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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 84:

1. I have not looked upon you as great or small; in this time I have spoken to you all as to children whom I love in the same way Seek the spiritual content of my teaching and spread it, and the more you give to your brothers, the more will be given to you.

2. My mercy helps you to bear the pain of your atonement, through which you purify your soul. Preserve the state of spiritual elevation to the best of your ability, so that you do not break out anew into sobs in my presence.

3. From different regions the multitudes of men have come in longing for my word; they bring their worries and daily needs before me. I see the tribulations and sufferings that the nations are going through and I ask you to send them a message of peace with your prayer, deeply felt and full of mercy. Intercede for your brothers and sisters; "ask and it will be given you.

4. If you have faith in Me and trust My Words, war will not enter this nation and this will be another testimony that My Divine Spirit descended upon you The merits you must acquire so that miracles may happen in your way are: (moral) renewal, prayer, mercy, good will, and love for your brothers.

5. You, who form a community destined to give proofs and testimony of My rallies in this time, should not waver, should not allow to see the blood of your brothers flowing in your nation, in your marketplaces and in your fields, nor to see sadness or hunger among your children I give you weapons of light, so that you can defend yourselves against every trap. I have also shown you how you can maintain the health of the soul and of the body so that you are strong. Yes, people, do not continue challenging sicknesses, do not forget that it is always disobedience that opens doors for them. Pray for yourselves and for all mankind. To those who shed tears because of the nations that are going through a severe trial, I say that peace will return to them anew. From those who kill each other today and make war among brothers, I will bring forth those who tomorrow preach and practice love among themselves. My power is great, do not doubt it. You will still experience how I will build a new world on the ruins of this mankind, where there will be no trace of what sin was.

6. if I have called many nations and peoples deaf, it is only because My Voice cried out at the doors of all hearts and they did not understand My call Those who have fallen into the abyss of passions may well blaspheme against Me here in the world; but once they are in My presence, they will have to confess that I was with every man and every people in time to admonish and warn them. I do not make you prejudiced against anybody; I always instruct you to let your thoughts wander over the world as Spirit of peace, although I warn you not to let yourselves be beguiled by foreign teachings nor by false promises, so that you do not allow that in your hearts the weeds, the discord, the selfishness are sown. Fulfill your task and leave the rest to me.

7. Verily I say to you, the forces of nature are ready to break loose in obedience to Divine Justice. They will accomplish a work of purification. But I also tell you: Even if mankind disappears from the earth, my name and my presence can never be erased from the Spirit.

8. Disciples, resist the mockery and derision until the world realizes that you were not caught up in error. I will give it signs and proofs in abundance that will make it awaken and open its eyes to the light. But you must make an effort, because I did not send you into the world to sleep. Today, when you have awakened by the call of your Master, you must use the time so that you may show Me in the end a rich harvest of your seed.

9. Come to My teaching word and fill your Spirit with wisdom In the midst of the chaos that reigns in your world, you have found this oasis of peace, where you can hear the voice of the angels telling you, "Peace on earth to men of good will.

10. If some of your fellow men acquire knowledge of these teachings, let them do so. My new disciples are scattered among mankind, and if the unbelievers mock you and slander you, forgive them, I will justify you. Many of those who misjudge you today will bless you tomorrow. On your way always keep in mind the example I gave you in the Second Time; it will help you to bear your cross with patience. Remember that I was misunderstood as long as I lived on earth, and was only recognized among men a long time after my walk.

11. Have patience and understanding, for it is not you that mankind should recognize, but My work, My teaching, and this is eternal. Your task is to bring with your words and deeds the message that reveals to men the way in which they can take a step towards perfection.

12. Indeed, I am hungry and thirsty for your love and understanding You all have the intuitive knowledge that I exist, but who knows Me? In reality the idea you have of My Divinity is blurred, for through your rites and images you have limited and distorted Me. To free you from this error, My Word will continue to descend on your Spirit like an inexhaustible stream until the time fixed by My Will. While my teachings and my revelations will tell you who you are, what your origin and your final goal is, you will also get to know your father better in the recognition of yourself. I tell you that what I have revealed to you in this word, and what I will still reveal to you, no master of the world could have taught you, however wise he might be, because the unfathomable can only be revealed by me when it is necessary that you learn it.

