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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 97:

1. Mine, the Master's, love and Mary's motherly healing balm sink into your wounds. The Mother is always with Me to unite her tender teaching with the teaching I am giving you and she spreads her protective mantle over this humanity which walks far from the path I marked out with My example on the Cross

2. With how much love I come back to you after I was crucified and rejected in the Second Time I come as father, as brother, as master, as friend.

3. Now it is you who weep, for at My words of forgiveness your Spirit trembles. But this weeping purifies you and leads you to the path which you will have to go through tomorrow as my disciples.

4. Verily, I tell you, there are few who have heard Me at this time and have not felt their heart moved Therefore, while some devote themselves fully to my service with devotion and selflessness, others continue to listen to me in the expectation that I will assign their task to them. Some bless my name even in the hardest trials; others turn to me only when they need mine. But I treat them all as much beloved disciples. Some use My teachings to the last, because they grasp the meaning of this message. These will be the strong ones once my word is no longer heard in this form. There are also those for whom my rallies have had no greater significance and who are content to listen to me, and for this reason they let the meaning of my teaching pass carelessly by. These will belong to those who tomorrow will long for my gifts of grace in this time, and among whom will appear those who try to bring my rallies to new life, forgetting that the time I have fixed for my revelations was always limited in time.

5. I tell you that even divine teachings have an end. Did not Moses depart as soon as he had revealed My law to his people? Do you not remember that in Jesus I went to heaven in the midst of men when I had completed My Mission as Master and Saviour, after I had told you: "all is accomplished"? It is likewise at this time: when My revelation will have been transmitted and the prepared organs of the mind will have ceased to proclaim My Message, and when those whom I have called "gold feathers" will have recorded My Word and My Spiritual World will have delivered their message, then I will likewise say to you: "All is accomplished". Then this voice will be silent, and a new epoch will appear before the disciples: that of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

6. Let no one override the day fixed according to my will, so that this may happen. Be aware therefore that this time is drawing near. Eat and drink the bread and wine of true life, so that tomorrow you may not suffer hunger and thirst along the way.

7. It is the time of light for this people whom I am calling from different places on earth Among the people I discover those who will follow me. Some have debts to Me, others have been promised their inheritance. These are souls whom I have sent to dwell on earth so that they incarnated in the flesh as man or also as woman, and in these moments I find them in the age of children, adults and old people.

8. I am in search of the souls from whom I will form My people to unite them and give them new teachings that will make them take a step forward in their development

9. Each time I have shown Myself to My people in a different way to put their spiritual sensitivity to the test So I test it in this time in which I make myself known through the human organ of the intellect, in his faith and in his spiritualization, when I say to him, "Here I am with you in Spirit, as I have promised you.

10. Also in the Second Time I tested the faith of those men when I said to them through Jesus: "I come from the Father; but he who knows the Son knows the Father. Many centuries earlier, on the summit of Sinai, I had said to the people, "I am Jehovah your God.

11. In every age you have awaited Me, and yet whenever I was with you, you did not recognize Me because of your lack of armor and spiritualization. I tell you: Whatever form my presence cloths, it will always contain truth and divine life essence.

12. I have told you that I have used various forms to make myself known to the world. But these were not a mask to hide my Spirit from you, but to humanize me, to limit me and thus make me audible and tangible for men. Now I tell you that before you make your judgement you are to hear this voice before, until the moment of your conviction or your enlightenment comes, when it becomes light in the Spirit.

13. I know that you judge the voice bearers through whom I give you My word, and that you judge them as unclean, sinful and imperfect. But I tell you that I have not sought men and women who should be pure, on the contrary, I sought sinners to exalt them through My rallies. Do you think that there are men of a pure heart, body and Spirit, through whose mediation I should have manifested myself? I tell you, not even among the children would I have found them!

14. If I made myself known to men through the organ of understanding of some of them, it was because man represents the greatest work of all that I have accomplished on earth, considering that I endowed him with Spirit. What better interpreter than him could my Spirit find to speak to mankind? This is the reason why to

at all times man was My best means to communicate My divine thoughts to you.

