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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 93:

1. Be welcome, you hearts hungering and thirsting for light Stay with me, and you will never die, for I am life.

2. In the past you felt like dying because you had lost hope and faith. There was no light in your heart to lead you on the path of true life, nor a voice to tell you lovingly, "Come near, this is the way of peace" until you heard My Word, which is always full of love and consolation, and its light gave you back your rest.

3. Your blindness was illuminated by the light of your conscience, and this always admonishes you to prayer, to active charity and improvement So you have come into My presence and My Word has been like a shining and saving beacon that illuminated your way. From that moment on you understood that this light can only come from Me, and you told Me: "Lord, it is You whom I so much expected. Today I know that I loved You and needed You, Master".

4. Yes, disciples, here I am, helping you to take the first steps on the upward path, until I have equipped you as true disciples of My teaching and revelations to send you later on to the provinces and nations to spread this faith

5. The confrontation will be in the time of greatest sin, hardship and pain, and you will have no means other than your spiritualization, nor weapons other than truth. I have chosen you as poor, uneducated and humble, as fallow farmland, but suitable to be made fertile and to receive the spiritual seed.

6. I have not been in search of philosophers, theologians or scientists, but of the simple people who have always awaited Me and who come running at My call to return to their Spirit the forgotten or badly used inheritance.

7. Mankind has not succeeded in penetrating to the core of the revelations of the two First Times. But in this one, the third, My Word will let you understand, interpret and exercise My former teachings, and you will unite them with the present ones.

8. In this time I was not born to the world as a man. I have come to you in the light of My Spirit, which has become man's word, and in this I give you My essence of life to raise up faith in your hearts.

9. I give you new life, awaken you and make your eyes, blinded by the darkness of this world, see eternal truth.

10. I reveal to you that which the scientist cannot teach you, because he does not know it. He has slept in his earthly greatness and has not raised himself to me in the desire for my wisdom.

11. The hearts of the clergy have closed themselves, who in the various sects and religious communities should teach the spiritual knowledge, which is greatness and riches for the Spirit.

12. I have seen that the law and the teachings which I bequeathed to mankind in times past are hidden and have been replaced by rites, outward cults and traditions.

13. But you who deeply realize that the essence of this Word is the same as that which Israel received at Mount Sinai, and which the multitudes heard from the lips of Jesus in the Second Age, teach with your worship of God and your works that the Divine Law must not be forgotten for the sake of following foolish traditions which are not conducive to the Spirit.

14. Learn from Me, disciples, no longer remain in secret, prepare yourselves in spirit and soul so that you may soon come out into the light and my message may be known. Spiritualize so that I make My will known to you by means of your inspirational gift.

15. I want the light of My Spirit to shine in your minds and the words that come from your lips to come from the Spirit Do not try to speak of this work if you are not sufficiently prepared to feel your words. Spirit, heart and mind must be united in your being if you are to serve as mediators for the transmission of My Word.

16. The new generations will no longer hear Me in the form you are now experiencing because the date I have indicated, from which I will no longer make myself known in this way, is approaching; it is 1950; until the last day of this year I will give you My Word I will speak to you tirelessly, encouraging you, and My benevolent voice full of invigorating power and light will descend on My people like a torrent.

17. Those who listen to Me till the end must be strong and will forever be considered as examples of obedient disciples They will not weaken in the trials, nor will they stand still nor divide.

18. What would become of this people, if some wrestle for spiritualization while others slacken in old and backward rites and useless traditions? You shall fight together, lest you become weary in your daily work; and you shall watch, lest you hear clearly the voice of conscience.

19. Live vigilantly, that ye be not weak creatures, but strong spirits. Direct your steps into the path of mercy, love, and justice. Do not deprive yourselves of what I have provided for your healthy physical refreshment. I also tell you that you should not torment your soul by denying it what is due to you, so that both body and soul form one single will, and over this the conscience watches, which is My Divine Light.

20. I do not want the world to entrap you in its materialism and rob you of the grace I have entrusted you with, because then you would fall back into your life of misery and pain from which I have saved you.

21. Do not forget that I have come for your salvation and helped you to get over your weakness and to break the chains that hold you down and so that you finally experience the satisfaction of having freed yourselves from weaknesses, sicknesses and hardships

22. Anyone who sets out and follows my trail will find in me the strength and a helper who will accompany him to the end of the path of life. Whoever is hungry and thirsty for light and salvation will find in My work the bread and water of eternal life.

