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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 91:

1. You who come here in your desire for spiritual nourishment, come closer, and when you are weary, dwell under the shade of this tree that you may be strengthened. When you are sad, hear the beating of the nightingale singing in the bower of the tree, and as you listen to it, you will feel a sweet comfort in your hearts.

2. If unbelief seizes any one of you, I will not reproach him, nor will I condemn the worldview or creed he offers me at the bottom of his heart.

3. My voice reaches your Spirit to tell you to go forward and walk with faith through the vast desert of life, always inspired by the divine promise to reach the true land of promise, which is the spiritual kingdom.

4. Hear and imprint My word in your heart so that the memory of it may be indelible I assure you that when the hour set by me has come, in which my voice can no longer be heard in this form, the last teaching will have come, which I give you through the voice bearer. Therefore you must guard it like the most precious treasure. When that hour once strikes - solemnly for the Master and for the disciples - your prepared Spirit is to remain calm, immersed in contemplation and prayer, because just in those moments he will understand the way in which he later is to receive the spiritual inspirations.

5. I want that even before this rallies ends in the form in which I have made myself known to you in this time, you understand its deep meaning and its outward form, so that tomorrow you can explain it to those who did not hear me Your testimony will be considered true if you confirm it with your works of love for your brothers.

6. Prepare yourselves so that when explaining My rallies you may say that it was not necessary for My Spirit to descend in all His fullness on the voice bearer's organ of understanding because He is infinite A ray of my light was enough to transmit inspirations to his mind. Also you should not forget to say that during the short time of My rallies My voice-bearers had the gift of spiritual rapture - a gift that allowed them to become instruments and transmitters of My Word.

7. This has been - expressed in short and simple words - the way in which My voice-bearers have delivered My spiritual message to mankind in this time.

8. But lest you become fanatical and stubbornly think that I have spoken to the people of this time only through the mediation of the voice-bearers, I want you to know that every human creature who has the task of leading crowds, peoples or nations, is a means I use to speak to mankind

9. My love is above the differences of religions, teachings, languages and cultures, since it is enough for Me to find spiritual armament in him who prepares to address a message to his fellow men. Then my caring love uses him as mediator to make my truth known through him.

10. If you hear from the lips of a speaker words that have deep meaning or that make the hidden strings of the heart of his listeners tremble, here is the proof that there was spiritual armament and good endowment on the part of him who spoke. But above all you have the proof that he was inspired by me. If, on the other hand, you hear speakers speak words that contain untruth, however brilliant and melodious they may be in form, be sure that there was no spiritual armament here, nor did my inspiration resonate.

11. I will now soon cease to give you this message which, when its time has come, will bring about the spiritual awakening of the nations, teaching men to distinguish the spiritual from the only human, and to separate the louder, high, pure and luminous from all that contains only imperfection, unfairness or lie.

12. At all times my love as a master was carefully mindful of the teaching that men needed, and I have always come to them to speak to them in accordance with their spiritual maturity and their intellectual development

13. I have come to you because I have seen that man's word and the teachings you have created do not quench the burning thirst of your Spirit - thirst for light, thirst for truth, for eternity and love. This is why I have tuned in with you and serve humble, ignorant and uneducated men and cause them to fall into the rapture of the Mind and Spirit so that the message of the Third Age may flow out of their mouths. To be worthy to receive and transmit My divine thoughts, they had to fight against the materialization and temptations of the world. In this way, pushing back their own personality and chastening their vanity, they attained a complete surrender of their being in the short periods of time in which they offered their organ of mind to divine inspiration, thus enabling a word full of wisdom, tenderness, justice, balm and peace to come from their lips.

14. There will always be those who cannot comprehend how it comes that the voice carriers can express so much knowledge in words and pour so much life essence on the Spirit of the multitudes of listeners without my Spirit descending to these brains and only a ray of my light illuminating them. Then I tell you that even the royal star - as you call the sun - does not need to come to earth to illuminate it, since the light that it sends from a distance to your planet is enough to bathe it in light, warmth and life.

15. Likewise, like a sun of infinite radiance, the Spirit of the Father illuminates and enlivens all things by the light which He sends down upon all creatures, both spiritual and material.

16. Therefore, understand that where My light is, My Spirit is also present.

17. Keep these explanations in your memory, because tomorrow it will be you who will have to apply these examples to make your fellow men understand the nature of my rallies through the organ of man's intellect.

18. In this way they will easily understand how my Spirit, without descending in fullness on one of these organs of understanding, makes His presence palpable through the spiritual vibration that I send down on my voice bearers.

19. It is My Father Love that comes to you in this time and turns into man's word when it touches the mind of the voice bearer

20. Open the gates of the temple which you have in the innermost part of your being and see the invisible Rejoice in the knowledge that I have brought the spiritual, which you thought so distant, within your reach.

