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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 109:

1. Ye come humbly to my rallies, as those shepherds from Judea came to the Saviour when He was just born. They reverently bowed their knees to the sweetness and beauty of the image that their raptured eyes were looking at.

2. That oppressed and humiliated people had been waiting for the Messiah for centuries, which is why He was recognized by the humble when He came into the world surrounded by poverty The lords, the great and the rich, also expected the Messiah, but they imagined Him differently. Therefore that star which appeared in the firmament and announced the coming of the Savior was seen only by those who were watching and praying, although it shone for the whole world and for all souls.

3. No one knew with certainty how the Messiah would come, what He would be like, nor in what form He would appear. But this mystery was cleared up, and all the people, and with him mankind, knew thereafter that He came from the Father, that He was received by divine grace, and that His teaching was full of justice, love, mercy and humility. Only the simple hearts, the spiritual poor and the people of good will believed in that Master who hid behind His gentleness and poverty the whole majesty and power of God. How much has been discussed about Christ since then, how many word disputes and arguments there have been, how many judgments and statements have been made! The rich wanted to know nothing of selflessness and love; the powerful recognized no other kingdom nor any other power than that of this world; scientists denied the existence of spiritual life, and religious communities falsified many of the divine revelations.

4. The childhood of Jesus passed quickly; I can tell you that the painful way began before His birth and continued after His death on the cross, considering that My Name and My teaching were constantly persecuted and judged. Therefore, My way of suffering has been very long, as well for the Spirit of Mary, My tender mother, when she was human.

5. If her heart often felt mortally wounded on earth, she also had to experience in Spirit the pain of seeing her name and purity defiled by blasphemies, doubts, condemnations and mockery of materialized men.

6. The "Word made flesh" has always met many hearts whose doors were closed to reality, although all my works were pervaded by the brightest light of truth

7. Today My Word is coming back to you; but it did not come into the flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary to become man as in the Second Age Yet Mary, the epitome of maternity, is always present in the Spirit.

8. The straw of the stable where Jesus was born and the cross of Calvary where He breathed the last breath, I will meet in the hearts of men in this time. But in the end, after darkness, it will be light in all souls, and I will be glorified.

9. The present period of time will be determined by struggle; but when then all is accomplished, mankind will send up a song of rejoicing to me For in the end, after so many struggles; the enemies of peace will become men of good will.

10. Your present life has been a constant toil, and when you see others enjoying the pleasures and satisfactions of their desires, you therefore wonder why your destiny is so hard and severe. The answer has entered your heart when you prayed and told Me your worries, troubles and adversities. This was the moment when intuition told you to accept your cup with patience, since every Spirit has a debt to Me that the human heart does not know.

11. Disciples, make your conviction your own that at this time you have not come to earth to receive glory and honour, nor to enjoy the fruit of pleasure, but to make reparation and to purify the soul in the trials of this life and in the practice of My teachings Nevertheless, I do not want to tell you that you should reject all those healthy satisfactions from you, which knock at your door, because you would then get into fanaticism and make your way of life very painful.

12. Investigate what I am telling you because if you do not devote yourselves to the study of my word, you could fall into fatalism But see, My teaching is the torch of faith and hope which illuminates the path of those who have fallen into the darkness of disappointment, confusion and despair.

13. Penetrate into your inner being, try to recognize yourselves by means of My teachings and you will discover the wonderful life of the Spirit which reveals to you that you are not poor, nor small and disinherited, and which makes you understand that you are the preferred children in your Father's creation I am teaching you, therefore, that you may not remain infants who know nothing and do not know themselves.

14. Though you have gained much knowledge of your body through science, you now know that your being is not limited to matter, but that in it lives another being of different nature, which you do not yet know and which is your soul.

15. Quite little is what the religious communities have revealed to men about the soul. But now they will awaken from their lethargy, and those who overcome doubts and fears will be blessed, revealing to mankind the truth they have concealed. I will illuminate them with the light of my forgiveness, my grace and my wisdom.

16. When mankind then recognizes that the religious communities are not only there for the moral life of men on earth, but that they have the task of leading the soul to its eternal home, mankind will have taken a step forward on the path of its spiritual development.