23. Strengthen your Spirit for the hard times of crisis to such an extent that if you should be thrown into prison because you follow my trail, you will feel strengthened in the remembrance of the sufferings of your Master, knowing that I will be with you in this time of trial. When you see that a beloved loved one is thrown onto the bed of pain and is close to breathing out his life, then direct your thoughts to me and willingly allow my will to be done. Then you will see a miracle happen as a reward for your surrender and your faith in view of my advice. Let those who remain lonely in their lives remember Jesus as He went to Calvary, far from His mother and His disciples, devotedly, followed by a crowd of people, but lonely in His heart.

24. Whenever you become aware of this memory picture, you will feel a feeling of sweet comfort at the thought that I promised to help you in your tribulations and to turn away your cup of suffering.

25. The pain will purify you, and then, when the time of your tribulations is over, you will be happy to have had the opportunity to follow your Master, and you will feel that you are possessors of a spiritual heritage.

26. Study My teaching carefully and you will see how a teaching from Me confirms the preceding one, in the same way that My word of this time confirms all that I have told you in the past

27. Few are the men who recognize the signs that a new age has dawned and that I am at present revealing Myself spiritually to mankind In their majority they dedicate their lives and efforts to material progress, and in this ruthless and sometimes bloody struggle to achieve their goals they live like blind men, losing their direction, no longer knowing what they are striving for, unable to see the bright shine of the new dawn, unaware of the signs and far from acquiring knowledge of my revelations.

28. This mankind has believed more in the teachings and the words of men than in the revelations I have granted them through the ages. Are you waiting for the Father in His righteousness to send you still greater signs than those you see at every turn, so that you may feel and believe that this is the time foretold for my rallies as the Spirit of Truth? Oh you of little faith! Now you will understand, disciples, why I tell you from time to time that my voice calls in the desert because there is no one who hears it and really pays attention to it.

29. Awaken, people, so that you may feel trembling at this voice of justice, so that you may feel urged to proclaim to your fellow men that the Law, the Light, the Judgment and with it the salvation of mankind has been born

30. Do not consider the fulfillment of your task within this struggle as something impossible. Already now I foretell you that it will not only be you who will redeem this mankind or transform the life of the nations; these works I will do because they are superhuman. I only want you to fulfill the task that is given to you and that you allow the new generations to carry My seed further than where you were able to go.

31. Can you imagine the happiness of him who returns to spiritual life and has fulfilled on earth the destiny which his Father has laid out for him? His satisfaction and peace are infinitely greater than all the satisfactions which the soul can reap in human life.

32. And this opportunity I offer you so that you may belong to those who rejoice when they return to their kingdom and not to those who suffer and weep in their deep consternation or remorse

33. I hurry when I hear your cries for help, when you are shipwrecked, fighting against the turbulent waves of this sea of passions in which mankind of this time is cruising Your prayer of supplication comes to Me, and My mercy spreads like a cloak of peace, as in another time, when I, accompanied by My disciples, was sailing on the Sea of Galilee and the foaming waves threatened to sink the boat. The fearful disciples, full of fear, asked Me to save them because they felt they were perishing, and I proved to them that whoever is with Me and trusts Me never perishes.

34. At this time the boat is My work, the sea is life, the storm is the passions, the afflictions, the trials.

35. Blessed is he that is within this boat, when the storms break out, for he shall be saved.

36. Cross this sea and go to the other shore with absolute faith, knowing that there is perfect peace on its shore. Who could lose his way in this crossing, if he crosses it guided by the compass of his conscience?

37. If anyone feels exhausted, he calls Me. If someone else feels that his faith is wavering, he prays, and immediately I will be at his side to help him. But no one seeks to return to the starting point or resigns himself to perishing in the waves of the storm.

38. Perfect your prayer, for you must know the spiritual power that it conveys. It is the ladder to heaven on which you will ascend to Me in a true communion of Spirits.

39. How dark is the way of him who extinguishes his faith or loses confidence in Me! You who are awake - pray for the world that is asleep.

40. Does it seem strange to you that I care for you with such great zeal? This is only because you have no real knowledge of what My love for you is, or of what you mean to Me, because you have formed a very poor idea about your Father, since some of you feel as gods on earth, while others among you feel unworthy of My love. I tell you that if material nature has been astonishing and wonderful to men, spiritual life is still more magnificent and wonderful, and to your bliss and delight you should know that you belong to both levels of being. - In this way my word teaches you all that you have to know about me and about you for your upward development.

