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Teaching 324

My peace be with you!

1. I have come down to your heart, which I have found ready to receive Me. Which of you has sought Me who would not have found Me?

2. You are wandering in a desert at the moment, but you have My presence in this voice that constantly encourages you in the countless trials of the way You have been nourished with the bread of the Spirit, while many multitudes dwell in deserts where they have found neither water nor food nor a guide.

3. I come down to all, having preferred no race. My Spirit comes down to all men, but only those who are prepared receive Me and refresh themselves in My presence.

4. I bless the "people of Israel" who have opened the doors of their heart to give Me shelter ─ those who have opened their eyes to the light and have discovered in this work all the truth and glory it contains. For they will be saved, and through them the coming generations will be saved.

You, the chosen people, who have heard Me at all times, come forward once more today, bowing before Me and saying to Me: "Father, direct our steps, inflame our faith even more, do not allow us to fall into temptation. You tell Me in your prayers that you have great tribulations, that you have emptied a cup of suffering, that your feet have hurt on the thorns of the path. But the Master answers you: "Be patient in the trials, drink your cup of suffering with submission and look forward to tomorrow while you work in my teaching.

5. You have been forewarned, you knew what these times bring with them, because I have announced it to you You are not blind, you walk in the path of light. It is others who stumble, fall and shed tears: it is the ignorant who do not know where they are going, who live a barren and useless life.

But you, people who have the knowledge that you possess all the gifts of the Spirit, that you have my presence in my words, and have received me day after day in my teachings, are the strong one who shows me his fighting spirit ─ a Spirit who has conquered adversity, who has passed over the great obstacles and broken through the great barriers in the desire for me, for perfection. For you must be the first, the strong among men, who speaks truthfully and bears witness to what he has experienced.

6. When that great final test draws near, you are to speak to your fellow men. Your words must break the silence into which mankind will fall, disturbed for a short time by that great visitation. It is to be the voice of "Israel" that rises, speaks to the world, and announces to you what I have promised it: Peace to men of good will, salvation to believers, authority and strength to everyone who rises to a pure ideal.

To encourage you, I will put My words on your lips, My inspirations in your heart, so that you may guide this humanity safely. You have been extensively prepared. In every single one of my teachings I have opened before your eyes an infinite path of ideals and spiritualization.

7. Your mind and even more your soul have been refreshed while you have enjoyed the delights of this Word and have kept it in your heart to study it later Already the time of great study for the "people of Israel" is approaching, in which you will have to reflect on the words I told you, on the teachings I gave you as a testament for you and for all mankind.

8. Be prepared, people, for many ideas will spring from all hearts to challenge your thoughts, and you will find no spiritual kinship among men It is the time of the announced fight. While some will set out to defend my truth and spread my teaching, others will want to destroy it, will want to trap brick by brick this work I have built in the heart of the people of Israel.

9. They will rise with fanaticism and ignorance, because everyone will have understood it according to his own understanding But I, the light, will come down to you to guide you. I, the justice, will let the truth shine in the heart of those who have heard me with prepared soul.

10. People of Israel: In this great struggle you shall carry with you only the weapons of love, peace and justice. What would become of you if you seized the double-edged sword that hurts and kills? Above all you shall let my light shine and bring my word to the hearts. You are to arm yourselves with patience, wisdom and love and remember these teachings which I gave you in the midst of this peace. Although I saw the churches quarreling in great storms, in great confusion, My Word has been like a lighthouse in this sea stirred up by worldviews, ideas, different interpretations.

Each one of you is to be a herald of truth; you are all to take Me as your example; you are all to remember the love with which I taught each of my disciples ─ the patience with which I trained each of my primary school students ─ the forgiveness I granted to all when they made mistakes and succumbed to temptation.

11. So you, Israel, who will remain as disciples of Me, who will bear witness to this Master, must take Me as your example. Then will be the moment of trial, of your opportunity, then you will also recognize yourself, then you will recognize the greatness of your soul. But if you should not be prepared, you will lament your weakness. I as Master have taught you, have given you infinite teachings, and when this year 1950 comes to an end ─ a year of grace, the last in which I will speak in this form ─ you will be prepared, and all that you should not have heard through the voice bearer, you will receive through intuition in your soul.

