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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 98:

1. I give you the fruit of the vine to nourish yourselves in My Love, forgetting pain and toil and feeling that while I am giving you My Word, you are dwelling with Me in the Home of Peace Feel My presence, people, make use of this time and if during it you want to make amends for your transgressions, learn from Me, for I am giving you the opportunity at this time to lift yourselves spiritually.

2. You men of mature age, and you old men, do not lament the time which you let pass without having heard me; today you are with me. If you love me, you will in a short time get to know my teaching and be able to make use of it. You are already on the way and can begin your task, and your guide will be the voice of your conscience. I will walk before you, and there will be no trial, however hard it may be, that separates you from me. When you love me, do not turn back; because your faith is to shine like a new dawn, and you will recognize the way, which you are to walk bathed in light.

3. Are you ready to follow Me even when you have to suffer? If you should be asked by your fellow men, would you then answer and say that you are my disciples and that you follow me because of your faith? Would you have the courage to give these proofs (of faith)? Think it over and remember that if you are My disciples, you must perfect yourselves to give a true testimony of My teaching.

4. I will let My message reach all nations. Everything is prepared for My intentions to come true; but the greatest proof I will give men of My power and love will be to transform their selfishness into sincere love for one another.

5. Through love they will accomplish great works. Without distinction of races or ancestry I will call all to give you a task in this work.

6. To those who long for knowledge and spiritualization I say: Hear my word and recognize its essence. Read in the great book of life and study, for there is a lesson that is meant for each one of my disciples.

7. But beware of reading books in which my word or the prophecies have been falsified, and also in those in which twisted interpretations have been given to divine revelations Do not allow a false light to penetrate your Spirit. If you wish to know the truth, prepare yourselves inwardly, and your intuition and the sensitivity of your Spirit, guided by conscience, will always reveal the truth to you.

8. This book, which I am writing for you in the Third Age - make use of it and interpret its teachings correctly, and you will experience that its light dispels shadows and that every mystery is cleared up. Then you will feel my presence and perceive my voice at the bottom of your soul as it speaks to you and teaches you.

9. Remember that you cannot hide any work or any thought that I do not know But if you are often tempted by the world, which attracts you and puts you in chains, sometimes lacking the power to reject evil, take your refuge with Me so that you may learn from My teachings to use the authority I have given you over the world and over the flesh; and when you have conquered and regained peace of heart, you may continue your work.

10. If you lack examples, turn to Me and seek in Me what you need and I will give you strength to reach the goal I have pointed out to you With what fatherly joy I will look upon the child who takes me as an example and glorifies me through his deeds! Work unceasingly for men, and after you have done all the good of which you are capable, think not of rewards and do not expect any reward in the world. Remember that only I know and evaluate your works to give you the just reward. In this way - through great toil and real merits - you will be able to take the place I have prepared for your Spirit.

11. Men and women from far-off lands will come to you and become My disciples. But when they feel filled with My light, they will return to their peoples, their nations, to bring My teaching to their brothers. The same thing happened in the Second Age when many foreigners approached Me, attracted by the rumor of the miracles of Jesus, and when they heard My Word and witnessed My works, they were convinced of My truth and when they returned to their countries they confessed that I am the Messiah.

12. In this day and age the majority of men come to Me because pain makes them seek the remedy that they can find only in My power. They lament their poverty without knowing what they have in their Spirit. Their only poverty is that they have not become aware of what they carry with them, and in ignorance of the spiritual gifts that they have within them. Few are those who ask me for light for their spirit, in the majority they seek me to ask me for little things that belong to human life - those things which I always give on top of everything else, after I have overflowed their spirit with my Fatherly love.

13. One by one you now receive the knowledge that reveals to you a light which, although it is in you, you did not see This light is your conscience. The one who is able to discover it and look at himself in this inner mirror becomes humble and immediately feels the bond that unites him with his Creator.

14. Some believe to know each other, for knowing the many gifts that man possesses in his Spirit, they puff themselves up before the ignorant, they form something of their own greatness, they become domineering, and finally they perish in the darkness of their pride. They do not understand that the soul in conscience possesses the secret treasury of God, and that one may enter it only with reverence.

