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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 245:

1. My Spirit is pleased because you come to me in desire. Why do you remember today to an increased degree men who have passed over into the hereafter, although there are no days nor dates for the soul? Do not let yourselves be misled by the "dead" who mourn their "dead". You are not "dead", nor are they those who belonged to you as your parents, children, brothers and sisters, relatives, or friends. Why not also those who have done evil to you, when they have purified themselves?

2. You are eager for light, and my work really satisfies that desire of your soul, which, the more it is enlightened, moves ever further away from apparent "death.

3. Your heart becomes sad when you see your fellow men weeping without hope and without comfort for their "dead. Pray for them and work for them, so that you may learn to bring the "dead" of this and the other world to life.

4. Once people have grasped the reality of these teachings, they will no longer weep over the graves that hold some remains, and will transform their weeping into respect for the places that are destined to be resting places for the bodies, and into prayers for the souls that dwell in the "spiritual valley" - prayers that are an embrace, a greeting, a kiss and a caress.

5. You are already living in the "Third Age", and still humanity is spiritually retarded. Its pastors, its theologians and spiritual shepherds reveal to it very little and sometimes nothing at all about eternal life. To them, too, I reveal the secrets of the book of my wisdom, and so I ask you: Why do they keep silent? Why are they afraid to wake up the sleepy souls of men?

6. You, who hear Me at present, understand already here to work out the development and progress for the future of your souls But how many do not know these truths or forget them, and death surprises them unprepared.

7. I want pure thoughts to be the language in which you communicate with your brothers and sisters who dwell in the spiritual, that you understand each other in this way, and indeed, your merits and your good works will be of use to them; just as the influence of those of my children, their inspirations and their protection will be a powerful help for you on your path of life, so that you may come to me together.

8. Spiritualize yourselves and you will experience in your life the beneficent presence of those beings: the caress of the mother who left her child on earth, the warmth and counsel of the father who also had to pass away

9. After I have given you this teaching, you will understand the judgment on those who take their own lives - on those who kill their fellow man and on those who stir up murderous wars "Watch" and pray for them all, from Cain to the last murderer, that their judgment may be softened.

10. Like dark clouds that announce a storm, legions of confused beings hover above you. Pray that you will not become victims of their influences. Pray that these dark powers may become light.

11. Do not become weary of this life, do not rise in your sufferings, for you do not know what debts from past lives you are paying.

12. Live in harmony and peace in the bosom of your family and your society, so that many of your fellow men may follow your example, who are brought to you by beings of light

13. Rejoice in this third time, for my word has come to you full of splendor.

14. It is a moment of peace for every soul. The worlds will be enlightened when the Father sheds his light upon them. These are moments of glory for all human beings who are prepared to receive this divine gift. This grace has come to your world, and on it I have seen the "dead" bury their "dead", worship and adore the goods of the earth, and offer material offerings to God through vain ceremonies.

15. The light of My HolySpirit will pour out on all men at this time, and through it they will be able to comprehend how the sacrifice pleasing to the Lord is constituted: the soul will prepare itself as an offering which must enter into the presence of the Creator when it gets rid of its body - that matter which, when it sinks into the earth, decays and loses its form and will be only a small heap of atoms. There, where the end of a human being is, begins a life that men have not been able to comprehend.

16. People hold on to their traditions and customs. It is understandable that they have an indelible memory of the people whose bodies they have lowered into the grave, and they are attracted to the place where they buried their remains. But if they would delve into the real meaning of material life, they would realize that when that body is dissolved, atom by atom, it returns to those nature kingdoms from which it was formed, and life continues to unfold.

17. But man has at all times created a chain of fanatical cults for the body as a result of the lack of study of the spiritual. He tries to make material life imperishable, forgetting the soul, which is that which truly possesses eternal life. How far are they still from understanding the spiritual life!

18. Now you understand that it is unnecessary to bring gifts to those places where a tombstone that expresses "death" should express "dissolution and life"; for there nature is in full bloom, there is earth, which is the fertile and inexhaustible womb of creatures and life forms.

19. When these teachings are understood, humanity will know how to give the material its place and the divine its own. Then the idolatrous cult for the antecedents will disappear.

20. Man shall know and love his Creator from Spirit to Spirit.

21. The altars are funeral florins, and the tombs are evidence of ignorance and idolatry. I forgive all your transgressions, but I really must shake you awake. My teaching will be understood, and the time will come when men will replace material gifts with high thoughts.

22. Disciples: When you have gone through the ordeal of losing a loved one, a prayer like this one begins to escape you: "Lord, I know that he who left this world is with You, that he set out on the journey only before us, that the moment will come when You allow us all to be united in the same homeland. There are no tears in our eyes, because we know that it is not them who are the dead, but us who are in this world - that in the "Spiritual Valley" true equality and brotherhood prevails. For while those who have already attained the light in fullness are advancing on the path of upward development, and others who have only a faint spark that illuminates their path are supported by the former, there exists among them perfect harmony, helpfulness, and mercy.

