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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 344

1. You hear the word, which I have brought before your eyes daily as an open book I have revealed its contents to you, have brought you sincerity and light. I have given you the essence of my word and my love to transform you.

2. Bless you who have risen in the bosom of my work. It is on you that I have turned my spiritual gaze so that you may be those who will bear witness to mankind about Me tomorrow.

3. Many will come from different nations to receive some of the Word I have brought you. It is the needy and the shipwrecked to whom I will show this lifeboat.

Remember that I have helped the sinner to redeem other sinners. Today they are the rocks from which the crystal-clear water gushes forth, they are the sheep that are in my hurdle, they are the tribes of my chosen people. I have used them and consecrated them to my service. They are Trinitarian Marian spiritualists who unite in a single prayer to worship the Father and offer the flowers of their hearts to Him. I have placed my mercy and my light in them so that their souls may become perfect. They are the chosen ones to receive and transmit to humanity through their mediation. They are my soldiers, my workers, my disciples of this Third Age. To their care I have left the spring of crystal-clear water and the tree with pure fruits. It is they who have had enough faith to cross the desert again. It is they who, like Elijah, will set out to call the great multitudes.

4. Chosen people of Israel: You have been given the Master's commission to give testimony of Me to your fellow men. You are the strong Israel that will be recognized by mankind, because on you I have poured out My grace and the light of the HolySpirit.

5. Do not let this time go unused, Israel. It is necessary that you have my teaching in abundance in the future so that you will not be weak and needy. I have told you that I will not separate from you after my departure. But therefore do not put too much trust in you, and do not let my word, which I am currently entrusting to you through the human mind, pass unnoticed. I want you to prepare yourselves already now, so that when I send you to mankind, you intuitively receive my message and feel my presence spiritually.

6. Anyone who knows how to prepare himself will be my word transmitter. When this year 1950 is over, your eyes will see many wonders, for the need of mankind is great.

Prepare yourself, Israel, for the fight, but in full knowledge of this divine cause. For you will have to clear up the errors of the world and eliminate the obsession and confusion of the brains of those voice carriers who will continue to say that I am still announcing myself through their rallies. But then it will not be my light in the organs of the intellect, nor will they give words of comfort and wisdom as I give them to you.

7. You are limited and cannot penetrate the plans and thoughts of your fellow men But the Father, with his penetrating gaze, can see all that will happen tomorrow.

8. I want you to be my true disciples, that you may show the true way, that you may be my messengers to present my work to mankind. Drive away darkness with the light you carry within you and show that you are children of light.

9. Do not lose heart in the face of the trials that are revealed on your way, and do not be shy towards those who approach you, for it will be the spiritually needy who will find themselves before my divinity without good works. You are to be the humble ones who are ready to relieve the pain and prepare the heart of your fellow men without boasting of the mercy I have shown you and so cause words of love and light to come from your lips.

10. I will not see a lie with you, Israel, for one day this will be discovered, and then the world will say, "Are these the disciples of the Master? If they are false disciples, then also the Master was false, who dwelt among them to pass on lies to them."

11. You must bear witness to my truth through good works, through your renewal and spiritualization. I do not want mankind to tell Me tomorrow: "Why do your elect, although they have received the divine Word, show us no mercy ─ us who have asked them to feel comfort in our sufferings and to receive the balm that cures our diseases? All this is due to you to do to nourish the faith in these hearts and for the world to recognize you.

12. Your task is to make the walkers feel the coolness of the tree and recover from its frenzied course. I, however, will speak to them spiritually, will cause them to feel remorse and confess their transgressions before my Divine Spirit. Then I will make them understand that I receive them with open arms and that I do not reject them although they are still great sinners. They will spiritually hear my voice telling them, "Beloved children, I have borne great suffering for you, but now is the proper time to renew you and allow your soul to become free. I will cause them all to repent of their transgressions and be ashamed of their wrongdoings.

13. Therefore I teach you day by day, O Israel, that my law may remain written in your heart. I will speak to you through conscience and show you what the commandment of my law is that you have not obeyed, and in this way you will gradually become the renewed people filled with my wisdom.

