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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 86:

1. Do you really love Me, people? Do you believe that you are truly in My presence? then show Me your repentance through sincere resolution for betterment I want to live in your hearts so that later on you may commune with Me from Spirit to Spirit.

2. When you encounter difficulties in your life's path in increased measure, you take them as an obstacle to your spiritual progress and tell Me so, without realizing that a path without trials would be a path where you would have no opportunity to earn merits to make amends for your mistakes.

3. When the rays of the sun have scorched you, come and rest under the shade of this divine tree so that you may regain your strength and take courage. Here I will reveal to you the power of love, which redeems, purifies and gives peace. Love brings you closer to each other and brings you closer to the Creator, so that you become one with the universal harmony.

4. Think of the bliss that your Spirit will experience when he hears in his inner being the voice of his Father, no matter where he is. With this I prove to you that I am only waiting to show My glories to anyone who approaches with humility born of love to ask or question Me. This one will live in me, and I will live in him.

5. Sometimes you wonder whether it is even possible that the Spirit of God dwells in you. For this I tell you that it is enough to observe how your body does not lack for a moment the air that it breathes in to be able to live. Likewise, in the same way, My Spirit penetrates into your being so that you may possess the light and power of the Father, which are eternal life.

6. I am here and make myself known and speak through your mouth. This is another proof that I am in you and is also a teaching to those who doubt that it is My Spirit who makes Himself known in this way.

7. In the Second Time I said to the Pharisees who were indignant that I healed the sick on the Sabbath, "The Lord is ruler over time, and not time over Him; therefore He can use time as He pleases. Correspondingly, in the present time I say to those who do not believe in my rallies by means of the human organ of understanding: "I am the Lord of man, and not this one the Lord of the Lord; therefore I use him as it is my will.

8. Sometimes it is necessary that you lose what you possess so that you may recognize its value. I tell you this because many will doubt while I give you My rallies through the mouth of man. But once this voice is silenced, and hearts begin to feel hunger for this divine essence, they will realize that these teachings did not indeed come from men, but that

the light of the Father illuminated you.

9. Already now I warn you so that you are prepared; because for the sake of these teachings many deceptions will be committed by calling themselves my voice bearers, while I will have already ceased to make myself known to you through the human organ of the mind

10. In the time of My rallies no one has been silent, nor will My Voice be silent; but if after this time anyone claims to receive the Divine Ray of My Light, knowing that he is disobedient to the Father and betrays his brother, he will always have to fear My Justice overtaking him or will have to be ready at any time for human justice to take hold of him

11. I want obedience from you, I want you to form a people strong by its faith and spiritualize; for just as I had the generations descended from Jacob multiplied, despite the great hardships that afflicted that people, I will also cause you, who carry that seed within you in Spirit, to persevere in your struggles, so that your people will multiply once more like the stars in the sky and like the sand on the sea

12. I have made you know that you are spiritually a part of that people of Israel so that you may have a fuller knowledge of your destiny. But I have at the same time recommended to you that you should not proclaim the prophecies concerning this matter publicly until mankind discovers them of its own accord. For since the Israelite people still exist on earth, the Jew after the flesh, he will deny you this name and will not grant it to you, although this is not a valid reason for quarrel. They do not yet know anything about you, but you know much about them. I have revealed to you that this people, wandering about on earth and without peace in the Spirit, is moving step by step and without knowing it, towards the Crucified One whom they will recognize as their Lord and whom they will ask forgiveness for his so great ingratitude and hardheartedness in the face of His love.

13. My body has been taken down from the cross, but for those who have denied me through centuries, I remain nailed to it, and I continue to wait for the moment of their awakening and repentance to give them all that I gave them and they did not want to receive

14. It is court time, the time to settle debts I have sought no righteous men in the world, for this search would be in vain. I seek those who have gone astray and enlighten their path, so that they may return to the way of good.

15. I speak at length to your Spirit, but the people say to Me, "Lord, it is not only our Spirit that needs You; look, our life is a heavy cross. But I say to you: be happy that you live on this spot of earth, where no destruction, war, hunger and death have reached. You do not appreciate My mercy, and instead of thanking Me daily for My good deeds, you consider yourselves destitute and complain to Me all the time.

16. Grasp your task on earth and grasp the wonder of having been witnesses of how the fountain of spiritualize sprang from the womb of this people.

17. I, Christ, am The Word of the Father and the light of your conscience, for the light of God, which overflowed in Jesus full of love, is in your hearts.

18. Come under the wings of the Divine Lark, where there is the warmth that gives eternal life to those who feel cold and die. Verily I tell you, there is cold in the hearts of men because love has gone from them. It is like in those homes where the sacred flame of affection is extinguished, whether between spouses, between parents and children, or between brothers and sisters. Their bodies are close to each other, but their souls are far from each other. How great is their emptiness, how deep is their loneliness, and what cold inside those homes!

