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Teaching 315

1. Blessed be the people who have rushed to the call of their Lord. My book opens before you to reveal another lesson. The teaching that springs from my Spirit is essence and life for yours. Take and eat of it, for it is the bread of eternal life.

2. I am currently sowing my teaching into the heart of these audiences and will reap the fruits of it in due time. My word will not be lost, because I keep it in the most sensitive of your being, which is your spirit soul.

3. Satisfy your hunger and thirst at this table of love. Forget your misery and recover from your sufferings so that you may truly enjoy these moments.

4. The fire of pain scorches your heart, and only the crystal clear water of my Word can extinguish it. Therefore I invite you to hear Me so that you may live and regain peace of mind.

5. Yes, people, I want to make you owners of my peace, so that afterward you may distribute it among the ways and peoples of the earth. I have called you to prepare you and make you messengers of my message of peace. Remember that you are not the only ones who need Me in this time, but that all mankind that surrounds you is thirsting for love and light.

6. Do not be afraid if you are not understood ─ my light illuminates every mind. See in the diversity of languages and creeds no insurmountable obstacles for the spreading of my teaching.

7. The Tower of Babel is still standing, but it is equally true that the spiritualist people are appearing in the world, and it is their task to gradually destroy the foundations of this tower of divisions, differences and pride

8. I want you to learn to keep peace in the midst of the life struggle, so that all of you may continue to consider this world as one home, a home that ─ although only temporarily provides ─ with the warmth and food that you all need to live.

9. Do not yet think of the peace that spiritual life can bring you once you have left this life behind Think of the many things you still have to do in this world. Rather, occupy yourselves with acquiring the greatest possible merits to be worthy of a better world. And when you think of this, do not doubt that you will be able to make good use of the days that my mercy grants you on earth.

10. Leave a trail of love on your way through life. For if it should not be so, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of peace.

11. If you love me, if you believe in me, if you please me and want to work out a peaceful future in your soul, then take this teaching with you, follow it with sincerity and truthfulness. When this happens, you will experience in your whole being a very great encouragement and clearing, because then you will take me as your model.

12. Once your struggle comes to an end, you will be able to hear in your heart an infinite, heavenly voice that will tell you, "Blessed are you who heard my voice in the wilderness and believed in it. For from that moment on you have had a perfect ideal by which you have been inspired. Blessed are those who were able to withstand the slanders, beatings and humiliations. For in the end you have conquered the earth on which all your wounds will be quenched.

13. Keep my word, O blessed people ─ remember that it must be the firm foundation of a new tower that men will have to build. But not the tower that symbolizes human arrogance, nor the tower that distrusts divine power and justice, but the immaterial tower that symbolizes spiritual elevation, love, mercy and harmony among men.

14. To assist you in your spiritual development, it has been indispensable that I, by means of the human mind, have been in contact with this people here, to remind you of my law, to explain my word to you and to determine your mission.

15. Law, norms and advice I have entrusted to you so that once my word is no longer with you, you may know how to guide your steps That law and norms, which have been given to mankind through the human mind, will serve so that those men to whom I have granted spiritual gifts may know how to use them properly, thus avoiding their own confusion and that of their fellow men.

16. I tell you anew that your spiritual daily work will not be painful. When you all know how to unite the various gifts and missions I have entrusted to you, you will form a union that will be invincible in the trials because you will all show yourselves powerful and will encourage yourselves in the struggle to attain the Promised Land.

17. The world was not ready in the present time to expect Me as the people of Israel expected Me in that Second Time. My great prophets had foretold a Messiah, a Savior, the Son of God, who would come to deliver the oppressed and enlighten the world with the light of the "Word. The more that people suffered, the more they yearned for the coming of the promised one; the more they drank of the cup of humiliation and oppression, the more they yearned for the presence of the Messiah, and everywhere they looked for indications and signs that would speak to them of the nearness of the coming of their Savior.