15. In this way I have cared for the human Spirit with infinite love and care to elevate him to the regions of the Eternal and Perfect

16. Man was placed in the midst of the Paradise of My creation, so that he might delight in the work of his Father, become full of Wisdom and be a part of My Divine Concert as a spiritually matured man I made the beloved child a prince on earth by giving him power over the beings under him. His whole path was illuminated by the light of My Spirit, a light that you call conscience.

17. On his long path of development man has experienced miracles, but he is hardly at the beginning of it, because he still has to learn many things. Understand that when I speak to you of miracles, I mean not only those which you will still discover on the paths of science, but also spiritual revelations.

18. This time in which you live is full of surprises and enlightenments for your Spirit - a time in which in the innermost part of your being all the abilities and sensations of your spirit will awaken. Listen, think, rise from child disciples to disciples by learning in the book that reveals My word to you. Study nature and contemplate the universe, which also speaks to you with the voice of the Master, since I am present in everything. Observe with love, or at least with interest, and you will find that everything points the way to the truth. You were never so prepared as today to understand that everything bears witness to Me and that in everything is My trace as the indestructible seal of the Author of Life.

19. Material science has revealed many secrets to you. But never expect your science to reveal to you all that you need to know. The science of the people of that time also had its prophets, whom people mocked and who they thought were mad. But afterwards, when what they proclaimed proved to be true, you were amazed.

20. If in this way the word of the prophets of science came true - those who foretold the perishable fruit of human science - how will the fulfillment of the prophecies of the seers of God be, when they announce to you the establishment of a kingdom of peace which will be imperishable in the hearts of men?

21. Now the seers are announcing a new world. They are prophets sent by Me, whom you are to listen to, and if you had been prepared by studying My words and promises of past times, nothing of what I have revealed to you in the present would have amazed you. But I have found you tired, sick, and busy with the things of your human life, which is why I, before I revealed great wisdom teachings to you, had to heal you, comfort you, and inspire you to betterment and renewal to cause you to walk the way of peace, which was the only way that you would be able to think about spiritual life.

22. Only a few years remain for me to be with you by means of this rallies, and you must make use of my teachings No time passes for my Spirit, but for man. Therefore use these years, which now seem so long to you, but which are short for your Spirit. I promise you to pour streams of wisdom on your mind, which will be the only thing I leave you after my departure. Neither gold, nor names, nor titles will I leave you, but only My teachings.

23. This seed is already beginning to bear its fruits among you; for if in the past you expressed your devotion to Me in a material way, today instead you are trying to spiritualize to approach the truth

24. Your soul had to go through a crucible of pain so that you might be able to take a step forward on the path of spiritualization and become masters of humility and patience, of strength and faith. From your Spirit I expect understanding and respect for others.

25. Do not judge your fellow men because of the manner in which they offer their worship. Verily, I tell you, I alone know how to discover in the hearts the flowers of faith and love, whose fragrance I receive as the best offering of the Spirit. Nor reject those who do not recognize in Mary the divine motherliness which became woman, so that in her virgin womb the Word might take human form. She too has taught you in these times, because even in the heart of the mother there are no secrets for the children. Verily, I tell you, her voice as a mother will be heard by all mankind of this time. In me you can find all kinds of love, because on the one hand I let you feel my presence and my power as father, on the other hand I let a motherly breath reach your being, or I give your Spirit the bliss of hearing me as master.

26. Let this seed germinate in you so that from the core of your being may spring up all the feelings which the Spirit can and should manifest - both towards his Heavenly Father and towards his fellow men, by loving one another.

27. Can you imagine the rejoicing that will take place in the spiritual realm when finally all those who have lived to sin, to quarrel and to defile themselves love one another? You cannot imagine the joy of your Father nor the rejoicing that will then be in the spiritual world. My Spirit created you to be around Me, for I was alone. But I appointed you to love one another and to fill me with happiness through your love.

