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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 334

1. People, awaken and make yourself aware that you are living in a new time.

2. Meditate and pray so that spiritual inspiration may begin to shine in your mind

3. Observe all kinds of human misery, pain, neediness and let your heart become more and more compassionate at the sight of the pain that surrounds you everywhere

4. If you feel in the innermost part of your being a generous and noble urge to do good, let this impulse overflow and manifest itself. It is the soul that communicates its message because it has found its body willing and ready.

5. Understand that when you set out to sow the seed of my teaching, it must be done out of that love that is born of the most sensitive of your being. But try no longer to do good or to do deeds for your merits, if they spring from the fear of punishment if you do not do them. There is no merit in this. No longer say to me, not even to your soul, that it cannot put up with trifles. When your soul gets rid of the human shell and withdraws into its own innermost being in the sanctuary of spiritual life to subject its past and its harvest to a test, many of its works, which had appeared to it here in the world to be perfect and worthy of being brought before the Lord and worthy of a reward, will appear to it as poor in the moments of that self-reflection. The soul will understand that the meaning of many deeds that appeared good to her in the world was only the expression of vanity, of false love, of charity that did not come from the heart.

6. Who do you believe has given the soul the enlightenment of a perfect judge to judge himself? The Spirit, who in that hour of justice will give you the impression of shining in never before seen clarity ─ and it will be he who tells everyone what was good, just, right, true, that he did on earth and what was evil, wrong and unclean that he sowed on his way.

7. The sanctuary of which I spoke to you just now is that of the Spirit ─ that temple which no one can profane, that temple in which God dwells and from which his voice sounds and the light breaks forth

8. In the world you have never been ready to enter that inner sanctuary because your human personality is always intent on ways and means to avoid the wise voice that speaks in every man. I tell you: When your soul takes off its shell, it will finally stop and gather before the threshold of that sanctuary to enter it and kneel before that altar of the soul, to hear itself, to examine its works in that light which is conscience, to hear the voice of God speaking in itself as Father, as Master, and as Judge.

9. No mortal can conceive of that moment in all its solemnity which you must all live through in order to discern that which you have in you to preserve, and also that which you must reject from yourselves because you must no longer hold it in the soul.

10. When the soul then feels that it is confronted with its conscience and that it remembers it with the clarity of truth, that being feels too weak to listen to itself, it wishes it had never existed; for in an instant its whole life passes by its consciousness ─ that which it left behind, that which it possessed and that which was its own and of which it must now finally give account.

11. Disciples, men, prepare yourselves already in this life for that moment, lest you turn that temple into a tribunal when your soul appears before the threshold of the temple of the Spirit; for the mental pain will then be so great that there will be no physical pain to compare with it.

12. Watch and pray, meditate, follow my teachings, and never be deceived by your vanity, which wants to make you believe that you work with truthfulness, with mercy, or with love, when in fact none of these virtues are present

13. Never remember in your heart the works that you are doing, and be content with the first thing that you do, so that you may continually ascend in your way.

14. I want you to reflect on all that I have told you in this teaching, that you may understand how in the spiritual your judgment is carried out. Thus you are to make disappear from your imaginary world that image in which you imagine a court of justice, which is led by God in the form of an old man, who lets the good children pass by on his right hand to enjoy heaven, and who sets the wicked on his left to condemn them to eternal punishment.

15. Now is the time for the light to reach the highest parts of your soul and mind, so that the truth may shine in every man and he may prepare himself to enter the spiritual life with dignity.

16. You point out to me that the fight that you have waged in the heart of your fellow men is apparently useless ─, that you speak to them of spiritualization and try to remove fanaticism and idolatrous ritual acts from their hearts, and that they, shortly after you have taught them, kneel down again before their idols.

17. You come with a wounded and withered heart, but you cherish the hope that in my words I will give you new arguments and new weapons to continue fighting.

18. I tell you, beloved disciples, in whom I see the burning desire that the light may shine in all your fellow men: You must arm yourselves with patience to wait for the longed-for moment of illumination of those for whom you pray and ask so much.

19. They also believe that you are in error because they see you praying in the open air, and because they hear you speak of teachings and revelations which are not written in books.

20. They also pray for you and speak to Me, asking Me that you do not stray.

21. I ask you, disciples, "To which do you think I listen more ─ to you or to them? Many of you say to Me in your heart, "To us, Master, as we approach more to the true in the way of praying.