18. From generation to generation, and from parents to children, the divine promise was passed on, which kept the Lord's chosen people awake and praying for a long time. At last I came to my people, but not all of them were able to recognize me, although all expected me: some did so in a spiritual way and others in a materialistic interpretation. But I was content with the sincerity and love of those who felt my presence and saw the kingdom of heaven in the light of my word and believed in my rallies. Sufficient for me were those who faithfully followed me and saw in me their spiritual Redeemer, for it was they who testified to my truth after I had departed from this world.

19. Although my message was destined for all the peoples of the earth, my call went to the heart of the Chosen People so that it might subsequently become the mouthpiece of my word. Yet ─ not only that people felt my presence, but also in other nations people were able to discover the signs of my coming and foretold the time of my presence on earth.

20. When I declared to the world that I was the Messiah, and my Word as a stream of life began to feed the hearts, there was hunger and misery of body and soul everywhere. Only the light of hope sustained that people, since even their worship of God had suffered profanations by turning it into another idolatrous cult.

21. Hunger, thirst, sickness, bondage, confusion, leprosy, darkness, misery ─ this was the burden that the emperor had placed on the shoulders of the people of God. That is why the Messiah was longed for, that is why he was expected from one day to the next, and when my word reached the hearts and spoke to them of love, justice, brotherhood and freedom, the crowds of people followed me. When my hand touched the sick, making them feel peace and divine consolation, they cried out, to bear witness, in streets and squares, without being able to control themselves, that I was the promised Christ, the Messiah announced.

22. But now, in this third time ─ which people has expected me? Who has watched and prayed in expectation of the fulfillment of my promise? Only very few. For instead of taking as an example that people who passed on the knowledge of the prophecies from generation to generation, what you have done is to erase my word in the course of time.

But know that I promised to come again in my word that I gave in the Second Time as Jesus, thus confirming the words of the prophets of former times who not only spoke of my coming as a man, but also announced my coming in the Spirit in this time in which you now live.

23. The signs that would speak of my coming again, as well as the proofs of my presence among men, were written down, and they all came true.

Why then did the world not expect me?

Mankind is currently emptying the bitterest cup of all that man has drunk in the world. Why then did he not long for me nor call me? Because his materialism has reached such a degree that he has excluded me from his life, driven me out of his heart. For not even the humble are among those who bowed down before their Lord to pray and obey his will.

24. Today man feels great, knowing, strong, powerful, and independent. He possesses the light of science ─ why should he long for the light of the Spirit? He is Lord of the forces of nature ─ so why expect me to come to free him from his enemies, since he can do it with his weapons?

25. Mankind was sleeping spiritually at the time when my promise to return to you was fulfilled. Not a single people was awake and awaited me. And remember that in the First Days the promise of the Messiah was made to one people, but the promise of My return was made to all nations.

26. Verily I say to you, my light has already taken its way like lightning from east to west, without the world's notice.

27. My word has come to you and has awakened and surprised uneducated people who did not know the reason for My call to use Me to use their minds and give My new message to the world.

28. When this message is finished, I will no longer speak through these transmitters, but will thereafter manifest myself in subtle ways in souls. But my word, imprinted in the hearts of those who heard it and written down in a new book, shall be brought to the peoples and nations of the world as a seed of peace, as a light of true knowledge, as a remedy for every evil that tortures the body and soul of men.

29. My word shall not come to the hearts when my messengers desire it, but when it is my will. For it will be I who will watch over my seed, who will prepare the earth for it and pave the way. It will be I who will let it reach the peoples, nations and families wisely, at the right time. It will arrive when it is already expected, when hearts are in expectation, because they remember my promises when they have awakened from their deep dream of self-importance, pride, materialism and vanity.

30. You people who have gathered around the rallies of my word Since you did not know how to awake in expectation of my coming, at least understand the value of my work, recognizing the infinite love with which I came to you to tell you: Since you did not expect my return, at least stay awake from now on, asking and praying for the salvation of the world.

31. I have sought you to make a disciple of Me out of each of you, to leave you as heirs my Word, which is eternal seed, and ─ after I have sown my own seed in you and nurtured it ─ to send you as my representatives to other countries to bring this gift of love to all your fellow men

32. I am hungry for the faith and spiritualization of my children. I have given you Spirit, which is a part of Me, which makes you superior to the other creatures that populate this world.

