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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 246:

1. Beloved disciples: You have been called to fulfill a spiritual mission in this time. For your soul to be worthy to receive these missions, it had to go through great trials and empty very bitter chalices. But this touchstone gave you firmness, development and experience.

2. You are the same as those whom I sought in other times to teach them But this small community that you form is only a very small part of the people of God scattered all over the globe, and whom I love as much as you do.

3. You all have the same origin, you all possess the gifts of the HolySpirit and you all will reach the same goal But I have called you "my people" because you are like elder brothers and sisters among men who have the task of carrying the seed of love to every soul. As a virgin seed you have come forth from Me and will have to return to Me as a seed multiplied in infinite numbers, but which must be as pure as the original one.

4. Thus shall souls come to my bosom: great by the unfolding of their gifts, and pure by the sincerity of their works.

5. I have entrusted to you a part of my work. For if the Father would do everything, He would not give you the opportunity to perfect yourselves.

6. Through the ages I have given you a teaching which I have enlarged more and more so that it may rule your human life as law and strengthen your soul on the way that leads to the eternal light

7. From my law, which is like a tree, men have cut off branches, which are the sects and the churches, which - because they were cut off from the tree - have lost their sap. Their shade has been sparse, and between their foliage there are no nests of love, nor fruit of good taste.

8. I have not only revealed my teaching to you, that ye might live well on earth. It is the way that leads the soul to a high place, to the high regions of love, wisdom and harmony with all beings.

9. The churches have not fulfilled the task of leading souls to the thresholds of eternity. When they detach themselves from this world, they get lost at the crossroads of death, they do not know the way, they stumble for lack of light and fall into materialism, longing for the life they left behind.

10. This is not the way that I have marked out. My way is marked by light, by revelation, by deep wisdom for all, by mercy and love. In order not to stray from it, sacrifice, renunciation and perseverance in the fulfillment of my law are needed.

11. But my Spirit, who loves you, has set himself in the way of each one of my children, to raise them up to the light of truth, and to set them on the way that will make them find the tree of life, which gives benevolent shade and bears good fruit, because their sap is perfect.

12. This makes you understand that times will come when you will have no other shepherd, nor any other guide than your own Spirit, in whom my light shines.

13. In this world there are no sources of true spiritual knowledge. You will find the source of grace and wisdom in me through your humility, through your spiritual dialogue with the Father.

14. These humble and small meeting places, which you enter to witness and enjoy my rallies, protect you from the rigors of the weather and curious glances. But they can never be the temple of my divinity because I prefer to seek it in the universe I have created, where every being is an offering, where every life is a sanctuary and every heart is a lampstand.

15. Wherever you go and whatever you see, you will meet My presence For my Spirit dwells eternally in his temple, in which the divine, the spiritual, and the material are united in perfect harmony to form the sanctuary of God.

16. But I alone do not dwell in this temple, but in it are all my creatures, each one taking the place that corresponds to it.

17. verily, I tell you, there is no Master on earth who can teach you a shorter way and take you further than this, and who can show you such a wide horizon, the light of which lets you see eternity

18. Man has developed his science to a great extent, but he feels that he now reaches a limit - but not because science can have limits, but because I have intervened in the unconscious course of the scientist to make him think about his work, to let him hear the voice of his conscience and expect his course correction.

If man uses his science for the benefit of his fellow men, nature will shower him with its secrets, and will be at his feet as a servant. For I sent man to the earth so that he may reign on it and be its master.

19. Purification is all-embracing. For from the infant who is just born to the one who has reached old age - they all empty a cup of suffering. All elements and forces are involved in a battle.

20. Legions of souls of every kind fight with each other, and everywhere you breathe an atmosphere of war, pain and sorrow. Be strong; for once this battle is over, and the bitter yeasts are drunk, the empty cup will be filled with the wine of life, and in all souls of the earth it will be like a rebirth.

21. Among those who have learned my lesson while they have heard me in this time, there are those who do not leave their homeland to carry out their mission. But others will have to set out for other peoples and nations. Today I only want you to persevere and hear my last teaching words so that you yourselves may carry the last of my words as an inheritance.

