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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 95:

1. What could you ask of Him who created you that He did not grant you, if what you ask is for the good of your body or your soul? But you must learn to agree with my will. You live in a time of reparation, in which you must not rebel against your trials.

2. Love, for your love will help you to make amends. Destroy every selfishness with your activity of love.

3. The earth on which you walk is perishable; your wanderings here are short, after which you will enter eternal life. And yet, I want you to know from this valley of tears the way, which is marked out with the commandments of my law.

4. Do not become weak in faith, nor in hope. Always keep in mind that the end of this life journey will come. Do not forget that your origin was in me and that the final goal will likewise be in me, and this goal is eternity, because there is no death of the soul.

5. Have eternity as the ideal of your striving and do not lose courage in the ups and downs of life. Do you know whether this is your last incarnation on earth? Who is able to tell you that in this body you have today, you will pay all your debts to My righteousness? This is why I tell you: Use the time, but do not rush. If you accept your sufferings with faith and surrender and empty the cup with patience - verily I say to you, your merits will not be barren.

6. Make sure that the Spirit always progresses so that you never, ever, cease to perfect yourselves.

7. It is I who put the trials in your way to stop your soul when it wants to stray from the way of My Law and live only as it pleases investigate the reason for the trials, I allow you to do so, so that you may confirm that each one of them is like a chisel working your heart This is one of the reasons why pain brings you closer to me.

8. But man has always sought pleasure, seeking power and splendor, to rise up on earth to the Lord and be ruler over his own brethren. Since I have created you all with the same love - why then have there always been some who pretend to be something higher? Why have there been those who rule men with the whip under humiliation? Why is there one who rejects the lowly one and whose heart remains unmoved when he causes pain to his neighbor? Because these are souls that have not yet recognized me as a father who loves all his creatures, nor as the only Lord of all living beings. That is why there are men who seize power and disregard the sacred rights of man. They serve Me as instruments for My righteousness, and although they think they are great lords and kings, they are only servants. Forgive them!

9. This is the Third Age in which I have taught you the teaching that is to unite mankind spiritually. For it is my will that the languages, the races, the different ideologies should no longer be an obstacle to their unification. The spiritual essence from which I created a Spirit is the same that all possess, and the substances that make up the blood that flows through the veins of man are the same in all. Therefore all are equal and worthy of Me, and for all I have come anew.

10. I have come because I have seen your souls poor in virtues, and I will make them rich. But do not ask me for the riches of the earth, for I have given them to you as inheritance from the beginning. Ask me and strive for the purification of the soul, which you do not yet possess. Recognize that my law is still not obeyed.

11. Centuries and ages have passed, but mankind has not truly awakened to the life of light and truth That is why you return to the spiritual world every time you discard a body cover, naked and needy, hungry and thirsty. Still no such great faith and will springs from the heart of man that he would be ready to follow me on the way, which has been marked out by your father with traces of blood and love.

12. So it comes about that pain depresses men with all its violence and makes them realize that they are off the right path, calling them to seek the Father, as the Prodigal Son did in My Divine Parable. What does it matter that you come naked or in rags, weeping and filled with shame before My gates, when it is My will that you seek Me, that you knock at My door, that you remember Me. My loving arms would then open full of forgiveness and mercy, embrace you and give you back your lost and squandered inheritance, sit at My table to enjoy the food and the fruit of eternal life.

13. Let My Love enter your hearts and comfort you and heal you, let it save you anew, let it set you free and break the chains that bind you to passions, misery and ignorance I want the kingdom of heaven to come to the heart of men, and that your passions do not establish their kingdom in this world.

14. Disciples, understand that I have sent you to the world so that you should love your fellow men, give them your mercy, pray for them, live for them But do not expect them to give you back love for love received, rather arm yourselves to withstand the hardness of the human heart, the ingratitude, the selfishness. Prepare yourselves for slander and betrayal, but do not lose heart by this and forgive them in advance with all your heart.

15. If you feel lonely, if you need love, if there is no voice of friends on earth to comfort you, nor anyone to share his bread with you, seek Me. Turn to him who loves even when he is not loved, to him who in truth forgives all sinners, heals them and consoles them.