Man is like Me because of the qualities and virtues with which I have endowed him. I have given you everything so that you may lead a life rich in works of love and mercy.

33. Do not conceal my teaching for fear of being rejected. If you prepare yourselves in an honorable way, if you keep to the observance of my laws ─ who could rebuke you? My teachings lead you to the highest morality and spiritualization, and you can live in peace with those who profess their faith in other forms, as well as with those who belong to other races or other classes. I only want you to express the seal of the purest spiritualization so that you may be recognized as disciples of this work. Do not therefore feel greater nor smaller than your fellow men, but feel the duty to stand by them, bringing my word near to them, so that they too may become my disciples.

34. I have given you the earth so that you may all possess it equally, that you may live in peace and use it as a temporary home, where you may develop your abilities and prepare your soul so that it may ascend to its new home. I have told you: "In the house of the Lord there are many dwellings. You will get to know them in the measure in which you develop yourselves upward. Each of you will come closer to Me in increasing measure, and these "dwellings" will be reached by you according to your works. For everything is subject to a divine order and justice.

35. No one will be able to hinder your step from one step to the next, and at the end of each one of them there will be rejoicing and a feast in your Spirit and also in mine.

36. So I am preparing you so that you may know that the way you have to go is long, and you will not be content with your first works ─ in the belief that they will open the gate to those homes for you.

I also tell you that it is beautiful and satisfying for a soul to come to the end of a stage and to pause to contemplate behind it the path it has travelled with its great struggles, its days of bitterness and its hours of peace, after having overcome countless obstacles. In the end, there is the triumph, the reward and the justice that shines in your surroundings, and the Spirit of your Father ─ present, glorious, blessing the child, letting it rest in its womb where it is prepared for its next stage, thus progressing from one to another until it finally reaches the highest fulfillment, to then dwell with Me forever.

37. Fulfill your destiny on earth for the time being. Bring peace where strife rules ─ Love where hatred rules, and be charitable where selfishness rules. Once you reach the end of this way, I will give you back what you have given to your fellow men, with interest.

38. This is my simple and clear word, which is in the grasp of your mind. I have rejoiced in your devotion and attention. I see in each of you the desire to follow my teaching, to renew you, to perfect you, and to form a family healthy in soul and body, loving one another, recognizing one another, and merging into one soul, sending light, strength, and peace to humanity.

39. The light of my divinity is in every Spirit, as the highest gift which the Father has given to his children as an inheritance. You are therefore the highest among all my creatures, because you have the light of the Spirit within you, which lets you know who you are, from whom you came forth, what your destiny is, and where you are going.

40. Now your soul lives in a time of greater light, in which it must take a step forward, in which it will rise to Me in an increased degree, I who am the goal of your perfection and spiritualization.

41. The ladder that Jacob saw in dream images rises today radiantly before every soul, inviting it to ascend and to know the mysteries that men have not been able to solve

42. Now is a time of clarity for the soul and for the human mind, in which you will be able to discover the content, the essence or the meaning of all those revelations which were already given to you in times past, but which you were not able to interpret correctly because they were given to you by means of symbolic language or in parables.

43. The lack of spiritualization of men has been the reason that the mind has not recognized the truth hidden in each of the words or figures contained in the divine messages. So mankind has assumed that it only has to believe, even if this happens without understanding. I tell you now that I am not a secret to anyone, that you create this "secret" only through your lack of soul elevation, through your lack of prayer and your lack of charity and humility.

44. I cannot be a secret at all, because I am everywhere and show myself openly in everything that exists and surrounds you. But if you stubbornly claim not to see Me, if you close your eyes when I show Myself with you, or flee from Me when I call you, I will still have to remain an impenetrable mystery for you.

45. Do you know the meaning of those leaders whom Jacob saw in dream images? This ladder represents the life and development of souls.

The body of Jacob was asleep at the moment of revelation, but his soul was awake. He had ascended to his Father by making use of prayer, and when his soul entered the regions of light, it was able to receive a heavenly message that would be preserved as a testimony of spiritual revelations and truths for his people, who are all mankind. For "Israel" is not an earthly name, but a spiritual one.

