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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 96:

1. Feed yourselves on My word, which is the bread of the Spirit But for this bread really to reach your hearts, it is necessary that you free yourselves, even if only for a few moments, from everything that binds you to this world. You all know the way to rise up to Me, and yet I see you crying frequently because you feel unworthy, not knowing that this crying purifies and prepares you to come to Me.

2. In My words you will find eternal life for your soul Fathom it, and in it you will discover divine essence, love and power, which I radiate to the universe.

3. Pupils and disciples, recognize how close I am to you. But if you know this - why then are there occasions when you call me with despair because you believe that I do not hear you? Your lack of understanding is the reason why I have to repeat My teachings for you.

4. I want you already now to obtain the spiritualization necessary to feel My Presence and when you no longer hear Me in this mediation and find these places where you come together seemingly empty and abandoned, prayer in silence, the exaltation of your Spirit, should be enough for you to feel My Presence and be filled with My Spirit

.5. Blessed are those who learn to lift themselves up to Me, for they will receive from infinity the inspiration that will lead them on the path marked out by My teachings With what rejoicing the lips of the inspired will open to bear witness to My presence to their brothers and sisters.

6. When My word is no longer to be heard through the human intellect, the voice of the unleashed forces of nature will speak to men and testify to the event that this divine manifestation meant

7. Even then, when my ray of light was about to descend to the human organ of understanding, nature was shaken and the unleashed elements made men tremble, awakened the nations and astonished scientists.

8. Do not forget My indications, so that in the days of your armament you will not be afraid of the trials to which mankind will be subjected Your task is to pray, to interiorize yourselves and to exercise love, the only merits by which this people will save itself from the storms, and by its works of love the other peoples will receive comfort.

9. Although My Word caresses your Spirit, it does not lull you to sleep, on the contrary, it awakens you to a higher life Approach Me by the way of pure thoughts, do not allow the flesh to tempt you to feed on sensual pleasures or pleasures, then you will have taken a firm step towards spiritualization.

10. I have spoken many things in the wilderness of your hearts without My voice echoing in the Spirit of My people Now that I speak to you through these voice bearers, you are to pay attention to the word that comes from their lips if you believe in Me and want to obtain peace.

11. No one is surprised that I seek him when he strays, nor that I follow his steps in the paths of the world, for you are Mine, the work of My inspiration as Father Have you not already imagined how beautiful it will be when children will one day seek and love their Father in the same way that He loves them? How different then your life will be, and how close you will feel Me to your heart!

12. My Word has always been loving, unchanging in the forgiveness and mercy I have shown you. I know that you will lift yourselves up for renewal with a firm resolution and that you will return to Me all that I have entrusted to you with the purity with which you received it. This is why I let you hear My word of God and give you innumerable signs of My love for you.

13. The time of righteousness in which you live is equal to the pain which indicates the beginning of your purification.

14. Remember that I have prophesied to you a war of the religious communities, and that I have announced to you a battle of the doctrines of faith Verily, I say to you, the battle has already begun. Which ones will reach their goal? No one knows, but I tell you, not man will win, in this battle the truth will win. I want you to prepare yourselves like good soldiers, so that you may know how to defend this My cause.

15. Today you come here to seek food for your Spirit and you seek to make the flesh submit and renounce useless satisfactions. You come as good and attentive disciples, which is why you put your senses to rest and allow the Spirit to lift up to Me in loving and reverent prayer. I receive you, console you and enliven you.

16. Here are many of those who in other times were teachers of the law or scientists. Now their minds have awakened to spiritual knowledge, and they are convinced that they will not find the highest truth in limited human knowledge.

17. Here are those who were mighty and rich on earth in other times, and who have now come to know poverty and lowliness. I bless them for their surrender and their desire for perfection. This is a proof of my loving justice, since I let them come to earth again to show them another page of the book of eternal wisdom.

