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Teaching 94:

1. My word has manifested itself full of love among you. It proved to be a balm of consolation when you came to Me weeping, and with fatherly counsel I had to correct you. When the day draws near when I will silence this word on the lips of my voice bearers, you will feel that it comes from a judge although it will always be the same in its love and in its tenderness. But there will be so much light in it that you will discover even the most secret faults and the most hidden spots that you have on yourselves.

2. You will never be able to say of Me that I did not point out to you your imperfections or that I gave you deceptive teachings in My teaching If tomorrow you discover your faults and correctly estimate the greatness of this revelation, you will be able to bring justice to your Father.

3. You do not yet grasp this truth. First darkness put a dark bandage on your eyes, then came the light of My Word, but you were blinded by it. It is inevitable that you will grope around in darkness for a few moments until you become accustomed to this light and can see all that surrounds you. Until then, you should be careful with your criticism, your words and your actions, for you could not yet take safe steps along the way, nor speak of the truth as you should.

4. Truth is one and is eternal, and yet - look at men as they trumpet out various truths! How much my teachings were trampled underfoot on earth!

5. Since Christ announced the truth to you - how many have tried to speak of it! But I ask you: have they also taken Me as an example in love, in obedience and in the activity of love? I alone know which ones have been my true disciples and apostles at all times.

6. When men tomorrow, in judging this rallies, doubt their truth because it has been given through sinful mouthpieces, I will make them understand that sin does not repel me; on the contrary, it has brought me closer to him who has strayed from the path.

7. Another proof of my power, which men will acknowledge, is that only I could cause the mouth of sinners to speak with purity, the blaspheming lips to utter divine teachings, and an untrained mind to convey teachings and revelations full of wisdom.

8. Which will be those who in this time, as true apostles

my word to the public? Which of you will show the beauty of My teaching to your fellow men?

9. Your works are necessary; essential is the living testimony of this people who heard My Word

10. The teaching I have brought you is like an immense torch around which the crowds of people must gather - the people who hunger for truth and thirst for justice, and also the erring souls, the explorers, who are consumed by the desire for light

11. Prepare yourselves for the time when great multitudes of your fellow men will set out in search of the oasis of peace, but do it in humility. Accumulate in your soul the virtues that I have brought you in my words. Do not seek to impress your fellow men with vanities or meaningless teachings. They come to you on the run from just that.

12. Not only those who heard My word through the human organ of understanding will be called children of this people. Everyone who takes up his cross, everyone who loves this law and spreads this seed, shall be called laborers in my vineyard, apostles of my work and children of this people, even if he has not heard me by means of this rallies.

13. Again I tell you that you should not seek external forms to make My Work known, for you would then be offering many vulnerable points through which you would be fought by the sects and religious communities

14. If you seek moral betterment, purity in your life, spiritualization in your worship of God, there will be no weapons, ideas or teachings that can defeat you. Rely on the Spirit, and everything will be preserved and survive the plagues and battles, because the Spirit is indestructible. When you build on material foundations, you act like the fool who builds a building on sand that must collapse at the slightest vibration.

15. Make a treasury out of your hearts to keep My teachings in it as the most precious treasure your Spirit has received up to this time

16. I reveal Myself to you in this time of spiritual struggle because you have been sent to the world to speak of this law. You have already been liberated, you have already turned away from uselessness; now go further along the path than the true workers loved by Jesus.

17. I have sent you in this time to the world to speak of Me and your Spirit to pass on his experience to others.

18. When I revealed to you that you are Israel, it was so that you might know that you have been following My way on earth for a long time, and also that you might reflect on your responsibilities. Do you not think that it is right that I sometimes reproach you for your lack of faith, zeal or love?

19. One God has spoken to you since the beginning of time; one God you shall acknowledge and love. Besides, I want you to offer me a single form of worship.

20. It is men who have created many different gods; each one feels, worships, and imagines him in different ways. - I keep this people away from every religious influence, so that they may hear and understand me here, in their solitude, in their seclusion, so that they may finally offer me a worship worthy of its Creator. I did the same in that time when Israel was a prisoner for centuries under the yoke and scourge of the Pharaohs of Egypt. It was My will to use Moses as an emissary and to snatch from slavery that people who were destined to receive the law and the light that would illuminate mankind. Compare the events of that time with those of today, and you will understand the intention with which the Master spoke to you of these events.

