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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 323

1. I come to give my teaching to your soul, to nourish and strengthen it with my love.

2. Beloved children, you are my little children, my little children who walk the earth, bearing bitterness and suffering. Blessed are those of you who leave the way of sin so that your soul may come closer to Me.

3. The Father teaches you how to receive and how to ask. For verily I say to you, if you cleanse yourselves from sin, you shall have My forgiveness and shall be strengthened.

4. I will cleanse you from every stain, that you may receive mercy from your Father. But never lose this mercy, for it comes from my Divine Spirit and is the inheritance you are to carry with you on your journey. I am the Master and again I give you my teaching so that you may carry it in your heart and pass it on as I have given it to you.

5. Conscience is like a mirror in which your soul sees itself. I tell you: Now is no longer the time for you to see yourselves in need in this mirror, for I have given you my light, my exalted word, so that tomorrow you may lack for nothing, that you may obey my law and continue to set an example to men, as my apostles of the Second Age did.

6. It is not the voice bearer from whom you receive this teaching, for he is sinful like you. I have withdrawn him from his ways and prepared him to give you my word through his mediation. The meaning of this teaching is my own attitude.

7. Already in the second time I told you: "Love one another", for he who loves his neighbor loves Me.

8. I do not distinguish you by race or color of skin, nor by class. I speak to all equally, so that you may have one will, so that you may receive your fellow men, who come from different nations, with a smile and with open arms. If you exercise this love, tomorrow there will be no more wars, no more death will take over humanity. Do not blame Me for your wars, O humanity.

9. Do not get into confusion, do not build a new Tower of Babel, so that those who approach you may find you all equally prepared. The unbeliever must have proofs to acknowledge the miracles of the Father, so that his soul may know its God by my word.

10. The proofs must be of love, for then even the hardest rock must have crystal-clear water springing from it.

11. Rise to Me, then I will set you free from every sickness, for I am the very best physician I will leave with you everything that mankind needs spiritually, and once you are recognized, all doctors of the earth will have recognized me in my spiritual work because this is my will.

12. I have left prayer to you as a protective shield. That is why I tell you: Watch and pray so that mankind may obtain salvation through you, that you may bring to it in due time the word that you are receiving at this time.

13. The time in which you are living, which is of such great spiritual significance for all men, is passing, unnoticed by mankind. Nevertheless, the time will come when it will be recognized as one of great importance ─ not only in the life of the people who received this message, but also in the history of all the peoples of the earth.

14. Consider the glory that it means to hear my word. But do not rest on your laurels, because at the same time that you may feel bliss about having this grace, you should be aware that your responsibility to the peoples, your fellow men, is very great, since you must bring them the testimony of all that you have received in these times.

15. Blessed are those who keep my word in their hearts, for they will love their cross and will knock with it on the shoulders at the doors of their fellow men, bringing them the message of light, peace and love which I have entrusted to this people in my word.

16. Each of my lessons of this year 1950 is for preparation, so that when the moment comes to declare my rallies with you finished, you will shed no tears, for I am giving you everything so that nothing is lacking. Then do not weep for the absence of my word, people. I have already told you that my essence will be preserved in your hearts, and if your memory is weak, I will inspire some of my children to unite in books and albums the pages and writings they have created from my word.

17. Strengthen yourselves in meditation and prayer. You are human and small, and the "farewell" of my rallies will shake your whole being. How could this people not be shaken on that day when people all over the earth will feel Him in one way or another, even though they have no idea of my presence in the Third Age?

18. Once the light has risen in the minds of men, men will come to understand that all the events that happened around the end of 1950 were the testimony that the period of my rallies was complete, just as the dawning of this time was likewise announced by events that shook men all over the world.

19. I prepare you and warn you of the time of confusion of world views, so that you may be freed from the inner struggle of the soul and the torture of the mind. For all the worldviews, doctrines, theologies, philosophies and creeds of mankind will be shaken and thus symbolize a storm, a true storm of the Spirit, on whose roiling waves you are to sail according to my will and remain on top until the storm and darkness are over. I give you no better recipe for salvation from this trial than prayer and observance of my word, whereby your faith will be continually strengthened.

20. That battle of world views, that clash of beliefs and ideologies, that battle is absolutely necessary so that all the infirmities and errors that have accumulated at the bottom of every cult and institution may come to the surface. Only after this "storm" will a moral and spiritual cleansing of men be able to begin; for they will see the truth come to light, will recognize it, feel it in themselves, and will no longer be able to feed on imaginations and pretences.

