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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 255:

1. You have entered a time of struggle, prayer and merit You feel that the time of pleasures is now over and that you must hasten your steps because humanity is desperate and you have the responsibility to bring the Good News and the testimony of my coming to them in words and deeds.

2. See how people in all denominations and sects search through time, life and events in the hope of discovering the signs that announce my coming They are ignorant people who do not know that I have been making myself known for a long time and that this kind of rallies will end shortly. But I tell you also this, that many of those who await me with so much longing would not recognize me if they were to witness the manner in which I make myself known, but rather would reject me flatly.

3. Only the testimonies will reach them, and through these they will still believe that I have been among my children.

4. You too were impatiently awaiting Me inwardly; but I knew that you would recognize Me and belong to my workers in this time.

5. May the world make fun of the way I have manifested myself But they will not laugh at me, but at themselves. For they do not even suspect nor understand what every creature means to divinity.

6. For me the most right thing I can do with my children is to make myself known to them through the abilities with which I have given them, without using the pretext that they are sinners and that they are unclean. What better incentive is there for the child than that he should know his father, see him and feel him, so that he can love him?

7. In an old prophecy it was said that every eye, sinful or not, would see Me. Now, in this time, I have told you: I did not come in desire for the righteous to make myself known through his mediation, but precisely in desire for the sinner who was purified in the trials of life and in a moment of repentance. For he is the child who, if he knows himself loved and appreciated by the Father, goes the whole way of renewal and virtue.

8. Which of the voice-bearers, through whom I have spoken to you, had any inkling of the gift he already possessed and the ministry for which he was destined, before he heard my word? None. They were purified throughout their lives as in a melting pot. But their gift remained a secret until the time came to reveal it.

9. This is the beginning, or preparation, for the soul of man to know a higher communication with the Father, and you were surprised. If you knew all that I have prepared to reveal it to you in due time, you would not be able to understand why I love you so much, nor the merits you must render to obtain such a great grace.

10. In 1866 the first church of spiritualists, disciples of this work, was born. Under the light of my Spirit and taught by Elijah, those first disciples began to receive the rays of the message which you now, before its completion, receive in full.

11. From then until the present time, many churches have formed as branches that sprang from that "tree trunk" founded by Roque Rojas.

12. A single light has shone on the multitudes that make up this people, and yet - how many differences are there between the different communities! For many years you have enjoyed the rallies of my word through a simple, clear and understandable teaching. But there are few who have been able to explain the meaning of the spiritual teaching.

13. There is only one year left until my rallies end in this form. But the majority of the people is still very far from the truth. From the "first" to the "last" I have forgiven the fact of having materialized a divine revelation, which they were not at all able to understand at the first moment. But after the spiritual teaching has been spreading for many years and my word has gradually explained this work more and more, I see the time coming to ask you to leave your usual paths, to penetrate a little more to the core of my teachings and to take a firm and determined step on the way to spiritualization.

14. How will you follow Me as long as you seek and worship Me by means of symbols and designs, external cult forms and materializations? You tell me: "It is the heritage of the 'first', and we respect it. Now, people, now I tell you that those "first" were only your forerunners, so that you would bring to perfection that form of God worship and that form of spiritual communication which they began.

15. Do not confuse the Divine Law with the religions or methods you have for interpreting that Law.

16. The Law is eternal and unchanging; religions, cult forms, and actions evolve and change according to the moral and spiritual unfolding of those who profess them. If this spiritual development did not exist, you would still worship God in the stars and the forces of nature as the primitive peoples did.

17. Do not stop in your way of loving Me, serving Me, and worshipping Me. Always go forward, improve yourselves more and more, strive for your perfection. But do not touch the law, do not change it, do not interchange it. It will always teach you the highest, will always instruct you to fulfill it completely. It will be present and eternal as Universal Law and will teach you true love for God and true love for neighbor.

18. Be not keepers of habits, cults, or traditions, for then you will remain for centuries in the lethargy of dogma-belief and ignorance. Be guardians of the law and truth instead.

19. In this time do not be like the Jewish people of the "Second Age," who - because they were bound by tradition, conservative and fanatical - could not eat the bread of heaven, which the Messiah brought to them, which they had expected for many centuries. When the hour had come, they could not recognize Him, because His materialization prevented them from seeing the light of truth.

20. On this day I leave you only two words, so that you may fathom them deeply and take from them the whole meaning, as far as you are able to do so through good preparation: "spiritualism" and "spiritualization. Only in this way - meditating, praying and waking - will you be able to comprehend what the true and right devotion to God is to be like, which you must bring to your Lord on the basis of this teaching.

