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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 322

1. I introduce you to another page of the book of my teaching, which is love and light for your soul. Blessed are you who truly hear your Master, for I am teaching you clearly and completely so that you may understand your purpose and the mission I have entrusted to your soul.

2. You come to study and understand my teachings, to pass them on to your fellow men, and although they sometimes rejected you, you did not feel hurt, but satisfied that you could answer their questions

3. You speak to Me in the innermost part of your heart to point out to Me the unbelief of your fellow men. But I tell you: When you have encountered the hearts like hard rocks, I will speak to them through their conscience so that they may feel the desire to be with me. Your assignment is to strive for the welfare of men by following the way which I have marked out for you, without measuring time or distance.

4. You will meet many mentally needy, sick and "slaves" whom you have to heal and liberate by breaking their chains and lovingly giving them my teaching. For the day will come when you will no longer hear my word, and then you are to remain behind as teachers so that you can train the coming generations.

5. With the sword of light you will be able to drive away darkness and break a breach to your fellow men. I want people in this third time to be able to have peace, concord and good will. From whom shall they receive the teachings for this? From my disciples, beloved people ─ from those who love me and never tire of being with me ─ who feel in the innermost part of their own heart.

6. Blessed are those who are always with Me and reject temptations by keeping away from the debaucheries of the world. Their spiritual eyes will see the eternal glory in the hereafter ─ the kingdom where the soul has to be at home.

7. In you I leave behind the teaching on union and brotherhood. Watch and pray so that temptation does not snatch away from you what I have entrusted ─ to you so that you may be the messengers and disciples who ─ when the time has come ─ will be sent from me to mankind. Once you are free from every materialization, clothed only with my love and with my light, you will hear my voice in your soul, you will recognize the voice of your shepherd, and then you will willingly climb the mountain like a sheep to reach the divine home.

8. Your Heavenly Mother is like a shepherd girl who follows your steps. Mary takes care of you in her lovely garden like roses and lilies, she gives you the fragrance so that you may be like flowers offering their essence to her Father.

9. In the Second Time I told you that I would be with you again. but now that I have fulfilled my promise to you, some have recognized Me and others have doubted My Presence Some of you have shed tears of joy because they have heard Me again and have seen Me with the eyes of their Spirit. I have heard those who have said to Me, "Master, if the sacrifice of my body were necessary, I would give it with all devotion and humility for the salvation of my soul and that of mankind.

10. I have entrusted you to my spiritual world of light so that it may be your advisor and protector ─ so that it may guide you on the way and assist you in the fulfillment of your mission. To those of you who have not understood me, I say: Do not doubt, because I have made myself known through men at all times. But I did not want to surprise them with my rallies, which is why I sent my messengers before. I have sent the pioneer to prepare the way and the heart of men.

11. During the year 1950 I will give you my last teachings, and I want you, before I finish my rallies through the human mind, to understand how you will look like my word of love, and how you are to spread it from heart to heart, from province to province, in all places of the earth where I was not heard and could not be felt at that time

12. You are strong souls full of love and light Do not become scribes and do not boast before men, because in your humility will be the grace and the light of your Father.

13. Let your eyes be full of cordiality, your science be that of love, your hands be caressed, your word be comfort to men, then the world will accept your example and no longer stir up the wars it has unleashed from century to century and from age to age.

14. Then my will and that of those who have laboured hard and shed many tears to achieve the union of mankind will be fulfilled. Then there will be no more distinctions of race or color. This is my promise to you.

15. Today every man believes to know the truth fully. Every religion claims to possess the truth. The scientists declare that they have found the truth. I tell you that no one knows the absolute truth, since man could not even grasp with his mind the part that has been revealed to him.

16. All men carry within themselves a part of the truth and errors, which they mix up with the light of truth.

17. The battle is drawing near, in which all these forces are fighting one another, since everyone wants to impose his world-view. But in the end it will not be the victory of a human ideology, nor of a scientific theory, nor of a religious creed that asserts itself, but the harmonious union of all good views, of all high-level beliefs, of all cult forms raised to the highest spirituality, of all sciences devoted to the service of true human progress.

