BTL - Volume 9 - Teaching 272

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 272:

1. I bless you, Israel, and in you I bless the present and future generations. You are my beloved disciples who have experienced my revelations and my commandments at all times. I have sent you to a new reincarnation on earth. But before that, I have prepared and warned you by telling you in what condition mankind is in this time. I have spoken to you of their materialism and distraction, and you have wondered if you can fulfill your mission, and how you can let my Word, which is subtle essence, which is tenderness and light, penetrate those hearts hard as rocks.

The Master taught you to fight, make you "workers" and give you the hearts like fields which you must prepare, cultivate and make fertile.

2. When you have heard My word through man and I have called you Israel, your soul is shaken. Your frail body did not know these revelations, but the spirit soul knows and knows its mission. I tell you: You are destined to cooperate in my work and you must watch your steps. Do not dismount, do not materialize, mingle with the multitudes, for you are not superior to your fellow men. Work in silence so that only love and mercy for your neighbor distinguishes you.

3. Your presence will dispel darkness, and if you close your lips because you should not find a suitable occasion to speak of my teaching, your spirit soul will speak, and you will thus create light and justice among your fellow men.

4. In this time of pain I have come to comfort you. All souls know that the day of their deliverance will come and expect to see their Savior. They do not know in what way he will come, but they wait and question the hidden divine wisdom.

5. You, people, have the confirmation of all that has been prophesied, and you shall bring this light to men. Tell them that I love them, and that I reveal my mercy and my power in every moment of the life I give them. Help them to perfect themselves, tell them that they should seek me with sincerity, that they should seek me spiritually.

6. I will communicate with them as soon as you, my workers, have prepared their hearts. I will distribute you and put my Spirit in you to let my word reach men of all races and creeds. For I lead men to a single goal, to the only truth.

7. Men stumble at the stones of the way, lament and suffer. But all this obeys the law of atonement and the justice that has come to transform them, as it is my will. I want my children to love me as their father and spiritualize themselves so that they may live in peace.

8. When your heart is facing a great trial, you ask Me rebelliously: "Is it written in my destiny that I must empty this cup of suffering? Is it my atonement? Is it really your will, Father?" But I tell you: "Nothing moves without my will." There are many trials in your destiny that you must go through. Some will be the consequences of your transgressions against my law, others will go from my Spirit to yours. Yet all of them are just, even if you consider them unnecessary. When you watch and study, they will speak of my perfection and my love. Keep hope and faith even in the days of greatest bitterness and trust that the next day will be better, that the sun of my love will shine on your soul and body, and that your reason and intuition will be clear and you will be guided to a good goal. When you then reach the end of your life's journey, there will be peace in you and joy in the Father. After every trial you will know your strength, and I will receive the fruit of it according to the love you show Me.

9. Mankind, welcome the Third Age, in which men will find spiritual wisdom. It is the era in which you will feel Me through faith, intuition and spiritualization. Do not expect my presence in human form and do not seek my wounds to bore your fingers into them to believe in me.

10. Everything will be spiritual in this time.

11. The hour has come when you will understand and feel me as Spirit, giving up all your materialism.

12. Woe to the peoples who stubbornly cling to their idolatry, fanaticism, and tradition! They will not be able to see my light, nor will they feel the infinite bliss of the awakening of the soul.

13. Though my teaching will shake the world But when the struggle is over, they will feel true peace on earth - that which springs from my Spirit. Only the foolish, the stubborn and the hard-hearted will continue to suffer.

14.An invisible world hovers and lives above mankind, a world of light beings, which Elijah is advancing, who guides and determines everything.

15. Blessed are those who are receptive to that heavenly influence.

16. In all the peoples of the earth there are men whose Spirit has been sent out to assist the spiritual world in its work What will happen to them if they allow their hearts to be transformed into a rock that is insensitive to spiritual inspirations? They would have to drink a very bitter chalice to return to the path from which they had strayed.

