BTL - Volume 11 - Teaching 331

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 331

1. Whoever doubts this rallies by the human mind behaves as if he denies his status of superiority over the other creatures ─ as if he denies his own Spirit and does not want to become aware of the spiritual and mental level he has reached through endless trials, sufferings and struggles

2. To deny that I manifest myself by means of your mind or spirit means to deny yourself and to place yourself in the place of the lower creatures.

3. Who does not know that man is a child of God? Who does not know that he carries a soul within him? Then why not believe that there must be one or more ways of communicating between the father and his children?

4. Since I am intelligence, I turn to you by means of your mind; since I am Spirit, I turn to your spirit. But how will those who deny my rallies understand and accept this truth if they never wanted to regard and recognize me as Spirit? In their hearts they have developed many erroneous views, such as those to think that I am a divine being in human form, which must be symbolized by symbols and images to make contact with me through them.

5. Over the centuries, the people who sought Me in this way have become accustomed to the dumbness of their images and sculptures in front of which they pray and perform rites, and in their hearts has finally formed the opinion that no one is worthy to see, hear or feel God By saying that I am infinitely too high to come close to men, they believe to offer Me an admiring homage. But they are mistaken; for whoever claims that I am too great to give myself up to such small creatures as man is an ignoramus who denies the most beautiful thing that my Spirit has revealed to you: humility.

6. If you believe in Christ, if you claim to be Christians, you must not have such foolish ideas as that of thinking that you are not worthy of your Lord's approach Have you forgotten that your Christian faith is based on that very proof of divine love when the "Word" of God became man? What more tangible and humane approach could still more meet the comprehension of sinful and carnal men with darkened souls and weak minds than that in which I let them hear my divine voice, become the word of man?

7. this was the greatest proof of love, humility and compassion for men, which I sealed with blood so that you would always remember that no one is unworthy of Me, since it was precisely for the sake of those who were most lost in the mud, darkness and vices that I made my word become man and shed the lifeblood of my blood

8. Then why do those very people who believe all this now deny my presence and rallies? Why do they seek to assert that this is not possible, because God is infinite and man is far too profound, far too insignificant and unworthy? Verily, I tell you, whoever denies my rallies in this time also denies my presence in the world in that Second Time and also denies my love and my humility.

9. For you, sinners, it is only natural that in your sin you feel far from Me. I, on the other hand, feel that the more transgressions you commit and the more you stain your soul, the more necessary it is that I turn to you to give you the light, to reach out my hand to heal you and to save you.

10. I knew that if I would again make myself known to my children, many would deny me, and that is why I announced my return already then; but at the same time I made it clear that my presence would then be spiritual. But if you doubt this, make sure by the testimony of those four disciples who wrote down my words in the Gospels.

11. Why should I have returned to the world as a man and had my blood shed again? It would have been as if I considered my work and sacrificial death of that time to be barren, and it would have been as if I considered that mankind had not developed spiritually at all from then until now.

12. I knew that despite your materialism of that time I had to find a developed soul in the core of your being, and for this reason my rallies have now been spiritual.

13. Here I am in spirit, sending you my word from the shining "cloud" and humanizing it through these mouthpieces ─ as a preparatory teaching for that rallies to which you are all to attain: the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

14. I have brought you this message, which is transmitted on the lips of my voice bearers in human words, so that later, when my word has ceased and you have taken the necessary time to study and understand it from the bottom up, you may go forth as messengers of good news to share my revelation with your fellow men.

15. Besides this message, I have sent a light directly to men, which has reached the very core of their being and has gradually illuminated their heart and mind

16. When my message is born through you, you will discover that the fields were truly prepared.

17. Yes, disciples, now is the time when people ─ without being aware of it ─ think about their spiritual future, fathom what they know as divine revelations, and also immediately realize what their task is. In this way, thinking in the inner silence of their hearts, they reach the understanding of many truths.

18. In this way the light has come on in the minds of many, they have more and more rejected religious fanaticism, and idolatry is increasingly losing power in their hearts.

19. Without being aware of it, they are increasingly making their way to spiritualization. An unknown courage, faith and a higher power has helped them to overcome fears and prejudices, and as their will has become stronger, their reasoning has become more definite, clearer and more precise.

20. See how the light of truth, passed on from soul to soul, reaches people. Who could prevent the penetration of this light, which cannot be seen with earthly eyes?

