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Teaching 319

1. Be welcome once again with me Who reveals himself to you in this time? The Father, the Son or the HolySpirit? I answer you: Your God is revealed among you. If I told you in the Second Time as a man, "He who knows the Son knows the Father," I tell you today that I do not come to you as a man, but in the Spirit: He who hears Jesus hears and receives Jehovah, and this is the voice of the HolySpirit.

Do not see in it three persons or three gods, recognize one Divine Spirit, who is manifesting himself fully among you at this time in this voice, in this word of your Master of all Masters. You will meet the Judge, you will discover the Father and feel the essence of the HolySpirit.

2. In my last rallies by the human voice-bearers in the present year 1950, I will examine the progress of my disciples. I will put them to the test by withdrawing your teaching. For I will show you who is more advanced in my teaching, or who is retarded. I know everything. The lessons and tests which I give will serve to make each of you inwardly aware of his progress, his standstill or his regression.

3. I bring more and more light into your soul so that after the cessation of My Word you may remain enlightened and then ─ as I have already told you ─ should be shining beacons in this sea of passions and storms that form your world.

4. Those who have great faith in Me humbly prepare their soul to receive in it all that I am handing over in this time But there are still disciples who open the eyes of their soul wide because they try to discover the truth of my presence in the hereafter.

5. Some hearts are still beset by doubts, and they wonder whether I am or not. Still some are confused by some of my words and revelations. But I ask you: Why, since you are in the third time? Leave the doubt to Thomas, for he lived in the Second Time. But remember the lesson I gave him and all that I manifested in that time to destroy materialism, to remove the doubt of those people. But today in the Third Time, where the teachings and revelations of the past times and the Third Time are accumulating in your soul and in your heart ─ why do you still doubt? Why do you ponder in your innermost being whether I am or not, whether there is truth or deception in this work that you are currently receiving?

I speak in this way only to those who doubt ─ to those who wrestle inwardly because they are in the last times of my rallies through the mind of man. But I tell you anew: "Blessed are those who believed without seeing!

6. You commemorate together with your Master the events that took place in the Second Time I have taught you that I left in your soul the teaching I gave you then. Every one of my works and my words were acts of eternal life which I gave you. The blood that I poured out to show you the way to your salvation is still fresh and will be eternal in the soul of all my children. For that which came out of my body in that time was a symbol of life, which I poured out ─ of forgiveness, with which I covered all sinners ─ of light, with which I ignited the faith among the unbelievers ─ of light, with which I dissolved all dark wafts of mist of this mankind. This spiritual life is eternal in you ─ in that blood, which will always be fresh in your soul.

7. When I became man, to bring redemption, salvation and light to men, I did not only come to them. It was the time determined by my Divine Spirit to set out for all souls, without making any preference of worlds or degrees of development. Therefore, after I had completed my mission as Master among you, my Spirit went to all homes inhabited by the souls of the Lord. For although you had the promise of the Messiah, this promise was not only meant for the souls incarnated, but also for those who awaited me in the hereafter ─ for those who, in reparation, in atonement, in spiritual experiencing, awaited the day when the Redeemer of all souls would come to open the door.

8. Therefore it happened that ─ after I had accomplished my work among you and had opened the gates of my kingdom through my love sacrifice for all my earth children ─ I turned to the other souls and also gave them freedom. But the one I met with a human "garment" and the other with different "garments. But truly, I tell you, never were these "garments" of importance to me, but the upward development of the souls. For I come to free them from imperfections and from materialism ─ I come to purify them with my teaching, to give them the white garment, whiter than the blinding whiteness of snow, of which I have often spoken to you in this time.

9. Just as I sought out the one and the other in their different worlds of life at that time, so I have set out again to all in the Third Age. Again I have revealed Myself to the souls that dwell in the whole universe. I have indeed tied bonds of love, striving for the union of all souls. But I want that my rallies today are more perfect than those of past times, so that through them you may soon reach me, so that through the rallies from Spirit to Spirit you may receive the inspirations of the Father, his commandments, his rebukes, and his justice with greater perfection.

10. As HolySpirit, I have dedicated the Third Age to the task of enlightening all souls so that they never fall again, saving the erring, converting the blinded and purifying those who have become very stained to free them from their chains of shame, disgrace, crime and remorse ─ all those who carry with them, imprinted in their spirit, the whole history of their transgressions, their violations of My Law

11. Everything in the universe is wisely ordered. I speak at this time to the worlds, to all my children in the form in which I must make myself known to each of them, to bring them to the perfect dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, to bring them to perfection, which is the goal that awaits all. Are you, then, spiritually the most advanced in the universe? Do not demand to know it, for you could not comprehend it.

