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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 87:

1. I like to surprise you in the most unexpected way, to put your heart's faith to the test I like to test your strength of soul, so that you can set an example to your brothers. In your Spirit lives the seed of Jacob, whom I called Israel, which means "strong". That patriarch was subjected to severe tests by Me to give great examples of strength of soul. I sent an angel to fight with him, but the strong arm of this man could not be defeated. From that time on I called him Israel, and under this name he became known to posterity. But if I would ask you What have you done with that spiritual seed that Jacob gave you? Would you understand My question, and would you know the answer? On your way My angels appeared to fight against your faults, but you did not receive them. The beings of darkness have found you unprepared and you have been weak against them.

2. I ask you again: where is the sword of Jacob, his zeal and his strength?

3. I have granted you the presence of the beings of light in your earthly life, that they may protect you, help you, and inspire you. They, who are more advanced than you, descend to fulfill a mission of love, the mission of sowing good deeds and healing balm among their brothers. The beings of darkness or the erring souls involuntarily fulfill the task of testing men for their faith, virtue and perseverance for good. And when they are finally defeated by the strength of soul and perseverance in the good of the one they have tried, they receive enlightenment and are reborn to life and love.

4. Disciples, I have given you sensitivity so that you may perceive the presence of your spiritual brothers. He who does not possess the gift of the spiritual face has that of revelation or his brain is enabled to receive the spiritual world, or at least he has the gift of presentiment; but you have lacked love to develop your gifts. That is why I advise you to live vigilantly so that you may hear the voice of the shepherd and of the guards protecting you, the lamentation of the sheep or the creeping of the wolf lurking in the undergrowth.

5. Do not sleep in this time of ambushes and dangers, of abysses and temptations. Understand that anyone who has a spiritual gift or mission to give spiritual light will be continually besieged and persecuted. I do not come to arouse prejudice or superstition among my people. I come to strengthen your faith in the existence of the spiritual and to open your eyes to the eternal. Then you can look far beyond material things and understand that not everything that exists in the hereafter is shrouded in light; for even in the invisible there is darkness, which must be dissolved, and imperfections, which must be transformed into sublime spirituality.

6. The teaching I have given you so that in your life you may succeed in drawing the light upon you, which transforms darkness into brightness, teaches you to pray and to watch with faith and perseverance in good.

7. A man who has fallen into a sinful life is able to draw behind him a whole legion of beings of darkness, which will cause him to leave a trail of evil influences in his path.

8. The world has lost its way with its science in such a way that today it cannot return of its own accord to the beginnings of its evolutionary path, because it is not able to distinguish truth from lie for lack of faith, of love, and because it does not know the meaning of its existence; therefore I was born again. Blessed are those who hear me because they will understand me, follow me and find salvation. I will give them the strength to restore all that which they have desecrated or destroyed.

9. People, abide steadfastly in My teaching, and truly, I tell you, three generations after yours, the soul of your descendants will have reached a great spiritualization Seek true exaltation, and after that all mankind will do it; for your world is not condemned to be forever a valley of tears, a land of sin, a hell of fornication and war. The "Day of the Lord" is already with you, My sword of righteousness will strike corruption. What will happen when I destroy the evil seed, vice and arrogance, and instead offer protection to the seed of peace, concord, renewal and true faith in Me? The world will have to change, man will change once his spiritual devotion to God and his life are better.

10. The time will come when men will appear who truly love my law, who know how to unite the spiritual law with that of the world, i.e., eternal power with temporal power. It will not happen to enslave the spirits as in past times, but to show them the way to the light, which is the true freedom of the Spirit. Then morality will return to the bosom of families, there will be real places of education and spirituality in your customs and habits. It will be the time when conscience will let its voice be heard and when My children will communicate with My divinity from Spirit to Spirit, when the races will merge. All this will be decisive for the disappearance of many differences and disputes; for until now, although your world is so small, you have not been able to live together as one family, you have not been able to offer Me a uniform form of worship. Old Babel condemned you to this separation of peoples and races, but the erection of My spiritual temple in the heart of men will free you from this atonement and make you truly love one another.

11. Do not think that I have chosen this nation only at the last hour for My new rallies Everything was planned from eternity. This soil, this race, your souls were prepared by Me, just as the time of My presence was also predetermined by My will.