18. I will allow people to speak and recite their beliefs, for others to publicly demonstrate their cult forms and rites, for discussion and combat, for scientists to spread their most advanced theories, for all that exists hidden in every Spirit to break open, come to light, and make itself known. Because near is the day of the reaper ─ that day, on which the conscience cuts off like an inexorable sickle everything with the root, which gives it in the heart of humans at wrong.

19. You, people, be awake and do not forget that I have announced this fight to you, so that you do not despair when you see men discussing passionately, when you are witnesses of how the religious communities are at war with one another, and how the Spirit fights with them.

20. Let the world be stirred up, let the storm break out and the fight break out, so that man may awaken and see in his awakening the light that he has long dreamed of admiring ─ so that the selfish people who have closed the gates of the way that leads to the knowledge of truth may descend from their high seats, their thrones and pedestals and let the crowds of people who hunger and thirst for the light of the Spirit pass through.

21. You will all have to seek my light, you will all have to seek a lighthouse to be able to recognize the path in the days of darkness ─ days of reflection and repentance, days of deep self-examination of your conscience, in which there will be no human creature who feels calm and can say that: I fear nothing, because I have always acted in the right way.

22. No, there will not be one who proclaims or thinks this, because conscience will make itself heard in every soul.

23. Only those who pray and repent will attain the purification of their soul. Only those who give up their vanities, their exercise of power over others, and their arrogance, will succeed in settling down in the lifeboat. For those who cling to their folly, who cling to their errors and their traditions ─ ready to maintain them until the end, despite the judgments and instructions of conscience ─ these will move against better knowledge towards the abyss of confusion and darkness, into which, according to the will of your Father, no one wants to fall.

24. This message of love and mercy, which I have brought to you at the right time for your salvation, you are to make known to mankind in time.

25. My message of wisdom has the task to unite men spiritually, to save them from the whirlwind of confusion, to rescue them from darkness when they have lost faith.

26. Only my word will have the power to stop those who are moving towards the abyss at breakneck speed, because it reveals everything, because it does not hesitate to unravel a mystery, because it is pervaded by the mercy and love of your Father.

27. Who but I could save all these men without faith in the higher life and without knowledge of my righteousness? Who really understood the meaning and origin of pain in their lives full of tribulations, oppression and fears? How few masters and leaders of mankind I see! What do people know about the Spirit? They only deal with the human side, without being able to discover what is beyond earthly needs and worries. Therefore, people ─ disappointed by the fact that they cannot find a satisfactory answer to their questions either in the sciences or in the religions ─ has dedicated itself to the task of seeking the truth of its own accord. Some come closer to the path, while others, due to their low spiritualization, make new errors their own.

28. People who have drunk one cup of suffering after another in their lives tell Me: "Lord, why is there no one who can explain to us the reason for our pain, so that a faith may burn within us that helps us to bear the burden of our cross?

29 To these children I, as a heavenly balm, let my light reach their minds and my encouragement their hearts For I have infinite possibilities to reach every creature.

30. Ah, if only all could understand to ask me, if only all would pray spiritually, if only all would be interested in getting to know the truth! Verily, I tell you, they would receive what they longed for. For no one has sought who has not found ─ no one has knocked at my door to whom it would not have been opened.

31. A trace of humility on your way. Do not let pride penetrate your heart, because you think you are the only ones with spiritual knowledge.

32. Always be aware that you are all the same before me, that you all had the same origin and all have the same goal, even if outwardly every fate shows itself differently.

33. Never forget that all of you must reach Me, which means that all of you ─, although in different ways ─ must render the necessary merits to reach the greatest spiritual height. Therefore, never consider anyone as inferior.

34. In the spiritualist vanity must never take root. On the other hand, genuine modesty should always be his companion, then his deeds, instead of dazzling with false light, will find resonance in the hearts of his fellow men.

35. You shall take up your cross with love ─ not as one takes up a duty, not with the thought that if you do not do it, evil will befall you in life ─ no, it shall not be done for fear of my righteousness. You are psychologically developed enough to demand ─ from yourselves ─ as I am doing ─ that your fulfillment of my law is done out of love for your fellow men, and that this feeling is inspired by the love for me.

