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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 254:

1. I come to receive and to give, I come to hear you and that you may hear me.

2.  Innumerable times have I manifested myself as Father and as Master. Today it is my will to show myself as judge because I entrusted you with a year from which I demand the fruit from you. In eternity this period is only a moment. But the works that are accomplished in it by you remain recorded in a book in which you write down the history of your life. This book, written in your Spirit, will keep the trace of your struggles to reach the goal, and it will be the one you present to the highest judge.

3. Today you show me only one page, which represents a tiny period of time in which you have made a step forward on the path of development.

4. As you ascend, your works will attain greater perfection, and you will grasp my work greater and deeper For this I inspire you trust in My promises, I raise you up, I awaken you and heal you.

5. I want to receive your fruit because you have obtained it through an ideal of love, through effort and with the intention of pleasing your Father. You have struggled in hard trials, have walked over rubble. The eyes of your body have wept, and your soul has also sobbed.

6. Your lips are silent and the soul does not complain at this moment, and you transform all the bitterness received into hope in Me and into forgiveness for your fellow men. I bless you for your obedience.

7. You feel that you are awakening to a new day, that you are taking a step forward, and since then your Spirit enlightens you even more and you understand Me better You also correctly measure your responsibility to the Father and to the world.

8. Today you know that time is a precious treasure that you must not waste, and that your gifts are like jewels that should not be hidden

9. The time of darkness and ignorance is over for you. Today you, as apostles, know what you say, what you do and what you think, and you are anxious to give merit in order to acquire a right to my benefits. You live in the midst of the light, and when someone is blinded by it, it is because of a lack of clarity in his gaze.

10. I pour out my grace in the same way to all, but each one receives it according to his soul preparation and exaltation.

11. I now receive the result of the work of incarnated beings, because earthly life is measured according to time. When you enter spiritual life, you will recognize that eternity cannot be measured by hours, days or years because time has no influence on the spiritual.

12. I am present, invisible to all mankind, whose life pulsates in Me because I am their Father - the only one who can judge their life and deeds in a perfect way. I see men wandering in chaos, carrying war in their hearts and even in their souls, carrying the murderous and destructive weapon not only in their hands but also in their hearts, and using language as a truly double-edged sword. Some attack, others defend themselves. Some sow death, while others cling to life. And like a shadow the mantle of new teachings spreads out, which progress from heart to heart and from soul to soul.

Faced with this threat, people and nations tremble and wonder why the Almighty does not prevent the spread of these hopeless teachings. To this the Father answers: "I allow them to sprout, grow, blossom, spread and bear fruit, so that these trees may be recognized by mankind by their own fruits.

13. These teachings, theories and worldviews will spread throughout the world so that after eating of all fruits, men will turn their eyes to the tree of life and understand that the true fruit - that which contains sweetness in its taste and life in its substance - is the one I have offered you in my law of love since the beginning of time.

14. The peace of men is transitory. Only the peace I am offering you is eternal.

15. I speak to you through the human mind, and my word is the same seed of love as that which I have always sown in you.

16. I have given you power - but not so that you force my will on your fellow men through them. I have freed your soul - but not so that it makes bad use of this freedom. My weapons are truth, love, mercy, peace, forgiveness.

17. In order that you may represent Me worthily and be my faithful witnesses, you must make use of my teachings and immerse yourselves in my word, so as not to fall into errors that divide you and cause that, while some defend and try to preserve the outer cults and traditions, others fight for the essence and spirituality of my teaching. Remember that in the first commandment of the Law which I gave to mankind through Moses, I said: "You shall not make for yourselves any image or likeness of heavenly things to kneel down before it and worship it. Since then the way for man and the way for the soul has been clearly marked out.

18. Moses did not limit himself to teaching the Ten Commandments to men, he also established secondary laws for human life and introduced traditions, rites, and symbols within the spiritual worship of God, all according to the developmental steps that the human spirit was taking at that time. But the promised Messiah came and abolished traditions, rites, symbols and sacrifices, leaving only the law untouched. Therefore, when the Pharisees told the people that Jesus was against the Law of Moses, I answered them that I was not against the Law, but had come to fulfill it. If my teachings were to do away with tradition, it is because the people, in order to fulfill them, have forgotten to obey the Law.

19. That case has been repeated in this time, people. In 1866, my presence was revealed through the human mind of Roque Rojas, who announced it to you. But he also created traditions, cult forms and symbols to help you understand the meaning of the revelations.

20. Now that the time is near when I will no longer speak to you in this form, I want to erase from your hearts any materialism and fanaticism that might exist within your cult and practices, so that you may rightly bear the name: "Disciples of the HolySpirit". But understand: When I eliminate superfluous traditions and customs, I am not therefore against my law. For, as in the Second Age, in order to follow the traditions, you can go against the true spiritual worship of God and your duties to mankind.

21. If in your worship of the Father you are already free from all materialism, do not be proud, for you think you have reached the summit of spiritualization from which you consider all who profess sects or churches to be immature. For while you see the splinter in the eye of your fellow men, I can show you the beam that you carry with you.