12. I chose to begin My rallies among the poorest, among those who kept the mind and Spirit pure. Then I allowed all to come to me, for at my table there are neither differences nor favors. My Word sent down to this people was simple and humble in form, accessible to you, but its meaning full of clarity was deep for your Spirit because, although I am the repository of all knowledge, I always express and rallies in a simple and clear way. I am not a secret to anyone, the secret and the mystery are children of your ignorance.

13. Is there also in this time the Thomas with doubts in his heart? What else do you expect to see and hear in order to believe? Do you want Christ to become man again to live among you? Give me back the body sacrificed on the cross, which you took from me, and I promise you to return as man. Can you do this? No. I, on the other hand, have found you dead for the light and faith and have raised you spiritually. You had lost your body in the bowels of the earth, and I gave you a new one. Only I can perform these miracles, but truly, I tell you, the life which you snatched from Jesus on Calvary has spread like a dew of eternal life over all mankind.

14. This is why I tell you that you are My Temple, that sanctuary that exists in your Spirit and where I seek your adoration, where I want My Voice to echo your voice, where My Altar shall rise and I can dwell forever

15. All My teaching and My law are nothing but a preparation to enter into the spiritual life How many of those who have heard Me during this time are already living in the Hereafter, full of joy in their Spirit, because they had no difficulties in their passage into that infinite world, while many people, skeptical in their materialism, smile ironically when they are addressed to the Spirit. But the hour of death will come, in which there is no heart that does not fear, nor a Spirit that does not tremble in the face of the imminent presence of eternity.

16. Watch and pray forever, that this life that vibrates above you and stirs in the depths of your being may find you prepared.

17. No one but I can preserve your soul, because I am the divine manna of life

18. Mankind, wake up from the deep sleep you are in and look truth in the face, how many human dreams are being destroyed in this time under the influence of My righteousness But after that the dawn of a new time will shine for men, in which I will reveal new lights to them, which will bring them to the knowledge of the highest truth.

19. New generations and new spirits will come to earth to fulfill a high mission, and when they then discover in their way the goodness and the example which their predecessors left them, they will succeed in letting a pure seed sprout from their hearts, which will be a blessing for my disciples of the time of spiritualization and light.

20. The nations have been afflicted by My righteousness and so will yours; but verily I tell you, if My disciples remain firm in faith and goodness, they will not perish, because through their prayers and works of love they will obtain forgiveness for mankind

21. The world was neither able nor willing to feel Me as long as it was at peace, so it must perceive Me through pain; for it is only in trials that man turns to the Creator with his petitions, remembers his Father and knows how to appreciate His benefits and acknowledge His wonders

22. Understands: When my justice strikes you, at the same time my love protects you.

23. It was necessary that a spiritual chaos should descend upon mankind so that in this struggle you might see the gifts I have bequeathed to your Spirit appear and that you might be able to fathom and understand My divine teachings

24. To you who have heard My Voice in this time, I am enjoining you to be like protectors, to be vigilant so that the purity of this divine inspiration is not profaned by anyone who wishes to defile it Do not form rites or idolatrous cults around these revelations, for then you would not offer me the spiritual veneration I expect from you.

25. Love Me in your neighbor and pray with the Spirit, only this I demand of you, and if you follow these teachings, you will offer Me perfect worship through your deeds.

26. No one who calls himself a disciple of this spiritual teaching complains to the Father about being poor in his material life and lacking many of the comforts which others have in abundance, or about suffering want and deprivation. These complaints are born of the material nature, which, as you know, has only one existence. Your Spirit has no right to speak to its Father in this way, nor to be dissatisfied or to quarrel with its own fate, for all souls have passed through the whole ladder of experiences, joys and human satisfactions in their long journey of development over the earth.

27. The spiritualization of souls has begun a long time ago; this pain and poverty, which your heart struggles to bear and suffer, helps you to do so. Every spiritual and material good has a meaning which you must recognize so that you do not deny the value of either one or the other.

28. The good spiritualist will be the one who, in spite of all the poverty of material goods, will feel rich and happy as Lord because he knows that His Father loves him, that he has brothers to love and that the treasures of the world are secondary to the riches of the Spirit. A good spiritualist will also be one who, as the owner of material goods, knows how to use them for good purposes and uses them as means given to him by God to fulfill an important mission on earth.

29. It is not necessary to be poor, despised or wretched to be among those who follow Me, just as it is not necessary to be among those who suffer to be loved by Me. In truth, I tell you that according to my will you should always be strong, healthy and owner of all that I have created for you.

30. When will you know how to be owners of your heritage, to appreciate every grace and give everything its rightful place in life?

