they will no longer be stones causing pain to mankind.

36. This is the time, blessed people of Israel, when you shall be prepared and walk with confidence in the fulfillment of your difficult mission.

37. I have come with my word to set you free spiritually, to take away the burden you have carried, to free you from the chains that bound you to this world and that would not let your soul be lifted up to Me.

38. You are the people in whom I want to see the spiritualization of the righteous.

39. Bear your cross with love, humility and gentleness, for I will be your Cyrenees. Set a good example to mankind and be the clear mirror in which they see their face. Be charitable and share your strength with your fellow men. I want you to show the world through your smile the love that the Father has given you. For I will not leave you alone in the face of the mercilessness of the forces of nature. In this time of great danger, in which temptation and the great trials will cross your path, you will feel me very close because I will be in you myself, so that you will not have in you the fear which the world feels in view of the manifestation of my divine justice.

* In the original Spanish text, Cyrenees is "Cirineo". It is the name of the man who helped Jesus carry His cross when He collapsed under its weight. In the Bible he is also called Simon of Cyrene.

40. Violate not the law, nor depart from my love, neither infect yourselves with the wickedness of the world. Only have the fear of departing from your Father, for this fear is the beginning of wisdom, by which you will attain the highest happiness

41. He who remains prepared and knows how to watch over the work which I have entrusted to his hands, will unceasingly receive from my treasury the mercy of the kingdom of heaven, my blessing, and it will be he who will give a faithful and true testimony before mankind.

42. I have entrusted to you weapons of light, mighty weapons, that you may defend yourselves from the persecutions which you shall meet in your way. Temptation is ready at every moment like a bird of prey to rob your soul of the grace and gifts I have entrusted to you ─ to take away the good seed from you and leave you the chaff. It is like a hungry wolf to devour you. But you are to live in the truth which I have given you so that you may be good disciples who show men this way by their example.

43. If you have not watched or prayed, temptation has come to you like a whirlwind, tearing down your sanctuary and extinguishing the light of your torch and snatching away your teaching. Then you felt deprived of my mercy, needy and in my presence like an accused. You cried and felt remorse. You again implore mercy from your Father, and then I again put into your hands the Book of Light, clear your minds, prepare your hearts, give you a new garment, and say to yourselves: Rise, watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.

44. Unite, beloved people, that the Father may rejoice in the obedience and the performance of the duties of his children.

45. I want you to be like one disciple, that you may bring one teaching to the world.

46. Fight, my people, with the sword of light, which I have entrusted to you in my words ─ with prayer, that you may overcome temptation. Fight with the fire of my love that you may destroy the weeds, and with the light of the HolySpirit that you may cast out darkness from the confused, from the ignorant, from the idolatrous, from the corrupt, and that you may guide the innocent who have sought Me in the material sanctuaries.

47. You who preside over these humble places of assembly shall welcome these multitudes and speak to them of my love with the simplicity of my word. You are to tell them that I have come ─ not to condemn the sinners, but so that they may know Me, to dry their tears, to drive darkness from their souls, to heal the blindness of their eyes, and to make them feel and see my presence. In this way you shall give life to the "dead" in my name. You, Chosen People, shall be like a shining star for mankind.

48. You have imprinted my Word in your hearts, and when you are prepared, my Divine Spirit will be given to your fellow men from this blessed book. I will multiply this bread so that souls will be nourished and strengthened.

49. The fulfillment of your mission will not be close to your heart only in the time you live on earth, because on it you will only begin to take the first steps You shall cause the great multitudes of people to abandon idolatry and give up their weapons of war so that they may receive in their hearts the message of my peace. Your soul, however, will continue to fight and work tirelessly, even after it has left its physical shell behind, until you see that people are at peace and of good will, that they carry the light of the HolySpirit within them, that they seek elevation and become spiritualized. You will fight from generation to generation, and in this way you will ascend the mountain until you reach its summit, where you will be refreshed by the fruit of your works.

50. After 1950, when you will no longer hear Me in this form, you shall not be disturbed, nor say, "Where shall I go? What mission do I have to carry out in this way?

What is your will, Lord?"

