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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 108:

1. Blessed are you who come from the tribes of Israel; My voice has called you. I am presently uniting spiritually My people who were scattered, thus fulfilling My promise to mark them with My light and give them their inheritance. I have sought it because the time will come when this teaching will be entrusted to him and every disciple will have to set out to seek out his fellow men and make my message known to them. But only when brotherhood, unity and peace reign in the heart of my people will they feel my presence fully in their Spirit.

2. Study My Word and its essence will make you understand that you are already very close to spiritual liberation.

3. At the voice of the Master your Spirit was filled with courage and you rose up and overcame all the obstacles that stood in your way and made your life difficult My voice encourages you to stand firm in the struggle so that soon you will no longer be slaves to the world and become My disciples and servants. Watch and pray so that you may not again become captives. Know that I have come to free you through the light of My revelations that promise you a new life. It was always my will that my people be great and strong - but not to humiliate their fellow men, but so that they may be a bulwark and a leader for the nations in the spiritual and in all other areas.

4. Is this people faithful to My instructions? No, they have not been strong, and for this reason their enemies have always made them slaves or snatched away their inheritance.

5. Beloved people, My word is stirring you up in this time because you realize that only I can speak to you in this way, that only I can offer you salvation and make you hear My voice of forgiveness Thus I give back to your Spirit the inheritance that was withheld.

6. When I tell you that this time is your spiritual deliverance, it is because the gods that men have created for themselves are falling one after another. Doctrines, sciences, theories and striving for power - all this is now being afflicted by my justice. I propose a new life to mankind and reveal to it a new science, the divine science; for verily, I tell you, those who trumpet men and fill some with vanity and others with astonishment are still far from transcending the earthly-human. I, on the other hand, will give you a light that will illuminate your Spirit, and then you will rightly wonder at what you will get to know. This will happen when your heart and your brain learn to listen to the voice of conscience and are ready to submit to its inspirations. Therefore, men (later) will not be able to say that I have opposed the course of scientific progress, because I have allowed them to cultivate the tree of science until they see it bear fruit and get to know its taste. But everything human has a limit, and the mind of man also has a "so far and no further. Nevertheless - when the science of men will set itself spiritual goals and has purified itself from every selfish purpose, I will put it at the service of mankind as a means of spiritual progress. Then nature will open its treasury, reveal its secrets and reveal forces and areas unknown to men, and then this science of yours will have no limit to its transformation into a noble and good cause.

7. This light is still a closed book that men did not see, which is why I tell you that the progress of the science of the future will be greater than the one you have achieved today But it will not come through the mind, but through the Spirit.

8. I have told you that I met you as slaves of materialism; but I have come to free you from these chains.

9. Before I made myself known, Elijah came to you, whom you called "prophet of fire. He will break your chains with the ray of his presence and prepare you for a better life. Elijah, the prophet, messenger, forerunner and spiritual shepherd, will once again reveal the falsehood of the idols and idols that men have created. Before the invisible altar he will call upon My power, and anew the ray of My righteousness will descend to destroy paganism and the wickedness of men. Elijah is at this time like a shining star that has emerged from infinity and is the human organ of mind for the dialogue of

Godhead has prepared with man. It was his voice that first let itself be heard through this means, because he is my forerunner.

10. At the same time as mankind has multiplied, so has their sin. There is no lack of cities in the world, like Sodom and Gomorrah, whose wrath echoes all over the earth and poisons the hearts. Not even traces of those sinful cities remained; yet their inhabitants were not hypocrites, for they sinned in broad daylight. But this mankind of today, who hides in darkness to indulge their passions and then pretends righteousness and purity, will have a more severe judgment than Sodom.

11. It is the fatal inheritance of all past generations, whose addictions, vices, and diseases are bearing fruit in this time. It is the tree of evil that has grown in the hearts of men - a tree that has been made fruitful through sin, and whose fruits continue to tempt woman and man, bringing new hearts to fall from day to day.

12. Under the shadow of this tree lie men and women without the power to free themselves from its influence. Destroyed virtues, stained human dignity and many mutilated lives are left there.

13. Not only the adults are attracted by the pleasures of the world and of the flesh and run after them; the young people and even the children, too, to all of them has come the poison which has accumulated in the passing of time, and those who have been able to escape the evil influence of evil - what do they do for those who have lost their way? They judge them, condemn them, and rebel against their actions. Few are those who pray for those who stray from the path, and even fewer are those who devote part of their lives to fighting evil.

14. Verily I say to you, My kingdom shall not be established among men while the tree of evil still has life. This power must be destroyed; for this it is necessary to possess the sword of love and justice, the only one that sin cannot resist. Understand that not judgments or punishments, but love, forgiveness and mercy, the essence of My teaching, will be the light that illuminates your paths, and the teaching that brings salvation to mankind.