28. I am your Father and am hungry and thirsty for your love, for you have gone astray from the way which conscience shows. I have created you to love you, but still you do not fully see this light. Your earthly ambition corrupts you, and though you sometimes turn your thoughts to Me and are grateful for My good deeds, you have not understood that the best homage that your gratitude can offer Me is that love among brothers and sisters of which My teaching speaks so much to you.

29. Beloved disciples, when you hear Me speak in this way, it seems difficult or impossible for you to be pleasing to Me; but this doubt does not come from your Spirit but from the flesh because it is frail. The Spirit, on the other hand, was created for great works worthy of him who gave him life.

30. I bring you this teaching to lift you up to true life. Be aware, however, that the salvation of men will not be accomplished in a moment. For just as they needed time to sink spiritually, they will also need time to rise again. This time, which I alone can allot to them, I will give them so that they accomplish their renewal, their purification and restore everything that they have destroyed in themselves and in their neighbor.

31. Although only a small part of mankind has heard My word in this time, no one should think that these men were chosen as righteous, for I met them sinfully like the whole human race. But so it was determined in my counsel.

32. When the essence of this word has reached all hearts tomorrow, you will know that My Testament was given to all My children, and you will discover that in every one of My thoughts and teachings there was a caress for those to whom My Message came.

33. Your wounds are healed, My Balm was in your hearts listen to Me now, for soon you will set out to those who likewise have pain in soul and flesh Who could understand their sufferings better than you who have lived through them?

34. Life as a teacher makes the students into teachers, so that they may be advisers and guides to their fellow men with their light, knowledge and experience.

35. My teaching, together with the lessons of life, causes the soul to be illuminated by the shining beacon of conscience, and the steps of man to become light. As long as this light cannot be reflected outwardly through good works, uplifting thoughts and words of spiritual content, man must have feelings of weakness, fear, selfishness, and distrust. But when this light begins to overcome the darkness of his mind, begins to reveal its essence, then peace will come to the heart, faith and trust in life will come to the fore and make the soul strong so that it can with equanimity survive the difficult hours, the great trials, which every destiny contains.

36. My word is the Way, is the Divine Law that leads you to perfection, it is the Light that lifts the soul, but which was clouded when the flesh with its intransigence prevailed and did not listen to the inner call of its conscience. Woe then to the soul that has given in under the impulse of the flesh and allowed itself to be dominated by the influence of the world that surrounds it, exchanging its position as leader for that of a defenseless being, which human passions and weaknesses, like the dry leaves, tossed about by the wind without direction. The man who loves freedom the most is afraid to submit to the divine will, for fear that His Spirit will eventually subjugate him and deprive him of many human satisfactions which he knows will harm him, and so he abandons the path that leads him to true life.

37. The flesh fears the battle with the Spirit and seeks a way to tempt him through the pleasures of the world to prevent or at least delay his freedom. See how man has his own tempter in him! This is why I have said that if he defeats himself, he has won the battle.

38. Much of what I am telling you in this rallies is received intuitively by an infinite number of people, because now is the time when life, with its lessons, has made light in many souls, making them reflect and learning to listen to the voice of conscience They are on the path to the truth and understand that this is the path that leads to peace, to true freedom and to the highest bliss that life gives in harmony with Him who created you.

39. Study My teachings thoroughly, disciples, for as you have seen all that come true what the prophets of the First Times announced to you, so you will see all that I have announced to you through the mouth of these voice-bearers. At every step and tread and day after day one of my words comes true without you becoming aware of it.

40. My word must go out from your nation to be believed and obeyed, as it happened with Jesus who had to leave the village of Nazareth, where He spent His childhood, to find faith in other countries.

41. After 1950, I will no longer give you My word through these voice bearers, but it will be kept in the hearts where it nourishes faith, and these will carry it to other nations.

