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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 342

1. Disciples: You are once again faithfully attending the act of transmitting my teaching because you know that these are the last lessons I am giving you. The HolySpirit teaches his beloved children. It is the climax of times, it is the year 1950, which is announced to the people of Israel as the last in which they will have my word in this form. Hurry and prepare your heart to keep in it all the meaning ─ the essence that I pour out in My mercy. You prepare your soul and ask Me for comprehension in order to understand every sentence of mine. You look at humanity that is behind you, that has not heard these revelations, that still lives in darkness, and you weep in the depths of your soul. You wish to share these teachings with your fellow men, but the Divine Master tells you Keep your hope, but prepare yourselves beforehand so that you may sow your first grain.

2. Not all will hear Me in this form, people. There are many called and few chosen. Leave this matter in my hand, but I will judge your work from the moment you have heard my word. I will judge the generations that have come and gone from 1866 to the present year, and to each one I will give according to his work. To you, people, I can only say: Nor can you make amends for your errors, nor have you opportunities to fulfill your mission. If so far your lips have been clumsy, if hearts have been like rocks and have not heard the sound of the call, continue to hope. I am currently preparing all mankind, directing their Spirit and working on their heart. All the trials she is experiencing are leading her to a desired goal, which is spiritualization. But first she will go through the purification.

3. So that you can reach Me, men, it is necessary that you purify yourselves, that you purify your soul, so that you can see Me and feel Me. When I call on you, do not hide your face, do not be ashamed of your past, for before I will allow that you have cleared up all your transgressions and that you have become worthy.

4. Therefore be not troubled, people, unless you see great multitudes gathered around Me. First prepare yourselves together with your relatives. I must make use of each one, and this seed which I have sown will multiply; favourable times will come for spiritualization. Today you only encounter obstacles ─ Chains that prevent you from progressing. But the time of spiritual liberation will come for all, and then your thinking and speaking will be like a river that floods the fields of this mankind.

5. Today you feel the responsibility for having heard me, having believed in my word, that every teaching of me is an obligation for you, that my law rests in your spirit, and that I have explained it in a thousand ways through the human mind. I see the steps you will take tomorrow, and for this I have prepared you, have spoken to you, and have paved ways so that your soul may not stumble in the trials. I have given you prophecies so that you do not falter, but in the secret treasury which I have created in your heart, seek the light which you need to pass the trial which is on the way.

6. Which of you can say that you are ignorant or unsuspecting, although I have given you the Light, although I have trained you, although My Word has opened a path among you, and I nurture the seed I have sown in your hearts? Do not worry, people of Israel, if you have faith in the gifts I have given you. Progress, be stronger in faith daily, more unbending in your will, so that nothing and no one can stop you in your course. I train you as warriors because you will fight against darkness, because you will deliver battles against evil. For you shall soften the hard hearts and clear the minds of men hardened in the selfish sciences and in erroneous beliefs.

7. Therefore the Divine Master invites you to pray and meditate. I have always said to you: "Fathom my word and every one of my manifestations so that you may become my disciples and so that you may face all the trials and adversities that will befall you. But you know very well that you are not alone in your path of life. You are accompanied by the spiritual beings, the servants of my divinity, the virtuous creatures ─ those who come to you in the face of your weakness to help you, to give you spiritual dishes, if you do not have any ─ those who strengthen your faith when you become weak.

8. I have allowed that the superior spirit beings, the virtuous spirit beings, who dwell with Me, have access to this world in this time Therefore, people ─ since all stand by you, since your Master guides you, since my teaching is your bulwark ─ what should you fear? Why should your heart despair since you are prepared?