15. People, will you be among those who work for the salvation of this mankind? Will you make your contribution to the work of salvation? Then do not feel incapable of carrying out this mission when you compare your insignificant number with that of mankind; for you will not accomplish everything.

16. Understand that every one of you who gives up an evil way causes the power of evil to lose a part of its power; that your life, if it is righteous in its works, words and thoughts, leaves a good seed in its path; that your counsel, if it comes from a pious heart, will have the power to perform miracles; and that prayer, if it is born from a compassionate and loving thought, will be a message of light for him for whom you ask.

17. The powers of evil have become strong, and men are striving to invent weapons with which to discharge their hatred, vengeance, and envy. Scientists dedicate their lives to the study of the most effective means of destroying those they consider their enemies. But verily, I tell you, in this struggle all will perish, because my power will only be on the side of justice, love, reason and truth.

18. When all the praying and suffering will unite in thought, and in the face of the chaos in which mankind is plunging, will turn their pain into teaching and good works, I will entrust them with My invincible sword to cut branch by branch from the tree of evil that has given so many fruits of death to mankind

19. The fruits of the dominion of evil will not prevail, but light will reign everywhere and in every Spirit.

20. In this time I am revealing My Divine Word through men, women and children, thus fulfilling that promise which announced to you the time when My Spirit would pour out on every human creature. You are hardly yet at the beginning of this age; but afterwards you will experience the spiritual awakening of mankind all over the earth.

21. Symbolically there is a laid table to which I invite you to sit down and eat the food of eternal life that I offer your Spirit. You can well understand the meaning of these words, because I have been speaking to you from the first times about true life, which is eternal life, although you have not understood this teaching until now.

22. Knowing that you would delve little into My teachings and foreseeing the errors you would make in the interpretation of My revelations, I announced My return to you by telling you that I would send you the Spirit of Truth to enlighten many mysteries and explain to you what you have not understood; I have sent you the Spirit of Truth to reveal many secrets For in the core of My prophetic Word I made you understand that I would not come in this time under lightning and thunder as in Sinai, nor would I become man and humanize My love and My words as in the Second Time, but that I would come to your spirit in the splendor of My Wisdom, surprising your mind with the light of inspiration and calling at the doors of your hearts with a voice that your Spirit would understand. Those predictions and promises are coming true just now.

23. It is enough to prepare yourselves a little to see My Light and feel the Presence of My Spirit, the same one of whom I announced to you that He would come, to teach you and discover the Truth

24. The time in which you live is that of judgment and trials; but you are not forsaken knock at My door and you will immediately hear My Voice answering you How strong you will be when you know how to seek Me spiritually, how high will your spiritualization be when you enter the way of love, and how beautiful your life will be when you understand its meaning!

25. Come with thoughtful and firm step on my path. I do not demand of you that you immediately bear fruits of perfection because your renewal will be enough for me so that this will be the beginning of your spiritual ascent.

26. Disciples, eat and drink at My table the bread of knowledge and the wine of love. Verily, I tell you, whoever takes the bread and wine that I offer will carry Me in his Spirit.

27. In a way of light I sent your Spirit to dwell on earth, and in a way of light he will return to Me. In the meantime, you must go along like the wanderer lost in the vast desert, or like the navigator lost in the immeasurable sea. But do not blame me for your erring, because you would be unjust, since before I sent you to earth I provided you with a compass and made a star appear in the infinite so that they should guide your steps. This compass and this star are your conscience. Therefore, when you abandon the harmony you are to keep with all that surrounds you, even the dust of the earth seems hostile to you; but in doing so, it is not nature that turns against you, but it is you yourselves who violate the laws of harmony that govern the universe.

28. When the pagans of this time come to know this teaching, they will reject it, and the materialists will argue against it, but they will all marvel at how my truth prevails.

29. You have already realized that in past times, besides proclaiming My teaching, I have done many works of that kind which mankind calls miracles So also in this time I will not only proclaim my word, which will later spread over the whole earth, but also perform new miracles. I will give proofs of my power and astonish men through works, which will cause them to submit to the truth.

30. I have many things to reveal to you. Today I give you only the key to open the gate of true wisdom. That key is this teaching.

31. Verily I say to you, by the way of love you shall obtain all that is lawful from Me and shall experience all. But you lack the knowledge how the love is to be, of which I speak to you, and above all you lack that you feel it deeply.

32. My kingdom is reserved for the children of good will, who embrace their cross out of love for their father and their neighbor. This kingdom, of which I speak to you, is not in a certain place; it can exist both on earth, which you inhabit, and on all spiritual homes; because my kingdom consists of peace, light, grace, power, harmony, and all this you can attain - even if in limited form - already in this life. You will attain the spiritual fullness only beyond this world, which you currently inhabit.

