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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 350

1. I receive thee in the representation of mankind, thou small multitude of the people of Israel. You depart from the world to listen to my concert and to look beyond the limits of what matter is. I will let you travel the way under my protection, and each of you will carry a lamp so that he does not stumble when he reaches the end of his way on earth.

When your soul once separates itself from the flesh to rise up to me and present its works to me, you will see all your deeds, your steps written down in the book of your life, and together with me you will judge your work.

2. Today I want to see your soul free to carry out its task, ready to serve and paying attention to My inspirations, seeing and feeling the end of the journey of life which is near, very near, that you will soon receive the reward I have to give you

I will tell you: Come to Me ─ you who understood to hear my word through the human mind, you who lived within my commandments and sowed love and forgiveness.

3. Anyone who carries my word in his mind and follows it in life will possess my kingdom, will have health, inspiration and prophetic gifts. In this way my disciples will be able to exercise my law, whether they are ignorant or taught, rich or poor, children or adults. The uneducated will be enlightened and speak with wisdom. The one who does not possess anything on earth will feel that he possesses everything, because he will have spiritualized himself and will be indifferent to the goods of the world. His heart will be filled with joy because he will be able to share his treasure with those who do not possess it. And the children, whose souls have developed greatly, will speak with certainty, and their testimonies will ignite the faith of the new initiates.

4. You who have learned from Me ─ are humble, teaching with patience and forgiving the faults of your fellow men.

5. I have prepared you to give life to new generations who will communicate with Me with the greatest perfection. At that time men will come to them and see me establish my kingdom in their souls.

6. Live vigilantly and be ready for every trial. Today you bring the pain of mankind and yours before me. But I tell you: Remove that cup, feel the peace and transmit it. I caress you and give you joy. When you free a soul from pain or vice, you will have ascended another level and will feel the happiness of having worked with your Master in Divine Works.

7. My angels shall be with you. I, your Lord, accompany you on your way.

8. I am building a sanctuary in your heart at this time. I do not seek the splendid residences, nor the useless luxuries of man. I am forming the simple, gentle and humble heart that is receptive to my call.

9. Only a short time will I be in communication with you through the human mind I prepare you so that you may give peace to the world tomorrow. My mercy saves the erring from ruin. For I would not be a father if I only turned to the pure souls. For the righteous already live in my kingdom.

10. Man wanted to be in contact with me by means of his different beliefs, but he stopped spiritually. That is why I have entrusted my word to you so that you set out tomorrow and are the clear mirror in which men can see their imperfections.

11. I am very close to every heart, but men have not understood Me. I have spoken to you in your own language so that you may understand Me. For if I gave you my teaching in a more chosen language you would not understand me. Therefore I speak to the disciple and to the disciple in simple words so that they may not be confused and not reject my love.

12. Through your armament and renewal mankind will receive good things. For through one of you who is so equipped, through prayer alone the misfortunes that afflict mankind will be stopped.

13. I declare to you that which you have not understood, that tomorrow you also may set out to teach mankind with all clarity. If a thousand organs of understanding were trained, I would spread my teaching through them.

14. In the second time I chose twelve of my children to make them my apostles, and they forgot their goods to follow Me, and left their families. There was also one with Me whom I said, "Leave the riches of the earth, take up your cross and follow Me. But since he did not want to give up his riches, he told Me, "Lord, I cannot follow You.

15. I am mercy and do not demand sacrificial death from you. For my disciples also set out on their own will, obedience to my Divine Law, to become fishermen of men.

16. Today you are my disciples. But that you may have joy, comfort, and peace, give my word shelter in your hearts.

17. Remember that in the Second Time, when the adulterous woman was persecuted by the crowd, I said to her persecutors, "If any of you is without sin, let him cast the first stone. In the same way I forgive the adulterous woman once more in this time. Therefore I tell you that you should not concern yourselves with the affairs of your neighbor. Do not become judges to condemn them. For I also say to you, "Which of you is without guilt?

18. I am the light and the mercy, and I know what you lack. Therefore defenseless mankind comes to me, and I have told it: "Make your suffering bearable, for I know it. I am the consolation, I am the mercy, I am the forgiveness.

19. In this time mankind is disoriented and confused by the ideas it has nourished, and for this reason many of you have doubted the presence of your Master in the Third Age But I say to you, my children, prepare yourselves and understand that this word springs from my Divine Spirit.

20. I give you the light that you may comprehend the form of the rallies of my divinity through the human mind. The voice bearer is only a tool prepared by me to speak to you through his mediation. It is written that I would come to make myself known by making use of simple hearts, clumsy organs of understanding, non-eloquent lips, to speak to you of law, of justice and of love.