13. So My rallies in the Third Age were something not foreseen by mankind because they forgot the prophecies; but today I have come in fulfilment of them The language of the voice-bearers, through which I have made myself known to men, has been simple, but in the essence of this word is My love and My wisdom.

14. He who fathoms My Spiritual Teachings of the Third Age and bears witness to them with his works will, with his spirit, heart and mind, embrace all that was revealed of My Divinity in former times, and his interpretation of those teachings will be correct My law will rise anew among men to destroy all untruths that they have created to cover and protect their wickedness. The book of life and truth will be opened before all nations of the earth, and no one will be able to deceive them.

15. From the face of the Pharisees shall fall the mask of hypocrisy, and their mouth, which always lied when offering salvation to mankind, shall be silent for ever; but you shall not point to them or expose them.

16. When the scribes brought the adulteress before Me then in the Second Age, I touched the Spirit of each of them, without publicly exposing her, after I had confused her by My judgment My index finger wrote in the dust of the earth the transgressions of all those who came to see what Jesus wrote. To those of you who listen without believing, I say today: be silent and reflect while you hear this Word so that you may judge later, then you will understand that I have given you My Love in this time, so that drop by drop you may drink this power which you could not find among you. Few are those who follow me, and it is them that I will help myself to scatter my seed.

17. I am the God of all men, of all religions and of all sects, the Only One, and if I open My secret treasury and distribute the treasures abundantly to all - why should they not recognize Me? No one can live without the idea of God, even if the way in which he understands Him is imperfect, and likewise his worship of God. I accept the sacrifice of all my children, but the father now wants to receive the right tribute, which is worthy of him.

18. My teaching enslaves no one; it only elevates your lives in human and spiritual terms. Whoever desires to be a true child of God because of his works will not be able to keep for himself all that he has received from Me. How many are there who, in possession of many knowledge, seem to be fountains of wisdom and who, through their selfishness, are in reality only pits of darkness!

19. Be disciples of Jesus, and you will be brothers of men. Feel what you do and what you speak. Whoever does not feel my love in his heart fails to speak of love, for he would act untruthfully. To speak of love he should wait until my seed germinates in his heart. I will give you enough time so that you can achieve your armament, your transformation and complete transformation. Remember that many of you were unbelievers when you came here to hear this word. At My rallies some even mocked them, and others mocked the voice-bearers through whom I spoke to you in these moments. But I waited for you, spoke to you through your conscience, and afterwards you asked me with tears of remorse for forgiveness for your doubt. Now you follow Me with unshakable faith, despite the trials and obstacles that often occur in your life's path. I am the sower, the fighter who never rests.

20. To give you tangible proofs of my truthfulness, I have foretold you many events whose arrival was imminent. So you have experienced that war broke out after I had announced to you an imminent war when peace was still everywhere. When I told you that the forces of nature would be unleashed and that they would be like friends to some, but would prove to be enemies to others - how soon you experienced the fulfillment of this. But I have likewise fulfilled a promise to each of you in the seclusion of your life. And if you do not see many of my prophecies fulfilled, it is because they are given for a time that is many generations after you. But now you know what will happen to this world, to man and his soul in coming times. Already in times long past I announced to you the signs, which would announce the present epoch of time and my new revelation; the portents also showed themselves meaningful and clear to confirm my truth. Already now I announce to you those who will precede the spiritual battle and then the time of peace. The light of prophecy is anew among men. My word is full of prophecies; men see the future through dreams, visions or forebodings. Old prophets announced the prophets of that time. They are not illusions that you see, but you must direct your gifts of the Spirit to good works, so that the light of the HolySpirit may be reflected in you. You must give real proofs to the people, then many will believe on the basis of these proofs. Men and women will come in great numbers to this people, men of other races and speaking other tongues, and you shall receive them all. Verily, I say to you: Since there are neither foreigners nor strangers at His table in the house of the Lord, you too, who are the children of the Lord, must not depart from those who are your brothers and sisters.

21. I show you your task. Accept life as I give it to you. Go quietly step by step. In this way you will have a rich harvest in the world, even if you live on it for only a short time. Then you will not be like those who - although they have lived on earth for a long time - come into my presence as miserable and mere as they were when they began the path of life.

22. Do good works in your life, which have a spiritual content or a spiritual purpose. Do many of the works which are not known or seen, because they are done with the heart.