21. O people, formed from crowds of disciples of this spiritual teaching, how much you refresh yourselves on the pages of the book of My wisdom, without ever reaching the end!

22. Wisdom is the very gift and greatest inheritance of the Spirit, which establishes his eternal glory and bliss.

23. As I created for your human mind a world of inexhaustible teachings, so I created for your Spirit a heaven of eternal and infinite wisdom.

24. Before your gaze a new section of the path you have to travel is revealed, and I am leaving you in abundance My teachings so that you may enter with firm step this path which will lead you into eternity

25. I well know that not all men at the same time recognize the truth of this message; for while some will believe that it is the right time for them to receive Me, others will doubt My Message when they experience the way it was received They will say that to be truthful, it is all too surprising that the Divine Spirit could have manifested itself through the human mind. Then you should ask them if they do not think that it was also surprising that The Word of God became man in Jesus - a fact they always considered to be the highest truth.

26. You will see that as soon as they think about it, they will understand that I gave you the greatest proof of My love for you when I became man in the Second Age, and that when I now manifested myself through the human organ of mind, it was to lead you into Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue, which will be the perfect form in which children can communicate with their Heavenly Father.

27. The Word speaks to you, the same that spoke in Jesus in the second time, for the Word of God is eternal and omnipotent. I spoke to you both through the lips of Jesus and through the mouth of prophets and apostles, as I speak to you now through the mediation of these voices, and as I will do directly to your Spirit when you have entered the time of spiritual upliftment.

28. Christ, the Word of God, was it who spoke through the mouth of Jesus, the pure and pure man.

29. The man Jesus was born, lived, and died; but as for Christ, He was not born, nor grew up in the world, nor died, for He is the Voice of Love, the Spirit of Love, the Divine Word, the expression of the wisdom of the Creator, who has always been in the Father.

30. When Christ spoke in Jesus, His voice was heard everywhere, for it was The Eternal Word that spoke, the voice of your Father. All this you must fathom and think about, so that whenever you think of Christ or even mention His name, you do so in the thought of your Heavenly Father, but never as if it were another being different from My Spirit.

31. My word revealed in this time will be like a sword to destroy all that is false, with which men sought to hide my truth; but it will also be a lifeboat for all those who are shipwrecked and fearfully seek the light of spiritualization

32. Disciples, Christ is the highest manifestation of Divine Love, is the light that is life in the regions of the Spirit, the light that breaks through darkness and reveals the truth before every spiritual gaze, dissolves the mysteries, opens the door and shows the way to wisdom, eternity and perfection of souls

33. In the second time Christ - the same one who is speaking to you at this moment - became man and dwelt on earth. But now He is with you in Spirit, fulfilling a promise He made to mankind: the promise to return in a new era to bring you the highest consolation and the light of truth, illuminating and explaining all that has been revealed to men.

34. Behold in the Divine one Spirit, who has shown Himself to you in various phases of revelation, but who has always manifested His justice, power, and perfection.

35. Never try to enclose within the limits of your human intelligence those realizations which are reserved to the Spirit alone, for then would you see before you a diminished God deprived of perfection.

36. It is good that you understand Me as Supreme Love, as the Absolute, as Creator, as the Almighty. But understand that you must seek spiritual inspiration to find deeper expressions when you speak of your Lord. Verily, I tell you, My power, My wisdom and love transcend all that the human mind can conceive, for all this is beyond what you know and beyond what you will know.

37. I am currently preparing the future of your soul; therefore the chaff is now being burnt in the fire of Divine Justice, since there are only two ways for you: one is spiritualization, the other is purification.

* By this are to be understood the desires and vices still clinging to the soul.

38. In this time, the one who is not ready to renew himself will have to know the greatest bitterness and will be taken away from the earth, losing the precious opportunity to atone for his transgressions and to reconcile himself with the law, truth and life.

39. On the other hand, those who pass over from this material life to the spiritual home with the peace and satisfaction that the fulfilled duty gives, will feel enlightened by my light, and if they belong to those who must re-incarnate, I will prepare them before they return to human life, so that they may rise to him pure, more spiritualized and with greater wisdom

40. You will no longer be so reckless as to forget your vows to remain on the path of good. You will always keep the memory of this spiritual covenant that you have made with Me, without straying from the path of good, despite the trials and temptations that you encounter on your way.

41. Whoever wants to follow Me, take up his cross and follow My path. I am in expectation of men of good will who long for peace, salvation and the welfare of their neighbor. I will take under My cloak of love those who seek Me with this noble ideal, and I will send them on all the ways of the world to turn My thoughts into words and My words into deeds, thus making My teaching known through them. Some will use simple words, in others the word will blossom, and a flood of spiritual water will pour out from their lips to quench men's thirst for truth.