31. See how far men have strayed from the way of truth; yet, in My omnipotence, all means are at My disposal to make them return to it This work I will accomplish in one day, but not in a day like that which the sun determines through the course of its light over the earth, but in a spiritual day, which will be overshone by the light of My divine Spirit and in which I, the Good Shepherd, will also continue to guard your steps on the long pilgrimage. Do you not believe that it causes pain to My Spirit as Father when you stray from the way which I marked for you with blood as proof of My infinite love? Return, return to the way, beloved little sheep, for on it you will reach the hurdle of peace.

32. Come to Me, crowds of people, but come united Let there be neither divisions nor divisions in My people, for you must give the world an example of brotherhood and unity.

33. "I have more to give you than what you ask Me for", I have often told you and I ask you: do you think that those Spirits who first inhabited the earth could already imagine all the wonders of nature that surrounded them in their earthly existence? Those beings were eager to know, to create, to recognize, to possess a free will, but they never imagined that this life held such glory.

34. Now that you have lived (for a long time) in this world, which you have transformed from a paradise into a valley of tears, you wish to return to the Spiritual Life, and you ask Me that in this Hereafter there will be no lack of light and peace for your Spirit, without considering that I will not only give you this, but will reveal to you many secrets and show you the Source of Life, from where you will spiritually see, understand and love the work of your Father. Then you will comprehend that the material creation with all its perfections is but a reflection or a symbol of the glorious and eternal spiritual life.

35. Today you ask Me only for a little peace and a spark of light; but when you once see yourselves surrounded by the splendor of Spiritual Life, after you have left your body in the bosom of the earth, you will remember that on earth I told you: "The Father has more to give to His children than what they ask Him for". But do not forget that you must ascend the ladder of heaven that leads the Spirit to the level of perfection, and that it will be your effort and your love that will lead you to the summit where your merits will make you worthy of the high reward I promise you.

36. My light shines in the organ of the voice bearer's mind and becomes the human word The "neck" of these organs of understanding, through which I speak to men, is unruly; their hearts are hard and their lips clumsy; still, when my light touches them, when my ray of light reaches their intellect, then the sentences they speak are heavenly food for those who hunger for love and truth, are balm and consolation for those who come pervaded by suffering, and are a book of divine light for those who love wisdom.

37. Eat and drink, I tell your Spirit; in this time there is bread and wine on the table: the bread is My word and the wine is its spiritual content.

38. Eat and drink, for from the end of the year 1950 ye shall hear no more this word. Take advantage of these years when you are still receiving My rallies because when the hour comes you will not hear Me in this way again and you will weep bitterly trying to get Me to grant you another period of teaching; but I tell you in advance: if the word of a king is not taken back - imagine how much more this applies to the word of a god!

39. My Will will be done, for the royal star would cease to shine or heaven and earth would pass away, rather than My Will no longer be fulfilled

40. You will have much to do after I have taken My word from you All that which you have not now exercised or could not fulfill, you will have to do in those days.

41. Your needy brethren will seek you out, and you shall not hide yourselves. Your heart shall be a source of charity and mercy to the needy, and you shall seek Me in the highest realm of your thinking where you will receive divine inspirations.

42. You will not be free from trials, but these will serve you to steel your spirit and to show men of little faith your submission (in God's will) and your spiritual elevation.

43. Blessed are those who with meekness and devotion follow My will, for in them will be the gifts of peace, wisdom, and spiritualization.

44. Today I seek those who have not understood the meaning of life, those who do not know what the truth is, the weak, who fail in every undertaking, in every project, in every step And I tell them: Come to hear this word, and you will feel strengthened as you never were. Faith will give you an invincible power, and the knowledge of my teaching will give you a light that will never go out.

45. None of those who wake up like this will sink again into lethargy or stop on the path of development. Whoever sees this light will be able to say that my voice has always called him and that my presence has revealed itself to him on every step of the path of life so that he can never again, even at a critical moment, claim that he has lacked the light.

46. Blessed are those who, without fear of the world, strive to bring this light to their brothers, so as to spread the truth and sow peace They will know the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

47. The freedom of will, which you have often used to take a wrong path, will be beset by my justice; but the time will come when you will fully enjoy this gift and it will serve you to do only works worthy of your Father

48. Crowds of people, have faith in me, and there will be no storm to scatter you For virtue protects those who raise their thoughts in the heights of heaven.