9. Study yourselves spiritually, examine your thoughts and hearts, read in the book I have given you from the time of your calling, and consider how many pages I have written in your heart, how many prophecies I have entrusted to you, how many announcements Elijah has given you, and how much armament the spiritual world has given you

10. Many years have passed since the day I opened this book in the third time, and many of you have heard it for a long time Therefore, people ─ if you have kept these lessons in your Spirit, the day will come when you can open the book on the page you need and read what you need. This book, which contains countless lessons, will not be closed in 1950, but will remain open for eternity, only in a different way from the one you have today.

11. I have spoken to you through man to teach you the spiritual dialogue with Me and with the spirit beings who inhabit high regions, so that you may always read in this great book in this way.

12. When you develop the gift of communion with my Spirit, you will no longer turn to earthly books, because in this book you will be able to read and experience everything you need. The knowledge of good will be revealed to you; love will solve great problems; peace and mercy will be the precious gifts that will stand by you, and you will feel stronger than you have ever felt. Because you will receive the explanation of great teachings, will be able to read before your fellow men in this inner book, which I have bequeathed to you to give you the light. And you will be addressed, people of Israel, because you are the owner of my revelations. But this privilege is not only yours, this gift is meant for all my children. All will follow the path of spiritualization and seek dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

13. You will be the forerunners of these revelations, as you have always been, because I sent you to earth and gave you my commissions, telling you: bring my message of salvation to mankind Speak with all power of persuasion! Preach and prophesy as it is my will!

14. You are still in the time of preparation, people, you cannot yet say that you have reached the full development of your gifts. You have taken your first steps in the familiarity of these assemblies. But afterwards, if proofs are demanded of you, and I grant this ─ if it is my will ─ through your mediation, then show mercy. While I clothed you before with humility, do not disregard my word, do not sow on barren land. Develop your intuition so that you may speak according to my will at the appropriate hour to lead the group of people to the table of your Master, whom I will indicate to you.

15. Today you are living in the land assigned by my will, where peace, humility and hospitality have blossomed. This nation has been your home, and in its womb you have had the fulfillment of my word. I announced my return to you and have kept my word. My work is finished.

If you have not yet fulfilled your task, I give you the time necessary for it. But I as a Father have fulfilled my task among you, and according to your progress I have spoken to you. According to your disposition I have poured out my word for the comprehension and understanding thereof. I have not spoken to you in an incomprehensible manner of expression, but with simple words which all can understand so that you may comprehend them. I have gathered you together, prepared you and made known to you the gifts that were already in your Spirit, and have confirmed them only because your physical nature did not know them.

16. Ye children of the people of Israel knew that which was written down from the beginning. You knew your destiny, felt your responsibility, but it has been necessary in your incarnation on earth for my word to become human so that you might understand my will and my orders. You have come to the aid of mankind in the moments when it was defeated, when it emptied its very bitter cup, when atonement has reached its highest level. You have set your foot in this nation and I have told you: your whole being has been prepared to become balm and mercy among men.

17. Take action so that they may know you, and bear witness that you are my emissaries. For this I have prepared you. But with some I can still see doubt. But behold, the trials will give you the light that you need ─ countless love trials, which I prepare for you.

18. Prepare yourselves and always deepen, you who hear my teaching word Do not look at it superficially, penetrate into its meaning, so that you can stay in these moments in the spiritual regions, close to me, and see the events in the high beyond.

19. I have made myself known in a simple way, without pomp, to teach you humility, and it is my will that you may recognize and divine their greatness in these simple rallies. I have given you the spiritual gifts so that you may see, hear, and feel me through them in your whole being. I have touched all the sensitive strings of your heart and caressed you with my word. No human word has given you the refreshment, the peace and the bliss that this teaching has brought you, and by this "taste", by this essence that I let flow into it, you can recognize Me.

20. After the year 1950 you will be firmer in your faith. Your convictions will be stronger. You will be able to remember with respect and reverence the hours in which my Universal Ray, transmitted through the human mind, became the Word, to encourage you, to guide you, to comfort you. Also in the Second Time, I told my disciples: "The Son of Man must die that you may believe him. In the third time I tell you After the completion of my word by means of man, I will find more faith and be loved more.