18. Mankind lives in a chaos from which it cannot free itself. It needs help, and I am always ready to give it to it. I expect from it only a word, a short prayer or a moment of repentance, then I illuminate its path and transform this world of darkness into a valley of peace, in which man feels himself to be the owner of the life I have granted him.

19. Your task is not limited to saving your soul. You must help those who have lost their way to find their way again. At every opportunity I remind you of this task. When will you begin to spiritualize? When will you do my will? When you use this time and carry My word in your hearts without adding foreign ideas to your faith convictions, when you rise to Me with purity, you will clearly receive the spiritual inspiration that will nourish you and will cause all who are around you to attain grace and peace in their hearts.

20. The year 1950 is very near, and indeed, I tell you, the lives of My disciples will be transformed After this date you will see the forces of nature unleashed and men will rise in wars of ideas, sciences and doctrines. When this happens, the confusion and pain will become so great that you will desire that My word will again be heard through the human organ of mind; but I have already told you that this rallies will not be repeated. Your task is to prepare yourselves for the coming trials and to encourage your fellow men.

21. Be vigilant, for in that time false Christs, false Elijahs and prophets will appear, and the gullible will be in danger because they will not know the truth from deceit. Just then you are to speak without restraint and affirm my words, and you are to prove yourselves to be children of the people who were taught by me in this third time.

22. To this nation will come men and women from all places of the earth, longing for testimonies of My renewed coming, and My Work, embodied in My disciples, will receive them like a loving mother

23. Learn from Me as much as you can so that tomorrow you may become teachers of your fellow men. Your activity of love and selflessness will be the best remembrance of me and the best testimony that you give of my words. Strengthen your Spirit on my teachings and you will find that as long as faith is there, there can be no tiredness, fear or despondency. Accomplishment and effort will be your support.

24. In the Second Time I chose twelve disciples, and without asking who asked them to follow, they felt the call in their Spirit and left everything behind to follow My trail. In the same way I chose you to prepare you and to call others through your mediation.

25. Watch that your works make you worthy and that you feel yourselves enabled to lead your fellow men. Do not forget that one blind man cannot lead another blind man. If men need light, give it to them and lead them by the hand like younger brothers and sisters. Heal one another, so that you may later heal your neighbor. Be strong in your struggle and give strength to the weak.

26. I give you the necessary time so that you can accomplish the work I am entrusting you with. Men and women, work for the spiritual advancement of mankind. Every one of your thoughts, every one of your works will remain written down, and I will cause every seed of love to become fruitful. Leave it to me to judge your works, and do not make known the activity of love which you practice when you want to receive a reward. Do not seek honors, nor vassals, nor any payment. Be humble, merciful, and unselfish, and I will praise you.

27. If it is My will to make you owners of earthly goods, I grant them to you, so that you may share them with your needy brothers and sisters, with those who have no fortune or support, with the weak and the sick. But many of those who have nothing on earth can let you share their spiritual goods.

28. If you who have received My word do not speak of this truth, the simple and uneducated will speak. Be aware that this teaching has been entrusted to you so that you may spiritually bring salvation to many people who have succumbed to the burden of discouragement and bitterness left in them by the war or battle that every man inwardly fights.

29. Pray truly, beloved people, do not be content to praise My divinity with beautiful words. Love your fellow men and stand up for the peace of the nations.

30. This people, whom I have taught since the beginning of times, cannot get rid of its spiritual mission. They are to be leaders, prophets and messengers among men. To him I have revealed the perfect worship of Me, and today they have the opportunity to complete the building of the temple that was assigned to them from the beginning.

31. I have removed it from every corrupting influence so that it may receive My divine revelation in all its sincerity. Only the Master's teaching and the sweet voice of Mary shall be heard in the sanctuary which My people are presently building in the depths of their Spirit.

32. At all times I have granted spiritual revelations to My children. In every age I have manifested myself in different forms, and in each of these ages I have also encountered men on a different spiritual level. Today, I have surprised them while they have fallen into a material, selfish, and scientific existence, and their souls have materialized without recognizing the value of spiritual gifts.

