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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 341

1. If my message of love had once been understood, mankind would live in peace. But man prefers to satisfy himself, and has forgotten my law.

2. people: In your effort to spread my work, you should not work only for your own progress; spread this light to all without exception. He who continues to cling spiritually to the accustomed ideas which have been handed down for centuries, and therefore has not rid himself of his fanaticism, will not see my light as you do. Your Spirit has accepted this divine revelation ─ but what is your obligation to humanity? To make available to them the knowledge that you have acquired by bearing witness to the truth through your deeds.

3. I have chosen you to make known the love message I have given you. I have revealed to you that I am in you and outside of you. But you ask Me: "Lord how can we reach perfection to come to you? And I tell you on this that you will ascend higher and higher through your own merits until you reach Me. That is why I always advise you to spiritualize yourselves, to rise up and to apply your gifts.

4. You no longer need certain forms of worship or rites, nor images that have neither life nor power You have been created "in the image and likeness" of your God because you have Spirit, power and gifts to do good. Inspire yourselves in your fulfillment of the commission by creation, which has life and reveals the power and strength of your Lord. Observe the firmament, observe your environment, how everything fulfills its task. See how the royal star gives life to this nature, and what harmony exists between its life elements and the germ that sprouts from the earth. Everything reveals in complete harmony the greatness of God.

5. Christ in his perfection ruled over matter, and therefore he performed the miracle of giving sight to the blind and letting the lame go. It was the Spirit who revealed himself through the body. You still have to evolve so that your Spirit can dominate the body and manifest itself through it.

6. Again I come to you as love and mercy. But my light shines on all, because the world needs spiritual orientation.

7. Men of good will, who admonish men and thereby renounce every personal beneficence and vanity ─ those who really know that men are far from their spiritual Father and that it is necessary that they go into themselves, come to their senses and listen to the word of light, so that they spiritualize ─ those who work for the welfare of their fellow men, no matter to which religion or teaching they belong ─ they will proclaim the truth, and the truth is God.

8. My teaching is universal, and as the human soul develops, it will enlighten all trivial matters and seek spiritualization, light, and guidance to its perfection.

9. Love your God and your neighbor, for this is the foundation of worldwide understanding.

10. I have entrusted my work to you so that the world may receive my word through your mediation. Go to all equally, make no distinction between races nor skin colors, for all need the same spiritual nourishment. In every good work you do, your soul will be filled with joy. You will feel my peace and greater strength to progress in the accomplishment of your spiritual union.

11. With love I await the return of the sheep who have left the hurdle ─ of those who are now going other ways. At this time your Master crosses the desert to seek the lost ─ those whom I now see, although I have bestowed my grace and love abundantly upon them, entangled in their great storms.

12. Beloved disciples, souls that you have come forth from Me: I have prepared you in this time with my power and with my love, so that you may not be carried away by the confusion that surrounds the world.

13. Soon the time of my rallies will end by the human mind, and after that you shall set out to bear witness among mankind. I have led you into the lifeboat and have made you my soldiers of the Third Age, who are to set out to fight in the ways to make the world feel the trust, the love for its God.

14. You shall be like a clear mirror to the world. You will see my word fulfilled from the first to the last. For you are my servants who will fulfill my orders with humility and obedience, and who will carry the law written in their hearts.

15. As master teaching I humble you so that you may set out with Me as an example and go to all provinces. For men are hungry and thirsty for my word.

16. It is necessary, beloved people, that you set out for the different ways of the earth. For see, even in the Mexican nation many have not known my work. Recognize that those who claim to work in my name are already rising in the world, even though they are the spiritually needy.

But you, who have been richly endowed by my divinity ─ what is your task? To make my teaching known. You shall not hide yourselves from the world, nor deny it the mercy that you lack.

17. The sects, the churches, and the various teachings will want to stand in your way and turn you away from the way, declaring themselves to be the owners of the truth and claiming to be my disciples. But you are to set out to fulfill my orders. I give you this warning so that you may be ready to fight. I will be with you and make you known to the people as the mediators of my peace, as the balm that soothes their pain.

18. By your obedience you will rise higher step by step to the top of the mountain. There I await the marked ones of the twelve tribes of the blessed people of Israel.

19. My teaching in this time is the Third Testament, in which you will find My commandments, and which I have given you figuratively and also in clear form, so that you may take what is appointed for each of you. I have imprinted my word in you, Israel, in indelible letters, and nothing will cause it to be lost, and so you will be able to bear witness to what I have entrusted to mankind in my perfect wisdom at all times.