36. Leave behind you the times in which men did not repent of their transgressions out of remorse for having hurt Me, but out of fear of eternal damnation, as men had imagined it.

37. Remove from your heart the idea that you can postpone your repentance until the last moment, trusting in the mercy of God, and remember that the only thing your soul will reap in that moment of judgment will be what it has sown throughout its existence on earth Its harvest or its fruits will be the development, the progress, the upliftment that it has obtained through the life that was entrusted to it.

38. How different is the spiritual reality from all that men have imagined! Neither is my righteousness as you believe, nor is divine punishment what you call it, nor is heaven as you think, nor is it as easily and quickly attained as you imagine it to be, nor is spiritual atonement as you say, nor is temptation a spiritual being.

39. You must study the divine revelations which I have given you at all times, you must understand the figurative language in which has been spoken to you, you must in this way make your spiritual senses sensitive so that you may know which is the word of God and which is the word of men, so that you may discover the meaning of my teachings.

40. Only from a spiritual point of view will you be able to find the correct and truthful interpretation of my word ─ both that which I sent to you through the prophets and that which I bequeathed to you through Jesus or this word which I give to you through the intermediary of the mouthpieces of the Third Age.

41. Once this mankind has found the true meaning of the law, of teaching, of prophecies and revelations, it will have discovered the most beautiful and deepest things concerning its existence.

42. Then shall men know true righteousness, and their heart shall divine true heaven; then shall you also know what atonement, purification, and reparation is.

43. Today you are still covered with the veil of ignorance, which you have not dared to tear in your earthly materialism and religious fanaticism full of false fears and prejudices. Therefore, when your life is beset by a trial, and you cannot find a clear reason for it, you cry out, "What have I done to be punished like this," not knowing that my justice sometimes takes centuries ─ and even millennia. But my justice always comes, and even if it seems to come too late or inappropriate, it is certain that it always manifests itself in a wise way.

44. My spiritual teaching has various purposes or tasks: one is to comfort the soul in its banishment and make it understand that the God who created it awaits it eternally in His kingdom of peace. Another is to let her know how many gifts and abilities she can have at her disposal to achieve her salvation and her elevation or perfection.

45. This Word brings the message of spiritualization, which opens men's eyes so that they may see reality face to face, which they believe they can find only in what they see, in what they touch, or in what they prove with their human science, without realizing that in doing so they call the transitory "reality" and misjudge and deny the eternal, where the true reality exists.

46. Let this message go from nation to nation, from house to house, leaving behind their seeds of light, comfort and peace, so that men may pause for a few moments and give their Spirit a rest, which is indispensable for him to reflect and remember that every moment may be that of his return to the spiritual world, and that on his works and his seed in the world depends the fruit which he will reap upon his arrival in the Spiritual Life

47. Today I meet you sorrowful, dejected and without hope, and you tell Me in your prayer that life has deprived you of its favor for a long time The Master tells you that these times you are going through are those which the prophets of the first times announced and later confirmed "the Divine Word" to His people. But even if it is true that you empty a very bitter cup, know that your pain will not be useless if you know how to bear it lovingly and patiently.

It was necessary that men would reach this point where pain would penetrate and haunt all the fibers of their being, so that they would awaken from the deep sleep in which their soul lives and begin a life of self-determination in which they would pay their Creator the tribute and recognition they owe Him.

48. For a long time already I have been damming up their freedom of will, thus showing them that the time of reflection and good action has come, so that they do not continue to suffer and throw themselves into chaos I wanted to avoid their fall by advising and warning them, but they have been deaf to my words. But I will continue to call this so beloved humanity, to call them to improvement and to honor in all their actions until I have made them a worthy disciple of my teachings.

49. I have returned to you as I promised to you to comfort you and give you hope in your tribulations. But not only this, but to enlighten you, that you may take great steps in the spiritual path. I have given you the teaching that you need precisely in these moments of confusion, which you have been longing for, to heal your wounds and to experience the saving way.