22. Men are weary of traditions, formalities, and rites. I will show them the light of my teaching as a resting place for the soul weary of seeking light.

23. People, let me be your judge, hear my voice speaking to you in your conscience. Do not seek reward or praise with me, do not seek reward. If I were to grant you these satisfactions, you would make bad use of them and rise up as lords. Seek Me humbly as the least of my children. If you repent of something, bow down before me, for I will be your judge and speak to you with the greatest truthfulness, correcting you with mercy. Then you will recognize behind my words the divine promise of something never suspected, of something above every longing.

24. I give you the gift of the word, that like the sound of bells it may awaken those who sleep, that it may give strength, balm and life.

25. Do not wait until the disastrous events bring mankind to return to Me Watch, pray and sow, then the light and peace of my Spirit will be propagated from heart to heart.

26. Although my word passes through the brain and lips of a man, it consists of light and love. Prepare yourselves, you multitudes, and allow that I make myself known through my voices. And you who have been chosen for this high and delicate task - prepare yourselves even more. Whoever does not feel able to transmit my word in purity, let him prepare himself. If he is not able, he would rather keep silent and seal his lips. But be aware that your wretchedness, your awkwardness or your modesty are no obstacle to my rallies. I have used the clumsy and uneducated to astonish the world. What I object to is unfairness, sin.

27. I want you to become worthy, that in the last years of my word one of my revelations may take place after another, and that no complaints may be heard in the assembly rooms.

28. I have received the tribute of all creation, from the greatest stars to the beings barely perceptible to your eyes. Everything is subject to development, everything goes its course, everything progresses, everything changes, develops higher and perfects itself. When it has reached the summit of perfection, my spiritual smile will be like an infinite dawn in the whole universe, from which every blemish, every misery, suffering and imperfection will have disappeared.

29. Recognize my righteousness in the core of my word.

30. You multitudes, my word is the key with which I open your hearts - that heart that has beaten so little for me.

31. Today you begin the second year of the last three, who were entrusted to you for your preparation.

32. What have you achieved up to this day? Nothing decisive. After your self-examination in the light of your conscience, you have understood that you have not taken one step forward to union and spiritualization.

33. You have become accustomed to my reproaches and therefore remain lazy. But do not be too confident, reject the opinion that I will prolong the time of my rallies among you. For if you fall into this error, you will live deceived and cheated.

34. Who will dare to demand another opportunity - after those I have granted him? Only the foolish or the ignorant. But you are not ignorant, since I have spoken to you unceasingly year after year.

35. Why do I tell you this? Because I see this desire and this secret intention at the bottom of some hearts-a desire and intention which, even without having carried it out, already profanes the truthfulness and purity of my work.

36. This desire that my word continue endlessly, that everything continue as before, is a proof that they have not used the precious time that was entrusted to them and now want another time to be able to do something. But when the indicated time reaches its end, nobody will be able to change a divine decision. Because to intend this would mean to deny perfection to what God intends.

37. Do not defy my orders, O people! For if anyone should do so, he will become a witness to my righteousness and will see the unleashed forces of nature coming over this nation, making him realize his disobedience because he disobeyed me in spite of my words of love.

38. What suffering and what repentance will there be in those souls when they awaken from their aberration and become conscious of their spiritual regression, when they experience that the Father must still stir them up and haunt them through the forces of nature, as it happened to the people of antiquity!

39. I will eliminate among this people every unclean seed, leaving only the good seed through which mankind can recognize me tomorrow. How could men see the splendor of my truth through a confused, disobedient or fanatical people?

40. These days of preparation are marked for you, people, by deep reflection, so that after this self-reflection and this trial of conscience, you may choose the way you want to follow, pointing out that whoever does my will will be able to go his way in peace, and whoever does his own must choose to accept the trials that will come upon him inexorably when the time comes.

41. In him who obeys my decrees there will be true peace, because he will be a man of good will who obeys his Father. In him who disobeys my decrees there shall not be peace for a moment. He will ceaselessly hear the reproach of his conscience and live in constant terror.

42. I condemn no one, and limit myself to revealing to you in time what may befall you as the natural consequence of your works. I tell you in time because I love you, and so that you avoid it, so that you look truth in the eye and do not stray from the path.

43. The disobedient is always proud. But who is he who believes he has the right to do his will or to cause his Father's will to change? Who believes that he has received the gifts that are in him on account of true merits? Who believes that this people is indispensable for me to carry out my divine plans?

44. Do not allow your mind to be darkened, do not silence the voice of conscience, do not allow the temptations of the flesh to make your soul stumble, for it would be very sorrowful

45. Watch and pray, that you may never lack strength. Think, judge yourselves severely, then your Spirit will shine its light into your mind and into your heart, so that peace may reign among you.

46. My teaching continues to show your soul, page by page, the book of life, because it must remain strong and prepared until this time of teaching ends.