33. Why do many people long to depart from this life into the other? The reason is that they believe that everything that surrounds them is hostile to them. But verily, I tell you, they should, instead of despairing, struggle to come back into harmony with the laws, which I laid out as a way, as it were, for you to reach spiritual perfection on it.

34. Apostles of good have appeared at all times and in all peoples of the earth and have proved the high level of their Spirit through various missions. They have all been My messengers, because the good comes from one source, My Divine Spirit, and with My Light I enlighten the whole universe.

35. Of these emissaries, some have been spiritual sowers, others have brought you the light of science, and still others have brought My Message of Love with their sense of good to mankind Some you have called apostles, others you have called saints, some you have considered as scholars, others as geniuses; but there has not been one who has come to earth without having received from Me the mission he must fulfil among men.

36. The earth has always been irrigated and made fertile by the beautiful examples of My messengers and although men in this age have mixed My teachings with the weeds growing in the world, the seed of nobility, love and brotherhood has not died, so I tell you that it is only waiting for the Sickle of My Justice to cleanse this planet and then enlighten hearts anew

37. How many people, suffering from the chaos that humanity is going through and longing for peace, do not know that in them there is a Spirit who is only waiting for the opportunity to set out and sow the divine seed of peace This is why I tell you that My servants must soon set out all over the world, united in a work of renewal and reconstruction. Now I ask you: Would it not please you to be spiritually united with them?

38. Each one of you too is a servant and an emissary of Me, to whom I have given instructions to carry out a spiritual mission on earth

39. Be vigilant, and you will be witnesses of the conversion of those who had denied me, as you will also experience the return of those who had strayed from the true way Scientists who dedicated their lives to the search for elements and forces of destruction will, when they feel their judgment approaching, return to the way of truth to dedicate their last days to the moral and material reconstruction of the world. Others, who in their arrogance have tried to take my place in souls, will descend from their throne seats to emulate me in humility. And also men who once stirred up the nations and started wars will recognize their errors and anxiously strive for the peace of men.

40. Which of you will experience all this? You do not know, but I announce it to you, I prophesy it to you, because soon the new generations will come to earth, who will experience the fulfillment (of this prophecy). Your task is to spread this teaching and bring the light of this Good News to the nations. When you fulfill this, your fellow men will also call you "messengers of the Lord.

41. My spiritual presence among you is like the shade of an inviting and restful tree. Whoever comes to it in faith experiences a feeling of life, strength and well-being that makes him cry out, "It is the Master! But even the one who approached in doubt asks himself inwardly when leaving the place of assembly, where he heard My word: "Why do I feel so much peace in my soul? This comes from the fact that the tree has spread its branches for all, that My Spirit has descended upon every creature. If therefore anyone has not understood the divine essence of My Word, I had to say that some have a petrified heart.

42. I am among you as Father and I sink into your hearts the consolation I promised you in the Second Time I have come to help you in your tribulations and to hear your laments. So why do you fear the trials? Do you not see how much I love you and how I seek you in your banishment place? If I gave myself completely as man to achieve your redemption, I will pour out myself today in the Spirit upon your Spirit to lift you up to the kingdom of grace.

43. That is why I tell you that you are to seek me in every way in which you need me, be it as God, as father, as judge, as master, as brother, as friend, as doctor. What I want is your peace and salvation, beloved mankind.

44. Not a single one of your sighs will remain unheard in heaven, every prayer finds its echo in Me, none of your tribulations or life crises remain unnoticed by My Fatherly love. I know everything, I hear, I see, and in everything I am present.

45. Because men think that I have withdrawn from them because of their sins, they finally feel far from Me O human ignorance, which has brought so much bitterness on their lips! Know that if I were to withdraw from any of My creatures, it would cease to exist instantly. But this has not happened, nor will it happen, because when I gave you the Spirit, I provided you all with eternal life.

46. When you recognize the meaning of life, the cause of pain and the ultimate goal of your existence, you will no longer feel Me distant, you will perceive My Presence, which will be felt in your heart and in your spirit, and you will hear My Voice, which will repeat lovingly the words of My teaching and teach you to walk safely on the path of your true life

47. My Divine Ray is descending at this time to enlighten your Spirit so that it may understand My teaching It is the light that will help you to distinguish truth from deceit.

48. I see among you those who have firmly believed in My Word and others whose faith is weak and who are indecisive for this reason; but notwithstanding this, they have an ardent desire for these houses of prayer to regain spiritual strength and peace of mind at My Word I want you to recognize Me by the essence of this teaching, that you feel My presence and the nearness of My kingdom.

