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Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Teaching 259:

1. Be welcome, my disciples You have come to hear my teaching, and I am preparing a banquet for you so that you may feed on the food of eternal life.

2. Even though your "flesh" is weak, your soul is strong enough to obey Me. Blessed is the disciple who has prepared his heart and leaves what belongs to the world to hear "The Word.

3. I offer your soul the garment of grace. For in the course of time you have made rags out of what I gave you.

4. My law is the teaching which you have received at all times, a law you have not kept, and by your disobedience you have fallen into confusion. Now I enlighten you anew with the light of the HolySpirit.

5. I have entrusted to you a jewel of inestimable value, that it may shine before mankind. Do not hide it, and do not rob yourselves of it.

6. This day you remember my triumphant entry into old Jerusalem. Today man also shows himself to me with palm branches in his material hands. But I see no peace in his heart.

7. At that time the multitudes of men received Me by singing the hosanna with their soul, knowing that the grace of the Lord was with them. In this way they bore witness that the Son of God was with mankind.

8. Later, when I was sacrificed on the holy altar of the cross to teach you to fulfill your mission, many doubted that Jesus was to be the Son of the true God, the Lamb of God, who had been announced long before by the prophets. But so it was written that the Lamb would enlighten you with his blood.

9. Today I come in the Spirit to give you my teaching anew, to spiritualize you, to cast out darkness with the light of the HolySpirit, so that you may renew yourselves and allow the virtues to be fully revealed.

10. Men have not yet heard this word; they disregard one another. But I have called you "Strong Israel" because you will set out filled with my power to witness my spiritual presence among mankind, so that you may bring my truth and remove the cup of suffering which the world is emptying at this time.

11. Among you is the hungry wolf. You must watch and pray, must practice my teaching. He who obeys my commandments will feel my peace.

12. In this time I have spoken to you in all clarity so that you may understand Me. I have shown you that this way is passable. When pain strikes you, it is not the Father who sent it to you. It is you yourselves who have caused it in your disobedience.

13. Know that I am infinite, sublime and holy love, that I love all. But I tell you: love as the Father loves you, and I will continue to love you always.

14. I have come to purify you as the gold in the crucible, so that you may be the model for mankind It is necessary that you understand my teachings so that you may be among your fellow men a torch of light that illuminates all souls.

15. It is your spirit soul, to which I want to give eternal life, because it has come forth from Me I prepare it so that it obeys me and is able to hold dialog with me from spirit to spirit.

16. Show me your palm branches in a spiritual way, because the material palm branches do not reach me. You are currently living through the time in which mankind empties a goblet of suffering. Watch and pray, so that you too may not be affected by that suffering.

17. In these days mankind is commemorating my passion. But truly, I tell you, now you are in the time in which I will raise you up.

18. Great is the pain of my Spirit when I see that mankind is still crucifying Me in their fanaticism, aberration and sin But you, chosen people who are enlightened, obey my true teaching which will reign among men forever. Men will not be able to withhold my love nor darken my Divine Light. I encourage and guide you with my word so that you may follow my footsteps and fulfill my law.

19. Tomorrow you will rise in prayer to my Divinity and, enlightened by intuition, you will be guides on the path of your fellow men.

20. The mission I have entrusted to you is a mission that you must fulfill at all times, because through your mediation mankind must receive my light and I will raise them to a life of grace.

21. Israel, have no desire to continue sleeping. For if you act in this way, the forces of nature will wake you up and reproach you for your lack of fulfilling the sublime and difficult mission which I have entrusted to you.

22. I have made you recognize your gifts and the immensity of the fields which I have entrusted to you to clean and till them.

23. You are my children who are under my protection, under the foliage of the tree of life, and your souls have been full of rejoicing. I say to you, chosen people, who among you who have asked my mercy has not received it? Blessed are those of you who have departed in knowledge of my great benefits to testify that the Father is with you. For because of your testimony, great multitudes will set out on their way.

24. Testify that I have been with you so that men may have the life of grace in their souls, that they may discover in Me the very best physician, and that they may seek Me from Spirit to Spirit.

25. In the Second Age My disciples spread My teaching so that mankind might study it, reflect upon it and put it into practice. But later on, man moved away from the core of my teaching and created his own law to guide the crowds. But I do not accept what man has created in his aberration and materialization. I only remind you that my true temple must be built in your heart and soul.

26. During this time I have taught those of you who have sought Me to feel Me in their hearts, to imprint my teachings in the same, so that you may be the people who live full of grace and light.

27. Prepare yourselves and set out in humility to bring this message of peace to mankind Pray for them so that your Father will cause his law to be recognized and obeyed by all men, so that they may lead a life of grace and know how to seek Me from Spirit to Spirit.