47. If you truly desire to work like the prophets of the First Days and to be lighthouses in the path of mankind, move toward spiritualization, which will not be difficult to find, since each of these teachings is a lesson of spiritualization for men

48. I want you to know that even before those generations of spiritualized souls are born, whom I have announced to you, this message is to be spread in the nations and peoples, so that they may find the paths smoothed by the people who heard the voice of the Lord and by those who joined this people because they believed in his testimony

49. I call on you continually to take new steps in this way, which is an eternal ascent. Do not stand still, and if you do, it should be of use, because you have had to mature a plan, strengthen your faith or reflect. But go on afterwards.

50. How many say to me in their hearts, "Master, why did you not come to us as a man in this time to be able to see your presence? But I answer you with another question: Are you not aware that, if you desire my presence in the world in this form, you again demand my blood? Accept me in this way: in Spirit, invisible only to your physical eyes, but perceptible to all the senses of your soul. At that time I shed my blood to seal with it the love that I preached in my teaching. Today I pour out on all divine essence, as a proof that my love for men is the same in spite of their ingratitude, and that I therefore approach them to show them the shining path that leads them to dwell with me in my kingdom forever.

51. Others tell me spiritually: "If you would at least never withdraw this word from us, which you have brought to our ears with so much love. To these I say that, if they really make use of my teachings and try to understand my intentions, it would not be painful for them to renounce this rallies when the hour comes to declare them finished. And it will not be painful for them, because your soul will remain imbued with my essence and filled with my light. But if you have not been able to keep in your memory some or many of my teachings, I have ordered the creation of the book containing my word of this time. In this book, which will be created from my divine teachings, you will find the true Ark of the Covenant, which the first spiritualists were not able to comprehend, and which they therefore had to represent through objects or symbols.

52. The true ark of the covenant is my word. For whoever opens it and penetrates it with respect, spiritualization, and love will discover at its bottom wisdom, deep revelation, prophecy, and all spiritual gifts. It is to this ark that you will turn when my word is no longer heard by the imperfect human voice-bearers, and you will be witnesses, as in your meditations, in the moments of your study, or in the moments of your prayer to the tenderest of your being, a higher light will come to explain all things - a fatherly influence that embraces you, and a voice that is not human, speaking to you in its and perfect way. It will be the light of my inspiration that will come to you in a real dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

53. Blessed are you who have been able to remove many of the superfluous and unnecessary ceremonies from your worship that the "first" have bequeathed to you, and keep only the essential. But recognize that there is still something left for you to cleanse and spiritualize.

54. How happy your soul will be when it is able to offer me on this earth the worship that I expect of it! But when it separates from here to the spiritual valley, but when it leaves behind something that should not be worthy of my work, the new generations, who will examine the inheritance that you have left them, will know how to remove everything that you have left in unfairness, and so take the step that you were not able to take.

55. I tell you: the more you purify your rituals and perfect your worship of God, the less will those who come after you have to suffer, and that your merits before Me will be greater because you did not work for yourselves but did it in the thought of your fellow men, because you felt charity for them in your hearts.

56. Have you not experienced yourselves how much you had to fight to clean what you received from your brothers who preceded you? So do not leave this painful work to those who follow your footsteps.

57. In the Second Age my teaching reached its climax when my parting was already very close.

58. The disciples - knowing that these were the last moments they would spend with the Master - devoted all their attention to hearing even the last of those words and keeping them in their hearts.

59. The divine longing of Jesus was that his disciples would become sowers of his saving teaching. At the climax of his last address to the disciples, which was also the last conversation between the father and the children, he therefore told them in a loving tone: "I now give you a new commandment: Love one another. With the light of that highest commandment he thereby kindled the greatest hope for humanity.

60. Also in this time, in which I will soon finish my rallies among you, I see the devotion and attention with which you hear my teachings. They will be indelibly imprinted in the Spirit of my new disciples.

61. Just as I told my apostles at that time that she would be in the world like sheep among wolves, so that they would live ever watchful, I tell you now to prepare yourselves, that you should watch and pray For many will rise up against you, using slanderous weapons and using all means to confuse you.

62. Now is a time of battle, you all know it, so that no one will be surprised.

63. I have simplified my teachings to the utmost for you, that you may understand them, and fathom them in desire for their meaning. When the time comes, you will have an easy answer to every question that is asked of you. You will not have to speak much to be convincing. If you are truly prepared, your word will be not only simple but also short. You will not need to know science to answer the scientist, nor theology to answer the theologian. A word of light illuminates everything, and I want words of light to come from your lips.

64. Not all who have heard me in this time rise to bear witness to my word. Those will rise who truly love Me - those who love Me in their own neighbor and turn to the needy, to whom they give their mercy and comfort.

65. Those who understand my teaching and feel it deeply will embrace it faithfully. They will be the ones who will have to oppose any opposition, who will have to take up the weapons of truth, love and justice. Through hardships and in a world that has long since moved away from this justice and truth, these sowers will spread the spiritual message of the Third Age to the world in peace and trust in their God.

My peace be with you! 

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