21. Your Spirit tells Me that also in this epoch mankind has experienced material slavery, tribulations and scourges, and that it has passed through the bondage of the Spirit.

22. That is why I come again to you to tell you: love each other as I taught you in the Second Age so that your way may be bearable Have spiritualization, order, obedience, faith and charity, and you will feel strong in struggle and will be the example for all the peoples of the earth.

23. Many will ask you what is the way you follow and where you are going, and when they see that your walk is humble but full of security and firmness, they will follow you with a heart full of trust and faith.

24. Today your Spirit comes in desire for food, the heart wants peace, the mind thirsts for light. But the Master tells you In the early times of your development you had all these things, even without merit to obtain them. Now, however, you must accomplish all these things by your works within the Law, which teaches you to love one another.

25. In those times it cost you nothing to have health, strength, peace, and abundance, wherefore you have easily lost all these things. Now I tell you that when you have regained with effort, with toil and sacrifice the unfolding of those gifts which you did not appreciate in all their value, you will not lose them anymore, for then you will use what you have and will never forget what it cost you to obtain it. Do you have any idea how much this humanity needs to develop in order to awaken from its deep sleep and set out on its journey with the goal of recovering (these gifts) and developing? But you should go ahead and teach them the way to their spiritual development. Now that you hear this word and already form a community, I tell you that you are to have purity in your soul and persevere in your armament, so that you can manifest my work in full clarity. I want you to carry out the task I have entrusted to you with purity. - Calm yourselves, for you will not do everything; my caring love will stand by you.

26. From many points of the earth individuals, groups and crowds will come out and speak to mankind about the new time, about spiritualization, and work for the liberation and brotherhood of men. For this I say to you that I will do the rest.

27. There are works that only I can accomplish. One of them is to save this mankind from the abysses that it has created itself. But the father is infinitely happy when he sees himself supported in his divine tasks and duties by his much beloved children. Therefore I let the call go out to all men. I explain to them the purpose of my rallies, and afterwards I mention the hearts of good will to prepare them as soldiers and messengers of my divine cause.

28. I want to see this people soon like hosts scattered in the streets, in the peoples and nations, carrying the Good News and the testimony of My words and the light of My promises. When you are truly united, you will see great inspirations springing from your minds, which will be the key that opens the doors still closed to your knocking.

29. In this time I have told you: has the influence of the world in you reached such a degree that you have erased every trace of My former teaching words? This is the reason why I have come. Who of the inhabitants of the earth could make you understand all the richness of experience and light that your Spirit possesses, although he does not manifest it because the influences of the world prevent him?: No one; I alone can save you and reveal to you the secrets of the Spirit.

30. There are among men those who in another time, by divine promise, crossed the wilderness, and heard the voice of the Lord on a mountain. I also discover others who lived at the time of Jesus, who saw His works and heard His word, who followed Me into the wilderness and ate of the loaves and fishes that I gave to the crowd after they had climbed the mountain to hear that voice; and I also see those who ran screaming in the crowd on the day of My crucifixion. Even here, among the multitudes who come to hear the same Heavenly Concert (as in Jesus' time), which is now new to them, I discover those souls.

31. Those who weep, those who tremble when they hear Me and recognize the voice that speaks to them, these are those whose Spirit still keeps the echoes of My words

32. Do you notice how many of those who come to this rallies stay on this path forever and devote themselves to these tasks here, without any human power to prevent them from coming here to hear My Word? They are those who still have debts of love toward God from another time and who have had no opportunity to devote themselves to Him, but who have promised themselves to wait for me to follow me and serve me until the end.

33. Today I remind them of the events which they have already experienced.

34. In those days My disciples, when they learned that I would soon depart from them, asked Me, "Lord, when shall we see You again? Then I told them in what time I would return and what signs I would give for My return.

