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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 104:

1. Mankind, you show Me your hunger for peace. To this I say to you that the man who does not love cannot have peace. I have heard your petitions in which you say, "Peace on earth to men of good will. But you have not understood that good will can only come from turning to goodness and justice, which are fruits of love.

2. Once love reigns among men, you will feel everywhere the presence of My peace. For harmony will return with the nature kingdoms and all your environment which you have destroyed, and this happiness will be like the message which the angels brought you when they told you: "Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will.

3. Much is it that you have explored by means of science, and yet you have not been able to discover the so close relationship between man and the spiritual, between the human creature and its Creator.

4. How can the life of a being be normal if it departs from the path which the law of the Creator lays before it? See how much effort man has put into trying to discover paths that are off the paths that My laws of love and justice point out.

5. Your world is full of artificiality and falsehood, and this is due to the fact that you have long since turned away from what the Father has foreseen

6. Exceedingly great is the trial to which I have subjected the Spirit whenever I have sent him to life on earth with the mission to persevere in My Law This is why I have sought you out every time you have strayed, forgiven your disobedience and aberrations and offered you new opportunities. It was My will that through the severity of your trials you should sense the power and the abilities I have put into your Spirit, as well as the reward promised to the faithful children who remain in My commandments.

7. Always be aware that if the reward I promise you is great, your merits must also prove worthy of the promise

8. I planted the tree of science and will not cut it down because its fruits belong to life. But human impatience, curiosity, and ambition have twisted its branches.

9. In My Divine love for human creatures I allow them to explore My works and make use of all created things, so that they would never have reason to claim that God is unjust because He hides His wisdom from His children I formed you and gave you the gift of freedom of will and respected it, although man has abused this freedom and thereby insulted Me and profaned My law. But today I let him feel the caress of my forgiveness and enlighten his spirit with the light of my wisdom so that one of my children after another returns to the path of truth.

10. The Spirit of truth, which is my light, shines in the consciences because you live in the times announced, in which every mystery will be illuminated to you, so that you understand what has not been correctly interpreted up to now.

11. The wrong idea, which man in the first times had made of my justice, will finally disappear to give way to the true knowledge of it Divine justice will eventually be understood as the light that springs from the perfect love that exists in your Father.

12. That God whom men considered vindictive, cruel, unforgiving and unforgiving will be felt from the bottom of their hearts as a Father who forgives for the insults of His children, as a Father who lovingly convinces the sinner, as a Judge who, instead of condemning the one who was sorely lacking, offers him a new opportunity for salvation.

13. How many imperfections did men in their ignorance ascribe to Me because they thought Me capable of feeling anger, although anger alone is a human weakness! When the prophets spoke to you of the "holy wrath of the Lord", I tell you now that you should interpret that expression as Divine Justice.

14. The people of the First Days would not have understood any other expression, nor would the unbridled or the libertines have taken the prophets' admonitions seriously, if the latter had not spoken to them in that form. It was necessary that the inspiration of My messengers should be expressed in words that would impress the brains and hearts of those people with little spiritual development.

15. To give you a faithful and true picture of what is the love and justice of the Father, I sent you My Word to reveal My love through Jesus. In Christ you saw the King of humility and meekness, the King who preferred the humiliating and painful crown of thorns to the crown of human vanity. As a judge, you saw Him judge the actions of sinners in a different way than people are used to. He preached forgiveness when He gave you that instruction in which He told you: "If you receive a cheek-stroke on one cheek from a fellow man, offer him the other one also, in a sign of forgiveness, full of gentleness; but afterwards He confirmed His words by works.

16. How terrible was the repentance of the sinner when he felt himself caught up in the light of the kind and gentle look of Jesus!

17. How many miracles were done under the influence of the forgiveness of that Master of love! The reason for this was that His forgiveness was true and His judgment perfect, since they were born of the infinite love that God has for His creatures. But much more had to be revealed to men than what they had been taught so that they might understand the meaning of those teachings. And so a new age and a new revelation of my Spirit was announced to mankind, and you see the fulfillment of that promise realized in this Word of Light, which is wisdom for your spirit and comfort for your heart. Who but I could be the Spirit of truth and consolation?

