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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 100:

1. When I come to you as Judge, you will hear again that voice of Jehovah that made your body and your Spirit tremble in the first time. In those days men covered their ears in an effort not to hear the almighty voice of their Father. Today I say to this people: Do not cover your ears, do not close your hearts to Me, recognize how My infinite grace is spreading throughout the universe. Do not be afraid, I only want the offering of your love.

2. Whoever has sinned has hurt Me. Have you sinned? If so, then recognize that I also came as Father and as Master to forgive you and to teach again the way to salvation.

3. My judgment is born of love, not of vengeance. If I afflict men with my justice, it is only because I want to save them. When I take away the scepter of kings, it is because I want to see them humble. When I call to account those who govern mankind, it is because I have seen that it is not love, peace or justice that they have sown in the hearts of their peoples. I only see that the fields have been sown with death, tribulation, strife and misery.

4. The dead cry out in silence for justice, and those who hunger physically and mentally are full of hatred in their hearts, so that when the moment comes, they may let it out.

5. Mankind, I seek your reconciliation. You do not live in My law. The harmony between you and your God and all created is destroyed. You do not love each other as brothers and sisters, and this is the secret of happiness that Jesus revealed to you. But if you have lost harmony among yourselves - do you believe that you can preserve it with the nature kingdoms of creation?

6. The hand of man has brought judgment upon himself. A storm rages in his brain, a tempest rages in his heart, and all this is revealed in nature. Its elements are unleashed, the seasons become unkind, plagues arise and multiply, and this is because your sins increase and cause sickness, and because foolish and presumptuous science does not recognize the order determined by the Creator.

7. If I would only tell you this, you would not believe it. It is therefore necessary that you should be able to grasp the result of your works with your hands, so that you may be disappointed. Right now you have reached this moment of your life in which you experience the result of all that you have sown.

8. You who have heard this Word, ask Me in your hearts why I do not stop this disaster that men have prepared with the help of their science To this I answer you: Man must empty the cup which he has filled. The nations with their racial mania and ambitious goals have long since prepared for the fight to destroy one another. Only My love for you has (so far) stopped him; but mankind neither wanted to recognize nor understand this proof of divine mercy.

9. For a moment only I will let her grant, but this short period of divine justice will be enough for her to remember the love of her Creator, for no one can exist without My law or without My peace

10. People, since you have also experienced Me as a judge, say whether My justice is like yours. Ask yourselves whether I deserve to be feared or loved?

11. See how the blessed seed of this teaching has spread in fulfilment of My Word From the great cities it has made its way to the poorer parts of the country, covering great distances. It will not cease to exist, even in a heart in which faith dies; but then it will have already been sown in other hearts. My word will go from this land to other regions and seek hearts where it can germinate. No one will be able to prevent this teaching from spreading.

12. Still now the wheat is mixed with human seed with all its imperfections because you have not made yourselves aware of the essence of My teaching. But when you open the eyes of the Spirit and awaken your sense of truth, you will see the Divine purity of this revelation and then you will embrace it with all the love and fervor of your heart, carrying it pure and pure in you and making it known to mankind, which is divided and far from the way of My Law.

13. If you think that My Word speaks only to those present, you are mistaken My word is for everyone who receives it, whether today, tomorrow or in the distant future. It is the same whether he receives it through a voice bearer, through a witness or by means of a transcript.

14. To you present and to you who are to come, your Father says: "If you want to be sowers of truth, keepers of the spiritual, friends of peace, recognize the perfection of My seed and purify your hearts. I will prepare one after another for the fight (for the spreading of the Word), show them ways, and prepare the land for sowing.

15. Apparently it will be material needs that will take you to other places, but the truth will be that it was your task that led you to show you the extent of the fields that were not cultivated or sparsely cultivated, so that you might plant in them the blessed seed that My Spirit has given you in this Third Age

16. Pray for all workers, your brothers and sisters, unite yourselves in a prayer of equality and brotherhood Watch over the churches, whether they are large or small, near or far.

17. Let the sap of the tree of life flow through your being, that your fruits may also be full of life.

18. My teaching is profound, disciples, but I have given you the means to understand it. Receive the beings of the hereafter whom I have sent you with a message of light so that they may help you to progress from the spiritual to the divine. Listen to them when they advise you to remove every material bond from your heart to be able to rise to the Divine. Who better than they could speak to you about spiritualization? When they mention the spiritual home, they speak to you as knower, for from there they come to you.