21. The essence and the truth which I brought to your knowledge in my revelations of past times could not be lost in forgotten books in which my word was written down, nor could its meaning be destroyed by the fact that it suffered changes on the part of men. Truth is above all human misery, and it reveals itself in every moment. But its light is recognized more clearly when man has achieved it, to take a new, decisive and decisive step on his path of development.

22. The symbols, parable, and allegory through which the mysteries of spiritual life were revealed in the earlier ages will be understood in the present time, when the light of a long spiritual experience will help you all to correctly interpret the law, teaching, prophecy, revelation, and promises.

23. My message falls down like fruitful rain upon your soul, in which I have placed the divine seed of love. Today is the day which you dedicate to rest from your earthly labors, and on which you give your soul the opportunity to pray and meditate in peace, thus preparing yourselves to hear my word, which is for your soul the bread of eternal life.

24. My work, beloved people, has as its goal to make your soul full of light by teaching it to live in higher worlds.

25. I will make you my disciples, that you may learn to know me as children who are of my Spirit. Why should you not feel my presence in you, since you are made of my own essence, a part of me? You do not feel Me because you are not aware of it, because you lack spirituality and preparation, and no matter how many signs and emotional impressions you receive, you attribute them to material causes. This is why I tell you that although I am with you, you do not perceive my presence.

26. Now I say to you: Is it not natural that you feel Me in your being, since you are a part of Me? In view of this ─ is it not right that your Spirit finally merges with mine? I reveal to you the true greatness that is to be present in every man; for you have gone astray, and you have become spiritually smaller in the desire to be great on earth!

27. You have attached more importance to material values than they possess, but you do not want to know anything about the spiritual, and your love for the world has become so great that you even strive as much as possible to deny everything that relates to the spiritual because you think that this knowledge is in contradiction with your progress on earth.

28. I tell you that the knowledge of the spiritual does not interfere with the progress of men, neither in morals nor in science. On the contrary, that light reveals to men an infinite wealth of knowledge, which is currently still unknown to his science.

29. As long as man refuses to climb the ladder of spiritualization, he will not be able to approach the true glory, which here in the bosom of his Father will give him the supreme happiness of being a child of God ─ a worthy child of my Spirit, because of his love, his exaltation and his knowledge.

30. Will you feel Me, O people? Then be obedient and humble and ask Me no longer that I am with you. Be content to wait for the moment when it is my will to make Me known to you.

31. I let my presence be felt through these rallies by means of the human mind. I must tell you, however, that you have not received this rallies on merit, but that it is my mercy born of love which I have for you and which has caused me to approach you to make my presence palpable to you.

32. I knew that you would be in great need of my messages, that in your soul the hunger and thirst for my light was already very great, that you were ready to rush towards a call from Me For the suffering on earth had purified you, and you had become sensitive. That is why I adjusted myself to you in this form and made you understand that this message would only be the preparation for the time in which you would have to seek me from spirit to spirit. Then it will no longer be my mercy that will be moved to make me known to you, but it will be your spiritual elevation. You will then no longer be pariahs, blind or unreceptive to the spiritual, but you will do everything possible for you, in full knowledge and with absolute faith in what the dialogue from spirit to spirit means for you, to earn this grace.

33. Then you will already have the light which you need to allow my Spirit to manifest through you and make my presence palpable in your thoughts, in your words and in your works.

34. Today you are like pilgrims who have wandered for a long time. But in this time my loud bell has called you. You have partly come in haste to the fountain of grace, and I rejoice to receive my "workers" and to see that this people is progressing spiritually step by step and showing me its love for neighbor. You were like hard rock, but the chisel of my word worked your heart to turn it into a sanctuary.

35. From the Book of Life I am letting you know another page so that you may have more light and My Word will blossom in your hearts I bring a treasure of spiritual mercy to those who think they are in need.

36. You have turned this earthly paradise into a valley of tears. I entrusted it to you as the Garden of Eden so that your soul, together with your body, might be refreshed by all that your Father had prepared for the welfare of mankind, so that you might enjoy its sweet fruits, and so that your heart might be full of bliss in spiritual harmony with your Father.

37. Blessed are those who in the face of the New Dawn have freed themselves from their dark shadows and blessed Me. I have brought you the essence of life and the light in my words and have removed you from darkness so that you may stand firm in the way I have prepared for you.