35. Now I say to the new disciples, This is the appointed time; the signs are fulfilled, and there is no lack of one.

36. You know that this rallies will also come to an end by means of the human organ of the mind, and like those, you ask, "Lord, if Your word is no longer heard - will we no longer be fortunate enough to feel in some way Your manifestation? To this I answer you: After this time, that of your spiritualization will come, that of direct dialogue with your Lord, in which you will feel Me eternally present. Once you reach this degree of elevation, you will never again say that the Father is coming or that He has gone away, for then you will have understood that I am always with you. Then you will remember that I told you through Jesus, "The kingdom of God is within you.

37. Carry the Good News to the nations. Spread this message everywhere. Remember that many of those who expect Me believe that I will appear on earth as a man. But I never said this, but I made you understand that My coming would be spiritual, that I would come "on the cloud.

38. I have already told you that I will visit churches and sects to shake them out of their lethargy. They will then recognize the light of this time and nourish the ideal of spiritualization. But it is necessary that you carry out the part that I entrust to you. For this seed is only waiting to fall into the earth to germinate and bear fruit of wisdom and spiritual progress among mankind.

39. The example of this simple people here, who go their way without clergymen who guide them, and who offer worship to me without ceremonies and symbols, is to be a call that awakens those who are still sleeping in their centuries-long night, and is to be an incentive for the renewal and purification of many of my children

40. Do not try to ignore your responsibility in this work. Do not forget that I have sent you to earth as pioneers and prophets of the Third Age.

41. Verily I tell you, if I would show Myself in this hour with the same body with which you saw Me in those days, you would see My Wounds fresh, and My Face would still have the mark of sacrificial death imprinted on it But it would be a constant reproach for mankind, and I prefer to hide my wounds from you and only show you my light. Why do many want to see me as man in the form of Jesus? Do you not understand that I am more than a form? Admittedly, I let myself be seen in the form of Jesus in this time, just as I did at that time. But this grace has not been for all; it is not necessary that all see me in this way. Again I say to you: "Blessed are those who believed without seeing.

42. When men have discarded outward religious customs, and instead of seeking Me in images, which are man's work, they spiritualize themselves, they will understand Me as so great and omnipotent that they will not agree to see Me limited, and will not desire to see Me in the likeness of Jesus - not even spiritually.

43. How difficult the task of the seer is to fulfill in this time. It is not enough for him to have the gift of the spiritual face, if he has no inner enlightenment. Who could guide him but his conscience, and who could deliver him from error if not prayer and spiritual watchfulness?

44. Israel had seven great prophets in the first time. They spoke and wrote about the future of mankind, about the plagues that would come upon the nations, and they also announced the divine revelations that the Lord would give to men. They were not great because they spoke much, but because they rose spiritually in their desire for my light.

45. The Father now wants the same thing from the new prophets, namely that they offer mankind a single image of the spiritual, which however is full of truth and of which I have told my workers: As the harvest of your seed, offer Me at least three grains of seed, which are to be able to germinate, and not a bushel in which straw and chaff predominate. Do not forget that it is your works that prepare your way into eternity.

46. Now that My Divine Spirit is manifesting Himself to you, I am sending down to you a ray of Light which touches the mind of the voice bearer and it transmits to you My Light which has become the Word

47. Behold, here is "The Word" among you, the same that spoke to you in the Second Time It is the same teaching and the same essence; but today I am not clothed with a human body. Then My feet touched the dust of the world, today only My light is revealed to your Spirit. Prepare your hearts so that you may feel Me and feed yourselves on My words, knowing in truth that man does not live by bread alone. I will give you My body and My blood, which I once represented as bread and wine. Now in a spiritual way it will be My Word that replaces the bread that is My body, and the spiritual essence of My Word will be the wine that you will drink as My blood.

48. The soul of the people trembles with bliss at My presence. Also the master is delighted by the presence of the new disciples. Hear now the Master speak to His apostles of the Second Age*:

* These are spiritually present at the rallies.