19. These beings went through the melting pot of purification. Their struggle, their remorse for transgressions committed, their experience and spiritual upliftment have been the merits I have found in them, and so I have sent them out to make themselves known among my people.

20. They are pure and therefore can speak to the world of purity; they love Me and love you, therefore they have the right to speak of love; they are imbued with health and for this reason they can impart health to the sick

21. I have sent them out as an example for mankind. Follow them and make yourselves worthy to speak of love, renewal, peace and spiritualization. Verily I tell you, if you do so, there will not be among My people hypocritical Pharisees of that kind who were very careful about outward appearance and hid rot and filth in the heart.

22. Let those who receive in their minds the radiation of those beings and those who hear their messages allow them to reveal themselves fully so that the memory of them may remain indelible in the hearts of the audience and their seed may be immortal in the hearts of men Remember that their (direct) connection with this people will end in 1950.

23. The inspiration of this higher world will continue to guide and inspire the disciples of the Lord, although I point out to you that as your spiritualization grows, their rallies will become more subtle and light in the course of time.

24. This way you are to proceed without stopping, but I must also tell you that it must be done step by step and not in a breathtaking run.

25. Do not sink into habitual routine, understand when the time has come to take another step on the path of light. Do not rush to do it, but do not hesitate to do it.

26. The right way not to come to a standstill,

is to keep exactly to my word and to abstain from every only outward act with which you want to replace the actual observance of my teaching.

27. I am also with you as master, as father, as physician. Open your hearts, O crowds of people, you who come with your burden of suffering. Close your eyes for a moment to the worldly, and you will feel the presence of the spiritual. The weary wayfarer will feel the shadow of an invisible tree, which gives him shade and strength. The heart in need of love will feel that it has entered the divine home where the voice of the Father can be heard like a concert. The sick person will feel that a benevolent and merciful hand has slipped over his wound, filling it with healing balm and soothing his pain.

28. Learn to come closer to Me, learn to ask Me to receive and hope. You will then experience how miracles are revealed in your life.

29. This is a time when man should do his part in spiritualization and faith so that the new miracles may become reality. The world wants to relive the works that Jesus did before the eyes of men. For this I say to you that you should not stubbornly long to continue living in an age that has already passed. You have entered a new age, and in it I will give you teachings that have not yet been revealed to you, and I will repeat My works, but now in spiritual form.

30. You must be awake, disciples, for I will not only speak to you through this mouthpiece, I will also make myself known to your Spirit in the moments when your body is asleep I will teach you to surrender yourselves prepared to sleep and to detach your soul from the earthly, so that it may rise to the regions of light, where it will receive the prophecy with which it will illuminate its way, in order then to transmit its message to the mind.

31. The disciple who knows how to receive his Master in the moment in which the latter seeks him does not stumble in the path, nor does he consider himself weak or abandoned in struggle.

32. Learn to understand what is the spiritualization I want from you, so that you may not fall into a rapturous mysticism which, instead of fostering your Spirit to understand the Divine Teachings, will pile up new ambiguities before him.

33. Internalize, disciples, let your Spirit begin to see that life which awaits him, that world which in its treasury holds infinite glories for the children of My Divinity

34. Do not delay the hour in which your Spirit attains this bliss.

35. My people are growing, they are increasing, not only on earth, but also in the spiritual world. Among those spiritual multitudes are those who have blood ties with you, whether they were your parents, brothers and sisters, or children.

36. Do not be surprised when I tell you that My people are so numerous that the earth would not have enough room for them, and that they will be much greater. once I have united them and no one of My children is missing any more, infinity will be given to them as their home, that sphere of light and grace that has no end.

37. Here on earth I am only preparing you, giving you the necessary instructions through My teaching, so that you may know how to approach that life This humanity is only a part of the people of God. It is necessary that all know these explanations so that they may direct their lives towards the ideal of perfection. This divine message, which is my word spoken through the lips of the human voice bearer, is to reach all men according to my will. My word is the bell that calls the world, its essence will arouse and awaken the nations to reflect on spiritualization, on the destiny of the soul for this life.

