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Teaching 106:

1. Disciple, here is your master. I will lift the veil from many mysteries before you. Ask, ask, and it will be given to you. But do not ask Me for more than what you are to know.

2. In the past times I could not reveal to you the secrets which I am making known to you in this Third Time because your Spirit was not able to understand or grasp more than his spiritual development allowed him to do. But my word is the same - unchanging, eternal. It is your Spirit, which was born, which grows and develops until it reaches perfection. The Divine Spirit has no beginning, nor will He have an end; He is unchanging.

3. Your Spirit is part of a people whom I have used as a means or tool to give My great teachings to mankind. There have been three revelations which the Father has given to this people: The first lesson was the law of justice in the First Time, in the early childhood of this people; the second was the law of love, revealed in the Second Time, when it had hardly reached spiritual youth; the third lesson is this one I am giving you in the present epoch, which I have called the "Third Time. In it I reveal to you the spiritual law in its full extent - a law that encompasses everything that was shown to you in the past times and everything that your Spirit must know and possess. Spiritually you have now reached the time of youth.

4. Since you are constantly developing - why should I then always bring you the same lesson? This is the reason why My hidden wisdom reveals deeper secrets to you in every age.

5. In the face of the materialism and evil that reign in this age, you doubt to have enough spiritual comprehension to understand, fulfill and live My new teachings. But I say to you: Beyond the materialism of mankind, its misery, its vice and its striving for power, there is the Spirit, who has gone through long paths of development and difficult struggles and who is only waiting for the moment to get rid of his false garment to set out powerfully on the path of justice and love, which is the path of the Spirit.

6. Human science is the materialized expression of the spiritual capacity which man has attained in this time. Man's work during this time is not only a product of the intellect, but also of his spiritual and soul development.

7. The Master who met His disciples in the spiritual youth - already prepared so far to understand the new lesson - will unite the three divine revelations in a single book as a testament of love for mankind. The reason why you call yourselves Trinitarian is that you carry in your Spirit the seed of these three doctrinal epochs. Nevertheless, not all will follow Me in this time, not even all who listen to Me, because not all have awakened, nor have all been able to make use of the trials they have had in their lives. There are those who are indifferent to spiritual teachings, those who remain in a standstill, those who are caught up in error, but the time is determined for everyone when he will awaken and hear the voice of his conscience.

Those who trembled at the hearing of My Word during this time were those who impatiently awaited My new rallies, those who remembered My promise to return, just as the lost wanderer waits in deep night for the dawn to appear to find the way and continue the journey.

8. My voice, which I am making audible today in this form materially, will soon no longer be heard, and then I will contemplate in your works the fruit of my sowing I will leave in each of you an "ear" and a "fruit" so that when you feel hunger or a (spiritual) needy person approaches you with a request, you will have bread and will not tell the Father that He departed from you and left you without an inheritance.

I want you, in these times, when you feel desire for My divine gifts of grace, to take your refuge in your Spirit and seek help from Him, for there you will find many treasures that My caring love has placed in Him. You will also find My seed in abundance, waiting for you to prepare the fields to sow it. I have taught you to till these fields and watch over the seed. Tomorrow your Spirit shall bring in the fruit of His works as a harvest worthy to be offered to the Father and kept in His granaries.

9. There will be a short period of time in which my word given in this time will seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth Then men will begin to invent spiritual teachings, to teach new laws and commandments. They will call themselves masters, apostles, prophets and messengers of God, and I will let them speak and sow for a time. I will let them plant their seed, so that when they reap the fruit, they will know what they have sown. Time and the forces of nature will pass over their seeds, and their steps will be like judgment for each of these children of men.

10. It is necessary that the world should know deceit, that it may know the truth. Then the truth and the life essence, which I gave to you in this time, will rise again among men in all their sincerity and spirituality.

11. Look at the people who lead the nations, create doctrines and impose them on men. Everyone proclaims the superiority of his doctrine, but I ask you: What has been the fruit of all this? The wars with their entourage of impoverishment, suffering, destruction and death. This has been the harvest that the representatives of such theories have reaped here on earth. Notice that I have not opposed the freedom of will of mankind, although I must tell you that, notwithstanding that freedom, conscience incessantly speaks to the heart of him who distances himself from justice, charity and reason.

12. In human life too, I will make men understand the nature of the fruits of their seed, allowing the consequences of their deeds to emerge sooner or later as their judges. After this judgment, all will seek Me, and then they will discover that My word is adapted to people of all ages and cultures. For the divine word, my teaching, does not belong to a certain epoch because it is eternal.