42. I will make use of men of good will and hearts that strive for the purity of My teaching to let this message of love and forgiveness reach mankind. Those who go out as ambassadors shall testify goodness in their words and in their works, but never shall they bring bitterness. Their eyes will shed tears for foreign pain, and their temples will turn white because they suffer for the sake of their fellow men. They shall live and die lovingly, forgiving and blessing, and reach the end of their way without bitterness, without weariness or disappointment.

43. The disciple of the Third Age should be aware in his life that the fruit of the spiritual seed is not harvested on earth. Why then do many of those who call themselves my disciples lose heart in the face of ingratitude or indifference of men?

44. I have brought infinite goodness in My Word so that it may accompany you throughout your life, since My Word is power, courage, joy of loving and serving in your Spirit The good disciple will have nothing to fear and will go joyfully through rough ways and painful trials. His gaze, always alert through prayer, will discover the traps that his enemies lay out before his feet.

45. I will leave these words written down and they will reach My disciples of the future and when they study them they will find them fresh, alive, and their Spirit will tremble with delight as they feel that it is their Master who is speaking to them at that moment

46. Do you think that all that I have told you is only for those who have listened to Me? no, beloved people, with My Words I speak for those present and for those absent, for today, for tomorrow and for all time; for those who die, for the living and for those yet to be born

47. You say that My Word and My Work are very great, infinite, but you have set out to limit them by your works Alas, if you would be able to prepare yourselves by overcoming your materialization and uplifting your soul by good pursuit of knowledge and a righteous life, what wonders would you behold!

48. It seems ridiculous to you that I sometimes give you teachings through the mouth of the voice bearer, which are addressed to all mankind, because you consider your world to be infinitely great, and the number of men who do not know my rallies to be immeasurable Then I say to you that when I speak to mankind, I do so not only for those present, but also for those who wait for the time when they will finally live on earth. But you are to know that in my eyes your world is like an atom, and the number of men who inhabit it is insignificant compared with all spiritual creatures who form my kingdom.

49. Does the means I have chosen to make myself known sometimes seem to you to be too poor? It is not the first occasion on which I, as Father, make use of the human mind so that you may hear my word, my commissions and revelations. This is a means which I have used at all times to speak to man, and you are to be aware that the divine word has always come through humble, simple and apparently uneducated transmitters.

50. Study and work, disciples. Remember that I have knocked with perseverance at the doors of your hearts until you have opened to Me. I speak to you sometimes figuratively, but always I do it with the same simplicity with which you speak. This is because my word now explains what I once gave you in parables and which you therefore could not understand in its true sense. Why walk on dark paths when I have shown you a shining path with my word?

51. To those who listen to Me I tell them to open their eyes to the light of this teaching so that they may admire its greatness

52. When this rallies began through the mind organ of the first voice-bearers and I was speaking to the first disciples about the progress that those who would come after them would make - telling them that My Word would be perfected on the lips of the new voice-bearers - those crowds of people sighed and envied those who would come to the Master's table to enjoy the ripe fruit Verily, I tell you, this ripe fruit, which I foretold, is just the one you now enjoy. For you are to know that my word in the context of this kind of rallies to you now reaches its climax. Only a few more years are missing until 1950, and at the end of the same, the master says goodbye to you.

53. In the future I will let my message reach those who did not hear me through this teaching in their time. Some will receive it through the testimony of those who listened to Me; others will receive it through the writings, and still others through the gifts of intuition and inspiration. Thus the prophecy will be fulfilled that My Spirit would be poured out on every spirit and flesh in this time.

54. Your task is to pave the way by removing obstacles and difficulties, thus leaving a trace of mercy and love to those who later go this way in their desire for spiritualization.

55. Already the spiritual awakening of mankind is near. Do not despair when you see that the years pass without any change for the better in the morality of men. Watch, learn, work and understand to wait. Do you believe in my word? Do not forget that I have told you that every eye will see Me, every mind will understand Me, and every mouth will speak of My Word.