28. Remember that I have said When two or three of you are gathered together in my name, I will be among you and will reveal myself according to your preparation.

29. I have come at this time to give mankind another proof of my love by making myself known among you, chosen people.

30. You must witness and teach men that when they prepare, when they remove their materialization, they will feel and see Me with their Spirit Therefore I have spoken to you through the human mind, and this rallies through sinful men has been the proof of love I have given you to receive my word and later to bring it to mankind.

31. Prepare, Israel, for the time of my rallies through the human mind is short and I do not want you to feel orphaned tomorrow because of your lack of preparation and then imitate the crowds gathering in their magnificent churches and being satisfied with ceremonies and material songs Among those crowds there are few who have felt me. But I have come to you to prepare your hearts and enlighten your souls, to give you my word full of love so that you may feel my presence and belong to those who tomorrow will pass on this love and peace to their fellow men.

32. If you do not prepare your hearts through my word full of love, what shall become of you, what shall become of your neighbor, when you experience the time when the great trials and storms will whip mankind? There is no peace in the hearts, and when these people give themselves for a short time to pleasures in their desire for consolation, I tell you in truth that in all these pleasures they have a suffering and sick soul that does not feel my peace. In the distraction they seek, they satisfy only their bodily senses, but their souls have only pain in them.

33. This humanity has not felt me, no one has yet come to it, who takes it by the hand and shows it the way I will receive her as an innocent and judge her transgressions with mercy. I will give her the opportunity to make amends. But you, chosen people, who have heard me, in whom I have revealed myself - how will you feel before me when you arrive in the spiritual and confess your disobedience to me? You are the ones who are pardoned by the Father, and I will receive you together with the fulfillment of your difficult mission. I do not want you to be accused in my presence; I want to receive you with a fatherly smile and send you again to the world as spirits of light, as guides and protectors of your neighbor.

34. Verily I say to you: You have come to Me because Elijah has picked you up in various ways, because you are the chosen ones whom Elijah has brought to Me as sheep. Whoever is within the sheepfold of Elijah is defended by him. This tireless shepherd protects you from the malicious pursuits.

35. The HolySpirit has enlightened you. But not only those of you who have my divine seal have this grace, but everyone who prepares and is led by Elijah lifts up to Me.

36. The light of the HolySpirit has enlightened you that you may be with Me in spirit and in truth. This is the way in which you will feel my love and find salvation.

37. I receive the sheep that Elijah brings before Me. He will continue to seek those who go astray, because I will bestow my mercy on all peoples of the earth and all coming generations.

38. The Master tells you: drink from this inexhaustible spring its crystal clear water, feed yourselves with the bread of eternal life, take the fruit of the vine. Behold, I have prepared at my table the best place for you.

39. I ask you, O Israel, what do you ask for the nations? For this benefit is not only for you. See how the nations have been afflicted by the great trials of pain. But to you I say, Israel, if you stand up and pray for your fellow men, my will will be done in all mankind.

40. Men have falsified my teaching. But I have come to you to train you again with my teaching, with my wisdom, so that you may become my disciples and be those who tomorrow teach the worldly people and make my presence palpable to them in their souls.

41. The nations are preparing to plunge into new wars. But if you watch and pray, I will offer and grant my peace to mankind.

42. I have come in this third time in Spirit to raise you up to life from his grave like Lazarus. I have healed your leprosy and removed your pain.

43. I have given you my teaching that you may carry my love in your heart and so set out prepared to lead mankind and show them the tree which has given you shade and life with its fruits.

44. Invite men to come to Me to give them my fatherly caress, to enlighten their souls, to rescue them from the endless sea of evil deeds, to give them milk and honey and remove bitterness from their lives

45. When you speak thus to your fellow men, you will have fulfilled the commission which I have given you at all times. Hear, beloved people, in yourselves the voice of conscience and strengthen yourselves in the resolution to love Me and to love your fellow men.

46. I seek the love of your heart so that you may build Me a sanctuary in it. I love you, have adorned you with divine grace and enlightened you so that you may be at My service.

47. In you I have placed this Word, which tomorrow will multiply as good seed For when you no longer hear me in this form, the crowds of men will turn to my disciples to receive the teaching, which they were not able to hear through the voice bearers. You will teach them, and I will be with them. You shall be devoted and obedient to my law, so that my work may serve you as a protective shield and you raise the banner of spiritualization.

48. Israel, the great trials are ready to afflict mankind because men have so willed it, because in their hearts still lives the purpose of destruction, and also because they have created their own God in this world. But before man does his own will, the Father will make himself felt anew among mankind. You, my people, shall set out to show once more the Ark of Salvation, which is my law, as Noah spoke to men in those days.