49. In the hereafter I have a home (for you); to dwell there will be like reading a book full of inexhaustible wonders for the Spirit. As long as you are guests on earth, live as well as you can and always obey the commandments of My law. Be pure and strive for perfection, beauty, goodness; be useful to your neighbors. In this way you will gather the values which, when you detach yourselves from matter, will accompany your soul in the transition to eternity.

50. Be aware of your gifts, discover your powers, understand your mission, and then come without haste on the way to where My love as Father awaits you to give you your reward

51. Now that the crowds of people, as in the Second Age, are longing for My Word, there are among them some souls who have heard My Word in both eras It may seem to them different in form, in wording, when they compare it to what I gave through the mouth of Jesus; but truly, I tell you, its meaning is the same and will never change. My Word shows you the way I have offered you at all times - a way I want your Spirit to shine through the light your Master sends out.

52. The habitual course of your life will suddenly be whipped by violent storms, but thereafter the light of a star will shine in infinity, the rays of which will give the peace, light, and rest that the Spirit incarnate needs to contemplate eternity.

53. Feel My presence, I am close, very close to the heart of this humanity. I speak to it so that it may awaken from its deep sleep, and persistently I enlighten the path of every being so that it may set out on its way in desire for My mercy.

54. My manifestations and my proofs among men will be so clear and radiant in this time that they will cry out, "It is the Lord! Just as in that time when I walked as man on earth, men cried out in amazement in the face of My great works: "He is the Son of God!

55. Again the dumb will speak, the blind will see, the lame will walk, and the dead will rise. These miracles will happen for some in the spiritual and for others also in the material; I will amaze scientists, and when they ask those who have experienced such great miracles how they have achieved this, they will answer them every time that it was done through prayer and faith.

56. The rumors of all these miracles, and the tangible testimonies of their truth, will be known from all parts of the world, both in the great cities and in the smaller villages. Then the hardened hearts of the people who are insensitive to spiritual rallies will begin to feel My presence until the moment comes when a cry of faith and rejoicing will break out from their hearts, because they will understand that Christ has returned to men and that He is present in every heart.

57. I have manifested Myself through your intellect to bequeath to you the Book of My Messages and My Divine Revelations to be given to mankind at the right time For in this heavenly message, which I send to the world through your mediation, men will be able to find the explanation of many secrets, which they were not able to understand.

58. Do not set out as ambassadors of my teaching if you have not clearly grasped it, and if you cannot bear witness to the love for your fellow men through your works, for then you would not bear good fruit. You would be like those disciples who pray for the peace of the nations, but who are not able to make peace in their own homes.

59. Difficult is the mission of the multitudes who have heard the Word of the Lord in the Third Age, because they must carry this message in their hearts with the purity with which I have given it, since its light for mankind must be like that star of the East that led the astrologers and the shepherds into the presence of their Lord

60. Quench your thirst with the crystal clear water of this inexhaustible spring; its freshness will help you to carry your cross with patience and consent

61. I am the life that constantly reveals itself to your Spirit; but remember: just as you carry life within you, so death, which puts an end to the ways of men on earth, goes along with every human creature.

62. The Master tells you this so that you may not let the hours, days, and years pass without creating something that your Spirit can reap tomorrow, when the hour has come for him to reap his harvest.

63. Great faith, courage, and presence of spirit are needed by men in this time of judgment, so that they may not succumb in the great trials. This is what I want to spread on earth with my teaching to nourish the hope of mankind. The time of judgment has come, in which you, if you were to observe, would see the light rise amidst pain and sin.

64. Material and spiritual forces are driving mankind about; they all speak of judgment, and they make the ponderous and illiterate man tremble as much as they dismay the scientist.

65. The legions of souls that wander aimlessly around the world, knocking in various ways at the doors of men's hearts, are often voices that want to tell you to awaken, to open your eyes to reality, to repent of your mistakes and renew yourselves so that later, when you leave your body in the bosom of the earth, you will not have to weep as they do your loneliness, your ignorance and your materialism. Recognize in this how even darkness gives rise to light, because no leaf of the tree moves without my will; likewise, those spiritual manifestations, which are becoming more and more from day to day, will eventually flood men in such a way that they will finally defeat the skepticism of mankind.

66. Christ, who caused the earth-bound souls to come out of the possessed and who manifested His divine power by making them obey Him, has always been in the Father, and from there He commands and effects His will in each of these beings. In doing so, he makes use of the light of some and sometimes even the confusion of others to carry out his wise counsel in the destiny of his much beloved children.

My peace be with you!

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