42. Do not be afraid to speak when you are in the ranks of My messengers and apostles, and do not think that this message is not understood by men.

43. I come to enlighten your Spirit, to free you from materialism, to show you the way to true happiness. This is the good news that you are to carry everywhere.

44. Prepare all of you who are of good will for the fight, so that you may come to your brothers at the right time. Of this right time I am giving you an example when I come at the very moment when you need Me. Would it be just if the Redeemer came too late, although he sees mankind falling into the abyss?

45. Hear Me, people, and get to the bottom of this word in the knowledge that you have used little of it because you have believed little and doubt has entered your heart many times Nevertheless, the time will come when the people of little faith will see the fruit I have sown ripen, and all over the world those initiated into spiritualization will appear.

46. Then you will hear My Voice telling them: beloved disciples, let us sow love in the whole world, I will make My seed enter into hearts through your works Sow with examples and soon you will see My teaching bear fruit.

47. Just as John, the forerunner of My coming in the Second Age, said to the crowds: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, prepare to know your King", so you, My new forerunners, are to tell the world: "prepare to receive in your spirit the presence of the Divine Spirit who wants to make you feel the glory of His Kingdom". - Sometimes you say: "You would have to be a theologian to penetrate into the depths of this wisdom that the Lord reveals to us. One would have to be a scientist to understand the wonders that life holds". To this I answer you that if you would study these sciences, you would not understand My revelation.

48. I have prepared your mind in such a way that it can understand Me within the limits of its humble grasp For such unencumbered and free from every influence alien to my teaching he can more easily penetrate my teachings. I will entrust to you a book in which your spirit will learn to read and learn spiritual wisdom. It is in vain that you seek this wisdom in the books of the earth, for the seed that the books of men contain would no longer germinate in you. Your task is different from that of those who come to earth to explore the mysteries of nature. You are that people whose destiny it is to bring the Light of the Spirit to the world.

49. Have you not heard the seven seals speak? That you may understand it, imagine a book consisting of seven chapters, a book containing the knowledge of life and spiritual wisdom, opened before mankind. Six of these seven seals have been broken, so you have now reached the sixth seal and receive from it its light and revelations.

50. Blessed is he who with love, humility and respect comes to the understanding of this symbol of my wisdom, because in his mind it will become light. The Book of the Seven Seals is like a sanctuary in which your Spirit will find the stepladder leading to the home of peace and perfection. It is the Book of My Wisdom, which will be handed over to men in seven stages.

51. The "language" in which this book is written is divine, for it was the Spirit of your Eternal Father who wrote it for His children. "My Word" translated it for you into human language, so that man might know it and live it from its first pages.

52. I am presently introducing you to the study of this revelation. Tomorrow, when the voice bearer is silent, let your Spirit begin to prepare to receive the continuation of the divine teachings directly from the Father.

53. It is My will that when the Seventh Seal is broken, dialogue from Spirit to Spirit be exercised by mankind to be in communion with their Lord.

54. Reflect on these teachings, disciples, and you will divine the greatness of this revelation.

55. Welcome be the people who come to receive their Lord. Welcome it be, because it has understood that it lives in the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies and promises which I gave to mankind in another time.

56. My new rallies have reached the world without peace. Today nations are destroying each other without understanding that you are all brothers and sisters.

57. When the fervent Christians of the earliest times learned that their Lord would return to the world in a time of wars and hatred, they could not understand how people could not come to love one another after that sublime teaching (of Jesus) had gone from mouth to mouth and from heart to heart.

58. Alas, if only they had known that the nations that were Christian would rise up against one another to destroy one another, and that men's hearts would turn into an immeasurably great grave in which would be buried all the virtues that My teaching taught them! Mankind is like a soul that is surrounded by darkness, decay and loneliness, like the dead man in his burial chamber. But my voice awakened this dead man in his grave to truth, to love, to light. My voice, which resounded in his spirit, tells him: "Do not sleep, this is the Third Day, on which you are to rise again, the Third Time, destined to the Spirit for his reparation and exaltation, with which every debt is paid forever, and his mission on earth is completed.

59. I have seen that your religious communities do not have the necessary power to stop so much evil, nor enough light to enlighten your reason, and this because they have moved away from the essence of My teaching, which is destined above all for the Spirit.

60. For many people Jesus is the figure of a beautiful and old legend, whose exemplary works cannot be reproduced and cannot be put into practice in these times of materialism. Then I tell you that the Word and the works of Jesus are not past nor will ever be, because they do not belong to an epoch, nor to a nation, since the essence of His works in the world was love and humility, and mankind needs His teachings for its spiritual progress.

