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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Teaching 257:

1. You have remained silent, your thoughts are rising to your Father

2. Be welcome, says the master to you You seek rest, peace or consolation and have succeeded in hearing Me, because it is I who possess all that you need.

3. If you seek the meaning of the Word of Jesus, verily I tell you, you will find it too

4. The Word of Jesus was the voice of the Divine "Word. Jesus was the name of the body of Christ - a body that was like a temple to house my Spirit and reveal the truth with my words.

5. But if you believe in Me, if you love Me and follow Me, the name you give Me of the many you have to designate Me is not important. The essential is that you feel me, although I do not demand of you that you do it in a perfect way.

6. Blessed is he who feels Me in his own being to the extent that his mental receptivity allows him.

7. In some their heart beats with power, others want to tell Me something and are unable to grasp a thought. Still others have the need to cry and let their eyes overflow, and some feel overwhelmed by fear because they know that a penetrating gaze is watching them.

8. Those who are able to prepare themselves and feel my presence are those who really come close to the spiritual table to eat the bread of grace. They are the souls who, from lesson to lesson, will one day go beyond the intellect and humanity to penetrate the meaning of my Word and find there its spiritual content.

9. These will be the ones who dedicate themselves to the practice of mercy - the peacemakers, because they have found the source of peace and will suffer when they look at those who live in the midst of discord and strife, which is true darkness for the soul. They will be those who live to comfort, to encourage, to bring light into the darkened organs of the mind, to heal the physically or mentally sick.

10. Only he who feels my presence, who grasps the meaning and love of my word in his soul, will later be able to feel compassion towards those who suffer, and to feel the pain, nakedness, poverty and tragedies of human beings as well.

11. When I have invited you all to my table and I have invited you to prepare yourselves to enjoy my presence spiritually, I mean that you are all destined to enjoy the food of the Kingdom of Heaven, but at the same time, that you all have the task of sowing with love the fields where discord grew and filling with light every place where vice, misery and ignorance are hidden

12. This lesson is given to you by the one who, because He felt an infinite love for you, left everything behind to save you from your darkness, although for this He had to become man, live persecuted and be mocked until He died on a cross.

13. disciple: Before you take the first step in the world, I know in advance your life, your works and your thoughts. Therefore I give you everything that you need on the journey of life which you then begin.

14. The soul, through its body, begins a time of trials. But it has already enlightened itself beforehand and made itself strong so as not to be seduced by the temptations that the world presents to it.

15. Sometimes it corresponds to her to dwell in a man whose heart contains great recalcitrance, and then it seems difficult for her to reveal her light. That heart will be her touchstone and her trial in life, and if she manages to tame it and convince it that only when body and soul are in harmony can man find peace, she will have passed her test and can hope for a higher world.

16. If the heart is weak in the face of the sufferings and misfortunes of life and becomes blasphemous, it is because the soul allowed itself to be overcome by the sufferings, because it sank down to the level of matter, making all needs and trifles its own, which were not intended for it. Whoever comes to his senses in time, prays, and strengthens himself in faith, will be able to win, and from that trial the fruit of experience will remain for him, so as not to fail or become weak. On the other hand, the one who for a short time forgets his core of being and is content to live and suffer for the world will have fallen, defeated by the power of matter, by the needs, temptations, and wretchedness of human life.

17. Alas, if you would hear from your parents' mouths, from your first steps on earth, a wise, strengthening, and comforting teaching - how much would it help the soul to lead the mind and heart in its elevation to your God.

18. A great spiritual teaching is needed for man to live in harmony with the voice of his conscience. For though all things are permeated with divine love, wisely created for man's welfare and happiness, the matter that surrounds him in the world is a trial to the soul from the moment it inhabits a world to which it does not belong and unites it with a body whose nature is different from its own.