50. I have prepared everything so that you may accomplish a great work and at the end of it come to Me calmly, satisfied and at peace with Me and with your fellow men. In that moment of communion with my Spirit I will not demand any tribute from you; your merits will therefore be not for me but for yourselves, and what you offer me I will give back to you as blessings and benefactions without end with interest.

51. Recognize how much I love you. If you want still more proofs of your father's love, ask, and I will grant it to you, since my love is inexhaustible. If you want to test my patience, my yielding, do this also. But after you have received, after your recognition of this, do to your fellow men what I have done to you.

52. Forgive as often as you may be offended. Do not even consider the number of times you must forgive. Your destiny is so high that you must not get caught in these footsteps of the way; for very great tasks await you further ahead. Your soul should always be ready for love, understanding and goodness so that you may ascend to higher levels. Just as in past times many of your brothers and sisters wrote beautiful pages into the Eternal Book of the Spirit with their works, so you shall continue this history in their succession, as an example and for the joy of the new generations that will come to earth.

53. Be strong, for you are currently going through times of trial. Every creature ─ from the infant who has barely opened his eyes to the light of this world to the old man bent by the burden of years ─ suffers a trial, a process of reparation. But I give you my power, my influence, so that you may go through these trials with faith and peace of mind, which will make you invulnerable to pain.

54. There will be a struggle of worldviews, and the faith and conviction of both the one and the other will be put to the test. But those who have built their work on quicksand will see it collapse because its foundations were not firm. At this time the strong will have to support the weak. Those who have not been able to pray or penetrate the truth of my teachings will weep over their ignorance, their neediness and their lack of merit. Many of them, however, are innocent because they have not had a real leader, and shepherds like sheep will shed tears because of their uncertainty and confusion.

55. You, people who have been appointed by Me to exercise your influence on this world, you shall watch and pray for their peace and salvation. You shall spread your wings to cover mankind in these hours of danger and fear.

56. Therefore I have taught you to pray from Spirit to Spirit and have removed every symbol or allegory of my divinity. You have built a temple within you, and from there you love and glorify Me.

I have taught you respect for the beliefs of your fellow men and have trained you like a sentry who lives vigilantly to defend the faith of those who are weakened in that battle which is already approaching. Then, when you have finished your mission, you will be able to tell Me with satisfaction: "Our Father, we fight with the sword that does not wound, with love and good will. We pronounce the divine word, we call upon the people to pray to You. We bring consolation to those who suffer, convert to goodness those who have broken the law. We raise up men and women who in their ignorance did not know what to do, and awaken their faith and trust in You, and since then they love us and follow us. And I will receive you as soldiers of my cause and give you the reward you have earned.

57. My work will spread in the earth. The "first" will be joined by others, and after that by others, because it is written that man will rise above his present state in the desire for his spiritual perfection.

58. How much you must fight to prepare the earth so that I may let my kingdom of peace come down to men!

59. Pray and reflect on my words, then you will discover that they contain an ocean of love I have spoken to you through the limited mind of man, and this, even with all the preparation, does not have the sense to express the reason that my teaching contains. Enter into it with the soul so that you may understand with greater clarity than with the heart or limited mind of your human being. Since my work of the Second Age has appeared to you magnificently, you will also recognize my coming at this time as a proof of your Father's infinite love.

60. The more you perfect yourselves, the nearer you will see the goal. You do not know whether you are only one step away from your salvation or whether you still have a long way to go. I only tell you that you should be willingly and obediently guided by this word, which is the voice of my Divine Spirit. Beware of breaking the law, of committing the same mistake again and again. Take heed of this call, which is an invitation to mend ─ a request that your Father makes to you because I do not want to see you live on earth in vain and then weep over your disobedience.

61. Work unceasingly for your progress, and you will experience that those trials which make you suffer today and whose meaning you have not understood are for your good and will fill your being with peace and joy. They are wise trials I am sending you to purify and steel your soul in the struggle, just as I have worked on so many beings whom you love and venerate today, whose strength of soul and tested virtue you acknowledge. It is your brothers and sisters who have passed over this world and have left a trace of purity and holiness. I want you to unite with them and follow them. For your destiny is the same, you are all great in my eyes, all worthy of you, and I want to see you dwell in the world of peace that inhabits it.

My peace be with you! 

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