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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 85:

1. Blessed are those who practise spiritual prayer because they feel My presence; but truly, I tell you, I receive all prayers, whatever the form in which you send them up to Me. I pay attention to every call and every request without judging the form, and pay attention only to the trouble with which you seek me.

2. Why should I not listen to those who pray in an imperfect way, knowing that in the end all will practice true prayer? Meanwhile I hear you in the various forms in which you bring your petitions before me, for the essential is that you seek me. But truly, I tell you, there is no prayer that is not heard by Me. For me only the good will of my children counts.

3. I show you the truth through a perfect teaching. Try to practise it and you will feel, while praying, to see My light and hear My gentle advice.

4. You are still far from having reached perfection; but strive for it without stopping, dream of the sublimity of your mission and make truth your ideal

5. People, your mission is to make a breach to the light and to lead the crowds of people who are near today and also the coming generations to it.

6. Let your conscience guide you in this path, so that you never allow your heart to be used as a throne for vanity, for then you would work in vain.

7. Do not let your gaze stray from the shining goal you are heading for. Do not be concerned about the difficulties, obstacles, or thorns of the path; these adversities will make you long more fervently for the happiness of reaching the kingdom of peace. - You ask Me: Master, is it indispensable to drink the cup of bitterness in this life to be allowed to long for and to deserve the delights that Your mercy promises us for the spiritual life? No, My children. Once this humanity in its continuous spiritual development will understand the real value of human possessions, once it understands that the enjoyment and goods of the earth are but a pale reflection of what the bliss in Spiritual Life is, it will no longer need to suffer on this planet to obtain the spiritual delights and joys; because then men will learn to live with their happiness and their victories without binding themselves to the transitory, and they will fight to reach, through spiritual merits, the higher life that relentlessly awaits them, the true life.

8. People, in this age you are to recapture the great riches of faith and hope which you have driven out of your hearts, so that you may climb the mountain with it, as if you carried within you a burning torch to light your way.

9. Whoever lives in this way and walks in this way will be a child of the people of God; the place on earth which he inhabits, the blood which flows in him, or the language which he speaks, is unimportant. He will be my disciple because he will bear witness to my truth.

10. You shall no longer believe that the Israelite people are the people of God. I caused this race to be scattered throughout the world, because truly Israel is not a race, it is a spiritual people, to which you are all called to belong.

11. If My people were Israel from this world, do you think that I would have allowed them to be driven out of Judea, that I would have allowed His tribes to be scattered among the nations? do you think that if this were true, I would have allowed the Temple of Solomon to be destroyed and desecrated and the city of Jerusalem to be pulled down and set on fire so that no stone was left upon another?

12. Think about all this so that you may understand that the spiritual kingdom cannot have its foundations in this world. This is why I told you through Jesus, "My kingdom is not of this world".

13. The children of the people of God, the true children of Israel

are those who love the truth, who fulfill the law, who love God in their neighbor

14. Examine My word, verify it if you will. Remove the grains from the ears of corn and look at the seed.

15. Do you think that because of My first words in this teaching, when I told you that there are many who pray in an imperfect way, your fellow men might feel offended?

16. Verily, I tell you, it is necessary that you all know the truth, and this truth is that man's cultic actions towards God have had a long evolution and have undergone incessant changes Prayer, which is the core of ritual acts, has also undergone changes. I have always made you feel My presence, My mercy and My light during your whole development.

17. When you knelt down before the idol to ask him for the daily bread, he gave you nothing, because there was no life in him; but I heard you and gave you the bread. After that, the existence of the true God became known to you, and this faith was strengthened by the Word that Christ left to mankind; but despite the belief in the existence of God as Spirit, your traditional inclination to materially represent the divine in order to feel and see it closely, has led you to form the image of God with your own hands, represented in the physical form of Christ crucified. Before that figure made by human hands you knelt down to ask, and you turned your eyes to the bloody image so that your heart might be moved by it and you might feel that you worship Me.

18. You now have before you a time of spiritualize, which you can call "the time of perfect prayer"; for I have come to teach you to commune with Me from Spirit to Spirit So that your Spirit may learn to speak with its own language, a "language" which is still unknown to men today, but which knows and understands God and the spirits well, I want you to understand that you must give up every outward ritual act and every material sacrifice. You are mature enough for this at this time, because you understand how to listen to me with humility and are no longer as you were when you first came here and condemned this word as blasphemy, although you considered yourselves Christians.

19. Today you understand and affirm My teachings, convinced that you are only now learning to be true Christians, since you are in the process of discerning the way to apply that teaching in your life, and you are also experiencing a new time which brings you a spark of the same light, a message of spiritualize.

20. At that time I taught you the greatest virtue, which is active charity; I inspired your heart and made your feelings sensitive Now I reveal to you the gifts with which your Spirit is endowed so that you may develop them and use them to do good among your neighbors.