49. Prepare thyself, my people, that thou mayest receive those that shall come unto thee. Give them my love, teach them to love one another, show them my law, light the flame of faith in their hearts, and give them peace with my word, that they may draw from it in their ways. You shall teach those multitudes to seek Me from Spirit to Spirit.

50. You have come to earth to fulfill this mission. For this I have prepared you through My Word to quench the thirst of your soul with this crystal clear water to strengthen and heal you. You are to rise courageously to speak to the people in my name. You shall be my messengers, and through your mediation I will give them my light.

51. Rise up in prayer, then I will be with you, and together with the spiritual world you will gradually awaken men. Watch and pray for those who have not felt Me and lament in their pain and say to Me, "Father, Father, why do You not hear us? But you, who know how to seek me from Spirit to Spirit, will teach your fellow men to pray and to seek me in the silence and in the elevation of their own souls. I will make my forgiveness palpable to them, will give them light and wisdom so that they fulfill my law.

52. Through those of you who have recognized Me and are with Me, I will help those who perish in the vast sea of evil. I forgive them and bless them. But you who have received good things from your God and Lord - testify to mankind all that I have taught and revealed to you, so that they likewise love Me and set out to fulfill their spiritual mission.

53. It is prophesied that in this day and age on earth the new people of God will appear, the "people of Israel," and my word must be fulfilled. But make no mistake, in the opinion that it is the Jewish people when I mention the New People of Israel. For the people of whom I speak to you will be formed from all races and all tongues. Its community will not be physical but spiritual, just as its mission will be spiritual.

59. Whereas in those First Days Israel consisted of twelve tribes, there will now be twelve missions which the New People will carry out - twelve divine missions, which in their interplay will give them the strength of an invincible people.

55. The people will not have to form groups to form the New Tribes. I will create them and give each one a different mission to carry out among the people.

56. The gifts of intuition, revelation and inspiration will awaken in the Spirit of the New Israel, for through them they will receive my messages.

57. The people who form the new people will not be chosen on earth, but because of my love they will already be marked or sealed in their souls as developed beings, as beings of light, who will not be able to stray from the way that is laid out for them.

58. As in the first time Israel prepared and ordered itself to cross the desert in the desire for the Promised Land, and every tribe was entrusted with a different task, so in this time the one will strengthen the other spiritually, and everyone will fulfill the task that was entrusted to him.

59. You who hear me at present will be only a part of this people, which will be scattered over the whole earth, and which will be as numerous as the stars in the firmament.

60. That sign which some of you have received is but a symbol of the mark which every one who fulfills a task within the New People of Israel in this third time carries in his soul.

61. I have told you many times that your soul contained within it all that it possessed before it came to earth. Therefore that act which you call "the sealing" was only a symbol. Rejoice, however, because your task is already set, because you already know what your destiny and your role in the bosom of the New People will be.

62. You shall be the heralds who proclaim my instructions to the nations, and you shall be those who reveal to mankind the divine message, of which I have made you trustees. For in this message all the messengers and the marked will be united spiritually. You are to proclaim to mankind the time when all the gifts and abilities of the soul will be released, and you are to teach the way to discover them, to develop them, and to use them.

Inspiration, intuition, gift of the Word, healing, prophecy, revelation, spiritual dialogue - these are the gifts that, poured out upon my people, will make a new humanity out of all people. But pray, have faith, courage, so that you may radiate peace, justice and charity among your fellow men.

64. My messengers will fulfill tasks everywhere, in the bosom of every institution. Their heart will not know the spiritual mission it is fulfilling, but their spirit soul will be fully aware of all that it does. It will show the heart the destiny it has to fulfill on earth, and will reveal to the mind all that it has to accomplish.

65. How great is the responsibility of you who have received this message! For you must prepare yourselves to bear witness to what you have heard, and to be an example and teaching example of spiritualization.

66. No ambiguity must exist among you when the time comes to open your lips to proclaim the Good News to men, and truth and generosity must be expressed in your works as well as in your words and writings.

67. Now I ask you: Do you want to be the ones who sound the wake-up call for mankind by waking them up with a chime whose sound is that of the truth calling the hearts? Or do you want them to wait until the last of your traces on earth have disappeared, so that it may be the new generations who give this testimony to the peoples of the world?

68. I have not erred when I sent each one of you, although you sometimes doubt your power to fulfil such a high destiny

69. You doubt to be chosen and sent out because you know your weaknesses. But I can tell you that these weaknesses are not in the spirit soul which I sent out, but in the flesh which serves you on earth for testing.