Verily, I tell you, you will receive My inspiration, your soul will hear Me, and you will feel that I take you by the hand and show you the path you must follow to turn to your fellow men. I will cause your eyes to see those and your ears to hear those who seek Me ─ those who call Me, and you will know that those who seek Me will seek you. Then I will fill you with inspiration, and through your mediation I will give light to those crowds.

51. Mankind has purified itself in its pain and will purify itself even more so that souls will awaken and realize that their fruits bear bitterness and death within them They will seek their Redeemer and will find the way from which they have strayed. But I will give this message of light, peace and love to the world through my chosen ones.

52. You live in a time of grace, in a new day when the divine light illuminates the path of all men. I, the Master, receive you, let you rest on my lap and bless you, and as I caress this people here, I radiate blessings and benefactions all over the world.

53. You, my disciples, have prepared yourselves to hear my lesson of this time You have come with faith and hope as you came in the past times when I approached you.

54. The way I am showing you is the way of the Law ─ a wide, well-defined way, so that you may feel safe when you walk on it. The fulfillment of this law is the price of your salvation. Do you want to save yourselves and reach the goal of this way in order to possess the gifts and power of the righteous? You have everything necessary in you to reach this goal. I have endowed you with virtues to complete your ideal.

55. If you feel that the struggle to achieve the victory of your Spirit is arduous, make use of the strength you possess. If the misfortunes of this world oppress you, arm yourselves with patience. When human incomprehension makes you suffer, lift up your soul, and here, in communion with Me, silence your lamentations and bring peace to your world again, without worries nor feelings of revenge, but as good disciples loving and forgiving.

56. Spread in your way this teaching which I have brought you so that the world may feed on it. For the hunger and thirst that men suffer are overwhelming.

57. Do not miss the moment when your fellow men present their need to you. Bring comfort to the soul to ease its agony. For their spiritual poverty and illness is more painful and oppressive than that which their body experiences.

58. Your word as disciples will have the power to dispel the fog, the sadness, which envelops the heart of your fellow men.

59. I have called you to satisfy that blessed desire you show Me to perfect your soul, to go beyond human knowledge to enter the Divine Treasury And I, who heed your petitions and long for your progress, have abundantly given my word so that you may feel happy.

60. When the present time is over, and only the memory of this rallies is left in you, you will feel happy, and when you read my word in the books, you will water with your tears these pages written down with the love and tenderness you show to Me as My children.

61. The time is already near when you will stand before this mankind as witnesses of my truth. But you are to make resolutions already now and arm yourselves with courage. For the test that awaits you is great. Nothing shall make you cowardly, beloved disciples! And just as my word has shown you a single direction: Love and truth, you too shall be the tireless sowers of this seed among mankind.

62. Your staff shall be prayer; it shall prepare and make ready for you the good. In this prayer you will feel that your soul will move to other levels, to higher, more elevated levels, the greater your preparation is. And on these you will breathe peace, you will feel inspired by the beings that inhabit them ─ Just and virtuous, and they will bring you into my presence. In this community I will give you my new revelations and assignments.

63. I want you now to rest from your long wanderings, that you no longer shed any tears in this earth valley, and that you rise spiritually.

64. I announce to you that you will still experience how the greatest catastrophes will occur in the world, which will be the consequences of human egoism and striving for power, of lack of love and mercy. What will you do in this time, Israel, when you see all forces of nature unleashed and your fellow men whipped?

This world will experience the occurrence of severe earthquakes, the water masses will overflow its banks, and parts of the sea will become land, and other countries will be flooded by the water masses. People will move away from their lands and even from their homelands in search of salvation. The water floods will devastate many cities, as in the Flood of the First Age, and only some will escape this harsh judgment.

65. How will you receive these people who are fleeing from so much misery and pain, seeking the saving ark in this nation? Will you obey my will and share your bread and your home with them?

66. Soon a time of great events for the world will begin. The earth will quake, and the sun will send down burning hot rays upon this world, scorching its surface. The continents will be afflicted with pain from one pole to another, the whole world will be cleansed, and there will be no creature that does not feel hardship and atonement.