46. Jacob saw that those leaders stood on the earth and their top touched heaven. This indicates the path of spiritual ascent, which begins on earth with the flesh body and ends when the soul unites its light and essence with that of its Father, far from any material influence.

47. The patriarch saw that on that ladder angels ascended and descended. This symbolized the unceasing birth and death, the constant coming and going of souls in their desire for light or with the task of atoning and purifying themselves, in order to rise a little higher on their return to the spiritual world. It is the path of soul development that leads to perfection. That is why Jacob saw the emblematic figure of Jehovah at the top of the ladder, indicating that God is the goal of your perfection, your striving, and the highest reward of infinite bliss ─ as a reward for hard struggles, long sufferings, and the perseverance to reach the bosom of the Father.

48. Always the soul found in the blows of fate and trials an opportunity to acquire merits to ascend. In every trial, the ladder of Jacob was always symbolized, inviting you to climb another rung.

49. This was a great revelation, O disciples, for in it was spoken to you of the spiritual life at a time when the awakening of the soul to the worship of the divine, the high, pure, good, and true had hardly begun.

50. That message could not be intended for one family, not even for one people; its essence was spiritual and therefore had universal significance. For this very reason the voice of the Father spoke to Jacob: "I am Jehovah, the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac. The land where you are, I will give to you and your seed, and that seed will be as numerous as the dust of the earth. You will spread out west and east, north and south, and all the families of the earth will be blessed in you and your seed."

51. This message may seem to you to be of little importance, but it is infinitely deep in its spiritual content. But how could men discover its spiritual meaning since they did not attach any importance to it, avoiding any sign or spiritual revelation? I myself had to give you the interpretation of that message, which I gave you in another time, when the awakening of the soul in the world hardly began, to encourage you in your mission.

52. Day by day signs appear and there are events that speak to you of the end of an age.

53. Human science has reached the limit to which man can take it in his materialism. For science, inspired by the spiritual ideal of love, goodness and perfection, can go much further than you have brought it.

54. The proof that your scientific progress has not been motivated by mutual love is the moral decline of peoples, is fratricidal war, is the hunger and misery that prevail everywhere, is ignorance of the spiritual.

55. Full of arrogance the great nations rise up, boasting of their power, threatening the world with their weapons, proud of their intelligence and science, without being aware of the fragility of the false world they have created; for a light breath of my justice will be enough to make this artificial world disappear. But it will be man's own hand that will destroy his own work; it will be his mind that will invent the way to destroy what he has created before. I will see to it that only those human works that have brought good fruit to mankind will survive, so that they will continue to be used for the benefit of future generations. But everything that serves a corrupting or selfish purpose will be destroyed in the fire of my relentless judgment.

56. On the ruins of a world created and destroyed by a materialistic humanity, a new world will arise, the foundations of which will be experience, and which will have as its goal the ideal of its spiritual upward development.

57. Imagine the progress of a humanity whose morality springs from spiritualization; imagine a humanity without limits and national boundaries, sharing fraternally all the means of life that the earth gives to its children. Try to imagine what human science would be like if its ideal were love for one another, if man received the knowledge he seeks through prayer. Think how pleasing it will be for Me to receive the worship of love, faith, obedience, and humility from men through their lives, without their having to resort to rites and outward forms of worship.

58. This only will be life for men, because in it they will breathe peace, they will enjoy freedom and only feed on that which contains truth.

59. The existence you lead on earth has more of death than of life itself. It is for many a hell, is a prison, is captivity, is banishment. In it one knows no peace, nor can one enjoy freedom. Neither in the body nor in the soul exists health, nor are there pleasures that compensate you a little for so much pain.

60. But you strive to appear happy. You think about how you hide your constant failures. You put a smiling mask in front of your face to pretend that you are happy, and you boast with strength and courage to hide the fear that you have of the abyss that you have torn open under your feet.