15. Even here among my workers - how many are there who, without having understood my teaching, thought themselves to be higher beings, worthy of admiration and homage, when they knew they were endowed with a spiritual gift. For this I ask you whether you can approve that a superior Spirit imagines something of his gifts, when humility and charity are the essential qualities he must have.

16. In silence and in the simplicity of your life apply every one of my teachings and you will see appear in your soul that light which you do not yet know, because the veil of matter and the superficiality which surrounds you have not allowed it to fulfil the task which is its due in human life.

17. Study My teachings and do not stray, lest you fall into new fanaticism in your attempt to find the truth

18. I am the way that invites those who have forgotten it to walk it On him the light of My Word is poured out so that you may teach it tomorrow and bear witness to it. Time will pass and many will come in search of the simple houses where I made myself known, so that you may explain to them the form in which I showed myself to My new disciples and the miracles I performed among you. In your mind will remain only the memory of my word, and in your hearts only the echo of my divine counsels; but the writings for posterity will also survive. Already I prepare those who did not hear my word so that they may find the ways that lead them to my disciples and witnesses. How many will weep because they have not heard me! But in the same way I tell you: How many of those who have heard Me will weep because they have not worked on themselves! And when they experience that my word no longer makes itself known, they will turn their gaze to the place where the voice bearer sat down to reproduce the Divine Word, and then they will see only emptiness.

19. The years pass quickly, and soon you will no longer hear me. Therefore I say to you: let me heal you, caress you, comfort you, let me teach you. I came to leave you equipped. But if you should remain weak in faith and will, you will always feel sick - and who then will heal you and teach you as I did?

20. Through my word I approach you more and more, and at the same time I lead you to the perfect dialogue with my Spirit. Think about My manifestations in past times and you will discover that I have always sought a way to manifest Myself to your Spirit and send My messages to him as a testimony of your Father's divine love for you.

21. A new form of spiritual rallies you are experiencing at this time, though very similar to the one I used in past ages. Now you are in a wonderful time of light, in which man can hear the voice of My Spirit through the many spiritual gifts and abilities he possesses.

22. Verily, I tell you, both in rapture and through prayer or even through bodily sleep you can receive revelations and messages of the spiritual kingdom if you know how to make yourselves receptive to them. But you have lacked armament and faith to be able to use these gifts, and so I had to prepare seers and prophets who announce to you what is to come, who keep you awake and admonish you so that you watch and pray.

23. Do you believe that this man through whom I make myself known is the one who gives you the word? Discover his meaning, and you will know that it is your Master who speaks to you. Do you think that the Spirit of God penetrates the voice bearer while he speaks? This is not true either. I have told you that one ray of my light is enough for me to enlighten and inspire these organs of the mind and to put on their lips an inexhaustible stream of words of deep meaning as proof of my presence and my truth, for the sake of the unbeliever. Listen to me attentively during this time and you will be strengthened for the coming times and trials.

24. Prepare your heart, gather your Spirit and make your mind receptive to hear and keep My word.

25. See how the book of spiritual teaching opens its pages to show you a new teaching Realize first the simple lessons so that tomorrow you may put into practice the great lessons. You must understand that to become a Master, you must first be a disciple and disciple.

26. Today you study the first words, and through them you gradually understand this teaching; for when you pray, you have spiritual dialogue with Me when you say to Me, "Master, we follow Your trace and ask You to accompany us on our way, that You may keep us from danger, since we are challenged at every turn by the temptations of the world. But I say to you, disciples, be strong, use your authority to rule the flesh.

27. I will make of you a strong and virtuous family of obedience, which I will shower with My grace and My benefactions.

28. The hour of your testimony of my rallies will come, and men, unbelieving by nature, will demand proofs from me to believe. But then I will say to them: Here are these my disciples whom I let enter into a new life. They are the proof of the power of my teaching. My word has formed their Spirit, and today they are prepared to bring my teachings to the peoples of the earth. Do you want to belong to those whom I can use as a testimony of my truth? Then prepare yourselves, beloved workers. I trust in you. I will make use of your love to do wonders in those miracles for which you ask Me, and for the sake of a spark of faith which I see with you, I will do wonderful works.

29. You have emptied in this time the cup of suffering; but this has not been to your detriment, this pain has been like a benevolent rain that has made My Seed fertile in your hearts, revealing to you some hidden strings in the depth of your being

30. I have told you that you are going through a difficult expiation in this time because you have a debt to Me and to your fellow men, which you are now settling. This is the reason why you keep silent and accept your cup with love and are content to ask me only for strength so that my will be done.