18. Here I am - present, manifest, visible to every spiritual eye, spreading light in the paths of the Spirit so that you may understand all that has been revealed through the ages.

19. Now you can speak from the deepest depths of the heart and the Spirit: "Father, at last I have seen You, at last I know You. But when will you be able to love me truly?

20. I speak to you in the same manner in which I spoke in the Second Time, with the same love and the same wisdom, because I am immutable; but you as disciples are now taking another step in My way You feed on this word and are beside yourselves with bliss because you feel My presence close to you.

21. Out of your Spirit a song of love and thanksgiving to Me is rising because I gave you this grace.

22. People, continue to refresh your Spirit, and you, mankind, turn again to Me, return to the right path. Serve one another and do to your fellow men what I do to you, for in this way you will serve me and love me.

23. Seek me as father, as doctor, as master, and I will be very close to you. Ask me and I will give you, but make an effort to take me as an example, even if it is only in one of your actions or your thoughts of every day; then I will take it upon myself to make fruitful what you will do in my name.

24. Be aware that your life on earth is short and that when you reach its end, you must give account of what you have sown

25. When My Word has reached the bottom of your hearts and you are ready to follow Me, you are to unite in Me to fight and not rest until you see that the world has been converted and is returning to the true way.

26. Humanity is afraid and suffers, and its pain also reaches the Spirit of your Heavenly Mother. What pain could torture the child that would not be felt by her? But her intercession saves you, and her inspiration invites you to walk in the path of spiritualization.

27. I sent you purely to earth, and so you will return to Me. But how much you will have to struggle to regain the purity that was yours. Therefore, it is necessary that you watch, that you pray and meditate so that you no longer fall into temptation and begin to climb the mountain, without lingering any longer in your ascent, so that you may reach the summit.

28. Pray in this moment that your Spirit may bring a message of peace to your fellow men. "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find. This I have taught you and My word is fulfilled at all times.

29. Beloved workers, I have blessed your Spirit so that he may find salvation and that he in turn may free his brothers and sisters from sin. At present you are purifying yourselves to be worthy of my presence. Tomorrow, when you are truly strong, you will help your fellow men to free themselves from sin. I love your Spirit, I love all My children, and therefore I strive for your salvation.

30. Here I am and I invite you to peace, that peace which men also secretly long for, only that in their search for it they have not chosen the ways that lead to it verily, I tell you, the secret of peace lies in the practice of My teaching, and it is from this that mankind has moved away Tell Me whether this world which sins, hurts, kills, dishonors and profanes lives in the teaching that Jesus taught and you will know that it lives very far from My teachings.

31. There are many people who consider My teaching to be out of time; but the reason is that their materialization does not allow them to discover the eternal meaning of My teachings.

32. My law is unchanging. It is men with their cultures, their civilizations and their laws that are transitory, and of all this only that which the Spirit has built up with his works of love and mercy survives. It is He who, after every "day's work", after every trial, when he consults the Born of Divine Wisdom, beholds the immovable rock of My Law and the ever-open book which contains the teaching of the Spirit.

33. Ah, if only all men would see the rising light of this epoch - how much hope would be in their hearts! But they are asleep. They do not even know how to receive the light which the royal star sends them daily, that light which is like an image of the light which radiates from the Creator. It caresses you and awakens you to the daily struggle for existence, without those who are unreceptive to the beauties of creation stopping for a few moments to thank Me. The heavenly glory could pass by them without them noticing it, because they always wake up full of worries and forget to pray to seek spiritual strength in me. Nor do they seek energies for the body in the springs of nature. They all hurry around and struggle without knowing what for, they go on without a clear goal in sight. Especially in this insensitive and senseless struggle for existence they have materialized their souls and let them become selfish.