23. Why then limit your memories of those who passed away to their earthly existence? Remember them in a spiritual way so that you do not disturb them. Once they have discarded all human inclinations, they will come back to you, and they will be allowed to approach your heart, though you will not know in what way. In spiritual life there is only one desire, one desire: that of approaching divine perfection. I told you at that time: "Man will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless he becomes like me.

24. If anyone does not understand my teaching, it is because he has not taken the trouble to study it, for it is light for all. The time will come when all mankind will stand up and say: "I believe in You, in the resurrection to eternal life.

25. Disciples: This atmosphere of peace which you have experienced, and which has been like an open heaven for you, is truly the bosom of the Second Jerusalem, in whose firmament the star shines, which will guide those who come here in desire for peace and truth.

26. My Spirit rejoices when he speaks to you, and my joy in heaven is as great when a repentant sinner comes in him as when a righteous one comes. For this one has always been healed, while this one was lost and was found again.

27. Do not think yourselves saved because you hear my word, and do not say, "We were lost, but we have been found, and heaven is secure for us. No, you must understand that I have come only to set you on the path that leads to my kingdom, and you must make an effort never to stray from that path, and to advance one step each day until you reach the door behind which is the eternal home, lies the cradle and the true fatherland of the soul, to which you must all reach in order never again to go astray and thus enjoy the fruit harvested in the struggle of life, as well as the reward promised by the Father for all who persevere in faith and love.

28. You feel yourselves chained to the "flesh", the world and pain. But instead of letting yourselves be discouraged by this because you think that they are obstacles to your upward development, I want you to understand that these obstacles are in reality the means to test your faith, your love, and your perseverance in the good.

29. I am your Savior, your liberator. But understand that if I give you my love to save you, you must also give me yours. I will have done my part and you yours by giving you the opportunity to acquire merits to come to Me, conscious of your works and knowing well to whom you come and why.

30. What merit would it be for you if, out of compassion for this world and pain, I were to relieve you and take you to the heavenly regions? Verily, I tell you, you would not feel worthy to dwell in them, nor would you know how to appreciate that life - in a word: You would not even know where you dwell. That is why I tell you that it is my will that when you get there, it should be done on your merits. For then you will be worthy of all that surrounds you, and of all that you possess.

31. Know that I am present in every one of your steps, your trials or difficulties, your aspirations, works and thoughts, giving you my love, speaking to you, strengthening your will and encouraging your faith. For who could approach perfection without my assistance?

32. Awake! Rise up! Rise to the light and begin the battle! You feel yourselves prisoners? Then break the prison of your materialism. Are you depressed by pain and misery? Then learn to rise above human hardships. You feel insignificant in relation to others? There is a great being within you when the soul unfolds through the good. I have not created souls that are destined to be always insignificant or to live always in secret. If there are great souls in the high homes, it is only because they have ascended on the path of love. But originally they were equally small.

33. Recognize why my Spirit is happy when He speaks to those who are still small - to those who dwell in darkness or live chained to pain and misery. For I know that through my love your soul awakens to the light, is flooded with hope and believes and embraces the ideal of upward development.

34. I want to see you all happy, living in peace and in the light, so that little by little you may possess everything, not only through my love but also through your merits; for then your satisfaction and happiness will be perfect.

35. To help you in your upward development, my divine ray falls upon you to turn into words of teaching. And I tell you as in the Second Time, "I am the way, the truth and the life. Thus I have revealed Myself on your path and have pulled you out of the dirt to put you on the path of truth, morality and complete spiritualization. I have broken your chains so that you can follow Me.

36. Jesus, the Nazarene, was among men in the Second Age to leave you a living example of how to love the Father and serve Him, and how to love men. I speak to you in this way so that you may not have the faith that I came only to heal your sufferings. For I also came to teach you to do good to your neighbor. I remind you of the course of my life and of my passion as a man, so that you may understand that the way I am showing you today is the same as the way Jesus showed you. It is the way from ancient times, the only one, the eternal one.

37. For many of you it seems to be a pretense or an impossibility that I make myself known by means of the human mind. But to these doubts I answer that I have manifested myself at all times and since the beginning of mankind through men, through whose transmission I have given the world my commandments, my inspirations and my revelations. What is happening today is that humanity is materialized, chained to the world and to matter, and biased by its religious fanaticism.

38. I am speaking to everyone at this time because I do not prefer you, since in the beginning I sent only equal souls to inhabit the earth's crust.

39. I am the only one who knows the destiny of all, the only one who knows the way you have gone and which you still have to go through. It is I who understand your sufferings and your joys. I know how much you have wandered to find truth and justice. It is My mercy that receives the fearful call of him who inwardly asks Me for forgiveness for his transgressions.

40. And as a father I fulfill every imploring request, collect your tears, heal your infirmities, make you feel forgiven and rid of your stains of shame, so that you may reshape your life.

41. I am also the only one who can forgive you the insults that are done to Me by you who are My children.

42. You are the seed which I prepare If you even rejected Me in former times, I have forgiven you and today I have sat you at my table to transform you into my disciples.

43. I see your soul weary with the weariness it has suffered in the world, and it has sought the way that leads it to true rest The deep trace of pain that the sufferings have left in you will be erased to the extent that you go on this way, in which your soul is occupied with the exercise of love for your neighbor. In this effort, it will never tire. When this people in its present existence reaches the final goal of its mission on earth, it will not return to it, because its home will then forever be the spiritual universe.