21. In this time of years of my preaching activity you have thought ─ of those three years in which I prepared my disciples, in which I lived with them. They saw all my works, and in their preparation they were able to penetrate into my heart and see the purity, the whole majesty and wisdom that was in the Master.

My deeds in those days were not done for the sake of attention, my walk on earth was modest; but he who was prepared for them foresaw the greatness of my presence and the time in which he lived. So I chose my disciples, some of whom I met on the bank of the river and whom I called, saying, "Follow Me. When they turned their eyes toward Me, they understood who he was who spoke to them, and so I chose one after another.

22. They followed Me according to ─, faithful to their Spirit, obeying my commands, understanding my love, and keeping in their hearts the treasure entrusted to them. They did not want this wealth to be lost, and after a certain time after my departure they wrote down my word and multiplied it, so that it would not disappear from the minds nor from the hearts of the generations that were to come, and also of those who had not heard me. They wrote, inspired by Me, so that those writings would not be falsified. Yet men have falsified them, have misinterpreted them. But the original writings were my true word.

23. I have announced the tasks to you, have chosen you all, and have marked you on your foreheads with my mark. To some of you I have said: Prepare yourselves that you may prophesy; to the others To the others, prepare that you may prophesy; to the others, prepare that you may proclaim spiritual inspiration to the multitudes; and to others again, I have prepared that the Universal Ray, transmitted by their minds, may make my Word known.

24. To all of you I have entrusted precious gifts ─ gifts of the Spirit, eternal gifts. You have not only been chosen in this period of time that you are currently living through, you have possessed this ability before, and after this time you will continue to possess it. But I tell you that its unfolding will depend on how your preparation was. I will not allow your soul to stop. I will prepare it for the ever ascending path, for the ladder that leads to Me. For in my kingdom there is a place that is prepared for each of you, and time is pressing. You must hasten your steps so that in a short time you can take the place that is meant for your Spirit.

25. Are there hierarchies in my kingdom? You do not know. I only say to you: Make an effort! Fight so that you may attain the unfolding of all your abilities, so that you may understand Me through them, so that you may love Me and at all times fulfill your task.

26. Today you inhabit the earth, but tomorrow a new way must be prepared for you. In that moment when the soul will reach the threshold of that world, I will call her to demand account from her and lead her to a new life.

27. I am not speaking in the desert at this time. Great crowds of people hear my voice in all the churches, in all the meetings that have been prepared. But Elijah is your leader, it is he who gives you the prophecies, it is he who prepares you. He is the forerunner. Feel him before you, always around you.

28. Whenever a trial befalls you, Elijah calls out which is the light, which is he who prepares the way. In this moment of trial Elijah and I will be with you.

29. Now are the last times of my word, therefore I speak to you in this way. For I do not want you to be disturbed, nor to scatter.

30. You are to continue to gather together and help one another. Everyone is to manifest his gifts: Whoever is a seer should prepare himself to receive the message, if it is my will ─ the announcement, the light, which will lead this people, and so everyone must work according to his gifts without selfishness, in deep humility, with whole elevation of the soul, knowing that he writes ─ in the Great Book of Eternity that each of your works will be judged by your children, by your successors ─ knowing that the work I have commanded you to do is the work of the HolySpirit.

31. On this day I united you, I leave you prepared as one family Watch! Prepare yourselves all so that with your prayers you may assist the nations, the rulers, all those who bear great responsibility. For above the will of all these creatures is my will, is my law of inexorable justice, and beside the law of atonement is the law of love.

32. It remains so: Everyone who commits a transgression must atone for his transgression. But in his atonement there will be consolation through the HolySpirit.

33. I am the Comforter, I am the promised Spirit of truth. Since the times of the patriarchs, this time was announced, in which people would empty the bitterest cup. Since that time it was said that the Comforter would come to you to stand by you in the hour of trial.