17. For Me the repentance of a human being, his renewal and salvation cannot be impossible I would not then be omnipotent, and man would be stronger than I am. Do you hold my power inferior to the power that evil possesses in men? Do you consider the dark in man to be superior to the divine light? Never! tell Me your heart.

18. Consider: My task, after I have given you the Being, is to lead you to perfection and unite you all in one spiritual family; and do not forget that My Will is fulfilled over all.

19. I, the divine sower, imperceptibly place my seed of love into every soul. I alone know at what time this seed will sprout in all mankind, and I alone can wait with infinite patience for the fruits of my works.

20. Use the meaning of this teaching and begin to sow concord in the bosom of your families. After that, ensure harmony among the communities that make up your people. Then, when they are united by spiritual bonds, allow your peace and happiness to radiate outward from among you.

21. When you begin to measure the struggle that will be needed to convert all mankind, and when you consider the extent of sin that exists and the misery that exists everywhere, you will inevitably feel depressed in your contemplations. But who told you that you alone must save the world? Be content to do the part that is good for each one of you and let the others do theirs, and you will see how, day by day and step by step, with the help of your Father, you will become witnesses of the fulfillment of my Word.

22. You were destined to live on earth in these difficult moments for mankind - these are the beginnings of the Third Age. But do not complain about your fate, because this would mean an accusation against me. Remember that each of you - I refer here to your spirit soul - has been on earth several times, and that in some of those existences you have enjoyed all that the human heart longs for.

23. Have the certainty that those who suffer most at this time used to empty the cup of pleasure, human satisfactions and glories of the world to the bottom, thus departing from the spiritual path and defiling themselves.

24. The time of atonement and purification had to come, even though centuries had to pass in the world for this, and your soul had to wait until that hour. But this time has now come, it is the present time. Understand it, experience it and use it.

25. Receive the light of the Spirit of Comfort - that which had to come according to my promise given to men.

26. Understand now why my presence in invisible form fulfills that promise. Today I am not the Christ who came in the flesh, but Christ in the Spirit, who pours out light, love, wisdom and consolation on all who suffer.

27. Love illuminates anew your life, humanity. I show you the spiritual path and reveal to you the truth that exists within you, so that you may know the Divine Light. Are you not aware that you are in error when you think you are greater than you are? You believe in yourself according to the "flesh", according to the human person. But do you know that this faith is wrong because the human is transitory? I have taught you to base your faith and progress on the values of your spirit soul, because they are firm and eternal.

28. You have believed that you are only matter, and that only this world exists, and that is why you shed so many tears in life, and your life struggle is fearful and desperate.

29. Your materialism has turned the Eden that I entrusted to man into a hell.

30. False is the life that men lead, false are their pleasures, their power and wealth, false are their scholarship and science.

31. Rich and poor, you are all concerned with money, the possession of which is deceitful. You worry about pain and sickness and are frightened at the thought of death. Some are afraid of losing what they have, and others long to get what they never possessed. Some have everything in abundance, while others lack everything. But all these efforts, passions, needs, and ambitions concern only the material life, the hunger of the body, the lower passions, the human desires, as if man really had no soul.

32. The world and matter have temporarily defeated the soul, have gradually led it back into bondage, and have finally destroyed its mission in human life. Why do you not gradually realize for yourselves that the hunger, misery, pain and fear that oppress your life are nothing but the faithful reflection of the misery and pain of your souls?

33. It was absolutely necessary that I would reveal to you the Truth that is within you and that you did not want to see But now I have come, now I am with you, and I will basically teach you to hear the message of your Spirit which you had held back for a long time.

34. soon you will realize that it is not life that is cruel to you men, but that it is you with yourselves. You suffer and let those who are around you suffer for lack of understanding. You feel lonely, see that no one loves you, and become selfish and hard-hearted.