38. As long as the religious communities continue to be immersed in deep sleep and do not leave their accustomed paths, there will be no spiritual awakening, nor knowledge of spiritual ideals, and therefore there will be no peace among men, nor room for active charity; the light that resolves the serious human conflicts will not be able to shine.

39. I have called you who listen to me "my people" because I have entrusted you with my teaching, so that you invite men - not primarily to join you, because you still suffer from many imperfections - but to really tread the path of my law, which is certainly perfect.

40. Far from you, scattered among the peoples of the earth, hidden among the great masses of people, there are many people who are children of My people because they live in My law and it is their ideal, inspired by the Father, to reach spiritualization through love for their neighbor. Among the present, on the other hand, who hear my word day after day, there are some whom I cannot yet regard as belonging to my people, although they have heard me year after year; because instead of love, evil-willingness is shown in them, instead of helpfulness selfishness; instead of having an ideal of spiritual perfection, egoism prevails in them, and they pursue all that which flatters their vanity.

41. I said to my disciples at that time, "I will make you heirs of My kingdom"; but do not believe that they made themselves worthy of that grace because they lived together with their Master. Remember that there was one who, although he sat down to eat with his Master many times, was not worthy to receive that Heavenly Testament which the Master entrusted to His disciples when He sat at table with them for the last time.

42. The kingdom of the Father is the inheritance of all children; this grace can be attained only by great merits of the Spirit. I want you not to consider it impossible to obtain the grace that brings you closer to me.

43. Do not be sad when you hear in my words that you can reach the Promised Land only with great effort and toil. Rejoice, because whoever directs his life toward this goal does not suffer disappointments, nor does he see himself deceived. He will not fare as many who strive for the glory of the world do, and who after many efforts still fail to reach it, or who, although they do reach it, soon experience the suffering of seeing it fall apart until nothing remains.

44. Disciples, My teaching shows you that without taking one step away from your human duties and the noble aims of this life, you should always have the desire in you to move towards God and become worthy to obtain the high reward promised to you

45. The body is so intimately connected with the soul that when the soul knows that its body shell is suffering, it feels as if the evil is within itself. Make use of My healing balm, souls, and heal your body; let it stand over the pain, instill faith and hope in it.

46. You come sorrowfully and lament with Me over your sufferings. But the Master tells you that even though He has much pain to heal among His children, He stretches out His merciful hand and touches you so that you may feel the miracle of His caress and rise healthy and testify to it, so that others may come to Him.

47. Those who know how to overcome the tribulations of life never allow them to grieve their souls. See how they here receive My presence with great rejoicing in their disciples' hearts, while the one who let himself be defeated by the trials comes here sad and dejected. Instead of sending up a spiritual hymn of praise to Me, he shows Me only his pain and tears. I accept this painful sacrifice, but I want you to transform it into a sacrifice of faith, trust and peace.

48. You ask Me if there is nothing I can do for you? ah, My little children, even before you ask Me, I have placed in your hands what you need! But standing in the struggle of life and walking without the light of faith of your ways, you are not able to feel my presence nor to recognize what I give to your Spirit, nor to see the light of the new day, which only waits for your awakening so that you may see it shining fully.

49. Ask those who have seen the miracle become reality in their lives, ask those who come here with a joy reflected in their faces They will open a book for you with their testimony, in which you will read a story that will be a teaching example and an incentive for your faith.

50. How can you believe that I love the less who suffers more? How can you take your pain as a sign that I do not love you? When you understand that I have come to you precisely out of love! Have I not told you that the just man is already saved and that the healthy man does not need a doctor? If you feel ill and recognize yourselves as sinners in your self-examination in the light of your conscience, be sure that it is you who are seeking I have come.

51.) If you believe that God has at times shed tears, surely it was not for the sake of those who enjoy His Heavenly Kingdom, but for those who are confused or weeping.

52. See here the perfect way, for in my word is the light that leads to perfection

53. My Spirit enters His true temple, which is your heart From there you have called Me and asked Me to come and give you My Word and here I am.

54. You believe in Me and speak My name faithfully. Whoever keeps My teachings and acts according to them will be redeemed.

55. Your soul cannot perish in the darkness of confusion because My Blood shed on the Cross at Golgotha encouraged your soul to set out on the path of its development, following the footsteps of its Master I have bought you at the price of My blood, My love. Since then you have been prepared to rise from the dead.