31. In the world you will not find the understanding that you need in your struggle and in the ups and downs of your life, because true love and mercy are not yet in the hearts But you, strengthened in Me, will walk on thorns with a smile on your lips and with peace in your hearts.

32. Why does the Master speak so much of pain to you? Because the time you are going through is a time of judgment and all human creatures carry a heavy cross. Look at the nations that are being whipped by war; there is no heart in them that has escaped suffering, for not even the children in need of love in their vulnerability have escaped Divine Justice, which helps men to atone for their sins and wash away their stains.

33. At all times I have sown My seed in the hearts of men and have nurtured and cared for them. My sowing in this Third Age will not be in vain, for the seed will blossom in the hearts.

34. For the sake of a small number of hearts that prepare themselves, I will pour out My grace abundantly to lay the foundations of a new world. I will lift up your Spirit so that you may understand what your resemblance to My divinity is.

35. I, the Lord of the worlds and of all spiritual homes, to whom all created things obey, am telling you in these moments that you men have not lived in accordance with My Laws, causing you to be spiritually stopped; I am telling you that you have not lived in accordance with My Laws Nevertheless, My Spirit awaits your return to the true way and your perfection with infinite patience. Do not let me alone fight for your salvation, and do not let the spiritual world struggle without your cooperation. Do not only do meritorious works according to outward appearance, make an effort so that your actions contain truthfulness and love.

36. Since you have received love from the moment of your creation, you also should give love. If my example is impressed on you, then also emulate me!

37. In the present age the "Word" of God, which is eternal, speaks to you to lead you to the Light. I know the soul that is hidden in each of you, and that is why I am the only one who can reveal to you that you have already been witnesses of My rallies to mankind in other times.

38. Is it not so that you should no longer be beginners in my teaching long ago? Does not your Father really have reason to do so when He calls you His witnesses and disciples and prepares you to bring this message to mankind?

39. See how everything passes away except My word See the human generations that inhabit the earth today and disappear tomorrow. Look at the peoples who are rising today with splendor that seems to last forever, and yet you will soon be witnesses of their decline and collapse. All humanity passes away and ceases to be. Only My unchanging and eternal law shines forth and forth in every conscience.

40. You call this time the age of light; but this does not happen because my light has only now illuminated the Spirit or the mind of man - this has always shone in every spirit. I am the divine star that never hides itself. But when you see today that the spiritual light shines in men as never before, this is because they can now, because of their development, perceive the presence of spiritual life with greater clarity than in past times.

41. If men had always lived in accordance with My laws, My new revelations would never have surprised them. Notice how every time I have come with a new spiritual lesson, it has been discussed, fought against or rejected.

42. But the hour of awakening is drawing near, and then groups of people will appear everywhere who will speak of a new revelation. They will be searched out and judged by their neighbors, who will finally say that a plague of strange and unknown sects has broken out in the world. Precisely then you are to pray for all and at the same time give thanks for the fulfillment of My word; for on the basis of the teaching which I have revealed to you, you will be among those who understand the reason for all those phenomena. But you will also belong to those who bear the greatest responsibility to mankind.

43. Remember, beloved disciples, to what extent you must prepare yourselves spiritually so that your messengers, who are to bring the light of my revelations, can reach all those places where men have appeared who have amazed their fellow men with their spiritual abilities.

44. Great will be the struggle for you, because you are not to limit yourselves to prayer, spiritual immersion and good wishes, but are also to do works of mercy.

45. It will not be enough for you to say, "I believe. This is not enough. Faith is indeed absolutely necessary, but other abilities which you possess must be developed and perfected, so that you bring my word not only with your lips, but in your works. For My teaching to shine in the actions of your life, you must devote a part of your time to study and develop your spiritual gifts. In this way you will patiently endure the trials you encounter on your way and apply My teachings to each of them. When you are ready, you will reap the fruit of your effort and desire for spiritual renewal, and this reward will be the steal you win for the struggle, for the domination of yourself and for the love of your fellows.