49. "Beloved John, you who put your temple to My heart, you want all who listen to Me to become worthy to lean on Me to feel My peace, to be close to the Source of life. Your struggle is not over, your Spirit prays tirelessly and sends His light among the mankind of the Third Age, to whom you prophesied many wondrous things. In this age you, dear John, are now experiencing the fulfillment of the manifestations you saw in your visions and rapture, the meaning of which you did not know, nor when they would come to pass. Watchful praying for the world."

50. "Judas Iscariot, My apostle, today there is humility in your soul, for the atonement has been bitter, very bitter. Today, however, your influence pours out charitably upon mankind. Invisibly, you offer yourself as a counselor to men. I have given you My peace, disciple - why do you not feel it fully in your soul? You have wept much, although I have never denied you My comfort and forgiveness. the reason for this is that you are waiting for the last of My children to be saved too, so that you can then say to Me: 'Lord, come down from your cross, now I am at peace, now I am worthy to receive Your forgiveness'".

51. "As long as you see that mankind is throwing itself more and more into sin every day and blaspheming, betraying and crucifying Me through it, your soul suffers agonies that the world cannot imagine and every sin that hurts Me, you feel as if it were you who hurt Me

52. Sons, disciples, take from My table the bread and wine you left that night, which was the last I experienced as man with you I tell you: eat and drink, today I offer you what you did not receive at that meal and what all the others received I am eliminating your neediness and your misery and for the sake of the humility that is yours today as the fruit of a great repentance - take My Peace in you and find in it My Body and My Blood".

53. See, people, these are My new lessons of love Do to your fellow men what you see Me doing to you. What will you do with My work in this time? I see a new calvary and a cross before Me. My Passion is not finished, My Passion did not end on Golgotha, My steps still leave their bloody trace.

54. My people, mankind, come on My Way and I will turn your sacrifice into eternal life, your pain into joy and when you reach the top of the mountain you will see My Love waiting for you; I will give you a new life, I will give you a new life The world also awaits Me, it is hungry and thirsty for My love. But I will come to all, because this was my promise. When the nations are at peace and sin is eradicated and men love each other as brothers, I will show you the sword with which I defeated you: love.

55. How humble is this rallies for the one who sees it with the eyes of the flesh! But how profound and great for him who sees it with the heart and the Spirit!

56. As you are now about Me, so it was on that last evening in the second time. The sun was just setting when Jesus was in that room for the last time in that room discussing with His disciples. These were the words of a dying father to his beloved children. Mourning was in Jesus and also in the disciples, who did not yet know what awaited Him who had taught them and loved them so much a few hours later. Their Lord was about to depart, but they did not yet know how. Peter wept and clasped the cup to his heart, John wetted the Master's breast with his tears, Matthew and Bartholomew were beside themselves with my forward-looking words. Philip and Thomas hid their bitterness while they ate. James the Younger and the Elder, Thaddaeus, Andrew and Simon were dumb with grief; yet there was much that they spoke to Me with their hearts. Judas Iscariot also carried pain in his heart, but also fear and remorse. But he could no longer return, because darkness had taken possession of him.

57. Martyrdom on the cross was approaching, from which Christ left His Mother as a lark, as it were, to give warmth to those little children, while the light of the HolySpirit came down to enlighten those people Soon, after moments of weakness, they would feel strong enough to scatter throughout the world, proclaiming the Good News and announcing the Kingdom of Heaven to the pagan and idolatrous peoples.

58. When Jesus had communicated His last words and admonitions, those disciples were overflowing with tears. But one of them was no more, his soul could not receive so much love, nor see so much light, and so he went away, because that Word scorched his heart.

59. Believers of that time, new disciples: I allowed the betrayal of a disciple in My apostleship of the Second Age, to give you a great teaching in him. Do not become judges of him whom I judged with love and whom I also forgave. Rather take him as an open book and as a symbol. How many of you who now condemn him carry a Judas in your hearts?

60. In these moments when I speak to you and remind you of those events, the royal star is likewise hidden. It is the same sun as that which shone on mankind at that time. But now, while I speak to you in this way, the wailing of the nations and the roar of your wars rises up to the heights of heaven.

61. How much misery I see in your world, and what deep sorrow is in My Spirit!

62. Blessed are those who remember with pain in their hearts the day when Jesus stood before the judgment seat, from which He, followed by the crowds, went up to Calvary.