33. Man of this time is fighting in his innermost being the greatest spiritual battle that men have ever experienced, because their scientific progress and their intellectual unfolding are in contradiction with the development that their Spirit has attained. They refuse to hear the voice of their conscience and try to stifle their impulses for liberation without being aware that they live in a time of atonement and judgment.

34. Open your eyes, beloved people, and understand that I have destined you to be the light of the world, and therefore you must not let yourself be carried away by the passions through which others are subjugated, and you must not lose yourself among the crowds of people who go blindly through life.

35. You tell Me that in a time like this it is difficult to attain spiritualization in a life like the present one But I tell you that it is not impossible, and that the effort you make to get free from evil and devote yourselves to a prudent and uplifting life is very meritorious.

36. In this battle those will win who expel from their hearts the fear of the judgment and criticism of others; and those will rise spiritually who forget themselves to serve their neighbor.

37. I, the Master, the Father, have come down to your Spirit through this Light, and for this reason you have called this revelation spiritualism. So when you are asked what spiritualism means, you are told that it is the teaching revealed in the Third Age by the divine Master: the teaching of spiritualization.

38. But if you are asked what spiritualization is, say that it is exaltation of thoughts, purity of works and words, exalted and generous life.

39. As students of this teaching, you should frequently ask yourselves whether you make an effort to rightly call yourselves spiritualists. To help you in this work, I have given you My light because you are the ones commissioned to build the spiritual temple of My divinity. Through your cooperation you will form the temple: Some will be the foundations through their steadfastness; those who reach greater maturity will be the walls; others will be the temple steps with their activity of love; and still others will resemble the bells with their gift of the word, which summon men with their ringing. Some will symbolize by their inspiration high towers and domed roofs of meeting places; and there are those who, by their love for people, are like gates that are always open to the needy, the thirsty, the sick, the misunderstood.

40. This temple will be completed when the harmony among my disciples has become truth. Its base will be on earth, and its domes will touch the heavens. Once it is firmly established, you will find it throughout the universe. Have confidence in this work and work without ceasing.

41. No one separates himself from the task entrusted to him, lest his sanctuary lack strength. You must all strive to achieve the same realization so that this temple may be built with your spiritualization.

42. Watch and pray. Love one another in truth, lest pride take hold of your heart; for this is the seed that destroys humility and mercy. Beware that the same thing does not happen to you as to the builders of Babylon, whom their pride destroyed. Remember that the bad seed was the cause of the division of those people. The tower remained unfinished, and the confusion of the tribes was so great that they were divided into peoples who are still living separately today.

43. A single light has fallen upon you: that of My Spirit, which is like a shining beacon and a first impulse for your unification and your harmony

44. Take as light for your conduct the experience of the first peoples. Reflect on their trials and take advantage of their example. Build up and work, today in the flesh and tomorrow in the Spirit, and continue in this way until you have all entered the temple of truth through the gates of love.

45. Let no one want to deviate even one step from the way laid down by my law, because you will bitterly lament every lost moment, every stumble, every mistake

46. The Master expects His disciples of the Third Age to follow His footsteps as well as those who bore witness to Me in the past. To you who listen to Me, I say: do not wait until you are in Spirit to begin your task. Since I have spoken to you now that you dwell on earth, this is a sign that you have a destiny to fulfill on this home. In this fulfillment, your greatest struggle will be with yourselves. But when you use your abilities, you will have overcome your weaknesses, and everything else will then be easy for you.

47. When this people are united and prepared, Elijah will proclaim to mankind the resurrection of the Lord's people. Think now how great your struggle will be to make your life a teaching and a teaching for mankind. Therefore I say to you that you should test your works so that you may have the knowledge of what you do. But if ways of action or thoughts should arise in which you are not able to distinguish whether they are within or outside the law, lift up your spirit in a true spiritual confession to me, then my voice will show you the truth by manifesting itself through enlightenment of your thoughts and in peace of your hearts.