21. Just as every man voluntarily and completely for himself makes use of the vital effect of the sun on his body, because he recognizes that material life is based on its light, warmth and influence, so will they use from the light of truth all that they need for the preservation, strengthening and enlightenment of their soul.

22. Then a power never before felt by man will become effective, because his life will increasingly adapt to the true principles of life, the norms established by my law.

23. Your task, people, is to carry my message of spiritualization, which I have brought you, through the world. But I want you to understand that the way of spreading this light has two aspects: the one, completely spiritual, by means of thoughts, prayer, with which you create an atmosphere of spiritualization, and the other, spiritual and at the same time human, by means of the Word, the physical presence, the explanation of My Word to the weak. Remember the example of Jesus.

24. If you had a great faith and a greater knowledge of the power of prayer ─ how many works of mercy would you do through your mind. But you have not given it all the power it possesses, and therefore you often do not realize what you are turning away in a moment of genuine and true prayer.

25. Do you not realize that something higher prevents the most inhuman of all your wars from breaking out on your world? Do you not understand that this miracle is influenced by millions of prayers of men, women and children, who fight with their Spirit against the dark forces and counteract the warfare? Continue to pray, continue to watch, but put into this activity all the faith you are capable of.

26. Pray, people, and spread over the war, the pain and the misery the peace cloak of your thoughts, with which you will form a shield, under whose protection your fellow men will find enlightenment and refuge.

27. Since the world is at present so blind that it cannot see the light of truth, nor hear my call in its innermost being, you shall pray and gain spiritual ground. For at present you would not be heard because all nations are busy preparing, destroying and defending themselves.

28. Men will still have to become blind when despair, hatred, terror and pain reach their limits.

29. Neither would this be the right hour to deliver my message, for you would be like shouting in the middle of a desert; no one would pay attention to you.

30. Do not forget that the human heart is like the land of the fields to be tilled: First it must be cleaned by removing boulders from it and pulling out the weeds that cover it. Then it must be made fertile by rain, so that a seed may germinate within it, and finally the time must come to sow the seed before the soil no longer wants to wait, and the favorable period of time has passed.

31. Likewise, a work of purification is taking place in this humanity, in which man, without being aware of it, has given himself the cup of suffering, which will give him back his purity.

32. All the pain he causes himself will serve to soften his heart, so that he will finally cast out from the depths of his being all the evil that has sprouted in him. Then, when he can no longer suffer and cannot bear more fear, he will feel the light of conscience coming to his heart, the well-being of repentance, the lifeblood of a new life for his soul.

33. Man, once he has prepared, purified and purified by pain, and later made fruitful by the dew of repentance and self-contemplation, will have reached the point of receiving the divine seed of spiritualization, because his inner ─ will now be ennobled by repentance and the resolution for betterment and renewal ─ eager to receive in his womb the seed of love, peace and wisdom.

34. What would become of this humanity if, at the time when it longs for the coming of my message, this people here had not prepared itself to appear to its fellow men as messengers or "workers" of my word?

35. How great is your responsibility, disciples ─ so great that you will have to answer to Me for every minute I have entrusted to you to carry out your mission

36. I have told you to pray for the time being, that is, to begin to obtain a real knowledge of the mission that you will accomplish ─ that you should attune your heart by the practice of mercy ─ that you should gradually make your being tender by making an effort to fight your selfishness, which is the fruit of materialism. Then more and more spiritualization will enter into you.

37. Do not be little children anymore, so that when I tell you to pray, understand that I ask you for good works because they are your words or thoughts ─ or not ─, which really speak to my Spirit. If a thought, however beautiful it may be, is not felt, it lacks content. If a word or a sentence, however beautifully expressed, does not become a work, it will have no life, and you already know that what has no life is as if it did not exist, so that it cannot be received from me.

38. You now know that when I say to you to pray, you are not to limit yourselves to gathering your thoughts in inner devotion, but also to leave this sanctuary again and to leave in each of your fellow men a pledge of love of true brotherhood as the surest proof that you live awake and praying for your neighbor.

39. In this way your shortcomings will gradually disappear, you will fight your disunity and obtain that preparation of which I so often speak to you in my teachings.