41. On this day it is my will to reveal to you that by the year 1950 the one hundred and forty-four thousand Spirits marked and predestined by me will be complete to bring my seed of love to the world The one will be incarnated, and the others in the spiritual homeland. They all will remain awake under the light of my inspiration, and everyone will be a torch, which illuminates the way of great crowds of men and leads them to the spiritual kingdom.

42. In the time when Israel crossed the desert in search of the Promised Land, it was the tribe of Levi that taught the people to worship God, reminding them of the Divine Law and helping them to understand it. When the tribes then settled in the land they had conquered through their faith and perseverance, the tribe of Levi continued to be the one who watched over the Law. But the times have passed, the soul of man has developed, and the divine seed that I entrusted to Israel reached many nations, and now it is scattered throughout all mankind.

43. That people of God have been resurrected full of light on earth to receive in their Spirit the new revelations which they are to carry to the nations. Recognize that it is now not only the tribe of Levi that is charged to watch over the law, but a great number of souls, to which will join all those who awaken with the desire to be a part of the people of God.

44. Here are, moved by My Words, many of those who fell down in those days in fear when they heard the almighty voice of Jehovah at Sinai, many of those who left behind the captivity, the tears and the humiliation to go in search of the land of blessing and peace Her eyes have now been opened to a new light that shows her clearly the path her Spirit has taken since that time.

45. This people here will likewise fight to free themselves from the New Pharaoh, whom the world represents, which feeds their idolatry, their misery, and their temptations. They will also cross a desert where they will feel abandoned and rejected by other people, fought by many of their fellow men who try to prevent them from progressing. But once it has achieved the necessary spiritualization, it will hear in the depths of its being the divine voice speaking to it of the law of justice and love. But it will not be the heart on which this light comes down, but it will go directly to the Spirit.

46. When the people then put this teaching into practice, each of their works will serve to build the spiritual temple within man.

47. All of you who have the desire to be a part of this people - consider yourselves inwardly, fill yourselves with faith, so that you may be strong in struggle and become worthy to be called Israel, as I called Jacob "strong" in the First Times in relation to goodness, love, forgiveness; strong in law zeal and virtue, strong against sin, pain, slander or misery.

48. After I have given you these teachings, My gaze will follow your steps to see how you put My teachings into practice and to judge your works of true love

49. I will give you the opportunity to work by bringing to you the orphan, the widow, the one who is defeated in the struggle of life, the one defeated by vice, the one hungry for light, the one thirsting for truth. Do not ascribe to chance the incidents that you constantly encounter, remember that it is your Master who knocks at the doors of your hearts. Verily, I say to you, you are in the time in which your Spirit has to justify his existence on earth through activity of love.

50. My voice will constantly come to your Spirit and ask you what you are doing, what you are spending your life for, and whether you are fulfilling your mission

51. Understand that you have a great work to do; it is the work that has accumulated in a long time of neglect. Do not think that it is I who heaps heavy burdens upon you. I only want you to pay your debt and fulfill your mission on earth, a mission that is not limited to fulfilling your duties to your families. In addition to these duties, you have those of loving and serving one another without preference, without being hindered by differences of creeds, languages, or classes.

52. My teaching will destroy the seed of selfishness and thereby give your Spirit an endless field of activity in which you can fulfill your duty to love.

53. Day by day I will give signs to men so that they may awaken: to some I will speak in their prayers, to others I will provide intuition so that they may perceive My voice To those who live far from spiritualization I will give revelatory, prophetic dreams; and to the materialized I will speak by means of the forces of nature, since they believe only in what they see, or in what they can prove with their science.

54. But if they remain asleep or deaf in spite of these cries of warning, I will make them feel my power and my righteousness, which have challenged them so much.

55. I speak to you of justice because the time has come when my sickle cuts the ripe grain. I will gather the fruit that good has produced, the golden wheat that love has produced. All the rest will be destroyed: The fruits of sin and the weeds of selfishness, hatred and pride will fall under the relentless edge of the sickle of My righteousness.

56. I come in due time to mow. Remember that I told you once that the grain must not be cut prematurely, but that the wheat and the tares must be allowed to grow and ripen together and only then cut.

