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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 83:

1. This is the time in which, as the prophets have announced to you, every eye will see Me; now I add, this is the time in which every ear will hear Me and every brain will understand My rallies.

2. The Spirit is now empowered to interpret many teachings and to penetrate many mysteries; he is no longer the infant of the first times, from whom I had to keep many teachings secret so that he would not be confused, and to whom I had to reveal all the secrets revealed to him by means of symbolic images, so that he could set out on the spiritual path

3. Every age is a light, a new lesson, and if I have prolonged the present stage of development, it is for the reason to give the great multitudes of spirit beings the opportunity to walk the path of earth to fathom my teachings and follow my teachings; thus they will make one step forward on the path of true life.

4. My new word will make you understand much of your past, and this understanding will be the light that illuminates your spiritual path. This is why I have told you many times: "Lift up your face and become aware of the time in which you live"; only in this way can you make use of the period of life which I have entrusted to you on earth.

5. Spiritual goods, abilities and possibilities have remained unawakened in many people, in others they have developed only weakly, but now My divine Light has come and has shaken up the spirits in their slumber to lift them up into a higher life through which they can comprehend Me in a more perfect way

6. Examine My teachings and tell Me if this teaching could be included in one of your religions; I have revealed to you its comprehensive characteristics and its universal meaning, which is not limited to parts of mankind or to (certain) peoples, but transcends the planetary orbit of your world to include infinity with all its life worlds, where - as in this world - also children of God dwell

7. Disciple: Awake, open your spiritual eyes, hear My word, penetrate its meaning, and then bring the good news to your brothers. But make sure that your message is always marked by the truth and sincerity with which I came to you. Then you will gently awaken from their sleep all those who sleep, as I have awakened you.

8. Come to Me, O beloved people, come to rest from the earthly toil your heart opens to receive My Love and Power and I receive you and bless you

9. I want you to live with an alert spirit in this time of materialism, in which every spiritual rallies are despised, without remembering that the essential part of man is the Spirit, and that in this life the Spirit should become strong and ascend by his own merits

10. It is My will that you, who have been wrapped in My love, teach the faith and trust in Me and revive it in your brothers. I will not take into account their indifference and lack of love towards my Spirit. No one will be able to break the holy bonds that bind man to me, nor will anyone be able to prevent that I love you. Why have men not sought me despite their pain? Their words and deeds hurt My fatherly feelings, they do not appreciate My love, nor do they feel My blessing.

11. The solution to all the problems that torment your brothers is within you I have given you the key to peace so that there may be helpfulness and love among yourselves. You all can attract My Spirit and feel My divine influence when you call on Me with love.

12. I want to see you, after your struggle, smiling with satisfaction. I want you to feel that I have been very close to you. Do not complain to Me when the present times are unkind; if you had remained virtuous, the pain would not have hurt your heart nor would you have stumbled. I have sent you out to fulfill a destiny of love which you have not yet understood.

13. The time is drawing near, in which ye shall begin to work in other lands. Pray and watch already today for all nations, for you are bound to them by duties which you must fulfill. Your prayer will enlighten and save souls.

14. How can you calmly watch your brethren return to the spiritual valley, carrying within you the materialism and pain they have accumulated on earth? Many of them will incarnate again, and will then let the consequences of the suffering caused by their disobedience be seen. Then you will experience that the soul's struggle will not end until it has perfected itself.

15. Trust that your kind Master will guide you on the path of truth wherever you are. Some at the beginning of the path, others at the end of it, you will all be guided by Me.

16. My new divine revelations will surprise men's minds at this time, although I tell you in truth that their surprise will be unwarranted because it is the most natural thing for the Spirit to receive the fruit of his development little by little on his way.

17. It is I who had to follow you on the paths you took to free you from danger and prevent you from perishing When will you follow Me, encouraged by that voice which told Simon, Andrew and John, "Abandon your boats and your nets and follow Me"?

18. The battle has taken root inside your heart, you hear My Voice touching your Spirit, telling you through your conscience: follow Me while the flesh and the world have great influence on the soul

19. It is fine with me that this inner struggle exists because it means that you still keep love for me despite the temptations to which you feel subjected on earth, and you understand to hear the voice of the Spirit, which demands its rights from the world and from the flesh But woe to those who do not feel this contradiction in themselves because their heart will be cold like a grave that holds a dead man!

20. Everything that happens in the present has been spoken and written down by my prophets. Search in those writings, and you will find the anticipated history of all that you are experiencing right now in the world. But I tell you that events will still come, which were not yet predicted in those times, because the Lord had reserved these prophecies for himself to announce them at this time through the human organ of the intellect.