40. If this people, at the time when people are longing in their hearts for my new message, should not have prepared themselves by practical action, nor should they have prepared themselves in a struggle of love against hatred, of mercy against selfishness, and of peace against discord, which should have purified sickness and suffering, they should not expect to reach the bottom of their hearts and convince them of my truth by the word alone.

41. Therefore, at the same time that I give you my word, I tell you to exercise it because only in this way you will be able to understand the essence of my teachings, their meaning and their infinite goodness

42. From 1866 to 1950, 84 years have passed, a whole epoch of spiritual revelations, in which the Divine Light has continuously shone down upon every soul and upon all "flesh" ─, in which the Spiritual World has revealed itself to this people in one way, and to all mankind in many ways.

43. Now the moment is coming to say "farewell" to you through the means I have chosen for my rallies in this time. But I will remain in anticipation of your preparation and spiritualization to resume my rallies to mankind, even if I then no longer use brains to convey my messages, but use the direct rallies from my Spirit to yours.

44. When I said through the mouth of an ancient prophet that times would come when my Spirit would be poured out on every soul and on all flesh, and that men would have visions and prophetic dreams, I was referring precisely to the time that is approaching when the gifts that every soul possesses will appear, and in which it will seek the divine Truth and testify to the fulfilment of all that was prophesied to you

45. Do not fear the day when I will speak to you for the last time, and do not fear the time of contemplation when you will no longer hear my words through human lips For verily I tell you, I will be present, will hear you and will not for a moment abandon you, will encourage your faith through my love, will make you feel my presence in various forms, will fill your assemblies with spirit essence and divine inspirations by giving you thoughts, works and words, will guide your steps and save you from falls and stumbles.

46. Do not be afraid of the new times, do not doubt my presence in the Spirit, for I will make you hear my voice, remove your doubt and say to you, 'Oh you of little faith, whom you must see and touch to be able to believe

47. If you really want to become spiritualized to rightly call yourselves disciples of me in this third time, think deeply about these solemn moments, these teachings, which belong to the last ones you will still receive.

48. I want you, as good disciples, to take your Master as an example in his truthfulness, so that in all your wanderings you may fulfill your mission without ever deviating from the direction of the way which is marked out by law and conscience.

49. Since I announced my coming to you many centuries ago, I have fulfilled my promise. Since I ─ after I had contacted you through my voice-bearers ─ promised a time of concession, in which I would ceaselessly speak of the spiritual kingdom, I have done so. But since I revealed to you the date on which I would end this message, I want and have to keep this. Because in my will there can be no change whatsoever, nor can my divine plans experience a change, nor is there another power or another will to change the destiny of life and men.

50. Everything has been planned by me from eternity, nothing escaped my wisdom. Every time was fixed from the beginning, and every destiny was predestined. Even if men have never brought their will into harmony with mine, my will has nevertheless been carried out.

51. I have always given you time for your preparation and provided you with means to save you. Before I sent you my judgment to call you to account at the end of an age or a period of time, I have expressed my love for you by warning you, awakening you and admonishing you to repent, to amend and to do good. But when the hour of judgment had come, I no longer set myself to ask you whether you already repented, whether you already prepared yourselves, or whether you still persist in evil and disobedience. My judgment came at the appointed hour, and he who knew how to build his ark in time was saved. But he who mocked when the hour of judgment was announced to him, and who did nothing for his salvation, must perish.

52. Think about what I am telling you just now, so that you know that your will can never change mine, even if it may sometimes seem so to you ─ that when the hour of judgment has come, I will seek you out and haunt you, to give to everyone according to his merits. Because already before I spoke to you full of love and light so that you would build the saving ark in time ─ that could save you in the days of greatest judgement from perishing in the floods of the worldwide purification.

53. If this event has not yet taken shape among the newcomers and stragglers, the responsibility for it lies with the elders, with the "first," with the disciples, so that they may teach their little brothers and sisters how to obey the Father's will and how to fulfill his law. But I tell you: If they should give no example of obedience, nor the testimony of my truth, I will certainly give them another proof of my righteousness, and of how my will is fulfilled over all things.

54. You ask yourselves at the bottom of your heart why I reproach your soul so severely. But I tell you: If, when I created you, I had denied you one of my attributes, you would have reason to complain about my reproaches or to be amazed at them. But since I know that I have put into your being something of each of my abilities, virtues and qualities, and I have also given you revelations about my law, about your destiny and about life, and I have granted you the time necessary for your understanding, your development and unfolding, you must think it just that I come down to you to judge your works and the use you have made of my gifts.