61. When the dead - in terms of love - rise to true life, you will see My name and My Word appearing in the world anew and you will hear many lips saying "Christ has risen from the dead!" But then I will tell them that I have always been present and that I was never dead, while it was the spiritual turning away of mankind from me that did not allow them to feel me.

62. Disciples, today I discover tiredness in your bodies and restlessness in your souls; the reason is that your fellow men hurt you because you embraced this cross But you crave my word, and in it you find peace and comfort.

63. In the first time the people prayed in the wilderness that manna might be sent to them. Today you lift up your Spirit to hear the voice of the Lord, which is food and eternal life.

64. Many times already you have desired that this word should be heard throughout the world. The Master says to you: "Only a small multitude will hear Me through the organ of the mind, but afterward all will receive this message. My light is poured out on every Spirit and all flesh, or, which is the same, the earth is prepared for the seed to penetrate into it and bear fruit.

65. Only those who persist in sin will not feel My presence. But I will make the world understand that I came for all and that I showed myself to all.

66. The light of a new day has appeared on the horizon, and a book has opened before your eyes My spiritual teaching will fight to dissolve the shadows, and finally its truth will prevail.

67. You shall not boast of the spiritual gifts which I have entrusted to you, nor of the grace which has been given to you to listen to me. It must be your works that speak and bear witness to the teachings of love that you have received.

68. Men will put you to the test; but then you are to entrust yourselves to My will with faith, and I will help you through.

69. They will bring to you the terminally ill man to heal him, they will call you to the dying man to give him back life, and they will bring before you the one who has lost his mind, or the possessed, to give light to his Spirit and freedom to his mind

70. Fear not the proof (of your healing gift), believe in it, be humble towards your fellow men, and the rest I will do. I will show men that I have indeed given you authority. They will be affected, and many will be converted. But those who intended to harm you will feel defeated by your helping love.

71. The time of struggle and true spiritualization has come Out of temples, churches and synagogues will come those who - devoted to outward cults - will awaken from their dreams and go to the fields of the Lord, where work, sowing and battle is.

72. Put away the excessive love for your body and have mercy on your soul and help it to purify and uplift itself. When you have achieved this, you will experience how strong you will be in soul and body.

73. Remember: if the soul is sick, how could there be peace in the heart? And if there is remorse in the soul - can it enjoy peace there?

74. Prepare yourselves, for verily I tell you, there are already many who are expecting the HolySpirit. The Scriptures and prophecies are being researched and studied by men, and in them they discover that the events of this time indicate that the signs I gave concerning My coming are now coming true. Nevertheless, the greater part of mankind is still asleep. If all nations were expecting me and the prophecies had been interpreted correctly, men would already have made their way towards the star that would reveal to them the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

75. You who hear my word have been judges of those through whom I make myself known. But the one who has been most severe and unjust I have called and given him the same spiritual gift, so that when he is likewise before judges and unbelievers, he may become aware of the difficult and heavy task that weighs on a voice bearer.

76. Make progress, disciples, do not wait until the "last" come to teach you what faith, obedience and zeal is in My work, because you are obliged to expect them with open doors, a prepared home and a laid table.

77. I receive all those who come in desire of My words - both those who prepare themselves early and turn their Spirit away from all uselessness, and those who come only out of habit of hearing Me Which, do you think, make better use of My teaching? Which do you think will be the strong when the hour of My farewell comes, in which I will cease to make Myself known to you through this Mediator? They are of course those who are really preparing to receive My teachings. So hear Me with the Spirit, keep your mind unbiased and let the heart be touched; in this way you will feel My Word penetrating the depths of your being and filling you with noble sentiments.

78. Some who are not present at this Word are closer to My Presence than many who take a place in this rallies, and this is because the Master's teaching comes to the Spirit and not to the flesh Ah, souls infected by the passions of the world, if you knew that in the moments when you hear this Word, I offer you a boat with him to save yourselves and a net to save your brothers and sisters who are in danger!

79. At last I am with you, as I had promised you, at last I have arrived, and there will not be a day in which I will not give you proofs of My presence and My righteousness in various ways

80. The time in which men have used free will to use it for pleasures, base passions, enmities and revenge is now coming to an end My righteousness is blocking the paths of sin and instead opening the way of reconciliation and renewal so that people may find the road of peace which they have sought in vain by other means.

81. You call yourselves brothers and sisters among yourselves; yet you have been so only on rare occasions! This is the reason why I told you on this day to prepare yourselves to receive My Word. For in him you will hear my tender and loving voice, which will make you feel like real brothers and sisters in God.

My peace be with you!

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