22. Woe to the voice-bearers who close their lips before this time! Woe to those who withhold my revelations for lack of preparation or inspiration, for after that their conscience will hold them accountable inexorably!

23. After 1950 I will no longer manifest myself in this form, but your mission will not be over - on the contrary, it will be the beginning of a life full of confrontations. I will show you a new form of communication, I will speak to your heart, I will dialogue with your soul, I will inspire your mind, and so you will continue to hear the voice of the Divine Master - each time more perfect, more elevated, more spiritual.

24. After I have finished my word among you, let no one have the intention to attract my ray to hear my word again, for he does not know what he is exposing himself to When men in other peoples or fatherlands, where these teachings are not known, contact the spiritual world and call upon my Divine Spirit to hear Him through the human mind, I will forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. But to you I say: Hurry so that my light reaches them even before chaos. Because a time of confusion is coming, in which the scholar will believe to know nothing, in which many convictions will be destroyed and many lights will be extinguished. But in the midst of this hurricane my name will go from mouth to mouth. Mankind will turn its eyes to the scriptures in its desire for prophecy and faith. Theologians, clergy and scientists will be questioned. But the time I announce to you and for which I prepare you is just that for which you are to prepare the new generations who must continue your mission, so that my people do not die out with you, but grow and increase in number, in pure spiritualization, in their knowledge and virtue.

25. The day is drawing near when I will leave you as teachers, as an example and as a "book". For when my teaching finds resonance among mankind, my gaze will search you.

26. The times are past when you listened to Me without feeling any responsibility, when you ate the fruit and the bread at my table without making any commitments, and you drank as much wine as you wanted until you spilled it, and you were happy to find the balm for your diseases.

27. Now you come with an awakened soul; now you feel your responsibility. You take care of people, suffer because of your sickness and stand up for my cause. And knowing that you are presently attending my last rallies, you hurry to hear me and keep my communications in your Spirit. You do well to prepare to receive judgment on the last day of these rallies.

28. The world shall see "Israel" rise again from its ashes. But not to the money-greedy and carnal Jew, but to Israel according to the Spirit, which, when it appears among men, will bear witness to the reincarnation of the soul, to the law of love and justice, which will shake foundations, views and beliefs. First of all you will provoke battles and cause wars of world views. But afterwards you will make your peace palpable, which will make you remain calm and steadfast even in the moments of greatest conflicts. The confusion will pass, because the mental confusion never lasts forever, since in the core of every man there is a spark of light that never goes out.

29. Then you will be called to explain what I taught you, and you are then to give light to eliminate the confusion of your fellow men. When then the world has attained peace, my kingdom will be close to men because my mercy will be ready to break the seventh seal.

30. Without sounding the trumpet that you are my apostles, you shall be. Even if you are masters, you shall say that you are disciples. You shall not wear a garment that distinguishes you from others, you shall not carry a book in your hands, you shall not

Building meeting houses. Neither shall you have on earth any center or foundation of my work, nor shall anyone stand above man who represents my place.

31. The leaders you have had so far are the last. Prayer, spiritualization and the practice of my teaching shall lead the multitudes into the way of light.

32. The moment is solemn when the meaning of my word reaches your heart and leaves a trail of light. It is the same as that which I marked out for you with the blood of love at another time.

33. The soul, in its desire for salvation, seeks the way in this time, and on it it encounters Me, I who am the Forgiveness that purifies and the Love that lifts. Verily, I tell you, this love is the power that unites all things created by Me, is the divine breath that gives life and strengthens all beings. In the course of your development you have changed more and more towards perfection - both soulually and physically, although I tell you that the essence of your being is the soul, since the body is only a shell in which the soul unfolds.

34. Even though you have gone astray in the passing of time because you have followed the inclinations of the flesh, understand now that you have now found the right way, that you have come to the right way, that you have come to the contemplation in which the Father reveals Himself to the world so that it may obtain its salvation. You here have sometimes gone as far as sacrifice in your longing for salvation because you comprehend that sooner or later, but inexorably, you will enter the spiritual life.