14. You yourselves will experience your transformation, you will see who you were before and what you are now, and then even the most hardened hearts will accept your words. You will be their counselors and with purity in your hearts you will do them good and show them the true way.

15. What guidance could mankind expect from blind leaders? Only from you will they receive such, you who are the children of light, because I will reveal myself through your mediation.

16. The time will come when the great trials among mankind are coming. But you who are under my protection will be like the birds that do not work and yet are nourished. Then mankind will be astonished that you keep your courage to live in the midst of such a great disaster and misery, and that the dark forces do not seize you because you have obeyed Me.

17. You are the ones commissioned to alleviate the pain of men, to teach blasphemers to pray, who have remained in prayer for a long time without raising their soul.

18. But for this you must daily spiritualize yourselves more and free yourselves from materialization. For I do not want you to be overexcited spiritualists, no. Fanaticism is abominable in my eyes, and this is what I want to eliminate from among you. Conscience will tell you how to live in harmony with everything.

19. The time in which you will hear this word is short. Therefore it is my will that you fathom my teachings so that you may understand them and be prepared.

20. Learn from the Divine Master, who gives you the teaching which will be kept in writing, and which you will enjoy tomorrow For the time is already short in which you will hear your Master through the human mind.

21. The mercy of the Father enters into your souls, encouraging and telling them Learn from my teaching, for you are still frail children who do not feel my power. In every moment I also speak to you through your conscience to let you know your mission.

22. In my right hand I hold the law, and in the left hand I balance the scales. I will separate from you in this proclamation among you. But do not worry, for I will nourish you spiritually with my word, and you will not feel orphaned. You will carry me in yourselves because I will no longer make myself known through the human mind. But I have prepared your soul so that it exchanges itself with my Divine Spirit, and you will receive my instructions whenever it is my will.

23. After my departure your fight will begin.

24. I entrust my law to you that you may study it and not violate it. Acquire merits towards your Lord, for now is the time when you are to tell me with true submission in your soul: "Lord, do your will in us.

25. With great love and patience I have taken away from you the filth, the different worldviews, the idolatry. For you had bowed before the images, before the Golden Calf. How much folly has there been at all times! But I have always revealed myself to you as light, as mercy and love, so that you do not go your way blindly.

26. In this day I have again saved you from the various ways your soul has gone and in which you have experienced pain. I have granted you different incarnations so that when your soul comes to this planet, it will develop. But during this time I have found you immersed in a deep lethargy. I have not found a prepared heart to remind you of the prophecies of the Second Age. But it has been my will to make myself known through the human mind to teach you again so that you love one another.

27. My love and my light have descended on your souls as a dew of grace so that tomorrow you may show my law to the world. If you know how to prepare yourselves, there will be no hand to brand you and cause you pain.

28. Ye shall set forth as the apostles of the second time. They knew how to prepare themselves and expect the right time to set out and spread my teaching. I will choose from the various sects and religious communities those who belong to Me. They will recognize Me and know how to fulfill their mission.

29. You shall set out to bring my teachings to mankind so that the peace of my Heavenly Kingdom may reach them. For my gaze sees their pain, their desolation.

30. This is what I have offered you, beloved people, and you shall see my promise fulfilled Your souls will ascend step by step until they reach the top of the mountain.

31. Fear not the talk of men nor their judgments; fear the judgment of your God. Remember that I have told you that as a judge I am implacable. Therefore always long for me as Father, as God, so that you may lack nothing in your way of life.

32. I come to bind up evil in sheaves to be thrown into the fire. For every bad seed will be cut off from my Divine Sickle, which is this Word that comes to you to give you lives of grace.

33. As Master I am always waiting for you to teach you, to guide you on the way. Bless you who come to hear my word, for you will later set out to bring the Good News to your fellow men. The one who has understood me and puts my teachings into practice will work for the bliss of his Spirit.

34. Some of you say to Me, "Why have we not felt You, Lord? But I tell you: Have you not felt Me when you do good works, when you have shown mercy to your fellow men? Do you not feel satisfaction when you fulfill your mission? For this satisfaction that you have with it is as if you felt me. For he who does evil distances himself from me, and then he can hardly feel my presence.