16. Not all will be ungrateful and unreceptive to your work; at times you will be spurred on by the understanding, charity and goodness of your fellow men.

17. I want you to be godly in your simplicity and discover My blessings in your poverty. While the world is in need of My peace, stumbles and falls despite all its science and false brilliance, you, the poor, possess the treasure of peace. Why do you not spread this peace over mankind with your prayers, works and words like a mantle of love and mercy?

18. You all possess the gifts of the Spirit, which are beginning to unfold in this Third Age through the development that souls have attained. The intuition, the spiritual face, the revelation, the prophecy, the inspiration are clearly manifested among men, and this is the announcement of a new time, it is the light of the Book of the Seven Seals, which is opened in this time at its sixth chapter. But you who know what these manifestations are for and understand the time in which you live - direct your spiritual gifts to the path of love. Always be prepared to offer your loving help, and you will be in harmony with My law and will serve as an example to your fellow men. Then you will be my disciples and will be recognized as such.

19. When you know how to make use of My work with true charity, it will be like a lifeboat in your life. It will receive you like a mother when you have lost yourselves in the ways of life, weeping.

20. You ask Me that the proclamation of My Word should not cease, ask Me that the time of this revelation among you may be prolonged But I tell you: My laws are unchanging, My will is irrevocable. Man will be able to do nothing to change my decision. Neither tears nor vows will cause me to prolong this time. It is said and written that my word will no longer be heard from the year 1950 on. Which will still be with me then? You do not know what I am preparing three years before My departure, but you shall be awake.

21. In the Kingdom of the Father there is a being full of grace, tenderness and warmth. It is Mary, your mother, she is always with you. Learn to receive her worthily in your hearts, feel her gentle caress. Understand that for her you are always her children. Mary will help you to come to Me. You who are sick in body and soul, I will not reject you because of your poverty. Hear My word, for it will be like balm on your wounds.

22. How many of you are amazed that in these moments you are listening to Me with tears of love, joy, remorse in your eyes, although only a few hours ago you were surrendering yourselves to the passions of the world

23. I am giving you My teachings so that you may study them with interest and practice them tomorrow with love.

24. For a long time I have been giving you My teachings, but I do not discover among so many disciples the disciples who will be the masters tomorrow But I will continue to give you My teaching until the longing for development awakens in your Spirit.

25. I have chosen those who are unsuitable for the sciences of the earth, for they are not so for the teachings of the Spirit. I have chosen the poor, for with an atom of My grace, which I give him, he feels elevated and honored. Not so the rich, who is never satisfied, however much I grant him. But to the poor, who has been adorned with the knowledge of the spiritual gifts which he possesses, I teach that he does not keep his treasure for himself, but that he shares it with his brothers and sisters. If the knowledge that he carries these spiritual gifts within him delights the Spirit, it is because he has become aware of the value they have.

26. He who struggles to persevere in the way (of the law) does so because he remembers all that he had to suffer in order to achieve what he possesses today. Understand that he who strays from the way is ungrateful not so much to his Lord as to himself.

27. Do you not know that he who lives contrary to My law deprives himself of his virtues and of his spiritual gifts?

28. In this very time I give back to men all their inheritance, which they had squandered. Not one shall remain without the light of my Spirit. Still before the year 1950, which - as I have announced to you - will be the year of my farewell, no one is to feel needy, weak or ignorant any longer.

29. The parasitic plants will blossom and bear fruit; but because I am power, there will always be enough time for me to save your souls. But for you every opportunity that passes (unused) and every step you take downhill will make your return to the right way more painful.

30. Today I have come to dissuade you from the great vices so that you may hear Me on a path of peace and reflect and grasp the teaching I am giving you.

31. Learn that only crystal clear water quenches the thirst of the Spirit, so that you never take in cloudy and polluted water

32. If you have always had someone in the world to serve you, and you have received honors, you will have neither servants nor vain glory in my way. You will be My servants who serve their fellow men.