20. Through prayer you come to me, supported by my spiritual world, which protects you. You already know this way because I took you by the hand in the lessons I gave you in the Third Age and taught you how to reach Me through prayer.

21. The light of My Word is before you like a lighthouse that illuminates your life. You will no longer be able to stray because I am before you. You have rushed on my call because you love Me and have encountered Me revealed in all My glory. Those who have seen my presence in spiritual history were happy; but you have all seen me with the eyes of your love and faith. You have all enjoyed my word as a nectar, as an exquisite meal and as a balm that also heals.

22. You will no longer be able to confuse the fruit of my Word with other fruits, because now you know the taste and know that it contains every perfection. At present I am preparing you to speak to others when the time is right, when your armament is great and you are free from your materialism.

23. I pour out on all souls the essence of My Word, My love and My Light, and everyone who seeks Me finds Me.

In all religions, teachings and creeds that exist on earth, I have found superior people who seek Me in spiritualization ─ Souls who have freed themselves from all materialism and have built Me a temple in their own inner being. Intuitively they have received from me because I have revealed to them ─ as I have revealed to you ─ everything that belongs to the Third Time. They, too, have read in the Scriptures, in my words given in the Second Time, and in the interpretations and discussions, that I thereby shed my light among you, and I have received the fruits of their Spirit with love.

24. They prepare great works when they see mankind straying and disoriented. They have pulled themselves up, have rendered merits and have said to Me, "Forgive those who are ignorant. We have Your light, the gifts, the strength in us to fulfill Your commandments". They build on the law, on my word, which was given in the past times, and search in the prophecies and in the announcements which were given to my disciples by me, saying to themselves, "Now is that time. Therefore they seek me, and therefore I am with them, because I have not hidden myself from men. Everyone who seeks me has me with him.

25. I am the Universal Father; my love comes down to all hearts. I have come down to all peoples of the earth. But if I have chosen this Mexican nation so that My Word and My revelations may pour out on them in all their fullness, it is because I have found them humble, because I have discovered virtues in their inhabitants and have incarnated in them the souls of the "people of Israel. But not all belong to this nationality, not all are incarnated. All over the world there are still scattered the souls that belong to the number of the elect. They have been marked, I have opened their eyes, made their heart sensitive, and from Spirit to Spirit they speak to Me.

26. You have had my word and my rallies by means of the human mind, and through your gifts you have seen the unfolding of this work in the Third Age. Therefore, people, you are my witnesses who are to speak with full conviction of what they have seen and heard, who are to fathom every word of mine, who are to interpret my gesture. For the others, despite their intuition and training, do not possess all the knowledge you have. Their merits are great, for they have not heard me in the form in which you have heard me. But they are mentally united with you. The day will come when you will meet and recognize each other on the way. Your spiritual gaze will discover in those who carry them ─ their strength and their virtue, and in that moment you will shake hands and know that that wanderer who crossed your path is also one of my chosen ones.

27. Not all of you will hear my word in this form. Why, people of Israel? You do not know, you do not know whether it is because of your lack of unity, or because of your low spiritualization. But be bound to them, for they are responsible for mankind as you are.

28. Ye shall do your part, and pray for them, and lead them. Among my chosen ones there are also those who have consecrated themselves to the service of my divinity and wear robes like clergymen. Among the chosen ones are the humblest who live unrecognized among the multitudes. There are also those who represent the laws and governments of the earth. I alone know their number and can recognize them. You, Israel, shall know them by your spiritual preparation.

You all are to form one body and one will in the moment of trial, in which I must demand of the people of Israel its dispersion in order to sow my seed everywhere. Do not be affected at this moment. Some of you will go into the bosom of the institutions and there fulfill your mission of love, mercy, teaching. The others will go to the inhabitants of the great cities. You will go among these ignorant people and there you will fight against the fanaticism and ignorance of those of your fellow men.

29. The time of the fulfillment of your mission has not yet come. I have not yet marked your number completely. You are still in the time of teaching, be my students and disciples. But the time will come when you will become teachers, when men will ask you for a word, and this word that comes from your lips shall be the truth, shall be my pure teaching. You are to recite it without adding anything.

30. I am currently preparing you. I myself have taken on this great task to form your hearts. I have not entrusted this to men because I see selfishness in them. I myself have cultivated your hearts, and through the trials you have gone through on your way, they have been worked. When you stumbled, I told you, "This trial will give you great light. And when you reflected, you understood that that trial I put on your way was necessary ─ that it was a phase of your heart that needed to be smoothed out. Do you realize how perfect my work is? So how could you use my word to speak to men if you had not been purified, if you did not have great light and great spirituality in you?