19. When I sometimes tell you that I see you coming to Me trembling with cold, it is because I see that you have experienced indifference from the world to your pain only because you have experienced only selfishness and ingratitude.

20. How lonely he who suffers feels on earth, how forsaken the sick! How angry men are at him who falls, and how bitter is the bread left for the poor! Feel how the warmth of the radiation which I direct at you penetrates even into the most hidden part of your heart. Bring it to the people, the afflicted and the sick. The poor will then raise their thoughts to the Creator of life, to say to Him: "Lord, we are no longer forsaken in this valley; there are many a one who sheds tears for our sake, who seeks us out, comforts us and extends his hand to us.

21. Also in this time I say to you, "Ask and it will be given you"; but I add now: Learn to give, for you will be asked.

22. In the innermost part of every creature there is a string of love which, when touched, vibrates. It must be reached by the way of tenderness and charity so that it may awaken and make the heart feel something of what God feels for each of His children: love.

23. Which will be the masters who know how to discover in each person the path that leads to this string that people today hide so deeply?

24. Learn from Me, disciples, recognize how My simple and plain Word has moved your being The reason for this is that its essence contains the divine love, which is warmth and life for the Heart and for the Spirit.

25. Today, when the Master is with you, see in Him the Father of all beings. Call Me no longer Jesus of Nazareth, nor Rabbi of Galilee, nor King of the Jews; for I do not come from any nation or place on earth, I do not come as man, I come in Spirit, and My nature is divine.

26. How much has been spoken and written about my existence on earth, but how seldom have men gone beyond the material. Men have only kneeled down to worship the places and objects that indicate My steps in the world, instead of seeking the divine essence of My words or My works. But like a bright dawn, a new time has dawned for mankind, in which your Spirit, in the brightness of noon, will recognize what was previously a mystery shrouded in impenetrable darkness.

27. On this day men will put their minds at rest for a few moments and raise their Spirit to Me in remembrance of the blessed night in which the Redeemer was born. Some feel the peace of My Spirit because there is peace in their hearts, others feel sorrow because they think of their childhood and of the beloved beings who disappeared from this world. Some immerse themselves in spiritual contemplation and prayer, just as there are others who profane the true joy of the Spirit through worldly pleasures and celebrations.

28. But I ask the poor, the needy of the earth, why do you weep? Do you not remember that the simple shepherds of Bethlehem were the first to see the face of their Lord in the face of that child?

29. Dry your tears, raise your face and see the light of My Presence in this blessed word, which was also heard by ordinary people when it was first heard at this time Celebrate this night with bliss and remember those in whom I came to you to bring you my light for all eternity.

30. I  bless your home and your bread and say to you I will be at your table and beside Me Mary, your tender spiritual Mother.

31. Make sure that your soul is clothed with the white robe of virtue, even if you cover your body in a modest way That which is really of importance in man and which has been put back by him to a lowest place will resurrect in this age, which will be called by men "the time of the Spirit.

32. See how the stray sheep gather together at the call of the shepherd to live in the enclosure of peace.

33. The tribes of that people which heard the commandments of Jehovah in the first days seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. Among those Spirits now scattered throughout the world and reincarnated in men and women of different races, who could recognize or discover those who in previous incarnations were joined to him by blood ties? Only My foresighted, penetrating and justice-loving gaze is able to discover what is denied to men today.

34. Here I am, speaking through the organ of understanding of men who do not even know their destiny, let alone that of others. I know that many make fun of these words because they ascribe them to the imagination or fantasy of my voices, through which I speak. But truly, I tell you, this materialized humanity will still do justice to this simple word spoken by the mouth of man.

35. The first furrows were drawn earlier, the seed fell into their bosom. Today there are only a few who know that I have been with you; but tomorrow the world will know, and when it fathoms what happened during My coming, My being here and My parting in this time, it will confess that I did not come secretly, nor in silence, and that from East to West I gave the world proofs and signs through which I testified My new revelation, thus fulfilling a promise given to mankind already in ancient times.

36. On this day of grace your heart is full of joy because My Presence is again among you When you begin to hear My divine teaching, you feel defiled and unworthy to hear My Word; but when the teaching is over, you feel pure. This is because My Word, which is a river of grace, purifies and purifies everyone who dips into its waters.

37. You are the people who, by hearing Me again and again, are to come to renewal and then to spiritualize. This and no other time is it in which you are to achieve this purification, because without it you could not be worthy bearers of my law or messengers of this word.

38. Recognize that it is not enough to say, "I belong to those who are marked by the Lord," but that it is necessary to make use of the spiritual gifts that have been entrusted to you, bearing witness with your works of love to the truth of My teaching.