19. Therein you can see the reason why the soul forgets its past. From the moment it incarnates in and merges with an unconscious creature that has just been born, it begins a life that is closely connected with that body. Only two characteristics of the Spirit remain present: conscience and intuition; but the personality, the works accomplished and the past remain hidden for a time. This is the way the Father intends it. What would become of the soul, which has come from the light of a high homeland to live in the wretched circumstances of this world, if it were to remember its past? And what vanities would there be among men if the greatness that existed in their soul in another life were revealed to them?

20. You must know that the soul receives a thorough preparation before its incarnation on earth, since it is about to be subjected to a long and sometimes severe test. But thanks to that preparation, it is not disturbed when it enters this life. She closes her eyes to the past in order to open them to a new existence, and so she adapts to the world she has come to from the first moment. How different is the way in which your soul adjusts to the thresholds of spiritual life once it has left its body and the world. Since it has not been given real preparation to return to its home, it is confused, it still controls the feelings of the material body, and it does not know what to do, nor where to turn. This is due to the fact that she has not learned that in the last moment one must also close one's eyes to this world; for only in this way will she be able to open them again for the spiritual world which she had left, where her whole past awaits her to be united with her new experience, and all her former merits will be added to the new ones.

21. A dense veil envelops her mind as she recovers the light; a stubborn influence of all that she left behind prevents her from feeling the vibration of her Spirit; but as her shadows dissolve to unite with her true essence - how much distraction, how much pain.

22. Is there anyone who, having heard or read this message, rejects it as a useless or false teaching? I tell you that only he who is on a level of extreme materialism or blind unteachability could reject this light without his soul being deeply moved by it.

23. At this time I do not reveal to man the past of his soul, but I still assure him that his soul has lived before, that it has come to accomplish a high task on earth, and that it must return to its home - not only without blemish, not even with the same light that it brought, but with an even greater light.

24. Souls that dwell on earth: Feel my presence, behold the divine light that is pouring on you. Your Father has many means to bring His rays and inspirations to you. But beyond that I send you this word, which I have made known to you through human organs of the intellect, so that it may reach you and you may reflect upon the same. It is manna of life in your desert, is dew of grace on the barrenness of your existence, is balm in your pain and infinite light in your darkness.

25. It moves you, you listeners and witnesses of my rallies. Prepare yourselves to let my divine messages reach all mankind.

26. My infinite mercy is ready to receive you all - both he who comes weary and weeping, and he who comes without true faith to hear Me, and he who comes longingly as a good disciple to offer Me the fruit of his commission.

27. I am the Father who seeks your soul to fill it with light because you live in a time of uncertainty and confusion

28. I am bringing to mankind a teaching that will lead them to the realization of works of true mercy, spiritual usefulness and upliftment, through which men will be remembered by future generations, blessed by them and taken as an example. Only the trace of works containing truth will be imperishable in the world. For the hour of judgment is drawing near, in which every work that is not founded on foundations of truth will be destroyed, and in which no stone will be left of it on another.

29. To you, disciples, I say that if you want to leave a seed in the heart of your fellow men, it shall consist of your works and examples - works without vanity. Always be aware that in order not to crook or miss the way, you must be humble servants and obedient disciples of Christ, whose works are written in your Spirit.

30. There my exemplary works are present, eternal and indelible, despite so many storms and whirlwinds.

31. People, do you realize that my word has saved you from the human needs of this time? Then know that you must do the same with your fellow men. Your heart tells Me: "Lord, You have granted us gifts and graces - how could we do the same with our neighbors? To this I answer you: Even though you cannot distribute spiritual gifts, nor grant graces, you can cause your fellow men, when they hear my teaching on your lips, to feel the awakening of their gifts and abilities, and that they, by learning to communicate with their Father, receive by inspiration the task they are to perform. Does not your task now seem to you to be great and meritorious enough?

32. I must tell you, disciples, if you desire your works to be worthy before Me, you must not ask anything of your fellow men for them.