35. Acknowledge very well that this life here, which is littered with beauties and wonders, is glorious. You cannot deny that man has also done his work in him, which has brought progress to your way of life. Nevertheless - the time has come when you are to turn your eyes to me to tell me that I am the Creator and Owner of all that surrounds you, and that I am the Light that reveals science to men. You have not all come to this degree of development because not all of you have understood the times in which they live, nor have knowledge of the life that they have lived before.

36. How could those who are wrapped in religious fanaticism, depriving the soul of all freedom and depriving it of all natural expression, have any idea of the grace of this time? Every soul has great abilities in itself, since it has existed before the world. But if it is bound and prevented from expressing what it holds within, it will have to live misunderstood and disturbed. It will have to be affected by forebodings of the spiritual and by memories of its own past and will have to hide and conceal everything as a result of the fear, which fanatical dogmas of faith about the spiritual have instilled in it. So she will not be able to feel my presence, since the word "spirit soul" seems strange to her. How could she then have faith in the resurrection of the spirit soul, which is reincarnation? How could she believe in the manifestations you are experiencing today?

37. The last moments are approaching in which I will speak to you in this form, but mankind has not yet produced any proof that it feels my presence.

38. How few are those who have known of my rallies in this time! How few of those who not only believe my rallies through the human mind, but also have the certainty that divinity can manifest itself in an infinite number of forms. But if you, whom I am preparing so that you may be my witnesses, were not to bear witness to my revelation in this time, nature and its elements would "speak", and the new generations would know my work even if they did not hear my word.

39. Consider your responsibility and realize that there is still time to make use of my teachings, which you know to have a deep spiritual meaning, that they make visible a way of unfolding for your perfection. Keep in your heart the impression that the essence of my Word leaves with you, forgetting that it was manifested by a man whose lips alone expressed my objection.

40. Give no teaching unless you have exercised it before, for no one would believe you. Men will demand proofs from you, which I have taught you to give. That which you may and shall know about the soul until now, I have told you. You are not to add anything to what I have revealed. You must continue to strive to be resistant both spiritually and physically. For if there are sicknesses among you to this day, it is because you have not been able to rise above the misery and pain of this life, for lack of spiritualization and faith.

41. My teaching teaches not only to have faith in the power of God, but that you should have faith in yourselves. Whoever is a true spiritualist will be able to receive in his mind the pure conception of his Lord at every hour. For he will be worthy of it both spiritually and physically.

In conclusion, I say to you on this day: Watch and pray so that the power of your thoughts, sent up to the Heavenly Father in prayer, may come down and spread as a healing balm on the sufferings of this mankind.

42. Beloved children, my divine presence is here with you - not made man as in the Second Age, but spiritually.

43. I speak to the totality of those who listen to me. But when you enter into my word, you will feel that the Master is speaking to each and every heart.

44. Do not become accustomed to my word; remember that it is presently shaping your soul to make its steps in the path secure.

45. Elijah is the invisible shepherd, who leads the sheep to the safe barrier, as Moses led you to the Promised Land in the first days.

46. When will this erring mankind follow the track of its shepherd? I will enlighten them, that they may find the right way.

47. The way of which I speak is that of renewal, of spiritualization, of the exercise of mercy. Everyone who hears the fearful voice of the sick, the plea of him who is exhausted and without consolation, should open his heart and feel it pulsing with love and compassion.

48. It is my desire that you let your soul be revealed in its true essence, so that you may be recognized as apostles of my work.

49. I am currently preparing the new generations who will take another step forward. Do you prepare the path for them.

50. You were destined to hear my divine teaching in this time, for so it was written. The clock indicated the hour when everyone had to arrive to rest in the shade of the mighty tree where the Father dwells in anticipation of the return of the "Prodigal Son", for whom He always has a look of forgiveness, an embrace of welcome and a loving smile.

51. The light of my Divine Spirit reaches through your brain to the bottom of your heart. And on your lips I place My Word so that you may fulfill the mission I have entrusted to you.

52. This Word is not a work of human imagination. It is the elevation that the soul has reached, it is the elevation that has brought it closer to Me in this way. For you gradually understand my law, and in the measure in which you unfold yourselves within it, you attain a greater development.

53. If anyone does not understand Me, although he has heard Me, it is because he mixes my teachings with his earthly theories and ideologies - it is because he mixes spiritualism with dogmatic creeds and ecclesiastical customs that were impressed upon him by his ancestors.