21. Knowledge of the spiritual life will allow you to do works similar to those your Master did. Remember that I have told you that when you develop your abilities, you will do real miracles.

22. Everything you have heard will be recorded in writing so that it may be fathomed in the times to come. I will give you a book which will contain the essence of all My teachings. This book will be compiled from the sheets of paper that were written according to My dictation by My chosen ones, whom I call "gold feathers".

23. This pen is the one of conscience and truth, is the one I put in the right hand of Moses to write the books of the First Times, the same one I put in the hands of Mark, Luke, Matthew and John to write down the life and the word of the Divine Master, the book which they called "New Testament".

24. You new disciples who have heard My Word in this time, I say to you: you do not need to fight so that this Testament or Book (now being written) is united with the previous ones, for it was I who united in this book the revelations and teachings of the Three Times, drawing the essence from them to form one single message

25. I see how those who want to save themselves from the announced sufferings of the near future are beginning to prepare. I say to him who wants to be saved: take Me as your model, and if you really want to be My image, take your cross and follow Me.

26. If you do not know what this cross is, I tell you: it is the virtue of humility, of obedience, of charity; whoever embraces his cross knows that his Father taught him so and that he lives accordingly within his destiny.

27. Lift up your Spirit, improve your life, and you will be able to preach My teaching with works. Think not only of your own salvation; it is better that you think how you can bring salvation to your brethren. Watch and pray, and cast your nets into the sea which is this mankind, and verily I say to you, your catch will be great.

28. Do not worry too much if My sentences do not remain in your memory, for he who feels love for his neighbour will be the owner of an inexhaustible language: that of love which will be understandable to all his brothers

29. Sometimes, when I speak to the listeners in this way, is there any heart that says to Me in silence: "Father, if these gifts You have entrusted to us are real jewels of Your Kingdom, why did You place them in sinful hands, knowing that we can defile them? to this I answer you that the divine gifts that I gave to men will not be changed in their nature; the light will always be light, the truth will never cease to be true, what is eternal will not be able to die I know, beloved people, that you understand Me, that is why I speak to you in this way.

30. An abyss has opened before mankind, and from it I will save you in this time; for this it was necessary that you feel me close to your heart

31. I read all your thoughts and know that one of you is thinking right now: If you are really God - what are you doing here among sinners, you who should always be among angels and the righteous?

32. O heart that is not sensitive to divine love! If you knew that I feel more joy when I hear the words of repentance of a sinner than when I hear the prayer of the righteous.

33. Get to know Me now that I have approached you Understand Me when I tell you: bless you who come in desire for My words, for it will close the wounds of your heart and quench your thirst for justice, truth and knowledge. You come to the well that is filled with inexhaustible water of love and wisdom. Drink and take water with you for your journey so that you may quench your brothers' thirst.

34. These are tempestuous times; let not sin pollute the water which you have drawn from this well. Pray, and you will find salvation.

35. Tomorrow you will go out into the provinces and villages, and there you will find many who are thirsty; then you will understand that it was My mercy that led you to bring them My heavenly message.

36. My way is not visible like the earthly ways, it is marked out by My love in your hearts If you know how to enter your sanctuary, you will find there the light that will guide you forever.

37. Although men have represented the Divine through material objects until today, tomorrow they will seek My presence in the Infinite, in their Spirit.

38. Mankind is subject to armament and purification; there is not a day without an event occurring that proves it. It is necessary that all darkness should disappear from the lives of men so that they may see the light of the HolySpirit.

39. From the top of the mountain I invite you to climb it so that you may come to My bosom. This people, who for a long time have heard the voice of the Lord, which resounds from the heights, come with uncertain and stumbling walk, but with purposeful faith. Some were surprised by the hour of death, when they had hardly made any initial preparations to begin the ascent, others when they had just climbed some steps on the mountainside. I say to those who hear Me while still on earth that they should increase their zeal, that they should double their efforts so that this time of judgment will surprise them as close as possible to the summit.

40. Remember that your example should be like a path on which future generations should walk with sure and swift steps toward perfection.

41. Verily, I say to you, in the times to come men will walk spiritually very near the top of the mountain already on earth.

42. There is nothing in my creation that is suitable, like physical death, to show every Spirit the height of his development, which he reached during life, and nothing as helpful as my word to ascend to perfection. This is the reason why My law and My teaching always and unyieldingly seek to penetrate into the hearts, and why pain and suffering advised men to leave those paths which, instead of lifting the soul, lead it to the abyss.

43. Be welcome to me, who come without fear of the judgments of men in the desire for my word Blessed are the "first," for with tears and with blood they prepare the way for those who afterward will still rise spiritually.