12. In the Second Time I told you: "In the Father's house there are many dwellings. Today I tell you in your own language: In the universe created by Me there are many worlds populated by children of my Divine Spirit. You are all brothers and sisters in Me, you are all similar to Me, and though you are presently different in your imperfection, you will all be equal in perfection. To this perfection I lead you, and so that you may attain it, I prepare you, I teach you, I test you, and I work on you. I bring you all equally on the way to communion with my Divine Spirit, and I also lead you to communion with one another. When will this communion between souls be complete? You do not know it yet. There will be much talk ─ many manifestations that are believed by some and denied by others. But the Spirit will manifest, the Spirit will speak, the Spirit will prevail throughout the world.

13. To all this I tell you that it is not an earthly day, that it is not only a few hours that I dedicate to you to penetrate into the world of light and into the abysses of darkness in search of the souls that await me. No, people, it is a whole period of time, it is a whole age within eternity, which already at the beginning of creation was appointed by Me to come to all as HolySpirit, whereby I reveal Myself on a higher level and with more perfection according to the progress of the souls in the Third Time.

14. Today you do not look beyond your world, so that neither your Spirit, nor your gaze, nor your intellect succeeds in exploring what is not yet in accordance with you and which can only be received by you with a respectful and obedient attitude ─ by means of prayer, the upward development, which leads you to Me and to my spiritual world, which is dedicated to the task of protecting you.

Through this upward development, through the benefit that you draw from what I reveal to you in this time, you will succeed in getting to know what you want to know today out of curiosity and what you will experience tomorrow due to justice, as a reward, as a reward, O beloved disciples of the Lord!

15. The time is nearing in which I leave you without this word. Once you no longer hear it, many will be sad, cold will penetrate others, but the rest will remain strong in faith. But when you ask me today what my divine longing is, I answer you: that you all are to be strong in faith, that you prepare yourselves before I end this word among you.

Explore my work, if you will, so that you may be convinced, be steadfast, so that later doubt may not overtake you. Because this will make you suffer and stumble because this doubt will leave you a strong pain, through which your conscience will remember. But I do not want my disciples to carry any reproach in their conscience ─ I want them to feel only the peace of my Spirit.

16. If this people do not know how to prepare themselves, if they do not make use of my last teachings, they will later miss my word, and the time, the trials, the misfortunes, and the nonsensical words of men will cast them into doubt. Then the disciple will have to pause on his way and ask himself whether what he heard was right or not, and if then only the apparent silence answers his doubts, he will raise his face disrespectfully to say to the father: "Lord, although You promised to remain with us forever ─ why don't your children see You? Why do our ears not hear You? Why does our heart not feel yours beating? Why do You not manifest Yourself clearly with us?"

17. And when you see that the teachings of men and the religious institutions are rising up in great confrontations and are advancing in their way, winning "battles," then you will say, "Where is the Father's work? Why did He remain silent and leave us alone as victims of blows of fate and danger?"

You will have very great doubts, as other disciples of mine had at another time, and the doubt will become even greater when you remember many of my words which, according to the bad interpretations, did not come true, and you will then say, "Why did not his word have the effect nor the power to leave his people united? Why did He not perform with all His power the miracle of merging this spiritualist people of the Lord into one heart? In the time when He was teaching His disciples, why didn't people from all nations of the world come to hear Him? Why was there no peace among the people when He came down with power through His Universal Ray? Why was His departure so sad? Why did He depart from us in silence, without having been heard or glorified by all mankind?

All this will torture your heart in the fire of doubt, but I do not want this to happen. I want your soul, freed from all doubts and uncertainties, not to demand anything from the Father that is materialization for His Divine Spirit. I do not want you to demand, after the cessation of my word, that I humanize myself, limit myself, or take the form of Jesus as man.

18. I want your soul to truly follow me ─ not only because of the desire to feel me, not because of the strength of your soul's need to see and hear me, but that you feel me because of truthfulness, that you see me in the balance of your soul through the faith of your being. For then you will see me greater, more perfect and unchanging.