21. At all times I have sent souls with great light to incarnate on earth so that through their example and love mankind would be saved from chaos, hatred and confusion

22. I have told you, beloved people, that like the apostles of the Second Age, you too will be transformed into fishermen of men. With love, with mercy for him who suffers, you will set out on your journey. Which heart will then reject you on the way? The confused soul will receive the light and crystal clear water of my teaching to quench its thirst.

23. Do not allow evil to continue to prosper. Youth perishes, the virgins are dragged into the dirt in their tender youth. Have mercy on your fellow men. See the cup of suffering that the human race is currently emptying.

24. My prophecies are now coming true. Therefore I ask you to be prepared so that ─ when the time comes to fulfill your mission ─ you will not feel weak.

25. I am currently selecting those whom I must send to the nations so that they may be the messengers of the teaching I have entrusted to you. This cross that I am placing on your shoulders you should not take as a burden ─ it is a shining cross and easy to carry. I turn you into my workers from the first to the last. My spiritual hosts will watch over you, and when you go into battle and leave what belongs to you on earth, as the apostles of the Second Age did, I will give you everything necessary to convert mankind.

26. I have told you symbolically that 144,000 marked ones will form my chosen people Israel. You will show the world the lifeboat, and through your mediation I will give peace and comfort to mankind.

27. It is not I who afflicts you with pain. The origin of your sufferings is in your imperfections and disobedience. I have told you: "Awake, beloved people, for trials are knocking at your doors. But if you all wake up and pray, the trials will be removed, and when temptation comes upon you, you will not be caught in its nets.

28. I have marked you with my light that you may pass the trials in safety. This gift has more value than all the riches and treasures of the earth. It is a divine kiss which I have pressed on your soul in this Third Age so that you may feel my peace even in the greatest misfortunes and in the most difficult moments of life.

29. This gift contains healing balm so that you may heal those who are sick in body or soul. It has the power to stop the forces of nature when they are unleashed, it has weapons to turn discord and war into peace. It is a part of your spiritual heritage, which you should use and develop in this time.

30. Your heart had the desire to have something great in life, not knowing that it would not be possessions nor riches of the world that you would acquire, but goods of the Spirit.

31. What greater ambition can a man have than to become like his heavenly Father? Verily I say to you, this is the greatest desire which you shall nourish.

32. It is not impossible to become like your Lord. This is why I once came into the world as a man, to teach you by my life and example to become like the Divine Spirit in love and in righteousness. Verily, I tell you, if you once consecrate your life to the task of becoming like Me, you will find that happiness and peace which you have sought in vain on other paths, and this peace will be not only inward, but also outward. For now your conscience will no longer have to reproach you at every turn and on every day, as your transgressions now do.

33. Love me and take me as an example in Jesus. Remember that I proved to you through that humble Master from Galilee that my power, wisdom and wealth were greater than that of the world. For all my works sprang from love, which is the origin of the life, power and light that created everything.

34. Likewise I say to you that in this third time victory will belong to those who take my works as an example. For the weapons with which you will fight will be the same as those I used in that time.

35. When I told you through Jesus, "I am the light of the world," I want you also to be like a beacon in the lives of your fellow men, that your presence is always beneficent and your influence healing ─ that your thoughts are pure and your feelings honest. You will then experience how easy life is, how easy the struggle for life is on earth, and how beautiful it is to serve your neighbor. Then you will have become children of light through merits.

36. What aspiration awakens in your heart under the influence of my word? The miserable aspirations of this world? No, beloved people. My word awakens in you the noble desire to lift up your soul on the way of truth.

37. Nor do I want you to give false interpretations to my teaching because you think that I want to see you poor, weeping, wretched and sick, ragged or hungry. No, I want you to learn to reconcile your material life struggle with your spiritual mission in such a way that you can have what is necessary in the world and allow the Spirit to have a few moments to exercise his gifts and carry out his mission.

38. I prepare you, O people, that you may be the prophet of this time among mankind ─ the good prophet through whom I announce the coming events and give you my orders and instructions.

39. I tell you: If at any time you should sow deceit and lies, you will have to wash away your stain of shame with pain and tears, and that the more your lies spread, and the more damage they would cause, the greater will be your purification. Could those who spread evil among mankind rightly call themselves "children of light"? No, beloved disciples!

40. How much light have I given you, you crowds of people who come day by day to receive my teachings! Remember that it would not be just for you to become drowsy and in a moment be surprised by any trial that would make you stumble!