39. Among this people are those who recognize that My Presence among you has been a heavenly grace, another proof of Divine Love for those who sin and suffer. From the depths of the hearts of those who feel this grace in such a way spring up in a spiritual way the Psalms, which rise up into infinity to give thanks to Me for having come to you.

40. The people of God are scattered among different peoples and nations. I have sought them to unite them; but I met them as they gave themselves over to the pleasures of the world, deaf to My voice, without feeling My presence, without remembering My promise to return. I found a part of this people in this corner of the earth here, and seeing that their Spirit awaited Me, that their heart was hardened in suffering and able to feel My Presence, I sent them Elijah to prepare them to become My new disciples.

41.  When this people grows in number and becomes great and strong by its spiritualize, it will enter the New Jerusalem, the dazzling white Spiritual City, invisible to material eyes, whose gates will be opened to love to allow access to the long pilgrimages that will come in desire for it.

42.  The dazzling white splendor of this home springs from the spiritual harmony of those who fulfill My law, and everyone who enters the bosom of this brotherhood in this way will thereby be a child of the people of God.

43. Not all of those here listen to Me who have received spiritual gifts in this time. See how many empty places there are at the table, because many of My little children, having received a benefit, went away and avoided the responsibilities and assignments. Ah, if they still knew here on earth the vows that every Spirit gave me before he came to earth!

44. Before suffering makes them collapse again and misery again makes them outcasts - seek them out, tell them that my love is still waiting for them, but that, in order not to suffer, they must return to the Father before they waste the last of what is left of their inheritance.

45. Come, come, the Master tells you, in My way is true peace; I am salvation and life

46. Love and glorify the Father, who comes down to surprise you in your earthly life, and who knows how to enter into your heart

47. After you have heard my word as father and as master, you shall have that of the judge on this day also. I will demand of you an account of all what I have given you for the fulfillment of your task.

48. You have the light that guides you, the virtues and the abilities I have watched over you and set you on the way by which you can reach me. Now, after a time in which I have tested you, I ask you What is your tribute and what is your knowledge? Have you understood what you mean to Me? Then prepare yourselves, listen to the voice of your conscience and answer my questions.

49. D you want Me to carry the cross of the imperfections of the world on My shoulders and to take over your duties to do what is yours alone? I am currently bequeathing you the Third Testament, and you have not even understood the first two. If you had been prepared in this time, it would not have been necessary for my word to become materially audible because I would then speak spiritually, and you would answer me with your love.

50. When my judge's voice becomes perceptible in you, you seek refuge and comfort with your mother. Then put in the kind and loving voice of Mary's intercession and stand by you in the trial. She, in whom your works, prayers and petitions are not ignored, advises you, and she asks the Father for a new opportunity so that the child may return to the good way, be renewed and healed. Her goodness covers you like a cloak.

51. Elijah also appears before me, like a beacon whose light guides mankind. His voice full of justice shakes hearts and makes them feel remorse. He vows to Me to watch over the purity of the Source, which is My work, so that all who approach it may quench there their thirst for justice and love. The staff I have provided for man to lean on is Elijah, the tireless shepherd who will lead and guide you to Me and will make you come to My bosom when you have perfected yourselves.

52.  every period of time I give you, every reincarnation, is another stage that the Spirit reaches, acquiring more light each time

53. Consider with what love I have showered you with gifts, and with what wisdom I have instructed and inspired you, so that you may succeed in creating a superior and worthy existence on earth, to reap the seed when you have finished your work, and the Father carries it into His granary

54. Beloved people, could you disregard My teaching and fall back after I have spoken to you in this time and made My Will known to you? do not let My Word become an everyday thing for you and just because I forgive you, you must not sin again or refrain from waking and praying

55. I am now pulling up the weeds by the root. If you want to have peace of mind for yourselves and for those around you in the midst of this worldwide purification, work for peace by loving your fellow men.

56. The plagues and the unleashed forces of nature will continue to purify mankind, and all will have great proofs and testimonies of My new rallies in this time. Those who take their first steps full of zeal and love will achieve great miracles and will be first, and those who are first today and become spiritually sluggish will be last.

57. Do not blame time for your misfortune or your pain; remember that if mankind has not let itself be guided by My Law, nor worked for its peace, it is only natural that it should reap the bitter fruit it has nurtured and cultivated

58.  I give you new powers, for I see you weary. Everyone who steps under the shadow of this Tree of Life will be strengthened.

59. The Father will help you, for He will find disciples among you, not weak children, who remain little children through the ages. Work on yourselves and renew yourselves so that you may earn my mercy. In this time, My righteousness will wipe out the new Sodoms and Gomorrah, so that their sin will not infect other nations. Truly I tell you, through conscience I have let My Voice reach all people, which is why you can understand that when the world is shrouded in darkness, the reason is not that I denied My Light to it.