12. In this way you will understand great teachings. The way, which I have marked out for you, is infinite. You will never be able to say that you have now reached the end, that you have nothing more to learn or study, that you have understood everything.

No, people, a short time will not be enough for you to understand my teaching, you will have to study during this whole journey on earth, and afterwards in the hereafter your soul will move on to the spiritual regions in the desire for the essence and wisdom of my Spirit, and you will still discover further horizons, your ideals will become greater, and then you will understand that your Father is infinite in his light and in his love for his children.

13. Today you are no longer children's disciples, no longer little children in this work, you have wandered far in the fulfillment of your mission I have spoken to you and told you that "the people of Israel" have dwelt on earth to receive Me. Therefore there are many epochs in which your soul has heard Me.

14. You have already passed through some stages of life, have developed. You have the experience and the fruits that you have reaped in the past times. You have already gone through great trials, so your soul will not be beguiled by false lights. You know the "taste" of my word, you have opened your eyes and you know the purest spiritual light. You have read the great book of my wisdom and will not be confused by the imperfect sciences.

15. I have brought to your knowledge the true light and the true science that is in Me. I have made you great according to the soul because I want you to seek Me more with it than with the mind, so that you may be spiritualists in truth. For already the time of great opportunities for the people of Israel is approaching. If today you have felt yourselves prisoners, with a limited field of action to exercise my teaching, now the moment is near when I will open the ways for each of you, and there you will apply my teaching, and in the exercise of it you will discover the greatness of each of my words.

16. Only in this way will you be able to understand Me; only in this way will you interpret My word correctly and not form in your mind theories and conceptions which confuse you and do not lead you to the understanding of My teaching.

You have to practice love, peace and mercy to become one with your Father, then you can recognize yourselves as I have prepared you ─ full of gifts and graces. I have told you that I have created you in My image and likeness, that each of you can do great works by the way, which are to bear witness to Me, which make you like Me, and by your ability you can do them.

17. Are ye already ready? Have you already prepared yourselves to take Me as an example? Verily, I tell you, there is nothing lacking for you for this; you have already reached spiritual maturity, and from this point you can become active and offer Me the first fruits of your mission while a great part of mankind continues to sleep, awaiting the shock or shake that will wake them up.

18. You watch and pray, keeping your faith burning. You pray for all those who feel disinherited and deviated from the spiritual path, and this prayer surrounds men and saves them, redeems them. The time will come when those hearts in which you have sown love and which you do not yet know, because you have prayed both for those whom you know and for those whom you do not know, will come on your way, or you will come to them on your way and discover them, and then you will become one with each other, then your soul will recognize the seed that it has sown.

19. The provinces await you; much have I spoken to you about this, but you have seen it as something distant because you did not see it coming immediately But the moment will come when you will scatter, and then you will take this seed with you as a rich seed to scatter it in the fields of mankind. There you will recognize your progress, there you will begin to advance your ideal, there you will become great through your acts of love and sacrifice for humanity.

20. It is necessary that you go through these trials so that you may understand my teaching. Each of you must become an apostle, and I will enlighten and bless you from the hereafter.

21. You have the same gifts as those who had them then. Yes, people of Israel, for you were my disciples in that time, as were those Twelve and all who heard Me in the Second Age. In you I have put my seed, my wisdom has enveloped your souls. But if for a short time you have not felt filled with it, it is because you have not yet thought and studied.

22. I now grant you a time of peace, a time of distance from your earthly life, so that you may study and then begin your mission prepared. When this time comes, do not let it pass unnoticed, do not dedicate this time, which I now grant you, to worldly life. I will give you what is necessary for your livelihood on top of it, and for the soul everything you need.

23. I have come for the sake of man's soul, to rescue it from the darkness in which it has lived. The body is secondary; earthly life, although it is important for man, is likewise secondary. A loaf of bread is enough to nourish you, a blanket to cover your body and protect it from the rigors of the weather, even a simple garment, and this is sufficient. But the soul, which has to cover a long way, which has to come to me with great merits to attain the great promises, has not yet had its chance with you, is still chained, still constantly calls for salvation and liberation. It rises in the core of your being and shakes your hard heart. But it is she who is to rule "the flesh," and not this is to rule the soul.