38. You are my labourers to whom I have left the care of the seed which must later blossom I have entrusted to you the mighty tree full of leaves, so that the wayfarer may rest in its shade. But the storms have robbed it of its leaves because you have been surprised by the temptation when you sleep. The leaves that the storms took from this tree, My mercy gathers them up, and I create from them again the foliage of its branches.

39. I have given you the fruit of this tree, and you have enjoyed the infinite sweetness of my divine love Some of my workers have swung up to become masters and have abandoned the tree I had entrusted to them. But I will continue to care for it because many multitudes of people will come under its foliage to rest and feed on its fruit.

40. Blessed are those who have remained strong in all times and in all trials, and who have led the multitudes of men to me. I strengthen them, enlighten them and protect them with my spiritual mantle from the mercilessness of times. I remove the cup of suffering from their lips so that my people may daily refresh themselves with my words.

41. Many will come in long trains in longing for my father's bosom, and will desire from the tree the fruit of life, the sweetness of which they shall know. In them I await my chosen ones, the sick and the needy. Elijah will present them to me: It is the sorrowful hearts and the enslaved souls who at all times have emptied a very bitter cup without finding comfort. But neither the times nor the storms will be able to destroy the tree, its leaves will always have sap in them, and its fruits will be multiplied.

42. I have removed darkness and self-deception from my servants, I have prepared their heart with my divine love, and have put the peace of my Spirit into them. I have shown them my law and the whiteness of my work, that they may watch over their sincerity and purity.

43. Many will rise up to be judges and will misjudge the sincerity of my work, denying the rallies of my Spirit through the human mind. But I am the Mighty, the Way and the Light, and whenever it has been my will, I have stretched out my mercy as a rod so that mankind may be sustained by it.

44. I am He who enlivens your soul and your body and when you are with Me, pain moves away from you and you feel the tenderness of My Love at the bottom of your heart It is also the moment when conscience calls you to account and makes you feel shame about yourselves for having lived in sin and not faithfully fulfilling your mission.

45. I have made known to you the way to spiritualization, so that you may daily free yourselves from materialization, so that you may be those who are at the service of my divinity ─ prepared to obtain the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

46. Some sorrowful hearts tell Me: "Father, when will the wars end, as it is announced by Your prophets? And I tell you on this that the time of peace is indicated by my divine finger. When you spiritualize, you will be like a clear mirror, and everyone who sees you thus prepared will have to question you, and from the first words that come from your lips, they will receive the love that comes from the bottom of your heart. And then you will be recognized as my disciples, and you will be listened to without tiring. This will be the beginning of the time of peace.

47. Guard your soul garment, so that it may not be stained, so that it may always be white, so that you may be honored and respected by your fellow men. Your body is perishable, but your soul belongs to eternity. That is why you must make use of the gifts that I have entrusted to you, so that you dwell in the eternal homeland.

48. How blessed is my rallies for you when you understand Me, when your heart is like an open book in which My word remains written down so that you may study and practice it, so that you may set an example of humility and meekness. Rise up him and strengthen him whom you meet tired and exhausted on the way, do not refuse him what he asks for, for I have given you mercy. Bless him who separates himself from what he carries in his travel bundle, for the benefit he gives to his brother will be returned to him multiplied. Your soul is the owner of a spiritual treasure that is inexhaustible every day.

49. Be like a good farmer who tends the seed in the fields ─ a seed that blossoms materially and bears its fruit by the effort of man. He who with faith and hope grasps the tools of the trade ploughs the land, frees the crop from weeds and hopes that the rains will cause it to blossom and bear fruit in abundance for the nourishment of mankind.

50. I have made myself known among you in fulfilment of a promise. My love set a time to shorten the time until this rallies. While some believe, others doubt. But what should the Father do in the face of those who have not recognized Him? Pain will return to purify your bad attitude, and the weeds that have multiplied will be destroyed once more.

51. Understand, O Israel, that you are the one responsible for my work. Feel the pain of those who suffer and weep in bondage in those nations. They hope that my mighty mercy can free them and give them peace. The innocent children cry and are defenceless in the ways, the old are mocked and the virgins are seduced, and so without compassion or remorse one snatches from the other the basis of his existence.

52. Israel, I have prepared you that you may build up, that you may give peace and hope to mankind, that you may show them the door of salvation.

My peace be with you! 

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