41. Your heart is telling Me pain filled: "Master, do you think us capable of infidelity, betrayal or failure? But I answer you: yes, people, certainly I consider you capable of breaking your promises. Was there not, among those twelve disciples of the Second Age, one who handed Me over to the justice of the world when he was convinced that the kingdom I offered was not of this world? Did not Peter strike a fatal blow against the captain at the moment when he arrested Me because the disciple wanted to defend his Master in this way and wanted to keep Him longer than was written? Did not Thomas dare to doubt my spiritual presence, although I had so often promised them to be with them always? Why should I not doubt you today? Surely not all of you will disregard my words in the moments of trial, because today too, as in those times, there will be faithfulness, there will be dutiful, there will be obedient and strong.

42. Disciples, I tell you in this hour only: "Watch and pray, so that you will not fall into temptation.

43. Israel: When I see your hearts cold, my Spirit grieves, and when I see the purpose of renewal and obedience, it is filled with joy.

I know that after 1950, violent storms will come upon you. But you are the Chosen People whom I have saved from all misfortunes by the light of my Word. Also among yourselves many words of insincerity will reach your ears, but I do not want there to be confusion among my chosen ones. But in these events my truth will remove the lie, and with the light of my HolySpirit you will be strong, you will know how to defend my work and will be able to keep confusion away from others because you are the children of light.

44. As I am the light of the world, so you must be among mankind. Men suffer and weep because they have been deaf to my inspiration. But you are the ones who are to lead them. You are to be the oasis of the wayfarer, and you are to give him my peace meekly.

45. If you do not prepare yourselves, I will prove that the last shall be first, and I will write my law in his heart, even though he has not heard my word.

46. Verily I say unto thee, O Israel, ye shall be counsellers, giving light and peace to others. You shall defend my work in the proper moment, and speak with meekness to the heart of the most rebellious. Then you will experience that they will become gentle lambs. Do not fall again into the errors in which you found yourselves, for this left only regression in your soul. Unite to bring light and teaching.

47. Make sure that your children recognize the consequences of good and evil. Teach them the examples I have given you. Prepare them, for they belong to those who will serve me tomorrow. I want to see you happy and calm and thinking only of good, so that you may be led by the light of my HolySpirit.

48. In every moment I keep you from all wrongdoing; in the same way you also should pray for others. See everywhere the pain: the abandoned children, the filthy youth, the infidelity of the wife. But if you meet a sinful woman who is criticized by men, teach her the true way and remove her from the bitterness and excitement that surrounds her so that she may begin to renew herself.

49. Have mercy on the world, O Israel; and as I spoke to it in the second time, so shall you also give it my word.

50. I will leave to mankind the Third Testament, which contains a treasure of wisdom that comes to you because I make you worthy to receive it without looking at your stains, because I am love and perfection But Elijah will purify your souls more and more.

51. You have departed from the world to hear Me I am with the humble to build a sanctuary in their hearts.

In the Second Time I have spoken to you to give you My teaching of love, mercy and forgiveness. But the world has created other creeds according to its understanding. But I as a Father have continued to enlighten all my children.

Many of you tell Me: "Father, are my fellow men not caught up in error? Then why do you not show them the way?" But truly, I tell you, blessed people: the light that enlightened you ─ the teaching I have given you, I have given to all equally. But men have followed their own free will and have not wanted to accept me.

I do not force my children; each one must come on my way by his own will, by his own effort. For I am currently enlightening all mankind. Some have heard me ─ that you are, blessed people of Israel. To others I show the way through intuition, and also through revelations they receive the light of the Third Age.

52. At all times I have preached love, because love is a protective shield in which I have placed all my power. Blessed is he who lives with love in his heart, for he will gradually overcome all the problems of his life. Blessed is he who carries love in his life and reveals it in his way. For these works will be a blessing to him and to others.

53. My children, recognize me as Father and as Spirit, so that you no longer seek me in idolatry. You always have Me as the light of the HolySpirit in your soul.

54. When you exercise mercy, I am in this mercy, and when you set out to do all my commissions, be happy, blessed people, for my blessing will remain in you forever.

55. You will no longer hear my word through these instruments. But this time has been appointed for the preparation of your soul, and after 1950 the battle will begin. I will not separate myself from you, but it is necessary that you spiritualize yourselves. Because through those who have prepared themselves I will continue to manifest myself from spirit to spirit.

56. The seers will continue to see me, and to those who spiritualize I will speak through intuition, and in them will be intuition.

57. Blessed People: In the Second Time I said to my disciples, "All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me," and verily I say to you, go everywhere and bring my word, bring my love and my teaching. Likewise I say to you now, blessed people: you are the prepared disciples ─ you are the ones who must go everywhere and bring my word and my love. Once again he will rise who says with doubt in his heart that what you have received was only a lie. It will be necessary that these again touch the wound in my side to believe.