70. The time will come when the spirit soul will gain the upper hand over the body, and the light of knowledge will shine in every mind. Then you will be one among yourselves, because there will be only one will left: The one to obey the commandment that was written into your soul by the Father, so that you may be worthy children of the New People of Israel.

71. The divine light of the Master spreads throughout the whole world. I am calling out to my "workers" so that you may sit at the table of the Lord. Show your obedience and humility, come to nourish yourselves, so that you may have love, understanding and mercy within you.

72. I, the supreme Master, give the perfect example to my "workers. I prepare my disciples in this Third Age so that you may be hearts that fulfill the law and exercise the mercy that is yours.

73. I come to you, beloved disciples, to encourage you with my love, so that you may feel and know me, so that you may know from whom you hear the word and may understand it by studying and exploring it

74. Immerse yourselves in it, beloved "workers", because darkness is spreading in humanity - hatred, greed and vanity. But you have a great power, be those who must speak of my work, so that the sick, the "leper," the unbeliever may recognize what "The Divine Word" is giving at this time.

75. Ye are the light of the world. But though you shine among men, you do not yet know one another, nor do men recognize you.

76. The unbelieving mankind opens its mouth to deny my power, because it expects to see the proofs and the miracles I gave it in the second time. Men nourish idolatry because they did not know how to lift up their souls, did not know how to pray or ask them.

77. When I taught you to ask, I put you on the way of truth, of upward development and preparation. I have told you: You are to teach men to watch and to pray.

78. Think, study, then you will understand that the Master makes Himself known in your lowliness to give you light, forgiveness and blessing, that He has never abandoned you I am with you to make your cross lighter for you, to give you comfort.

79. I have entrusted to you the fields and the tools of the field so that you may work and till the fields.

80. Mankind is hungry and thirsty for the truth which I have entrusted to you. Mankind is going toward darkness, toward the abyss, toward destruction. But there are hearts that love Me, from different languages, races and skin colors. I only let the call to souls go out without looking at the differences.

81. It is you, Israel, who must show them the way, who must give them my teaching.

82. Recognize the grace you possess and the value of my word. Put yourselves to work as one heart, as one man, and with one will to fulfil the mission I have entrusted to you.

83. Love one another, unite and be an example of humility. Pass on my word, impart health, give comfort, let Lazarus rise from his grave, restore sight to the blind and heal the lame, then mankind will acknowledge me through these spiritual miracles.

84. After 1950 you will no longer hear me through voice bearers, and then you will recognize that it was the Master, that it was the HolySpirit, who manifested himself through the human mind.

85. Today I give you as Father my grace and as Master my teaching. I have called you by my soothing bell and picked you up from various ways to make you guides of men in this time. I have reminded you of the mission that you must accomplish and have trained your spiritual eyes to see Me through symbols and forms. I have given you the gift of the Word so that you may bear witness to mankind of the revelations you have received from Me.

86. You are my chosen ones, and I have told you: Wherever you go, you are to leave a trail of light. But for you to leave this trace, you must renew yourselves, you must prepare yourselves.

87. If you follow my teachings, what could you fear from the world? I speak to you in all clarity so that you may understand Me, that you may follow Me.

88. I am teaching you that you may give words of truth to the world, that you may make my presence palpable to it. Offer Me the flowers of your heart, let the fragrance of your good works rise up to my Spirit, be a good example to your fellow men, and tomorrow, when you no longer hear Me through these voice bearers, set out as my good disciples to show mankind this way.

89. Men have falsified my work and have gone astray But you are to train yourselves and no longer fall into idolatry. For the images made by men do not speak, do not feel, nor do they hear. Does my essence need to materialize to be with you? The truth will triumph at all times. I have always given you words of truth so that you too can bear witness to me.

90. Temptation wants to rob you of your gifts like a bird of prey. But you live in a time in which you have freedom of faith because the age of oppression is now over, and you have to make use of this freedom and must not let yourselves be made slaves of wickedness and the lies of men.

91. Pass on this teaching lovingly, because love is what I have given you. I have not used the whip so that you believe in me. For if I would act like this, I would no longer be your father and your God.

92. On the ways and paths of the world you have encountered pain. Now consider this way, on which my truth is, consider its glory with your spiritual gaze. I have entrusted to you keys, gifts and power. Make good use of all this so that mankind may recognize you as my disciples.

93. Now is the time in which you must prepare yourselves so that you may begin to fulfill your mission when you no longer hear me through the voice bearers. I will never part from you. I will inspire you and speak to you from Spirit to Spirit so that you may fulfill your difficult mission.

My peace be with you! 

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