33. The divine manna of the Third Age has descended upon this people - how could you go from being children of light to children of darkness, profanation, and disobedience? How could you, having been appointed trustees of my revelations, become wretched beings on earth?

34. Watch and pray, I tell you constantly, so that you do not fall into temptation, so that you do not hide your gifts from anyone, whether out of fear or selfishness, because you understand that in your travel bundle you carry with you many gifts that do not belong to you. For I have given them to you so that you may put them into your fellow men. Know that, no matter how much you may possess, if you should pass nothing on, it is as if you had nothing. That is why I have often called you to account because, although you have received so much from me, you come here and show me your hands empty because they have given nothing, because they have not sown my word of love.

35. Verily I say to you: If you need an incentive to accomplish your mission, do works of true charity. For in the exercise of my teaching you will find the stimulus and the reward.

36. Those who expect mercy from Me and do not exercise it, though they might do so in their own way, have had no mercy either with their fellow men or with themselves. They are those who let their hearts grow cold, who have put out their lamps - those who resemble weak little birds that have fallen from their nests, or withered leaves that fall from the trees in autumn, only to be blown aimlessly by the winds.

37. Perhaps you criticize my rallies because of the fact that I give them to you through sinful creatures? They are certainly not pure beings. But tell Me if my words have not found any appeal in your heart through these human lips, or if their sweetness has not at some time removed the bitterness you carried in your heart.

38. Men, remember that you came here with a wounded heart, a disturbed mind and a torn soul, and that after you heard Me, you rose strengthened Who had ever done this to you?

39. Ye women, ye came with eyes and a heart weary of weeping. But when you thought that you had no more tears, you heard my word, and your cheeks were again overflowed with tears. But now they were tears of hope and emotion. Who had reached the bottom of your hearts before the day you heard my voice?

40. This teaching has proved to you that it is not an empty word, but that it is permeated with divine essence. Therefore it is simple in its form, because its depth and meaning are grounded in its message.

41. As I have come to comfort you in your tribulations, so have I come to give light to your soul. For all dark powers are unleashed and stirred up in their abysses, and it is necessary that you should know how to defend yourselves.

42. Light your lamp anew, awaken the love in your heart, occupy yourselves with eternal life and have mercy on your soul Only in this way will you be able to feel compassion for your neighbor and dedicate a part of your life to the activity of love.

43. Guard your "treasure", share it with others, and always make good use of all that it contains. Then a power, a health and a light will arise in you as you have never experienced before. This power, this light and this health will come from the soul and be reflected in the body.

44. People, you are no longer the wanderer who seeks a light at random. You have already found it.

45. This word has performed the miracle of raising you up to life; it has been the power that raised you up and healed you. Who could convince you that it does not come from God, even though you have undergone a transformation in your being that can only be attributed to my power?

46. You now have a beautiful opportunity to improve your life, to be useful, and to work out a worthy home for your soul in the spiritual world. Who could snatch this opportunity from you? - No one, except when you forget to wake up and pray, and your negligence would cause you to fall into temptation.

47. If you desire to remain at peace when the great events announced by my teachings occur, be true to your purposes.

48. You will yet see the time coming when the representatives of the great churches will feel the presence of the Divine and recognize the coming of the New Age

49. You will see them conferring with one another, questioning each other, and making suggestions, even though their vanity makes them believe for a short time that they are superior to one another.

50. This time of struggle will be unforgettable for your soul, because it will have succeeded in overcoming materialism and strengthening its faith, love, and longing to ascend to God in the path of spiritualization.

51. The spiritualist's mind and heart will share in the joy of their higher part of being, and as long as there is life in them, they will cooperate with the soul in the accomplishment of its high mission. But when the hour has come to rest in the bosom of the earth, they will do so in peace and with the satisfaction of having occupied themselves with the work of the Lord, and the last thoughts and the last heartbeats of that man will be indelibly imprinted in the soul of him who inhabited a humble and noble body shell, obedient to the divine commandments.