22. Therefore I tell you, disciples, that I listen to some as well as to others in the same way because you are all equal before Me, because I love some as much as others, and because I see in all of them the fear that someone might stray from the path.

23. It is the battle, people, the announced battle, the great battle that would break out even in the homes and even in the bosom of the most loving and united families.

24. Who shall prevail in this battle? No one. The victory will be that of truth, light, love and justice. You will all be defeated by these divine forces. But this very apparent defeat will be your victory.

25. Therefore the Master teaches you with great love so that you may be prepared for the time after my parting. But just as I granted you my mercy, so you are to guide men through your works of love.

26. My ray has descended upon your minds to prepare your souls, and I have distributed My gifts of mercy among you to make you worthy to be with Me in My kingdom.

27. Temptation also fights among you to turn you away from my way. But I, as a good shepherd, have chosen you from all ways, and without demanding that you go to the point of self-sacrifice, I expect your improvement so that you may receive my grace fully and become good disciples who will bring my teaching to mankind tomorrow.

28. I raised you up because you were dead to the life of grace. I have forgiven you and prepared you that tomorrow you may speak to mankind, which has risen up and denies its God. I am the ignorant stranger who knocks at the doors of every heart because I want to make my love palpable to you.

29. Mankind does not recognize me and denies my presence in this time. But I will let them know that I show my justice with love and mercy, that I do not come with the scourge to cause their pain ─ that I only want to raise them to a life of grace and purify them with the crystal clear water, which is my word, my truth.

30. The world has not learned my teaching and has nourished its idolatry and fanaticism. Therefore, it now experiences the great melting pot and drinks the cup of suffering, because its materialism has removed it from me.

31. A great battle awaits you, Israel, because you will bear witness to my truth, will remove the darkness of mankind and show it my light.

32. Those who call themselves pastors of men have not felt My presence, still await Me But I see that they are giving a different teaching than the one the Master has entrusted to mankind, which would lead you on the way of truth, teaching you to love one another.

33. It is not my will that the world should nourish worldviews deviating from my love teaching For this harms the soul, and so you deny me. You have not understood my teaching, you spurn the bread of eternal life, and mankind seeks Me in their synagogues, in their material churches, which have created their own hands according to their understanding. But when will mankind understand Me and hear my call?

34. After 1950 a great struggle of world views will begin, and you, people of Israel, will set out in trust in my divinity. You do not know which will reject you. But is there any human law that could punish your good deeds and the works you do in your way? No. For you are the commissioners to remove the pain of men, to bring them my peace, and to cause love to blossom in the human heart.

35. Disciples: That principle which I taught you in the Second Time, to love one another, is applicable to all the actions of your life. Some tell Me, "Master, how can I love my neighbor, since I am an insignificant being whose life is filled with physical labor? To these my child disciples I say: Even in this physical work, which is apparently without meaning, you can love your neighbor if you do your work with the desire to serve your fellow men.

36. Imagine how beautiful your life would be if each person worked with the thought of doing good and of uniting his small effort with that of others. Verily, I tell you, there would then be no more misery. But the truth is that every man works for himself, thinks of himself, and at most of his own.

37. You must all know that no one can be enough for himself and that he needs the others. All of you must know that you are deeply bound to a universal mission, which you are to fulfill together ─ but not united by earthly obligations, but by attitude, by inspiration and ideals, in a word: by love for one another. The fruit will then be for the good of all.

38. I say to you, people, that you should not work only for yourself, that in your efforts you should try to spread light to all who seek you, without making distinctions. Verily I tell you, whoever gives more to his fellow men will receive more from Me because he applies my teaching to his life.

39. I give you enough knowledge so that you make known the love message which I have sent you in this time.

40. That Christ who came at another time to bring a love teaching to men is the Spirit who speaks to you at this time and makes himself known through chosen organs of the mind to communicate this message to the world. This word ─ modest in its form and simple in its expression ─ will bring this humanity, which is far from any spiritualization, to reflection.

41. I call upon all peoples and all religious communities of the world to remind them of the highest commandment of my law ─ that which I made known to my disciples at the last meal with them.