58. I see him who ─ although he has heard Me for a long time ─ will reject Me like my disciple Judas Iscariot and sell my work. But I will approach those hearts and through my righteousness remove untruth from them. For my work is pure and pure and has no blemish. It will resurrect with all its purity in all hearts and souls, for this is my will.

59. Come to the Father, come to the banquet prepared for you. On this table is the bread of eternal life for your soul. I prepare my disciples so that tomorrow you may bear witness that you have been with the Father, and that He dwells in your hearts because you have prepared it as His sanctuary.

60. You are the ones who have received from my treasury the power to give life to the "dead" so that you may be like your Master.

61. When you know how to prepare yourselves as I have taught you, my spiritual benefits will be with you, and by the spiritualization you attain, your fellow men will know that you are the children of light, that although you carry my high qualities within you, you show yourselves as the most humble.

62. Ascend, beloved people, do not stop the progress of your soul Use the teaching your master has given you, imprint it in your heart. For short are the moments in which you will hear me through the human mind.

63. Prepare the Third Testament for the coming generations. Great multitudes will come, and when you are prepared, you will speak to them under the inspiration of my HolySpirit.


64. A gentleman, owner of large estates, came to a mighty tree. Near him was a spring of crystal clear water. At that place he called the wanderers who passed by and invited them to rest in the shade of that tree and quench their thirst at the water of that spring.

65. Among those wanderers, that Lord chose seven men and said to them, "You have asked for my benefit, and I will now entrust to each of you a great piece of these lands, that you may labor and work on them as good workers, sowing and tending this seed, that you may reap a rich harvest. For great are the multitudes, and they are hungry and thirsty. Then that Lord entrusted to them the seed and the tools of labor and told all to watch over the tree and the spring, so that they too might receive the multitudes of men after that Lord had gone away, and he added: "You shall prepare the fields and put this golden seed in them. You shall water the fields with the water of this spring, that you may reap a rich harvest, and you shall tend the mighty tree, that its fruits may always have a good taste. You shall work together, and when the hungry, thirsty and weary multitudes arrive, you shall offer them the shade of the tree and the sweetness of its fruits. You shall give them bread and water so that they feel strong and carry my peace within them. To the men that Lord said: "I am going away now, but you will feel my presence very close to your hearts, my gaze will look at you, and my hearing will hear you.

End of the parable

66. Verily I say to you: In this third time I have called my workers to give them their inheritance, so that like your Father you may prepare the banquet and receive those who hunger and thirst after my word. They are to receive through your mediation the spiritual treasures which I have entrusted to you.

67. You are my sheep who were led to the spiritual hurdle. The shepherd who leads you in this time is the Spirit of Elijah. No one sees this shepherd, but all feel him. Some are aware of it, others do not know it.

68. Elijah has opened the book of life in the sixth chapter as soon as the sixth seal has been broken from Me, who has the authority to do so.

69. What has the sixth seal revealed to you? What message did the book keep in its womb to show it to the world in this time? The Spiritual Life, the knowledge of yourself, the revelation of all your qualities, the way to unfold the Spirit's rallies, the spiritual manifestation through the mind, and the manifestation from Spirit to Spirit.

70. Your soul is full of rejoicing because it feels enlightened and sees itself guarded by messengers and angels. Be faithful to your shepherd, and you will feel this blessed peace all over the earthly way, which now floods you, and you will not have to flee to hide yourselves when he proclaims my righteousness before this pagan, idolatrous, and materialistic world.

Yes, people, Elijah is among you and will once again test the priests of the false God and show them once more which is the true one and how He is to be worshipped. But Elijah will not come to become man. The human body is not absolutely necessary for a spirit being to manifest itself on earth, and certainly not that of Elijah, who holds the key that opens the doors for communication between one world and another.

71. The spiritual world will come even closer to men, to witness to them their existence and their presence Signs, proofs, revelations and messages will appear everywhere, which will persistently speak of the dawning of a new age.

72. There will be strife, there will be agitation in the nations, because the religious leaders will spread fear among those who believe in those messages, and science will declare those facts untrue.

Thereupon the common people will take courage and rise up to testify to the truth of the evidence they have received. There will rise those who have given up ─ by science ─ regained their health in a spiritual way, and they will bear witness to miracle healings, to revelations of an infinite power and an absolute wisdom.

Among the simple and unknown people, men and women will come forward whose words full of light will surprise theologians, philosophers and scientists. But when the controversy is at its greatest and the poor are humiliated and their testimonies denied by the proud, then the moment will come when Elijah will call the scholars, the lords and the rulers to account and subject them to trial.

Woe to the false and the hypocrites in that hour, for perfect righteousness will then descend upon them! It will be the hour of judgment. But many souls will rise from it to true life, many hearts will rise to faith, and many eyes will open to the light.

My peace be with you! 

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