35. Then I let my voice be heard telling you to rise up so that your feelings may be ennobled, that you may not look at iniquities and impurities but at miseries and hardships which you should forgive and relieve

36. Lift up your minds and your eyes to the Eternal, that you may be filled with pure thoughts.

37. In the infinity, which is the living space of the soul, the light, the high thoughts, and eternal peace vibrates. Up to that point, swing up and strengthen yourselves in those regions. As long as you do not ascend, you will continue to become ill, you will continue to quarrel without recognizing each other as brothers and sisters.

38. This materialism has divided men. The seed of discord has multiplied to such an extent that not only peoples reject each other, but even parents and children and brothers and sisters among themselves.

39. Arise at least you, people who feed on my teaching, out of the filth, and learn to love and forgive. Do not build all your peace of mind and happiness on the world of matter, share your aspirations and goals between the spiritual and the material, and try to do justice to each side.

40. Stop believing that you can achieve everything through matter. Understand that to rise up to God you can do this only with the soul.

41. How could it be right for you to persist in the belief that you will work for your soul's happiness through material works? Be aware of all your errors and faults. If you materialize as you live, believing that this is the purpose for which you were created, I tell you truly that the awakening of your soul to truth will be very bitter.

42. God wants obedient children, not slaves, but you are slaves to your passions and to those of others.

43. You are we little birds that go astray, who instead of tittle-tattling are anxiously chirping. You no longer bless the benefits I give you in the daytime, no longer bless my name every time my benefits come to you.

44. You feel discouraged because you have built on the powers of the body, but the body is weak. You will be strong when you can see the great error of seeing the world as the true kingdom of bliss. In the moment of enlightenment and insight, the soul will feel ashamed of such great misery because it became poor in the body. It did not want to be a condor conquering the heights of heaven. She preferred to be like those birds that need the darkness to dwell within her because it blinds the light.

45. My teaching must be correctly understood so that you may understand that I do not teach you to disdain human life, but to live the true life, with the gaze, mind and ideal directed to the Eternal

46. Today your spiritual ignorance is so great that when you think of those who have gone to the other world, you say, "The poor man, he died and had to leave everything behind and went away forever.

47. If you knew with what compassion those beings look at you from the spiritual world, when they hear you speak thus. Pity is what they feel for you in the face of your ignorance! For if you could see them, even for a moment, you would be speechless and overwhelmed by the truth!

48. You weep in the face of the lifeless remnants that remained in the bowels of the earth, and while you plant flowers and water the burial mound that covers them with tears, those who freed themselves from those bodies and dwell in the kingdom of freedom and light say: "O wretched body, how I loved and defended you, how I provided honors and delights, vanities and transitory glories for you, and now you are but a handful of dust in a dark tomb. "

49. Reflect all of you on my teaching word, and you will see in it the secrets which you have not yet wanted to know, explained with the greatest clarity.

50. In what better time than the present one could I have come to comfort you? Surely you can also say that at this time Christ descended into the kingdoms of hell. For what is more hellish than your life of sin, in which the world is rolling about? I come to save you because you walk far from the true way - so far that you wanted to live without me, while the truth is that your life and mine is one.

51. The existence of man, separated from the laws of God, is empty and false. Recognize why I have come to bring you the light: to save you with the same word that I brought you before. For the truth is one, and therefore one teaching. Your self-love erected thrones of idolatry for you. But convinced that the king you thought you were bringing was false, your heart remained disoriented. But within your being you can seek the presence of your God, the true king. If you find Me there, I do not ask you to build Me a throne. I prefer an altar of love and humility where a lampstand of faith gives light.

52. Much is what your soul needs Think: How many times a day do you nourish your body? Once you miss one of these meals, you feel weak. But your soul - how many times a day do you nourish it with my word?

53. Understand how great the spiritual hunger and thirst of mankind is in the midst of the drought of your existence, then you will justify my presence in the Spirit to explain my truth to you and comfort you in your great tribulations.

54. My teaching and my coming at this time serves to make my new disciples, all of you who are to be according to my will, become, like you masters, spirits of consolation and set out on the ways of earth to accomplish my work, sowing my love, lighting light, bringing love and understanding to the hearts of children to fill the immeasurable emptiness of their being. To bring healing balm to the sick defeated by the pain of their body shell, whose suffering gradually ends with their lives; comfort to the poor and abandoned who have no one to lean their head against.