23. Keep the book of My teaching in mind; do not let its teachings pass you by unnoticed. Verily, I tell you, the moment will come when I will require of you the summary and explanation of all that has been revealed to you. Life too will demand this lesson from you through the trials it puts in your way; but who is life if not I, who gave light to your mind, to your heart sensitivity and to your whole being gifts and abilities so that you may understand the deep and eternal language of your existence?

24. In My teaching I show you how to live in such a way that even in the most bitter situations of life you must feel happy to be there knowing that you are children of God; and I also teach you to appreciate all that surrounds you so that your pleasures may be healthy and genuine

25. The world is a great garden in which I raise hearts; but in that time I found all its flowers withered. I come to give them water anew and will not cease in My efforts to nurture them devotedly until I inhale the fragrance of this spiritual garden. Once the calyxes of the flowers open, there will be wonderful signs and revelations among men.

26. These voices here, from which My Word is breaking forth in this time, were plants withered by the scorching sun of pain; but the divine rain fell on them and they blossomed The beauty and nectar of the phrases that come from their lips are like flowers.

27. This people, which knew how to inhale that fragrance and preserve the seed, likewise flourished and bore fruit. It is a small garden from which My caring Love selects the most fertile plants to support the faith of the great multitude; for truly, I say to you I am the seed of eternity. Mary is the Divine Rain. See how in the Divine the Creator and the Mother watch over her work.

28. My words of the second time have been the way of salvation for those who have held fast to them. Blessed are those who have put their trust in My teaching. But do not think that all who claim to believe in Me trust in My Word or exercise My teaching. I see people faltering at the moment of trial in forgiveness as Jesus taught them, or in self-defense as their instincts advise them. In their hearts they feel that it is difficult to put the Master's teachings into practice. To them I say: Unless they have faith and love for their neighbor, it will not be possible for My teaching to guide their hearts. But I will send virtuous men to the peoples of the earth, who will prove to them the power of faith, and also the miracles, which bring about forgiveness, mercy and love.

29. Without faith and without fulfilling the law, My word is but like a deaf seed, which does not sprout after sowing; for that which makes this seed fruitful is virtue. Once this Word reaches all hearts, there will be many who think the Lord's judgment is too severe. This is why I tell you that you are a world that needs faith to feel and understand Me.

30. I say to all of you who call yourselves belonging to the Christian world, that My judgement is benevolent considering that twenty centuries have passed since I brought you a divine Message to overcome with it the world, the flesh, the passions and death, and yet I still see you trusting in everything your own powers, your way of feeling and thinking But if the instincts of the flesh still prevail over the virtues of the Spirit, it is only because you are still more matter than spirit.

31. The battle draws near; the faith of some will fight against the doubt of others, the morality of some against the wickedness of others. But as in the past times my caring love will be with the children who trust in me, and I will help them to accomplish wonderful works, as they can only happen when one has true faith in my divinity.

32. You must understand that I am not only seeking those who believe in Me, but I come for the sake of those who doubt My existence In the Second Age, when I came as the promised Messiah, I appeared among the people who believed in the invisible God; but My message was not only for Israel, but for all the nations of the Gentiles who did not know Me. I did not come to save the one and let the other perish.

33. A mighty tree stretched out its branches to give shelter to all, and it offered its fruit without favour. Do you remember, for instance, that I once called you peoples to whom you must not bring my word? Never have I taught you to seek reasons to deny my light to anyone. Were you righteous when I acknowledged you to hear My word and receive My gifts of grace? Verily, I say to you: No.

34. I found you sinful, and so (as you were) I chose you to lead you to the fountain of renewal, so that tomorrow you should do the same to your brothers. This is the time in which sinners will save sinners, and in which the "dead" will rise to raise their "dead". The hardened hearts, those who saw widows, orphans, the hungry and the sick pass by without the strings of their hearts being moved by it, now awaken to love, shudder in the face of the foreign pain and destroy their selfishness. They even forget themselves to share the pain of their brothers.

35. He who does not know pain cannot understand those who suffer. This is the reason why I make use of those who have often drunk from the cup of suffering so that they are able to understand the misery of men and bring them true consolation.

36. Anyone who has sinned and has subsequently returned to the good way can never be disgusted by the transgressions of his neighbor. Instead, he will be lenient and understanding.