34. When then the laws of the Spirit are forgotten, which are the light of life, men destroy themselves, kill themselves, and snatch bread from each other, without hearing the voice of conscience, without showing consideration, without pausing to think. But if someone asked them how they judge their present life, they would answer immediately that never in past times has so much light shone in human life as now, and that science never revealed so many secrets to them. But they would have to say this with a mask of happiness before their faces, because in their hearts they would hide all their mental suffering and misery.

35. While mankind is awakening and sees the light of this dawn, My Voice does not stop speaking to your Spirit and pain does not stop purifying hearts

36. Be blessed, My children, you who unite yourselves in prayer, because in these moments the strong are raising up the weak, the man of faith has given encouragement to the one who wavers and he who is able to speak to his Father has taught prayer to those who do not know how to do it In this way, the beginners take the disciples as their model.

37. When My word comes from the lips of the voice bearer, I meet the people prepared and expecting Me. Then My mercy penetrates the hearts to give to each according to his need. I know in these moments of My rallies which of you seek Me only in the desire to remedy an evil, and I discover those who in spite of their need of help forget their needs because they want above all to be My disciples. The Divine understanding and benevolence with which I speak to every heart is the fire with which I imprint My Word in your Spirit so that it is unforgettable. Verily, I tell you, whenever My teaching has reached the bottom of a heart, it is a seed that germinates and multiplies.

38. The moment when you have heard My Word for the first time or have received the seed in your heart, brings a judgment for your Spirit, just as it will be when you show Me the fruit (of your life) At present I am giving you a precious opportunity on earth to purify your soul, and when you then return to the eternal home, you come quietly and joyfully, full of light and merits, to enjoy My peace.

39. The world is a valley of atonement, in which man on the one hand sins and on the other hand also purifies himself. Verily, I tell you, the hereafter is different from what you know on earth, because the one who comes to it afflicted with sin and impurity has to endure very great sufferings, which are infinitely greater than those he suffered as man, because - now dwelling in the spiritual - conscience is heard with greater clarity by the soul, which in the face of such great purity wants to pass away or at least return to the material world, which left it, where, in its opinion, its manifold imperfections were not taken into account.

40. To all this I say to you that everything that surrounds you on earth is not less pure than what exists in the spiritual realm, and that if it seems to you that you are less unclean here on earth than in the hereafter, this is only an opinion that comes from the low clarity with which you judge good and evil while you are in the material body.

41. One of the reasons why I have revealed My spiritual teaching to you at this time is to help your soul to rise up to that life which awaits it by learning to submit willingly to purification and to draw from the suffering and trials all the benefits and light they contain, and so that it may already here - as far as it is allowed - recognize the way it once has to go See what a precious opportunity life on earth is, so that the soul, when it returns (to the hereafter), does not have to be ashamed of its works and its past, so that it does not stumble or get lost on that way, because it believes to see darkness where only light is. The man of this time is now ready to understand the spiritual revelations. My word has come at exactly the right moment, that of the awakening of mankind.

42. When you observe men on your ways who prove spiritual backwardness with their works or their way of thinking in view of my revelations, do not be dismayed because you must know that never all men marched in the same rhythm. Trust that I already now leave for them the words, which will awaken them as soon as the time has come for it.

43. Those words that you cannot understand at this time are precisely those that those people will understand.

44. Today you have called Me and told Me, "Lord, Lord, come to us. Some have done so with the request for forgiveness of their transgressions, others with the request for relief for their sufferings, and still others, the least of them, to thank Me for My good deeds. Immediately I have come to all without stopping me in judging for what purpose you have called me, for to me it is only significant that you have called me.

45. If all would ask for Me, I would tell them the same as I tell you: I do not come to look at your stains or to judge your sins, but to listen to your complaints and to soothe the pain that makes you suffer.

46. Those who have forgotten Me for a time, or those who have finally denied Me, have sometimes felt the longing to see Me and hear Me, wondering inwardly where I am and how they might find Me.