17. Rise, people, so that I may always meet you in spiritual vigilance, that you may not violate my law, be united in your homes and seek out those who have strayed from my way In this way you will take Me as your model as your master. But never intend to take my place as judge. It is for you to forgive one another, and if in any way you wish to take My place, do it teaching, loving, and forgiving. You have many examples of Me to use as a guide for your works. My Spirit does not want to show Himself before you, but you must understand that I, as Master, must show you My examples of teaching so that you may take them as a model. If I were to hide My works - how could you understand them? That is why I tell you: Love you as I love you.

18. You beg My forgiveness because you continually hurt Me, and I forgive you But you are not ready to forgive those who offend you. This is why I have granted you that My rallies continue until 1950 so that you may understand My teaching through My teachings and give it the right value.

19. My law and teaching, which have been made known through ages, are the only book in which all things are truth. Nevertheless, men search in the books of the earth for something that reveals to them the Eternal and reveals to them the Truth, but they only achieve that they overfill their minds with theories without finding true light for their Spirit.

20. It took My caring love to make this teaching take root in your hearts, many laborious patience and love that only I, your Lord, could muster. What you are to know at this time, I reveal to you in My teachings. But that which I hold back will remain hidden, so that you may know it in coming times. If I told you everything already today, many would be confused, and others who believe to understand would be filled with vanity. That feeling of superiority would corrupt them, and you are to recognize that my teaching has no purpose to turn you away from the way of truth.

21. Consider this life as a fight, fight in it until victory. Come into my presence as good soldiers, and I will give you a reward that will fill your Spirit with light and grace. But those who sleep spiritually and behave in their infidelity like the foolish virgins of the parable will be surprised by death, which will come upon them with the lamp extinguished.

22. Every man, every creature has an assigned place, which he must not lose; but neither must he take the place which is not his.

23. What responsibility have those who have heard me in this time, even if they have heard me only once!

24. When you received My call, you hastened to gather together and discuss spiritually with Me I want to see your Spirit full of hope and faith according to his mission, brave and composed in the trials. Do not tire of fighting, do not hesitate when you feel that the way is long. Do not forget that My Spirit accompanies you and that you can therefore be invincible in the trials.

25. Your cup has contained both joy and peace, and pain and uncertainty. You have laughed and cried in your lives, and some have aged prematurely because they became weak in the trials and felt that their powers were failing them.

26. You women, I see your hearts wounded. The hardships have exhausted your body shell, but there is still strength in the Spirit to go on bravely. Despite the suffering you have trusted Me and hoped for Me because you know that I always adjust myself to dry your tears and make your work easier. Remember that I told you that "the leaf of the tree does not move without my will. Have you not remembered that this cup of suffering which you have emptied is the crucible in which your soul is purified? Do you not know that you live in an epoch of spiritual struggle, in which you must give proofs of your strength? Be blessed, for you have been strong in many trials, and therefore your merits give you a right to my peace. I have not offered you eternal delights on earth. The Spirit knows that when he comes to this earth valley, hardships and struggles await him to steel and perfect himself. But in your hard life struggle my fatherly love has always been like a cloak that has protected you.

27. People, are you not satisfied in the knowledge that I am currently revealing myself to men in such a clear way, and that I am expecting my chosen ones in all nations? I want to be like a friend to all, like a brother and confidant of your Spirit.

28. Not all of you believe in Me. But this is not an obstacle to my loving you and coming to you. Who could stop the power of My Spirit, since I am all love for My children? And who could judge my work and penetrate into my secret counsel?

29. Today you are with Me, disciples; rest, for I am watching over you No longer undermine your health with useless works. How much have you suffered to restore to your soul the purity and virtues with which it was endowed.

30. Alas, if only you had remained pure, as you were in childhood, in that age when the flesh is innocent and the soul begins a new way of life How close you would be to Me, and how would the angels come to you to sing a song of praise with you! But as man grows older, his soul moves further and further away from the pure and luminous path and enters into an incessant confrontation with the world, in which sometimes the soul wins and sometimes the flesh. You have all departed from the path of good and must pray to be free from danger and to turn away from evil. In this journey you carry a staff on which you lean, and this staff is the guardian angel that accompanies you wherever you go.