31. I alone guide you; I alone know the inner being of each one of you, and according to the strength of your soul I have sent you the trials So I have taught you because each of you is to set out at the proper time as apostles of my divinity. Countless are the teachings I have given you. How often have I spoken to you of the times past!

In this third time I have united the three Testaments and created with them one single book. But in this year 1950, in which I give you the last page by human transmission, the Master tells you in truth: With this page the book will not be closed. I will continue to write new and innumerable pages for you. I will continue to give out light so that you may penetrate into my word, so that you may continue to search in it, and in time you will attain greater spiritualization because you do not stop.

32. In 1950 you have not yet reached the greatest spiritualization ─ you are only at the beginning of it. But afterwards you will develop this gift, which is latently present in each of you.

33. Prepare yourself, people of Israel! I am the Master at all times. I will not depart, just as I was not absent after my coming into the world as a man. After my parting I have always been present. I have been present before in all ages and in all actions of men, have always written down their works, have always judged their existence. Who will prevent me from doing it? Who can prevent you from rising up to Me and loving Me? Who can prevent that I love you, protect you, comfort you, and judge all your actions?

34. Rou, who form humanity, are those who move away from Me, who are no longer filled with the love of My Divinity, who sink into materialism, who are carried away by passions and forget their spiritual task But the Father is unchanging and unrelenting in his laws and in his judgments. I am always the same. Do not think that my Spirit reveals Himself with greater love at a certain time than at another time. I am the same Spirit as that which spoke through Moses and the prophets ─ the same as that which spoke through the patriarchs and the apostles, and the same as that which spoke through all the messengers.

35. Remember my divinity, people. Be like the Father. Love me with the same love. Do not change from love to cold! Do not be ardent today and cold tomorrow. I want to see you always loving, always believing, always exalted and spiritual, always on the upward path, coming closer to Me. For this is the goal of your Spirit.

36. Why do you show me your love and your faith one day, and another day you distrust me? Why is your heart so fickle? I want to see you like a solid rock; your faith is to always be the same, your love growing more and more. I want you to be like the plants that you cultivate on earth, that you do not stop in your unfolding, that you can attain in a short time the fullness and maturity of all your gifts, so that you can recognize me.

37. I am the mercy that tends you, you are willing plants. Receive the dew, the life, which I give you, and use it for the greatness of your Spirit.

38. Today the children hear Me and I speak to them as well as to the adults or the old. Why do I not speak to the children in a different way of expression, since their mind is small? Because their Spirit is as great as yours, because they can understand Me. For it is not the "flesh" to which I speak, but the Spirit. Therefore I tell you: Do not think little of the children and do not let them believe that they do not understand me. Let them come! Their Spirit is hungry. I will train them in the same way as I have trained you. They are the generations of tomorrow, who must put another stone on your foundations in the work of building up, in the work of spiritualization.

39. These are the last morning devotions in which you will hear My Word in this form, but I see that the number of those who hear Me is still small. The heart of men is hardened; it loves only money and pleasures. It has allowed the soul to be disturbed and perish in the whirlwind of enmities, passions and ambitious goals.

40. Only the people of Israel were able to awaken, and watch for those who sleep; therefore watch always. I will turn the rocks into fertile plants, will sow my seed at the proper time.

Just as I told you not to build on sand, I know when to sow, when the heart is ready to receive, when the time has come. You as disciples of Me are to act as the Master acts: Sow when you see a heart ready, when it is open ─ hungry to receive the light of this work. Your intuition will tell you the time. I will reveal great lessons to you, and you will do many works guided by intuition.

41. After my word is finished ─ who will teach you on earth? Each of you will receive inspiration, armament from Me. Learn therefore to pray and connect yourselves with Me. After this rallies you will continue to gather for some time. The power of your thoughts will cause you to receive from the Source of Life and Light every inspiration you need for your way, for your life's journey.

I will inspire all, but there will be some who will stand out among you because they have great intuition, and these will be those who counsel, who speak without calling themselves masters, without calling themselves followers of Me. Be all prepared, for I will test your faith, your progress, in that time, and I will see that you all make use of my teachings, and that my word has been fruitful in the heart of each one of you.

42. I will not see you crying in that time, nor feeling naked, hungry, or abandoned. I do not want to see you wandering like in a desert, but like a family full of life, energy, spiritual abilities. I want you to love, understand and help each other.