55. When you see the reality of these great sufferings, you will compare them with your pain and bless it, which you thought was the greatest, and you will say, "Lord, because of all that I possess, I should be happy.

56. It will be necessary for you to become acquainted with him who suffers, so that your heart may receive many lessons which will make it loving, soften it, and turn it from the false pleasures, to think instead a little of those who hunger for affection, who need love and comfort.

57. Once you feel the foreign pain as yours, I will have nothing more to say to you You will set out of your own accord to search for the needy who are lying in the painful camps of the hospitals. Your hand, without feeling any reluctance, will lay on the leper and will tenderly caress the orphan. Your lips will bring light to the soul with their words, and you will know how to light a flame of faith in those who go through life without goal, without love and without God.

58. The spiritualist will not accumulate material goods in abundance, but he will see to it that he is always rich in the treasures of the soul. He will always know what they contain and how they stand. He will suffer as all mortal things, but he will never despair nor rebel.

59. Have my example before your eyes at every opportunity - that life which I dedicated to the task of loving you, comforting you, and showing you the way to eternal bliss. I spoke of this way in all my teaching so that many would hear me. I had no special place to let my word be heard. Both in the squares and in the porticoes, in the streets or in the temples, on the road or on the mountains, I let the message be heard that spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven.

60. Always be ready with a bundle of merit-filled travel, which you have acquired in the struggle of life, so that my call to the other life may not surprise you at any hour. Always look within you and test yourselves. Do not wait for that hour to go away with a soul without merit. For then you will desire to have done much good on earth, but it will be too late. Always be in contact with your conscience, for you do not know at what moment your passing over is.

61. Despair not, O souls, to whom I address my word in particular. Remain steadfast in my way, and you will know peace. Verily, I say to you, you are all destined to experience bliss. I would not be your Father if you had not been created to share the kingdom of heaven with Me. But do not forget: In order for your bliss to be perfect, it is necessary that you bring in your merits step by step, so that your soul may feel worthy of that divine reward. Know that I am with you, that I am with you all the way. Have full trust in me, knowing that my task is united with yours, and my destiny with yours!

62. Since you could not lift yourselves to Me, I have come to you, giving you a proof of my mercy and a stimulus for your faith The very thought of your fulfillment of your mission frightens you because you are strong in the struggles of the world but weak in the mission of the spirit soul. You tell me that you still have too many shortcomings to consider yourselves to be my disciples. But I tell you that every deficiency is like a stone, and they all together are like a burden. As long as you live under the weight of that burden, it is impossible for you to rise up. But as you gradually cast off the heavy burden of your shortcomings, you begin to feel that you can ascend to the heights of the Spirit.

63. Allow my word to perfect you. I know that not all of you come with a prepared heart to hear Me, that some make fun of this rallies and some doubt, just as there are some who think that although the Word is exalted, it does not come from Christ but from some other being. But I tell you that my thoughts reach the respective organs of the mind to reveal themselves in wisdom.

64. Who has the right to doubt my presence among men, since I have given you proofs that I am ministerable to you because of my love? Think of Jesus when He was beaten at the stake. But what does that cross represent other than mankind? Verily, I tell you, I am still attached to my love cross, which is represented by my love for my children.

65. You doubt, judge and even mock, but I forgive you and bless you because you are sick out of ignorance I give you time for reflection because I know that tomorrow you will be among the most fervent. Now you cannot yet see the truth which I have revealed to you in full clarity because the "flesh" is stronger than the Spirit. Nevertheless you will set out for the ideal of spiritualization, and then you will become the strongest spiritually.

66. Fight the harmful, fight the unclean. Know that the vices of the world dull the senses of the soul and prevent it from entering the high worlds of life. If you learn to live the true life - I tell you, wherever you are and wherever you go, you will transform everything into a paradise of peace through your presence.

My peace be with you! 

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