21. Do you perhaps believe that everything has already been foretold and that there would be no more prophets on earth?

22. Understand that I have come to reveal to you many prophecies that will come true tomorrow, and that I have done this through creatures whose minds are little formed and whose words are not chosen to give you proofs of My power Some of these prophecies, coming from such simple lips, you have already seen come true, and the future mankind will see all others, except the last, come true.

23. Dear disciples, refresh yourselves in this atmosphere of spiritualize that surrounds you in the short periods of time of my rallies. Enjoy this bread and strengthen yourselves with it because soon you will no longer hear my word. I will leave you filled with My grace and My love so that you may hasten to set out to spread the good news I have brought you in this Third Age.

24. Make sure that there is always purity in your heart, in this vessel, which you are to keep just as pure inside as outside, because it is precisely there that My love settles down as water of eternal life.

25. Keep these your meetings and make them the Holy Communion. Do not believe that my Spirit is far from my disciples because you experience that I withdraw my word among you. Always leave a place at the table for the Master because I will always preside at your meetings and distribute the spiritual bread to each of you; but I tell you, this place should be in your heart.

26. The testimony which you give of My return shall be pure, and then you shall see the masses of the people rising up from all directions and hearing them say "The Lord has come again 'on the cloud', as He has announced it to us; He has sent us His people, and we have united ourselves with Him.

27. O you many people who hear Me in these moments, you do not know which of you will be My messengers of tomorrow! Men will listen to them, but the messengers will expect from them neither reward nor flattery; they will go through the world scattering My seed, looking at the Lord.

28. My messengers will not have to rely only on their own strength, otherwise they would soon succumb in battle; they will be equipped with a higher authority and greater power that will not wear them down and will make them invincible.

29. A messenger sent by me has never been alone in the fight; legions of light beings have accompanied and protected him. No one doubts or fears when the hour of preaching and sowing approaches, for my love will be with you to give you courage, faith and strength.

30. The sixth seal was broken, and its light was seen by the simple people, the humble, by him who is pure in heart The lampstand is lit, but mankind is still asleep, and this people here has not yet grasped the meaning of the rallies they have received; hence their fear of communicating them to the world. Let at least the water of this spring not be clouded, so that the weary and thirsty wayfarers, when they come to you, may quench their thirst with it and confess that it is pure.

31. Ye have become accustomed to the shade of this tree, and fear to walk in the paths that lead you to other nations and places. But I say to you that you shall not wait for the night to come to give the good news, because then all will sleep. Go by daylight, so that there may be no mysteries in your works. Do not be hasty, but take a step forward every time you prepare yourselves, for the hour of your struggle is drawing near. I will stop him who believes himself prepared and has set out prematurely through trials that I will put in his way so that he recognizes that he does not yet feel my work in his heart, that he has not studied it enough to announce it, that neither the feeling of charity springs from his heart nor his Spirit is sufficiently hardened to withstand the storms. In abundance there are examples among you of those who set out of their own will and did not obey my commands. They fell down on their ways, and their return was painful. Why then do you become ungrateful to my caring love?

32. When some of you were tired of life, others were lost on uncertain ways, and still others were sunk in the mud - who helped you? Was it perhaps man? No, disciples, what raised you up was this Word, which gives life and hope. That what you were before you received my light, I have not imputed to you. But as to what you are doing now, I must call you to account. You know that My gaze discovered the one who hid his hand stained with brotherly blood, the one who hid the "petals of defoliated roses" and the one who sought to hide theft or adultery in his heart: I saw everything, and over the cloak with which you sought to hide your infamies, I spread the veil of My mercy so that no one but Me should judge you, and with forgiveness and love I transformed and purified you.

33. In the face of this voice you had to awaken, and in the face of the invisible presence of him who speaks to you you had to believe Again I say to you: blessed are those who believed without seeing.

34. The heart of the women was deeply moved by the voice of their Divine Mother, and every word of Mary was a dewdrop on those hearts withered by suffering. But the young girls, the wives, the mothers, the widows, and even the defoliated flowers were led to the lovely garden of the Virgin, and a new fragrance came from all of them.

35. When will you be prepared to bring the teachings you have received to other nations? Know that the seed of love and spiritualize is not yet germinating in the heart of this humanity. Fanaticism dominates people's lives - religious fanaticism, racial fanaticism, fanaticism for the sake of the glory and power of the world, and fanaticism for its own sake.