42. At present, humanity is in the preparatory phase. It is my righteousness that is at work in it, without people already noticing it. For in their pride, in their haughty materialism, they attribute to chance all the events of their lives that are inevitable for them. But soon my call will reach the hearts, and then they will approach me repentantly and ask me that their pride and their mistakes will be forgiven them.

43. This will be the hour of the cross for the soul of man, in which he experiences for a short time an absolute emptiness after his great disappointments, when he discovers the falseness of his high-handedness, the frailty of his power, the erroneousness of his ideologies. But this state of confusion will not last long, because then my messengers will appear and spread my new message.

44. Once more, as in past times, when the messengers of my teaching went out from the East and brought the knowledge of my word to the West, so will the world at that time again see my messengers bringing the light of this message to the nations and the homes.

45. Will it seem strange to men that now the light goes from the west to the east? Will they therefore not recognize the message which my messengers bring them in my name?

46. Verily I say to you, the only light that you see rising from the east is the one that illuminates your world, the light of the royal celestial body. For the divine light that illuminates the soul emerges from Me and is in all places and points of the universe.

47. Although in past times I have often spoken to you through cult forms and symbols But now the time has come in which you are to see the truth directly, without the necessity of putting cult forms or symbols between them and you.

48. The Master receives the disciple who is ready to study in this Third Age to understand my divine teaching. The book is opened before you, and its pages illuminate your soul so that you may know that the work I have entrusted to your hands is great and sublime ─ that my teaching contains the highest wisdom, so that you may come to my kingdom. It is the way which I have shown you again so that you may walk on it and thus leave behind you the injustice with which you came to me.

49. I have prepared your souls by my light, by my righteousness, that you may be like your Master, that you may no longer stray into different paths, that obedience to my commandments may be in your hearts. But watch and pray so that you do not lose the preparation that I have given to your soul. At this time I show the world the light of a new day, so that men may prepare themselves, hear my word and see my presence with their spiritual eyes.

50. Your mission is very difficult, people of Israel. But my word has penetrated into the innermost part of your being and has enlightened you, has removed blindness from your eyes and shown you the glory of my kingdom.

51. My word has transformed you because you are no longer the same as you used to be ─ because now you are receptive to My presence, you have recognized Me and you know how to rise to seek Me from Spirit to Spirit. But I still see that you have not completely followed my teachings, that you have stumbled, and that you are again the old ones for a short time, because you have not completely cleaned your heart from the superfluous and unnecessary, ─ from what feeds the world in its depravity. The tares are still growing next to the golden wheat that is flourishing in you. The time has come when the weeds that have germinated and blossomed in your hearts at all times will be uprooted. It will be bound in bundles and thrown into the fire for its destruction. Then your heart will be the clean field, the fertile and prepared soil, on which my word will bear its fruit.

52. Beloved disciples, you must prepare yourselves in many things, because your steps towards spiritualization have been slow, and time has become scarce for you. For in this time you should already be in direct communication with my Divine Spirit to fulfill your mission.

53. Your Spirit has been able to dominate the body for a short time, and then you have been able to fulfill my commandments as my true disciples to intercede for mankind, which through your mediation must receive my mercy and compassion.

54. Let my Spirit dwell entirely in you, so that you may show my work to mankind as the lifeboat, as a lighthouse, as a new heaven for the incarnated and non-incarnated souls.

55. I want to see you all prepared and clothed with the light of my HolySpirit, to find in you the sense of responsibility for my divine work and love for my divinity and for your fellow men. For I want you to renew yourselves out of love for them and teach yourselves to connect directly with my Spirit ─ because I have to use your souls according to the preparation you have obtained. Then the awakening of the world will be complete, and through your mediation it will feel me. For this is my will.

56. You are in the time of the great struggle of good against evil, of light against darkness, and you are now preparing to defend my cause. You are to take me as an example because I go ahead of my armies, and you are a part of them. See how my light drives away darkness, and how my word removes sin. If you want to be good soldiers, be obedient and bring the light of truth so that you, as true servants of God, bear witness to what I am giving to souls in this time for their salvation.

57. Among you, chosen people, I do not want to see different ways of thinking nor different expressions of will; I want to see you united and see one and the same inspiration passed on by me, guided by my word, which is one with you all

58. To those of you who have been sleeping and have let the lamp of their sanctuary go out and have been deprived of my grace, I will make the call and tell them Arise, walk quickly, and come to me who awaits you as Father and not as judge. But truly, I tell you, you must no longer stop on the ways, for then your responsibility to me tomorrow would be very great.