49. Why did you believe that I am far away, when I promised you to come again to speak with you? you are not alone in your sufferings because I am walking ahead of you, even though you often have no faith and trust in Me, thus delaying your arrival in the home that awaits you

50. Do not misunderstand your duties because you think that your cross is not heavy if you carry it with devotion and love. I want to see you smile and live in peace, I want to see in your homes the most salutary joys.

51. You cannot say that My word is not clear or that it contains imperfections, because no ambiguity can come from Me If you find any error in it, attribute it to the bad transmission by the voice bearer, or to your bad comprehension, but never to my teaching. Woe to the voice bearer who spoils my word! Woe to him who transmits My teaching badly and degrades it, for he will suffer the incessant reproach of his conscience and lose the peace of his soul!

52. Do not fear to be searched out or put to the test in your life by your fellow men Fear to sin, for even if you did it in the most hidden part of your heart, you could hide nothing from Me.

53. This is the age of spiritualization, in which you are to lay the foundations of the true temple, which those people who must form a new humanity will enter. Soon you will no longer need any leaders on earth because then your Spirit will turn to me to draw strength and to lead you only through my inspiration.

54. What joy you will experience when you fulfill my orders and then see the number of those who follow me multiplied But be aware that you really have to prepare yourselves so that you may be listened to by your fellow men and find faith.

55. My word again makes itself felt in the consciences because men do not walk in the paths of truth.

56. Do you recognize the disturbed balance of natural forces and the confusion they have suffered? Are you aware of why you are haunted by their unleashed powers? The reason is that you have broken the harmony that exists between spiritual and material life, causing the chaos in which you will sink. But as soon as humanity is obedient to the laws that govern life, everything will again be peace, abundance and bliss.

57. You still have a long way to go to reach this goal, and you must prove yourselves in battle to become worthy to possess your heritage fully. It depends on you whether you daily approach more to those regions where the peace and grace of My Spirit dwells. The way is prepared, come to Me, I invite you to it.

58. Do not rebel against the trials that you encounter on your way. Know that the pain you bring before Me has left a beneficial seed in your Spirit. I have told you that I want you to be pure, and you know how to purify yourselves only through pain. You have not wanted to rise up through love and obedience to My laws. That is why every time I call you to give you a new mission, you must first purify yourselves in the source of pain.

59. If you want to be worthy of My Peace, let the Master guide you without resisting the trials to which My Will subjects you There are creatures who have bowed under the hardness of the trials and have risen spiritually, and others who, because they did not affirm my will, have blasphemed against me and have fallen into the darkness of despair. The former have shown humility and trust and are getting ready to hear in their Spirit the echo of my words. They bowed to My will and blessed My righteousness, while the others rejected Me in their pride and banished Me from their hearts.

60. At all times I have sent prophets to serve as intermediaries between My Spirit and that of men. But men have not listened to their words with faith and respect, and whenever these my messengers admonished the nations and recommended prayer and repentance to them, they turned their backs on them and let them speak only into emptiness without attaching importance to their message. That is why I demand spiritualization from you so that you can perceive the messages and signs that reach your Spirit from the kingdom of light. Let those who know nothing of my coming be indifferent to my rallies as long as my call does not reach them. But you, to whom I am so close - do not doubt!

61. I see that you love yourselves very much, but that you do not love your neighbour. I also see that you fear the judgment of men and not mine, and this is because you have silenced the voice of conscience, which is your inner guide. In doing so, you have forgotten that I want to steel and equip you so that you become a strong, virtuous people, devoted to My will. For only in this way can you save your fellow men and fulfill the mission that I am currently handing over to you.

62. Love Me and ask Me as befitting a child of Me, but put all your trust in Me so that your existence may be full of confidence and peace

63. Never doubt the fulfilment of My Word and do not wait for its fulfilment to believe it to be true What I have spoken through My voice-bearers - men, women and children - will come true. Have you not seen all the announcements and prophecies that I have given through Damiana Oviedo come true? Times of purification and pain prophesied those lips, and verily I tell you, those words have come true. When the visionaries had crossed the boundaries of the material to contemplate the Spiritual Life in the state of rapture, they asked Me, on returning to their body shell, to allow them to dwell forever in that place where their Spirit felt such great bliss during their rapture. Then I told them that it is not yet time for them to dwell in those homes, but that they should persevere in My way, which is the one that will bring all to the promised home.

64. When you look at the severe afflictions that are shaking the world today, you lack courage to go on living. Pray, and with Me you will find strength, courage to live, and patience to keep fighting until you reach the top of the mountain.

65. Work in My work, then I will also further entrust to you the healing balm which you ask Me for the sick, so that you pass it on to the needy. The fruit of life, which the hearts without faith need so much - give it to them, since you have received it abundantly. Sprinkle the way of your fellow men with good deeds, and through them you will increase your merits to finally live in that home of light, which awaits your Spirit from eternity.

My peace be with you!

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