67. But after this great chaos, the nations will regain their peace, and the forces of nature will calm down. After that "stormy night" in which this world lives, the rainbow of peace will appear, and everything will return to its laws, its order and harmony.

68. Again you will see the sky clear and the fields fertile. The rivers will again be clear and the sea will be calm. There will be fruit on the trees and flowers on the meadows, and the harvests will be abundant. Man, purified and healthy, will feel worthy again and will see the way to his ascent and his return to me paved.

69. Everyone will be thoroughly pure and purified to be worthy to experience the coming New Age. For I must found the new mankind on firm foundations.

70. There are many spirit beings who are only waiting for the rebirth of virtue in this world to come down and fulfill the mission I have assigned to them. Prepare yourselves and make ready to receive them when this time comes, and shorten the days of your purification by your works of mercy.

71. I will enter into all homes to speak through their conscience to the soul of the rulers ─ to the fathers of the families, to the judges and teachers, and will leave the law imprinted in them

72. The dominion of evil, which has reigned for so long in this world, will now soon disappear to make way for the dominion of the Spirit, the release of the spiritual gifts and abilities that exist in man, through which he has a very high destiny.

73. Many of you will be witnesses of these events, which I announce to you today Some believing and some unbelieving, you will see these words come true.

74. Await the fulfillment of these prophecies, watch always, so that no trial will make you weak, and carry my words engraved in you. For each of them contains wisdom and power, which will save you if you know how to apply them in your lives.

75. If you know how to keep yourselves praying and following my teaching, you will achieve your spiritual progress and will be able to consciously pass through the new period of time which you are now soon to pass through. You will feel my presence in your actions, in your assemblies, and inspired by me you will accomplish works according to your dignity as disciples of me.

76. Live in harmony with the desires and ideals of your spirit brothers and sisters, even when you are far from each other Your souls shall be united with theirs, and you shall all live in communion with Me. This is my will.

77. Feel my encouragement when you hear my word, for it is life for everyone who is able to understand it, so that tomorrow you may be my disciples who fulfill my law ─ so that you do not feed Sodom and Gomorrah. I give you my word that you may understand what the true riches of the soul are, that you may be spiritualized and worthy to inherit my kingdom.

78. I give you the light of my HolySpirit so that you may not sink into darkness. I have spoken to you that you may give Me dwelling in your heart and make it a sanctuary of my divinity.

79. What nourishes the world in this time? Arrogance, vanity, enmity, and vile pleasures, which sicken the soul and the body. But I want to see you free from this sensual pleasure, and that is why I have left your soul only the white robe. At the end of the journey of life I want to receive you in my fatherly arms and say to you: Be welcome, you who understood to live within my law and separated yourselves from the world to become my workers.

80. Everyone who hears my word and puts it into practice will be worthy to receive my mercy from my treasury. It will be this one who will show himself to others as a clear mirror. In him will be the gift of healing, the prophetic word. He will be like a spring of crystal clear water for those who thirst for my word. I will put my Divine Word in him and entrust him with my healing balm, so that he may be the one who gives comfort to everyone who suffers.

81. I will cause peace and joy wherever he settles, and I will entrust him with a sword to fight every idolatry.

82. Teach your children to seek Me in the unknown Tell them that you have sat down with Me at my table, and that you are no longer idolatrous. If they reject Me, love them and forgive them.

83. The nations set their boundaries, go to war and sow death. But I have come in the Spirit to prepare some people, and these are you who are a part of the new generations who will seek Me tomorrow from Spirit to Spirit. In that time the peoples of the earth will no longer prepare themselves for war. Men will receive me in their soul.

84. I want you to be "the first" and that you prepare yourselves to pass on the Good News, and that you be an example for your fellow men.

85. It is my will that you purify yourselves, because the defiled one does not come to me, and your pain is then very great Rise to Me to ease your pain. I remove the evil from you so that there is well-being and joy in your soul ─ so that you rise to the summit of the spiritual mountain.

86. Feel love for your Master and for mankind, do not hold back my mercy. Make an effort to free your fellow men from fanaticism, then my spiritual world will be with you. Be my witnesses, then I will give the Good News to the world through your mediation.

My peace be with you! 

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