59. I have awakened your intuition, and by means of this gift my Spirit has spoken to your Spirit and I have given you my assignments to be followed.

60. I am letting you walk safely so that you fulfill my will. For everything that you do according to my will will serve the progress of your soul. I give you authority and my peace that it may be the testimony of my presence among you. I do not want anything to disturb the peace I give you. Prepare yourselves and continue to work through it. But if you should suffer for the sake of the cause which I have entrusted to you in faithful hands, I tell you Rejoice, for I will give your soul a great reward.

61. Know that just as there are souls who are sent again to incarnate as reparation, to dwell on earth and reap in righteousness the fruits of what they sowed before, there are others who do not reincarnate but remain invisible on earth until they attain spiritualization or elevation, which will remove them from all that is no longer appropriate for them.

62. Every reparation is hard, bitter, and painful. But my teaching teaches you the way to spare your soul that, instead of finding peace after suffering on earth, it faces a purification and reparation trial.

63. Learn here in my words to love what belongs to the world only to the degree that it is right, so that when the hour has come to leave everything behind, there will be no burden on your soul to deprive it of its freedom.

64. Beloved people, come to the light. I am the way that leads to it; I am the truth and the life.

65. It is impossible for anyone to perish who listens to his conscience in the actions of his life.

66. When I speak to you in my words about spiritual life, you want me to describe it to you in detail so that you may be able to understand it But when you recognize that ─ although I have spoken much about the same ─ it is very little that you are able to comprehend, you tell me painfully: "Master, what will that existence be like which we are not able to comprehend in spite of your teachings and revelations?

67. I say to you, disciples, be unconcerned, for it is not important that you know what that home is like, but that you have faith that you must come to it and therefore prepare yourselves as well as possible to reach that goal without wavering and faltering.

68. You have already learned from Me that the upward development of the soul is attained through love, because he who loves unfolds all the gifts and abilities of his being Do not strive to reach the high peaks of light only through the unfolding of the intellect, but always seek the right way to harmonize intelligence with feelings, so that at the same time as you study a teaching, you apply it.

69. The path of truth is so clear that no one who walks on it can perish.

70. You do not walk alone, for my encouragement and my light are with each of you. But in case this should seem little to you, I have placed a spiritual light being at the side of every human creature to watch over your steps, to let you suspect some danger, to serve you as companions in your loneliness and as a staff on the journey of life. These are those beings that you call guardian angels or protectors.

71. Never show ingratitude to them, and do not be deaf to their inspirations, for your powers will not be sufficient to pass all the tests of life You need those who are more advanced than you, and who know something from your future, because I have revealed it to them.

72. The struggle of those beings is very difficult as long as you do not reach spiritualization, because you, for your part, contribute very little to help them in their difficult mission.

73. When your spiritualization allows you to feel and perceive the presence of those of your brothers and sisters who work invisibly, without any display, for your welfare and progress, then you will regret having coerced them to toil and suffer so much for your sins. But if this insight arises in you, it is only because it has already become light in your mind. Then compassion, gratitude and understanding for it will awaken.

74. What great happiness will be in your protectors when they see that their toil is supported by you and that their inspiration is in harmony with your upliftment!

75. You have so many brothers and sisters and so many friends in the "spiritual valley" whom you do not know.

76. Tomorrow, when the knowledge of the Spiritual Life has spread throughout the world, mankind will recognize the importance of those beings at your side, and men will bless my providence.

77. Who has seen the battles that these legions of light fight against the invasions of confused beings that constantly threaten you? There is no human gaze that has discovered this battle that the two of you are constantly fighting against each other without you having noticed it.

78. Your ignorance of the existence of all this, which is happening without you being aware of it, has been one of the reasons why I have ordered at this time that the spiritual world communicate with you through brains appointed by me to fulfill this task. So those beings have had the opportunity to come to you to bear witness to their existence and to prove to you with their love, with their mercy, with their humility and their patience that they live for the task of protecting you.

79. Pray, people, and unite with them in your prayer. Have confidence in his protection. They are beings of radiant light who are able to fulfill at your side the difficult mission to guide and assist you all along the way until you reach Me.

My peace be with you! 

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