I am in every good work, in the mercy you show ─ not only when you share your bread, but also when you give words of love and comfort to encourage souls, to comfort hearts in the sufferings of this life. How many need a little love, how many abandoned women crave words of encouragement, and you, my chosen ones, should set out to bring love, encouragement and strength to every needy person.

35. The world is perishing in its degeneration, in its chaos, in its frenzied race toward evil. But to you I have entrusted this boat to save the shipwrecked ─ those who have not heard My word but whose souls feel the need to receive it. Therefore I want you to awaken them and bear witness to mankind of my presence in this time.

36. Testify that I have manifested myself in this time through the human mind, and tell the unbelievers that if I became man in the Second Time to live together with men ─ why should I not be able to manifest myself today through sinners I have prepared with my grace?

37. Why do you give more faith to the works of men and doubt the miracles and the magnanimity of your God and Lord?

38. Remember my steps on earth as Jesus, remember that I spoke to the doctors of the law in early childhood I taught you to pray and to be humble. I was born in a stable and died on a cross. And since I have given you this teaching ─ why should you not hear my word in this Third Age when the world is at the height of corruption, and should I not show you the way I taught you in the Second Age?

39. Men carry hatred and evil-will in themselves and strive for the superfluous, and fanaticism has also been in their hearts

40. People, you ask Me: "why, Lord, have the trials multiplied in our way since You prepared us with Your grace? And I answer you: In the Second Time I taught you to suffer and to be humble. Remember, they brought Me to the scaffold of blood, they put a crown of thorns on my temples and a reed in my hand and then mocked Me. But I remained gentle and humble. I knew that my blood had to be shed as a symbol of the salvation of mankind. When did you learn that I would have rejected these bitternesses, these bad tastes, these tribulations? Never. I suffered for love of you all and shed my blood to show you the way to salvation. But you in this day and age will not shed your blood; you will prepare yourselves only with good will to speak to the world of my truth.

41. I have given you a sword and called you my soldiers. you are a part of my hosts whom I encourage with my word and I tell you: fight and do not fear the world, for I am your Father and I will defend you, enlighten you, so that you do not become victims of mankind

42. Beloved people: quickly you will know that my word will save you. You have had Me as a loving father, so that you do not suffer nor stumble.

43. With patience I continue to lead you so that tomorrow you may be an example for your fellow men.

44. Depart from the world so that your soul may receive my mercy and not lose my peace and love ─ so that you may not encounter the thorns which the world has created through its wickedness. I have pulled you out of the abyss and led you so that your soul may come closer to Me step by step.

45. My light has never departed from men, I am always near their heart. For how could I leave my children halfway? and leave them without my mercy in this time while I hear the lamentation of pain?

I have removed your pain, and have let you rest under the tree of life and nourished you with its fruits. You will have neither hunger nor thirst after my parting, and you will share the fruit, the water and the bread with the thirsty and hungry, with the needy.

46. Look to the nations in their desolation, afflicted by severe storms. I am preparing you, therefore, to enlighten you, that you may set out as your Master, and that through your mediation from Me they may be freed from their spiritual desolation. For I will let them recognize the truth, will enlighten their soul and their intellect and free them from the confusion that has entered the world.

47. Prepare yourselves, my children, to give guidance to the peoples of the earth with my power and my light and let them feel my peace.

48. Blessed innocence is infected by the corruption of the world, the young people follow their path in breathtaking run, and even the virgins have lost shame, chastity and modesty All these virtues have disappeared from their hearts. They have nourished the worldly passions and only desire the pleasures that lead them to ruin. I speak to you in all clarity so that you may set out and take a firm step in the development of your soul.

49. I want you to rise up and be in communion with your God, that you may reveal the mercy which my work contains.

50. Beloved people, you are currently rising step by step to reach the top of the mountain. The light of the Sixth Illuminator illuminates the universe, and I guide souls and give them elevation to reach Me.

51. I have entrusted a time to you to receive again my teachings, so that the light of my HolySpirit may cast out darkness from your souls By means of the minds of sinners I have given you my wisdom in simple words, but which contain the truth in their meaning.