37. Anyone who awakens struck by the clarity of this light will understand that this is the time when he should work for humanity, leaving aside a few moments of the time he devotes to the world to dedicate it to the spiritual practice of charity. Thus you will love your Lord and serve your brother.

38. Do not belong to those who, when they see what is happening in the world, cry out, "This is the time of judgment and death, after which perhaps hell will be waiting for us!

39. I tell you that it is the time of reconciliation and resurrection, and that after that the peace of My heaven awaits all who believe and set out to follow My word.

40. Rejoicing is in My Spirit when I see myself surrounded by those whom I have called My disciples in this time You are the predestined to fulfill a spiritual mission in this Third Age.

41. Far has been the way you have had to travel to finally receive this revelation. But you feel no weariness because the Spirit, who is able to rise above matter and the passions of the world, never tires of seeking me or following me. During this time I have poured out My Spirit of Love on every Spirit and every mind so that you may open your spiritual eyes and see true life in all its fullness. "Every eye will see Me," I told you with regard to this time, and in truth, now every eye begins to recognize Me.

42. Men are now awakening and suspecting the truth. Many teachings will be directly revealed to their Spirit, for it will not be men who teach them. When men of today once hear my voice at the bottom of their heart, they will no longer move away from me because they will have felt my love and will have seen the light of my truth. You are the children of light, the Trinitarian Marian spiritualists, because it is you who have experienced the coming of the HolySpirit and have heard His revelation. Would it be right for the children of light to create darkness among men? No, My children.

43. Your heart is troubled and says to Me, "Master, why do you not have confidence in us? To this I answer you: I am giving you these indications because this time of light is also the time of lies, deceit and dangers, because around you the forces of evil are at play, which bring men down and which can cloud your light if you do not watch. Not because man has set it alight, but because I have brought you my revelations in fulfillment of the promises. It is the time of lies - but not because of my coming to men, but because of the wickedness of them, which has reached its climax.

44. The last battle is drawing near, but I do not speak of your fratricidal wars, but of the fight of light against all that is false, unclean and imperfect. Recognize the time in which you live so that you may hasten to stock up on weapons of love and spiritual strength. Understand already now that in this battle you are not only fighting for your own faith and salvation, but that you, forgetting yourselves, must turn to those who are in danger of perishing.

45. This time is a time of light, because the human Spirit has accumulated light in his life through his development and experience. Weep no longer over your past, but nevertheless make use of all its teachings, so that you may see your path increasingly bright and you may no longer stumble or be uncertain at the crossroads.

46. Your spiritual past is not known to your flesh. I will let it be imprinted in your Spirit so that it may be like an open book and be revealed to you through conscience and prescience. This is my righteousness, which - instead of condemning you - gives you the opportunity to make amends for your wrongdoing or to correct an error. If the past would be erased from your Spirit, you would have to go through the already past trials anew; but when you hear the voice of your experience and let yourselves be enlightened by this light, you will see your way more clearly and the horizon will shine more brightly.

47. The world gives you many joys, some of which are granted by Me and others are man-made Now you have experienced that you have not been able to obtain them, which has caused rebellion in some and sadness in others. I must tell you that many at this time are not granted to fall asleep or perish in the delights and satisfactions of the flesh, because their task is a completely different one. In truth I tell you that there is not one Spirit in mankind who has not known all the delights and eaten all the fruits. Today your Spirit came (to earth) to enjoy the freedom to love Me, not to be a new slave to the world, gold, lust, or idolatry.

48. The ladder of Jacob's dream is shown before your eyes, that you may ascend upon it in your desire for your greater worthiness and perfection. My spiritual law does not free you from your earthly duties. You must seek the way to harmonize both laws so that your fulfillment before My divinity and before the world is perfect.

* This refers to the symbolic representation of the Jacob's ladder in

this and other meeting rooms.

49. The good soldier must not flee from the battle, he must not lose courage through the rumors of war. In this worldwide battle that is coming upon you, you shall be soldiers. Your cause shall be justice, and your weapons love, good will, and active mercy. Without being fully aware of this, you have been fighting for a long time against the enemy who is the evil that inspires war and hatred. Your weapons fight not only against visible elements, but also against invisible beings. To help you in this fight, I have given you the gifts of spiritual face and revelation so that you may discover the wolf when it lies in wait for you.

50. I want My disciples to learn to live in harmony with all creation, to live in accordance with the time, so that they may reach their destination at the right hour, the hour appointed by Me, so that you may already be present and you may answer Me when I call you to Me.