48. This way of communication should not seem impossible to you, since it is the same as that which I have revealed to you since the beginning of the existence of mankind In the present time, where materialism prevails as never before, I inspire you to perfect prayer, just now when the world divided into sects and religious communities is vainly trying to nourish its Spirit with rites and traditions, forgetting the true prayer that springs from the deepest part of your being to rise up to Me by the way of love.

49. Everything in this time speaks to man of judgment, and yet his hard heart remains unmoved. The forces of nature, the plagues, the strange diseases, the daily events in different places of the earth are signs that announce divine justice. But nobody really prays, and only very few study the words, which my prophets left behind.

50. From the first times all that was announced what you see today becoming reality, and also in the present time I prophesied through the mouth of the first voice bearers events that came true very soon.

51. Which of those who hear my word at present will turn their backs on me? I alone know it.

52. Those who in those days sought Jesus in the hope of receiving riches of the world and temporal goods felt disappointed when they saw that the King, of whom their ancestors had announced to them that He would save His people, was without a crown, without a scepter and without a throne, empty-handed and barefoot. They could not recognize in Jesus the promised Messiah. Now consider all the ways these souls had to go to win back the peace and the gifts of grace that they did not use. Today they are among you.

53. Understand that your soul was not born at the same time as your body, but that it has lived in different eras, and today, feeling My Presence, it comes eagerly to Me and asks Me to allow it to hear My Word until the conclusion of My rallies She has the feeling that she did not want to hear me in another time and even rejected me, and now she wants to make up for her mistake.

54. You have established that no wrongdoing is hidden from me, that every mistake must be corrected and every debt must be paid; but you also understand that this justice springs from divine love, which wants to have you perfect because you are its children.

55. I do not destroy any of My children, no matter how much they hurt Me; I preserve them and give them the opportunity to make up for their transgressions and return to the way they had left. But although I have forgiven them, they are confronted with the fruit of their works, and it is these who judge them and show them the right way.

56. The great nations of this world want war, desire blood; and those who feel offended call for vengeance, not realizing that they are all inexorably falling towards the same abyss. They do not want to understand that the power they are so eagerly chasing will soon turn into a chalice whose contents will be pain, despair and death. But when then those who thirst for greatness, who hunger for revenge, are in this abyss, when they are in their greatest distress, they will be able to hear my voice telling them, "My peace be with you! In that moment it will be light in all souls, and their conscience will speak with a clear voice and will be heard by all. Inside man the battle of the Spirit against materialism will break out, and in my teaching he will find the necessary light to prevail.

57. You were disappointed because I do not bring material treasures and riches to flatter you and thereby cause you to follow me. Rather, some of you will have to leave your high standard of living to descend to the lowliness of these multitudes who listen to me, and this because they have recognized me and are preparing to give up their vain lives to devote themselves to the task of reflecting upon my teaching and later to practice it.

58. If the first inhabitants of this world, who lived in virtue, appeared among you, they would give you a testimony of the peace, innocence and bliss that surrounded the humanity of those times They could also tell you that there was no pain and that the earth was like the womb and face of a mother; that among the creatures who inhabited it only friendship and brotherhood prevailed. Verily, this planet was adorned like the heavenly home.

59. Although I sent the souls to live on this temporary destination because of My judgment, I wanted, as a proof of My love, to surround their existence with miracles even then, so that the child would not forget its father and would recognize and love Him in every one of His works. But nothing remains of that world, of that opulence, of that purity, with which I handed over the earth to man. That sanctuary was desecrated, causing pain in countless ways. Know what you have made of that kingdom which the Lord handed over to you, so that you should be in it like princes who would have His wisdom and His love of inheritance, as owners of a world which you do not yet know in spite of all your science.

60. Do not blame anyone for the fact that you have lost the grace and peace which surrounded this life from the beginning Do not blame your ancestors, for you have been tested in every age and generation, and almost always you have fallen. Yet My love and mercy have always been present in your lives.