36. It is necessary for you to improve your life every day so that you may become an example and incentive in the life of your neighbor: Fulfill the mission that your Father has entrusted to you, for I will grant you that you may see your highest longing fulfilled.

37. But you must study and fathom My teaching; for if I asked you about the previous lesson - could you repeat it? Verily, I tell you: no. but do not worry, for I am bringing you on this day another one which will remind you of the previous one and help you to understand it Thus is your Master, clothed in patience and love.

38. In the Second Time the Divine Word became man so that His teaching would be heard on earth; in this time the Word is Light, which falls on the human organ of mind and blossoms in the Word of Life

39. The prophet John announced My coming in those days; now Elijah prepares My spiritual rallies in those days, making Himself known to men spiritually; but verily I say to you, the one and the other heralds are one and the same Spirit.

40. Every new age had been associated with revelations for you, explaining to you the past events which you had not yet understood. The last harvest will give you true wisdom.

41. As long as My rallies through these voice bearers last, I will not be recognized in the whole world; a certain time must pass, the hearts of My messengers must be purified, then this message will be able to reach mankind, free from material influences

42. This teaching is the way to eternal life; everyone who discovers in this teaching an uplifting power and perfection will know how to unite it with the one I taught you when I was on earth because its essence is the same

43. Whoever does not know how to find the truth contained in my teachings will even be able to affirm that this teaching does not lead to the same goal as the teachings of Jesus; the souls blinded by bad interpretations or confused by religious fanaticism will not be able to grasp immediately the truth of these revelations. They must go through a path of trials to break away from the material way of thinking which prevents them from understanding and fulfilling My commandment which teaches you to love one another.

44. I, the Master, am the only one who can reveal to you that in these very moments millions upon millions of beings are going through that painful path of trials, experiences and awakening so that their eyes may open and search for horizons beyond what their heart and mind could have created.

45. "I am thirsty", I tell you again, "thirst for your exaltation and your love"; but no one gives My lips the water that could quench it; rather, I am compelled to keep the wound at My side open and fresh so that it does not stop to pour the water of life on the world

46. This is the time of the great struggle described by the prophets in their spiritual dreams and visions; the time when men will oppose my law with their violence, when every material or spiritual being that harbors selfishness in its heart will rise up to fight against my justice. My sword is ready, it is not a weapon that punishes or kills - it is the sword that in its struggle to save the one who perishes as a victim of himself, will raise him up with such violence that sometimes even his body will perish to let him attain eternal life of the Spirit.

47. Understand these teachings correctly, and you will not be confused, but you will understand the reason for many of the terrible trials that mankind is going through, and which you are unable to explain

48. The purpose of My rallies is to turn your Spirit away from the path of suffering. I have been calling urgently until you have opened the door of your heart; then I could make you feel the tenderness of My blessings and peace and you have been calling out: How close was the Lord to me!

49.Ttomorrow you will bring this good news to mankind who thought they were far from their Lord; for when they speak of God, they make it seem like something unreachable, incomprehensible and inaccessible

50. The conception mankind has of Me is childish, because it did not understand the revelations I have given it ceaselessly. To him who knows how to prepare himself, I am visible and touchable, and present everywhere; but to him who has no sensitivity, because materialism has hardened him, it is almost impossible to understand that I exist, and he has the feeling that I am immeasurably far away, that it is impossible that I can be felt or seen in any way.

51. Man must know that he has Me within him, that he has in his Spirit and in the light of his conscience the pure presence of the Divine.

52. When My new message is received by mankind, it will feel a shower of joy that will make it return to spiritualize, through which it will feel closer to its Lord

53. One of the reasons I made myself materially audible to make myself known in this time was that you feel that I cannot be far from any of My children, and that the spiritual life is not far from yours either. To show you this, I allowed the rallies and the presence of the spiritual world among you.

54. These are works that only I am able and allowed to do, without regard to the judgment that men form about them. I know that my works are finally recognized by all as perfect.

55. All the rallies you have had in this time will be studied with the greatest interest, and in them mankind will find the great truths and the great revelations, because nothing in My works is small.

56. Trust that this Word will set you on a safe path; for if Jesus once passed by and many did not feel Him, you should now prepare your heart to receive the essence of life which I have brought to mankind I have fulfilled the promise to come back which I gave to My apostles, but I still have many teachings to share with you.

57. Why do I make myself known among the uneducated, the clumsy and the sinners? Truly, I announced to you in those days that My coming would take place when there would be great corruption in the world.