19. Remember that in that second time men felt cheated. They expected a Messiah full of earthly power to free Israel from the bondage of men. They expected a warrior prince, a lord over armies, peoples, and earthly lands. But when they heard the word of that meek and humble master, who spoke only of the works of his Father, and who promised them a better kingdom than the kingdoms of the earth, who announced the spiritual victory of his teaching, who announced to them justice for those who shed tears for the spiritually poor, for the sick, for the humbled, for the slaves ─ there felt betrayed those who awaited the near time of their earthly deliverance and the glorification of that Lord ─ they who longed to see him sitting on a throne in this world and to see a sceptre of righteousness in his right hand to judge the nations, to subdue the great kingdoms of this world

20. When the night of the Master's arrest had come, their hearts were shaken in the face of such great meekness, because the Lord did not resist, because He did not crush His own enemies with His power, because He let Himself be dragged to the place of the skull like a gentle lamb. And when his apostles saw the mockery and derision by that people, even they removed themselves confused and suspicious. And they asked themselves, "Why did events take place in this way? They felt a great love for their Master and made the pain of Jesus their own, but they were not yet spiritually awakened, and their spiritual eyes were not yet opened to the light of truth either. And when they saw Him there on the place of the skull and saw His death on that shameful wood of torture, and they saw that His blood flowed down like that of any man, doubt took hold of those hearts.

21. How could they proceed to continue the work of their Master? How would they continue that model of salvation? But the Master had passed through death to rise above all created things with glory and life. He looked upon His own and suffered the doubt of His disciples, and as a further proof of His infinite love, after His resurrection He allowed Himself to be seen by the women who loved Him unswervingly and followed Him, so that they would bear witness to His disciples of what they had seen and heard. But in spite of that testimony they doubted. It was necessary that the Master would manifest Himself, dispel the darkness of doubt and light up light in all those hearts. But there was also the disciple who doubted most ─ Thomas, who had said that only if he could touch the wounds of his Master with his own fingers could he believe that he was risen. And so the Master had to convince him in his doubt as well.

22. When the Master found his disciples alone and aroused, because some believed in the resurrection of the Master, and Thomas doubted, the Lord appeared among them and said, "My peace be with you. He called Thomas to him, showed him his wounds, and said to him, "Put your fingers inside, Thomas, and do not doubt, for I am indeed.

But Thomas, who at that moment regretted his doubt, exclaimed ─ in his disbelief defeated ─: "My Lord! But I told him, "Because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who believe without seeing."

23. Will you carry with you in your Spirit forever this loving reproach of Jesus the Master? And that I say to you again, "You have believed because you have seen? No, disciples of the HolySpirit ─ no, disciples of the Third Age! Have no doubt in yourselves, remove it already now, see Me in the Spirit, see Me in my truthfulness and in my essence, so that later, when you are lacking these rallies, you may see Me through love and faith with the spiritual gaze, which is pure and free from doubts and stains.

24. To set you to the fulfillment of your mission, you are not to wait until I can tell you only through the seers Rise and do your duty, do not expect that I become man once more to find faith. This happened in the Second Time because it was so necessary. For the Master could no longer demand more of his disciples of that time, in that time when man began to penetrate with his Spirit into the unfathomable realm of the beyond.

You, however, who are the presently living and those of that time, who have developed yourselves far in soul, whom I have often tested, and to whom I have often spoken through the human mind to bring you the truth and to make great revelations to you ─, could you doubt, could you fall into materialization, could you let the love of your heart cool down and let your soul stray from the path after the cessation of my word? No, disciples, I speak to you at present and will still often prepare you through my word so that only light, strength, determination and indestructible zeal of faith in the face of all trials is in your soul.

25. When I showed myself spiritually to my disciples of the Second Age, they felt true love in their soul. At that time they joined together in an embrace of brotherhood and spiritual strength to continue the work of their Master. For, after they had removed their doubts, they said full of soulful happiness: "Indeed ─ we really have been with the Messiah, with the Son of God, we really lived together with the Savior of the world, He did not betray us. He is the life, He is the Redeemer, He is the truth, His kingdom is not of this world, His home is the Eternal Kingdom, from where He looks at us today, speaks to us and lets us see Him. He has promised us to be with us forever. And indeed, we are united, let us love one another, and let us bear witness to Him to all the peoples of the earth.