61. Someone says in his heart, "Lord, if our ancestors were the ones who sinned, why should we bear the consequences? But I tell you: What do you know of the transgressions of the first inhabitants of the earth? Who tells you that you are not among those who formed the first generations? Awake now, awake and pray, understand that it will not be your love but your pain that purifies mankind and gives it back its dignity. On the prepared earth I will sow the seed of My teaching, which I am currently revealing to a humble people who were able to recognize Me by the essence of My Word and who are capable of passing on the Good News to mankind at the right time.

62. I want the memory of My Word in you to be indelible, that it lives, endures and is always present in your memory and that you bear witness to your fellow men with your works of love

63. You have been prepared by Me in the time of righteousness so that you might have a proof of My love and afterwards not complain and say that you knew nothing of what was coming to you My judgment will be felt by every soul, not one of them will escape this law, and My eternal love will defeat every error and persistence in evil. Darkness will be dispersed, and only the light will remain in every creature.

64. Study this teaching carefully, and you will finally comprehend that no one is finally lost, that no one remains far from me, and that all your tribulations will come to my Spirit, and all your works will be judged. But I tell you: After you have seen me up close as a judge, you will know me as a Father and will truly love me.

65. In the Second Time I marked the way for you with My Blood; now you have the divine essence of My Word and through it you will save yourselves and come to Me

66. At that time people with hardened hearts did not believe in Me, although they directly witnessed My works What will become of the hard-hearted of today, now that My manifestations are less meaningful?

67. Cleanse the vessel of your heart inside and outside, so that only essential things of life and truth come from your lips, and pour out its contents without limit among your brothers and sisters Do not be stingy, and act as I, who as owner of all things give you everything. Be my mediators toward your fellow men and work tirelessly on the work of worldwide spiritual reconstruction.

68. Is it astonishing to you that your Lord cares so much for you, you who are still imperfect? The reason is that you belong to Me. I love you, and that is why I have come here in desire for you.

69. You ask Me why your flesh causes you pain and sorrow in your hearts whenever I have told you that I love you To this I answer you: Since I suffered in the Second Time, although innocently, for your sake, to make you worthy to be with Me, you cannot know at this time whether you are not suffering to help with your merits other souls who could not free themselves from sin. Take Me as an example in your trials, without thinking of the reward or the reward that you can obtain. Remember that you do not yet have enough merit to achieve that others may obtain forgiveness for your sake. Therefore I give you new opportunities to develop yourselves upward, so that you may finally

possess what has been promised to you from the beginning of time: the peace of the soul.

70. Why do you fear the world and work in secret although My Work is pure and inspires only Love and teaches Mercy? You should feel happy because I have chosen you to give you this spiritual mission. Do not wait for the time of still greater tribulations to confirm My prophecies and devote yourselves to the fulfillment of your mission not only for fear of punishment, for if you would so act, you would not be apostles of love and faith.

71. Verily I tell you, those who loved Me and followed My instructions are with Me This means that they made themselves worthy to inhabit the home of peace.

72. Inwardly you tell Me that the content of My Word is known to you, that it is in essence the same Law I have given you at all times, and verily I tell you, this Word you hear through My voices comes from the same source from which came that Word I made you hear through the mouth of Jesus; I am the one who has given you My Word

73. Listen carefully to the teaching that was begun in earlier times

74. The "Word" is the book that opened at the beginning of your spiritual development and that will never be closed

75. Follow Me in struggle, comprehend My work and persevere to the end trusting that My caring love will accompany you everywhere. I want to see you united and equipped because I will take into service everyone who has become strong to make him an ambassador of My teaching.

76. Every word that comes from the lips of these voice bearers will be fulfilled and every prophecy of My chosen ones who have watched and prayed will remain written down and will be fulfilled in its time as a proof of the spiritual gifts I have granted to this people and as a testimony of the truth of My Message to mankind

77. Open the book of the past, there is your history Read in it, enlightened by the light of conscience, and you will deeply feel the truth of the New Age.

My peace be with you!

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