21. Yes, people, in order to love Me by means of external cult forms, to seek Me in images and symbols, and to worship Me by means of liturgies, ceremonies and celebrations, there are many churches and many sects where you can satisfy your heart if it is still hungry or in need of such worship. But if you want to serve Me and love Me through this work of the Spirit and therefore reject another form of worshiping Me, then understand what "spiritualism" and what "spiritualization" means, so that, if you really want to be disciples of this teaching, you will not belong to those who impose customs, rules, traditions, and external cult forms, for then you will again fall into materialism, into idolatry, and into fanaticism, and of spiritualism you will know only the name.

22. Rise up as far as you can in an effort to conform and conform to my teaching. But do not do the contrary, that is, adapt my teaching to your limitations and comforts, materializing, deforming, or distorting it.

23. This teaching today is to serve as a wake-up call to those who have heard it, so that they may be inspired by it and filled with energy, fervor, love, and faith to break the nets that have long held them captive. In their minds shall be formed the true idea of what "spiritualism" means, and in their hearts shall be born the noble ideal of becoming a true disciple of this teaching of light and perfection.

24. Beloved people: Once your differences have disappeared, once the disunity that currently prevails among you has given way to brotherhood, and once you have understood your mission, your soul will have the desire and your heart the impulse to set out to sow the seed of spiritualization that you have received in my word.

25. The moment of enlightenment will come for you, in which you will grasp the greatness of this work with the greatest clarity, being amazed to discover at its bottom wonderful revelations such as you have never imagined. Then you will spontaneously set out, spreading over the Earth and giving mercy, light and consolation on your way. The judgments of your neighbor will no longer harm you, nor will the contempt of your family members make you suffer, because all the sufferings of the earth will seem small to you in view of the greatness of your mission.

26. Blessed are those who reach that degree of spiritualization which makes them insensitive to pain, for they will be protected by the mantle of my mercy.

27. Faith, love and spiritualization are the three virtues that will make the soldiers and apostles of the Third Age invincible. These virtues were present in all those servants who from the earliest times testified to my existence, my presence, my law and my truth.

28. Among these servants you may discover the patriarchs, the prophets, the apostles, and the martyrs. But they were not the only ones in the history of mankind, there were many more who took different ways to carry out their mission and testify my truth, resisting every kind of attack, mockery, persecution and slander. Their faith, their forbearance towards those who hurt them, their constant and faithful love towards their fellow men - one inspired by their Lord - has made them overcome pain, injustice and death. How else could you explain the martyrs' surrender to their executioners? How could you understand the patience and equanimity in the face of persecution in all those who have loved Me and followed Me?

29. If you love Me so, you will have nothing to fear in the world. As long as your faith is not complete and your love not unshakeable, the fight will instill fear in you.

30. What do you fear? Why throw yourselves into prison, why take your life? You know that these times are over and that there have been many martyrs who have offered their lives to prove to the enemies of the truth that martyrdom, prison, and the scaffolding of blood - instead of extinguishing the faith of my servants - would kindle the fire of their love and cause them to spread my teachings with even greater power.

31. You fear the judgment of your neighbors and fear to lose your peace in the world. Why do you not rather fear the judgment of your God or the loss of peace of soul because you have not fulfilled your mission?

32. Today it appears to you as much what I am asking of you for the "Promised Land". But verily, I tell you, once you are in it, you will be surprised to be there, even feeling unworthy of it, saying, "How little was what we did to deserve such a great grace!

33. You ask Me in your heart: "Master, are you perhaps giving us more than we deserve? To this I answer you: If I were to give you according to your works, you would possess very little or nothing. Do you believe that the life you have, the body you possess, the gifts that stir in your being, and all that surrounds you in your existence, are a just reward for your merits.

34. Verily I tell you, I have always given you more and will always give you more than what you justly deserve, because I love you, because I am your Father

35. You weep, people, because you recognize your lack of faith and love. Then you ask me what you have to do to be pleasing to me and to obtain merits before me. To this I answer that you are to serve your neighbor with the best of will, that you are to make the pain of those who suffer your own, that you are to develop your gifts and perfect them for the good of the needy. For what you do to your fellow men depends on what you receive when you arrive in the spiritual.

36. As for me: What can you give me that I have not? I have power, I have peace, I have light, I am owner of the universe, one loves me and serves me. There is not the slightest shadow of selfishness in my Spirit, because I am perfection.

Among your fellow men, however, the children of my Spirit are - how much misery there is! How much pain and darkness! How much need! Why do you not love Me in them? Why don't you give Me all the love that is in you by loving one another?

37. People, this is my answer to your question and my heavenly advice for your decisions.

38. Beloved children, whom I receive on behalf of mankind: the end of my rallies through the human mind is drawing near. After that your Spirit must strive to have communion from spirit to spirit with my divinity.