61. In former times the earth was a valley of tears; now it is a valley of blood. What will it be tomorrow? A battlefield of smoking debris, over which the judgment fire has passed, which consumed sin and threw down the arrogance of loveless people, because they neglected their souls.

62. In the same way, out of the temple of wisdom will be cast out the merchants of science, because they practiced usury with the light, because they defiled the truth.

63. Of what future times do I speak to you now? You do not know, nor will I determine them more precisely, because the events will speak more and more of the fulfillment of my word to you.

64. While I say to some that they should gather all the fruit of their works so that the fire may destroy it, I say to others that they should gather their seed and keep it, so that when the Day of Judgment is over, this seed may continue to multiply as a seed of life

65. In my teaching of this day, I want to tell you that "my word" has returned to enlighten this humanity so that it may awaken and rise to spiritualization

66. The idea that men have of Me is very limited, their knowledge of the spiritual very small, their faith very small.

67. Religions slumber in a centuries-long dream without taking a step forward, and when they awaken, they are vibrant only in their inner being and do not dare to break the circle they have created for themselves through their traditions.

68. It will be the lowly, the poor, the simple and ignorant who, in their desire for light, for a pure spiritual environment, for truth and progress, will leave that circle. It is they who will sound the bell and the wake-up call when they feel the time of my new revelations in the age of spiritualization coming.

69. People want to discover the mystery of spiritual life ─ that existence into which they must irrevocably enter and which they are interested in knowing precisely for this reason.

70. Men ask, beg, ask for light out of mercy because they feel the need to prepare; but in response to everything they are told that spiritual life is a mystery and that the desire to lift the veil that covers it is an insolence and a blasphemy.

71. Verily, I tell you, those who thirst for truth and for light will not find in the world the spring whose water quenches their thirst I will be the one who sends down from heaven that water of wisdom which souls desire to drink. I will pour out my fountain of truth on every Spirit and every mind, so that the "mysteries" will be destroyed. For I tell you once more that it is not I who shrouds himself in secrets for men, but you who create them.

72. Admittedly, there will always be something in your Father that you will never recognize, if you consider that God is infinite and that you are only particles. But that you are not to know who you are in eternity, that you are to be an impenetrable mystery for yourselves and that you have to wait until you enter spiritual life to get to know it ─ this is not prescribed by me.

73. It is right that in the past times no one spoke to you in this way and also no far-reaching request was made to you to penetrate into the light of spiritual knowledge; but only because mankind in the past did not feel the urgent need to know, which it feels today, nor was it spiritually and intellectually capable of understanding. Although it always searched and poked about, this was done more out of curiosity than out of a real desire for light.

74. For men to find the way that leads them to that Light, and for them to be able to receive that water of the fountain of life and wisdom, they must first give up all outward worship and eliminate from their hearts all fanaticism. When they then begin to feel in their hearts the presence of the living and almighty God, they will feel a new, unknown devotion rise from the innermost part of their being, full of sensitivity and sincerity, full of exaltation and cordiality, which will be the true prayer, revealed through the Spirit.

75. This will be the beginning of his ascent to the light, the first step on the way to spiritualization. If the Spirit can reveal true prayer to man, he will also be able to reveal to him all the abilities he possesses, as well as the way to unfold them and lead them on the way of love.

76. You are still living in a time when you need the books containing the testimony of my manifestations to learn in them, or that those of your fellow men who know more will impart their knowledge to you. But you do not expect the time of the intuitive to come closer ─ of those who speak by inspiration ─ of those who receive the Light in prayer ─ of those who, without learning on Earth, have more ability than the scientist.

77. My rallies and those of my spiritual world through this poor, ignorant and uneducated people are a proof of what I am telling you ─ the beginning of an age that will culminate with rallies from Spirit to Spirit

78. Soon mankind will move towards this goal without any obstacles that might prevent them from succeeding in their highest spiritual aspirations. Every man has the sacred right to know the truth, and no one may stand in his way, since it is I who awaits him at the last end of the way to embrace him with infinite love and show him all the beauty that eternity holds in store for each of those who long for it with love ─ for all those who hunger and thirst for truth.

My peace be with you! 

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