57. Is not this just what I am doing now? See how My works of today confirm My teaching of the Second Age!

58. I am speaking to you by means of the mind of a voice bearer whose organ of mind I have enlightened and I have put on his lips words of wisdom so that the people may receive this message as food for their Spirit

59. I see you amazed at this rallies, which is why I will tell you straight away that, admirable as it is, it is still not the last teaching I have to give you, nor the highest expression of my union with men. Consider this rallies only as one page of the book of spiritual wisdom, which is a promise of the new revelation that I will give you. The book is open before your Spirit, it is My wisdom, and from this book rivers of light flow out, which flood your being.

60. You will not be able to set out to fight with true strength of soul until you are convinced of the essence and meaning of this work. For this reason I shower you with my proofs of love at every one of my rallies so that the conviction prevails in my people that they are proceeding on a safe way.

61. Receive with love this book in which your mission is written; but do not sleep in this time of light What reward could you receive tomorrow if you have no merits? Do not forget that all your efforts have as their final goal the attainment of light, peace, and spiritual perfection. Let everyone know that, in order to attain this perfection, you have been shown the right way, which your conscience has been pointing out to you since you came to life. But so that you do not stray from the path while incarnating on earth, I left my trace on it.

62. Seek this trace in every moment past and present, and soon you will find it

63. I have always sought you, because your soul, once incarnated, has entered into many paths where it has mostly gone astray. Oh you weak creatures, who fell by your own will decisions and then blamed Me, saying that the way of the children of God is full of temptations! I tell you that where you thought you saw many paths, you should have followed only one: the one that leads to Me; that where you saw temptations, they were only fruits to be accepted with knowledge and reverence. Can you imagine that your Father created something that had the purpose of tempting you to sin?

64. Tomorrow, when man frees himself from the burden of ignorance and materialism, he will discover that what he thought was an obstacle was but a step for his soul to ascend and gain experience; and what he thought was an abyss was but a test to strengthen him. Then he will discover that what man regarded as the cause of his falls and mistakes are the means to help him in his perfection. In the face of these realizations, all superstitious beliefs that man's heart has created with regard to evil will disappear from the human heart.

65. What power and what beauty will man discover when he opens his eyes to the light of this life! All that which his ignorance made him misinterpret, so that he fell into error and blamed for it the One who created all beings, will disappear from the mind of man.

66. As long as men do not understand the true spiritual law or are not attracted to it, they will fall into religious fanaticism, they will have to face a life full of pitfalls, uncertainties and shadows.

67. When will you begin the study of My teaching, which is like a divine sun that illuminates the soul and never hides? In your opinion this is impossible, but I tell you that this light will soon enlighten all human beings.

68. The voice of Him whom you have called "Rabbi of Galilee" is the same voice you hear at these moments. And if I told you in those times that "man does not live on bread alone, but on every word of God", I turn to you now to tell you that man should not feed only on science or human knowledge, but on the Divine Source, because in him lives the Spirit who feeds only on love, wisdom and peace. Nourish and strengthen yourselves, O my disciples, so that you may carry the true life within you.

69. Times of struggle and bitterness are coming towards you and you must be prepared to bear witness to My teaching through your faith and steadfastness in following My instructions

70. Sometimes My unbelieving disciples want Me to show them the body I had in the Second Age - the pierced and bloody hands, so that they may believe that I am among My people anew And in their hearts they say to Me, "How shall we bear witness to You if we have not seen You? But I ask you: do you know My words from that time with which I announced to you to come again? When did I announce to you that I would come as a man? You must see to believe because you materialized. On the other hand, there are those who, without knowing the prophecies, feel My presence and understand the truth. These are the ones whose mind and heart is pure.

71. The Spirit is endowed with a higher vision than the human one, so that he may be the one who discovers the truth and sees in it the face of his Father How will you discover the divine with your senses if your Spirit has not first foreseen it? These words are no reproach because of your little faith, nor do I reject you because you doubt. On the contrary, I am in search of just these extinguished lamps to light them with the love fire of my Spirit.

72. Some tremble with bliss when they hear this word; they are those who feel my presence. Tomorrow, when I will no longer manifest Myself in this form, those who could not understand Me or who doubted when they heard Me will lament about themselves in the course of their spiritualization when they remember that they were present at My rallies and did not believe. I will bathe them in my light, and they will hear my voice in their inner being, which tells them: Do not be afraid, seek me in the depth of your heart, there you will find many of my words, keep them for the time you need them.

73. Come to Me, peoples and nations of the world Come, people of all races, My law awaits you in the kingdom of peace so that you may form one people - the people of God.

My peace be with you.

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