58. A great confusion was also announced to you, and this is coming; it is necessary that there should then be a bright lighthouse to guide the shipwrecked so that they find the right way. But verily, I tell you, this lighthouse has already lit its light and enlightens the world: It is I who am close to the heart of man to let him hear my voice.

59. Again I tell you that he who keeps My word and follows My teachings will be saved

60. I do not come to arouse religious fanaticism among men; My teaching is very far from teaching false things; I want improvement, faith, charity, spiritualize. Fanaticism is a dark bandage before the eyes, is unhealthy passion, is darkness. Watch that this bad seed does not enter your heart. Remember that fanaticism sometimes has the appearance of love.

61. Understand that this darkness has afflicted mankind in this time. Realize that although the pagan peoples have disappeared from the earth and the majority of mankind professes to worship the true God, men neither know Me nor love Me; for their wars, their hatred, and their lack of harmony are the proof that they do not yet let Me live in their hearts.

62. Above the darkness of this religious fanaticism and idolatry, great whirlwinds are approaching, which will purify the spiritual cult of this mankind. When this work will be accomplished, the rainbow of peace will shine in infinity.

63. Only My Voice in its divine justice may tell you that you have not fulfilled your mission on earth nor in the spiritual space when you passed through it

64. There are no obstacles for me to communicate with men and make my will known to them. Behold, no righteous man was needed for My rallies, for I gave you My word through sinners, and in this you can find another proof of My power and mercy.

65. I want everyone whom this message reaches to be purified here on earth through the practice of this heavenly teaching, so that when he returns to the hereafter, he does so with already pure soul.

66. Every word that goes out from Me is of eternal life. Today you receive it through the human voice bearer.

67. I tell you that it is a good sign that you have been in communication with the Father at this time through your mind organ; but you must also know that this form is neither the goal nor the summit of perfection; that the Lord has spoken to the world through the mouth of man before and at all times. But this rallies here in the midst of a materialistic humanity and a world insensitive to the spiritual, is a miracle that men will attribute tomorrow only to the love God feels for you; but it is also a proof that the human Spirit feels the impulse to rise spiritually.

68. This is the dawn of a new age; the first rays are beginning to awaken men. If your faith and spiritual upliftment grasp Me with a deeper understanding than what you presently consider just, eternal, and perfect, you will see Me in infinity as I send My light to all beings.

69. My divinity will be to your Spirit as the light at noon Like a star that illuminates the universe and gives it life, it will shine at its zenith. And the hearts will receive His divine rays directly in the union with their Father through the perfect dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, which is the goal and the ideal for the harmony between the Father and the children, and also among the brothers and sisters.

70. I must ask you, people, what have you done with the seed I have entrusted to you? What have you sown in your fields? Did you clean the paths so that your brothers may come to Me? Great is the multitude that listens to Me at this time, but small is the part that actually follows Me. I look into the innermost part of your heart and say to you: do not ask for Me as judge, always seek Me as Father and as Master, then I will open My secret treasury for you and you will feel secure.

71 At My new coming, as in times past, I have left My treasury open to reveal many teachings to you, for it gives joy to the Father when He reveals new teachings to His children But woe to you if you also receive my divine commandments and forget them or do not fulfill them for lack of love, for then you would turn your father into a judge!

72. How much Mary has wept over your misery! How much you owe her tenderness and her love! Both those who call on her and those who do not acknowledge her, she makes them all feel her motherly warmth and the infinite delights of her caress. Verily, I tell you, before souls reach Me, they must find Mary, the Divine Mother, on their way.

73. In this time you also have a shepherd. As Moses, who brought you out of Egypt and brought you united through the desert to the foot of Sinai, so that you heard the voice of the Father and received His Law, so Elijah chose you in this time from different points of the earth to bring you by the way of spiritual armament to the foot of the new mountain from which you hear My divine Voice and receive My revelation.

74. Look, here is Elijah, the one whom the disciples saw together with Moses and Jesus in a spiritual vision on Mount Tabor This is his time. Strengthen your Spirit in the warmth of his presence and awaken to hope.

75. Verily, I tell you, this time of decision on earth is also decisive for the whole universe, and while I speak to you in this form, I make myself felt also in other worlds and other spheres. My Spirit is omnipresent.

76. Pray, people, with a Spirit and thought of peace, that you may overcome temptations. Do not be content with the peace of your home or your nation. Work for the peace of all your brothers. "Love one another.

My peace be with you.

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