56. When you hear Me speak in this way, you confess inwardly that you are sinners before Me, and when you feel your Spirit calm down because you have listened to the reproach of conscience, you find yourself in communion of love with My divinity.

57. This love that is approaching you is the door to the Kingdom of Heaven, which opens before your Spirit as an everlasting invitation

58. Which of My children has become weak in faith and has lost his way in life, to which I would not have turned to give him life? Which of those who suffer in silence has not been heard by me? Which orphaned child on earth has not felt in his life the presence and consolation of Mary, who comforts him? What terminally ill person has not heard in his innermost being the same voice that once said to Lazarus, "Arise and walk"? I am Christ, the consolation and the light of the world. I follow you in your faith or in your doubt, because I know that even he who denies me most strongly will be with me last, succumbing to the atoning burden of his works.

59. Come to Me all you who are burdened with suffering, and I will give you purity with My word. When you then no longer hear Me, you will continue to feel My loving accompaniment.

60. Receive My Light to illuminate your path of life and you will be freed from the clouding of consciousness at the hour of death Then, the moment you cross the thresholds of the beyond, you will know who you are, who you have been, and who you will be.

Hear My parable:

61. Once upon a time there was a king who, surrounded by his subjects, celebrated a victory that he achieved over a rebellious people who became vassals.

62. The king and his men sang a victory hymn. Then the king said to his people in this way: "The power of My poor has triumphed and has made My kingdom grow; but the defeated I will love as I love you, I will give them fields on My estates to plant the vine, and it is My will that you love them as I love them.

63. Time passed, and among that people which had been won by the love and righteousness of that king there arose a man who rebelled against his lord, and tried to kill him in his sleep, but only wounded him.

64. In the face of his crime, that man fled in fear to hide in the darkest woods, while the king lamented the ingratitude and absence of his subordinate, for his heart loved him greatly.

65. That man was taken prisoner on his flight by a people hostile to the king, and when he was accused of being a subject of him whose rule they did not recognize, the king shouted out at the top of his voice that he was a fugitive because he had just killed the king. But they did not believe him and condemned him to die at the stake after he had been martyred. When he was already bleeding, and they were about to throw him into the fire, the king passed by there with his servants, who were looking for the rebel, and when he saw what was happening here, that ruler raised his arm and said to the servants, "What are you doing there, rebellious people? And at the sound of the king's majestic and commanding voice the rebels bowed down before him.

66. The ungrateful subject, who was still lying in fetters near the fire, waiting only for the execution of his judgment, was amazed and dismayed when he saw that the king was not dead, and that he approached him step by step and untied him. He led him away from the fire and treated his wounds. Then he gave him wine to drink, clothed him in a new white robe, and after kissing him on the forehead, he said to him, "My subject, why have you fled from me? Why did you hurt me? Do not answer me with words, I only want you to know that I love you, and I tell you now: Come and follow me. Those people who witnessed these scenes of mercy cried out in amazement and inner transformation: "Hosanna, hosanna! They professed to be obedient vassals of that king and received only benefits from their master, and the subject who once rebelled, overwhelmed by so much love of his king, took hold of the resolution to repay those proofs of boundless affection by loving and worshipping his master forever, overcome by his so perfect works.

(End of the parable)

67. Behold, people, how clear my word is! But the people fight against me and lose their friendship with me.

68. What harm have I done to men? What harm does My teaching and My law bring them?

69. Know that no matter how many times you hurt Me, each time you will be forgiven. But then you are also obliged to forgive your enemies whenever they offend you.

70. I love you, and if you take one step away from Me, I take the same step to draw near to you If you close the gates of your temple to Me, I will knock on them until you open and I can enter it.

71. If you believe that you are already redeemed because I was on the Cross, understand also this that you must prove yourselves worthy of that salvation and follow that example

72. With Me are those who sinned and are blessed today, those who blasphemed and receive today My word of love on their lips The adulteresses who had no peace in their consciences have obtained forgiveness so that they do not sin again, for I am the resurrection and the life.

73. Since you are the disciples and heirs of the divine word, blaspheme no more. Remember that I have given you a pleasing language to express every idea, every inspiration and every feeling.

74. This is My Word, for the uneducated and the educated.

75. Be "the good people", be like a bright mirror, so that all may believe that I am with you

My peace be with you.

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