54. My teaching does not impose any dogma on you. Your spiritual grasp is the only thing that the knowledge of my teaching will give you. You must only follow this unfolding without stopping until your soul has reached its perfection.

55. My aspiration, expressed in my law and teaching, is that men should become brothers and sisters, that they should love one another, that there should be peace in the world, that every man on earth should represent Me by his virtue and example.

56. I have found humanity in this Third Age disturbed and have sent this divine inspiration to it to save itself.

57. But I had to fight their old customs and forms of worshipping Me because I judged them to be no longer appropriate for this time, and my struggle with the keepers of this heritage, which is not mine, has been great

58. The teaching I have brought to you, and which I have called spiritualist, is the eternal one I have always taught you But truly, I tell you: He who has never felt it cannot say that he has understood it.

59. You can rejoice because my coming marks for you a step forward on the way of spiritual progress.

60. Since you are still immature and weak, you are not able to recognize all the greatness which my revelation contains. But you will unfold yourselves in my teachings and will eventually be a good example to those who expect that you will make recognizable with your life the spiritual way, which men have lost. Do not leave them without hope and do not disappoint them when you come to them only with words and without example, for then they will not recognize you as my disciples. You must bear witness to my teaching with your works.

61. How far men are still from understanding the spiritual peace that is to reign in the world! They seek to force it by force and threats and with the fruit of their science with which they boast.

62. I am by no means ignorant of men's progress or against it, for it is also a proof of their spiritual development. But still I tell you that their pride in the use of force and earthly power is not pleasing before me. For instead of making the cross of men easier, they desecrate with it the most holy principles, they attack the lives that do not belong to them, and sow pain, tears, grief and blood instead of peace, health and well-being. Why do their works reveal just the opposite, although the well from which they draw their knowledge is my own creation, which is inexhaustible in love, wisdom, health and life?

63. I want equality among my children, as I preached it already in the "second time. But not only materially, as people understand it. I inspire you to equality out of love, with which I make you understand that you are all brothers and sisters, children of God.

64. Fear not to bring these revelations to mankind. You will not suffer martyrdom because these times are now over, although you will be the cause of investigation.

65. So I prepare you by means of the mind of man. My word has the same meaning with all voice-bearers, and if you are of the opinion that it is different with every one, it is because you keep to the outer form and do not look at the meaning.

66. I will receive your works for the good of your fellow men, will see with you the exercise of my teachings. How many miracles, which astonish men, can you do!

67. Fulfill your task and take possession of the "Promised Land" on the basis of your merits - that promise which shall be an eternal reality with you.

68. The child comes to his Father in the desire for warmth, making Him his confidant, to dump with Him his worries, sufferings and fears. And I really enjoy it when I myself hear the innermost beating of your heart. To this close I myself with you to give you the light of my teachings so that you may rise up.

Although I do not pour riches of the earth into your hands, I do not want you to live in misery either. Then you will be able to present an unclouded example to future generations when they learn that you have followed me and renewed yourselves without pursuing selfish interests nor fanatically turning away from your earthly duties.

69. Build on firm ground, so that what I have built up in you in spirituality and renewal may not be destroyed by the unbelievers But you must not hide this truth for fear of the world; you must show it to the world in the bright light of day. In this time you are not to go to catacombs to pray and love Me. Do not be shy when you speak of me in any way or bear witness because then men will not acknowledge that I made myself known to you, they will doubt that the multitudes of the sick and needy became healthy and found relief from their sufferings, they will deny the miracles I performed to ignite your faith.

70. I will leave you the book of my teachings, that you may tell the world, "Behold, here is that which the Master left as an inheritance. And truly, how many will believe when they hear the reading of my word, and how many sinners will be renewed! Take heed of all these teachings, lest the trials in your lives catch you unprepared.

71. You will continue to give healing balm throughout your life on earth, your word will be loving advice for children, youth and adults, and therefore, as today, people will ask for you, they will continue to ask for your help You will be called by the dying who seeks your help, and your words will be like a way or a beacon in the dying hour of the souls of men.

My peace be with you!

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