13. My teaching imparts power to the Spirit so that it overcomes all trials; the number of these is recorded in the destiny of every creature. Why shrink from them? Why despair at the mountain that rises before your eyes? Do you not know that, after overcoming these obstacles, you will reach the goal you seek?

14. How much weakness I still see in your flesh, a weakness that often makes you blaspheme! When the forces of nature show themselves rudely, you curse; when some pain afflicts your body, you despair; when work depresses you, you lose patience; even the heat and the cold make you angry, and the darkness of the night makes you afraid. How should you not despair when you let yourselves be guided by the demands of the flesh which produces the lower passions? When will you finally be My good disciples who, with their works of love, bear witness to the truth of My teaching?

15. Being disciples of Christ does not mean that you should move too far from the earthly-material It means that while you should separate yourselves from the bad and superfluous, you should not turn away from your earthly duties and pleasures. I will not have you as fanatics, nor as slaves of the spiritual, while you are still in the flesh. The good disciple of Jesus is he who knows how to give to God what is God, and to the "emperor" what is "emperor.

16. My people expect a severe confrontation, for they will encounter on their way a high level of development in the Spirit and understanding of men. Precisely for this reason I want that you too develop in this time of my rallies, so that no one can fool you. Have absolute trust in my words, in the knowledge that more wisdom is contained in them than in the understanding of the learned, and knowledge that cannot be found in all books on earth.

17. Tirelessly sow love and peace; in this way you will prepare your spiritual way, and when then death suddenly approaches your body and the Spirit has already covered a great part of its way, it will look with bliss how far the merits of its works of love for its fellow men have lifted it up.

18. People, recognize how, as you delve into my teaching, you leave behind old habits and customs because you enter into a new, purer, more spiritual life. It is a new world that rises from the bottom of your heart.

19. How many secrets have My Word dissolved, and how many erroneous interpretations have I corrected. Likewise you will have to go into the ways of the world and explain My law to your fellow men. I tell you: You will go away, for no one is a prophet in his own country; I myself had to leave Nazareth then, where I lived, to find faith there, where I was considered a stranger, where they would not say of Me: "That man who calls himself 'Son of God' is the son of Mary and Joseph the carpenter.

20. I tell you this because among you who have received My spiritual gifts there are also those of whom even their parents, their children or their brothers and sisters have doubted. Among you are those who, because of the testimony of My teaching, have been called like Me sorcerers, warlocks. Do not forget these words, for some will have to remain in their immediate homeland; others will have to leave it and also their nation to carry My word to other peoples.

21. This nation, made fertile by suffering, took up My seed, and it germinated; but do not believe that only you have this light. When you bring My teaching to other peoples, you will see how soon it will germinate and spread. In those lands you will be prophets and messengers, and therefore you will find faith.

22. My light spreads from one end of the earth to the other and illuminates the whole universe. The light of the Divine Spirit is the language that speaks to all beings. You as human beings receive my word through the mind of man. To those you call angels, I let my voice reach them in the form of divine inspiration; and in every world or spiritual home I let myself be heard and make myself understood according to the degree of development of its inhabitants.

23. I want to speak to you as I speak to the angels - not because you have the purity of them, but because I want you to enjoy this grace and become increasingly like those beings in their majesty. The dialogue from Spirit to Spirit will bring all beings and all worlds closer together. But you must be prepared to understand one another, and for this I give you one single language, one single light, one single kind of dialogue: that of true love.

24. The age of spiritual communication begins for you. Far is the road you must travel, and much time will pass before you see this gift reach its culmination; but from the first steps and with every step you take, you will find encouragement to continue along the way.

25. Was not My rallies through the human voice bearer highly welcome to you? Were you not delighted by the presence of the spiritual world through the mind? For these were the pioneering steps for the spiritual dialogue which you will subsequently achieve. And in those moments when you seek my voice in the silence of your prayer - is not the peace you feel and that emerging inspiration you receive not soothing?

26. You know of the times of peace that will come because you have received My inspiration and My revelations; but there are some who, without having heard Me in this time, dream and long for universal harmony, not knowing whether it will come to you; it is the foreboding that speaks in them

27. Even the scientists have a presentiment of the exchange of thoughts through spiritual gifts, and this comes because, in their constant research and penetration into the innermost part of the human being, they have discovered the presence of that being which, although belonging to another world, lives in man: the soul.