46. Sleep no longer, disciples, understand that mankind is about to awaken spiritually and should not find you insufficiently equipped. Neither do I want you to set out without first having acquired all that is necessary to be one of my true soldiers. Take advantage of these moments of peace in which you receive my teaching, and always walk in the protection of what you have learned in them. Strive to penetrate more and more into the revealed teachings, but do not try to ponder what you have not been told until today.

47. When the Spirit of Elijah inspired the mind of Roque Rojas, the first witnesses of those rallies had no idea of the grace that would be given to the following generations in hearing My Word, nor did they understand that a new spiritual age was dawning for mankind It was your Master who, in the course of His teaching, revealed to the multitudes the greatness of this work. It was He who made them understand that a new age full of light and splendor was beginning.

48. The Spirit of man, led by passions into chaos, thinks that only a divine miracle can save those from whose hearts peace has fled since they have lost hope and faith in love, in justice and in human reason.

49. I want to fill this inner emptiness, which men bring before My eyes in their souls, with the light of this teaching, which is apparently new, but in reality eternally existing. This teaching brings light to spirits and hearts because it reveals the whole content of that commandment which I taught My apostles: to love one another. I am currently explaining to you the meaning of that supreme rule of life, the meaning of which has not been grasped by your minds, because the word of Christ has been a dead word for many people at this time. But they do not know that it lives in the conscience of all men, and that in its time it will emerge full of splendor from the depths of those very hearts which were previously like a tomb for the same.

50. Do you believe that you fulfill My commandment to love one another when you selfishly limit your love to your family? Do the religious communities believe that they fulfill that supreme commandment when they only acknowledge their believers and reject those who belong to another sect? The great peoples of the world, who boast of civilization and progress - can they claim to have achieved spiritual progress and to have obeyed the command of Jesus if their whole effort is to prepare for a fratricidal war?

51. Ah you men, never have you appreciated the value of My Word, nor have you wanted to sit at the Lord's Table because He seemed too humble to you! Yet My Table continues to await you with the bread and wine of life for your Spirit.

52. No one will be able to say that I have called you to account because of My death No sooner do you realize that you do not yet truly repent of your sins and My Hand, the same one you pierced on the Cross, is knocking at your door again. Understand, disciples, that it is My love that calls your Spirit.

53. My Love must defeat you, I have no other weapon If you think that I also use pain to bend and overcome you, you are mistaken. You create pain and through it you judge yourselves. I am He who saves you from suffering and from death.

54. Disciples, I leave you another of My teachings. But those who know how to prepare themselves inwardly will be those who feel My presence more deeply, though My grace is poured out on all in the same way. Those who have not felt spiritualization while listening to My Word, I invite to prepare themselves to enjoy the divine essence and use this message before My rallies end among you. Remember: if that hour should come without your heart having truly refreshed and nourished itself, your faith will not be great in the struggle, nor will your love be able to be burning when you bear witness to My truth.

55. Verily, I tell you, I do not want pain in your hearts, nor do I want to have to hear your words of repentance My desire is that when I give you My Word for the last time through this mouthpiece, you may tell Me "Master, here we are, let it be done according to your will.

56. No one lacks My Light. Except through My teaching I speak to you through your dreams which you call revelations because you know that in them I reveal to you deep teachings which you could not experience by any other means. But understand, disciples, that all knowledge that comes to you from me is a revelation. Attach no importance to the means or form I use to give you my messages.

57. Rightly have I called you children of light; but most of you want to go your way quite blindly - not because the way is dark, but because you want to keep your eyes closed to the truth Do you want to wait until others, who have not even heard this word, awaken before those who have heard my voice? It would be sad if those my new disciples freed from their errors.

58. I now acquaint the prophets of the third age with their spiritual gifts, that they may proclaim this Good News to mankind. But let them know that they must attain spiritualization so that these gifts may be revealed in them.

59. Hear My teaching, disciples, carry it in your hearts, and when you are in your homes, study and fathom it so that you may put My instructions into practice the following day when you resume your life struggle.

60. There is not a moment of your existence that does not give you a suitable opportunity to fulfill My law Do not wait only for great opportunities to apply My teachings of love.

61. Consider: if your concentration in listening to this Word is not as intense as it requires, and if your mind lacks the attention it needs to pay to My teaching, your heart will not be able to gather the seed it is to sow tomorrow and whose fruits you will reap in eternity

My peace be with you!

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