33. I made you reach the summit you longed for, and when you were on it, you heard the voice of the Lord telling you, "You have long since given your tribute to the 'Emperor', now give Me what is Mine. You have already enjoyed the satisfactions of the world enough, and now it is time for you to prepare your journey into eternity; for no one knows whether he must return to this world or not.

34. I tell you: be blessed because you have praised the name of Mary, who has prepared you full of love to receive My teaching and because you show Me your joy and your zeal to go forward. My desire is to see you saved and there is pain in My Spirit because there are few who follow Me and many of those who have not heard My Word and whose Spirit still remains indifferent and deaf to My inspirations.

35. I give life and food to all beings and care for their welfare while you have not yet understood that it is your destiny to love and serve this is why I have spoken to you in many ways, and My teachings will be repeated until you are convinced of your duties and obey the laws given to you since the beginning of times

36. I am giving you another opportunity to do works of mercy to multiply your harvest and store it in My granary where your merits will not be lost but will multiply Show Me those whom you have converted from bad seed to good, those whom you have comforted, those whom you have made leave the darkness of vice and have put in a safe place. This is what I demand of you. Do not forget your spiritual duties to those who are still materialized. Remember, I have told you not to worry about tomorrow. Everything is foreseen and granted by me; you are to trust only in your work, which will always be blessed by the Father. According to my will you are not to live only in the spiritual. I have given you two laws which you must observe: the one governs the Spirit and gives you high sensations and thoughts; the other maintains you in harmony with the material nature, and both make you one with Me in their perfect harmony.

37. Unite in one thought and trust in Me I have loved you even before I sent you to the world, and wherever you have been, I have protected you. I have been untiring in My zeal to prepare you. Which of you will be the ones who are engaged in My work and experience the beginning of the restoration in this world? Verily, I tell you, it will be the children of your children who will speak of what you have experienced and heard from Me. But when you attain great maturity and have great spiritual visions, which indicate the future for mankind - how happy you will then be because you can reveal how great the gifts are, which the love of God grants you.

38. when once all My children know that I have revealed Myself once more, when My Word is fathomed and My instructions are fulfilled, the light of the Sixth Seal will illuminate every creature and you will all be awakened In that time confusion and wickedness will cease, wars will end, and man's life will be wrapped in My love and in My grace. Only love, mercy and forgiveness will be alive in the hearts. Intuition will be a gift of all, and conscience will speak with full clarity, and his voice will be heard and obeyed.

39. Have confidence in Me so that you may do spiritual works; for if you have no faith, you will not be able to heal and will feel miserable and needy, although you have My authority But I also tell you this: When you come to the aid of your brothers and sisters, do not humiliate them, do not erect thrones, nor seek vassals. Be humble, love them and work with self-denial in the circle of people assigned to you. Whatever you will do of your brothers, you will have done for yourselves. Remember how you will be judged when you do works contrary to My law, saying that you are My disciples.

40. I receive your harvest in this world where you have fought and suffered for My cause. A heart tells Me, "My seed is small, but I will multiply it, for I am moved by your love and your Divine patience.

41. On your spiritual upliftment your inner peace depends. I have more to give you than you can ask of Me. Whenever you devote yourselves to spiritual work, do so with all the powers of your being, and when you turn to the world to obtain the bread for the body, work with love so that you may fulfill the laws that govern you.

42. If you have been good children and subsequently good parents, fear not to appear before Me. When you have experienced that you are disobeyed and you cannot correct your child who has committed a transgression, and therefore you have a deep wound in your heart, remember that I have received ingratitude and disrespect from My children a thousand times, and then take Me as your example. I alone judge the works of all beings. Parents will give account to Me for their children and these for their parents. I have inspired you virtue to be the foundations of a healthy and strong world and, when I ask you about the beings I sent into the bosom of your family, you present them as fragrant roses and fresh lilies in the garden you tended.

43. My word brings peace to those who need it, but not all of them were able to receive it. Many are not moved by My efforts, nor do they feel My pain due to their lack of love.

44. I long to see strength of faith with you because a time of persecution will come when you will be interrogated and judged. When you are prepared, I will speak through you and reveal myself in your works of love for your fellow men.