44. The sound of the divine bell has let its sound reach all hearts and all spirits. But in the same way I tell you that only few knew where this sound comes from.

45. When the Father saw that the children could not understand the call of His Spirit, He sought a form more suited to man to make Himself known, and He did it through man himself. When doubt spread in the hearts, whether it is the Master who makes himself known in this form or not, I showered the way of the people with miracles to revive their faith and to testify that I am among you, for the proofs I give you can only I give.

46. In this way I will cause many who once could not listen to Jesus to now have the opportunity to refresh their spirit by hearing the Spirit of Truth

47. I have made it known to you that not all will hear Me in this form, since it is not the most perfect; but the day is coming when My Voice will be heard by all men through My spiritual rallies; it will be the time that the prophets announced, when every eye will see Me and every ear will hear Me

48. If your prayer, which is the voice of a sinner, reaches Me - why should not the pure and almighty voice of your Father reach to the bottom of human hearts?

49. Do not forget that I am a shepherd who will seek the straying sheep even in the deepest abysses O beloved people! Always follow Me with the same courage and faith with which you follow Me today, so that your example may encourage those multitudes who will still come to you to multiply the Lord's people.

50. In the first days Israel needed this courage and this faith to endure the hard passage through the desert. The men who felt in their hearts the call that Jehovah addressed to them lost their fear of Pharaoh and, along with their families, undertook the march toward material and spiritual deliverance.

51 Think about the history of that people. Have I not told you that his life is a book of divine revelations and human experiences and examples?

52. In the bosom of these multitudes who are now gathering to hear My new teachings, there are also those Spirits who followed Me in the desert; they have been sent by Me to teach you to be strong in the vicissitudes of life and faithful to your Father

53. You too write down your history; I want it to be indelible, through the good examples you leave to future generations

54. Interpret My teaching well, so that you may know how to put it into practice in the right way. I don't want those who understand My teaching little by little to become vain about it and feel superior to the one who is too ponderous to grasp the essential. I do not want those who have misunderstood My Word to speak the great word because they think they have understood it. It is not a human master who speaks to you, nor a judge on earth who judges you, nor is it a physician of this world who has healed you.

55. Understand that My Word does not fill your mind with vain philosophies, it is the essence of life I am not a rich man who offers you worldly wealth. I am the Only God who promises you the kingdom of true life. I am the humble God who approaches His children without pomp and circumstance, to raise them up on the way of atonement with His caress and His miraculous Word.

56. While in the world some run after the wrong greatness, others say that man is an insignificant creature before God, and there are even those who compare themselves to the worm of the earth. Certainly, your material body may appear small to you in the midst of my creation, but it is not so to me, because of the wisdom and skill with which I have created it. But, how can you judge the greatness of your being by the dimensions of your body? Do you not feel in it the presence of the soul? It is greater than your body; its existence is eternal, its path infinite; you are not able to recognize the end of its development, any more than you can recognize its origin. I do not want to see you small; I created you so that you may attain greatness. Do you know when I consider man to be small? When he has lost himself in sin, because then he has lost his nobility and his dignity.

57. For a long time you have no longer kept to me, you no longer know what you really are, because you have allowed many qualities, abilities and gifts, which your Creator placed in you, to slumber idly in your being You are asleep with respect to Spirit and conscience, and it is in their spiritual qualities that the true greatness of man lies. You live like the beings that are of this world, because they arise and die in it.

58. I have made you go all ways that you may taste the various fruits. But finally I have called you, and so I tell you: No one is new on the way of life, no one have I attacked unprepared with my revelations.

59. You have already eaten spiritual bread, as offered by the various religious communities; you have already experienced what science is; you have already heard enough human theories, now listen to Me: if, after having heard My last word, you are not satisfied with My teaching, then go and seek the truth by another way Here the light, the love and the uplifting power of my teaching shall convince you, because I do not want slaves of the Spirit!

60. At this time it is Christ in Spirit who gives you His teaching, it is not Elijah; as a herald he prepared My coming at this time, he helps you to understand My Word I am giving you

61. You ask Me how you could act according to My Will and I tell you: first obtain your inner harmony and then live in harmony with all My Work I tell you this because if you would judge yourselves honestly, you would discover that your heart is not in harmony with the mind, that your body is not in harmony with your soul, and that even the soul itself is not always in harmony with conscience. But if you are divided within yourself, you are inevitably divided with others and not in harmony with the natural laws and the divine laws. It is precisely this seed of disunity that has multiplied on earth, and that is why humanity is currently living in chaos. But my mercy helps you to purify yourselves, and it asks you: When will you all recognize yourselves in me?

62. Study all that I teach you so that you do not feel the need to seek my truth in books; for it will be more useful for you to trust your conscience than books of men In conscience is always My light, but to understand His instructions you must live as men of good will.