44. You are not of this world, but you have come to it to learn deep lessons, to acquire merits, to atone for guilt, to advance in the way of spiritual perfection, to sow good and bear witness to Me.

45. Those who have heard Me in this time must have a greater understanding of their works and their responsibility. Those who have not heard Me, on the other hand, could be considered ignorant. The former will have to answer for everything they have learned, done, and refrained from doing.

46. If you would explore yourselves, you would discover that nothing is lacking for you to serve Me and to reach the top of the mountain. Whether you serve Me or do not, you will always continue to have the mission and the gifts. But why do you want gifts and authority if you do not have to use them? Do not resemble the rich miser, whose wealth may be very great, but which is useless.

47. When the soul comes to earth, it is animated by the best intentions to consecrate its existence to the Father, to please Him in everything, to be useful to its neighbors. But as soon as it sees itself trapped in the body, tried in a thousand ways and put to the test on its way of life, it becomes weak, gives in to the impulses of the "flesh," succumbs to temptations, becomes selfish, and finally loves itself above all, and only for moments does it listen to the Spirit, where destiny and vows are written.

48. My word helps you to remember your spiritual covenant and to overcome the temptations and obstacles. No one can say that he has never deviated from the way I have laid out. But I forgive you so that you learn to forgive your fellow men.

49. Who are they who love Me? verily, I tell you, I alone know Some love Me and do not know it, and some believe to love Me and even boast about it without loving Me.

50. You will not be alone after my departure. I will leave the people who love Me among you, for in their hearts there will be no bad seed nor vanity. In them will be love, mercy and humility.

51. Because some love Me more, they do not enjoy greater gifts through this - no. I am currently giving everyone the opportunity to awaken to true life, to be the instruments of my high counsel.

52. To many I gave the call in this time, but not all hurried to come. The news of my presence among men reached many places and many hearts, and I can tell you that mankind has been deaf to this call. But once the great trials pile up and the forces of nature raise their calls for justice, mankind will awaken from its long sleep and realize that I have truly been with you.

53. I did not come to save only one particular people or nation, I came for the sake of all mankind, to teach all to pray in a true spiritual communion with the Creator.

54. Some ask Me when they hear Me speak: "Lord, shall we in future send up no more songs to Your Divinity? To this I answer, "Children, the birds glorify My name with their Tirilieren as soon as the dawn appears. If you need it to lift up your soul, do it. If not, there is another song of praise which springs from the soul, and whose sounds do not resound in your ears, though its echo resounds in infinity: prayer.

55. Let no man boast of his spiritualization. Who can say that he is already more Spirit than flesh, and that he can walk on water without sinking? It will not be your material nature that will rise, it will only help the soul in its gathering to overcome the distances.

56. My Divine Spirit, who dwells in your heart, tells you

57. Beloved people, if there were a righteous man on earth, the world would be saved by this righteous man. But this my Universal Ray shines down to illuminate the way that has been laid out from the earliest times by the Father for men - that way of morality, virtue and spiritualization that lifted you up when you fell on your knees before false gods out of weakness.

58. Since the first time I have made myself known to mankind through men chosen by my mercy. It was the prophets, the inspired, the righteous, the patriarchs, who made known to you my commandments and my will. Know how they all led you from the beginning on the path of spiritualization, teaching you to pray to the invisible Father and preparing your heart as a sanctuary, so that the Lord may be present with you - both in the corner of your night camp and on a mountain, on the way or on the banks of a river.

59. For a short time you lost your way through the ways of materialism, distancing yourselves from the Father, distorting the true service of God by replacing it with fanaticism and idolatry, and finally many fell into unbelief.

60. But you felt the steps of the Lord near at this time, you heard them like the distant sound of a bell, and you had to follow the mysterious call that came to you. What did your physical eyes see? Some humble meeting rooms, where my new disciples and some insignificant creatures were gathering, from which, like an inexhaustible spring, a loving word full of warmth, wisdom and persuasiveness flowed. Since then, this Word has been for many the bread of life, the water that quenches their thirst and the balm that soothes their pain.

61. In the face of the miracle of my renewed presence among men, the deaf heard, the blind saw, the hardened heart became sensitive, the soul dead to the life of grace was resurrected.

62. And the men and women have become industrious "workers", knowledgeable disciples, who will speak of the truth afterward. These will not again deny me, will no longer misjudge me, nor will they ever again doubt my power.

63. They will be like a shining lighthouse in the way of the stray. And so the souls will find the path of truth in this time to come a further step closer to their creator.

64. Seek, while you still have a breath of life, for those who have lost their way Straighten up your brothers and sisters who have stumbled in the struggle for life, heal the soul, heart or body of the sick person. Do good, and thus bear witness to Me. It does not matter if those who have received a benefit do not convert to my work. The seed that you sowed

will never pass away, it will rise tomorrow or in eternity.

65. Know the power of your gifts, which no man, however learned or powerful, could have given you, so that you may truly become the light and salt of the world.

My peace be with you!

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