28. Today I say to you all: Walk carefully and cautiously on this path, so that you may not stray from it. Watch and pray on your life's journey so that you may reach your goal and your happiness may be very great when the Father speaks and the whole spiritual universe hears and understands Him, and you understand each other in the same way.

29. I want you to feel in your heart the love of your Father; this love radiates from My Spirit down upon you. But since you do not yet attain the true union of the Spirit, I speak to you through these creatures, in a plain and simple language understood by all. It is my will to make my word known to you in the greatest simplicity so that you discover the essence of it quite easily and do not lose yourselves in confused torrent of words, which is mostly useless.

30. Clear your minds and purify your lips so that whenever you are to explain My Teaching, the crystal-clear stream of My Word comes from your lips, without your word being mixed with boastful expressions that take away its simplicity and power If you were to explain My spiritual teaching in scientific or philosophical terms, you would not impress the world, nor will your fellow men understand you, nor will you convey a true idea of what My teaching is. When I spoke to the world in Jesus, I did not use the language of scholars, philosophers, or scientists to speak to you from the Kingdom of Heaven. I used the simplest expressions of your language, for it is they that best express the supernatural things. I made use of parables and referred to the objects that were familiar to you, so that through them you might know the meaning of spiritual life.

31. Verily I tell you, Jesus did not need to learn anything from men, for then I would not have been the Divine Master but the disciple of men. If anyone has said that Christ has been taught by theologians, theosophists, or sages, he is not telling the truth. For before Christ and in the time when He lived on earth, there was no teaching that taught Him to come into the world, to live and die as He did. But I tell you likewise that the teachings of heaven cannot be learned from the world, and that what Jesus taught was the truth, which is valid in the eternal kingdom of the Spirit.

32. Just as men harden themselves to complicate the simple, so also in the divine they desire to discover the composition and substances inherent in the material nature. Their amazement will be great when they once discover that the spiritual or divine without substance and without form is the whole, the beginning and the end, the truth, the eternal.

33. Men have always been too busy with the glories of the earth to think about the significance of praying and spiritual contemplation of that which lies beyond this life, so that they might have discovered their own core of being. He who prays speaks to the Father, and when he asks, he immediately receives the answer. People's ignorance of the spiritual is a consequence of the lack of prayer.

34. People, since you were not able to remove the confusion of Babylon's language on this earth, since the races did not know how to unite nor to love, I will unite my family in the spiritual home. The stubborn and hardened sinners will come before me in the spiritual, and when they receive their judgment, their enlightenment and repentance will be as great as their sin was great on earth.

35. Pray for those who separate from you and set out for the hereafter, because not all of them succeed in finding the way, not all of them are able to rise spiritually, nor do all of them reach peace in a short time.

36. Some live in the spiritual under the obsession of material life*; some suffer intense feelings of remorse; others are numb, buried under the earth with their bodies, and still others cannot separate themselves from their loved ones, from those who remained in the world, because lamentation, selfishness, and human ignorance hold them back, bind them to matter, and deprive them of peace, light, and progress.

* This means that these souls of the deceased are still earthbound in the delusion of continuing to be at home as humans in the material world.

37. Allow those souls who are still on this world to move on without it still being theirs; let them give up the goods they owned and loved in this life so that they may lift up their Spirit to infinity, where the true inheritance awaits them.

38. Hold no grudge, and remember no more the evil deeds of them that perish. Have no desire that they should kneel before you and continually beg your forgiveness.

39. How blind is mankind!

40. Know yourselves and know Me, that you may learn to walk in the way of love, and do works worthy of Me. See, I want you to know much about Me so that you may become like your Father.

41. All of you must come to Me, some sooner, some later, but all will begin. It could not be otherwise, since you are all sparks of My Divine Light, since you are part of Myself. Learn from Me to love and to forgive, and so to fulfill the commandment that tells you to love one another.

42. You want Me to forgive you at all times, but you take your time with forgiveness towards your fellow men or refuse it Why do you want to perish in the abyss, although you possess such great abilities in your Spirit? My word comes at this time to enlighten your mind. You have sought the truth in books and have found only entertainment for the mind, but no benefit to the Spirit, no food or encouragement to sustain yourselves in your weakness or exhaustion.

43. I do not give you My word in scientific or linguistically chosen form so that you may understand it. But at the bottom of its simplicity it holds great treasures of wisdom and light for men.