31. I have come to you to redeem you through proofs of love and justice and to teach you my teaching so that you may follow me.

32. Of your good works I receive the meritorious things that are in them, even from those whom you consider very small; for I am the only one who can judge their true value. He who loves men and serves them loves Me and serves Me. I only require of you that you love one another, and this will be enough for me to accomplish great works with your help. For this I have given you many proofs because I have always been present when you have reached out your hand to the needy and have caused your Spirit to experience the peace that the fulfillment of duty to the Father and fellow men gives.

33. You bear an indelible mark that distinguishes you from all other religious communities. This sign is a light which I have made shine in your soul. I have also made you appear in this nation prepared by Me, so that your soul may strive upwards in it and find a suitable field of activity for its fulfillment of duty.

34. Guard the treasure which I have given you in My word, and do not allow it to be snatched away from you by unfaithful hands. Give it to everyone who desires to know it, or who seeks salvation in it.

35. If you are not able to defend my legacy, I will defend it; but then you will have to answer to me for your faint-heartedness. Work with love to fulfill the spiritual and material laws. If you observe your spiritual duties, the material work will become easy for you. You are not to flaunt your virtues; if you really feel My word and exercise it, jealously guard your works where only I can see them, then your example of humility will encourage your brothers and sisters to follow your example.

36. Love yourselves with the same love with which I have taught you, knowing that you have come forth from Me, that you have all been formed of the same substance, and that just as you were in Me in the beginning, so shall you be in the end when you return to your Lord.

37. I seek you out so that you may approach the source of life. Here is the way that leads to it. To find it, one must sometimes make sacrifices, one must fight and persevere in virtue.

38. Listen to My Voice that constantly shakes you awake, that inner voice that demands from you the fulfilment of My Law For up to now you have lived according to your will and done what was pleasing to you in your life.

39. I have made your hearts hardened in the vicissitudes of life loving by giving them to taste the bread of divine love, and your hearts were moved inwardly by it.

40. In Me is the Judge, the Father and the Master - three different phases of revelation in one single being, three centers of power and one single essence of being: Love.

41. So I reveal Myself with you to help you to fulfill the mission I have placed in your Spirit from the beginning of times

42. I am now teaching you anew so that you may teach this word to mankind. When this My people are prepared, men will find with them consolation in their grief, balm in their sufferings and light for their Spirit.

43. The present generation should not pass away without you setting out to bear witness to My Second Coming But I have said to you: if you do not set out to exercise My teaching, the stones will speak and bear witness to My Presence; but you will give Me an account of this.

44. If there are obstacles in your path that prevent you from following Me, show Me your good will and zeal, then I will clear the way, I will stand by you.

45. I want you to be prepared because the world will put you to the test, and if you should not be able to bear witness to the miracles I have performed among you, doubts will arise in your fellow men.

46. I see among you those who were able to break the chains that bound them to the world and who ask Me for strength to stand firm in their noble purpose of renewal and I encourage them through My words and My Presence They will experience still more trials, which will serve them to walk their way of firm steps. Watch and pray so that the trials do not surprise you in your sleep, for your awakening would be bitter if you were to realize that you have to start the way all over again.

47. When you should fall, immediately remember your Father and pray so that you may find new strength in Me to triumph. If you prepare yourselves in this way, the voice of your conscience will be clearly audible in your inner being.

48. You shall no longer be slaves to temptation. Strive to preserve your spiritual freedom. I want My disciples to be good brothers and sisters among men, who always expect a brotherly and sincere hand to stretch out to them.

49. Men eagerly seek the light of truth, and many expect My coming and do not know that My presence is already among you.

50. Not all will hear Me in the time of My rallies, but I am teaching this people at present, so that every one of those who listened to Me may become a leader of men's hearts when My Word no longer makes itself known through these voice bearers Until then you are to have spiritualized yourselves and receive my word and my orders through intuition, and you will then speak of teachings not yet known, which will be real revelations.