63. Today My Spirit feels among you in a new prison, but it is made of love, it is that of your heart in which you want to imprison Me because you are beginning to love Me I also see the new cross on which you will exalt me. But it is not that on which you let me die; today it is that of your spiritualization, which longs for my open arms and which longs for the stream of my divine blood, which is life. Today you do not accuse me; on the contrary, you are my defenders, because you now know of my innocence.

64. I cannot say the same of all because men have accumulated so many imperfections and so many sins in the world that these are also like a new cross of pain for me, which they have prepared for me for this time.

65. You all have been liberated through my example and will not be able to perish. Still it is necessary that I save you from darkness, which envelops you and does not let the true life be recognized.

66. How many contrary feelings move your heart when you hear My Word, beloved people! this sorrowful tone in which I speak to you of those hours of bitterness moves most those who have suffered much; for this life is a suffering and is Golgotha

67. At that time three judges judged Me: Annas, Pilate, and Herod; and the people pronounced judgment on Me. Now I tell you that many are My judges, and even greater is the number of those who will cause Me pain in this time. But the more people abhor my law and my teaching - when this is most persecuted and rejected, the voice of the faithful will resound, because the same will not happen as in the Second Time; now I will not be alone.

68. The "blind man", to whom Jesus restored sight, will cry out at the top of his voice that he has seen the light. The "dead" will rise and bear witness to my truth. The sensitive heart of the woman will be faithful to Me, and the men with strong souls will be My new helpers in carrying the cross.

69. Mary will not be absent, nor will she be far from any of My steps, and her Heavenly Spirit will follow Me everywhere, for Christ and Mary were already one with the Father before they came to earth.

70. Mankind, mankind, today I could not say, as in those times, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing," for there is not one who has not drunk the blood of the Lamb, that which is Light, Truth and Life

71. A moment was enough for Dimas to find salvation, and this was the last of his life. He spoke to Me from the cross, and although he saw that Jesus, whom they called the Son of God, was in the throes of death, he felt that He was the Messiah, the Savior, and he surrendered himself to Him with all the repentance of his heart and all the humility of his soul. That is why I promised him Paradise for that very day.

72. I tell you, I will make everyone who sins unconsciously but speaks to Me at the end of his life with a heart full of humility and faith, feel the tenderness of My merciful love that lifts him out of the troubles of the earth to let him know the bliss of a noble and elevated life

73. I left you Mary at the foot of the Cross, on that mountain that received My Blood and the tears of the Mother There she remained in expectation of her children, because it will be she who takes the cross from their shoulders and shows them the way to heaven.

74. "I am thirsty," I said to that crowd of people who did not understand My words and who grazed in My agony. What could I say today when I see that it is not only a crowd, but the whole world that hurts My Spirit without being aware of My pain?

75. My thirst is infinite, incomprehensibly great, and only your love will be able to quench it Why do you offer Me an outward cult instead of love? do you not know that while I ask you for water, you are giving Me bile and vinegar?

76. Although My Cup is so bitter at this time, My Cross so bloody and My Solitude so great, you will not hear Me cry out "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? For that proof that Jesus gave you by openly showing that His pain was human and real, I will not give you today because I come in Spirit.

77. Christ is the Master and He taught you until the last moment. When this moment came and He saw His work finished, He humbly handed it over to His Father with the words, "All is accomplished.

78. When Jesus, who was the Way, the Truth and the Life, ended His mission with that prayer of the seven words, and in the end said to His Father, "Into your hands I commend My Spirit," consider whether you, who are disciples and disciples of that Master, can leave this life without offering it to the Father as a tribute of obedience and humility, and whether you can close your eyes to this world without asking the Lord for His protection, since you will only open them again in other regions.

79. The whole life of Jesus was a sacrifice of love for the Father. The hours that His agony on the cross was a prayer of love, intercession and forgiveness.

80. This is the way I showed you, humanity. Live in the following of your Master and I promise to lead you to My bosom, which is the origin of all bliss.

My peace be with you!

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