60. When your eyes will see the destruction of the nations and you will know their misfortune, your heart will feel depressed by pain and sorrow; but when those who have doubted My words today will see My prophecies fulfilled, they too will weep because they have been unbelievers You will then experience how the "last" will give you an example of faith, trust and obedience.

61.  Prepare yourselves for this year which will bring visitations and wonderful events all over the world - miracles of which I will perform many among you.

62. Carry the good teaching into the homes, together with the example of your renewal, your virtue, and your peace, so that when the foreign crowds visit your nation, they may see a people prepared in heart and spirit. Remember: if this does not happen, you must lament that they have surprised you in your sleep.

63. Do not be afraid to knock at your brother's doors when you are trying to rescue him from danger, to comfort him in a tribulation, or to counsel him in a difficult situation. Act like Jesus, the pilgrim, who knocks once, twice and three times at the doors of hearts. I have put light in your eyes and have promised to put words of truth on your lips when you need to speak. Strive to keep peace and light, both in you and in your home, so that you do not allow access to the evil influences that emanate from the souls of darkness that surround humanity. Walk forever in the ways of My Law so that you may see your way illuminated and you may conquer the difficulties and sicknesses that you encounter on your way like stumbling blocks that stop you on your life journey.

64. Improve your life, lift your Spirit, do not wait until the last one arrives and, when he understands the greatness of My teaching and revelation, tells you, "what have you been doing in all these years of divine teaching?" and then you must be silent Verily, I tell you, even if you doubt it, you have been chosen by Me in the Three Times. Among you are those whom I can truly call firstborn.

65. Today, seeing you sad, I ask you Why do I not see joy in your hearts? Are you weary of the trials and vicissitudes of life? Have you been exhausted by the unrest caused by the war among nations? Have you also grown weary of waking and praying? People, you are not condemned to die. I have told you that you will live, I have given you gifts of the spirit and granted you the time to fulfill your mission. You have seen that the book in which your conscience writes down all your actions is not pure, and this makes you sad because you think you are ungrateful. You relive in your memory the days and months that have passed and remember My good deeds one by one. You fear the future, you fear to lose faith in yourselves, you fear to continue to disobey me and not to be able to fulfill your task. But I want to fill your way with light to revive your faith and hope so that you take a decisive step on the way to spiritual progress. Unite your hearts in a single, beloved people.

66. I will cause the flags of the nations destroyed in war to be united all together until they form a banner of peace. I speak in this way because I am the God of peace, a Father who wants joy in the hearts of His children.

67. I want to see you as My disciples to whom I can reveal My Wisdom by letting you know the future; but I see you pensive on this day because you have experienced the Truth of My Word and the fulfilment of My prophecies that I have given through these voices Today you have heard My divine teaching and are shaken because you know that each one of My teachings is a prophecy and a law. I am telling you all this because you should be much more blissful, for there is no religious community or sect that could say like you that they have My divine, living and direct Word, or that could say that the Lord is manifesting Himself to them. You, who are the only ones who can assure that Christ is manifesting and revealing Himself to this people, show Me your hearts nevertheless bowed by pain and by repentance for not fulfilling My commandments. This prevents you from raising your voice to testify My presence among mankind, because your conscience makes you feel My judgment, that judgment which encompasses the whole universe and reaches every creature in this time.

68. With My word of love I prove to you the value that your Spirit has for Me There is nothing in the material creation greater than your Spirit; neither the royal heavenly body with its light, nor the earth with all its wonders, nor any other creature is greater than the Spirit I have given you, for he is a divine spark, is a flame that came forth from the Divine Spirit. Apart from God, only the Spirits possess spiritual intelligence, conscience, will and freedom of will. Above the instincts and inclinations of the flesh there rises a light, which is your soul, and above this light a guide, a book, and a judge, which is the conscience.

69. All creatures give me tribute, but not out of faith or out of love, but by law; your Spirit, on the other hand, gives me tribute out of love. When he kneels down and worships Me, it is by faith and by the light of his conscience. Time, spaces, natural forces, stars, natural beings, plants, all faithfully obey the purpose, which is fixed by me. But if I would ask you what you have done with my spiritual and material laws - you men who rule the peoples of the earth, and you men who lead mankind on the way of the Spirit, you would have to show me in the majority the blood of your victims and many dark deeds.

70. You rulers: What have you done to the nations? I see only pain and misery. You rich: How can you taste your bread and enjoy your riches when you know that many are hungry? You will become slaves to your power, your bread will be bitter, and you will have no peace. This is your work, this is the seed you have sown.

71. For this world to come to reason again, it is necessary that the pain is very great. I am sending you My light so that you may recognize one another and feel respect for the life of your fellow man. Leave the fratricidal weapons behind you and return to the Father of your Spirit, whom you have not visited in His sanctuary for a long time.

My peace be with you!

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