34. So I have fulfilled my word, I have prepared you, people of Israel. Also you as my disciples I fill with mercy, with consolation and with love. Recognize your gifts, use them in the way, work through your thinking and your prayer, so that you may be balm among mankind, so that you may stop the advance of evil.

35. My law is in each of you, even the commissions, the latent gifts; the senses and abilities are prepared, the eyes of the soul are open. The Spirit is receptive because he is the Divine Spark, so that you may understand the hour in which you live and pray, intercede and work according to my instructions.

36. I bless you. All the laments of mankind are heard by Me and every one of their petitions is heeded.

37. Once more I confirm to you the gifts so that you may exercise them with love for mankind. Shroud them in your love, in the peace I give you and in the light I radiate in my words. I entrust them to you like a sister.

38 In you I bless all mankind as it is written and tell them to wait for the good times when I will give them abundance and peace

39. Today you are at the height of times and I am strengthening you only so that you may pass the test But the promise is present in each one of you that after atonement there will be peace, there will be blessings for all, and the beginning of a new path that mankind will take towards spiritualization.

40. My Divine Spirit will reap the fruit that you work through your spiritual mission.

41. You are the tireless labourers who have cultivated the golden seed which I have entrusted to you in this Third Age, and of this good seed you show Me something I look at it and see in the Spirit that some of you have understood Me and through my teaching and wisdom are transformed into the beloved disciples who, in substitution for Me, in all ways give the good news to their fellow men. The others likewise point out to Me the effort they have had through the trials in which their soul was able to triumph and overcome everything that they encountered on their way. Because you have heard my voice, which made you tremble and did not allow that you fall asleep again on your way.

42. You have risen hastily on my call to hear my commandment, which is the law I have stamped in your hearts, and full of remorse you have been able to recognize that the times have surprised you and that you have concealed this so great and sublime work of inestimable value which I have entrusted to your Spirit. But your repentance has come to me, my gaze as judge has recognized that your soul has lamented the lost time, and in the last moment you beg for forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

43. In this way I receive those who have awakened from their deep sleep and show Me their purpose of mission and obedience, because they realize that I have entrusted a difficult mission to their Spirit and that the world needs you to set out so that through your mediation it may obtain salvation and escape from its ruin to refresh itself with the light you have seen in this Third Age

44. I have prepared you and once more endowed you with the greatest gifts. My light has illuminated your heart and your mind, and in your conscience you feel the responsibility that you have in my work to set out as messengers of my divinity and to make known to men the peace that they have sought in various ways, so that you may give life in my name to souls that have been dead for centuries for the life of grace. For this I have called you, people of Israel, and my word by means of the voice bearers has echoed among you like a loud bell. But not all of you have understood Me.

But those who have interpreted my will have risen to me to receive the orders which they have to carry out in life, to recognize me and to recognize themselves, to free themselves from their bondage, which their souls have endured for centuries.

45. You are the souls who have the freedom in them, which only my mercy can give you, and you will no longer be slaves nor fall down when you swing yourselves up completely and unite your Spirit with mine.

46. I want you to feel my peace and my love and that you strengthen yourselves in this love so that your foot no longer pauses but always progresses until you reach the top of the mountain ─ so that through the elevation and the harmony that exists between your Spirit and Mine you may know the many that mankind is to receive from my mercy through your mediation and you are the transmitter of my great benefits, my revelations that I have brought you as HolySpirit

47. It is my will that you, as a soldier, apostles, disciples and workers, set out and dedicate yourselves to my children who await the time of their deliverance, who, like you, expect to find the table set with the bread of life This humanity has only felt the hardships of the bad times, and the needs have become fixed in its Spirit. Now is the time when the world trembles because its purification is great, the pain shakes it awake, and it becomes aware of itself that my word, which is written, is now coming true.