52. Tomorrow you are to set out to bring the Good News in the various ways of the earth and bear witness to Me, so that men may remove the harmful, sin and discord, so that all may recognize themselves as children of one Father. For for the Spirit there are no social classes, no races nor noble families. From a single father you have all come forth, and to me you must return.

53. Mankind is currently suffering its great purification as a result of its disobedience; but it has not understood that it has created this cup of suffering for itself. But I as Father have come at this time to weigh the cross that you bear on your shoulders.

54. The nations have always disrespected one another, so they have created boundaries and different ideologies and have moved away from one another.

55. I have made myself known among you that you may take Me as your example, so that in the desert the burning rays of the sun may not wear you out. I have trained you with My wisdom so that you may point the way for mankind.

56. In the second time I prepared my twelve apostles to teach mankind. But in this Third Time I united the 144,000 to prepare them so that mankind through this people may receive My mercy anew.

57. Beloved Israel: How much have men been left behind because of their disobedience, the weaknesses of the body, which have weakened the soul and they have not allowed themselves to be spiritualized, as it is my will!

58. Study and fathom my teaching, that tomorrow you may give it to your fellow men. I have not come at this time to confuse mankind with my teaching. I have come only to free them from their sins, that they may take the true path and attain my peace. I strengthen you, beloved people, that you may take up the fight.

59. The time is near when you will no longer hear this word through a voice bearer. But I will not separate myself from my children. You will indeed feel the absence of this rallies; but just as I have been with you spiritually from the beginning, so will I be until the end, for this is my will.

60. Beloved disciples: I want you to bear witness through your works to what I have entrusted to you in this Third Age. Already in the Second Epoch I told you: "Love one another.

When men come to hear you, you are to show them the way, make them realize how misguided they were, and explain to them each of the teachings I have given you. You shall tell them why you are spiritualists, why you are Israelites, and why you are Marian Trinitarians. Remember that I told you that you are Israelites ─ not in the flesh but in the Spirit because you are the true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whom I called "Israel" because he proved his strength in the trial, which is why you too, as Israelites, should be strong. You are spiritualists because I have taught you to seek Me with your Spirit and to love Me.

61. Why do you seek and love Mary? Because in the Second Time I entrusted you as Mother to her tenderness, and her Spirit intercedes for you and for all mankind.

62. The tribe of Levi was already chosen in the first time so that they would be the servants, the priests of God. And in this Third Age the tribe of Levi is again consecrated to the service of my divinity. They are the ones who are dedicated to the fulfillment of their mission.

63. People, do not act like Judas, do not deny Me like Peter, do not doubt Me like Thomas. But if you should have such weaknesses ─ how much pain would you cause my Spirit!

Watch and pray, take my apostles as your example in their obedience, and like them no one should want to be greater than the other, for to me you are all equal, and according to your works will be the ascent of your soul. I tell you as I said to my disciples: "In the house of the Father there are many dwellings. But you must become worthy to dwell in them. Some of you will arrive earlier and some of you will arrive later. Allow your soul to rise through good works, through the fulfillment of the law.

64. When you enter into the hereafter, I will present to you the book in which your good and bad works are written, and your soul will rejoice when the scales of my righteousness are inclined to the side of your merits. But if it should not be so, you will return to this planet and make amends one more time. Those of you who have fulfilled your task will continue to render merits from the spiritual realm to ascend further and further, and you will fight and work for mankind as the angels and my spiritual world do, which has victoriously gone through the melting pot.

65. In this way you will gradually acquire true bliss, and eventually you will merge with my Divine Spirit, for you know that you have come forth from Me and must return to Me pure and louder.

66. If you would understand how much your soul is purified by pain, you would love pain. But the "flesh" causes the soul to become weak. But I have spoken to you about prayer so that you may defend yourselves against temptation.

67. After this word is no longer heard by your ears, you are to set out to give to mankind all that you have accumulated. Then you will know the greatness of my teaching and will be able to rise up and communicate with my divinity from Spirit to Spirit. Once you are with Me, I will tell you

My peace be with you! 

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