52. Recognize why I tell you that you are to make your body a rod, a support of the soul here on earth, whereby I made you understand that you are to snatch from your flesh that scepter and that power with which it tried to subjugate the soul, which - guided by conscience - is the only control and the only light in the life of man

53. I have spoken to you according to your comprehension, because I do not want you not to understand the meaning of any of my words, and I tell you also this, that according to the preparation of each group, crowd, or assembly, is also the form in which I make myself known.

54. Every soul has a great obligation to its Father. Because of my love for you I have offered you this new opportunity on earth to justify yourselves before me, to make amends spiritually and to purify yourselves so that you can move on to the next home.

55. O blessed third time! You bring in your "Ark of the Covenant" everything that the world needs to save itself from its bondage. Blessed are those who use your light, for they will be saved.

56. I have guided you throughout your whole spiritual path of development, tested you and prepared you for the revelation of this time. It will not be men who shape the new people of Israel, I will be the one who shapes it, cleanses it, lifts it up and sends it among mankind to fulfill its mission while this people grows and tears down the obstacles so that it may advance. In the same way I did it with Israel when I took them out of Egypt and led them through the sea and through the desert.

57. This people here has the mission to awaken mankind spiritually. But when they have fulfilled it, and people are aware of the times in which they live, you will see a desire for light springing from their heart and an ideal of elevation springing from their soul, which will shake human life to its roots and transform the world.

58. Conscience will then be heard and obeyed, those called by the Spirit will be understood, spiritual longings and rights will be considered and respected, and everywhere will shine a desire to know God, to feel Him, to approach Him and see His truth.

59. All this will come up in men when hunger and thirst have brought them to the limits of their power of resistance, when their pride is broken and they repentantly confess guilt before their Lord, when they descend from their thrones and splendor seats, from where they have tried to deny me, from where they have judged me and denied me. This will happen so that they will repent of their errors, turn their eyes to Me and speak to Me like children to a father who has been waiting for them for many centuries to shower them with his love.

60. How deeply man sank in his materialism, until he finally denied Him who created everything! How could the human mind darken to such a degree? How could your science deny Me and degrade life and nature as it did?

61. In every work that your science discovers is My presence; in every work my law is revealed and my voice is heard. How is it that these people neither feel, nor see, nor hear? Is it a proof of progress and civilization to deny my existence, my love and my justice?

62. Then you are no more advanced than the primitive men, who knew how to discover in every force of nature and in every wonder of nature the work of a divine, higher, wise, just and powerful being, to whom they ascribe all good, all that exists, and therefore worship it.

63. By means of an increasing intelligence they tried to understand what their physical senses perceived. What perfect devotion could they already offer me? What complete understanding could they have of the truth? Nevertheless, their wonder, faith and worship were accepted by Me as the first fruits of a vast field which my Spirit had to cultivate through the ages.

64. How many teachings I have given to mankind since then until today! And how many revelations my love has entrusted to her! Nevertheless, although these people should have reached the summit of understanding, and their worship of God should be perfect, their selfish, proud and inhuman science has risen to deny Me, and the religious communities that exist live in the lethargy of routine and tradition.

65. I have given you the gift of freedom of will and have respected that blessed freedom granted to my children. But I also placed in your being the Divine Light of the Spirit, so that you, guided by Him, would direct your abilities in the right direction. But I tell you: In the battle between the soul and the body, the soul has suffered a defeat, a painful fall, which has gradually taken it further and further away from the source of truth, which I am.

66. Their defeat is not final, it is temporary; for it will rise from the depths of its abyss when it can no longer bear its hunger, its thirst, its nakedness and its darkness. Pain will be her salvation, and when she then hears the voice of her Spirit, she will rise strong and radiant, fervent and inspired, using her abilities anew. But no longer with that freedom to use them for good or evil, but by dedicating them solely to the fulfillment of the divine laws, which is the best worship you can offer to my Spirit.

My peace be with you! 

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