26. Do you know, for example, whether after the cessation of my word the true union comes also among you, when you feel at the bottom of your heart and soul the absence of my word, when my spiritual world likewise no longer lets its word echo among you through the gift bearers? Then the churches will seek each other out, and those who have remained aloof and have worked as they see fit will seek out their brothers and sisters, will provide for the warmth and presence of the others, for advice and help. They will long for my word, and some will seek the healing balm in the circle of the others, and I will come again to manifest myself.

27. Yes, my people, and I will speak close to your spiritual ear and you will all see Me, and these clear manifestations I am giving you, of which you do not yet know today in what way they will happen, will come in a definite and clear way to put you on the right path They will be your protective defence, your incentive, so that you never believe that you go alone.

I will surprise you on the ways, in your spiritual fulfillment of your commission, in the earthly fulfillment of your duties, and also in your transgressions. I will choose the appropriate moment to make myself perceptible on the way of each of my disciples. I will be present and palpable in your gatherings, and you will feel my warmth, the breath of my Spirit, and receive my inspirations.

28. I want you to have faith among yourselves as you believe in Me more and more ─ that no false testimony will appear among you ─ that no lie will come from your lips to make you great or known among the people or mankind Woe to him who lies! Woe to him who should say, "I have seen the Master" without having seen Him! Woe to him who should say, "I have received this message from the Lord" without having received it! For then my inspiration will be taken away from him, and he will recover it only by cleansing himself of his stains. Do not misuse my name, do not use my work to lie, do not misuse my Spirit or my work to cover up your deceit.

29. I want you to speak only the truth, that if you never receive any inspiration or testimony from me, you agree with it and do not lie, because then no one will be able to accuse you. But I ask you: Who can be the one who receives nothing from me? Who can be the one who does not enjoy my inspiration, who does not receive my instructions and feels my manifestations? I will not evade myself in the face of your transgressions. I will always be with you, will leave you transformed into prophets ─ but as prophets of truth, not as false ones who go out into the streets and boast of their prophecy.

30. In the first days my prophets went out into the streets and proclaimed the message of the Lord. But how much humility, how much strength and faith was in them! Times have changed, and today you cannot go out into the streets, the country roads, or the marketplaces of the people and shout out my messages with all your might. Today you must know when the moment has come for you to speak, to act or to pray. If you prepare yourselves in this way, my people will not doubt your own testimonies.

31. When you are close to a trial, when My righteousness is about to make itself felt among the peoples of the earth and also among you ─ if it is My will to reveal to you any event, I will choose one of you to warn you and announce to you what will happen. I will choose two or three or as many as necessary to confirm that message. But doubt not, for by so doing you would demand of the Father an even greater manifestation.

Do you not know that in this Third Age the Master has told you, "The time of benefits is at an end? When you then say, "Yes, Father, the material benefits have ended, but the spiritual benefits you have promised us. To this I answer you: "Yes, my children ─ but if you demand of the Master that He should become man, then this your desire belongs to the earthly benefits, and this time is now over.

32. Therefore I have set you free from many traditions, because you would profane and degrade the worship ─ revealed to your Spirit by the Father, a form of worship ─ wrapped in grace and perfection. You would let it lapse into rites, ceremonies and worldly feasts, and you would concern yourselves more and more with outward worship, with keeping traditions, instead of fulfilling the law and teaching. This is why, to the chagrin of some and the joy of others, I have set you free in this time from many traditions, from many religious practices to which your soul was bound.

33. Now you are gradually discovering the true temple, and this temple you find both within you and externally, in the infinity of the universe. Today you realize that the true altar is in your heart, that faith is the lampstand that you are to light for Me, that the flowers, the offerings, your works, your merits are to be ─, that the image of your Lord is yourselves, that you can see Me through you.

Today you recognize that the source of grace is My Divine Spirit ─ an inexhaustible source of perfection and of blessings ─ that I am the Work, because my own Work is in Me and it is infinite and universal ─ that I am the Shepherd of all souls who follow Me in glorious number and that finally all will reach the only obstacle, which is perfect peace, which is the eternal home of the souls in the high beyond, and that the house of the Father is everywhere and you have never left this house.

34. In this way your soul will spread its wings and see through space infinity, through time eternity, through "the way" the perfect and light-filled path that leads you to the Father. Then you will have forgotten the traditions that were obstacles and pitfalls and left behind you on the way ─ the routine that was only the wall that stopped your soul and the images ─ objects of fanaticism ─ will remain, and your soul will hurry and free, full of fervor, joy, hope and faith towards its spiritual future.