24. The bodily shell is only the garment, the tool, which I have given you on earth, so that you may live on it for a time. At the time when you have taken off this garment, I will demand of the soul an account of its body.

But the materialism in which you live is a dungeon in which you have suppressed your soul. I will now open its doors, will give you freedom so that you can live very close to Me and love this humanity with all the powers of your being.

25. I want the people of Israel to be like a tender mother who receives this defenseless humanity, that your womb is warm, that your eyes are full of love and compassion for this humanity. I entrust her to you so that you may consider her as a younger sister, or ─ if you wish ─ as a daughter. I will leave you as a representative of Me, and as I love, bless and embrace humanity, so shall you do. It hungers for love, for models and for light. I will say to mankind: Seek out "the people of Israel", in them you will find my substitution and my miracles, on these I will pour out my teaching and my benefactions!

26. How great is your task, beloved people, you have still not understood it! But do not worry. If you have faith in Me, you will be able to rise to its fulfillment and you will have to take that honorable place before mankind.

Prepare yourselves now that you still have time to reflect and meditate ─ now that you are not yet standing before the great crowds of people preaching and still able to correct the mistakes yourselves. Penetrate into your inner being to recognize the good and the bad and to promote the virtues that you may discover, which I have imprinted in your soul since the beginning, since you were created. But that which you should discover of the bad ─ all imperfections which should be present in you, you shall transform into perfections.

27. The earth is a valley of atonement and testing for the Spirit. But he must triumph through the strength and power I have given him, because he is a part of myself, is my own essence, my own life. You are my creatures, like me. What obstacles, then, will you encounter on your way, which you could not overcome on the way of spiritualization and upward development?

28. People: It is enough for you to pray daily and to train yourselves in the study of my teaching, so that by your own efforts you may find a way to pass all trials, to wait with patience when you have to wait, and to receive everything as it is my will. I have not promised you a flowery way, I have not told you that you will be happy and enjoy perfect happiness on this earth. I have taught you that you are subject to trials and are going through a path of atonement and make amends for your past transgressions, just as you must earn merit to ascend.

29. This is what I have said to you, people. Be therefore devoted in the tribulations, bear your lives with joy. Hope that what you did not receive at nightfall you will receive at daybreak. For everyone who trusts in me receives ─ everyone who prays is strong. Therefore, this Master always guides you disciples to prayer, to the study of spiritual teachings, to the study of human life, so that you may be wise and just at all times, so that you may be just in all your decisions, so that you may bear witness that you are my apostles, and that you may feel yourselves full of peace because of the righteousness you have brought to bear in your actions.

30. Thus I prepare you, people of Israel, thus have I united you in this church. I have taught and lifted up those of you who have come in the last hours of My Word to unite you all in one thought, in the same study, so that you who have come new to Me may reach an equal degree of development with those who have heard Me for a long time.

31. I see all of you entering the same ladder and nurturing high ideals, always putting the soul first, praying and expecting everything from Me; I am the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one I bless you and tell you I also expect this from mankind. When will it be converted? When will it have shed its cloak of uncleanness? When will it have renounced its materialism to set out in search of the spiritual garment? This great work you will not accomplish. I, who work tirelessly, will convert mankind in the time necessary for it. It will develop, it will take great steps in a moment, because I prepare the trials and circumstances that must bring it to spiritualization. You are to fulfill your mission in the present time period, but I will work and fulfill it at all times.

32. You have come to know my word, you have recognized that it comes from me, but you also sometimes long for the warmth and tenderness of motherly love But the Master asks you: have you not also recognized in this word of the Master the tenderness and the love of the Mother?

I have told you that I am one Master, one Spirit, and in Me are all kinds of love. If you have a desire for Mary, seek her in my own word ─ in this word here, which constantly blesses and caresses you.

33. Yes, people of Israel, in Me the Father and the Mother speak, in Me all kinds of love speak. In this my word which I have spoken at all times, you will find ─ when you recognize me ─ everything you long for. There will be no emptiness in your heart, in Me you will find the Father, the friend, the brother, the Master, but also the Mother. I am the perfect love, the greatest love of all. Be confident, people, and thank Me because I have brought these lessons to your attention.