39. Today my word is your defense, your incentive. But even after this time of my rallies you will be able to feel my presence.

40. The times in which you needed a spiritual leader in the world are over. From now on, everyone who follows this path will have no other way than that of my law, nor any other guide than that of his own conscience. Nevertheless, there will always be men and women of great light and spiritual power who will stand by the hosts of men and women through their example and inspiration.

41. So that they would show you the way and remind you of the Law all the time. They also stand by you, guard and accompany you, but no longer in human form, but from the spiritual. Who sees them? No one. But when you equip yourselves, you will feel above you the presence of great Spirits who have always been in touch with mankind and had great missions to fulfill in it.

42. Turn to them in your prayers, and if you really trust in them - I tell you - you will never perish, because they will guide you with that love and devotion of which they gave you so many proofs in the world

43. I tell you once again that you will not lack in the world men endowed with great light, who will illuminate your way and sow your life with love Humanity has always had the presence of those people on earth, but there are times when great legions of high spirits of light will come into the world, who will eliminate the false world that you have created to build a new one, where you breathe peace and rule the truth.

44. They will suffer much under the wickedness of men. But this is nothing new, for none of God's messengers has escaped persecution, ridicule and hostility. They must come into the world and dwell on it because their presence on earth is necessary.

45. They will come and lovingly address the hearts of men. Their word, imbued with the Father's righteousness, will strike the pride and joy of all those who have replaced the garment of humility of their soul with the splendor of vanity, pride, false power, and false glory.

46. These shall be the first to arise and point to my messengers with a finger trembling with wrath. But this will serve so that my servants may give great testimonies of the truth which they have brought to the world in every trial to which they are subjected.

47. At present you do not know in what ways of human life they will appear. But I tell you that some will appear in the bosom of the great religious communities. They will fight for the unity and spiritual harmony of all men. Others will rise among the scientists and show with the fruit of their inspirations that the true end purpose of science is man's spiritual perfection, not his impoverishment and destruction. Thus in all spheres of life my servants will come forth, who will carry my law in their hearts and confirm with words and works all that I have spoken to you in this time.

48. Also I say to you that my seed, which is this teaching that you have received, will bear its fruits with you, and that these fruits will be the great souls that will incarnate in your children or in the children of your children

49. These are already my last lessons, and I am still speaking to you about new teachings, and this is because I am fulfilling my mission as Master until the last moment, streaming light into every word I say, so that you may not remain in darkness in times of bitterness and pain, when Divine Justice is felt as never before

50. Guard and pray for the world, beloved people.

51. Come to Me, I am the consolation and the peace.

52. You have experienced sufferings and misfortunes on earth because the soul has not developed its abilities and gifts to overcome human hardships.

53. This world could be a paradise instead of a valley of tears if men had good will. I sowed this home with blessings, I did not sprinkle thorns on the paths. The pain of men comes from their transgressions. But just as they created the pain, they will have to make an effort to remove it.

54. You who hear Me are not a lost or wandering people. You are like a family that has built its home in the shade of a mighty tree whose branches constantly offer you their fruit.

55. In this shadow you gain new strength and tend your wounds, for you will have to resume your wanderings to climb the mountain to the top.

56. Already your Spirit reaches the sixth rung of the celestial ladder, where you find the light that removes all error and offers you its assistance to reach the seventh step.

57. I will remove the confusion and the bad interpretations that exist among you about the Seven Seals. Verily, I say to you: You do not belong to a particular seal, but - since your soul must pass through these first to the last - it lives today in the time of the sixth seal or the sixth period of its soul's development.

58. How great were the lessons and the trials that the soul had to go through to progress from one seal to the next! How many merits it had to earn! But that of the climax, the seventh, is still missing.

59. The power of evil with its temptations will persistently stand in your way. But you will remember your Master, who overcame the world, pain and flesh, so that you may emerge victorious from the test with his example. Seek in your Spirit the sword to fight with, here you will find the infallible weapon always at the ready.

60. How could a soul be irretrievably lost for me when it carries a spark of my light in it, which never goes out, and I am with it on all paths? As long as also its insubordination may persist or its confusion continue - never will these dark forces withstand my eternity.

61. I have freed you anew. Or do you not feel your soul freer after you have eliminated its fanatical past and its prejudices?

62. I am life and have equally poured it into all, though I have always sought a people or a number of people to reveal Myself to them. This is done to make them messengers, prophets, or witnesses of my divinity in the service of mankind, but not because I distinguish them by a greater love or favor than the others.

63. Strengthen yourselves by my words, my children, so that you may look upon your fellow men with true charity and not be judges of the sinner, the dissolute, the fanatical, the self-glorious. For then you will hear in your conscience my voice telling you, "He who is pure, cast the first stone.

My peace be with you! 

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