35. All that the soul considered a staff to keep itself upright, to lean on it, to believe and to love me, will continue to be at its disposal to look at me with its spiritual gaze, to trust in the Eternal and in the truth, which I have revealed in fullness among you in this time. Through the preparation of the one I overcome the imperfections of the other. Through your desire for progress, for approaching me, for upward development, for an ideal and for understanding in my divine work, I come and reveal myself, I radiate myself among you as wisdom and as light.

36. The blood of Jesus, transformed into light of salvation, penetrated all souls as salvation and continues to do so. Eternally my Spirit gives salvation and light, unceasingly I let the rays of my light penetrate where it is dark, unceasingly my Divine Spirit ─ does not pour out as human blood but as redeeming power, as spiritual life on all my children.

37. Your future awaits you, these times are approaching and coming towards you, and with these times, the people, the multitudes, who are eager for spiritual knowledge ─ will also come to dispel their doubts and to be able to find a door to light and peace for their soul.

38. Men will come, and among them "Thomas," represented by science and materialism, with watchful eyes to investigate; and this not only with his eyes, but also with the fingers of his hand, to feel, to touch, because only in this way can he believe in my presence and in the spiritual events which will successively enter among mankind, and of which men must bear witness, so that the "Thomas of the Third Age" in his doubt and materialism may be overcome by my love.

39. Prepare yourselves that you may be apostles of faith, that you may be the fervent disciples who bear witness not only with words but also with deeds. In this way your examples will overcome the hard-heartedness of men. I will perform miracles and give proofs that will truly enlighten the unbelief of those who come to you.

40. I do not ask of you the impossible; there will be no difficult works for you to do; I will be satisfied with your preparation, your prayer and your faith, and all the rest I will do, O my beloved children!

41. All that you are not able to do ─ every difficulty you encounter, you shall leave to Me, and I will make everything possible. Then people will experience that what is impossible for human beings will become reality through your mediation. They will not be able to ascribe these miracles to human beings, and in their amazement they will have to go into the hereafter to think about a supreme and sublime power.

42. I will reveal myself in glory to destroy the sin of men. Before human power I will reveal myself as wisdom and divine science. I will also shame the materialism of human science. For all religious communities and institutions of men I will come as the Savior ─ so I have announced it. In the fields of discord and battle I will be present with my invisible weapons of peace, with my double-edged sword, to destroy every sin and corruption.

43. I have come as the Great Warrior, as men want to see me and as many who inhabit the earth expect me. As a warrior I have come in truth and in Spirit. My war has already begun a long time ago, and yet it has hardly begun: the hardest, the most terrible part of this battle is yet to come, and into this battle you will go, whom I am currently training as soldiers. You know, however, that my war does not consist of injustice, but of justice over human injustice. My love will eradicate the hypocrisy, selfishness and wickedness of man. My peace will eliminate all that carries within it a seed and a basis of hatred, of discord. So what will my invisible sword spare, which I put in your hands? The life of my children, the delicacy and the virtue. Everything else will fall.

44. If I see a spark of love for Me, an atom of truthfulness, a little love or compassion for others, all these will spare my weapon. Therefore you can now understand that this battle will be very great among you. But it does not only take place among human beings, this battle is universal. All souls will have to take a step towards true life after this battle ─ a step towards progress, a firm step towards me, in truth and in Spirit.

45. Do you not feel how the spiritual life in your surroundings is in excitement? Do you not feel that in your soul the roar of this great battle can be heard? Even in the moment of your deep sleep your soul is wrestling and fighting, freeing itself and working it in the mission I have assigned it.

46. These are the great battles which my disciple John saw by means of the prophetic gift. He saw the armies, which are the same ones that are in full battle today.

47. The fiercest of the battle has not yet come, and that is why I am teaching you ceaselessly, to leave you transformed into brave soldiers of my teaching, of my law ─ that law which says to its soldiers: "Love one another!

48. This is what the Great Warrior, what the Prince of armies says to you, O beloved people, in the third time. Rise with this love sword, take it, pull it out of its sheath, and defeat all hatred and all evil that exists in mankind.

49. You know that from my "high throne" I envelop the universe in my peace and blessings.

50. Everything is blessed by Me at every hour, in every moment. From Me is not, nor shall ever come any curse or condemnation for my children. Therefore, without seeing righteous or sinners, I let my blessings, my kiss of love and my peace come down upon all.

My peace be with you! 

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