34. I fill your way with blessings every morning of grace. Which of you who ask Me with fear or with longing has not been answered? I see everything and know everything. I speak to you from the hereafter. You belong to those who come to me, who soar up to find me in the regions of the Spirit. I have not entered the earth during this time; I come down spiritually and connect with you by means of the Universal Ray, and from there I see and hear everything, I speak to you and bless you, and on this morning of grace I say to you: Earn merits, for already you are approaching the middle of this year. If you have used it correctly, then be blessed. But I as Master advise you: Use every day and every moment so that you may memorize my word and keep it in your heart forever.

This atmosphere, this peace, this light, this joy and this love should continue, you should continue to breathe it after this year in your meetings and outside of them, I will grant it to you. Wherever you gather, you will have My presence, wherever you call Me, there I will be with you.

35. So, people, recognize that the Divine Master is manifesting himself in this time in the midst of an atmosphere of peace, understanding and spiritualization I have united your minds and you have built a spiritual temple to which I come down. There I reveal myself and make myself felt. There you will recognize me after this year, because in this way I will continue to manifest myself in the midst of peace and spiritualization. Let your soul eliminate discord and create an atmosphere of harmony, of unity of beliefs.

36. When the time comes, you will disperse without forming parties, nor leaving confusion or bad examples.

37. You shall speak from your heart and soul in peace, then in one of your sentences all the justice and truth I want to make known to this world will be able to be contained in one of your sentences. Then take care to keep your peace, your spiritual energy and your faith well, so that at every moment you may be the voice of truth, the voice that prophesies, the voice that silences the wicked and that awakens the soul through the voice of the Spirit.

38. These you shall be, people, in the midst of the troubled humanity, for this I have prepared you. Each one of you will fulfill his mission within a crowd of people, but you shall all be united spiritually, even if you should be physically distant from one another. And you are to exchange with each other, be it in a spiritual way or by means of letters. In this way you will gradually unfold my work, in this way you will bring it near to the world. For this I have awakened in this time the ideal in you to unfold the spiritual gifts through truthfulness and justice so that you are always righteous and spiritual.

39. I leave you united like one family, in which there shall be no quarrels. All of you are to consider yourselves brothers and sisters, all at the same stage of development, with the same readiness to fulfill your mission, and with a high ideal. You will all receive blessings, encouragement, and what you need for your struggle from my Spirit.

I strengthen you on this morning of grace. Memorize each of my teachings, they contain great light, even if they are short.

40. Be blessed. I am always in expectation of those who want to develop themselves spiritually upwards ─ those who seek beyond what their eyes can see ─ those who discover eternal life in the beyond with the eyes of their Spirit.

41. I make you acquainted with your spiritual gifts and let the call go out to you. But every one of you must reach me through his merits.

42. On this morning of grace, through the prayer of the people of Israel, gathered in various congregations inside and outside this nation, I bless all mankind and give them my peace and mercy

43. In this way I am preparing you at this time for the difficult times. Your words must break the silence that will now fall on mankind, which is crushed by the many calamities, confused by the diversity of worldviews that will come to light among the spiritual leaders of different faiths.

In that time of fear, of which you do not know how long it will last, a voice will rise in every soul, which will say, "Peace to men of good will. Then those will be saved who feel faith in their heart, who keep their lamp burning. These will feel a great authority in themselves.

44. Now the time of study is drawing near for this people, in which they will reflect on my words and commandments, and you shall be prepared for this struggle. Your thoughts will clash, you will differ in your conclusions. But above all your ideas my light will shine, and I will help myself to those who set out with a healthy soul to realize my plans.

45. In this struggle I give you only the weapons of love, wisdom and patience. But in carrying out this mission you will remember with melancholy these hours of peace, this joyful atmosphere in which I taught you and prepared you for the times to come. But in that sea of different world views, conceptions and ways of looking at things, you shall struggle to keep your peace and your dignity as disciples of Me.

46. It is not enough to fathom my teaching and to understand its meaning in order to attain salvation It is necessary to follow their instructions so that you may become one with me and your soul may attain ever more maturity, firmness in its convictions.