47. It is the Spirit who needs the divine, and in his thirst for light he sobs sadly in the prison of the flesh. But just at that moment he hears a kindly voice telling him, "Here I am. I have not forgotten you, nor have I departed from you. I could not remove myself at all, because I am in each one of you. But if you want to find Me - My temple is everywhere: in your sleeping chamber, at work, on the road, inside and outside of you, in every place where you build an altar of spiritualization, or where you light a lamp by your faith, which illuminates the way of your neighbor.

48. When a man has questioned his Lord, and he has been able to hear the answer in the silence of his heart, he has discovered greater mysteries than all those which nature could reveal to him by means of science. This man has truly discovered the source from which all wisdom comes.

49. The man who, driven by his pain and fear, has been able to enter into spiritual contact with his Lord, and who feels that He is revealing Himself in prayer, in intuitive knowledge, or in trials, has built a sanctuary where, whenever he prepares himself inwardly, he can find the presence of his Father.

50. The suffering that oppresses the people of this time leads them step by step, without them realizing it, to the gates of the inner sanctuary, in the face of which, unable to go on, they will ask: "Lord, where are You? And from inside the temple, the benevolent voice of the Master will be audible and tell them: "I am here where I have always lived - in your conscience.

51. To assist you in your development, My Light is on your way; therefore do not be afraid to stray Clothe yourselves with obedience and do my will. In this way you will be able to accomplish great works, as is due to each one of My disciples.

52. He that is in obedience need not ask his Lord for anything, because he understands that nothing can be lacking. On the other hand, he who walks on the edge of virtue will have to ask at the proper time, because he feels that peace is leaving him and it is breaking his strength. Then he becomes aware that the goods of the Spirit are not so easily attained as the satisfactions of the world.

53. There is in my kingdom an always open door and an always set table, which wait for the arrival of the tired wanderer on earth. How much I hoped that men would seek these spiritual foods in the midst of peace. But when they ask for it, it will be in deep pain. Nevertheless, the table will always be in its place, and no one will be left without bread.

54. My mercy awaits repentance and the renewal of mankind, to pour out upon those who once stained themselves with the mud of sin but subsequently purified themselves in love with their Lord. This is the banquet to which you are all invited and at which your Father will distribute the bread and offer the wine of life to His beloved children.

55. I warned you already then, when I came down to earth to speak to men. I wanted that mankind should watch and pray so that darkness would not overtake them unprepared. But the great peoples of the earth did not watch, and the war passed over them and punished their arrogance and their lack of mutual charity. See the old nations, how they are oppressed by the burden of their great misery. How much they have suffered by their arrogance. Now new nations have arisen, likewise blinded by the addiction to power and wealth, without being dissuaded by the experiences of the former or listening to the voice of reason or conscience. Blinded by the trust they place in their power, they have finally considered themselves omnipotent, and therefore they are chasing after a goal they believe to be right, without understanding that they are about to plunge into the abyss in a breathtaking run.

56. Who are those who, in the midst of chaos, raise their eyes to the firmament in a prayer for peace and forgiveness for those who, in their blindness, can no longer recognize or hear the voice of justice of their conscience? Who is it, if not those who love peace? Let them be the watchmen who "watch" for all humanity in the days of the Visitation which are drawing near.

57. Their prayers will bring peace to those who need light in their Spirit. Spiritual prayer is a message that reaches the heart of those for whom one asks, and it is like a mantle of peace over the needy when several hearts have united to pray for them. I receive from many points of the earth this prayer that those who stand up for the peace of the world send out.

58. Persevere in your prayer for peace, for in this way you will unite yourselves with all those who pray in the same way. Hold the mantle of peace over the warfare that is embroiling mankind, and in the hours of battle spread it over your fellow man. Remember that I have given you the gift of everlasting peace, and that I have called you Israel, which means "strong"? - People, do not repress from your heart the memory of what I have revealed to you, nor of the riches that - as you know - your Spirit holds within you. I prophesied to Jacob that his people would multiply like the sand of the sea, and that they would bring peace to the nations. Pray, beloved disciples, and My word will be fulfilled in you because you are a part of My people whose destiny it is to be the blessing among all nations of the earth.

My peace be with you!

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