43. I have taught you love, I have asked you for brotherhood, I have made you understand that you were all created with the same love, that you all came forth from Me and therefore you all have the same qualities, the same perfections. The greater your merits, the greater will be the inspiration, and the greater will be your deeds.

44. If once you are not sure to take a firm step, wait and see. Gather all your strength, judge all the "fruits" so that you may advance in your development. I will bless each of your good decisions. I will prepare your soul in such a way that it will understand with all clarity the instructions of conscience. For you will not remain indifferent as in these times.

45. Many trials will present themselves before you. You will have to fight with many resistances. But you have already gone through the first trials; you have already been misjudged by your relatives for my sake. You have lost everything and have remained loyal. But with me you have regained everything. I have given you the peace of the soul, which your loved ones were not able to give you. With Me you have found the peace of the Spirit and the soul. So what can you fear when the world points at you, when it makes fun of you?

46. Do not be afraid! Be sure of your faith, be steadfast in it, so that in the moment of trial before the people you may give a sign of what my teaching is ─ that what you have put in your heart is right, good and valuable.

Each of you is a representative of my work. Wherever you are, your actions will be judged. So pay attention to your actions, to your words, so that you can be my disciples everywhere.

47. Each one of you is like a strong pillar in the ways of your life. You can restore faith to the one who has lost it. You can save the soul of him who has gone astray from confusion. You can give peace and quiet to those who need it. So remember, people, how great your responsibility is. Remember that I did not call you by chance, but that when you discovered my work, you took on a great responsibility toward me and toward humanity.

48. I have not come to refresh your hearing or your heart. I have come to teach you in spiritual revelations, and when you are full of light afterwards, it is your task to teach others. If I have called you the Chosen People, it was not because I want to favor you over the others. It happens because I want to give you my teachings, to explain to you all the secrets so that you can speak to the others with all clarity and teach them to follow Me. But I will always be your Master.

49. Whenever you find obstacles, difficulties in the comprehension of your fellow human beings ─ whenever new trials surprise your soul, I will tell you, "My peace be with you," and by this greeting you will recognize Me and inwardly say to yourselves, "The Master is with Me, I will now receive His inspiration from Him, for despite all my preparation I lack light in this trial. I will give you the light, will fill your soul with energy and cause your words to be right, full of truth, full of essence.

50. I speak to you all as my disciples. I do not want to see any more "child disciples" at the end of 1950. That is why I have spoken so much to you, my teachings have been long, so that each of you may teach yourselves and become my disciples in a short time.

51. I see the gratitude in your hearts. You tell Me, "Master, my life and my deeds do not deserve that I am with You and receive Your teaching.

Do not speak in this way, let Me turn you into my disciples, let Me love you as much as I have always done. Allow Me to speak among you and reveal to you how much I love you, so that you may love one another as well, so that the memory of these teachings, which are streams of love, may always remain imprinted in you and your heart, filled with this love, may devote itself to others, to your fellow men.

52. I have inspired you with the virtues of charity, benevolence, forgiveness. How necessary these virtues are in this time, for I see that humanity no longer possesses them! Only egoism, discord, unkindness flourish; everywhere I hear mutual slander. Remember that I have told you Do not speak ill of your fellow men, even if you have legitimate reasons for it. Be ready to leave the matter to me. I have not appointed you as judges. I have sent you all out with the same gifts so that you may consider yourselves brothers and sisters.

53. Still the justice that exists on earth does not show righteous works. I can see lack of mercy, lack of understanding and hardness of heart. But everyone will still receive his perfect judgment. I have allowed these trials, and as long as man does not fulfill my laws, as long as he turns away from obeying their commandments, there will be someone on earth who bends his heart, who violates it.

If you would fulfill the law, there would be no need for judges in the world; if there were no punishment, you would not need governments. Everyone would determine his own actions, and all would be ruled by Me. You would all be inspired by my laws, and your actions would always be charitable, aiming at spiritualization and love.

But mankind has fallen into deep abysses: immorality, vice, sin have taken hold of the heart of men, and these are the consequences: You must drink bitter goblets, you must suffer humiliation from those people who, although they are your brothers, exercise power on earth. But be humble, bear the judgments with patience, remember that I am the perfect judge.

54. I prepare you this day by the light of my Spirit and ask prayer and self-reflection from you in your lives so that you may understand my word and not only hear it. Study it, but do not only study it, but follow it, that you may understand its value.

My peace be with you. 

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