55. I tell you again that if I had denied you a single one of my attributes, I would not be justified in reproaching you for the mistakes you make in your lives.

56. Thus you will be able to understand that there is not, nor ever has been, any human being in which there has not been a soul that has inspired it, nor ever has there existed a human soul that is without Spirit.

57. What greater glory is there for man than to know that he is inspired by a being of light, an inhabitant of the spiritual kingdom, an emissary or messenger of a higher world? And on the other side ─ what greater happiness is there for the soul than to know that eternally the shining beacon of the Spirit is with it, which is the light of divinity that illuminates its path?

But since you have wasted your time, occupied yourselves only with earthly things, and have daily distanced yourselves more from the thoughts about spiritual life ─ since even your religious communities suffer from a lack of spiritualization, you have a tired, sick and melancholy humanity, which, when it hears the voice of its Father, who comes to judge it and to call it to account, is affected by the demand for account and wonders Why such great severity towards this weak, small, sick and ignorant people? But they are not aware that it is not right for them to respond in this way to the voice of their Master. For it is neither weak, since it bears within itself the power which God gave it, nor is it small, for in its mental and physical formation lies the wisdom and perfection with which I created it, nor is it ignorant, because it is perfectly conscious, by means of the Spirit, of what it does, what it should do, and what it should leave.

But if it feels ill, it is because its lack of harmony, both with the spiritual and with the earthly, has removed it from the original sources of life, as is the spiritual dialogue with me and the contact with its mother, nature.

58. I urge you to think deeply about my word and must tell you: if someone ─ after having heard me ─ continues to consider my reproaches and my judgments unjust, this will only be because he could not grasp the meaning of my word, and i will then have to forgive his hardening of heart and mind.

59. You have long been tested, beloved people, because it is necessary that you purify yourself so that you become worthy to pass on my word to your fellow men ─ today, when the nations so much need a message of peace.

60. I will not send as messengers those who are dead for the life of grace, for they would have nothing to give. I will not entrust this mission to those who have not purified their hearts from selfishness.

61. The messenger of my word must be a disciple of mine whose mere presence already makes my peace palpable in the hearts. He must have the ability to comfort his fellow men even in the most difficult moments of life, and a light must always emanate from his words that dispels all darkness of the soul or the mind.

62. I found this people "dead" and brought them to life with the light of my word. Why should my disciples not be able to do the same to their fellow men, since this is what I taught them?

63 When I speak of "dead", I mean those who have died with regard to faith, goodness, truth, and I can tell you that there was a "dead" in each one of you when you came to my rallies

64. When my word touched the gravestone of your heart, it made the soul, buried for a long time under the materialism of your life, tremble.

65. Unknown sensations, buried feelings of love and the soul's delights made you experience my word. Eagerly you came to the Divine Ray manifested by the voice bearer to enjoy that essence you felt coming down from infinity to your heart.

66. There have been moments of true peace for you, in which you have been transported to a world full of light and perfection, forgetting your earthly destinies.

67. Your heart was overwhelmed with gratitude because just when you expected nothing but pain from life, the veil of mystery was torn apart and a ray of divine light fell on your soul as a message of love, truth and consolation.

68. In your dark, painful, and monotonous lives, the unexpected miracle of my return occurred through a rallies that was both spiritual and intellectually comprehensible.

69. From that day on a new life appeared before your eyes. The shadows of doubt and uncertainty disappeared, and in your heart the light went on.

70. This is the new dawn of which I speak so often in my words; this is the new day to which you have awakened.

71. You now have hope, feel secure and know now what you must do to live within this way

72. In your heart noble intentions, good intentions, beautiful plans were born.

73. The way is spreading brightly before your eyes and invites you continually to walk it, to show you its beauties and to reveal new teachings to you at every step

74. Which of you does not wish this wonderful awakening to all mankind? Which of you wants this treasure only for yourselves? None of you. I see in every heart the desire for a worldwide resurrection, the desire for peace and light in all people. Truly, I tell you, this desire, which is growing daily in your heart, will be the strength that will lead you tomorrow to fight for the realization of the ideal that my Word has budded in your soul.

75. I will provide my people with the means to bring my message to all nations. I will see to it that they find people of good will in their way who will help them to carry my rallies to the ends of the earth.

My peace be with you! 

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