44. Since you have sought Me so much, and your heart was waiting for Me, I am here now, fulfilling My promise to return to you and listening to your ardent desire to hear Me

45. My Divine Spirit follows you everywhere in the ways of the world as if it were the shadow of your body. I let you know joys and also sorrows; I wanted you to make experiences of struggle and of peace, that you should try and get to know everything. But there was something that you searched in vain in this world without being able to find it, because this something can only be found with me: My wisdom. That is the reason why your Spirit, when he heard me, felt that he had at last found what he sought: the truth.

46. Yes, people, I am the beginning and the end of you, I am the Alpha and the Omega, although I do not yet communicate or reveal to you all the teachings which I still keep ready for your Spirit and which you will only experience when you are already very far from this world Many new lessons I will reveal to you in the present time, but I will give you that which you are able to possess without thinking much of yourself or showing off to men with proud superiority. You know, after all, that he who is vain in his works destroys them through this very vanity. This is why I have taught you to work in silence so that your works bear a fruit of love.

47. Reject flattery from you, for it is a weapon that will destroy your noble feelings It is a sword that can kill that faith that I have set on fire in your hearts.

48. How can you allow men to destroy the altar that you possess in the very heart of your being?

49. I know that great works have been done in the womb of this people, but it is enough that I know, even though your names are unknown in the world

50. I alone know the true merit or the true value of your works, for not even you yourselves can judge them. Sometimes a small work will appear to you very great, and others will not even realize that their merit came to me.

51. Become strong in humility, in human dignity, and you will not perish. I have given you the weapons for this. Fight, and you will not lose a single battle. The laurel that will adorn your foreheads will be a kiss of your father's love.

52. Do not fall into lethargy again after you have freed yourselves from it. Do not be like the unfaithful virgins who did not know how to await the bridegroom with burning lamps. For if your previous awakening was bitter, the next will not be comparable with it.

53. Guard your inheritance, and there shall be no one to snatch it from you, because man has not the power to rob the gifts of the Spirit.

54. People, short are the moments of my presence among you, in which I give you my teaching through this word But before I depart, I want to leave you My teaching as a treasure, a legacy of truth and love, so that whenever you feel very small in relation to mankind because of your material poverty and meagerness, the knowledge that you have a legacy of infinite spiritual value will encourage you to raise your face without timidity and open your lips without prejudice to pass on My Word. This is the only greatness that you are to have according to my will: that of the Spirit.

55-If you understand that many human beings whom you see wretchedly - some blind, some leprous, some starving - often have more light and maturity in their Spirit than some who boast of health, power and scholarship! Therefore do not strive for gold, honors, or dwellings. Strive for peace, health, and virtues.

56. In My high councils it is provided that you shall be leaders and advisers of men. Work on yourselves that you may become worthy to bring the Father's seed to the hearts of men. The mighty "trees" will multiply; from them I will cut off branches which will be brought by My workers into the provinces where My children have long longed to hear My word. My teachings are extensive because the crowds of people ask Me to speak to them, to give them explanations, to make them forget the suffering and misery of the world; and so I remain among them for a long time without them feeling the passage of time or fatigue. Only in this way will you finally make My teachings your own and understand and fathom their meaning.

57. How wonderful it will be when these multitudes here, in their simplicity and humility, will set out to bring forth the Good News of this time, which is so full of Spirit and morals! You are to remind the fathers, who have made themselves the judges of their children, that they are to forgive them and love them; the mothers, who have denied their children and denied them their bosom, are to be urged to spread out their arms and press their children to their heart, so that these too may love; and the children you are to admonish not to rise up against their parents, who are to esteem them highly, because the parents take my place on earth. How could the soul develop upwards without righteousness?

58. Tomorrow you will have to teach and confirm your words by deeds. But give your lives already now a higher morality, restore your homes and unite your families. Let the father go in search of his child who fled from his home, and let the children turn again to him who left them in the lurch. The wife shall return to the arms of the companion, and the husband, who had neglected his duties, shall seek out the companion, and they shall build a new and better existence.

59. Today you understand better than ever your responsibility to my justice, O fathers and mothers! For those beings you call children of your blood are souls for which you are responsible to me.

60. I want the community of your hearts to be the garden where these roses and lilies blossom. Bring people to hear my word, bring them to the banquet that I myself will give them. Verily, I tell you, they will leave strengthened after eating the bread of true life and drinking the wine of My grace.

61. Whoever eats of this bread will never again be hungry.

My peace be with you.

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