47. I have not promised you a flowery way in this world, but in spite of its hardships you can live your life with joy, trustingly hope for the future and be just and lawful in all your actions. Work and fulfill your task in this time period, and I will work at all times.

48. Keep your spiritualization so that at all times you may be the voice that speaks the truth, that silences the wicked and fulfills its task of guiding and teaching your fellow men.

Call your Heavenly Mother lovingly in each of your meetings. But the Master tells you: Her Spirit and mine are one. Have you not recognized in my words her tenderness and her grace? In this teaching the Father and your Mother speak in a perfect divine union.

49. How many times have I caught men in the act of asking themselves if there is not some way of communion with God, and often they have cried out with a sigh, "Oh, if only I could ask the Lord a question and receive the answer! But afterwards they resigned themselves to this, believing that this is impossible, and continue to seek my mercy in external cult forms and material offerings, although in the innermost part of their being they cannot comprehend how a Father, who has always said to love his creatures so much, does not deign to answer them when they ask Him and call upon Him.

50. O you immature human beings, who are addicted to earthly life, if only you knew that this need to communicate with me is the thirst I feel in my Spirit! If only you knew that you have not only been granted that dialogue which you long for, but that all my teachings revealed to you at all times have the purpose of leading you to dialogue from Spirit to Spirit! But since you live materialized, you have desired to hear my voice responding to those words which your lips speak, and this cannot and should not be. For then it would no longer be a spiritual dialogue, but one in which your Lord would degrade himself to the level of your materialism.

51. Therefore the way I have chosen in this time, when I make myself known by means of these voice-bearers, must be short, because it is not the perfect form of revelation, but ─ once it is over ─ the time of preparation will come, in which many men will begin their unfolding towards the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

52. I have never been far from you as you have sometimes believed, nor have I ever been indifferent to your sufferings, nor have I been deaf to your calls. The following has happened: You did not strive to refine your higher senses and expected to perceive Me with the senses of the flesh. But I tell you that the time in which I granted this to men was already very far back.

53. If you would have made a little effort to develop some of your spiritual abilities, such as inner upliftment through spiritual contemplation, prayer, presentiment, prophetic dream, or the spiritual face ─ I assure you that through each of these you would connect with Me and therefore receive answers to your questions and divine inspiration in your thoughts.

54. I am always ready to speak with you, always awaiting your elevation and spiritual readiness to please you and to give you the happiness to manifest Me to your Spirit. For this it is only necessary to make you ready with the greatest sincerity to attain this grace.

55. While I receive you and give you my benefits, no matter in what form my mercy is invoked. But if you also receive from me what you have asked for, your soul will never experience the happiness of having made itself worthy of this good.

56. I must tell you that on the day when you are able to reach the height of the spiritual with your petitions, your happiness in receiving my mercy will be incomparably greater. For he who knows how to ask will naturally also know how to receive.

I tell you this because some of me attain what they desire although they did not know how to ask. What value can they then attach to that which they did not even know how to implore or ask? They belong to those who do not know how to receive, who could not understand the love with which their Father granted their request.

But my duty as a father is to help the children in their life's struggle, to protect them, to stand by them and to comfort them. Therefore, my mercy can never stop pouring out on my children.

57. This Father, who loves you so much, cannot see you sunk into spiritual ignorance, which is darkness, poverty, and wretchedness. This is why I awaken your conscience, which is like a Master who arises from yourselves and always seeks the ways and means to be heard and felt, to express himself in words and teachings that correct your mistakes and raise you to the heights of Light, Knowledge, Spirit and soul greatness.

58. Unite in your mind and spirit my revelations as God, which proclaim the Law to you; my revelations as Father, which reveal to you my infinite love, and my teachings as Master, which reveal to you my wisdom, then from all this you will receive an essence, a divine intention: that you come to Me on the path of spiritual light ─ a little more than just a rallies to you. I want to lead you into my own kingdom, where I am always present, forever in you.

59. First strive to spiritualize yourselves, so that your hidden gifts may gradually awaken, and you may first come closer and closer, step by step, to the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit and then to the world of perfection.

My peace be with you! 

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