45. Be merciful and you will receive mercy from your fellow men. Obey My inspirations and reject dangers and temptations from you. Those who surround me today are not righteous, but they are on the way to become so and to attain salvation.

46. Everything what you ask me with humility and good intention, I will grant you. All that you ask in Mary's name for the benefit of your spiritual development will be granted to you. Ask for all, for you are in my eyes an only child whom I love and whom I want to save.

47. You have come to earth according to my will, therefore I have made myself known to you. I have deliberately chosen hard hearts to give you proofs of the power of My Word when I achieve its renewal. The chisel of My Love has smoothed them, My goodness conquered them.

48. Souls have heard My voice through their conscience, which caused man to recognize his transgressions The hearts have confessed their guilt to the Father from Spirit to Spirit and have discovered in His presence many transgressions that were unknown to them.

49. How many tell Me in the silence of their hearts while they listen to Me: "Father, your gaze penetrates my innermost being - what can I hide from you? Many weep because they recognize the pain they have caused their fellow men, which was the reason why they returned to the hereafter before the time set for it.

50. My Spirit delights when He sees you, My people, coming in droves and I tell you: come, come forward, it is not too late for you to go into My fields and become labourers, nor to make a resolution to improve yourselves Then, when you have felt the warmth of the sheepfold and regained your strength, do not be ungrateful to the shepherd who saved you, for you do not know how much it would cost you to make Him seek you again.

51. What seek ye in uncertain ways, seeing ye come from them? Why expose yourselves to new underhandedness, though you still remember your pain on the deceitful ways of the world? Go out on the paths, yes, go back to them, says the Master to you, but do so only when you feel strong and your return has the purpose of reaching out to the fallen or seeking the stray. It is necessary that you have a full knowledge of the place from which you have come, so that you may comprehend the beauties of the path you are now on.

52. If you lack knowledge of this teaching, because you have not paid sufficient attention to My lessons, or because you have not given them enough thought, you will go astray on the path of good, and even a slight stumble will lead you astray.

53. Watch and pray, listen and think, then you will have enough strength to put My divine instructions into action

54. You are about to learn to love and also to suffer. This is a world of pain where you must learn to respect My will. The love you show for your Father will help you to endure the trials with patience and submission.

55. It was My Will that already in this world you should learn the way that leads to My Kingdom by following the commandments of My Law Finish your task on earth, do not miss this opportunity. Who can tell you with certainty that the Father grants you a reincarnation, in which you can make amends for your mistakes and make up for lost time? In My words I have told you: Be diligent but do not act hastily. Do justice to the spiritual and the human. Unite all your powers and senses into one single will.

56. The pain endured in patience is not barren, for it increases faith, uplifts and purifies. It will never be an obstacle, but a stimulus on the way of upward development and reparation.

57. Be of humble spirit, then you will have true charity toward your fellow men, then you will be strong enough to resist the temptations of the world. Why do some dream of earthly pleasures, others are bent on riches, and yet again acquire other power to humiliate the weak? Because they are too weak to stand firm in good, and they succumb to temptation.

58. I have made myself known at this point of the earth and will leave my word as a gift for all men. This gift will eliminate the spiritual poverty of mankind.

59. I fill you with courage so that you may break the chains that bind you and be free to follow Me. Seduction has established its kingdom on earth and enslaved men. But to these will be given authority to defeat sin, vice, the flesh. You who follow me - exercise the activity of love in all its forms, then you have really loved. But do not expect gratitude from men. You will not receive love for love; the world will not comfort you, and at times it will betray you. But do not worry: if you need comfort, love, peace, healing balm, turn to Him who, with His word and with His blood, gave you proofs of His love. But what could you ask me for in those critical moments that I could not grant you?

60. of the absolute and perfect peace that your soul will enjoy in the Hereafter, I am already giving you a part here; but this world lacks that peace, lacking faith, groping in the dark and plunging into deep abysses In reality, it does not know where it is going, because there is no hand to guide it.

61. For this I prepare men who pass on My word with their lips so that it brings light to the understanding of men and peace to the peoples of the earth.

My peace be with you!

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