51. Already now I have revealed to you much of what was promised to men, and through you I have announced events, which you will see to become reality. Therefore you can say that you have not only been My mouthpieces but also My prophets.

52. You have not yet managed to penetrate to the bottom of My Word; but the new generations will come whom I have promised you and they will give you the profound and correct enlightenment on what you could not understand But also men of other nations will come who will know how to interpret my teachings. Still I tell you that those who heard Me orally and felt My presence will be the first to understand My work, to then teach and explain it.

53. I do not want you to be reproached in the years when you can still hear me because then my teaching would come to a standstill while it is my will to reveal me with greater clarity in every further teaching so that at the end of my rallies you feel advanced enough to become masters. In you I have put my divine longing so that you attain love and wisdom by opening up your understanding for spiritual knowledge.

54. I teach you to prepare you to receive divine inspiration so that you may reveal to your fellow men that all men can be possessors of this grace.

55. Let My Word have a permanent home in your hearts so that when you are once Master, you may have it always present in your inner temple

56. Do not fear to be "torn apart" by men because of My teaching The heart of men is so tired of vain theories and words that when it receives this Good News, it will feel on its Spirit the light of truth falling down like a refreshing dew to give it life.

57. The Perfect Friend has come to you to tell you not to fear; for though you find poison, wickedness, and betrayal in many hearts, these trials will not be able to intimidate the faithful and disarmed disciple.

58. Be like those apostles who followed Me in the second time. If you have not yet been able to heal the sick, strengthen your spiritual preparation by purifying yourselves in the activity of love and keeping in touch with pain. If you are not inwardly prepared, do not touch the sick person in the expectation that he will be healed, because then you will not see this miracle. But when you prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, you will - if it is my will - soon receive the miracle, which you ask of me.

59. If your faith in my power is not great and your love for fellow men is not true, your work will not bring salvation and your trouble will be in vain. But when you attain spiritualization, you will see real miracles become reality on your way.

60. If you have not attained peace among your loved ones, or if the bonds of concord and love are broken, watch and pray, unite yourselves to My Spirit, and peace will be with you.

61. If you do not yet know how to speak of Me, close your lips, but lift up your Spirit, for He will speak to the spiritually needy by means of thought.

62. If you have not been able to understand My teaching and you want to penetrate into its meaning, spiritualize, and when you then hear Me or remember My word, you will be surprised at your deep understanding My word is plain and simple so that you can grasp it, but it contains a core of being, which is divine, so that you feel my presence.

63. Today I am holding a new supper, surrounded by disciples and disciples who are reflecting and remembering the day and hour in which "The Word" became man in Jesus. You close your eyes and try to imagine the place of My birth, the solemnity of that hour, the purity of the Mother, the gentleness of Mary's just and chaste companion and all that surrounded that event. Then you understand the divine humility of Christ - a humility which He preached from the very first moment through His works and His divine Word.

64. Beloved people, experience those moments inwardly and refresh yourselves in their memory and contemplation, because your reflection on them will bring forth the light that will remove your ignorance.

65. Seek Me in the most hidden and sublime part of your being, feel My presence in your Spirit and recognize My manifestations in the most unremarkable things of your life Remember: the higher and more spiritual My rallies are, the greater is your delight, for it will be the proof that you are already able to understand My profound lessons.

66. You belong to those who at this time affirmed My coming in Spirit and believed without seeing But there are those who await me in the form in which I was in the world in the Second Age, and others who await me in different forms according to the interpretation each one has given to the prophecies. I bless all who expect me and send them my light, so that when they learn that my presence and my rallies in this time are of a spiritual nature, they will not be confused by it.

67. I also bless those who do not expect me. Some became weak in faith, and others were confused by the many human ideas and teachings. But I shed my light on all their ways so that they attain salvation (of their soul).

68. Some expect me spiritually, and yet they will deny that it is I who makes myself known, because they want to see me coming in the brightness of a blinding light to be able to believe. They want to see me coming with the majesty of a king of the earth, because they do not understand the true greatness, which lies in humility. So I must tell you once more: "My kingdom is not of this world.

My peace be with you!

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