63. How happy your Spirit will feel in the hereafter when his conscience tells him that he has sown the seed of love on earth! The whole past will appear before your eyes, and every sight of what your works were will give you an infinite bliss.

64. The commandments of My laws, which your memory was not always able to keep, will likewise pass your Spirit full of clarity and light Acquire merits that allow you to penetrate into the unknown with eyes open to the truth.

65. There are many mysteries which man has tried in vain to unravel; neither human intuition nor science has been able to answer the many questions which men have asked themselves, and this is because there are realizations which are destined only for the Spirit when he has entered the Spirit Valley. These surprises that await him, these miracles, these revelations, will be part of his reward. But truly, I tell you, when a Spirit enters the spiritual world with a bandage before his eyes, he will see nothing, but will continue to see only secrets around him - there where everything should be clarity.

66. This Heavenly Teaching I am bringing you today reveals to you many beauties and prepares you so that when you one day step before the righteousness of the Eternal in the Spirit, you will be able to withstand the wonderful reality that will surround you from this moment on

67. Be true disciples of this work, and you will not stumble and will have full knowledge of the truth in the most sublime moments of your life.

68. Can you imagine the confusion of those who detach themselves from matter without knowing where to turn? Can you imagine the pain and despair of those who come into the spiritual world laden with sin, blood, and error? Will they be able to open the door to the mystery and go into raptures when they contemplate the glory of my works? Those who come to Me in this way only get to know My righteousness, which reigns in their conscience, which is like the fire that scorches, consumes and purifies.

69. Use My lessons, understand that I am speaking to you, disciples, who hear My Word through the human lips of My voice bearers while I listen to your voice speaking to Me from the most hidden part of your heart

70. When will you also be able to hear My spiritual voice in the deepest part of your being? When once there is a perfect dialogue between the Father and His children - the true community from Spirit to Spirit.

71. Recognize that the divine teaching does not stop; from time to time I give you new lessons that explain and expand the previous ones when you hear Me at this time, do not behave like the Pharisees who were indignant and publicly exclaimed about Jesus' works of love when He healed the possessed, that this man who called himself the Son of God was a false prophet preaching teachings contrary to the Law of Moses - Do not say that the teaching now given is contrary to what Jesus left you in His time.

72. If you wish to make a correct judgment on this teaching, first cleanse your heart from prejudice, from base passions, from fanaticism, and then take one of My doctrines, whatever it is, examine it and you will know the light it contains and how much it helps you to come to Me

73. The ones chosen for My rallies I touch through their conscience so that they do not forget, even for a moment, the responsibility for the mission I have entrusted to them On their preparation depends the radiation My rallies receive, and on this also depends the impression that man receives in his heart.

74. Once, when I was crucified, the crowds of people shouted to Me: "If You are truly the Son of God, come down from the cross and we will believe in You". Today they will say to you who surrender My word: "If your mouth really speaks God's word, give us the proofs we ask for.

75. Forgive those who test you and those who doubt or mock you for your mission. I will take this heavy cross from your shoulder, which you will hand over to Me with all gentleness; then you will ask the Father from the depths of your heart: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

76.  My mercy tells you: Spirits, who come here united with a human body and have fought and experienced much, rest here with the Master. For some, life has been a burden, for others a yoke. How few are there who know that life is a profound lesson!

77. Do not despair, penetrate into My Word, and peace and quiet will follow your storms you call Me the very best doctor and indeed I pour out My Balm on your pain But not only this one I want to bring to you, but I also want to tell you that I have chosen you to help Me in the divine mission to comfort and heal all the sick you find on your way.

78. Do you consider yourselves incapable to do these works? take the example of My Apostles of the Second Age; I met them too sad and sick, but their affliction was in their Spirit, they were sick with longing because they and their people had been waiting for a long time for the coming of the promised Messiah who would bring His Kingdom of Love and whose bread would satisfy the so great hunger for justice

79. When they saw the Master for the first time and heard His voice, they felt that they were no longer of this world, but of the one whom they called with their divine word; they armed themselves with a supernatural power and followed Him to the end.

80. To you who have been sitting at My table in this time, I say: do not hesitate any longer to fulfill the task of speaking to the world about this heavenly banquet Make an effort already now for the gifts of the Spirit, which will be the only thing you take with you from this world. I am not telling you to neglect your material duties, but do not worry about how you will obtain what you need for your livelihood and your getting through. I told you at another time that the birds neither sow nor reap, and yet they lack neither food nor shelter. It is impossible that you, who have in your being a particle of God, and moreover eagerly desire what your needs require, should be denied what you work for with your effort, your science and sometimes with your pain.

81. All you lack is that you have faith in life, but in that higher life which your Heavenly Father offers you in this word

My peace be with you!

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