48. This humanity is now awakening in the midst of its own pain to see the light of a new day. But you, beloved people, in fulfillment of my word, you shall be my witness and carry this message of peace everywhere and show all again the way to salvation.

49. Israel: The battle that your Spirit has waged against darkness has been great. You have set out to follow my footsteps and have been taken by surprise by the trials. Some of you have understood Me and acknowledged each other. For they have seen that my work has no blemish, that it is pure as snowflakes, and full of devotion and spiritual desire they have set out to cause that mankind may enjoy my work. Others who enjoy my teaching have not penetrated into the true meaning of my word. They have not understood in what the fulfillment consists that I expect from each of my chosen ones.

50. I will see you united spiritually, will find in your heart the fruit of the love I have given you, will see your hand united with my right hand. The time is drawing near in which you are to give among your fellow men proofs of my presence, in which you are to speak to them in clear words full of light and truth, show them your heart as the dwelling place of my Divine Spirit and let them know that you are the bringer of the spiritual benefits which have been poured out of my treasury during this time.

51. Arise, O Israel, a child of light, which hath overcome the darkness that is in your way. Show the world your renewal, your spiritualization, because I have endowed you with strength. With your good example and with your prayer awaken your fellow men who are asleep and speak to them as my divine Spirit does. Be neither blasphemers nor hearts hardened toward my love and the love of your neighbor. For in you have been poured out my grace and the gifts of the HolySpirit, that you may be multiplied as good seed.

52. I receive the effort which your soul has made in this time to become my servant, and at the end of your day's work I will give you the reward which you have earned: it will be the laurel wreath on your soul. I have promised you that if you can show me just a little understanding and obedience, I will be with you, adorn you and give you what is due to you as children of light, as the chosen ones of this Third Age ─ as those whom I have purified with my divine blood, so that you may be the ones who bear witness to Me.

53. You have searched yourselves and have seen your weakness and imperfection For moments you have lacked faith and the trials have taken you by surprise. But you are shaken by my divine gaze, which sees the most secret of your being.

I want you to feel the congratulations that my Spirit gives to yours for having worked and worked according to my Law, my Divine Mission, and for your effort, the pain you suffered to follow Me when you faced and conquered the trials, I entrust to you a jewel of inestimable value: My Wisdom.

54. As the HolySpirit I pour out My radiations in you, but make a further effort every day so that your spirit reaches great exaltation and your heart greater spiritualization For it is my will that you, Israel, be like a pure mirror among your fellow men and bear witness to me with your works. Show the fruit of salvation for the soul, pass on the message of my peace among men.

55. I have united and gathered you in this time to give you the "garment" of an apostle, a soldier, to adorn your soul with my grace and with my light. Because of you my work shall not be torn, nor mocked, nor mocked. I leave this responsibility with you so that the crowds may rise to the life of grace because of your example, so that mankind may hear my call and come to Me because I am waiting for them.

56. My lightsaber is currently fighting and conquering darkness. I am preparing the ways so that you may rise with sincerity and fulfill my law within my Divine Work. I have entrusted to you a lot of my mercy so that your heart may be shaken in the face of the pain and misery of mankind. I have made you see all the pain that the world is suffering at this time and the misery of souls, that you may watch and pray to work, proclaiming my truth and cultivating virtue in your hearts.

57. I do not want you to feel Me distant; for I have told you that all of you will feel Me because of your spiritualization, will perceive Me directly Spirit will hear my voice and spiritually you will see my presence. So I will see your Spirit united with mine forever; for this is my will.

58. Prepare yourself, O Israel, that you may be at My service with obedience and love. For I have anointed you that you may be the true disciples.

59. In you I am at present building the Temple of the HolySpirit and preparing your coming in the New Jerusalem.

60. Give to your fellow men who approach you of good will to enjoy the fruit of my wisdom, give it to all who desire it, give it to the first and the last. Nourish them with my peace, watch over it and distribute it among mankind as a testimony of my presence among you.

My peace be with you. 

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