51. In this moment your Spirit will rise to Me to ask My help. He knows that I have given him abilities that are eternal and innate in him. But the flesh, as a weak creature, likewise lifts up its eyes to the Creator to ask Him, and what it asks for are only satisfactions concerning the world, and many of these are vanities.

52. Let the newcomer make requests to me; but you - what can you ask me for that you do not possess? Do you want to ask me for that which you already carry in your being? When you recite the prayer of the Lord's Prayer, which I taught you, feel and understand its spiritual content, and then let it fade away with devotion, so that the will of the Father may be done "on earth as in heaven. Penetrate into my teaching, and you will discover in yourselves treasures and abilities, which you do not believe to possess today.

53. It is necessary that you learn to ask, to wait and to receive, and that you never forget to pass on what I grant you, which is the greatest merit. Pray for those who die day after day in war. I will grant to those who pray with a pure heart that even before 1950, everyone who has fallen in war will rise spiritually to the light.

54. Already the Spirit of Elijah comes and leads the stray sheep to the peace of the sheepfold. Once you are strong in Spirit, you will no longer fear the wolf that threatens you with its bloodthirsty throat. You will be able to descend into the abyss to rescue the stray without fear of remaining there. You will be able to wade through lakes of mud without staining yourselves, and you will be able to cross stormy seas even on a seemingly fragile boat without fear of capsizing. Your faith and your virtue will give you this strength. Do you not think you are capable of great deeds in the future? Do you not believe that the new generations will give My teaching a better interpretation and realization? Understand: If it were not so, I would not speak to you, counsel you, and teach you.

55. See the people, the nations, the nations, as they lay down their lives for an ideal. They are consumed at the stake of their struggles, dreaming of the glories of the world, of possessions, of power. They die for the fleeting glory of the earth. But you, who are beginning to inflame a divine ideal in your Spirit, which has as its goal the winning of a glory that will be eternal, will you not - if not your life - give at least a part of it to fulfill your duties as brothers?

56. There is an invisible battle raging over you, which only the prepared can perceive. All evil that emanates from men in thoughts, in words and in works, all sin of centuries, all men and after-souls that are confused, all aberrations, injustices, religious fanaticism and idolatry of men, the foolish, ambitious strivings and falsehood have united into one force that tears down, takes up and penetrates everything to turn it against me. This is the power that opposes Christ. Great are their hosts, strong are their weapons, but they are not strong toward me, but toward men. I will give these hosts a battle with the sword of my righteousness and will be in the fight with my armies, of which you shall be a part according to my will. While this battle troubles men who chase after pleasures, you, to whom I have entrusted the gift of feeling what is going on in the hereafter, watch and pray for your brothers, for in this way you will watch for yourselves.

57. Christ, the Princely Warrior, has already drawn His sword; it is necessary that the same should pluck out the evil like a sickle by the root and with its rays create light in the universe. Woe to the world and to you when your lips are silent! You are the spiritual seed of Jacob, and I promised him that through you the nations of the earth would be saved and blessed. I will unite you as one family so that you may be strong.

58. What a beautiful example of harmony the cosmos offers you! Brilliant stars that vibrate with life in space, around which other stars circle. I am the radiant, divine star that gives life and warmth to souls; but how few move on their marked orbit, and how numerous are those who circle far from their orbit! - You could tell me that the material stars have no freedom of will, and that, on the other hand, it is just this freedom that has caused men to stray from the path. That is why I tell you: How meritorious will the fight be for every Spirit, since he, despite the gift of free will, was able to subordinate himself to the law of harmony with his Creator.

59. The fight which I announce to you will not last long; peace will soon come because the light of my justice will shine on all my children.

60. Together with the people I am training and who I have wrested from darkness and ignorance, I will fulfil the prophecies given in times past and in the face of My proofs and wonders the world will tremble and the theologians and interpreters of the prophecies will burn their books and prepare themselves inwardly to study this revelation Men with titles, men of science, men with scepter and crown will pause to hear My teaching, and many will say: Christ the Saviour has come again!

61. Disciples, make an effort in your armament, for I have not yet told you how much I have to tell you and already 1950 is approaching.

62. Pray with true sincerity and unite your thoughts with those of the angels to offer your sacrifice before My divinity

My peace be with you!

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