56. This time is drawing near, but it is necessary that the people who listened to Me be pure from sin and strong in their faith, so that they may bear witness about Me, as I bore witness about you when I manifested myself through your organ of understanding

57. My words are written down in the "Golden Book" so that after 1950 no one will say that he lacks my rallies. In My teachings, which are for all times, I leave you wisdom, commissions, prophecies, spiritual food and healing balm.

58. You must learn to read in the book of My teachings, so that when you read for your fellow men, those words will be imbued with divine essence and those who listen, experience and feel as you experienced and felt when you heard Me through the voice bearer.

59. Disciples, remove your worries from your hearts while you listen to My teaching Feel the divine anointing and keep My power in your being. I want to see you healthy, never sick, weeping or weak.

60. Often you think that I punish you when pain strikes you wounds. But I only teach you that it is you who suffer. Already long ago you were called to accomplish a great task and did not listen to my voice. But now I let you know that that peace, which you have often sought without finding it, will be given to you through the fulfillment of my laws. See how those who have fulfilled their task are whole, free from the blows of fate.

61. I have told you that you have not come to earth only once, but that your soul has taken on body shells as many times as was necessary for its development and perfection. Now I must add that it also depends on you whether the time is shorter or longer to reach the goal, according to your desire.

62. My light shines in all the places where my children live So also the earth is surrounded by this brightness. I tell you again that this prophecy is now coming true, that every eye will see Me, every mind will understand Me, and every mouth will utter My Divine Word as soon as the soul prepares itself. This I have announced to you, and now the time has come when my words will come true.

63. How many disciples and how many childlike believing souls of the Second Age felt the desire to be present at the fulfillment of My promises, to experience and directly experience what is taking place today That longing to experience this urged them to prepare themselves inwardly and to achieve greater elevation. Nevertheless, it was not granted to them at that time to see some of the prophecies come true, because a different epoch was intended for it.

64. I had to come when the world would be at the height of materialism, to reveal Myself in Spirit and speak to you through men, women and children and teach you perfect dialogue with My Divinity

65. I will make you sowers of truth, and it shall be manifested in your words and in your works Some tasks are entrusted to each one so that you all may participate in the spiritual mission which my work must accomplish.

66. I have promised this nation that there will be no war in it if My disciples follow My teaching. When they look at the devastation in other nations causing the discord and hatred, they ask Me that no blood be shed on this soil here. I then only ask them to pray and watch so that they may become worthy to see this promise fulfilled. I do not want to see you crying. When injustice reigns, and you suffer tyranny and the harshness of those who rule you, do not blame Me. I have given you the power to do great works that will turn your home into a valley of peace.

67. It is prophetically announced that many nations will disappear. This family, which represents humanity, will see itself whipped by severe storms, and in this visitation, because of their living faith in Me, those who have been "awake" and prepared their souls through love will survive.

68. Make use of this time, for the hour of judgment is drawing near, and the year 1950 is at hand. At that time many of you will already be in Spirit, and others still in the flesh; but you will all be judged.

69. This will be the beginning of all men going toward spiritualization in different paths. Scientists will recognize me and become advisers of men. The book of wisdom will open to them, from which they will receive very great revelations. Only then will the Spirit open the way to true knowledge to the human mind, and the conscience will normalize the actions of men.

70. The earth will be pure and the survivors will follow Me with the same fervor as My disciples of the Second Age. But you will be those in whom I leave behind the first seeds of spiritualization.

71. As Universal Shepherd I tirelessly seek My sheep. On earth those shall precede mankind who reach the greatest spiritual maturity through love and humility. The true wise man is he who knows my laws and does my will. Thus with infinite patience I will train my disciples in the Third Age. I love you, and therefore I want to see you all great in Spirit.

72. Do not forget My words; but if you are not able to keep in your memory all that I have told you, there will be the books containing My teachings, My revelations of this time and the deeds of My disciples

73. Feel and follow the inspiration I am sending you; for anyone who raises himself to Me with a pure heart will receive My consolation, will have joy in his heart and My Divine Word will blossom on his lips

My peace be with you!

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